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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
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Product Description

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic takes you into the distant past of the Star Wars universe -- over 4,000 years before Episode I, when battles raged between the Jedi and the Sith!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic takes place just a few years after the Mandolorian Wars, thousands of years before the events in the Star Wars movies we know and love. Two Jedi, master Revan and his apprentice Malak, led the Republic's forces to victory and pursued the Mandalorians into deep space only to return as Dark Jedi at the head of a huge fleet of Sith warships. Only the Force powers of the Jedi Bastila prevented the Sith from overwhelming the Republic's weakened forces. At the start of the game Malak has usurped control of the Sith by betraying Revan and has attacked the ship carrying Bastila and yourself. In true Star Wars style, the game begins with a bang.

The storyline could have been a standard coming-of-age yarn but is instead a genuinely interesting adventure told with humor, compassion, and respect for the source material. Your character has a mystical bond with Bastila, and the two of you share some kind of connection to the Sith villains Darth Malak and Darth Revan. The game's planet-hopping adventures are driven by your exploration of these connections and how they relate to your larger goal of discovering the source of the Sith's sudden fleet. During your adventure you can explore side quests minor (such as racing swoops or gambling) and major (such as uncovering the fascinating back stories of your companions). Star Wars fans will get a kick out of the rich lore introduced in the game, particularly the Tatooine storyline that reveals the origin and history of the Sand People.

Gameplay is an abbreviated form of Wizards of the Coast's d20 Star Wars RPG game system--anyone who has played Dungeons & Dragons will be familiar with the abilities, stats, feats, and bonuses in this game. The player creates a character as a member of one of three starting classes (soldier, smuggler, scout) and then later chooses a Jedi class (guardian, consular, sentinel). Joining the player's character are other Jedi, warriors, thieves, droids, a wookiee, and even a Mandolorian. Unlike the faceless non-player characters of other games, each member of the supporting cast has an intriguing history and even agenda. Up to two of these other characters can join your character at any time. Depending on who you chose to take with you, new dialogue and even intra-party arguments come into the game (put the Mandalorian veteran with the Republic patriot and you'll see sparks fly). Combat is real-time turn-based, meaning the turns are seamless but the player has the option of pausing the action at any time to issue orders or direct any character to use a certain Force power, ability, feat, or item.

Graphics range from adequate to exceptional. Building and character models are not impressive--about what you get in GTA 3. Lightsaber graphics and environmental effects (like waving grass, clouds, and weather) bring the world to life. Battles are just brilliant, with characters pumping out blaster fire at Jedi who dash, dodge, and even deflect the bolts back toward their assailants. Complete with sounds straight out of the movies, the thrilling combat is pure Star Wars.

All in all, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a masterpiece of Star Wars gaming. The pacing, balance of action and dialogue, clever puzzles and quests, and loving attention to detail have set the bar very high for role-playing games in general and Star Wars games in particular. Consider this a must-have game.--Mike Fehlauer


  • Captivating storyline
  • Clever dialogue
  • Star Wars feel
  • True story and dialogue support for either Light Side or Dark Side play
  • Brilliant combat graphics
  • Fascinating characters (the loyal--and homicidal--droid HK-47 is truly unique)
  • Occasional bugs in dialogue, movie playback
  • Cannot transfer equipped gear between characters while on your ship
  • You are a young Jedi Knight, charged with leading a group of freedom fighters across the galaxy
  • Recruit droids, humans, Wookies and other races to join your resistance group -- and train them in great mini-games like racing swoop bikes or manning turret guns
  • Journey to dozens to unique locations, from the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyk to the Jedi Academy of Dantooine
  • Customizable and evolving characters keep the story fresh and the gameplay interesting -- especially when you have to choose between the Light & Dark Sides of The Force

Customer Reviews:

    If you have every seen one of the star wars movies and found it even remotely interesting, BUY THIS GAME!!! Aside from being one of the best star wars games, it is also one of the best RPG's I've played. There is so much to do, you can literally spend hours just exploring the worlds without even playing the main story. Also, this game is a change of pace from the movies, as it is set 4000 years before "A New Hope". In addition, this game has lots of cool weapons from the movies, books and comics. If all of this wasn't reason enough to buy KOTOR, you can choose to be light or dark side. This is the first star wars game to do it correctly. Lastly, this game has one of the best plots I have ever seen in a video game. Take my word for it, buy KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC...more info
  • Game of the Year and still playing it years later
    This is a fantastic product. The story line is compelling, the character development intriguing, and the twist and turns thrilling. This is a memorable game that holds up very well even years later....more info
  • my favorite game
    i love this game. it is my favorite game that has ever been made. the action is super button mashing, wear out your controller kinda action but its alot of strategy. the game play is addicting and fun. story line is super complicated like a twisted movie. this game is great. deserves the GOTY award. 6/5...more info
  • Choose Your Path
    It is four thousand years before the galactic empire and hundreds of jedi knights have fallen in the battle against the ruthless sith. You are the last hope of the jedi order. Can you master the awesome power of the force on your quest to save the republic? Or will you fall to the lure of the darkside? Hero or villian, savior or conqueror you alone will determine the destiny of the entire galaxy!
    A great game overall. A brand new star wars role - playing experience with unique characters, creatures, vehicles and planets. Learn to use the force with over 40 different powers and build your own lightsaber. Travel to seven enormous worlds including tatooine and the sith world of korriban. Choose your party from nine customizable characters, including twi'leks, droids and wookies. Build up your party and upgrade equipment in your own starship, the Ebon Hawk.
    Here's the real story line: Four thousand years before the rise of the galactic empire, the republic verges on collapse. Darth Malak, the last surviving apprentice of the Dark Lord Revan, has unleashed an invincible sith armada upon an unsuspecting galaxy. Crushing all resistance, malak's war of conquest has left the jedi order scattered and vulnerable as countless Knights fall in battle, and many more swear allegiance to the new sith master. In the skies above the outer rim of the world Taris, a Jedi battle fleet engages the forces of Dark Malak in a desperate effort to halt the Sith's galactic domination........... (Now you start to play)
    The game had many good qualities and is probably the best role-playing game out there on the xbox and probably the best star wars game to date. It makes you feel like you really are a jedi. You can create your own lightsaber, let it be double bladed or single bladed, you can pick the force powers you want to learn, inlcuding lightning, choking and 0ver 40 more. You can choose which path you go down, the dark or light. You can customize your party members also and even your ship. There is no limits to this game in the star wars universe. You are totally free to go anywhere in the universe.
    This game is reated T for teen, for violence. But I would let your child under the age of 13 have it because there isn't that much violence and there is no blood what so ever....more info
  • Is this REALLY Star Wars?
    The first time I played this game, it seemed confusing, and then when I went into combat, it didn't seem very good. After 10 minutes, I thought, "WOW! THIS IS STUPID!" It really was! Then I found out that this game was a RPG (I'm not fond of RPG) Star Wars was never meant to be a RPG, it was meant to be an Action, Adventure, and Shooter kind of game. What do you think "War" means. War=Action, Adventure, Shooter. War doesn't= RP and Strategy games. This is the first Star Wars game that ever let me down! Please don't get it! Get Battlefront and Battlefront II, they're alot better! ...more info
    This is the best game I have ever played. BUY IT NOW! or you are preventing your self from playing the best game ever....more info
  • A long time ago on an X Box far far away....
    Wield your lightsaber, fire up the hyperspace drive and choose your path. Welcome to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a game that allows you to choose either the light or dark side of the Force and to become a Jedi along the way.
    This game is like playing in your own movie. The action starts 4,000 years before the events of Episode I. You start off as a Republic soldier (or rogue or scout) on a doomed frigate. You have to fight your way off the vessel to escape. From there, you meet up with a number of characters, both good and bad, who will assist you on your quest.
    Even if you beat the game once, your gaming experience isn't over. Let's say you beat the game on the light side. Try beating it on the dark side. Character interactions vary based on the choices you make throughout the game. Without spoiling this too much, you may find yourself a little disturbed if you beat the game on the light side, then play it again choosing the dark side.
    KOTOR is a compelling, complex RPG, and the best game on the original X Box. Kiss whatever social life you have goodbye for a few days; you'll be playing this game non-stop....more info
  • one of the best xbox rpgs
    when i first tried kotor i was hooked. playing for hours on end changing armor and new force powers. it was a blast. a deeply involving story line that dragged me back for more. i also loved the good and eval side choice. how many game to you get to go good or eval? the game was so much fun i beat the game about 7 times. a must buy for the rpg fans or the star wars fans or both. beside how many xbox rpgs are on the the xbox ...more info
  • Best RPG I've ever played
    This game was "Game of the Year" for a reason. The story was very engrossing and the Jedi powers were cool. I played through it about 4 times and traded it in at my local game store. Now, a year later, I'm still jonesing to shock everyone in the room with lightning and make people give me all their money. I may have to re-purchase this game to get my fix!...more info
  • not just for star wars fans!!!
    this is the best star wars game yet, definatly worth buying an xbox for alone! even if you dont like RPG's, this is a must play game, very addictive, i've beaten the game 17 times! also check out the sequal, YOU MUST HAVE THIS GAME!!!...more info
  • one of the greatest of all time
    If anyone out there that is reading this review is either a.) a Star Wars fan or b.) a rpg fan, and haven't played this game then pick it up immediately. It is by far the greatest rpg on the xbox console and one of the greatest for any console ever...not to mention it is the best starwars videogame of all time. That being said the game does show its age now that it has been a while. The graphics were never that great but the story is still superb. The Gameplay is also wonderful as it is based on the WoC pen and paper rpg. The levelling and the different paths are done wonderful. If you take the lightside then things are drastically different from the darkside especially at the endgame where certain characters are purged from your party...anyway pick it up and don't be disappointed. This one is far superior to its sequel (which is a great game in it's own right). ...more info
  • A Bioware Classic
    Bioware is known for offering the best in RPG titles. KoTOR is no exception. The storyline is intriguing, varied, and broad in scope. The implementation of the 3rd edition SWRPG rules is impeccable.

    My only lament is that the only real re-playability comes in the form of good vs. evil. If you play light side then you can go back and play dark side (and vice versa). This is actually quite interesting (and both options offer complex endings) but unfortunately most of the gameplay is identical regardless of which side you are on....more info
  • Too difficult to play...
    I've played this game for a little while now, and to be honest it's too complex for a first person shooter. I guess in a way it's not a first person shooter, but rather a RPG. Either way, you spend more time navigating choices for weapons and powers than you do in game play. It get's so tedious that I haven't played it much more than the day I opened it. Maybe it's just not my type of game, but I'm pretty disappointed. I've played plenty of other games like this, but this one is so over-done it's like eating a steak that's been burnt to a crisp. Yeah, it's protein, but damn it's hard to digest....more info
  • Great game...when it works
    I'm a long-time Star Wars fan but fairly new at RPGs.

    While I easily adjusted to the lack of complete control over the characters during combat (a feature many reviewers here seem to have a problem with) I just couldn't adjust to or accept the poor gameplay of Knights of the Old Republic.

    God is this a buggy game!

    I've never had a game freeze up so many times as this one (and I've been playing games since the old Atari 2600!). It freezes during cut scenes, it freezes when you leave one room and enter another (and worst of all) it freezes when you try to custom level up any and all of your characters. It's absolutely maddening having to turn off the XBox so many times.

    And the odd thing is that this is the ONLY XBox game I have that does this.

    While the game itself (when it works) has excellent music, good voice acting and is great fun to play, its bugginess often overrides all of the positives. It simply isn't playable most of the time and it's sad that a game that had so much potential clearly seems to have been rushed out.

    I'll certainly never buy another LucasArts/Bioware game again after this experience. It's really that bad. ...more info
  • Best game ever
    This game is so much fun. The graphics are pretty good for an XBox game. The first time I played this the map was pretty confusing. One of the reasons that people don't like this game is because they have a hard time getting around using the map, but it doesn't take long to memorize the areas. This game has a great story line. Most good games have a good story line and this one has the best. some people dont like the way you fight but I think that locking onto a enemy and choosing your attacks is a good idea because ther are so many fighting moves. The force powers are really cool and you can upgrade them. you can go to the dark side or light side if you decide to go to the dark side your face becomes messed up and pale. It dosnt matter if you like Star wars or not youll love this game....more info
  • Epic and Memorable
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR, is an amazing game. It took me over 60 hours to beat, side quests and all. This game delivers a whole new aspect of the Star Wars universe you can't get in the movies. Play as your own character, customizable down to the last detail. Choose among dozens of fighting tactics and force powers, as well as dozens of weapons, both melee ad raged. Players engage in a unique Real-Time Turn-Based combat system, providing a wholly new challenge to the player.

    -Storyline: 9/10
    Excellent story. It really plays on the Star Wars saga, and brings out a whole new dimension not seen in the movies. But, at times, the plot goes a little thin, which is why it lost that tenth point.

    -Graphics: 7/10
    Breathtaking graphics, but Bioware could have used a few more polygons here and there. A little more detail would have been nice. But, of course, that would have meant that you would have had less room on the disc for everything else.

    -Characters: 10/10
    Very in-depth character design. Though some game models were used more than once for different characters, the personalities attached to the characters made them each seem wholly unique. That's how good the characters were.

    -Music: 9/10
    Excellent score. The music really seemed to play on the overall Star Wars theme, and molded itself to the respective worlds, as well. But....there could have been a little more of it.

    -Control and Mechanics: 10/10
    Perfect. The interface is expansive, but not complex, it builds itself on a few basic control principles. It's very easy to understand. As far as the combat system goes, I'm really impressed. I've never seen a system like it before, but it really adds a whole new aspect to the game. Very good, indeed.

    -Flexibility: 10/10
    It's an RPG. The game lets you alter your character in more ways than just looks, you can choose from numerous weapons, both ranged and melee, as well as dozens of upgrades, such as gauntlets, visors, belts, and armors. You can even customize the weapons themselves, by adding upgrades. You even get to build your ow lightsaber. In KOTOR, you follow either the path of the Light Side, or the Dark Side....but it's not that simple. Every decisio you make in the game has an effect on this modifier. Hear, hear Bioware.....good work.

    All in all, if you're a star wars junkie, or just a fan, this game is for you. It throws you across seven wholly different planets, and introduces you to nine different companions, all of whom have their own special skills. Whether it be hacking security doors, or slashing Kath Hounds, they'll all come in handy.
    KOTOR packs in an amazing amount of game time, yet still has the appeal to be played again and again....more info
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    If you want an adventure/action game with a lot of fun features and mini-games, this is the game for you!

    I absolutly loved this game. Even though I am not a huge Star Wars fan, I understood this game very well. It was very fun for me, being the first game I had for my Xbox.

    Some of the great features about this game:

    - Characters are widely spread throughout the worlds (10) so you have a great choice of who you can play with

    - There are many weapons and attacks that are special to this game; the weapons are great

    - The controls for this game are very well thought out; I can manuver my player around the worlds and have an easy time doing it

    - The mini-games are very cool and exciting; you have a lot of fun doing them

    - The worlds are somewhat familiar, but most are either new or revised

    - Selection of characters is huge; your favorite Star Wars character is bound to be in this game

    - Even more cool things...

    Overall, this is the best action/adventure game that I have ever owned, thus played. It is very exciting with a wide range of items, weapons, characters, etc.

    You will love this game if you buy it. BUY IT NOW!!!...more info
  • this is awesome game!
    over the summer i started playing this at first i sorta like it then when you the story it draws you in with its gripping story and awesome balance of cinematics and combat i stayed up almost every night during the summer playing this game! and since my mom worked 7 to 5 i payed it all during the day...well you know not everday i gotta play with friends...more info
  • one of my all time favorites
    Perhaps i am way too late in writing this review but nonetheless i'm writing one anyway! I remember seeing previews of Star Wars: KOTOR and thinking how incredible the game looked. I bought it when it came out which was a few years ago now and couldn't stop playing it. And here it is 2007 and i'm playing it again....Basically KOTOR is by far the best RPG ive ever played and why this game hasn't spawned more sequels is beyond me....but i'll get to that later.....My favorite thing about this game is the dialogue and being able to choose your own words, something you don't see to often in xbox games. Also the ability to be light or dark side makes the game even better.....i have played through this game about 4 times now, twice on the light side and twice on the dark. The first time i played this game i chose to take the path of the dark side simply because i had been denied that ability in previous games and put simply, i thought it would be fun to be the bad guy for a change....the game is incredibly realistic though in that some of the dark side dialogue will make you laugh and sometimes the things you say will leave you feeling somewhat guilty...I mainly just enjoyed picking on Carth the whole game though. You'll find that on the path of the dark side it is much easier to get what you want and personally i think it is much more fun...for instance, rather than having to do some long task for someone you can just kill them and move on...At one point you can dance with some girl to try and help win some audition but you can ruin it by taking a dive...the funny part is afterwards she confronts you about it and you can say right to her face "Look! You just weren't good enough to make the cut, Deal with it!!!" Or when Carth compains about being left out of the loop you can can just go "Aw, poor baby need some filling in?" which really irratates him...There are a million other situations similar to that though that i could talk about here. Also there are so many subplots in this game its crazy. In a good way that is....for example, you'll find that if you play as a male character you can sometimes be flirtatious with Bastilla in the things you say and if you keep it up long enough she will eventually show signs of possibly having feelings for your character, although i don't believe she ever comes right out and says it. Its just one of the little things that make this game much more interesting and like i said before, many people have mentioned before the HK-47 droid is also very funny and if you're playing on the dark side i think you'll find him to be your best friend. He calls everyone a meatbag, and he never argues with your decisions, something Carth is all too annoying about doing....

    You'll find that in this game there are so many places you can go as you can travel between worlds once you get the ebon hawk. mind you, there are only about 4 or 5 but thats still pretty good i think. There is Tatooine, which is basically a giant desert similar to the world Luke Skywalker from the movies lived on. (forgive me star wars fans, but the name of that planet has slipped my mind)....then there is Kashykk a huge forest, Korriban the Sith World, and Manaan which is a giant ocean. I'll be honest, i kind of hate manaan because if you say one mean word to someone you are fined like 200 credits. You'll have to play the game to understand fully....

    You can play Pazaak with different people, which is basically like 21 black jack except 20. And you can race swoop bikes for credits, it's more fun than it sounds trust me. :)

    I mentioned earlier that i thought this game should have more sequels and that it should...there was the 1, Star Wars: KOTOR 2 but it was somewhat of a disappointment...I mean, it was good i thought and some things were even better about it but the ulta-catchy dialogue from the 1st one was missing and that in itself makes this game worth playing. I just think they could have made that game much much better than they did but still i'm shocked we haven't seen more from Knights of the Old Republic. Maybe one day we'll see an even better edition on the 360. It's doubtful, but it would be awesome to say the least.

    Other than that i could write pages apon pages or of reasons to buy this game but i feel i have already written too much....If you haven't played this game yet go buy it immediately! Also, it IS bc compatible so you can play it on your 360 provided you have xbox live. enjoy!...more info
  • Star Wars Kights of the Old Republic [xbox]
    This game is a must for any Star Wars collection, and it is well adapted to fit a wider aray of player's prefference. If you are looking for a game hack and swing, sword gamelike gameplay, or if you are only keen to the idea of weilding a lightsaber, I recomend that you investigate, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. KOTHR is for the intense role player, with a digital 10D roll fighting base, it is ultamatly D&D brought to the xbox consol with a Star Wars theme....more info
  • From someone who didn't care for RPGs
    First off, I'll admit that I'm not a fan of RPGs. I'd tried my luck with things like Final Fantasy only to become quickly disappointed within an hour or two. So on a whim, I picked KOTOR up and... wow. Within the first few minutes, I was hooked. I loved it. The ability to suck you in is pretty good despite having some downtime during certain parts of the game. The ability to customize your character to your liking is also good. Weapons, sides of the forces, clothing, etc make it all worthwhile. I highly recommend it for anyone that's wanting to get into RPGs without wasting their money on a Final Fantasy game....more info
  • I am a Jedi!
    This is beyond a doubt the greatest example of what a Star Wars game should be. I'm sorry, but the first person shooters put out by Lucas Arts (Jedi Knight series) as well as the lackluster Battlefield games do not even match this original take on Star Wars canon. The ability to customize your character, build a party for exploration, venture on a quest of galactic importance: this game is a cinematic experience and you are out the center. Excellent voice acting, graphics, and controls....more info
  • Pretty good, but not great
    I only picked up Bioware's Star Wars-based RPG "Knights of the Old Republic" recently, a few years after its release, soon after I finished Bioware's more recent game "Jade Empire". As soon as I started playing KOTOR, I was thinking "Jeez, it's just a turn-based Jade Empire". The games are indeed quite similar, from the choice of "good" or "evil" paths which affect your character's moral rating, to accumulating a diverse group of companions (only one or two of whom you can have with you at one time), to a surprising late-game plot twist. Both games contain standard adventure-style RPG fare: you explore a variety of environments and cities, converse with many NPCs by choosing from different conversation options, complete quests which earn you experience points, and work your way up to killing the Big Boss at the end.

    The combat in KOTOR is turn-based, which means you can pause at any time to issue new orders to your characters, and then unpause to watch the fight unfold in seemingly-real-time. I was a bit disappointed in the melee implementation -- if you're giving up the excitement of real-time combat, the turn-based fighting should have lots of tactical depth. I would pause to take the occasional healing potion or use the a buff if the opponent was tough, but aside from casting spells (i.e. using Jedi powers, in this setting) there's not much to do but watch your guys fight. Similarly, I expect a role-playing game to have a rich set of items and equipment, requiring painful trade-off decisions at times, but KOTOR didn't impress me in this regard. Once your character becomes a Jedi early in the game there is no reason to switch from your light saber(s), and the buffed goodies in the shops were too expensive for a most of the game, and then weren't worthwhile upgrades by the time I was able to afford them. Overall KOTOR felt simplified, which was probably the intent of the developers in order to reach a large audience, but left me a bit disappointed.

    Half the reason to get this game is because it's set in the Star Wars universe, and it does try to present a Star-Wars-y look and feel. I thought the characters and animations looked great -- the Wookies, droids, uniformed Sith and green aliens were all reminiscent of the movies, and the blaster and light saber animations were excellent. The sound was also top-notch -- the clash and whoosh of sabers was just right. I liked the voice acting too -- every NPC spoke, often in alien tongues, which sounded pretty good although it didn't take long before the alien language sound bites started to recycle. My only complaint about the setting was with the background environments -- the cities had a curvy futuristic design but still looked pretty generic, and there were no ways to interact with the environment besides opening doors and crates.

    On the plus side, KOTOR includes an optional blackjack-esque card game called Pazaak which you can play against NPCs to try and win money, which I enjoyed as a break from the regular game. On the minus side, occasionally when flying between planets you're forced into a mini-game where you have to shoot down TIE fighters from your ship's gun turret, which should be exciting but isn't.

    Although I've mostly just complained about "Knights of the Old Republic", I still had no doubt while playing that I would take the time to complete it, and I'm considering playing again on the harder level to see if it improves with more challenge (and to try the dark side jedi powers). The story is pretty good, there are lots of side quests and occasions to talk to your companions, and the middle of the game is very non-linear: you can hop to different planets doing different things -- there are even a few multi-planet quests. Despite being underwhelmed by things like the combat implementation, there were times when the game achieved that "epic" feel for me, and what could be more important in a Star Wars RPG than that?...more info
  • One of the Best Games Ever Made for Xbox
    If you are a fan of action RPG's or a fan of Star Wars, this game is not one you can pass up. The game offers over 20 hours of genuin playing time. Most new games these days are lucky to have 10. On the start-up screen you are given a choice of a combination of various characteristics for your hero. You get to pick a name, the gender, the type of character--scout, soldier, or scoundrel each with their own personalized skills. In addition to those, you get to determine what features your character has such as a power attack or specialization with a melee or ranged weapon.

    The best feature of the game is being able to choose between being a dark or light side character. Every action changes how your hero answers in conversations and how the appear as well how others feel about them. The story is definitely worthy of the Star Wars universe and rivals some of the best books I've read. I won't give away too much, but I will say somewhere in the game you get to use a lightsaber. Almost all the weapons are upgradeable. Higher quality armor is also upgradeable. The presentation of the fight options is well layed out and easy to use. Leveling up is rather simple too. Graphics are pretty good for a couple of years ago.

    The gameplay is excellent and will make you a prisoner of your couch. Game value is near perfection if you don't already own the game since the current price for the game is only seven dollars. Replay value I would say is high to very high. It is difficult not to desire to play again with a totally different character.

    Lastly I would have improved a few things about the game. One problem is the terrible autosave which occurs in what seems like every other load screen. Another is the graphics, they leave something to be desired becuase of the fact it is on the Xbox. The last thing I would have done is probably added 10-15 hours to the game. Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic is an amazing game which I think would bring even non-rpg game players to the genre. I rate it a 9 out of 10. ...more info
  • A great addition to the Star Wars titles
    I heard this game was good, but found it to be pretty freaking awesome. If you like Fable, you'll like this. The game incorporates the whole choice based alignment of the character but in a more RPG format. I've been playing this on my XBOX 360, and although the emulation is far from perfect, the graphics are still fairly decent and the game plays pretty well. Some sound bugs and FPS bugs will result when playing on the 360; however, but the game is still more than worthwhile to play.

    In my opinion, the choice based system of this game is what makes the game. The ability to choose everything from, what your character looks like, to whether you will sneak past enemies or fight them is what makes this game rock.

    The story line is well put together too. The player has a lot of control over how the story goes, which affects the characters alignment throughout the game (good or evil).

    If I had to sum this game up with one simple description, I'd have to say it is like Fable crossed with Septerra Core crossed with Star Wars. All 3 already rock, put them into one game and you have this masterpiece...bugs and loading time aside....more info
  • One of the Best!
    If you have not played this game, then you are hurting yourself. This game is easily one of the greatest games of all time. I bought this game when it first came out because of the Star Wars names. I was expecting to Leia, Luke, and Han...They are not in this game and honestly, I am happy for that. I found myself wishing that this game was somehow turned into a movie...Actually, it does play out like a movie because the cut-scenes are mini-movies. This game has tons of replay value, I beat it in about 53 hours the first time, but I missed half the items and quests...The second time took me about 61 hours and I still missed a lot. The third time took me over 70 hours and I still think I missed a lot of items. (It took so long because I didn't use players guides) My friends used players guides and beat it in about 33 hours.

    This is a great game and you are not helping yourself by not playing it....more info
  • BioWare Delivers With a Solid Star Wars Experience
    I didn't expect much from this game, since I didn't really play many Star Wars games, and I had no idea who BioWare was. This game amazed me with its epic storyline. You can choose where you want your character to end up and how. Great Star Wars feel and very amazing storyline....more info
  • Not for veteren adults with Role-Gaming
    While I understand that this StarWars thriller, could not be as crash-boom-bang as say, Star Wars Battle..II, it plays more like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel than a Roleplaying video game. The interuptions are frequent, awkward, and the action scenes too brief. It's more like late 80s gaming, on glue..... Even Baldor's Gate (whatever) remains more engaging.

    Oh well, certainly not worth the money....more info
  • A Classic
    This is, simply, the best science fantasy RPG of all time. Wonderful characters, a suspenseful story, surprising plot twists, humor, this one has it all. Very, very highly recommended....more info
  • Oldie, but still a goodie
    I'm not a role player. I don't claim to be. I don't really play role players in my spare time when no one is watching. I did like Mass Effect, but that was the first. Being an avid Star Wars fan, I figured I needed to play one of the "best games of all-time". So I decided to buy Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (SWKOTOR). I loved it. I've been playing it for a month now. I've beaten it as a goody-two shoes jedi and now I'm going back to play it again as a dark lord. I didn't take a break from it at all. I'm thinking about even going back again and trying to beat it a 3rd time when I'm done to see how another class upgrades. Amazing game....more info
  • Great on XBox, Better on PC
    This game is probably one of the best ever made. From customizable characters to interacting with your environment and overall story line, you can really immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe. While playing the game, you can't help but feel the sheer size of an entire Galaxy at your fingertips. Beautiful cinimatics, excellent plot twists, and the best of all, you can choose your own path. Okay, the best of all is that you can weild two lightsabers and walk into a room and force lighting everybody within 10 feet.
    The only drawback is that while it is fun to play on XBox, and originally designed for if I understand things correctly, it's much easier to play on PC, what with the whole mouse thing and all. Plus on PC you can que up moves instead of having to click attack every 1 and a half seconds. It may be turn based combat, but it's still in real time, so it doesn't feel like it at all....more info
  • An amazing RPG with a long storyline
    Needless to say that this game proves that there are good rpgs out there. The story is long in my mind (about 10-13 hours if you know where to go.) Because of its storyline replay value may be cut short. But regardless is a fantastic game.

    Darth Malak is the head of an seemingly invincible sith fleet and is on a conquest to exterminate the jedi from existance. As a soldier, scout, or scoundrel it is up to you as your story unfolds and it is up to you to either save the galaxy or conquer it. What will you choose?

    Overall a great game with a long storyline....more info