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The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season
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The entire third season of the animated television show, The Simpsons.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 15-AUG-2006
Media Type: DVD

Broadcast in 1991, the third season of The Simpsons contains a host of candidates for "Best Simpsons Episode Ever." Homer is in such good form throughout that a reasonable case can be made that he has superseded the importance of his Greek namesake in the annals of culture and civilization. The opener, "Stark Raving Dad," for instance, features a guest appearance by an uncredited Michael Jackson, who plays an obese white inmate whom Homer meets while confined to a mental institution. Other standout episodes include "Like Father, Like Clown," in which Krusty reveals he is estranged from his Rabbi father; this is The Simpsons at the height of its powers, mature, ironic, erudite, and touching while bristling with slapstick and Bart-inspired cheek. "Flaming Moe's" features Aerosmith and sees Homer invent a cocktail that desperate, sleazy bartender Moe steals from him. "Radio Bart" is another demonstration of the series' knack for cultural references, parodying the Billy Wilder movie Ace in the Hole. Finally, there's "Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes," in which Danny DeVito reprises his role as Homer's brother, regaining the fortune Homer lost him by inventing a Baby Translator. Immensely enjoyable at any level, this third year demonstrates conclusively that The Simpsons is quite simply, and by a large margin, the greatest television show ever. --David Stubbs

Customer Reviews:

  • Nicely Done
    Simpsons has been on for so long now. The producers at this point (The Season 3) are experience, Homer's lines are improved from the sometimes korny jokes you find from earlier episodes. Bart too has better lines when prank calling Moe and ask for some one such as "Alk aholic". Lisa has as much growing up problem as ever, Marge too has had enough of this family. Sounds just like a soap opera, except it is well animated and I love the way they do the celebrities and their voices. Simpson also has a thought behind it, its not all about the tipical American guy and his son who defies authority and story about how the mother and sister has to deal with the mess these two make. In many episodes, you will find creators of the Simpsons making fun of the things you find wrong with the world. Chief Wiggum (corrupted policemen) is a very good example. Also, how people judge people by their looks in the "Stark Raving Dad". These character are characterized as some of the real human thoughts, some of them are very deep even though portraid in simple ways. How can a football represent the complex relationship between a addicted gambling father and a daughter who guesses every game right but still cannot get her father's attention. Also, it displays childhood friendship like Bart and Milhouse and display their trouble, also family problems between HOmer and Marge.

    Visual: A+
    Sound: A+
    Story Line: A+
    Rewatch Value: A+
    Overall: A +...more info

  • ....>And here we go.....The show only gets better.....
    ....and better. By this time the show had really come into it's own. it had a steady audience, the creators and animaters seemed comfortable with the characters, and the drawing designs for sets as well as the coloring looking crisp and clean. this season was the birthing of several classic episodes, from the basebal one to the germans buying out Mr. Burns's nuclear plant. This is the season where the jokes grew to true simpsons quality, which in my opoinon was somewhat of a growing role. By now, I'm sure the ratings ween't as great as whenit first started, and I'm usre the tousands of tee shirt sales may have slumped a little during this time, but what it may have lost in merchandise sales, it made up for the crediblity and in the quality of shows, setting it on the train ride into histroy as one of the longest running shows. 16+ seasons is nothing short of amazing, especially for an animated show. This is where the road to simspsons history was paved, and it is definitealy a MUST HAVE...more info
  • 1 star
    I really dont think this movie is one star I think it is 5 star but everyone always skips over the 5 star reviews because there are so many. I love the simpsons there sweet if I were you I would definatly get this dvd....more info
  • The Simpsons in Good Form and a Decent Batch of Episodes
    I got this as a gift recently and I can say this a fine batch of Simpsons. It blows the first two seasons out. Everything started to get good and there's a few of my personal favorite Simpson episodes on this set...

    Which Are:
    Lisa Goes to Washington(Lisa wins essay contest and the Simpsons go to D.C.)
    Bart the Murderer(Bart joins Fat Tony and gang on accident...the classic dream sequence "You killed me Bart."-Skinner says and Neil "doogie" Patrick Harris voice appears at the end of the episode)
    Flaming Moes(Homer invents the "Flaming Homer" drink with COUGH SYRUP Moe takes credit and gets Aerosmith(they appear))
    I Married Marge(Flashback episode includes Shotgun Pete's)
    Bart the Lover(Bart acts as Miss Krabapple's love pen pal, a decent serious episode)
    Bart's Friend Falls in Love(Classic just because the sex-ed video with Fuzzy Bunny)
    Plus more classics! A Sideshow Bob episode(with selma) and Homer's lost brother Herb's got the finale(voiced by Danny Devito) and more!

    I gave it four becuae there are a few OK episodes, but overall I think this boxset is one of the essentials...because it's when the show really stopped with the bad colors and bad voices which haunted the first two seasons....more info
  • IMO, just as essential as seasons 4 & 5...
    In Season 3, there's still a couple of small character tweaks which hadn't been fully developed yet (Wiggum's hair, Ralph's voice, etc.), and there's still some now-familiar characters yet to make their debut...but as far as the episodes go, there's just as many bulls-eyes here as there are in both Seasons 4 & 5. I know the animators tend to criticize the early seasons (including this one) for not being as sharp and glossy as later efforts--and I may agree with them to some extent about the first two seasons--but there's something appealing to me about season 3. Stylistically, the animation is "close enough" to what we're used to seeing nowadays, but here you can practically see the blood, sweat & tears poured into each episode...I dunno, I guess these little imperfections have a bit of charm to 'em IMO. To me, Season 3 should get as much love as Season 4 & 5, and IMO all 3 of 'em are the quintessential desert island DVDs of Simpsons episodes... ...more info
  • Great! Nice and fast delivery
    Great! My fiance needed the 3rd season for his collection. Hilarious! Great episodes!...more info
  • Ignore JD's "review"
    The writing for this show is VERY sharp and funny. Clearly, JD doesn't get it. He/she probably thrives on a steady diet of reality shows....more info
  • Funniest Season of All Time
    Maybe there were many funnier episodes in other seasons, but a compilation like this is extraordinary.

    The Simpson's finally settled in as a genre of it's own by the third season. The characters were fully defined, the voices were honed to the rich voices we still hear 12 seasons later and the story line became set.

    There are some great one liners in all of these episodes, from dialog between Burns and Smithers to Burns' always saying "Simpson, eh?" this stuff is just a laugh a minute.

    One of the best lines, oh so subtle is when Homer flashes back to first being hired at the power plant, Burns turns around to Smithers and asks Homer's name. Burns replies, "Simpson, eh? I will remember that chap...." The funniest part of that is that all of the previous episodes that season features Burns frustratingly asking Smithers whom Simpson is. How hilarious.

    There also is the added bonus of great musical pieces too. Jackson sings a song: "Lisa it's Your Birthday." What a happy piece of music, silly? yes, fun? yes, but so what! it's a cartoon.

    I think this is the season that really made the Simpson's stick out, Homer with Flanders, Krusty the Clown's life, Homer and Moe. The Flaming Moe episode is just one laugh after another. Also, Homer Defined set up future ideas you will see in later episodes. The underlying theme of "It's a Wonderful Life" in "When Flanders Failed." Wow, this stuff just kept getting better and funnier.

    The special features are okay, there are some interesting side lines with the story being discussed by the artists behind the show. Stark Raving Dad has some really funny things in it. Besides featuring Michael Jackson, even hearing the song "Crazy" being played while Marge is holding trying to find out why Homer is incarcerated in a mental institution. Funny, funny funny.

    Get this one and the others too. This is worth the investment for years of just plain fun....more info

  • It only gets better.
    I bought this season along with season 4 while at a store with my then fiance and spent the next few weeks watching them while she went off to work. Season 3 has some of my favorite episodes, Like Father, Like Clown, wherein Krusty tells the story of his estrangement from his Rabbi father and Bart and Lisa set out to bring the two of them back together again. Other notables include When Flanders Failed, wherein Flanders opens a store for lefthanded individuals only to have it fail due to Homer's spiteful wish, and Bart the Murderer, which introduces us to Fat Tony and his gang. This season also includes the second Treehouse of Horror, one of my favorites actually. This one features the Monkey's Paw, Bart possessing supernatural powers and the Frankenstein sketch where Mr. Burns uses Homer's brain in a new, robotic worker which he believes will solve the problem of the incompetant employee. It also, interestingly enough, introduces one of my favorite Simpsons traditions (at least in Halloween shows), that in which a character is fatally injured but describes his injuries in detail before he finally does die. "Every bone...shattered...Organs...leaking vital fluids...Slight headache...Loss of appetite...Smithers...I'm going to die."
    But this season features a great many other excellent episodes. Of particular interest to me are Flaming Moe's, which featured a guest appearance by Aerosmith, Radio Bart, Rancho Relaxo and Homer at the Bat. Oh, and of course let's not forget I Married Marge. Saturdays of Thunder and Lisa's Pony aren't my favorite episodes but they're still good. Then of course Mr. Lisa goes to Washington and Homer Defined are classics well worth watching. Of those two I'd have to say the former is my favorite. "Bart! Get out of the Spirit of St. Louis!"
    One of my favorite features of this box set is the commentary, which is not only provided by the show runners, writers and the ever present Matt Groening this time around, but also by the voice cast for the Simpsons themselves, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Cavner, Yeardley Smith and of course Dan Castellaneta. It's actually quite funny, since not only do they discuss their memories of working on many of the episodes (they're featured in all but a few of them), but sometimes they do it in some of their character voices. It's quite funny to hear Dan switch from his normal voice into Krusty or Homer's right in the middle of a sentence, which he does on occasion. Only Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer are absent from the commentary here, but Hank shows up in one episode of Season 4..
    Another neat feature as I may have mentioned in a prior Simpsons review, is the fact that you can listen to the episodes on muitple languages. Before they were only available in French but now you can listen to them in Spanish as well. It's quite funny to hear the Spanishh or French version of Homer's classic D'oh! This is in no way intended to be a slight on Spanish or French people. I've just always had a fascination for hearing movies I grew up with in other languages, particularly if I can't speak the language in question.
    But getting on with the review here, this season also features an episode that, if memory serves, won Marsha Wallace an award for outstanding voiceover performance for Mrs. Krabappel. I refer, of course, to Bart the Lover, where Bart takes his revenge on Mrs. Krabappel for a long stint of detentions by responding to her personal add by posing as a sexy man named Woodrow, only to feel gilty later when Woodrow stands her up. The subplot of Homer trying to swear off swearing is also quite funny. So if you haven't already done so and you're collecting Simpsons DVD's, you should definitely pick this one up. It reminds us all of what the show once was....more info
  • Unrivaled by its animated peers...
    Originally a spin-off from a one-minute segment of The Tracy Ullman Show, The Simpsons morphed into the then-burgeoning FOX network's most successful program. As the longest running animated television show in history, and the longest running prime show of any type, The Simpsons is an American treasure - a combination of humor, wit, and satire that examines not just the lives of its eccentric characters, but also the society, culture, and world in which we live. Fun for adults and children alike, The Simpsons is a cutting edge television comedy that, like Seinfeld, changed the television landscape in the 1990's by creating a new genre of TV fun - spawning large network investments in new series such as King of the Hill, Futurama, and The Family Guy.

    Like all new things which smash the paradigm of life, The Simpsons is unrivaled by its knockoffs, and the show doesn't show signs of slowing down. If you haven't yet visited Springfield, then I definitely recommend that you pick up The Simpsons DVD (Season 1) to catch a glimpse for yourself. You have no idea what you've been missing...

    The Simpsons (Season 3) DVD offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere in which Homer's co-workers have him committed after they mistake him for a mental patient. While in the New Bedlam Home for the Emotionally Interesting, Homer meets a tall, stocky white man who claims to be Michael Jackson. The Simpsons befriend the man who eventually admits to being bricklayer Leon Kompowsky... Other notable episodes include "When Flanders Failed" in which Ned Flanders opens a store at the local mall called the "Leftorium" (catering only to left-handed customers) and "Lisa's Pony" in which Lisa's overwhelming desire to have her own Pony nearly drives Homer to an early death as he works 24-hours-a-day to afford the expensive pet...

    Below is a list of episodes included on The Simpsons (Season 3) DVD:

    Episode 36 (Stark Raving Dad)
    Episode 37 (Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington)
    Episode 38 (When Flanders Failed)
    Episode 39 (Bart the Murderer)
    Episode 40 (Homer Defined)
    Episode 41 (Like Father, Like Clown)
    Episode 42 (Treehouse of Horror 2)
    Episode 43 (Lisa's Pony)
    Episode 44 (Saturdays of Thunder)
    Episode 45 (Flaming Moe's)
    Episode 46 (Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk)
    Episode 47 (I Married Marge)
    Episode 48 (Radio Bart)
    Episode 49 (Lisa the Greek)
    Episode 50 (Homer Alone)
    Episode 51 (Bart the Lover)
    Episode 52 (Homer at the Bat)
    Episode 53 (Separate Vocations)
    Episode 54 (Dog of Death)
    Episode 55 (Colonel Homer)
    Episode 56 (Black Widower)
    Episode 57 (The Otto Show)
    Episode 58 (Bart's Friend Falls in Love)
    Episode 59 (Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Great season of TV
    "The Simpsons" really hit its stride in this, its third season on the air. Though well over a decade old at this point (2004), almost all of the episodes seem as fresh as when they first aired (though occasional jokes, such as the mention of Milli Vanilli-like group Funky See Funky Do may be lost on a LOT of people now).

    Some of the series' best episodes ever aired during this season. Amongst them:

    Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington -- a cool trip-to-Washington episode in which Lisa enters a contest based around patriotic essays

    When Flanders Failed -- in which Flanders opens the infamous Leftorium to less-than-overwhleming success

    Like Father, Like Klown -- a Krustycentric episode that manages to be hilarious and really rather touching at the same time

    Flaming Moe's -- a great episode that parodies "Cheers," features Aerosmith, and shows Homer at his down-and-outiest

    I Married Marge -- a sweet and funny flashback episode showing how Homer and Marge got married and had Bart

    Lisa the Greek -- in which Lisa, in an attempt to bond with Homer, becomes an expert football prognosticator

    Bart the Lover -- another surprisingly touching episode (but funny too), in which Bart makes up a man for Mrs. Krabapple

    Homer at the Bat -- in which Mr. Burns places a million-dollar bet on a company softball game and hires nine major-league ringers to better his chances at winning

    Colonel Homer -- in which Homer becomes the manager for an up-and-coming contury music singing sensation named Lurleen Lumpkin

    These are just the standout episodes; all 24 are excellent. Also highly entertaining are the cast/crew commentary tracks, which -- despite occasional times when people seem to stop talking for a while -- are informative and often very funny.

    You're not going to do much better with your money than spending it on this one....more info

  • The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season
    This is another wonderful season of The Simpsons. I love their boxsets and I will buy everyone of them until I buy the season of which they retire. The only set back to these DVDs is that they take about one year to come out. But that's not stopping us Simpson fans!

    19-Sep-1991 Stark Raving Dad
    26-Sep-1991 Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
    03-Oct-1991 When Flanders Failed
    10-Oct-1991 Bart the Murderer
    17-Oct-1991 Homer Defined
    24-Oct-1991 Like Father, Like Clown
    31-Oct-1991 Tree House of Horror II: A Simpsons Halloween
    07-Nov-1991 Lisa's Pony
    14-Nov-1991 Saturdays of Thunder
    21-Nov-1991 Flaming Moe's
    05-Dec-1991 Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
    26-Dec-1991 I Married Marge
    09-Jan-1992 Radio Bart
    23-Jan-1992 Lisa the Greek
    06-Feb-1992 Homer Alone
    13-Feb-1992 Bart the Lover
    20-Feb-1992 Homer at the Bat
    27-Feb-1992 Separate Vocations
    12-Mar-1992 Dog of Death
    26-Mar-1992 Colonel Homer
    09-Apr-1992 Black Widower
    23-Apr-1992 The Otto Show
    07-May-1992 Bart's Friend Falls in Love
    27-Aug-1992 Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?
    ...more info
  • Amazing
    Like 99% of the world, I am a Simpsions fan. This set is a must for any fan. The extras are fun and the commentaries are some of the best. I found myself watching the shows over and over with the commentaries on. Since I have seen all the shows a few times each, it was fun to listen to the writers, Matt and the voice talent chat about working on the show. You really do learn alot of interesting things and they can be quiet funny at times. I highly recommend any of these DVDs to any Simpsions fan....more info
    this was the worst service that i have ever experienced using it didn't arrive NEW...=/ very disappointing...and it didn't arrive in a very timely manner!! will not be ordering with this person again!! >_<...more info
  • Another great season but not many special features
    Another great season but there are not many special features unlike seasons 1 and 2 or 4 and 5. But the commercials are great and all 24 episodes are great so it doesnt matter. ...more info
  • hilarity continues to ensue
    just as funny as season 1 I have on dvd. working on getting 2,4,5 when I can
    see this show if you haven't
    it's gut busting laughter
    cruel jokery sometimes
    but very funny
    ...more info
  • This one is worth having after all
    Although I'am more psyched about season 4, and up...Season 3 is a great season. When I first thought about it, I thought I didn't want season 3, but I forgot how many great episodes were in it, it starts to estblish the comedy and halarious one-liners we all know and love today. So definetly a must own for hardcore simpsons fans (I'm also buying it for the extras)...more info
  • best dvd you will ever buy
    it's so cool owning and watching it as much as you want instead of waiting for FOX to air your favorite episode. i can't wait for the rest of the seasons to come out. highly recomend buying it....more info
  • Great episodes, cool features
    As many other reviewers have already listed the episodes available on the third season DVDs, I will try to break down various aspects of the volumes to tell you what works well and what doesnt work so well...

    Picture, sound quality: 5/5. The animation looks really sharp on this collection, as in previous releases. Fox takes its time releasing episodes, but it shows in all the work that went into the drawing and animation.

    Interactive menus: 4/5. I was annoyed at the menu interface for the season 2 DVDs, due to repetition and time-wasting, but this collection is much better. Every disc plays a different set of randomly-selected segues when moving from the main title (a background of the Simpsons family on the couch) to the episode selection menu. They are quick (good), often humorous (good), and in total there are probably over 20 different scenes (very good.) It is like having additional chalkboard or couch scenes that open every episode. They have also added humorous backgrounds to language selection and subtitle menus- check em out!

    Easter eggs: 4/5. The DVDs contain added features that are not listed on the packaging or menus: still photos, additional audio tracks, etc. For example, on the episode "Homer Alone" you can use your remote control to see penciled sketches of Homer, Bart, and Maggie.

    Audio commentary: 4/5. The commentaries are good, always featuring Matt Groening, Mike Reiss, the writers and actors, and others. My only complaint is that they lowered the episode volume so much that it can be difficult to follow the story if you are not already familiar with the episode.

    Episodes: 6/5. One of the all-time great seasons for the Simpsons. A huge number of must-see shows, including Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington, Emmy-nominated Radio Bart, Lisa the Greek, Flaming Moe's, and others. Great guest stars too, plenty of Phil Hartman as Troy McClure.

    Overall: 5/5. A must-have for any Simpsons fan!...more info

  • Loved It.
    I really enjoyed all the episodes. Very entertaining. Loved them all. I have purchased all available DVD's....more info
  • pretty bad
    I Have season 4+5 on DVD, and I just got this one. Some say it is good compared to 1+2, but it suks compared to 4+5. the only reason i give it 2 stars instead of one is for the Halloween one and radio bart. so I guess if you have later seasons than this one, DON'T GET IT! If you have seasons lower than this one, go for it. ...more info