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Golden Slumbers: A Father's Lullaby
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Product Description

This is a real sleeper of an album, literally. Smooth-jazz musicians--including Peter White, Dave Koz, Norman Brown, David Benoit, and others--play music here to put babies to sleep. Fans of New Age music, specifically what came out of the Pacific Northwest in the '80s, may find many of these 14 tracks reminiscent of that period. Long-time listeners of smooth-jazz radio may be reminded of the kind of ethereal, spacey music that was played in the early days of the format. Many of the songs are as obvious as Brian Culbertson's somnambulating "Brahms' Lullaby" and Koz's "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," but some are inspired choices with creative arrangements and strong performances. Koz and his brother Jeff shine on the Beatles' title tune and the other Lennon/McCartney chestnut, "Blackbird." Brown's take on James Taylor's "You Can Close Your Eyes" is also moving, while not straying from the stillness of the concept. Perhaps the standout track is the superb performance of vocalist John Stoddart on Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely." --Mark Ruffin

Customer Reviews:

  • Parents Love It!
    I have purchased this as a gift on several occassions and have recevied nothing but positive feedback from the parents. They love it! ...more info
  • We love this CD!
    My boys are 3 & 4 years old. I received this CD as a gift when I had my first child and had to buy my 2nd a copy for his room too. We have played it every night since each of them was born. It is the most relaxing and beautiful CD.
    Last year I moved to Australia and the CD would not work in Australian CD players. I bought other lullaby CD's and they all were awful compared to this one. After trying to contact the artist to see if they had an Australian region CD-- I finally ended up burning the CD's so I could play them on my Australian CD players.
    I cannot recommend this CD enough. Great baby gift, it will be listened to for years.
    ...more info
  • Soothing Cd - Highly Recommend
    This CD is great! I enjoy listening to it and my daughter quickly falls asleep:)...more info
  • Very peaceful
    I took a very long time deciding which lullaby CD that I wanted to purchase for my baby. I bought this while I was pregnant and it turns out that this CD soothes the whole family. I highly recommend Golden Slumbers: A Father's Lullaby for everyone.
    ...more info
  • Fewzak
    God what a snore!
    Belongs in with Montovani/Percy Faith elevator music,not jazz fusion.
    I wish I could give ZERO stars....more info
  • fathers lullaby
    I was given this as gift and still love it!! Have given many a copy as gift myself...very pretty and moving...more info
  • Beautiful!
    I got this CD when I was pregnant. I listened to it each afternoon while I took a nap. When my baby was born, I continued to play it for him at nap and sleeptime. Both my husband and i laughed because we could hear it playing over the monitor and it would put us happily and peacefully asleep! We still love it 16 months later and play it every day....more info
  • Wonderful CD
    This has been a great CD for my daughter to get in the "bedtime routine". Nice and relaxing throughout the CD and even the vocal sections are soothing - a nice change. ...more info
  • Great CD!
    We really love the CD. The music and lyrics are very soothing for bedtime....more info
  • Great album!
    This album was given as a pre-birth gift and my wife listened to it while she was in labor. John Stoddart's rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" brought her to tears. I thought it was the labor pains but she said it was the song!

    The baby is now almost two and she LOVES this CD. She has learned the first bars from Brahms' Lullaby and hums them all the time. She perks up every time we start the CD, that's her cue to go to bed.

    Great CD, well worth the price....more info
  • sweet sweet sounds
    This is a lovely and soothing CD, full of familiar songs that will tug on your heartstrings. I bought it after reading the many reviews, but also after sampling the "Isn't She Lovely" cover; it is truly the most beautiful rendering of an already perfect song. Took me 3 weeks of listening to it to stop crying upon hearing it played. This is a sure bet....more info
  • Tenderness for baby; relaxation for yourself.
    Having taught Kindermusik, I've listened to countless children's CD's. This is by far my favorite lullaby CD! I include it in every baby gift I give. #9 Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Rick Braun on the flugelhorn is magical. Share it with those YOU love. Well done fathers!!! ...more info
  • Sorry, we weren't impressed
    This cd was ok but not as unique as it seemed. Perhaps an older child would like but my baby didn't....more info
  • Tear Jerker
    I received this cd as a gift when I was pregnant with my first son 4 years ago. I listened to it start to finish every day, at least twice through, for the first year of his life. It always put him to sleep, and usually knocked me out, too! In fact, I didn't play it so much with my second baby because I didn't want to risk falling asleep with a toddler in the house! It's also dangerous in the car for obvious reasons. Unlike other lullaby cds I've tried, it soothes you rather than bores you to sleep. Don't be put off if you are not a jazz fan, either. I'm definitely not, but I really enjoyed this nonetheless. Regular users be forewarned--a few years down the road you will NOT be able to listen to a minute of it without crying! ...more info
  • Great for parents and babies
    This CD has beautiful arrangements of classic lullabies and other familiar songs. I bought it for my son while still pregnant with him and found it so relaxing that it was difficult to move the CD to his room when we moved him into his own room! I find the songs to be very relaxing -- which is important while dealing with prenancy-induced insomnia or trying to calm down an over-tired baby and help him sleep. I love the arrangements of the songs. One of my favorites is "Isn't She Lovely" (which has been adapted to be used with baby boys too!) -- I cried everytime I heard it before my son was born and still have tears well up today as the song serves as such a powerful reminder that children are a gift from God. I highly recommend this CD and plan to get others in this collection....more info
  • Compilation
    Maybe I didn't read the description close enough, but I got the impression this album was all Dave Koz, instead it seems like a compilation with Koz on maybe three tracks at most. There's some nice pieces on it (Isn't She Lovely stands out) but overall I really wanted more of a saxophone type album....more info
  • Beautiful sleepy music
    I bought this CD when I was pregnant with my first son. He's now 3 1/2 years old and he still goes to sleep by it every night. The songs are so soothing and beautiful. He loves his "sleepy music". I am buying another copy for my second son's room, so that he can go to sleep with it too. ...more info
  • Beautiful, real music. Our favorite
    This is real music, not horrible kiddy-stuff, that I leave on long after baby has fallen asleep. The music is simple enough that it won't over-stimulate a baby you're trying to calm, but interesting enough to captivate a parent....more info
  • not something children will appreciate
    Maybe it is a good album for these newage or jazz fans, but it is not a good album for children. This album is rather bland, and have a quality of strong resonance. It makes the sound unclear and dark, and hard to listen to.
    ...more info
  • LIstening for 6 years
    We saw this advertised on a United in flight commercial! We bought it and loved it right away. My son has listened to it for nap time and bed time for almost 6 years now! Nice selections, some familiar songs and some new ones. We enjoy Dave Koz music and our son loves jazz and classical... we like to expose him to great music! Definitely a keeper and great to give as a gift!...more info
  • Our favorite lullaby CD
    I got this CD when I was pregnant with my first child, and I actually liked listening to the music for me and not just for the baby! It's really fun to hear songs you recognize (like you'll be in my heart from Tarzan) and some you don't. This is definitely my favorite lullaby CD and much more interesting than most of the ones out there. ...more info
  • Kind of a let down
    Based on the other reviews of this album I expected it to be quite good. However, it is actually kind of sappy, and I can't really spend much time listening to it without feeling a bit unhip. My husband complains that it sounds like musak, the stuff you hear in elevators. I think that the original versions of these songs were better. However if you like 'easy listening' music you might like this CD. Also, it does act as a sleep aid, simply due to the fact that the music isn't that exciting. We haven't used this to soothe our baby to sleep much simply because we aren't too fond of the album. I also bought "Celtic Twilight Vol 3: Lullabies" and I like that a lot more. ...more info
  • The BEST Bedtime (and anytime) CD!!!
    I've searched for a perfect bedtime CD, listened to dozens of them, ordered a bunch,.. but after I've found this one,.. well, I don't even take it out of our CD-player :). This CD is so masterfully done, I don't think I'll ever grow tired of it.

    First of all, it's very soft and gentle so it doesn't stir my son with sharp notes or sudden sounds. Absolutely perfect for bedtime routine. I program my CD-player to "repeat all", and the music covers the room like the softest veil.

    Then, it's extremely high-quality music. If you want to develop a good taste and love for music in your wee ones, that's the CD to play to them. Funny, I listen to this Cd every evening, and I still notice new things weaved into songs (like bird chirping and stuff).

    After I tried this CD, I have already purchased 2 more as baby shower gifts - every sweet baby should be able to enjoy it :).

    I highly recommend to buy it and try it. And then buy more for your friends ;)....more info
  • Must buy this for baby and you!
    I purchased this CD when my son was born three years ago and we listened to it everyday for at least the first year of his life. I would play it during naptime and it is by far my favorite baby CD. It's soothing and sentimental. After searching my entire house for weeks trying to find our copy when baby #2 was born, I ordered another from Amazon since my search left me empty handed. My little girl is so relaxed listening to this compilation and since I already mentioned how sentimental this disc is to me, it brings me so much joy to listen to it with her. Even brings tears to my eyes. Who doesn't love holding a baby girl listening to John Stoddart sing "Isn't she lovely?" This album will not disappoint! Buy one for yourself and another copy for your best girlfriend!...more info
  • Soothing CD
    My daughter is now 15 months old and has been listening to this CD since she was 3 days old!! It is very soothing and even put me to sleep. You want calm soothing music for your baby to make his/her surroundings comfortable so this in my opinion is the best CD ever!! I do have other CD's for the car, but they are upbeat so she can clap her hands and dance in the car. This CD is better for the baby's room....more info
  • Great CD
    This CD definitely does the trick everytime. The best part is that this is actually a good CD to listen to for the parents as well....more info
  • Ordering my 2nd copy!
    My mom gave me this CD when my son was born 4 years ago. It brings me vivid memories of sitting in the rocker kissing his sweet head of hair, overwhelmed with love for this new little life. Every time I pop it in, it brings tears to my eyes. I often grab my little guy for a cuddle when I play it...he knows it's "our song" and that it makes mommy cry because I love him so much. I'm buying a second copy to keep in our keepsake box, just in case my original gets scratched---that's how much it means to me!...more info