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I am Sam (New Line Platinum Series)
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A humorous and heart-warming film about a mentally-challenged father who enlists the aid of a high-power attorney to help him regain custody of his daughter. Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 12/11/2007 Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer Laura Dern Run time: 134 minutes Rating: Pg13 Director: Jessie Nelson

I Am Sam makes you laugh, cry, and recoil all at the same time. Perhaps no other film of recent memory has epitomized the shameless sentimentality of Hollywood as succinctly as director and screenwriter Jessie Nelson's story of a mentally challenged man fighting to retain custody of his 7-year-old daughter. Sam (Sean Penn), who has the mental age of 7, wipes down tables at a Los Angeles Starbucks and takes good care of his daughter Lucy, who was left with him shortly after birth by a homeless woman. Sam has gotten by just fine with a little help from his friends, including his eccentric neighbor (Diane Wiest) and a lovable group of similarly challenged friends, but a series of misunderstandings leaves Sam fighting to get Lucy back from the state. Sam's lawyer, Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeiffer), is an overly ambitious woman whose life is soon transformed by proximity to Sam's brimming humanity. Sean Penn is, as usual, wholeheartedly committed to his role and turns in an admirable, if overtly affected performance. However, I Am Sam, with all its earnest charm, reaches an emblematic low when Sam, a character apparently devoid of any authentic sentiment, delivers a courtroom speech memorized from Kramer vs. Kramer as the film's finale. --Fionn Meade

Customer Reviews:

  • Mental
    This film was a film that brought Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer fans to the next generation of lame. Why mentally challeged? Why do Pfeiffer fans have to see her kick a coffee table? Dakota Fanning is outstanding in her dubut, but Penn showed his fans this "was not a good choice".(Penn is nominated for Best actor. And Phieffer?)...more info
  • tears
    I never cried so much watching a movie. Even my husband got all emotianal. Lovely story but so sad. Sean Penn is just great. I even have the music (Beatle covers) on CD. ...more info
  • ***6 STARS IF IT WERE AN OPTION!******
    This movie was incredible, and never gets old. Its interesting how Sean Penn had a more quality relationship with his daughter, despite the handicap. He spent lots of time with her, and did his best to attend to her needs. Michelle Pfeiffer, very educated, intelligent and very hardworking; yet not able to spend quality time with her son. Should Child Protective Services remove her son away from the home, for "daily child abandoment?". You be the judge. I think the movie teaches us that no one has all of the answers. But its pivotal that the question be explored. This movie beautifully captured how parents, from different walks of life, learned from each other. Sam taught Michelle patience and selflessness. She began in the movie very impatient and with a low tolerance for "Sam". As the movie progressed, she became more willing to put aside her needs and focus on those of her client. Let's not forget he pushed and pushed her to get to this point. She also began to see the value in focusing on her child's needs. Michelle taught Sam about how to make a convincing argument on something that he cherished. The methods he and his friends used to fight for his daughter's cause were very unique and odd, especiallly in a stuffy, " old traditional courtroom". But her drive and ability to navigate the court/political culture challenged him to make a case for his daughter's cause. They needed each other, essentially to help create a more quality relationship with their children.

    And alas, finally there is Lucy, Dakota Fanning. She is one of the most innovative, believable, BREATHTAKING actors of our time. And she's pint-sized! I'm amazed at how such an enormous talent came out of such a little bitty body. Dakota has an extraordinary talent that will live with her the rest of her life. Even when the show and fame is over in her life, she will still be blessed with such pure talent. No one can take it away from her. Absolutely no one. At 26 years old, I am a huge fan of her work.
    ...more info
  • Green Eggs and Sam
    Perhaps, it was Dr. Seuss or The Beatles. In any event, I really liked this overly sappy, yet endearing film from little known female director Jessie Nelson. Nelson paired up with many people on this film, including Edward Zwick, who played the part of producer. Zwick, has directed many successful films including Glory and Blood Diamond. Anyway, the research that Jessie Nelson, Sean Penn, and many others did while spending time at LA Goal in southern California, a center for the mentally challenged, helped this film achieve an authentic tone. Nelson interviewed one mentally challenged man who was raising a young daughter on his own and had learned to coordinate his daughter's feeding cycles by following a TV schedule. The choice to cast real mentally challenged actors also helped the film achieve a certain genuineness. Mentally challenged actors Joseph Rosenberg (Joe) and Brad Allen Silverman (Brad) were very crafty and persuasive as Sam's friends. Regarding the film's soundtrack, most of the residents at the center told Nelson and her colleagues that their favorite music was that of The Beatles. Consequently, we're left with a beautiful repertoire of Beatles covers by an impressive coterie of musicians, such as Sheryl Crow and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. In regards to Dr. Seuss, is there a child anywhere in America who didn't grow up hearing their parents read The Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham to them? The film really works because it shows us life as Sam and Lucy saw it; fun and hopeful. Too bad we seem to lose that outlook. As I once heard someone say, "To begin to mature, is to begin to rot." ...more info
  • "Nothing's gonna change my world..."
    I am Sam starring Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Dakota Fanning is a celebration of the human heart. I absolutely adore this film, and boy Fanning really steals the show, this was her first big performance. Penn and Pfeiffer have great chemistry and you can feel their pain and anguish and both of them come from different backgrounds, but equally they share heartaches just like everyone else. This is one of those films that tug at your heartstrings, so real, so candid, and truly captivating from beginning to end. I also recommend the soundtrack to the film, it contains great covers of Beatles songs. Enjoy!...more info
    "I am Sam" is replete with a jerky handheld finish, self-conscious art direction, the angst of the specially challenged, lots of opportunities to laugh and cry, terrific acting, and a marvelous Beatles-Plus soundtrack. The love that the entire cast and crew put into the project radiates from the scene and generates enough goodwill to forgive the occasionally languid pacing.

    Sean Penn's nomination was absolutely well-deserved, and Dakota Fleming does a great job of Sam's daughter. Some magnificent supporting turns by Laura Dern, Diane Wiest, Stanley DeSantis, and two actually mentally handicapped actors, help carry the somewhat airy/sappy script through some of its less credible moments.

    If you're a heartless scrimp by nature and want action in your movies, you may want to skip it, but everyone else should have a decent feel-good time with this stirring drama....more info

  • Manipulation at its best.
    I didn't want to see this movie when it was out in the theater because I thought judging by the movie trailer that it was a movie that was designed to pull at your heart strings. And I was right. The whole 'all you need is love' is a nice song, but doesn't work in the real world. Unfortunately we all need more than just love to get by in this world. I see parents professing their love for the children on the news. Telling the camera crew that their child would never hurt anyone-they didn't shoot, kill, or do any of the things the police is accusing them of. Loving parents are pulling their hair out over drug-addicted children or just plain bad as hell. It takes more than love to raise a child. End of story. The two stars are for Dakota Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer-good acting chops. Penn I thought tried a little too hard....more info
  • Mystery Training, or "I'll see your `Other Sister' and raise you a `Flowers for Algernon'"
    "I am Sam" is both repellent and fascinating. It took me an entire day to finish the film. I'd watch a few minutes 'til Sam did something so cringe-worthy I'd shut off the TV out of reflex, then be drawn back an hour later because I had to see what happened next, even though I was well aware I was watching dishonest, manipulative garbage. I guess I was fascinated by how pretty they were able to package it.

    Sean Penn is often able to extract and convey the humanity in misunderstood, unpopular people, helping balance out the generally insensitive status quo; other times he's empathetic to a fault.

    Unlike Dustin Hoffman's detached but strangely engaged portrayal of autistic Raymond in "Rain Man," I was always aware of Penn steering Sam (who is described as retarded with autistic tendencies), manipulating him to match the film's theme of "All you need is love." The theme is a nice sentiment, but pragmatically irresponsible given the subject matter.

    Penn's Sam Dawson isn't as irresponsible as Penn's Sam Bicke in the semi-true, "The Assassination of Richard Nixon," which had Penn as a humiliated, desperate everyman, leaving out important history about the real Bicke (Byck) that drove him to the assassination attempt. (Without knowing this it's a far more compelling performance.)

    "I am Sam" does a big disservice omitting important information about the circumstances that led to Sam Dawson making a baby.

    The film starts with close-ups of Sam obsessively organizing sweeteners and cups at Starbucks, complimenting people on their coffee choices. His boss George tells him it's time for him to go. Sam gets excited and runs over to the hospital where a woman is giving birth. A nurse asks him, "You the one responsible for this?" And Sam says he's sorry.

    Afterward, the mother abandons Sam and the newborn, saying "I just needed a place to sleep." I guess you could infer it was the mother's idea to make the baby, which could be supported by a scene later in the film where Sam is in a food court conversing with a woman, oblivious he's being propositioned -- but this wasn't enough to ease my concern.

    For seven years, Sam is able to take care of his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning, "Hounddog") without too many problems. He named her after the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" because he's a big Beatles fan. Their music plays a prominent part in the film, with the soundtrack primarily comprised of contemporary artists (Eddie Vedder, Sheryl Crow, The Black Crowes to name a few) covering their songs.

    Sam has a few fellow mentally challenged friends who help him with Lucy. He also has Annie (Diane Wiest) as Lucy's godmother, an agoraphobic neighbor who helps answer Sam's many child rearing questions, which include giving him a feeding schedule based on Nikelodeon's TV schedule:

    Starting with "'Hogan's Heroes' Then again, wait until "I Dream of Jeanie,' and then `I Love Lucy.'"

    His friends' main activities are going to IHOP and "Video Night." One of them is obsessed with Victor Flemming, another guy is paranoid, and another one really wants to see "Kramer vs. Kramer."

    One night, Lucy wants to go to Big Boy instead of IHOP. Sam throws a fit when the waitress tells him they don't have French pancakes. "Ask Bob! Bob's Big Boy! Because the customer is always right! The customer is always right! The customer is always right!" Lucy is embarrassed.

    Cut to a scene of Sam dressed up as a young Beatle, flailing his arms to the Wallflowers cover of "I'm Looking Through You" with an embarrassed Lucy and her schoolmates during a Halloween party.

    Lucy (Dakota Fanning, "Hounddog") is taken from Sam during a birthday party by a social worker (Loretta Devine from TV's "Boston Public") after Sam is determined to have the IQ of a seven year old. The social workers are concerned Sam won't have the ability to take care of Lucy when she gets older.

    Sam finds a fancy lawyer named Rita (Michelle Pfeifer, who is still quite the Ladyhawke) and stalks her and manages to quote both "Lovely Rita" and "Michelle" to her. Rita ignores him until some of her colleagues mock her when she says she has considered doing pro bono work before.

    The concern about Sam's baby-making is brought up once: while questioning neighbor Annie, the prosecution asks her about Sam's competency when puberty comes. Annie says he would have as much difficulty as any other father - she's lived a long life and has observed all kinds of fathers. The prosecution then asks her: What about your father? The camera does one of those dolly/zooms like when the boy on the raft got eaten in "Jaws," and Annie quietly leaves the room.

    Then Sam defends himself by quoting a courtroom scene from "Kramer vs Kramer" and loses the case.

    But Rita convinces him to keep going.

    As you've probably already noticed, the film has a strong supporting cast, which also includes Mary Steenburgen and Brent Spiner (Data from TV's "Star Trek: Next Generation" and cruise director Godwyn in "Out to Sea") in a brief appearance as a shoe salesman.

    Laura Dern ("Rambling Rose") plays Randy Carpenter, Lucy's protective foster mother. She has a change of heart when Lucy won't stop sneaking out and visiting Sam. She agrees to be on Sam's side in court, and the film ends with the kids playing soccer and Sam giving Lucy (Dakota Fanning, "Hounddog") a big hug after she scores with Aimee Mann and Michael Penn's cover of "Two of Us" on the soundtrack.

    I guess I just wanted more interaction between lawyer Rita and Turner, the prosecutor. As it is, "I am Sam" feels as if the filmmakers cheated the ending and tried to blind the audience with shmaltz.

    Which brings me to the cinematography. Elliot Davis uses small zooms and jerks to emphasize every emotion, as if with every movement he's saying, "Feel this, because I know you can't without me!" Calm down, Elliot.

    The DVD features audio commentary, a documentary "Becoming Sam," which wasn't as insightful as I'd hoped it would be, deleted/alternate scenes, which I didn't bother watching, and some cool folding/unfolding origami menus, which were probably my favorite thing about the whole disc.

    The soundtrack is better than the movie. I suspect people will probably buy more of it than the "Hounddog" soundtrack. Personally, I'm waiting for the "Do the Right Thing" CD reissue, featuring Radio Raheem's "Fight the Power" m-m-m-mash-up with "Fairytale of New York" and "Close to You," topped with Bosco. ...more info
  • Its all about love and empathy.
    Sean Penn delivers a terrific performance as an autistic father who tries to bring up his daughter. Eventually the social workers found out about him through the teacher at the school his daughter attends, and they try to take away his daughter and put her into foster care because they think he isn't mentally capable of raising a child. Due to the unusual circumstances that ensue partly due to Sean Penn's persistent efforts at getting the best lawyer (Michelle Pfeiffer) to help him regain custody of his daughter, Michelle decides to help him out and in the process develops a meaningful friendship with Sean.

    This movie really tries to do a few things. It shows us the negative attitude that society has towards people with mental illness. Does having a high IQ mean one is more than capable of being a better parent than another person with a low IQ (or a mental illness)? We're not talking about people with psychotic/violent mental illnesses here. The movie tries to tell us is that love is very important. We live in a world which can be so heartless sometimes, so impersonal and so distant. A lot of us get caught up in the games and the rat races, and we even start to believe that this is really what the world is about - money, status, power. Every now and then, we are lucky enough to witness a small gesture of care and love to remind us that there is more to life than just the work and the money. In this movie though, you'll find LOADS of scenes which convey true love and care - not the kind of erotic, passionate love between lovers, but the kind of warmth and empathy and goodwill that lights up the grey in our skies.

    Michelle Pfeiffer put in a great performance as well, and so did Dakota Fanning as Sean Penn's daughter in the film. I like Laura Dern's performance too. Just so many things I like about this movie - the music, the artwork, the acting... A pity, I think, that this movie will probably not move the hearts of those who are into bloody violence and gore that is so predominant in Hollywood movies today. This is a drama film - the emotions that the actors convey, its all about paying attention to the words and the meaning in each scene... If you can spare the time, if you want to be moved, watch this movie with an open heart. It'll do you good....more info

  • I Am Sam
    I used this movie as a companion piece when teaching John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men in literature. The students were able to compare and contrast Lenny and Sam's situations. We also compared Sam and Rita's behavior and discussed what and why certain behaviors are accepted or rejected in society today. It was a great learning tool....more info
  • . . . My brother has autism . . .
    This film is phenomenal. Let me tell you why, in the best way I know how:

    **Personal Preface: My brother Christopher has autism. He was diagnosed with autism when he was four, and is now twenty-four. In age, he is my older brother; in mentality I have been his older brother since I was 5.
    Growing up with Christopher has taught me many things about life-perspective and how some people see many things differently. I am deeply saddened by the other reviews here slandering the film on the grounds that "it takes much more than love to get a girl through adolescence, and anything else in life."
    The Greeks labeled three kinds of love, Eros: passionate or sensual love, Phileao: love shared between close friends and family, and Agape: A transcendent, selfless love that neither wavers nor grows dim. Unfortunately some people have never experienced all three of these types of love, nor do they know how to measure their efficacy.
    To my brother Christopher, all he does need is love, and literally as a high functioning person with autism, all he gives is love. It's all he knows. He loves life, cheeseburgers, music, church: simple things.
    As a certified assistant psychotherapist for the Lovaas firm of autism research, I also know that love, even as the popular definition as our culture knows it, is the most effective tool in helping both children and those with autism develop as functional human beings.
    My mother works with the career resource exchange in Colorado Springs. In her case load has more than 30 different people with mental disabilities that she helps on a bi-weekly basis. Even having an autistic child, she did not recognize Sean Penn until the movie was over. Here's the kicker, Sean Penn is her favorite actor. That is what kind of performance he gives.
    To both Roger Ebert, and the individual that quoted him: Ebert, everyone knew you as the bitter weird tub next to Siskel, grow up, and figure out that nobody like your pious pretension and aesthetic retardation. In response to the pessimistic young man who quoted R.E. Mystery Log: befriend someone with downs, or Aspurgers, and figure out how their minds work, how their hearts talk, and then critique movies that you know nothing about.

    ***Movie Review: Honestly Sean Penn's performance eclipses Dustin Hoffman's in Rain man, both for believability and accuracy. You know how the Academy Awards operate; he was being rewarded for this performance this year. Sean Penn's performance is nothing short of a cinematic miracle of epic proportions. His behaviorisms, tics, antics, voice inflection, deliveries, the list just goes on and on.
    Two of the four actors that played his friends actually had the disabilities they were portraying, making authenticity something not to be questioned.
    The film raises a series on controversial questions about guardianship and family; the most controversial here being how certain demanding vocations can corrode your life, and your relationship with your family. Michelle Pfeifer does an incredible job portraying the overworked mother, whose stresses at a six figure job causes dilapidations in her home life as well as work relations.
    The other amount of controversy can be attributed to the antagonizing of the state's District Attorney. In most cases the state does do its job of properly assessing the abilities of caretakers of those mentally disabled, but there have been many cases where the state was incapable of demonstrating these abilities. By no means does this movie mean to prove that this is unequivocally the lot of the courthouse, but it does illuminate infractions that are not unheard of in the courtroom.

    This film has made me cry every time I see it. I have seen it about eight times. I don't cry because I am sad, or because I am over emotional, or because I am happy that small voices are being heard, I cry because I see the characters going through the same struggles I go through in my life, and overcome them with love and things we often forget. This film is in my top 25 incredible movies list. Five stars, highest recommendations....more info

  • If you like sentimental schmalz, it's for you.
    I watched this, only because of the many positive comments on Amazon. I have to agree with all those who wrote negative comments. I recorded it from TV, have now seen it, and have now erased it. You can't argue with the people who love it, and cry every time they see it. Our brains are different. I'm in the minority - I wouldn't recommend this film to anybody, and I'm glad I didn't pay to see it....more info
  • DVD Packaging?
    I have a question for anybody who has purchased this item from Amazon recently.

    Does the DVD come in a cardboard "snapper" case or a plastic keep case?

    I've seen both at retail with the same UPC and was not sure what Amazon had...called customer service but they couldn't give me a straight answer.

    Help would be appreciated. ...more info
  • This is an amazing movie
    Every character is dynamic :) Sean Penn does an absolutely astounding job portraying a man with the intelligence of a 7 year old. He is flawless and caring with his character. The movie posesses a spirit of emotional humor. I laughed and was happy and then cried and then laughed again and then cried happy tears. My voice sobs everytime I watch the movie and the foster mom tells Sam that she will be on his side. FABULOUS do not pass up the chance to watch this beautifully done movie. ...more info
  • I am Sam
    This is a wonderful movie. The every character is very unique.I watched this again and again.I like this story and the character very much.
    ...more info
  • I 'love' Sam
    "Lucy in the sky with diamonds." The old tune of the Beatles kept playing over and over in my head after watching 'I am Sam'. Although it's been quite a while since I've seen it, it is still one of the most memorable films I've ever seen.
    Sam is a man with a mental disability and therefore, has the mental capacity of a 7 year old. He has a 6 year old daughter Lucy and lives with the help of his neighbors. However, when Lucy turns 7, the child protection services try to take Lucy away for the reason that Sam is not capable of raising a child with a higher intelligence than that of himself. Sam, with the help of his lawyer Rita, starts to fight to get his loving daughter back.
    The movie is touching and deeply emotional, due to the fact that the actors/actresses give truly stunning and convincing performances. Nevertheless, the movie is comparatively calm and quiet the whole time so may appear to be slightly long to some people. Also, several critics refered that the movie tries a little too hard to make the audience cry.
    Still, despite a few minor negative points the movie is excellent and thus, I recommend it to all people who enjoy drama genre movies. 'I am Sam' is a wonderful, heart warming film about love between families, a love so strong that no obstacle can break it....more info
  • The Greatest Film I've Ever Seen
    I Am Sam is one of, if not the best, motion picture of all time.

    I Am Sam is about a retarded man named Sam (Sean Penn) who has a mental capacity of a 7-year old. He works as a server at Starbucks, is obsessed with The Beatles, and loves IHOP. After he accidentally has a daughter (Dakota Fanning) with a homeless woman who he names after the song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. The woman leaves him, and Sam is left to care for Lucy by himself. However, when Lucy intentionally begins to hold back in school to prevent becoming smarter from her father, child protective services takes her away and Sam must fight to obtain custody. He befriends a lawyer, Rita (Michelle Pfeiffer) with a bad marriage and a son who she thinks hates her. Together, Sam and Rita fight for Lucy's custody in a heartwrenching roller coaster of tears, laughs, and the overwhelming power of human spirit.

    This is all beside some of the most stunning performances I've ever seen in a film. Sean Penn is top of his game and gives an amazingly realistic performance as a disabled man without a single flaw. To this day it makes me furious he didn't win the Oscar. Dakota Fanning's premiere role is by far her greatest ever, and at only six years old opened the eyes of actresses who've been in the business for years and basically screamed into their faces "This is how acting is done." And Michelle Pfeiffer delivers a phenomenal, incredibly realistic performance that will absolutely take your breath away.

    As the film progresses, you will find yourself laughing one minute, crying the next (you WILL cry no matter how mature or old you are, so make sure you have tissues), the next moment tapping your foot along to the familiar Beatles tunes found throughout the movie (even though they're covers) and the next moment simply staring at the screen not believing your eyes and ears at how emotionally powerful a film can be.

    And after watching, you won't want to ever give the DVD back to Blockbuster. If you don't at least give this movie a chance, you will truly be missing out on one of the shiniest gems of modern cinema ever....more info
  • I am Sam
    It's either you love this movie or you hate this for it's uncompromising schmaltz. Well I guess I'm with the former I'm willing to ignore the obvious flaws (most notably the screenplay who didn't do justice to the performances of the actors) because of the amount of heart the film has.

    The performances were very good particularly Penn and Fanning. Penn never missed a beat, It could've looked overblown and a freak show but he made it really compelling and sensitive. Fanning is probably one of the few young actors who exhibited such great depth as an actress that even actors twice or thrice her age could only imagine. Made you wonder where the hell she's getting all this emotions. Pfeiffer though good is I guess the most obvious casualty of the weakness of the script. Her character started from being a total bitch to a sympathetic compassionate character without any subtlety. It wasn't developed enough. In one key scene where she had a breakdown, she seemed more like a complaining brat instead of really having a breakdown and a little tear could've helped the scene a little bit. The script really hindered Pfeiffer to just nail this part because there's no doubt she's one of the best actresses around.

    It's a good film to watch in a cold night, the ending might be a little overblown and mushy but I guess ultimately a satisfying closure. You'll have a smile on your face after you watched it.

    Grade: B...more info
  • Had to give it a 4 because the movie got a little lost....
    Otherwise, though...this movie was touching. It really brought things into perspective and wisely used Sam's struggle to bring Rita's life into something more manageable.
    Dakota Fanning was remarkable in this. Her performance was flawless. I walked away from the movie feeling satisfied, uplifted.
    My only complaint was that at times the movie slowed down to a crawling pace and i think personally that some of the scenes could of been cut down, however that absolutely did not take away from the overall simplistic beauty of the story....more info
  • I Am Sam DVD
    Excellent acting and story line. It is very touching and worthwhile to purchase if you haven't already seen it. ...more info
    Sean Penn should have gotten best actor,
    and Dakota Fanning, should have gotten
    best supporting actress, for their roles
    in this movie! This movie will make you
    laugh, and cry, all the way through.
    (AN ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!)...more info
  • Love is all you need
    I am Sam is a wonderful story about a mentally disabled father's struggle for custody of his daughter. Sam, played brilliantly by Sean Penn, must prove that although he is disabled, he is capable of caring for his daughter. Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning are a completely believable father-daughter pair. This movie is funny, sad, and altogether amazing, it's a great movie that's impossible not to like! ...more info
    This is a great movie. The three main actors did a great job! Shipping was fast and ordering was easy!...more info
  • Waited too long to see this movie!
    I had been watching a show with Sean Penn and was reminded of this movie - I had always wanted to see it.... Definately glad we bought it! I will watch this again - it is very moving, done with dignity to those whom society deems as slow - sometimes called awful names... I am still drying the tears, it was funny, compassionate, well acted by all, and gives you thought - a REAL GREAT MOVIE!...more info
  • just great to see it again
    I used to love the show when I was younger and now i am most happy to own it on dvd .
    I plan on getting me the rest of the series one by one, I can only recomend this to everyone who loved the show as much as I did.
    It`s still very funny to watch.
    iris...more info
  • Are You Nuts?
    The folks that gave this priceless movie anything less than a four star rating, are without a doubt, the retarded ones....more info
  • Great gift!
    I bought this dvd for my mom and she absolutely loved it! Great movie about love, family, and what one will do to keep it together. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Better watch "Rain Man" oder "Forest Gump"
    "Rain Man" starring Dustin Hoffman as an autistic man was a masterpiece, "Forrest Gump" starring Tom Hanks was o.k. since it at least contained a certain amount of wisdom, but "I am Sam" is not much more than a superficial schmaltzy, kitschy tear-jerker.

    Two stars for the certainly good acting of Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dakota Fanning, but the whole movie itself leaves one somehow unsatisfied. ...more info
  • lovely
    This was a sad,drama,ttear droping,happy,lovely movie.I cried then I cried then I cried some more.If you want a long movie or an movie that will touch your heart watch I an Sam....more info
  • I Am Sam
    An outstanding movie that focused on the power of love. Sean Penn gave a superb 'heart and soul' performance!...more info
  • wow
    Flawless performances, authentic, moving and a powerful message to top it all off. This movie is easily one of my favorites and I highly recomend it....more info