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Bad For Good: The Very Best of Scorpions
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Street Release Date: 05/28/2002

Sure they're big, dumb, and obvious, but weren't the Ramones? Isn't Britney? (Especially Britney!) It is, after all, no mean feat to forge a bona fide rock stereotype, let alone become a self-perpetuating parody of said clich¨¦ in the bargain. Fashions may come and go, but the Scorpions still "Rock You Like a Hurricane"--and now at sporting events the nation over, no less. The material here leans heavily on the Hanover band's '80s prime, a period when they burnished their melodic pop-metal tack--if not their traditional spandex couture--all the way to the top of the charts, capping a decade of journeyman hard-rocking. There isn't much here from their formative '70s period (with the exception of Animal Magnetism's metal-shuffle "The Zoo"), but proto-power ballads like "No One Like You" and "Still Loving You," and hook-filled, power chord pomp like "Big City Nights" helped pave the way for the rise of the glam metal of Poison and G'N'R in the late '80s--and hey, thanks for that. That hard-pop sense also comes to fore on an '89 cover of the Who's "I Can't Explain" and a pair of undeniably consistent new recordings, the title track and "Cause I Love You." Scorpions ¨¹ber alles! --Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • Great compilation, but... could have been better. The new tracks are so-so; there's one too many songs from CRAZY WORLD; and "Still Loving You", "Believe In Love" and "Alien Nation" are edited. On the plus side, the sound quality is excellent and there's just under 80 minutes of music here. Here's what should have been instead:

    1. Loving You Sunday Morning
    2. Lovedrive
    3. Holiday
    4. The Zoo
    5. Blackout
    6. No One Like You
    7. Rock You Like A Hurricane
    8. Big City Nights
    9. Still Loving You
    10. Believe In Love
    11. Rhythm Of Love
    12. I Can't Explain
    13. Tease Me Please Me
    14. Don't Believe Her
    15. Alien Nation
    16. Wind Of Change
    17. Send Me An Angel...more info

  • Get stung.
    At this point, all hair/metal bands should have a collection out, and this is the one you want from the "Scorpions". It may be missing a few songs, but all the big ones are on here, 18 tracks worth. Included is "No One Like You", "Wind Of Change", "Still Loving You", and the huge "Rock You Like A Hurricane". There's also a great cover of The Who's "I Can't Explain". Other good songs are "Rhythm Of Love" and "Send Me An Angel", though they may not be the songs the casual fan thinks they are. My fave might actually be "Don't Believe Her". Overall a great collection of classic tracks, with two good new ones....more info
  • Scorpions still sting!
    This collection is awesome! The two new songs are great & granted, "Deadly Stings" is better because there's more of it, but this is great for the new & uninitiated. Anybody besides me tired of hearing people dog 80s bands? This is some of the greatest music ever & all they talk about is their hair! I guess that's the "hip" thing to do nowadays. How 'bout being an original? THINK FOR YOURSELF & get this collection! Maybe you'll realize what a jerk you've been for putting down things you've never heard! Music was a lot more exciting back then, I'll tell you that. Now...if this will only turn into the best new Scorpions studio album in over a decade. In my humble opinion, they haven't made a great album since "Crazy World" (not counting "Live Bites" which is awesome!!). It's time, guys! The world needs you now more than ever! By the way, these guys are still killer live too! Saw them with Deep Purple & Dio & they rock!! The Wolf...more info
  • Packed With Mind Numbing Rock!!!
    Many have complained that this CD is not "complete" enough to represent this band. I don't care. It clocks in at 79:55 and all the songs save one are a great listen if you just want straightforward guitar riff rock.

    The ballad "Wind of Change" (track 11) is the only song that I don't like - although it apparently was a big hit. It is just too much like all the crappy big hair 80's bands ballads that I never did like. There are a few other ballads on this CD (tracks 6, 8, 12) but they seem to have a little more bite (or should I say sting) to them and are OK.

    The two new songs (tracks 17, 18) are fantastic. TMSAISTI. ...more info
  • enough of collections scorpions!!!!!please give us the 70s !
    another best of,the same songs,nothing from the roth era,a list of songs from their mercury era,a complete feast of rockers and ballads which scorpions adopted after roth left.this album is meant for the united states(all the songs here are big hits there).......2 new songs,good ones though,typical,formula following vintage scorpions.i really don`t agree with the idea of adding new tracks to a "best of album" should only have their best many stars should i give?3 maybe for some really fine tuned scorpions,there`s no scorpions without what they`ve given to us in their early days(70s generally).......loong time scorpions fans would agree with me!! more thing i`d have given 5/5 stars if the album name was "best of mercury era scorpions"!!!howzz dat?!...more info
  • Bad for better or worse.
    I have to start off by saying that I do not have a negative criticisim about this recording.I think that all music has it's time .I began listening to their earliest recordings and enjoyed everything through the 80's.So many bands have followed but few have been as true to the fans and their style.Whatever we say they are still hard rock legends from a time where music was somewhat weak.Rock on!...more info
  • Scorpions
    This CD is awesome! I listen to it all the time! It brings back so many memories!...more info
  • weak...get "Deadly Stings" instead
    By my count, this is the fourth compilation of the Scorpions' output on Mercury Records, following the stupidly-titled "Best of Rockers N' Ballads", "Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years", and "20th Century Masters - The Millenium Collection". And that's not including their multitude of live albums and acoustic rehashings of their hits. At what point do these guys think we get it? As with the previous collections (except for "Deadly Sting"), there's a plethora of missing tracks that should be here, including "Can't Live Without You", "Lovedrive", and "Hoilday". And while I can't argue with the five tracks selected from "Crazy World", if you're going to pare down your greatest hits to a single disc's worth, songs like "Hit Between The Eyes" and "Don't Believe Her" can probably be left off in favor of some of those tracks I mentioned earlier. How does that relatively weak album justify getting five tracks here while "Blackout" gets two, "Love At First Sting" gets three, and "Lovedrive" gets one?

    By far and away the best of their greatest hits albums is "Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years", a two-disc overview that includes virtually every key track from their years on that label. That album also contained two new songs (new in 1997, anyway), but both were pretty lame. The reviews here suggest that the two new songs on "Bad For Good" are quite good, but it doesn't sway my decision. There's no point in getting this album unless you're an ultra-casual fan. Fork out the extra dough and get "Deadly Sting" instead....more info

  • Best greatest on one cd
    This is a really good cd, and the new songs rock....more info
  • great band!
    I've been trying to replace all my old albums... with CD, and getting the great bands first!...more info
  • You know you like it...
    or you wouldn't be thinking about buying it. Seeing as they don't get much airplay anymore, this album is worth buying for "Still Loving You", "No one like you", etc... Go for it. And buy Judas Priest's Greatest Hits while you're at it....more info
  • You Get All the Essentials
    If you're in your mid-30s like me and had a huge collection of music on cassette tape during high school, and have been trying to decide what is worth upgrading to CD the recent slew of 'Best of' CDs from all the good 80s bands has been a godsend. My favorite band is Judas Priest, so I got all of their individual CDs. I like the Scorpions alot but not enough to go spend two undred dollars on their entire catalog of releases.

    Bad for Good does the job for me. This collection contains the essential hits from around 1980 to the early 1990s plus two pretty decent new tracks. Of course, their career spans way back into the 70s, which is not represented here, but I was never into that material. In short, if you were in high school during the heyday of commercial metal in the 80s, this is your Scorpions. Pop this into the CD player and be prepared to get rocked like a hurricane....more info

  • Not without Uli
    The Scorpions isn't the Scorpions without Uli Roth. That's the truth and there's no denying it. True fans will know what I'm talking about. If you don't, get yourself Virgin Killer and listen to Hell Cat or Polar Nights which is the Tokyo Tapes version on the remaster. Don't watse your time with this garbage. It's like listening to Johnny Cash stuff that's post Sun Records.......garbage music. Don't jump off the bridge with your buddies. Figure out what great music is and enjoy it....more info
  • Scorpions for the Housewife set.
    It's compilations like this that give bands like this a bad name. Often categorized as a Hair or Glam band of the 80s, Scorpions were actually one of the most influential of Metal acts and did rock very hard for many years with several albums under there belt. The 70s had been a golden period for the band, particularly with ace guitarist, Uli Jon Roth, whose Hendrix inspired soloing and gothic riffing gave much depth to the material.
    Albums like "Virgin Killer' and "Taken by Force" are essential parts of any Hard Rock collection. Even after Roth left good albums were still being made including Lovedrive(with UFO'S Michael Schenker guesting on guitar) and the classic Metal of "Animal Magnetism" and "Blackout".

    The band has given alot to the genre but is generally known for there period post-1983 and the release of "Love at First Sting" which featured there biggest hit in the form of classic riffster, "Rock You Like a Huricane".
    Not surprisingly that opens this greatest hit followed by 70s track, "Loving You Sunday Morning". That's also the LAST of the 70s tracks, the rest devoted to generally weak ballads and wimpy rockers. It's nice to see classics like the heavy, "The Zoo", "Blackout", "Still Loving You" and "No One Like You", but after the first half dozen or so tracks, nearly everything else is syrupy, bubblegum rock from a band out of ideas. The band has made better and HEAVIER music, trust me. So do not take this as just your only link to the band if you wish to learn more about them, instead skip it.
    The title should have read "Good for Bad" because after those first few classics, that's exactly what this collection is.

    Ten tracks that should have been here:
    Sails of Charon
    Virgin Killer
    Dark Lady
    He's a Woman, She's a Man
    Another Piece of Meat
    Lady Starlight
    Animal Magnetism
    Twentieth Century Man...more info
  • Great music, but missing 2 songs
    All of the song on this CD are excellent, but two of their best are missing. The first is their excellent cover of Kansas's Dust in the Wind from Acoustica (a DVD). The second is Ulrich Roth's Sails of Charon, an incredible unknown song. So in short a great collection froma great band, minus the superb Dust in the Wind and Sails of Charon...more info
  • not the best
    this is not the best the scorpions have to offer. If i was making the greatest hits it would be this:
    1.) Hurricane 2000
    2.) Big City Nights
    3.) Rythm of Love
    4.) Mysterious
    5.) Alien Nation
    6.) Wild Child
    7.) Stone in my shoe ( their best song)
    8.) Wind of Change (with berliner philharmonica)
    9.) Still Loving you (with berliner philharmonica)
    10.) No one like u
    11.) Im leaving U
    12.) Alleyah
    13.) The Zoo
    14.) Dont believe her...more info
  • Always
    If ur a scorpions fan, u know they mean business.excellent cd for an excellent collection....more info