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Chessmaster 9000
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Product Description

Chessmaster 9000 places you where you must master one of history's great challenges -- the age-old game of chess! Avoid common mistakes with Blunder Alert Speed up the action in Speed Chess mode You are invited to test your brain by mastering history's greatest game!

  • This new & improved chess engine features 150 different opponents, from beginner to Grandmaster level
  • Watch and learnas you are presented with 800 games to study, including Grandmaster games from 2000 and 2001
  • A huge variety of online and multiplayer options are built in, like rated chess games and just for fun modes
  • More than 30 new chess sets and optional, true 3D gameplay
  • Jump right into a game with QuickStart

Customer Reviews:

  • This is a complete joke
    This game would not install. I learn't afterwards on the web that it has been deliberately designed not to install from a cdrw drive in the name of copy protection, which rules out just about every laptop on the planet by now. There is no warning on amazon or on the box. A hard to find item on the ubisoft faq suggests you should go and buy a different cdrom drive. What a disgraceful way to behave towards your customers and what a narrow minded way to produce software in today's marketplace. Having wasted my money I am furious and shall now be buying fritz. I will not be buying ubi soft software in the future. I suggest the title on the box should be amended to read.

    "The world's most popular chess program for people who do not have CDRW drives"...more info
  • Good chess teacher, reservations about software
    Don't know how to play chess? Wish you could play better? Looking for an all-inclusive tutorial program, plenty of classic and well-annotated games, a monster chess engine, and hundreds of chess puzzles that will make you a better player? This game is for you. Looking for a perfect chess program with robust programming, good graphics and sound, and easy of use? That chess program hasn't been written. Hopefully we'll see that in Chessmaster 10K.

    The Chessmaster series is far and away the best chess software out there for people who are serious about learning chess. A lot of work went in to preparing this program to be just that. Unfortunatley not a lot of work went into the interface, which is horrible. The graphics could have been improved with minimal effort - the 3D boards are so horrendous they might as well not have been included. It is difficult to navigate from one section to another. The online feature is particularly poorly designed and basically useless - but there are so many free online services that I consider that irrelevant.

    Despite its flaws, this game is still the game to buy. If you are a novice and think playing this game's tutorials will make you a master - think again - but plenty of games against Chessmaster's excellent "personalities" of all levels will prepare you for serious play and certainly make you a better chess player. Chess players seeking to hone their skills will find this program incredibly useful, since the mentoring aspect and advanced strategy sections are complete and easy to understand.

    This is definitely a program to own if you are interested in chess. Those seriously concerned with sound and graphics may want to hold off until the next version, but if you intend to start playing chess now, click and buy this software now. At less than $40, it is an amazing value compared to expensive chess books....more info

  • Good Chess, flawed XP compatibility
    This is the best Chess program bar none. However, the installer is not "multi-user" aware for XP. This means that my kids have to log in as me to run the program. An odd flaw for a great program....more info
  • Great buy
    Great price; great buy. My Chess coach recommend this game and I am glad that I purchased it. I am just learning to play chess, this game has greatly enhanced my learning ability. ...more info
  • Chessmaster 9000
    Classic ........ The board is tilted so that it is hard to make out the position of the pieces. The program is slow to load (on a very fast game-oriented PC, BTW), and very slow to close. About half the time it errors-out on closing. The program does a poor job remembering its setting, so each time I have to drag it to the desired screen. Then, on top of everything else, it is a resource hog.

    As far as the game goes, it is often difficult to grab the correct piece (due to the tilt of the board), and the drag function is ungainly. The pieces themselves were quite ugly and unimaginative.

    This program is reminiscent of playing chess on a 386 with 4MB of memory. Frankly, the chess game on my palm pilot is a superior and much more enjoyable program. Very disappointed. If you buy it, buy it used. You'll have no desire to keep this dog....more info

  • Super Learning Tool
    Chessmaster9000 begins with the basics. It teaches proper moves of each piece. My 7-year old grandson is learning from this CD. However, it can challenge many avid players. It really covers all the bases of Chess....more info
  • Review by Class A chess player
    As a class "A" chess player rated at 1850, I can say that chessmaster is probably the best chess program available if you are serious about chess and want to improve your game. If you are looking for better graphics, it doesn't have a whole lot to offer (in fact, it doesn't even have my favorite "bird's eye" view like CM 5000). However, there are so many tutorials on every aspect of chess that it is almost certain that you will come across something you didn't already know. One could easily spend a month going through all the tutorials and annotated games it has.
    Also, the skill level has increased to being on par with the world champions (appx. 2800). If you are a novice chess player, then you probably won't notice the increase in skill level (it will whip you like all other chess programs), but if you are an advanced player, then you CERTAINLY will notice the difference. I could at least make CM 5000 work for its victory, but CM 9000 freakin' demolished me! It has improved my game significantly, and renewed my interest in the game....more info
  • Chessmaster has an opponent for YOU!
    Boy, the reviewers who gave this less than 4 stars must be pretty spoiled! I think my rating is about 1100, and this is the chess program I imagined was possible when I used to study chess (I think the last program I used was Chessmaster 3000 before my hiatus). The lessons are much better than I expected, and I love the incredible variety of opponents with various playing styles and ratings from 23 to "2761." At first I thought the pictures and bios of the opponents were a little silly, well I guess I still think that, but somehow it makes it more fun to have names and images of opponents in mind as you're trying to work your way up the rankings. Most chess programs only have difficulty levels that are too hard or too easy for someone near my rating. The opponents make varied moves that are sometimes as off-the-wall as playing a human. Many of the graphics and sound options are totally unnecessary (can anyone really play with those 3D pieces?), but it runs fine on my Windows XP desktop (1.5 GHz, 640 MB RAM)....more info
  • chessmaster 9000
    My hard drive crashed, and Chessmaster 9000 is the ONLY program that will not install on my new hard drive. That's just plain robbery. I will never buy another Ubi Soft product. ...more info
  • Great for learn
    Great game. Teach you how to play. Excellent...more info
  • Git you some chess learnin'
    I love this game.

    I took Majestic Chess (Sierra) back to the store and collected my well-earned refund and purchased this product. I haven't played chess since high school which was many, many years ago, and this game has renewed my interest. I don't know my ranking, but I would estimate it to be around -2, so I'm going through all the tutorials from the most simple and basic ones. If you are a beginner, you might find these big fun. After each brief lesson, there are lots of practice quizzes. If I had any criticism at all it would be that if you miss a move on the quiz, it doesn't tell you why your move is incorrect, it just lets you try something else.

    As far as all of the other features, I doubt that I'll be using them any time soon since I still get beaten by the beginner player in the Hoyle chess game from the Bicycle Board Games.

    My computer is a Toshiba laptop running XP Home. I have had no problems with Chessmaster locking up yet, and the screen resolution problem that Sierra products can't seem to overcome doesn't seem to be present here.

    I love this game....more info

  • A really cool game!
    Just to let everyone know do not believe the reviews that say it doesn't work on Win2k i installed it and have been playing it just fine on my Win2k. Chessmaster9000 provides a stronger engine and has a database with basically 500,000 games! The toutorials are absolutely fantasic. My rating when i was 9 was 1350 USCF after a year of training with Chessmaster9000 I went from 1350 USCF to 1800 USCF although I would like to thank Fritz 8 and the authors of many books I have purchased as well. I hope my rating will improve with Chessmaster 10k and Fritz 9....more info
  • Running on XP
    I got the app running after several hurdles-
    1- Setup would just stop and die. After several attempts I let it sit for maybe 10 minutes and all of a sudden the setup stated up and was sucessfull. Bizare. (I've written a number of installers using InstallShield and I can't explain it.)

    2- As installed, it can only be run from the account it was installed from. You can fix this with a little work.
    Do the install as usual (good luck!)
    Move the My Documents/Chessmaster 9000 folder to the All Users Documents folder and fix permissions on the folder and contents so all required users have read/write.
    Create an empty Chessmaster 9000 folder in each acoount's My Documents folder.
    Obtain the Junction.exe utility from
    Link the user's CM9000 folder to the All User's CM9000 folder and you're done.
    junction "C:\documents and settings\Joe\My Documents\chessmaster 9000" "C:\documents and settings\all users\documents\chessmaster 9000"

    This should work under Win2K as well....more info
    The graphics are outstanding. Graphics is the only area that Chessmaster beats Fritz 8. Chessmaster needs less graphics and more database utilities, better analysis, and more teaching options. If you just want to play chess then you will like Chessmaster. If you want to not only play but also improve then you need more. For just 7$ more you can have the best program on the market today (Fritz).

    If you click on my name you will get my personal information and see a recommended study list. I put together this list of books and software with only one thing in improve your game without wasting your money. If you want to get better at chess this list will give you the most bang for your buck....more info
  • Great but crashes often
    One thing I always hated about chess programs is they had no personality. Well that's no longer true with Chessmaster 9000. It has lots of personalities, and each one has their level and playing style. It's so much more fun to play against someone at your level than a 2800+ master, so this is a great feature. The training excercises are fun too. Only problem is the program crashes often. It crashed on me 3 times in one hour today and I gave up on it. I see others say the same thing so I know it's not my computer. It's too bad because otherwise it's a great program....more info
  • US Chess Great Larry Christiansen got beat by this Prog.
    use this program to help you better your chess. this computer program defeated a legend in the sport, a person by the name of Larry Christiansen,(hails from riverside california.) He is a player with an elo rating of 2500+

    this chess program is recommended; as it will upgrade your defensive skills. the software also functions for windows XP. ...more info
  • I was quite dissapointed with the program itself...
    To start out the game is pretty good, there's all these features to explore, begginer training, online gaming, and libraries with opening references. However the chess is pretty [crummy]. First of all many computers have Intel graphics processors, or maybe not all but a lot of them do, whether it's 4 or 64 MB, the 3D graphics, however, do not always appease me they may look a lot like a real board but since I can't touch them I'd rather have flat screen, but the game crashes if you try to make it fixed view or 2D, my video card is only 4 MB anyway so the board looks pretty bad. That isn't really a huge issue though, I just think it should have been fixed by now. The computer AI is where I am most dissapointed, their gameplay is plain fake, and materialistic. I've played real masters and I could only survive for 25 moves at most. (not that I'm a bad player I just can't beat masters in 1v1 but I can draw them in simos). Now imagine I survived against Capablanca for 40 moves without any help! Well thats what happened on CM9K. I also feel a little insulted by the fact that Ubi decided to emulate some of the best players in history and not even give them their proper rating. I mean common we all know Capablanca is rated way higher than Josh Waitzkin, and than Karpov, Capablanca, Alekhine and a few other top players could beat this machine without even trying. The players it tries to emulate sometimes make pretty stupid moves just for the sake of their persona, and the players are severly overrated. Maybe the players actually did own those ratings, but the computer fails to play with style, I know a 1200 player is probably not great but I know that no human in his right mind would give up his knight because he lacks skill. I say all these things because I have seen a chess computer that is of the same price but plays a lot more like a human (Fritz). There're some good points to CM9K, you get excellent begginer to advanced training, and 12 audio annoted games by Josh Waitzkin they are guaranteed to boost your rating by 300 points if you listen and take note on what he says. Ubi online is free, another good point most chess servers are paid but this is FREE. I guess the verbal analysis and blunder alert are pretty useful too, I myself don't have much trouble reading long variations of moves with the 100ths of pawn advantages you gain in the end but many people would rather have the simple language analysis provided by CM9K with visual examples. And I guess the chess databse is pretty useful it has a lot of games it takes quite a bit of cash to buy all those games in some places. Overall the game has many features for the average gamer but fails to give you a decent human like opponent and crashes A LOT. On the bright side it has annoted game by an International master a huge database and a great chess coaching device, I think it serves well as a training and learning tool. I'd give it a five if ubi would just admit that the computer opponents are [crummy], but since this is considered a computer opponent in addition to teacher i give it a 3....more info
  • The best way of learning chess
    It becomes clear that a system, a habit or a routine is in place when critiques of the perennial Chessmaster always begin with a few diatribes. How do we justify the purchase of a fully priced Chessmaster this year compared to the previous edition? Then the reviewers turn towards the product feature sheet. What's added? Is the artificial intelligence improved? Is it noticeable? I think the artificial intelligence has progressed so much that a good majority of Chessmaster players can't tell the difference. The final question always boils down to: Whether it warrants purchasing. I don't think any other game has caused critics to ask this question so much that game reviewers themselves are turning into cynical Wall Street analysts. Where are the profits? What's your guidance? Do you have positive cash flow? How can you justify your share value?
    Humor aside, Chessmaster has actually gotten friendlier with the years to come. Nowadays, you can find a simple game of chess, even multiplayer chess on casual gaming sites. Yahoo and MSN, for example, feature parlor activities for new players. I know at least a few non-gaming peers who take part in these and think it's a way to cool off from a day's work. So why in the world would these people buy Chessmaster? So they can be beaten in a few more million ways? Yes, but Chessmaster 9000 also features a bundle of high points to turn any casual player of chess into a pro.

    Still, it can be intimidating. Chessmaster has a refined kids-look now to cater to the young ones. You get to play with players of your own age (if you were 8 or 10 years old) and the layout becomes a lot simpler. For example, you won't be bogged down with the A3 to A2 type of speak. There are also tutorials and quizzes to guide you through the game. These are lengthy in nature. I believe one of the tutorials to explain and test you on forming forks and defenses ran at least 170 dialogue pages (not actual pages but still) which are fully narrated. The tutorials usually explain what the objective of the particular lesson is and then follows it up by guiding you through a few set matches. After that, they'll give you traps and puzzles from which you are to make the correct move. It's good for a refresher but most tutorials, even for simple things like capturing pawns en passant, run at least twenty dialogue pages. So if you are prepared to go by the book, you're going to commit some time to it.

    The most productive way of learning, I found out, was just playing the game itself. You can select from a variety of players and as you play more games, you'll find out your true rating compared to the professionals. Chessmaster will also pitch similarly classed players against you but I found at every level, they were pretty smart; not prone to make any overtly stupid moves. The piece de resistance of this part is the fact that you can take back your moves anytime you want. Chessmaster won't punish you for it. And, the game has aids to show a lot of things to help you develop your game. You can have pieces that are threatened turn slightly transparent. A blunder monitor lets you know if you're about to expose your defense. It doesn't work constantly, per se. I've had it not warn me about some very bad moves but it keeps you on your toes. There's also a coach that'll constantly give predictions and analyze a defined number of moves ahead (by default it's ten) for you, so you can benefit from the artificial intelligence. But these aids are all in chess notation, so if you're not comfortable reading letters and numbers, you might want to try the analysis function which takes a few seconds timeout to churn out an end-game strategy for you. I'm not about to judge whether these strategies beat real computers like Deep Blue (in fact, they rarely work out the way the computer thinks it will) but I imagine it's doing something good if it chews up about 50% of my CPU time while I idle.

    Chessmaster includes a comprehensive glossary of opening moves and defenses you can pull, organized by name. Savvy players can even search its libraries by moves. The best resource by far for learning is the classical library of chess matches included. It also happens to be the strength of this game, in my humble opinion. A number of brilliant matches from the 19th century up until last year are recorded here. Each game begins with a little blurb on how the match was setup and what its significance was to the world of chess. Chessmaster 9000 not only replays these classics but also offers analysis at crucial junctions. What if Kasparov did this instead of that against Deep Blue? How did Kramnik beat Kasparov to dethrone one of greatest chess players of our time? You can see it all play out and I only wished the chess mentor could offer such advice at critical junctures in my own games but that may be asking for too much.

    Finally, Chessmaster 9000 plays its multiplayer over, which supervises all the ranked and tournament games. You can also play directly over TCP/IP or LAN. Chessmaster's engine lets you save your moves at any time, even dump your game to ASCII boards, so it's great for people who need material to try to improve their game. But for novices, you might be better sticking with the parlor players unless you really want to improve your chess game.

    ...more info
  • Brain-damaged program
    Other reviews have noted that the interface is confusing. I agree with this. I am also not thrilled that the program requires you to continually produce the original CD, although I can live with this. What really ticks me off is that you cannot run this program (in Windows XP) from an account that does not have administrative privileges. What's the point of an administrator account?? To *administer*. If you set up a machine to have an administrator and you want your kids to have limited accounts, they will not be able to run Chessmaster 9000 unless they're logged in as you.

    Give me a break....more info
  • Chessmaster 9000
    I bought this to improve my chessplaying. But in a couple of days I removed it from my PC. I find the chessboards included akward to look at. I recommend to chessplayers to try instead....more info
  • Very nice game
    I am a chess player, so I needed a good chess software. There are many chess softwares out there for much of $$$. But, Chessmaster 9000 is, for the lack of a better word, perfect for $10. Easy to use software, a lot of different modes of AI, for begginners, intermediate, and advanced. Many options, okay graphics, ratings, tournaments, online play, etc.
    Very good game.
    Crashed once had to reinstall (probably just my computer).
    If you like chess, you might want to have this game....more info
  • Glad that I got the 9000 version
    This version does just what I was hoping for. It's easy to begin, easy to navigate, and provides the chess experience that I was looking for: a refresher course for an old geezer who wanted to remember how to play so that I could teach a grandchild. It has however, invigorated my interest in the game....more info