No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way
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No One Lives Forever 2: Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way continues the adventures of Cate Archer, the sexy super-agent who protects the world from H.A.R.M! Battle to save the future of the world, and look damn good doing it, in this intense and exciting spy adventure!

  • It's the height of the Cold War, and Cate is called upon to stop the Soviets from unleashing a new weapon that could provoke a nuclear response.
  • Heavy first-person shooter action on 40 unique levels.
  • Use your marksmanship combined with stealth and the coolest spy gadgets to overtake the deadliest enemies outside of a James Bond film.
  • Over 40 exciting levels that take you to the most scenic & unlikely places in the world from Japan to Siberia to Ohio.
  • Mission-based multiplayer features let you fight H.A.R.M. with a four-person team.

Customer Reviews:

  • Laff
    I am in agreement with some of the other reviewers. This was well worth the $$ but I finished it in one Sunday because I just didn't feel like going anywhere. So..It was a bit short. It incorporated the skill points well so you can do things much faster like search and use gadgets. I also agree that the tricycle and mimes mission had me laffing pretty hard. Some of the humor from the first NOLF is missing here also. Well...I went and made my own laffs. I went into ghost mode and didn't kill a single person. I shocked em, took they're weapons and waited until they woke up and hid just so I could shock em again. The charge option for your utility gun makes em do funny stuff too. Buy it, laff and enjoy....more info
  • Fun Spy Action
    No One Lives Forever 2 (NOLF2) is the sequel to the award-winning No One Lives Forever (how appropriate.) The original NOLF was named Game of the Year by many publications, and for good reason. The sequel brings back some of your old enemies, and is full of snappy British humor, good gameplay, and a fantastic story.

    NOLF2's graphics are amazing. Environments come to life with real-life physics. The Ohio level is amazing. A twister is barreling through a trailer park, and the grass blows in the wind, trailers flip over, and nothing feels scripted. The sound is just as good. There are excellent sound effects, and the voice acting is fantastic. The soundtrack can get a little old, but changes with each environment.

    The gameplay is very good. It combines espionage type gameplay (like Splinter Cell) and harcore action (like Soldier of Fortune). It's definitely a hybrid between those two genres.

    The storyline is fantastic. I don't want to give anything away, but take my word for it. Basically Cate Archer, the star of the game, is returning to defeat the H.A.R.M organization. There are a few extremely bizzare tech issues. My system is a top-of-the-line PC, and I experienced a few random crashes. There were a few odd missions, and the mossion designed, but it wasn't enough to drop it to 4 stars.

    Overall, I recommend this game to any FPS fan, as well as any fan of a good PC game....more info

  • Brilliant
    First off the screenshots don't give this games graphics justice turn the stuff up to max and its absolutely beatiful. Next is the gameplay. While a few things were unnecisary (common skill points?? this is a fps not an rpg, althought i will admit it gives the game a slight flavor, but it isn't neccesary) the rest of the gameplay is great, great AI great weapon diversity. excellent intergration of the player into the envirements, lots of secrets and a darn hilarous storyline.
    This is a great game, althought just a tad on the short side its well worth the price of admission.

    IF you like fps's this is a great addition to your collection....more info

  • Female James Bond-style adventure
    This is a well-balanced fun action-adventure game. I love it! I wish they would make a James Bond game this fun. Goldeneye007 for the Nintendo64 is a bit like this one. I absolutely cannot get enough of either this game or that one. If you enjoy spy adventures, or even just 3d shooters, I would reccomend this.

    The only negative part is the LOAD screens. Those really suck....more info

  • You might not live forever, so play this before you die
    The world of first person shooters is getting a bit played out. There's pretty much two kinds of them: the realistic military type (Counterstrike, Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint) and the sci-fi type (Unreal, Alien vs. Predator, System Shock). In all this, there's not much room for improvement and things are getting a bit repetitive- all you do is go in and kill everything that moves, and solve (or cheat) your way past the occasional puzzle that primarily exists to justify putting a longer gameplay figure on the box. Looking at most new titles, the only really interesting thing is even more detailed graphics and effects, which- by the way- mean you need a new PC.

    Enter No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in HARM's Way. This excellent shooter and sequel to an excellent shooter is the type that will save the genre. Here's why:

    System requirements: You don't need a new PC to run this game, but this doesn't mean it looks like the original Doom. More on that later.

    Gameplay: There are some puzzles, but they aren't annoying or counterintuitive. It is possible to get past some levels without killing anyone. Curiosity and inventiveness pay off here, but if you can't do that, you can usually just go in with guns blazing.

    Something new: The game has some nice additions from the original NOLF. Most significant of these are skills. Completing primary and secondary objectives and finding intelligence items gives you points, which you can invest in 8 different skills that all have a significant impact on gameplay. Additionally, there are new and cool gadgets to play with. Many of them auto-activate when necessary, which disposes of the annoyance of having to switch over to use them. HARM also has some new hires and allies, including French mimes (no, I didn't make that up). Do you need any other reason to play?

    Story: This is what really makes the game fun. The voice acting and cutscenes (all done with the game engine) are superb, and really draw you into the plot. As you might guess from the title, the usual suspects are up to no good once again. It's a tossup as to whether this is more of a James Bond or Austin Powers kind of script, but whatever it is, it's a good one.

    AI: The NOLF AI is smart- as good as any other game I've seen. They take cover behind objects, go prone, roll out of the way of grenades, and seek you out if you make noise. The AI characters also act like real people. If you pick one of them off with a silenced weapon, they'll be confused for a second and then load their guns and start looking around. If you can see them, they can see you, and given enough time they definitely will.

    Replayability: Due to the detail of the levels, it's unlikely you'll find everything there is to find on one pass. Also, the AI behaves in a random enough fashion that every time you play an area the outcome could be very different (if you don't believe me, just try reloading a save). Also, you don't have enough skill points to advance to the max in every area. Playing again with a different set of skills is quite fun. For example, try going all-out stealth and health instead of firepower and attempt to sneak your way through places you blasted by earlier. It's arguably more exciting trying this!

    Graphics and sound: This is the first game I've seen that models expressions believably. The Jupiter engine has the look and feel of something that would require a cutting-edge machine to run, but goes smoothly on an average computer. It is, quite simply, astonishing. There's a huge amount of interaction with the environment, and things have an almost movie-like appearance. The characters are especially a pleasure to see, due to the attention to detail. Ms. Archer in particular has had a gorgeous makeover- she is arguably the hottest woman in any game to date, even including live motion actresses. Oh, and by the way, the soundtrack is killer.

    Multiplayer: The version of the game that shipped did not have significant multiplay support. This has been remedied. Updating to the latest version gives you deathmatch, team deathmatch, cooperative, and assault game modes. Additionally, there are plenty of maps out now. The only thing missing here is bots, which is a bit of a pity considering how good the AI is. I'm sure someone will think to add those later.

    If this isn't enough to convince you, the setting is just plain cool. This is the 60's, folks, complete with President Johnson, neon colored clothing, retro-tech spygear, and even a bellicose American general. The characters that populate this world have true depth and, more often than not, are good for some great laughs. Lastly, this game is probably the best deal you'll ever see at such a low price. Don't miss out- grab NOLF 2 while you can....more info

  • never played it!!!
    i gave this game 1 star cause i have not played it yet...more info
  • What a piece
    The programmers who wrote this game outdid themselves. The is the most frustrating game I have played in years. I have a 2GH box with a Nvidia3 graphics card. This is the only game I own that can lockup Windows XP(SP1) to a point where a reboot is required. The levels can take a minimun of 1 to 2 minutes to load. If you enter a new level and die you get to go back to your last save(the one you purposly took). Most games at worst take you back to the begining of the level. Before these bozos make NOLF3 I sure hope they go play some other PC games and learn how to program games that live up to industry standards....more info
  • Unstable and boring...
    I know there are a lot of NOLF fans out there but I didn't play NOLF 1, so I had no extreme expectations of this game. My computer is waaay beyond the recommended configuration, yet load times are about 20-30 seconds (which is unacceptable).

    I admit, graphics and sound are excellent but that's about it: the story is barely ok (with stupid story elements which are sometimes referred as "funny" - I think they sucked at best, some of them are downright offending (I'm not Russian but I know quite a few, I felt offended because of the idiotic jokes)).

    Missions are sooo boring, it's unbelievable (most missions are like "kill everyone, get key, open door"). Some levels are very tough and the randomly respawning enemies really pissed me off.

    One *VERY* frustrating thing was that this game is the only one to date (and to my knowledge) that crashes Windows XP so that you have to reboot it. Just this alone should mean the end of Sierra.

    If you're a hardcore NOLF fan, you might like this thing but I give 1 star out of 5, only for the nice graphics. I'll probably never buy a Sierra product again and certainly hope that they go out of business....more info

  • A Bland Sequel to a Comedic Beginning
    After having had completed the game "No One Lives Forever," and it's sequel "No One Lives Forever 2 : A Spy In H.A.R.M.'S Way," the pro's and con's of each episode were as obvious to me as my girlfriend's evident displeasure to my time spent on gameplay. Both provided hours of enjoyable problem solving, as well as the delightful, yet intricate task of disposing of H.A.R.M.'s devoted minions. (Obviously H.A.R.M.'s employees, or at least most of them, caught the "Special Ed" bus to school during Elementary.) The characters in both editions are enjoyable and original, yet in contradiction to the superior graphics and "all over" quality of the sequel, the original contained more of what brought me back to the title's continuing saga. (The humor.) Set aside the detailed dwarfing settings, set aside the technologically surpassing enemies and tasks, the sequel lost sight of the "Trait-of-Game" that struck me as original. (The humor.) Don't misunderstand me, the sequel was as fun as riding horseback naked while being stoned to death with pickles by a thousand naked "D-cup" natives, but what I missed the most was sneaking up to a pair of H.A.R.M.'s henchmen and listening in to the parinoid delusions of two or more delinquent male chauvinists. (I even recommend these games to the women who consider themselves chauvenist pigs.) The "low-down," the sequel contained much better sound, graphics and enviornments, yet lacked the humorous vision of the pilot. (The missions were choice as well.) The original may have not have had the graphical intrigue and impress, but the humor and surprise far surpass it's predecessor....more info
  • Austin Powers' cousin? Who cares! This games is brilliant baby!
    There's nothing more fun than blowin' away the baddies. Unless you're in a goofy, off-the-wall shooter like "No One Lives Forever 2"!

    This is one of my all time favorites and most deseverdly so!

    Why you ask? That's a good question, so allow me to break it down for you:


    1. Action: Tons of bullet blasting mayhem on 40 levels! The AI improves as you go farther into the game. Them baddies can dodge I tells yah!
    2. Design: Aside from the level designs the costumes and backgrounds are terrific. There's a lot of talent involved in designing tunnels, bases, rooms and characters. Great to look at!
    3. Artillery: Great selection of machine guns and the various types of ammunition for those, handguns and shotguns. Not to mention grenades and some really WEIRD objects that are too bizarre to explain...
    4. Humor: Very, very funny stuff! A terrific assortment of puns, British witt and Monty Python-esque silliness! Great dialogue and plot!
    5: Saving: There's automatic saves and then there's your own at any time and anywhere!
    6. Music: Groovy and exciting tunes through out.
    7. Voice Acting: Top notch acting with great directing.
    8: Online Gaming: Crazy. Fun. Dig it!
    1. Switching of weapons: It takes too long sometimes to be able to fire when switching between artillery. Usually, it's when a weapon that needs to be cocked that this will be an issue.
    2. A-to-B-to-C gameplay: Pick "A" up to open "B" with, etc. It gets a bit repetitive but not so much that you'll get annoyed.
    3. Stealth: It's a great concept but for some reason it's not logically implemented here. When you hide in a shadow a "hide bar" pops up and it takes "time" to become unseen. I'm not sure why the designer thought this was a good idea considering shadows don't take 5 seconds to fall upon someone. Kinda dumb.
    4. Ranking. I'm not sure what you have to do to rank well but I picked up just about everything I could and had a decent shooting ratio but my rank level never increased. I didn't care really, but best not to even have this system included.


    It's a terrific game that is clever, exciting and fun to play. Highly recommend picking it up!

    PS: Make sure to download and install all the updates to 1.3. There's an update feature installed along with the game so make sure to use it.

    PSPS: Amazon has XP listed as the only operating system; this is incorrect. W98, 2000 and ME are usuable operating system to play this....more info
  • Great game...though not as good as the first one.
    Long story short: Good game. But subpar when compared to its predecessor.

    I won't go into details, but if you look, you will find reviews on game sites that agree with me. Basically, this game on its own merits is excellent. It has great graphics, great design and style, and a decent story. But it has COMPLETELY LOST THE SAME BRILLIANT ORIGINALITY AND FLAIR AS THE ORIGINAL. The story is almost nonexistent, there is absolutely no character developement, and Cate Archer feels like an almost completely different person than she did in the first game. There's no more long cut scenes that fleshed out the story and made it entertaining. They also cut down on the humor and guard conversations considerably. The level design is [poor] in comparison to NOLF1 and the enemies actually respawn in certain areas after you kill them. To top it off, I completed the game in about two thirds the time it took me to complete the first one. Santa's workshop is gone and so are all those cool guns you got to use in NOLF1 (guns are kept to a bare minimum). The lengthy, character developing cinematics were eliminated... They even eliminated most driving aspects and only included the snowmobile, which you hardly use.

    So all in all, a great game (even though I bashed it). But do not, under ANY circumstances, expect to find that same brilliant, spontaneous, original and hilarious humor and level design from the first game in No One Lives Forever 2....more info

  • Best FPS ever Bar none.
    Buy it ! You will not be disappointed....more info
  • Move Over, Austin Powers...
    Superspy Cate Archer is back, but since I've never played the first NOLF, this has no signifigance for me. The reason I bought it is because I liked the idea of a female spy, and because I'd read nothing but great reviews in gaming magazines. Plus, I had played a teaser demo of the Ohio level, and I thought that any game that has you chasing ninjas during a tornado is worth owning. The graphics are great, as are the cut-scenes and all of the evil characters that are running around. (I was hiding behind a building and I overheard two unsuspecting ninjas talking about poisoning their husbands!) Overall, the game is worth the money. The only complaint that I have is the loading between levels seems to take for-ev-er, which gets annoying when you keep on dying and you want to load your last saved game. But other than that, I'm having a great time sneaking up on the enemies, using crucial weapons, such as banana peels and killer kitty robots. This is a must-have for any first-person-shooter fan....more info
  • Not as good as NOLF 1
    Graphics are really nice, but that's about all that is good in this game... I bought a strategy guide book, and still can't finish some of the levels. Some of the levels are quite confusing and long. Lots of strategy, not much shooting.Multiplayer on DSL is practicly unplayable, anyone got T3 ? After playing NOLF 1 ,this one is a dissappointment....more info
  • highly underrated
    great game, funny, witty, enticing plot that pulls you in. This game requires you to think, not just shoot. Like a good novel or movie, you'll certainly be entertained. it's awesome, you won't regret it....more info
  • I own Both NOLFs and I love them both
    I love both versions. There are always aspects that you like or dislike in versions of games but there is always something given "back". NOLF2 has kept to the same story premise -- stop the H.A.R.M. destruction plan. The graphics are unbelieveable. The AI respond to what you do. You can peek around corners and hide and they get confused where you are. Amazing Jupiter software. The outcome is generally the same in order to go forward to the next level but how you get there is up to you by using your skills and how you want to play it.

    In NOLF1, stealth gives you new insight on the AI's life and secrets (sneaking up behind them and overhearing their conversations) is where the humor really gets cracking. Not so much in NOLF2 but still some. In NOLF2, the AI are alerted and signal for backup. If you go stealthy, you can see what they do while waiting for you. That is when the humor kicks in. And yes, the tricyle level is funnnnnny and something I didn't expect but you can finish it. The levels tend to be more difficult than NOLF1 which is good for the NOLFers that have been playing it for some time.

    In reply to the earlier complaint about online gaming? They must not know how to it set up right. As I play this game online many times a week with no problem whatsoever using DSL. Sometimes the servers have a problem, but that isn't the software. Too bad there aren't that many servers available and you have to host. If you do host, you must make sure you meet the medium to high end requirements for that. Have played online numerous times with some of the best people. The online aspect is geared for you to work as a team and everyone does. That is what is nice about online gaming. Team playing. Strategies.

    In reply to "I want my NOLF3"? ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All in all -- I love this game. I have played both several times at different levels of difficulty. There are new editing tools for fans to create maps to play while nice to have, it can be little tough to figure out but hopefully the other fans won't give up!! NOLF1 fans has continued creating maps from the editing tools which is great and doesn't get boring.


  • Sequester Sequels?
    Pros: Improved user interface and streamlined game play.

    Cons: Poor performance, lacks the goofy charm of the original.

    Overall: Less experienced gamers may like this, but die-hard NOLF fans may find it a second-rate second helping. Did someone in Marketing direct this project?...more info

  • Now that I have it rocks!!!
    I wish to retract my earlier review (seen below). I had a lot of trouble getting this to work ( I had to install an older cd rom drive without SecuROM security) but now that it works, it rocks! The online "team" play is a nice improvemet for multiplayer, and Sierra has added new maps and the ever-popular deathmatch from NOLF in their most recent update.

    This game has more bugs and problems than any piece of software I have ever purchased. Go to the forum at or and the technical support posts outnumber the gameplay posts by a 3:1 margin. Sierra released this game before it was ready. Be sure to check you computers components throrughly before you purchase. I would reccomend waiting until Sierra releases a version that works!

    I played for a while on Wiondows98 and the game was awesome. Multiplayer is far better than in the first game. I upgraded to WinXp and now the game won't even install, so until they figure out all of the tecnhical issues, I give this game 1 star....more info

  • NOLF 2 Review
    I never played the first No One Lives game, but this one somehow appealed to me in the previews. The phrase "She's smart, She's sexy, And she's knocking them dead from Japan to Akron, Ohio" got me. I had bought one of the newest spy games (James Bond: 007 Nightfire) but it just wasn't cutting it. Unfortunately, my computer couldn't play NOLF 2, so I forgot about it. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your video card needs hardware TnL to play this game and many others. As far as I know, all Nvidia chip sets support this game. However, I finally got a new computer and it all worked out. I borrowed a copy from my friend and I was blown away. This was the first game that actually had some good humor in it. The ingame cinematics are cool, but sometimes look a little outdated. The gameplay itself is also spectactular and the music is pretty cool.
    However, I soon found that everything that you do always revolves around "skill points" or nifty little credits that you use to upgrade all of your skills (armor, health, gadgets, etcetera) I often spent hours on some levels searching in every drawer and cranny for notes, tapes and papers. I got frustrated sometimes when I couldn't find what I needed. Also, I only recognized a few of the many many guns that NOLF 2 has. Still, NOLF 2 is a very nice game with a good plot and great graphics and characters....more info
  • An awesome game
    There are a lot of great first person shooter games out there, but NOLF 2 is one of the best. The graphics are very good (9/10) and the storyline is great and you don't feel like you're getting lost and confused (10/10). The game is also "long enough," having 15 chapters that you can't just blow through in a few minutes. In fact, a few of the chapters are fairly long, which I find good in a game. The dialogues are also clear and rather funny at times (10/10). There are many weapons to choose from and some are even entertaining, like the laughing gas. It's also kind of fun to burn civilians with the welder just because it takes a few times for them to die. The blood is realistic but it is a little frustrating that the bodies disappear because there's just something nice abotu seeing a massacre. However, this game is funny to say the least so it doesn't take too much from the game. The sounds are good and the enemies' abilities to be alerted by noise is very realistic (10/10). I've played this game so many times that I can't even count anymore. It's definitely worth the money, even if it was $50.00....more info
  • Great!
    Looks and plays better than the first NOLF. The Jupiter engine is quite a step above the Lithtech engine.

    I have very few complaints about this one. The sense of humor isn't quite what it was in the first NOLF (but as with the first NOLF, long as you weren't trigger happy, you'll be listening in on some very funny dialog between various bad guys). It took a little getting used to the different voice actors (was it that hard to get the original voice actors to reprise their roles?). Another technical flaw that I couldn't understand was the reloading sequences of the guns. Reloading a totally empty gun doesn't require the pulling back of a cocking handle (this was correctly done in the first NOLF however). Although you can improve Cate's reloading time (part of the skill based sytem, which is something I like in the game), the only way you can avoid pulling a cocking handle is when a round is already in the chamber! If that's what the prgrammers intended, they made another mistake of undercounting the total number of bullets loaded in the gun by one (this is an unfortunately universal mistake in games)....more info

  • Much better than NOLF1
    This is much better than NOLF, I have played this game and defeated it about 5 times, this is a very enjoyable game. I highly recommend it....more info
  • NOLF 2 Revisited
    I played this game a couple of years ago, but decided to play it again ... it was ALMOST as much fun the second time! The graphics are now getting dated, but the play is pretty smooth and the audio is good!...more info
    If you don't have a PC that is less than 1 year old, read the System Requirements carefully. The video card requirement is what is keeping me from playing this game now. You will need a fairly new graphics card to meet the minimum....more info
  • NOLF: The Seventies
    No One Lives Forever 2 is a very fun game that largely carries on in the tradition of the first, but can't recapture its spirit. The first game, which was as close to a female Austin Powers flick as legally possible, sparkled with 60's era James Bond superspy culture. Largely unrealistic in its over the top plot and villainous characters, it still drew the player into its day-glo trippy world with fantastic physics, consistently stunning graphics and level design, and sympathetic protagonists brought to life with (mostly) sharp and humorous dialogue.

    The sequel trades in the psychadelic backdrops for a more serious, relatively colorless atmosphere. While perhaps more realistic, it's nevertheless not as fun as the first. It never approaches the level of tedium, but there was nothing in NOLF 2 that really compelled me to continue exploring through the next level as in the first game. Except my completist ego of course.

    Another mistake I believe was made in excluding the training sessions back at headquarters. These introduced the exotic and often silly superspy weapons, and also built depth into the original game's atmosphere. I missed those interludes in the sequel. I was also disappointed with 2's restrictive pre-mission weapon selection. NOLF's ability to choose inventory between levels gave me a greater feeling of control over my methods of conquest. Not to mention the sequel is a bit shorter, which just adds to the shallow feeling.

    I also fear the developers tried to lean too hard on the "stealth" mechanic, which doesnt really work any better in the sequel than the original. Too many sequences in NOLF2 are frustrating trial-and-failure excercises, due to inconsistent enemy awareness. Perhaps the worst error was the inclusion of infinite enemy respawn points at certain areas of the game. It's simply a cheap, illogical, and frustrating tactic to extend difficulty without having to work too hard at gameplay balance.

    In its own right, NOLF2 is a very good first person shooter. But comparisons to the first are inevitable, and in their attempt to differentiate the sequel from the original, the developers may have learned the hard way that the only direction away from the fantastic No One Lives Forever was down....more info
  • What a piece
    The programmers who wrote this game outdid themselves. The is the most frustrating game I have played in years. I have a 2GH box with a Nvidia3 graphics card. This is the only game I own that can lockup Windows XP(SP1) to a point where a reboot is required. The levels can take a minimun of 1 to 2 minutes to load. If you enter a new level and die you get to go back to your last save(the one you purposly took). Most games at worst take you back to the begining of the level. Before these bozos make NOLF3 I sure hope they go play some other PC games and learn how to program games that live up to industry standards....more info
  • NOLF 2 = greatest send up of spy movies ever and a darn good game
    If you've never played NOLF II, you should stop reading this review and buy yourself a copy. One of the funniest and fun games ever created, it redefined what a FPS could be by delving into spy movie cliches with a reckless abandon, but not at the expense of great gameplay.

    I remember reading reviews of this game when it was first released saying it was the best FPS ever made at the time, and I've got to say, it has aged very, very well. While the graphics don't have the creamy polished look of new generation games, the controls, gameplay, humor, characters, and replay value set this one apart. Even the multiplayer cooperative missions were ahead of their time.

    Spy genre games have always been tops on my list, and this game is tip-top of them. Kate Archer might be the best female characters in gaming history, (in close competition with April Ryan from THE LONGEST JOURNEY, Alex Vance of HALF LIFE, and Zelda).

    It is utterly ridiculous that Sierra has not made another NOLF game. Kate deserves another go-around with all the technological glory of modern generation games. ...more info
  • Awesome fun
    Nolf 2 is one of the funniest and original games I've played this year. There is truly laugh out loud parts that make it extremely enjoyable. The tricycle and unicycle race comes to mind. I had very little technical trouble. I do have a 2 gig machine with pentium 4 and geforce4 ti4600. I probably don't have to say this but the graphics were awesome. Everything from the water and lava to the storms and tornados. Awesome. As mentioned by another reviewer, there are quite a few gadgets which I hardly ever used. I did go out of my way to try them all once anyway. Overall a very fun and visually pleasing game. One of the top action games of the year.

    Highly recommended....more info

  • Simply Amazing!!
    I loved every second of this game. The graphics are unprecedented in 1st person type games. This game rocks and there's even a lead in to a 3rd game!! I can't wait! I didn't know if a sequal could live up to the first game, but not only did it live up to it, it's bigger and better. It may seem short when you see that there are 15 missions, but there are at least 3-4 parts to each mission so actually it is nearly twice as long as the first game contrary to what one reviewer already said. I highly reccomend this game. It's well worth the full price....more info
  • Great game that ends too early!
    I bought this game on a whim...I used to hate first-person shooters. However, NOLF 2 gives me hope that the FPS is moving a fun, new, and involved direction. NOLF 2 is not your typical shoot everything that moves bloodfest. The spy-spoof premise draws the player in and keeps the gameplay exciting through and through.

    The graphics are pretty fantastic, sound is great (you can hear the enemies coming from behind you), and controls are easy to use.

    The ONLY downside to this game is it ends rather suddenly and unsuspectedly. I probably spent around 15 hours to complete the game. However, the fact that this game is so fantastic and the hope of a three-quel totally redeems the ending.

    Pick this game up! You won't regret it!...more info