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So is generally regarded as a peak in Peter Gabriel's recording career, notable both for its solid set of songs and lush production. For Gabriel, who'd been putting his music in theatrical contexts ever since his days with Genesis, the modern sound of So (coproduced with Daniel Lanois) was a dramatic conceit that effectively played off the organic roots of many of its songs. The album's big hit was "Sledgehammer," the English rocker's somewhat stilted take on the Stax/Volt style of rhythm & blues. Gabriel is much more powerful on his own art-rock songs, such as "Red Rain," which evokes nuclear ruin with its cascading rush of guitars and synthesizers. "Don't Give Up" is perhaps Gabriel's best ballad, with Kate Bush's heavenly second vocal enough to give anybody encouragement. But the song that best exploits So's blend of technology and soul is "In Your Eyes," a beguiling rhythmic tapestry in which Gabriel duets with Youssou N'Dour. --John Milward

Customer Reviews:

  • SO this is what made him a
    "Mindpop" - pop music which makes you think, with some brilliant lyrics and somehow very original but catchy music....

    After experiments with electro-pop, prog rock and punk he made a wonderfull mixture of Soul,pop,etno and rock.

    More than half of the songs from here became big hits and pop Classic.But all album is worth listening....

    "RED RAIN" - haunting and moving but somehow very catchy.Still can be heard on the radio.... Gabriel singing here sounds really creepy - "...Red rain is falling down,falling down all over me..."

    "SLEDGEHAMMER" - funky and most poppy track from here.Exploding chorus and nice backing vocals.Classic sentence - "I WANNA BE...YOUR SLEDGEHAMMER"

    "DONT GIVE UP" - Breathtaking and moving duet with Kate Bush..........While peter tales a tale of a useless man who fails in his life, Kate is talking to him "DONT GIVE UP - yOUrE NOT THE OLY ONE.."

    "THAT VOICE AGAIN" - paranoic Pop, in the same style as "I have the touch" but less darker.It is about neurotic man struggling for communication...Beside My favourite track from here!!!!

    "MERCY STREET" - beautifull Ballad dedicated to Anne Sexton (Poet and photographer).Very calm and peacefull........relaxing but also unbelievable sad....

    "BIG TIME" - Loud and hard Funk. About famous star who has got everything and wants more...never was my favourite, but i never hated it. just good.

    "WE DO WHAT WE'RE TOLD" - Creepy and dark track.The choir is repeating "we do what we're told, told to do"....Scary and brilliant.

    "THIS IS THE PICTURE (EXCELENT BIRDS) - Duet with Laurie Anderson.More alternative than pop, with some meloracitation.Another great one.

    "IN YOUR EYES" - Warm love declaration, etno-flavoured.Another of his classic hits.And another of my favourites.

    "SO" is one of his best albums and still sounds very fresh....ENJOY...more info

  • Gabriel's most accessible and FUN work
    Far and away Gabriel's biggest commercial success, this is a terrific album by almost any standard (except in comparison to some earlier, even more brilliant Gabriel albums). The production work is lush and detailed, a hallmark of Gabriel's incredible attention to detail and interest in layering sound upon sound. And he put to use relatively new digital technology to create a sound of unusual crispness and clarity for its time.

    RED RAIN A very moody, even creepy piece, featuring oustanding vocal work. Evokes his prior albums, which relied heavily on creating moods of dread or drama. The finale, where the song gets quieter and quieter uses that fading to create a feeling of great sadness.

    SLEDGEHAMMER A huge commercial success, and one of Gabriel's friskiest songs to date. It still holds up well (and of course, the video was a CLASSIC). Shows Gabriel's terrific sense of humor and his "dirty" side, but it's only dirty if you want to dig for it. Most it's upbeat and fun to sing along with. A happy song!!

    DON'T GIVE UP A duet with Kate Bush, whose vocals are fantastic. It's a shame she never got the attention she deserved. Gabriel plays an out-of-work man in England, falling into dispair, and Bush represents family and loved ones offering words of encouragement. It's a sweet song, tinged greatly with sadness. It makes a social commentary without resorting to anything but very personal commentary reflecting on the damage done by unemployment. Bush enjoins Gabriel to not give up and reminds him "somewhere there's a place...a place where you belong." The song is full of love and yet sadness as well, as though we know that Gabriel's character is probably beyond feeling good about himself again. It's powerful, quiet song.

    THAT VOICE AGAIN Gabriel often sang songs in the first person about people with, shall we say, mental problems or at least, obsessive/compulsive disorder. Add this somewhat mediocre song to the list.

    IN YOUR EYES One of the most romantic pop songs EVER written. It was a great song even before John Cusack made in legend in SAY ANYTHING. It speaks directly to the heart of how a great love in your life can transport you. Gabriel's vocals are yearning, the lyrics are mushy in the best possible way, and the backing chorus of an almost tribal quality give the song a buoyancy that's just a hoot. The opposite of RED RAIN, which gets slower and quieter as it builds in power, this song gets faster and more festive as it builds its power.

    MERCY STREET A rumination of the sad life of poet Anne Sexton. Although we don't get most of the references in the song (I assume you need to know more about her life and her work) the song nonetheless builds sumptuous "word pictures" that evoke a mood. If you can, listen to this one with really gets into your head.

    BIG TIME Another hit song. Another upbeat tune. This one is a bit of a social satire...I can almost imagine The Kings coming up with something similar if they had written A WELL-RESPECTED MAN about 20 years later. The lyrics are funny and self-effacing.

    WE DO WHAT WE'RE TOLD Sorry to say it, but this song is mostly filler, and is the reason I can't give the album 5 stars. Pointless and dull.

    THIS IS THE PICTURE A fun trifle, done with Laurie Anderson. They both have quirky voices and quirky sensibilities, and they have crafted this ditty strictly to amuse. (The song didn't even appear on the original was a B-side). Not a classic, by any means, but I dare you not to smile while listening.

    I prefer a couple of other Gabriel albums over this one, but this is his most accessible and is quite excellent. It's a great introduction to the man's work and should be part of any well-rounded collection....more info

  • note regarding musician credits
    this is only a note regarding the musician credits found in the remastered version of "so". on the booklet's last page, each musician is listed in boldface type, followed by the instrument/vocal credit(s), followed (in parenthesis) by the track(s) that the musician appears on, according to track number. but: the album has been resequenced and the listed track numbers in the credits refer to the original sequence. since "in your eyes" has been moved from the middle of the album to the end (and i don't think that this interferes with the overall quality of the album's continuity), the credit numbers are now wrong, starting at track number 5. so, the "key" would be (in the form of "# listed in credits = actual numer on the remastered disc"): #5 = #9 ; #6 = #5 ; #7 = #6 ; #8 = #7 ; #9 = #8....more info
  • Great album again from PG
    The very good tracks on this cd are "Red Rain" and "Mercy Street"
    Great commercial success with "Sledgehammer", "Don't give up", "In your eyes" and "Big Time"..These four songs have been heard to often maybe, but still good occasionnaly to listen to. Two weak songs close the album, "We do what we're told" and "This is the picture", I go with four star for this album. ...more info
  • Overrated 80s pop album (3.5 stars)
    "So" is the most upbeat and optimistic-sounding of all of Peter Gabriel's albums--Genesis included--and contains his most commercial set of songs, so it's no wonder why it remains the overwhelming favorite among critics and listeners to this day.
    For those who are attracted to PG's darker, artier works, however, "So" may sound like a heavily manicured piece of pop fluff, drowned in (to these ears) dated 80s production values
    and featuring some songs ("Sledgehammer" and "Big Time") so far removed from Gabriel's actual musical style that this is probably as close as he came to the term "sell-out".

    Nonetheless, Gabriel's genius is such that the album does not emerge as a total washout. "Red Rain" is a graceful, richly melodic track that anchors the beginning of the album, while both "Mercy Street" and "We Do What We're Told" are quiet, haunting and infused with world-music touches ("Mercy Street" remains one of my favorite songs, actually). The production on these is simpler and therefore less grating than on such light confections as "Sledgehammer" and "In Your Eyes", which aren't terrible (who can deny the catchiness of either tune?) but the 80s dance-pop sound captured here simply does not remind one of the "real" Gabriel captured on "The Lamb", "Solsbury Hill", "San Jacinto" or "Passion"; ironically, their popularity is so overwhelming that most fans continue to primarily identify him with these two tracks (FWIW, the extended 7-minute version of "In Your Eyes" is superior to the album cut). Elsewhere, we have the uplifting ballad "Don't Give Up" (one of the better cuts and again very popular, although I'll take "Blood Of Eden" over this any day), more 80s dance hits like "Big Time" and
    a reject from the abandoned "Mozo" concept, "That Voice Again".
    Overall, "So" remains a must-purchase, if only to hear what the fuss is about. Nearly every song has achieved popularity, which to some makes it a very consistent album. But for those fans who want the darker, edgier, stuff, only "Red Rain", "Mercy Street" and "We Do What We're Told" will satisfy this time around. "Us" would mark a superior mix of his commercial and artistic sides, with that "big 80s" production (the headache-inducing drum machines, dance rhythms and metallic reverb) muffled or absent....more info

  • Who needs Genesis?
    The SO album combines accessible pop rock with progressive trances of beautiful, soothing power that knows no limits. Peter Gabriel's career is laden with medals of Silver and Gold, but the trophy that still shines brightest is perhaps this very album. The Deep and energetic song Red Rain opens up the album track listing, which quickly jumps into the toe tapping hit of Sledgehammer. The elegant song called Don't give up floats merrily along until hammering into the timeless melodies within "That Voice Again", which in turn leaps forward into the infinite track "In your eyes". The rock hit "Big Time" is also on this CD.

    Peter Gabriel's "So" is a masterpiece, a true work of art in a world that often forgets just how magical music can be for the heart and soul. Gabriel touches both and leaves one wishing for more.
    ...more info
    First of all, the sound quality on this re-mastered version is quite excellent. This album spawned no less than 5 major hit singles in the UK and/or the US (and, I think, most parts of the rest of the world as well) - 'Red Rain', 'Sledgehammer', 'Don't Give Up', 'Big Time', and 'In Your Eyes'. It is regarded as one of PG's more accessible albums, with it's leanings towards mainstream pop-rock. Yet, the album still has some of the trappings of art-rock (i.e. it's fairly elaborate arrangements, the emphasis upon keyboard driven synthesized sounds and the (so called) cerebral lyrics). Musically, there is a lot going on and, although it is music that is reasonably easy on the ear, it is also music which is best listened to while you are not doing anything else. PG turns in some outstanding vocals - his voice has a slight 'raspy' texture (perhaps not to everyone's taste) which combines well with the 'cleaner' synthesized sounds behind him.

    Some comments about selected tracks (all songs written or co-written by PG) :

    SLEDGEHAMMER - An upbeat song with a strong soul-funk groove - it features solid percussion, brassy horns and some very tight female backing vocals; also, raunchy lyrics 'with attitude' - phallic references abound. You could be forgiven for thinking that this track was a late 1960s product of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, instead of a mid-1980s creation emanating from the rather genteel city of Bath in Somerset, England (where it was originally recorded).

    DON'T GIVE UP - A slow tempo song with a fine melody - the incomparable Kate Bush provides the chorus. The song parables the emotions of a man who is unable to find work. A man who feels bitter and disillusioned at being abandoned by a once trusted socio-political system - his mood is one of resignation, despondency and he even contemplates suicide. The only 'ray of sunshine' being his wife who offers words of encouragement ('don't give up') and reassurance; potent lyrics most certainly, but some may find the song depressing. There is no 'happy ending' - in fact, there is no ending at all.

    MERCY STREET - Another song which is high on melody; atmospheric, haunting, eerie, chilling, 'dark' - all adjectives that can be used to describe this mid-tempo song. It is a heart-wrenching and evocative song about the life and death of the American poetess Anne Sexton; she suffered from severe manic depression and finally took her own life (the word 'darkness' is used a number of times in the lyrics). Also, some of the lyrics seem to imply that, as a child, she craved attention from her parents - but this was less than forthcoming. You cannot fail to be moved by this song - in my opinion, one of the best songs ever written by PG (arguably, one of the best songs ever written by ANYONE).

    THIS IS THE PICTURE (excellent birds) - A rather repetitive song, but one that has a hypnotic quality. The lyrics are rather 'opaque' (which basically means that I haven't a clue about what they are supposed to mean) - colourful words thrown together without actually conveying anything meaningful (well, that's how I see it); listenable but not essential.

    With it's variety of musical styles, 'So' probably has something for everyone. However, whether you can enjoy all of the album much depends upon how catholic your tastes are. The two biggest hit singles -'Sledgehammer' and 'Big Time' are not, in terms of tempo and rhythm, representative of the rest of the album - you should not buy 'So' simply because you liked these two songs

    I think the music samples are pretty useless in this case - 6 of the songs, each in their full length glory, can be listened to on You Tube. A couple of songs, 'We Do What We're Told' and 'This Is The Picture', are too far 'off the beaten track' for me. Perhaps, a little self-indulgent sometimes but, by and large, 'So' is an album of sophisticated pop-rock for 'grown-ups' (regardless of age).

    ...more info
  • Pete Gabriel's best
    I know it's very 1980's but still, this CD has long lasting depth. I noticed the reviews on the first page are all by guys. I can't understand it since I believe "In your eyes" to be one of the most heartfelt love songs. I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic. But if a girl sang this song to me, my knees would no doubt buckle.

    I was lucky enough to see Peter Gabriel live in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park at a WOMAD concert in around 1998. He energized the whole park. He brought out surprise guest Sinead O'Connor and they started immediately into a song. She got some boos because of her recent protest of the pope on SNL. He stopped the song and scolded someone near the stage saying, Don't do that here man! That's not cool." The boos stopped and then he counted "on four", and they got right back into it where they left off!

    I think this CD will go down as one of his best. It's hard to top. ...more info
  • SO wonderful! Happy birthday Peter!!!!
    This is arguably Peter Gabriel's finest albums that he has ever recorded in his entire career.

    Many say that he sold out with this record but I couldn't disagree more. This was and still is a very powerful and deep album that is far above anything of todays music and even of other music of it's time. Hell, even his former bandmates Genesis even thought they did well with "Invisible Touch" didn't do this good on an artistic note.

    It's clear why "SO" remains very popular. It's almonst non-commercial in nature and doesn't focus on the sounds of the times (Around 1986) and is still fresh and new even in 2004.

    "Red Rain" is my faovrite song on this album being a very far-reaching soul-searching classic that will leave you breathless.

    "Mercy Street" is the sexiet track that Peter Gabriel has ever done. I would even go as to say it's even more so than "Sledgehammer" which was temporarily worn out for me.

    This is a great CD and the remastered edition is amazing! Go out and get today! You won't be dissapointed....more info

  • SO amazing!
    This album still haunts me even after nearly 18 years after first buying it on record waaay back in 1986.

    "So" is easily my favorite album of his and it's clear why. This is his most sophisticated and most mature work of his and is almost like seeing a light after the darkness explored on the two previous albums "Security" and "Peter Gabriel 3". The music is a lot more accessible and much more digestable.

    "Sledgehammer" is a classic that is very suggestive in it's nature but most will not notice it's devious nature. Still, it's a really funny song with a great video to go with it.

    My favorite is "Red Rain". Man, this song is just amazing! I love the intense and passionate melody and the stormy feel to it.

    "In YOur Eyes" is pure bliss.

    The rest of this album is no less amazing and the remastering is just incredible. The songs that were great already sound even clearer and sharper in the remasters. The only thing I despise is putting "In Your Eyes" in the end. This is one of his greatest songs but why reshuffle the tracks?

    That's the only flaw this album has.

    Still, the remastered edition is worth getting but don't go for the "Limited Edition" digipak edition though....more info

  • So wonderful.
    There isn't a better album that the 80s offered than Peter Gabriel's SO. Easily Gabriels most accessible album, SO, while it may have been commercially successful, still was and still is deep and innovative and artistically creative. The remastering makes the music sound sharper and better than the older version even though it was very well produced to begin with. In Your Eyes is sheer beauty, while Red Rain is a rainstorm of synthesizers, and Don't Give Up is stunningly beautiful. No pun intended towards Sledgehammer and Bif Time, but while they are great, I often skip them as I happen to love "That Voice Again"(Love the chord structure), the eerie "We Do What We're Told", and the sexually appealing "Mercy Street", WHOA! "SO" is a must have....more info
  • The bomb!
    This record carried me through my teenage years of frustration and isolation. Bare in mind I'm 19 so it's no distant memory. Anyway, I had been weaned on easy, lite music such as Air Supply, the Carpenters....stuff my parents listened to. This record was a shock that took me a while to get used to but once I did I was in for a real treat. I bought it for Big Time, that song in itself opened up my ears, and Sledgehammer, which I heard on a "classic hits" station (the song seemed out of its format too). I was disappointed at first when the tracks were "wierder" than those two but it didn't take long for me to appreciate the musicianship of Peter Gabriel

    1> Red Rain- The perfect teenage agnst song "Red rain is falling down all over me" well boo-hoo have a bloody sook! The atmosphere really captures "rain" (I know coz I used to listen to it while trudging with my schoolbag in the rain) and where his voice sings "I am standing up at the water's edge in my dreams" Abstract and magic 5/5

    2> Sledgehammer- Mad 80's pop tune. The bit where he goes falsetto "heeey, I wanna be...." shows he puts his all into it. The eccentric falsetto also reflects his eccentric personality- something I found reassuring being a bit of an outcast. 5/5

    3> Don't Give Up- I remember now I had heard this song on my parents easy music station. I never really listened to the lyrics, which, although about unemployment; I made my own for any problem I had with relating to my classmates. 4/5

    4> That Voice Again- Easily the most depressing song on the album, especially when he changes key "oooh, I'm listening to the conversation". I was way too self conscious in those days and my mates would tease me about my voice. Hence the lyrics of "judge and jury in my head" and "hear that voice again" where affirmations of my self doubt. Good moping material 5/5

    5> In Your Eyes- "in your eyes the light, the heat. In your eyes I feel complete". Lyrics I couln't relate to. I still can't understand to this day why people talk of this being amongst Gabriel's Best from the album. I disagree- the weakest track for me 2.5/5

    6> Mercy Street- Took time to get it but when I did I loved the tune, the lyrics about "the priest he can handle the shocks" which affirmed my Catholic faith. The atmosphere also provided mopability, my folks jokingly passed razor blades through the door of my bedroom as I had this blaring full throttle 4/5

    7> Big Time- The best. The bass bit after big time as well as the wierd-soudning bit about "a snow-white pillow for my big fat head" was my idea of good pop. This was my favourite song for over a year. I would play it incessantly and "bop" along to it 5/5

    8> We Do What We're Told- my protest about the conformity of my classmates. Great stuff 5/5

    9> This is the picture- again the percussion and the wierd lyrics about falling snow (there's no snow in Victoria) takes me to a far-away world. Pure poetic fantasy 5/5

    Music is art and art should do something to you. Stimulate ur mind with its beauty. That's what "So" does. Thankyou Peter Gabriel!...more info

  • Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So!
    So, Peter Gabriel's 1986 album, his fifth official studio record, is probably my favourite Peter Gabriel album. There's a great blend of textures, feelings and moods, and I feel it's the most consistent Gabriel solo album I've heard.

    There are a lot of talented guest musicians on this album. There's Stuart Copeland's distinctive hi-hats in "Red Rain", Tony Levin's often quirky bass on tracks like "Sledgehammer", a gentle Kate Bush in the reassuring "Don't Give Up", a spirited Laurie Anderson on "This is the Picture" (I must get into her stuff one day). There's even a backing vocal by world musician Youssou N'dour on the vividly emotional "In Your Eyes".

    The textures of the tracks, though produced in a similar way, evoke different things. "Sledgehammer" and "Big Time", with their slick poppy production, for me evoke the skyscrapers of the big city, while tracks like the soothing "Mercy Street" conjure up an earthier quality, mainly thanks to Peter Gabriel's vocals. His singing is top notch here, big and bold and yet vulnerable when it needs to be.

    The lyrical subject matter focuses a great deal on relationships, particularly in times of trouble, in a variety of ways. There are other subjects covered too. There is the story of the man who wants everything bigger and better in "Big Time" and the tribute to troubled poet Anne Sexton in "Mercy Street", plus the image rich "Red Rain" and "This is the Picture".

    As with all the 2002 remasters, the booklet comes with a booklet filled with photos, this time of the So Tour, behind-the scenes of the Sledgehammer video and of the recording of the album. There's also, as always, full lyrics and a list of who plays what (though I think some people are listed as doing things on the wrong tracks, like it says that Laurie Anderson does a guest vocal on track 9, which is "In Your Eyes", rather than on "This is the Picture").

    It's probably Peter Gabriel's most accessible album, so I'd recommend it to anyone who is curious about his solo career, though all of his material is worth checking out to a greater and lesser extent....more info
  • Peter Gabriel's biggest rock solo album is still one of the best albums in rock history 20 plus years on
    Former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel released his fifth studio solo rock album entitled So in May of 1986.
    The year 1986 was the year of Genesis past and present. Whilst Peter released So, his former Genesis bandmate guitarist Steve Hackett released his hit collaboration with Yes guitarist Steve Howe called GTR's self-titled album. Also, Hackett and Gabriel's ex-colleages the rest of Genesis (singer/drummer Phil Collins, keyboard player Tony Banks and bass player/guitarist Mike Rutherford) released the hugely successful Invisible Touch (see review).
    A month before Invisible Touch, Gabriel released So which was a year in the making but was well worth the time it took to create this now classic to rock history. It was four years since his last solo album (1982's fourth self-titled album which was released with the title Security here in the US at the request of his US label Geffen).
    This time, Gabriel and his supreme team of session players, including the reliable Tony Levin on bass and Chapman Stick plus David Rhodes on guitar are joined Police drummer Stewart Copeland and drummers Manu Katche and Rick Marotta.
    The thunderous "Red Rain" is a stellar opener to this album and is possibly one of his best solo tracks of the 1980s. Next is the smash hit "Sledgehammer" (with Gabriel going a bit funky on the R&B thing) and was rightfully a #1 hit. In a strange twist of fate, it KO-ed his ex-bandmembers' "Invisible Touch" single out of #1 in the US. Also this track's video was groundbreaking with its animation effects. Next is the excellent duet with British singer/songwriter Kate Bush called "Don't Give Up" which is a stellar song and one of the best duets I ever heard. We end the first half with the atmospheric sounding "That Voice Again" which was a rock radio hit in the US yet didn't get released to pop radio.
    "Mercy Street" starts the second half off (it was "In Your Eyes" but Gabriel changed the CD tracklisting for the remaster) and is a nice piece. We follow with another big hit called "Big Time" which featured Stewart Copeland on drums and was also known for its classic video (similar to "Sledgehammer" with his effects and Claymation). The original vinyl album's closer "We Do What Were Told" is reminiscent of Gabriel's darker late 1970s material. It's brief, lyrically simple, but very, very haunting. The original CD and cassette closer "This Is The Picture" is a terrific, light-groove collaboration with avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson which combined singing with spoken word, and the funky guitar of Nile Rodgers. The original album's second half opener and now album closer "In Your Eyes" is the album's most well known hit. This track was a #1 on US rock radio and is a nice love song and featured The Call's Michael Been and Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr on backing vocals plus African singer Y'oussor N'Dour helping out at the end.
    So became Peter Gabriel's biggest selling solo album reaching #2 on the Billboard album charts and has sold FIVE million copies to date in the US alone. The album was nominated for the Grammy for Album Of The Year, but it lost to Paul Simon's arguable masterpiece Graceland. However, Gabriel did win the MTV Video Music Award Video of the Year for "Sledgehammer" which ironically beat his old Genesis mates' "Land of Confusion" video. Aside sales, So proved Peter Gabriel was a force to be recoked with.
    RECOMMENDED! ...more info
  • Peter Gabriel's best album ever
    So is one of my favourite CD's I have and has my all-time favourite love song.All the songs a just wonderfully writen and beautifully sung.Red Rain,Sledgehammer,Don't Give Up,Mercy Street,Big Time and of course In Your Eyes are the best songs on the album.So is the album that Peter Gabriel will always be remembered for.Out of all the songs that Gabriel as writen and sung,I think In Your Eyes is his best song ever and In Your Eyes is mine and my boyfriend's song mostly because both of us can relate to that song.While all of Gabriel's album are awesome,So is his absolute best....more info
  • favourite positions
    anyone know Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush were in a sexual relationship between 1980 and, say 1984??
    Anyone seen their 'Favorite Positions' VHS?? eh?...more info
  • Be sure to get the Remastered version!

    Released in 1986, this was Gabriel's blockbuster album. And it deserved it. This is just great from beginning to end. It features great collaborations with Kate Bush and Laurie Anderson.

    Unfortunately, coming out in 1986, the CD sound quality was mediocre. This was very suprising for Gabriel who had embraced digital technology years earlier. The sound is flat with limited dynamic range.

    Many of the early CD's had mediocre sound quality, which gave rise to the vinyl snobs who thought CD's could never sound as good as LP's. But, it was just a bad translation to the digital technoology. Today, CD's sound much better than they did 20 years ago. Which is why you see so many "remaatered" CD's today. That includes the complete Gabriel catalog.

    Not only being the most popular Gabriel CD, it is his best. That is saying a lot since, he has had many very good CD's. ...more info