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Foreigner - Complete Greatest Hits
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Includes \""Feels Like the First Time,\"" \""Cold as Ice,\"" \""Hot Blooded,\"" \""Double Vision,\"" \""Urgent,\"" \""Wait For a Girl Like You,\"" and \""I Want To Know What Love Is.\""

  • Track: 10: 'til She Forgives,
  • Track: 1: Givemeaway,
  • Track: 2: Molly,
  • Track: 3: Tigerlily,
  • Track: 4: Never Fail,
  • Track: 5: Glass,
  • Track: 6: Last Night I Dreamt of Paris,
  • Track: 7: Nemesis (wwjd),
  • Track: 8: Allelujia,
  • Track: 9: Aeroplane
    Media Type: CD
    Artist: FOREIGNER
    Street Release Date: 05/07/2002
    Genre: ROCK/POP

    On the cover of Foreigner's newest collection, the letters that spell out Complete Greatest Hits are cut out from world currency. For example, there's an A from Antarctica, a T from Trinidad, an M from Mongolia, and so on. At least the drive behind this third greatest-hits compilation (fourth, if you count The Best of Foreigner Live) is clearly admitted. Still, if anyone deserves your money, an argument can be made for guitarist Mick Jones and singer Lou Gramm. They've been through it all, and along the way, they've written a slew of songs you know well enough to perform at karaoke (but never as well, admittedly--Lou has a hell of a voice). Whether you liked them when they rocked ("Cold as Ice," "Hot Blooded," "Juke Box Hero") or preferred the power ballads they were credited with inventing ("Waiting for a Girl Like You," "I Want to Know What Love Is"), this album makes it feel like the very first time again. --Laura Etling
  • Customer Reviews:

      FOREIGNER-COMPLETE GREATEST HITS: Foreigner was no better or worse than any number of the slick rock outfits clogging the pop charts from the mid seventies through the mid eighties (Boston, Journey, Styx, etc.) and certainly some of their moments outshone others. Like many groups that came out of the gate strong, their momentum and quality ebbed rather quickly, to the point where oldie tours and greatest hits compilations were all they had left. COMPLETE GREATEST HITS is just what the title implies---all the superior stuff from their first anthology RECORDS, plus plenty of less enthralling efforts (read: ballads and schlock) representing their later years. Lou Gramm's vocal wallop and Mick Jones' melodic guitar sense on FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME, HOTBLOODED, LONG, LONG WAY FROM HOME, and the sax driven URGENT are equal to any pop singles of their era; even anthem JUKE BOX HERO is decent dumb fun. But with the exception of their choir enhanced mega hit I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS, nothing after their fourth LP warrants "hum in your head" status, and certain pieces (SAY YOU WILL, THAT WAS YESTERDAY) are downright anemic. So stick with RECORDS and FOUR and your Foreigner collection will really be complete. RATING: THREE DIRTY WHITE BOYS
      ...more info
    • Every song has been shortened!
      I've grown up listening to Foreigner, and wanted to get a "greatest hits" album so I'd have them to listen to in the car and iPod. Bought this album and on the first song realized that there was a significant cut in the middle (Feels like the first time), 37 seconds cut. This always bothered me. All the other songs seemed complete. I just found a CD I didn't know I had, The Very Best And Beyond, and every song that is the same between the two discs is shortened on this album. Hot Blooded: 1m19sec! Urgent: 10 secs, Double Vision: 9 secs. Every song that's the same is from 1sec to over a minute shorter. DO NOT BUY THIS! It looks like the new No End in Sight double CD is a great choice. Very disappointed....more info
    • You got it - I don't like it
      We all have our different musical taste, but I just want to raise a warning that although youyll like rock music in general, thereys no guarantee youyll like Foreginer. I think itys all so mediocre and even lame y thereys no action at all. Boring songs most of the time, and the singing is really annoying. But hey y letys upset you even more y the only song I like is the cheesy yI want to know what love isy. Foreigner are as interesting as good old Prince, with yPurple rainy being his only great song....more info
    • Don't let the eighties die
      This CD is certainly the one to own if you are a casual fan of Foreigner. ...more info
    • "Complete Greatest Hits" Could Have Been Better!
      Foreigner emerged on the rock scene in 1977 and released the stunning self titled "Foreigner" album which was followed by "Double Vision", "Head Games", "Foreigner 4" and a string of other great albums. Foreigner was one of the great arena rock bands to come out of the seventies when concerts were affordable and packed with fans who appreciated good old rock n' roll. This Foreigner cd entitled "Complete Greatest Hits" should have been called "Almost Complete Greatest Hits" because there are a number of songs missing that should have been on this collection. Sure the big hits are here such as "Feels Like The First Time", "Cold As Ice", "Hot Blooded", "Double Vision", "Head Games", "Urgent", "Juke Box Hero", etc. but as one reviewer mentioned "Girl On The Moon" could have been deleted and better choices could have been "Until The End Of Time" or "Under The Gun". For die hard Foreigner fans there is also the two cd set entitled "Foreigner Anthology: Jukebox Heros" which is a more complete collection and has songs from both Lou Gramm and Mick Jone's solo careers plus much more. But for less money this "Complete Greatest Hits" must make do. The sound quality is superb and the 19 page booklet includes a nice history of the band and some great pictures. If you enjoy seventies rock then this is a must have....more info
      Where the heck is "Break It Up"? How could RHINO leave off a Top-30 hit? That's a pretty serious omission, but if you can get past it, this collection will certainly rock you. Now, how about a compilation off all the Foreigner rarities and 12" mixes?...more info
    • Another compilation from legendary FOREIGNER
      You can't make a complete hits collection of "Foreigner" in only 1 CD, just count all the hits of them and you can see that there are more than 20.

      Only because this is a Foreigner's album, I rate it with 5 stars.

      The best compilation that Foreigner did was Jukebox Heroes: The Foreigner Anthology 5 years ago. That was really an anthology with more than 30 songs of Foreigner, 2 hits of Lou Gramm "Midnight Blue" and "Just between you and me", and some other songs of Mick Jones.

      By the way, even if you get this compilation you'll see what Foreigner means....more info
    • A Must For Foreigner Fans!!!!
      What can I say?? If your a fan of Foreigner then this compilation needs to be added to your collection. 20 of they're biggest hits from 1977's top 5 hit "Feels Like The First Time" up through 1992's "Soul Doctor". Nine top 10 hits, seven top 5's and they're only Number 1 "I Want To Know What Love Is".

      All the hits are there, from early rockers such as "Cold As Ice", "Hot Blooded", "Double Vision", "Head Games" and "Urgent" to the power ballads like "Waiting For A Girl Like You" and "I Want To Know What Love Is" through the 80's rock hits like "That Was Yesterday", "Say You Will" and "I Don't Want To Live Without You".

      The sound quality is fantastic, it's crystal clear just as if it was recorded today. So buy this CD crank up the volume and enjoy one of the greatest rock groups in music history. I'd also like to say Foreigner belongs in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!...more info

    • What More Could You Want...
      How about Rev On The Red Line? It would have been a 5 star review if that song was included. ...more info
    • Now I know what love is...
      Reviewing greatest hits albums is generally a waste of time, but whatever. This certainly has every Foreigner song that I've ever heard on the radio that I can think of, plus quite a few more. If you like the Foreigner songs you've heard on the radio, check it out. They're here too.

      Foreigner are the sorta band that punks love to trash-- They're very over the top, overproduced and so on and 'I Want to Know What Love Is' is unquestionably the least punk song ever written. The irony of this attack is that punks tend to be boring, pretentious twats whereas Foreigner is actually *fun* to listen to, and they strike me as far less self-important than your politically inclined punk bands. (Now don't get me wrong, there is quite a bit of good punk music out there, but it exists in spite of their moronic incompetence=authenticity philosophy, not because of it.) Certainly, aspects of this are dated, and I don't always always take it 100% seriously, but most of these are just fun, catchy songs, no matter how you look at it. I suppose Foreigner could be called the ultimate guilty pleasure as far as I'm concerned, though I hate that term.

      I'm primarily a heavy metal fan, so my taste for Foreigner may seem a little strange, but it actually makes quite a bit of sense, when you think about. The parallels between AOR and power/classic metal are pretty obvious: They both generally center around the soaring, over the top chorus. Metal songs usually have some interesting riffs to back it up, but the root of the interest is in the chorus. Suffice to say, Foreigner knows how to write an overblown chorus, and Gramm has the perfect voice to work with this sorta thing. Take any song with Dio singing on it and put Gramm in his place and it'll mesh just perfectly

      This compilation isn't 100% consistent, though it's better than I'd anticipated it would be. It is, actually, almost uniformly excellent up thru track 14, after which point they determined that guitars weren't cool anymore. I actually still kinda like most of this later stuff, but it actually proves to be too much, even for me. Anyway, maybe half of this compilation is totally classic: 'Feels Like the First Time', 'Cold As Ice', 'Hot Blooded', 'Double Vision', 'Blue Morning, Blue Day,' 'Head Games', 'Urgent', and finally 'Juke Box Hero' which is the greatest song of all time, last time I checked.

      Yeah, I'm done. I like Foreigner......more info
    • Cut short
      This would've been a pretty good album except for one small problem. Most of the tracks,the good ones especially,have been reduced to the short version. What was wrong with the original full-length versions? If you're a real Foreigner fan,buy all their albums. If you want just the hits,then the double-disc anthology is probably reccommended....more info
    • Awesome!!!!
      I am almost 40 years old...and these songs were my favorite songs in Jr and Sr High School. I have many,many memories after listening to these songs. It was GREAT!!!!!!! I remember guys were jerks back then....and the man I married...well, he is benefiting from these songs as well. wink wink...more info
    • The best single-disc Foreigner complilation.
      This is a very good Foreigner compilation and certainly the best single-disc compilation of theirs that you will find. It's got all of the hits, very little in the way of filler (if any) and it has great sound. If you want more than this, get the Definitive Collection, but this should certainly suit the casual Foreigner fan. In my opinion, the Defenitive Collection is a little much and really only for serious fans. This one could suit anyone, really. ...more info
    • What a great flashback to those high school days
      Like the title says, what a great flashback to the days of yore. My teenagers hate it, so it must be good. Mom's Music rules the Dodge Caravan anyway. :)

      ...more info
    • Foreigner
      You may not remember the names of these songs but you will know each song and say, I remember that. It takes you back to the late 70s and early 80s. Great CD....more info
    • this is the one
      I was disappointed in the original greastest hits due to the song selection, it was too short but this one has it all. ...more info
    • great cd
      I was always a fan of the band, and this has all there great songs in one cd...more info
    • Chart Toppers and Show Stoppers, Foreigner
      Foreigner-Complete Greatest Hits is chart topping music at it's very best. There is no filler here; just straight away the best of Foreigner's chart topping run of singles in the late 70's and early 80's. Lou Gramm and Mick Jones will be among the best song writing duo's in pop/rock history. Pick this CD up and get familiar with Foreigner! ...more info
    • "Complete"? I think not...
      OK, no matter what list of songs are on a "Greatest Hits" compilation, there's no way to please everybody. But to call a CD "Complete" Greatest Hits and not include "Starrider" or "Rev On The Red Line", well that's an outright lie. So although this is a great collection with a lot of classic Foreigner tunes, I had to deduct 1 star for those two omissions, and another one for the misleading title. If you want "Complete", go for the Definitive Collection. But still a worthwhile purchase if you can find it at an auction site and get it for 3 or 4 bucks. ...more info
    • all you need
      Foreigner and Double Vision are all you need. Dont bother with this fluff. 3 stars for the songs included from these aforementioned albums. Nuff said!!!...more info
    • Good compilation
      This is a good compilation with many of Foreigner's hits. The only complaint about this CD is that it contains the shorter version of Hot Blooded....more info
    • foreigner rocks!
      foreigner is one of my favorite bands of all time. they rock really hard and this compilation has 18/20 great songs. the song
      soul doctor could have been deleted and the song i'm gonna win
      from the foreigner 4 cd could have been a better choice since
      it is one of foreigner's best hard rock songs ever! if you like
      hard rock music, get this....more info