First Alert FAW-725 2.4 GHz Wireless Color Video Surveillance Camera and Receiver
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Product Description

Protect your home or business with this wireless color camera set. It features 2.4 GHz of power for up to a 300' range, and has a built-in microphone for audio monitoring. The receiver includes audio- and video-out jacks for VCR recording and a battery backup for portable or emergency use. Set includes wireless color camera, receiver, A/V cable, 2 power adapters and a user's manual. Imported. Camera: 4.25Lx2.75Wx2H". Receiver: 3.75Lx2.25Wx1.25H".

The First Alert FAW725 2.4 GHz Wireless Color Video Surveillance Camera and Receiver is a simple, reliable, and highly economical solution for most basic remote monitoring needs. The easy-to install First Alert FAW725 camera features built-in audio and wireless technology to save you the hassle of cable connections, making it perfect when portability is required and for monitoring situations where you want to avoid a professional installation in an area such as a room, hallway, or other area in your home or business.

The FAW725's camera utilizes a 0.33-inch color CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) image sensor with a 3.6-millimeter fixed wide-angle lens, and delivers a decent resolution of 330 horizontal TVL (TV lines). The First Alert FAW725 camera runs on 10-volt DC power via an included AC/DC adapter or four AA batteries (not included), and has an operating temperature of -15 to 60-degrees Celsius.

The FAW725's receiver allows for signal reception from up to 300-feet away with a clear line of sight. The First Alert FAW725 receiver includes a standard RCA composite video output connection, and runs on 10-volt DC power via an included AC/DC adapter. This receiver unit also has an operating temperature of -15 to 60-degrees Celsius.

Technical Features:

  • Signal distance: up to 300-feet
  • Lens: 3.6 mm fixed wide-angle
  • Horizontal resolution: 330 TVL
  • Camera and receiver operating temperatures: -15 to 60-degrees Celsius
  • Camera dimensions: approximately 3 x 4.5 x 2 inches (W x D x H)
  • Receiver dimensions: approximately 2.5 x 4 x 2 inches (W x D x H)
Designed primarily for indoor use, the First Alert FAW720 camera deserves serious consideration as one of the easiest and most economical monitoring solutions that anybody can set up anywhere. User's should note that the CCD sensor may become permanently damaged if exposed to long hours of direct sunlight or halogen light, so the camera should not be mounted or pointed directly at the sun or other bright-light sources.

About Surveillance Camera Technical Features
Lux rating is the measurement used to indicate how sensitive a camera is to light, and stands for the level of light reflected off a piece of paper by a candle from one meter away. Thus a sensitivity of three Lux would mean a camera could generate an acceptable picture of a piece-of-paper-sized object that was illuminated by the equivalent of three candles from one meter away. The lower the Lux level, the better the camera's ability to work in low-light conditions. The camera's resolution should be greater than or equal to the resolution supported by the system's recorder or monitor. The S/N, or signal to noise ratio, is an important measure of a camera's quality. A poor camera, low-light conditions or poor wiring causes "noise" which consumes processing power and disk space. A camera with a wide dynamic range is ideal, especially for recording areas in which both indoor and outdoor light are present. CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors provide high-quality images that are less susceptible to noise. CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors offer less image quality, but are usually more cost-effective and energy efficient.

What's in the Box
Camera with built-in transmitter, audio/video receiver, AC/DC adapter (camera), AC/DC adapter (receiver), A/V cable, and manual.

  • Battery operational camera for portability
  • Built-in 3 position auto switcher
  • Audio & video out for VCR recording
  • Built-in microphone for audio monitoring
  • Up to 300 feet receiving distance
Customer Reviews:
  • not satisfied
    Having ordered the First Alert FAW-725 wireless camera and receiver to expand the system I already purchased some time ago; I was quite dismayed to find that your company substituted my order and I was sent a Security First wireless camera system which although it works fine, It,s not compatible with the system I had already. Now I need to purchase additional components for this system- costing me even more money. Thanks, Tim Murphy....more info
  • A Decent Surveillance System at a Decent Price.
    After reading the two reviews I hesitated buying this kit. However I found nothing else better in this price range and bought a kit with two cameras. Actually I was surprised ... pleasantly. It does what I expected it to do. These cameras are not $1,000 digital SLR's cameras with high resolution lenses. These cameras are small lens (6mm) fixed focus cameras. I have a $500 digital camera that produces low quality images under low light conditions. I expected no less from a $100 camera. I observe low quality under low light conditions, and much, much better quality under better lighting ... photography is after all an adventure in light ... so no surprise (other than pleasantly at what decent images these cameras do put out at higher lighting levels.

    The illumination from the LED's was not a surprise either ... the literature says ten feet ... and ten feet is slightly conservative, as I could see form and shape at out to 20 feet. I must say not a great image under those conditions, but it was there.

    This is not a "stealth" type system. The camera is very obvious with a bright red "ON" light and the circle of low light LED's surrounding the lens. However this is not a problem, it might even be a deterrent ... even if an intruder destroys the camera, there is no cable leading them back to the recorder ... they already on film.

    The kit came with easy mount bracket plus AC adapters for cameras and receiver. Though I use the battery feature for the remote cameras, the receiver adapter is a plus.

    Overall, I consider this a very good surveillance kit for the money. If you are looking for the highest resolution, equivilent to a $500 digicam, it is not here. However short range conditions under good lighting, this does the job for me....more info

  • First alert customer dissatisfaction
    I purchased the first alert 2.4 ghz black & white wireless camera survellence system, bought an extra camera. Please save your money, they say it has nightvision, all I see is the night! It's so picky with the antennas that it reminded me of rabbit ears on a t.v. and there are lines that go throughout the screen, it's not clear. It does ok, in daylight but forget nite time. It isn't weather resistent either, I bought mine through HSN and they wouldnt take it back because it was past 60days, I bought it in winter and didn't try it out right away....more info
  • infare red camera
    The system was easy to install. i purchased 2 additional cameras. The so called "infare red" for low light viewing was terrible even in a room with natural daylight you still need light on to view. i am returning all 3 cameras and receiver. I expected better from First Alert. JW...more info