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Since its launch, RollerCoaster Tycoon has endeared itself to millions of PC owners worldwide. Now thrill-ride fans can own a virtual treasure trove of fun and creative experiences offerend in original RollerCoaster Tycoon and its subsequent expansion packs, Corkscrew Follies and Loopy Landscapes. Players can choose from a wide range of coaster types with giant loops and barrel rolls or try their hand at contructing historical rides like the Side Friction Roller Coaster and the Virginia Reel!

  • 91 scenarios including favorites like Alton Towers, Heide Park and Pleasure Beach
  • Includes enhanced coaster-making system featured in Corkscrew Follies
  • Create entire theme parks in amazing environments like jungles with dinosaurs for a Jurassic theme.
  • 6 crowd-pleasing themes from Loopy Landscapes including Ice World, Medievnal and Martian offer guests unbelievable thrill-ride experiences
  • Huge variety of shops and stores to help increase park profits

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game: Minimal complaints
    Roller coaster tycoon gold is great. but be warned if you already have all three editions rtc gold is the exact same thing. the only complaint i have is that building a custom roller coaster is not as easy as advertised. Over all rtc gold is a spectacular game for people who liked the first installment....more info
  • It's the No.1~!
    You guys all know that Rollercoaster Tyccon is all fun and stuff but this is great.. I bought all the things seperately but you guys can get all of them in one! the price is cheaper too~ You'll enjoy all the expansion packs. There's always something new~! You can build all kind of things~! In your own design too~ You can build water rides, all kinds of cool coasters, kiddie rides, flat rides, shops and stalls also can make your park into a garden that can be so beautiful... I can't even list them all there's so many cool things you can do~! really cool to build your own park and design your own coasters and see how they work... No matter what you'll love this game! not violent, good for creativity, perfect game for everyone... It's a really fun game. You'll enjoy it~ so Play it~! you won't regret~!...more info
  • yaaaa..... you have to believe me.
    the best game ever played it is nothing but fun fun. i get other computer games that are completly boring, but this one no no no, my dad bought it and it rules i will never get tired of it....more info
  • Wait For It
    Roller Coaster Tycoon was a phenominon in its self when it was first released but to be honest infogrames have gone about this gold pack all the wrong way. They've released the "gold pack" edition only a few months before what will be there biggest release ever RCT 2. The gold pack still has many bugs and geusts getting lost will just totally drive you crazy. RCT 2 is now 98% complete and is looking at hitting the selfs in late october, for the brits probably around christmas so if you want to spend [money] you can go ahed and do it now and buy a game that in 3 months will be like a ...clearance sale price. But your best option is to wait a while and get Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 a game that will probably be top of the chart for a year or two then you'll have somthing to talk about at school. Make a wise desision. Good Luck.

    Micky...more info

    If your a fan of simulation like me, or just love rollercoasters you must own this, I had to buy all three indivisually, but you can pick up all three cheap, make sure you get this before RC2 so you can navigate through easily. There are a couple of drawbacks like any other game, like guests getting lost will drive you nuts, if you go build a ride for a few minutes, your scared to return to your park and see it in a total mess., the handyman are quite dumb, and the mechanics walk to slow when a ride brakes down, that's pretty much it, A WARNING THOUGH: This game is very addicting I find myself playing for hours and hours I think it's giving me back probelems, bottom line BUY THE GAME....more info
  • I Love Roller Coaster Tycoon
    I've been playing this for about 2 years now and I still love it. That's because it's always something different, and exciting....more info
  • Ups and Downs
    The game is a great game but I bought a new computer with Windows XP. And now I cannot play this game. Needs to have a updated version....more info
  • Highly reccomended, but...
    That is a big but there. The original game was good, then 2 expansion packs made it great. But, I have been playing long enough to realize some of the limitations such as: in most scenerios there isn't 10 square feet of flat land to build on ANYWHERE, and when you build a large paved area or build a park with many loops and intersections in the paths the little people get confused, then angry, and because they are so stupid they can't find the exit, and you are bombarded with messages like "Guest XXXX is lost and cannot find the park exit". Ah, but there is a beacon of hope on the horizon: "Roller Coaster Tycoon 2" It seems like most of the problems in the original game will be solved in RCT2, plus there will be many improvements like more rides, more realistic rides, more scenery, and even a scenario editor. My advice is to wait for RCT2 to come out in what should be sometime around October this year. Trust me, you will be much happier waiting for a far superior product than you will be if you invest in software that will be obsolete in a few months....more info
  • Setting the Tycoon Standards!
    Though the title of this review says it all perhaps a few points are in order:

    - The graphics & sound of this game are great. They fit the genre and theme of the game perfectly. In a lot of games the sound can get tedious but in RCT this isn't an issue as the constant tasks and changing scenes keep things fresh.

    - The gameplay is the best I've ever experienced or seen in a tycoon / sim game. The menus and interface buttons are VERY simple to learn and use. The game can be completely run by the mouse - typing is optional. The tutorial is simple and effective, getting you into the game fast. The drive to build the best park can be obsessive - be warned!

    - Value isn't even the right word! This Gold edition comes with so much game! There are dozens of scenarios on the discs with this edition: that will take a lot of time to complete. In addition you can re-play any scenario that you've finished to your heart's content. You can continue playing any scenario that you've won and keep building with no further goals than design and profit. The replay value alone is worth EVERY cent. Add all that to abundant online resources and you're good to go.

    - Performance: check for any relevant patches / updates online (there aren't too many) and other than that any mainstream modern computer (even the name-brand junk boxes) won't have problems running this game. I remember playing it endlessly on a 450mhz machine with 128mb ram and it ran like a champ. If you have better (or equal) than that you're good to go.

    On a side note I'd recommmend NOT picking up Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, 3 or any other permutation - they are horrible defacements of a great original game. Stick with the original and play it into the ground: it's easier, more fun and less serious, and avoids any unrealistic and ridiculous additions to a true tycoon simulation. Keep it real!...more info
  • The best game ever!!!!
    this is the best game I have played in years. I did not have any other rtc games so i decided to buy the all ride pass. it is the game and all the expansion packs. It will keep u playing all summer long....more info
  • Awsome yet complexing
    If you love to have fun this is a game for you!This has 3 of the best games in one box!To start out the original one is awsome and the best part is each scenairo is alot better than the other one!Then in corkscrew follies you have more harder scenairos but they are alot funner.Then in Loopy Landscapes you have complexing scenarios but they are so much fun! when you start this expansion start out with arid heights. I have had this game since it came out and im still having fun!Dont listin to any bad reviews because they are mad cuz they cant do it!happy gaming!...more info
  • More than an "E" ticket...
    The "Gold Edition" of "Roller Coaster Tycoon" also includes both of the expansion discs - the "Corkscrew Follies" expansion, and the "Loopy Landscapes" expansion. It is definitely an "E" ticket purchase.

    The first disc, "Roller Coaster Tycoon", lets you simulate building amusement parks - complete with rides, food and drink stalls, and other attractions. The coasters are the main attraction, but you can design and build entire parks with this disc. It includes 14 different coaster designs and some examples of each type, and also allows you to try to build your own coasters. There are other types of amusement park rides, including water slides, merry-go-rounds and ferris wheels, go kart race tracks, and many others. There are also over two dozen scenarios ranging from fairly easy to fairly difficult.

    This disc is a great beginning to this pack of products. It allows you to begin designing your own amusement park in minutes in whatever way you desire. Your park's rating (how much the people like the total experience) depends on a mix of everything - from the types of rides you offer and how scary they are, to the amount of food, drink, and other amenities you offer them. You must provide staff - maintenance men to clean the paths, empty the trash, and cut the grass; mechanics to repair and inspect the rides; security guards to keep vandalism in check; and entertainers in weird costumes to keep kids happy while in lines. Finally, you must make enough money to be successful - many parks start with loans you must pay off in order to win with a positive balance, although it is possible to win with a negative balance. Try designing a coaster that's really scary that won't end up causing accidents!

    The second disc, "Corkscrew Follies" includes even more coaster types, new rides and new attractions, and 30 more scenarios for you to attempt - many quite a bit different, with varying difficulty levels, from the original disc.

    The Corkscrew coasters, the Steel Twister coasters, the Side Friction coasters, and the Virginia Reels make great additions to RCT parks you have already designed and saved, and also provide more rides to design tracks for. My favorite section of this add-on is the ability to paint tracks different colors in different places. Even a small touch like this one can add to more customer appreciation of your rides and your park. The new scenarios include many really unusual parks - including ones built on seaside cliffs and ones built in the middle of the desert.

    "Loopy Landscapes", the third in the series, adds 30 more scenarios, a couple new coasters, more rides and attractions, and more new theme sets. Many of the scenarios for you to complete are coaster finishing challenges - where you are given coasters that have already begun construction and are challenged to finish it and have it be exciting enough without being too nausea inducing. These are the most challenging scenarios so far.

    It also contains six more new themes for your park, allowing you to create Jurassic Park rip-offs, Martian madness, Wonderland fantasies, and many others. I especially enjoy the addition of complete park themes - many real parks have themes such as "Wild West", "Far East", "Americana", and others, and themes give you a chance to try these out while playing the game.

    In the Gold Edition you get all of this in one convenient package for the same price as the original game. This gives you almost 100 scenarios, all of the park themes and theme ride entrances, all the shops - including the long-awaited "T-Shirt Shop" and the really strange and fun "Tentacle" shop, and more. Yes, all the rides from all three editions, and all of the expansions to these rides. This makes this package one of the best values in coaster building games. This edition also includes the "freebies" that are offered on the Roller Coaster Tycoon website - three Roller Coaster Tycoon versions of actual amusement parks, and the "Fort Ticonderoga" park.

    The replay value of this collection is great. I find myself being drawn back over and over again to see if I can better my previous rating or ending park value, or both, or add something to the previous parks to make them more interesting.

    My only complaint is that there is still no scenario design package included with this game. I'd like to be able to design my own starter parks to share with others - possibly even something as elaborate as Disneyland or Walt Disney World. However, I've heard that there is a new expansion under way that may give us scenario designing tools.

    If you've never tried Roller Coaster Tycoon, and you like amusement parks, you'll love the ability to design and build your own park. The Gold Edition gives you all the current versions of the program, and if you don't own Roller Coaster Tycoon already, it makes a great addition to your computer game program library. If you already own RCT, then it may still be a good value due to its inclusion of both of the expansion packs.

    Watch out Walt Disney - here comes Roller Coaster Tycoon!...more info

  • This is an Awesome Game!
    This game is for theme park dreamers. If you don't have this game get it! I know RCT2 is coming out but it won't have things on the expansion packs like a flying coaster and things like a vertical loop on the suspended coaster. Oh yeah and for the problem with the flat land if you'll go RCT clubs if you're lucky you can find a blank park where there are no boundaries and all the land is flat! Plus you get $50,000 to start of with! This game is amazing if you know how to build on a computer! I thought it was very simple to learn....more info
  • VERY Addictave......
    This is by far the best game I own! I don't regret buying it a bit! I only wish that I had more time to play it! Between school and home work, there isn't much time to play it! But when I do play it, I am very overwellemed by all the amazing things you can do! There's now wonder why it was the game of the year! It really deserved it! This is the best game in the world! Go get it today! You will NOT be sorry! I wasn't!...more info
  • A great pastime
    RCT has made a lot of memories for my friend and me. The gameplay is great and makes you want to play more and more. And with the expansions (Loopy Landscapes and Corksrew Follies), it makes the game even more fun, adding new and exciting pre-built rides and new park landscapes for you to build on. Building your own coasters (and other rides) is amazing on here. But a drawback is that usually if you think a ride is totally awesome and ANYONE would want to ride it, the guests at the park usually think it's too intense or nauseating. But, there are always pre-built rides that they love if you can't seem to build a non-intense coaster. I urge you to buy this game, as it will probably run on any computer possible....more info
  • Old game
    Roller Coaster Tycoon is one of my favorite PC games. That's why I'm reviewing this. The hardest part of all in this game is the Arid Heights park in "Loopy Landscapes". But after you beat all the scenarios in the game, you will unlock Mega park, the biggest theme park of all. Now when it comes to the rides, it's just okay. It could use some improvements. Why? Because the rides are not many. Like in some park, it only shows at laest only 1 ride in a section like the roller coasters, thrill rides. Still, the game is cool....more info
  • i love rct, but 1 prob with this
    if loopy landscapes includes corkscrew follies, why do they give you the corkscrew follies cd????...more info
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon Gold Edition
    i think this is a great game because i think it is cool when the handy men come and sweep up all the barf on the ground.i think that is funny!i love all the different rides and parks. I also like when you claw people like in a claw machine then you can drop them in water and they will drown!ha ha ha!!!! i love doing that. aaaaaaaaaa!! that is what they say when they go down on a roller coaster.they all sceam like a girl (unlike me). roller coaster tycoon is the best!!!!!...more info
  • GREAT!!!!!!
    Ok, I don't have this, but I have all 3 versions individually. And they ROCK BABY!! GET IT AND YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!...more info
  • There's nothing quite like the original
    I bought this game pack a year ago and have enjoyed it ever since. It was a good value then, and even more so now with RCT 3 coming out in November. I too would recommend playing the original RCT before you move on to RCT 2 or 3. It may seem pretty rustic, especially compared to the screen shots of RCT 3, but it's a lot of fun and at an excellent price. ...more info