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Circulon Classic 14-Piece Cookware Set
List Price: $728.00

Our Price: $229.99

You Save: $498.01 (68%)


Product Description

This functional 14-piece set offers a complete array of cookware for the kitchen at a reasonable price. The set includes three covered saucepans in 2-, 3-, and 4-quart sizes; 5-1/2- and 8-quart covered stockpots; 8- and 10-inch shallow French skillets; and a 12-inch, 5-quart covered saut¨¦ pan. The exteriors of the pans in this set are durable hard-anodized aluminum while a hard-anodized aluminum core distributes heat evenly through the pans without hot spots. Three coats of DuPont nonstick coating line the pan's interiors. Circulon's patented Hi-Low grooves protect the nonstick coating from wear by exposing only a small portion of the nonstick surface to cooking. The result is longer lasting performance and easy cleaning. The 18/10 stainless steel lids are slightly domed to capture moisture when steaming or braising foods. Handles are made of stay-cool heat-resistant plastic and are oven-safe to 350 degrees F. This cookware is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

What's in the Box
2-quart saucepan with lid; 3-quart saucepan with lid; 4-quart saucepan with lid; 5-1/2-quart stockpot with lid; 8-quart stockpot with lid; 12-inch, 5-quart saut¨¦ pan with lid; 8-inch French skillet; 10-inch French skillet

  • 2-, 3-, 4-quart covered saucepans; 8-, 10-inch skillets; 5-1/2-, 8-quart covered stockpots; 5-quart saute
  • Hard-anodized exteriors with aluminum core for optimum heat distribution
  • Interiors have three coats of Dupont nonstick, Hi-Low grooves for superior food release
  • Stay-cool safety-grip handles; 18/10 stainless steel lids
  • Oven-safe to 350 degrees F; lifetime limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Solid and stylish
    This set is as solid as they come. The quality control is the best and the finish is superb. My wife has had her old cookware for close to fifteen years and when she saw these she kept asking me why didn't I buy this for her sooner. Non-stick, easy to clean with nice lines, and the price was simply fantastic....more info
  • Excellent
    I got this set for my wedding and we love it. Every time my parents came over they just raved about it. It has no coating that flakes of like Teflon does. We finally purchased a set for my parents and they couldn't be happier. ...more info
  • Circulon mostly OK but candy flops
    I'm pretty happy with my Circulon saucepans and skillets, and have been careful to care for them as directed. They've been very easy to clean and heat quite evenly. The problem I have, though, is that candy recipes always flop when made in these saucepans. I have recipes I've made for over 20 years, with never a flop no matter the altitude, weather, or pan----until now. Is there something going on with the non-stick finish from these pans? Has anyone else had this problem? I bought a glass saucepan and the candy again turns out just fine...............hmmm...more info
  • Circulon Classic pans
    This set was given to my son as a birthday gift. One pan was so mishapen that the lid didn't fit and one pan had a gouge in the cooking surface. He sent it back, an inconvenience, and received back another set which had one mishapen pot, which he forced into shape and another with a less severe gouge. He decided to keep the set. I own this cookware, which I bought locally several years ago, and it has been an exceptional set of cookware. I am very disappointed in Amazon for sending out cookware with major flaws. I will think twice before I order from Amazon again....more info
  • Awesome is the word
    Yes I have only had this for 3 months.. But I am in awe with how well it works. Nothing sticks.. Cleaning is easy. Once I spilt oil on the side of the pan and saw it after it was all charred on the side. But a quick wash under some hot water and the stain was out.. Love it!!!...more info
  • 17 year Circulon user!
    I got several Circulon pots and pans when I got married 17 years ago. Every one of them is still being used! I just ordered this set because it has a few pieces I never got around to getting but have always wanted, some will be duplicates and the 8 qt stock pot will be a replacement to my original. It still has quite a bit of life left in it and considering that it has been used a minimum of once a week for 17 years (and put in the dishwasher more times than I care to admit), it is in incredible shape! Once I stopped putting it in the dishwasher, the light "film" you get on the outside from putting it in the dishwasher has come off. It still looks good, the lid still fits perfectly, no dents - still shiny. There is absolutely no warping to this pot. A slight amount of the finish on the inside is coming off. But after 17 years of use - we never baby our cookware - it is in great shape. All our other pieces (dutch ovens, several pans, wok, double boiler) are still in like-new shape.

    Buy with confidence! This is an incredible deal - and the last set you'll need to buy...well, maybe for 17 years! ; )

    Edited to add: I received this set last week. It is not the same quality as my original pots/pans. The circular finish is only on the bottom of the pots, not the sides like the originals. Like other reviewers have noted, the 8 qt. stockpot is slightly warped and the lid doesn't fit perfectly. None of the finish has flaked off though....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I love these pots and pans. Nothing sticks to them and they cook evenly, heat up quickly and cool down quickly as well:) I am so happy with my purchase of these pans I would recommend them to anyone....more info
  • Best Ever
    I have tried quite a few different brands. None ever seem to be non stick as they claim. Someone told me to try Circulon.

    I got my set at Macy's and included was 2 extra bonus pots and it was wonderful. I always heat up my pots before using, and let me tell you...NOTHING sticks to these. I have burnt sugar, cheese and everything you can think of and nothing sticks. I love how even they cook my food. They are heavy duty to the touch and very easy to care for.

    If I were anyone buying these, I would buy at a local store like Macy's. They are always offering bonus items. Can't beat it....more info
  • Excellent product! Very glad I made this purchase!
    These pots and pans clean up so easy, I love them! Nothing ever sticks, cooks evenly -- in short they're great. I do make sure I always use utensils made for this type of cookware, either plastic or wooden. ...more info
  • great cookware at a great price
    we have owned a couple of Ciculon pieces and we have always loved them. we could not pass up the deal that Amazon had for the set....more info
  • Had cheaper sets that were better
    I have to say i've had cheaper sets that were better. Seams hard to regulate the heat on them. Some of my pots have the coating on the outside peeling off, Looks horrible. And I purchased an 11" square pan for $39.95 That is worthless. I've been cooking for 53 years and can't seem to make grilled cheese, pancakes french toast ETC. Either they don't cook or they burn. Think i'll go back to that $9.99 wearever pan.

    For a set that is supposed to retail for $399.99, I paid $249.99 on sale plus about another $150. for the extras to complete the set, I'd have to say PASS on these.

    T J
    ...more info
  • Love this set
    Absolutely love this set. Super easy to clean and has almost all sizes you would ever need. A little heavy but I guess that is because of its awesome quality. And for this price of $129, you cant beat it. I bought this set when it was for $149....more info
  • circulon pans
    I love my pans, even cooking, ease of cleanup, make them a dream to use...more info
  • Ciculon Classic 14Pc set Cookware
    We love the set and have them in FL and MI and love to cook in them. As with any nonstick surface high heat abuse will eventully ruin the coating.
    Use them with care and they will last for many years. We have purchased sets as Xmas presents for our daughters and they love them as well. We bougt our first set on Amazon several years ago and purchased three more sets this past year. Buy Try and Enjoy!...more info
  • Best I ever had. A great buy!
    Granted, it is an investment, so I take care of it, but this set is so awesome. I have owned mine for three years now and am ordering more pieces for big holiday meals. I have not had any flaking as some have said. There is some staining on the outside, which doesn't bother me too much, but you can scrub the OUTSIDE with a brillo pad and clean it up really well!

    These cook evenly and are very sturdy. I have not had any warping. One thing that really helps is that I let pans cool before putting them in water. This avoids warping and flaking. They are heavy to hold, but I would not have it any other way. The thin, light-weight stuff just does not hold up!

    I bought the 14 piece set for $400 at Gourmet Kitchen Outlet. Currently Amazon has that price beat by far. A great deal!!!! I wish I knew more people to buy them for! They make a great wedding, anniversary or Christmas gift!!!

    Another recommendation is the Airbake cookie sheets. I love to bake and these cookie sheets allow even heat distribution to avoid burning on the bottoms. Best $15 ever spent!...more info
  • Circulon Cookware
    I am very happy with this cookware. It cooks great and cleans up better than any I have ever used. Very satisfied....more info
  • cooking with circulon
    This is my 2nd set of circulon. I bought my first 12 piece set in 1994. This 14 peice set has a few larger saucepans and I was still able to keep several of the peices from the 1st set. I like the set with the metal lids and the only changes between the 2 sets are the size of the ridges. This one has slightly larger ridge patterns of high/low cooking surface. I really checked the new set out when it came as I purchased it at an awesome price and was concerned that it may be lower quality. I was very pleased to see that it was so similar to my other set! I am already using the new set and cleanup is easy. I felt like a kid with a new set of toys checking out my new cookware. Soooo get cookin with circulon!!! :)

    ...more info
  • Gooves make cooking and cleaning difficult
    We have owned a set of these for perhaps 10 years. Within a few months of our purchase we concluded that the grooves were a gimmick. As described in more detail below, they make cooking and cleaning more difficult. Accordingly, we have slowly replaced the often used ones with flat bottom pans. Overall, we rate all the good quality flat bottom pans we have owned and used for a while as more enjoyable to cook with than these.

    The good points:
    The hard plastic handles are comfortable and insulate well. The heavy aluminum construction distributes heat evenly. They have survived 10 years of occasional mishaps with no dents. The steel lids have maintained their shapes but show scratches as would be expected. Only the most use pans show slight ware on the circular ridges.

    Bad Points:
    The circular grooves grip food making it very difficult to slide or nudge food around during frying or sauteing. Sliding and flipping eggs, omelets or pancakes is virtually impossible without first lifting the contents. After a year or two, we gave up and bought flat bottom pans for this type of cooking.

    As a sauce thickens, the tiny trapped in the grooves often hardens and sometime burns before the balance of the sauce appears to be done. Avoiding this requires constant stirring. The problem is similar for cream soups and anything thickened with flower or corn starch.

    The crust of items dusted in flower or bread crumbs and then browned tends to stick in the grooves unless there is plenty of oil in the pan initially and throughout cooking. Often, a flat edge spatula won't peal food out of the grooves.

    Except for watery preparations like boiled eggs, potatoes, and some soups, it is seldom possible to dislodging food from the grooved bottom surfaces by firm wiping or by washing with a sponge. Washing first with a bristle brush became our standard procedure. Nevertheless, within a year or two of our purchase the tiny grooves on the bottom of the pans we used for frying became permanently filled in with dark burned-on goop.
    ...more info
  • circulon classic 14 piece cookware
    best I have ever used love it,food jumps out of the pan.Will never use another brand clean up is a breeze....more info
  • I hate the grooves
    I do not like the grooves on the inside. After a couple years, very hard to clean....more info
  • Awesome Cookware!
    My mom purchased this cookware several years ago. Since then she has purchased it for myself, my sister, and both of my sister-in-law's. I just purchased it for my daughter. We just really enjoy how the heat distributes evenly,it's a breeze to clean and it does not stick even when you do happen to burn something. You want regret the investment in this product....more info
  • Some lids didn't fit
    The set looked nice. As I was unpacking it, though, I thought I was missing a lid. I finally realized the lid given for the large pan just wasn't even close to fitting. Unfortunately, that meant I had to repackage the whole thing and return it. If you order this product, unpack carefully, you may need to return it....more info