Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit
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Product Description

Driveway Patrol infrared wireless alarm system Use to monitor the mailbox, garage, driveway or countless other places Battery operation and 400 foot range means no wiring is necessary When a vehicle or person passes the sensor, the receiver emits an audible tone

When a visitor--wanted or unwanted--approaches a house on foot or in a vehicle the motion-detecting sensor unit of this warning device sends a signal to the receiver indoors, which chimes an alert. The device is wireless and has a 400-foot range. It requires three C-cell batteries for the receiver and one 9-volt battery for the transmitting sensor. (Batteries are not included.) The sensor is housed in weather-resistant plastic, installs with a screw on any surface, such as a mailbox post, garage, or door, and measures 4-1/4 inches high, 2-5/8 inches wide, and 2-1/4 inches deep. The portable receiver has an identical housing, can be set to chime high or low (or turned off), and measures 5 inches high, 3-5/8 inches wide, and 1-1/2 inches deep. --Fred Brack

  • Sends alert when people, vehicles enter driveway or approach mailbox
  • Wireless; motion-activated; weather-resistant; 400-foot range
  • Sensor installs with screw on any surface: door, post, garage
  • Portable receiver has three settings: high or low chimes and ?off?
  • Operates on one 9-volt and three C-cell batteries (which are not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Good wind detector
    The Driveway Patrol has a serious problems with false alarms. I have enclosed it in a bird house to protect it from the sun but every breeze sets off the alarm. My motion sensor lights include technology that prevents false triggering by wind. I suggest that the manufacturer incorporate this feature and they would have a real winner....more info
    I only ordered one of these,but I just ordered 3 more! It's that good. Warning:It's sensative. No false alarms. Nice loud alarm. It won't stop until the movement stops. If that alarm goes off something is moving around. Excellent for outside. The reciever and sensor do not have to be on top of each other to work either. Unfortunately I wasted my money on the "Household Alert". Don't buy it! See my review on it. ...more info
  • driveway patrol sensor
    this is not a good product at all. All we ever heard was the beeping noise. Heat effects it. Winds effect it. Bugs flying by effect it. If it's raining it will not work covered or not. Absolutely a waste of money. It was constantly going off. Not at all what we expected. Returned the product for refund will look for something better.
    Would not recommend to anyone....more info
  • Waste of Money
    Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit
    A. There were numerous false alarms.
    B. There was no alarm at all sometimes, when a car would enter.
    C. Customer service was just about impossible to locate and contact.
    D. Company would not give a refund. ...more info
  • Driveway Patrol
    This product is very sensitive. It goes off w/o reason. We have taped all but the center off and it still goes off when the wind blows the tress in the yard. However, it does let us know when UPS has sneakly left a package....more info
  • Cheap price = cheap product
    It works great if you're outside near the sensor, but it doesn't do so well when it's inside. 100ft, it's more like 25 ft....more info
  • Someone's here!
    I work from home, and my office has no windows. so when someone comes over; unless they knock right at the office wall; I miss them.

    This has worked great for 3 days; with only false alarms for deer wandering thru the driveway.

    I can't believe this cheap (hmm, sorry, inexpensive) device works this well. Battery life has yet to be determined; but the performance of it is nice.
    ...more info
  • you know someone is there
    This device definitely lets you know when someone is there, whether it's a person, or a lizzard, or dripping water. Aside from being very sensative and VERY, VERY LOUD, even on the low setting it does work and is a good value for the price. I've gotten in the habit of turning it on when I'm expecting someone and at night, otherwise I keep it off....more info
  • not waste your money....
    Do not waste your money....I've had a few types and this one as well and only one ever worked semi-well....only luck....more info
  • Works GREAT
    I have a home you cannot see from the street and I work at home all day. This driveway alarm as saved me from so many "unwanted" visitors. I don't have to open my door unnecessarily now, not knowing who's on the other side.

    The alarm started going off frequently from squirrels and cats. I raised the alarm to 5 feet or so off the ground and now it does not pick up the false alarms. We already have leaves falling here and so far it's not picking them up. If so, oh well! I can just turn off the alarm on days it's sensing too much. My sensory is in a wooded area away from direct sunlight, which I heard can cause false alarms.

    I LOVE THIS DEVICE! Best purchase I have made in a while!

    You may need to readjust the positioning of the sensor but once you have it figured out, it's great.

    Yes, there is only off, low and high. the high can be heard from the backyard if the windows are open. You can't miss the low one! I have my receiver mounted in the foyer away from where anyone can sit and be "chimed in the ear!

    ...more info
  • Gets the job done
    I recently purchased two more of the driveway patrol sensors because they work fantastically. My first sensor was mounted near our front door to let us know when guests are approaching and since our doorbell is not the loudest one this takes care of that. If I was going to say there was any issue with this product is that the receiver makes the chime noise three times in a row. That can get quite annoying at times but its not unbearable, we keep the receiver in a convenient location to change the volume and to shut it off if we need to....more info
  • Interresting idea, handy in some situations
    I purchased this to let me know when someone was coming at work. The environment is very hot, and can give the occasional false positive depending on where it is placed. The hotter the environment, the more false alarms you'll get (probably mid-high 90s and above). Nice to have portability and 2 volume settings. Works pretty well, but is not a replacement for a security system. More a convenience. Haven't used it more than a day, but so far it works as expected.
    Also, this is a passive infrared sensor. It will not work through glass. It checks for rapid changes in heat emitted by objects crossing it's path. It does not emit any light/signal for detection (based on what I have read online about the function of passive infrared sensors)....more info
  • Driveway Patrol Sensor
    This product works as described. The only problem arises from motion of adjacent trees or bushes when the wind blows....more info
  • not for the out side area
    this product is ok i guess . it works fine but i thought i am getting some thing for my driveway . but this product dose not work in the rain . i think it's only for the inside .. mine worked for only a week after it rain it stoped and didn't work . so if you getting it for the out side thing don't get this product my friend ...more info
  • Works, but buyer beware
    I bought one of these a year ago. It stopped working after 14 months.
    When it worked, it worked well. Few false alarms (mostly because of the sun hitting it at a certain angle).
    For the money, I suppose it's worth it, but not much more!...more info
  • you got to be kidding !
    I can't believe I even payed for thi thing. What was I thinking. It doesn't work at all. Except for the little red light on the reciever blinks,but no warning of anything crossing it's path.
    So do yourself a favor and look for something else...more info
  • Disappointed
    We had one of these Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit and it lasted for years. However, this one did not last two weeks. Quite possibly moisture was the problem and it failed shortly after a very hard rain. ...more info
  • This product does not work!

    Hooked it up, it proceded to start chiming and never stop. I adjust it time and time again it either went off continuously of never went off....more info
  • A great unit that could be better with some modification
    My mother forgets that she can be unstable when walking, so I wanted a way to know when she was getting up so I could make sure she was safe. This unit has worked well. I can put it anywhere so that when she gets up and moves forward, the alarm sounds.

    But, the alarm is much too loud. Even the low level is too loud. And, it would be better to sound only once when something crosses its path. If something moves very slowly or stops, the alarm sounds over and over and over until the path is clear. If these two things could be fixed, this would be an outstanding product....more info
    I bought this product a month ago and was amazed that it actually worked. For the money, you can't beat it. I was worried about battery life, so I bought a Chamberlain system. This Driveway Alert EXCEEDS the Chamberlain's range and picks up people and cars better than the Chamberlain system!

    I am currently getting an easy 100 feet range from transmitter to receiver from this product and it has yet to "false alarm" on me and has yet to not recognize a person in it's range. That range would probably be longer but at 100 feet, it has to transmit through two insulated walls with steel doors in my garage and through my insulated house wall to reach the receiver in my home.

    The Chamberlain's transmitter detection range is good for FIFTEEN FEET MAXIMUM! This system easily exceeds that range to nearly double. I quit testing it at approx. 25 feet. Thats all the range I need from the transmitter. It may pick up even further. The pick-up range from the Chamberlain transmitter is LESS than this unit!

    This receiver has a jack for AC use in order to bypass battery use. I have ordered an adapter for this. It ran me ten bucks, shipped. The 9 volt batteries in the receivers are still going strong and I think they will last quite a while before they will need new ones. I have two of these units equaling two transmitters and two receivers. This cost TEN DOLLARS less than HALF of what the Chamberlain unit cost me! I paid $89.00 for the Chamberlain unit with one receiver and two transmitters.

    I tested both side by side and this system is better and by far more reliable. The receiver has a hi/lo volume control and lights up better than a Chamberlain receiver does, plus the sound is a chime rather than an annoying buzz that you can barely hear. The Chamberlain receiver doesn't offer ANY sort of volume adjustment.

    I'm not sure how they handle rain, but there is a rubber gasket surrounding the battery door. The Chamberlain unit doesn't even have a gasket on their transmitters. You can be creative and make a bird house to put the transmitter in, as one person on here said, or you can mount the transmitter under a ledge or make a little "roof" over it to keep water from getting on it. I use mine for inside use, but as I said, I have tested them back to back outside and the performance beat the Chamberlain system.

    There IS an led light on these transmitters that lights up whenever it has been tripped. I think it is there so the owner can check it at the transmitter to see if it is in need of a battery change. If you don't want the light, I would put a piece of tape over the led. On the Chamberlain system the trip light led is BEHIND THE SENSOR SCREEN and there is NO WAY I know of to get it to stop lighting up because if you put tape over the sensor screen of their transmitter, you are covering it and making it impossible to pick up anything.

    This system is great and works great and is 1/4 the price of a Chamberlain system! You may want to buy an AC adapter for the receiver to save money on batteries. In my opinion and from my testing of both systems, this one is the winner, hands-down. It is a great little unit and you can't beat it for the money or for the performance. You decide....more info
  • Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit
    I would not recommend this product to anyone.
    When I recieved the item it was defective. i returned the item and finally a week later recieved another one. I had to turn the unit off in the house because all it would do is false alarm.
    Not happy with this product @ all....more info
  • Pleased with product
    Pleased with product - thank you. Prior effort to review purchase on Amazon did not work correctly....more info
  • Just what I needed for alert me when someone gets close to my driveway or anywhere you need warning alert A+A+A+
    Just what I needed for alert me when someone gets close to my driveway or anywhere you need warning alert A+A+A+...more info
  • Does its job very well
    We use this to help train our dog going into her dog run to do her business. She gets a treat when she does. She has to go through two doggy doors to get into her run, so sometimes she tries a shortcut and pees in the garage. Now, she can't fool us and is learning that treats come only when she makes it outside into her run.
    The unit rings a chime when triggered. No problem on range - about 70 feet through many walls and a cabinet. Works great. The sensor is outside in the rain and still no problem. ...more info
  • Great service
    Unit arrived with a problem in the receiving unit. They immediately replaced it to my satisfaction. Great customer service using email. Totally satisfied with the product....more info
  • Great for the price.
    This is a great solution to let us know when someone is coming down our long driveway. Set up was easy and works well. We did have to place it about 4 feet off the ground to keep the wildlife in our area from registering. Great product for the price. ...more info
  • Great Item!
    We bought this product to catch doorbell ditchers that have plauged us for 14 months! Works like a charm! It's easy to set up and use and gives fair warning to give you the advantage of knowing who's approaching your door. We searched all over for similar products that didn't receive good reviews and cost alot more money. This product earned its great reviews by doing what promised. Great item! We would buy this item again!!!!...more info
  • Good for the price
    There is good and bad news to report.

    First the good news.

    It works.
    It is inexpensive.
    Simple to set up.

    Now for the bad news

    Unless you have direct line of sight expect the range to be around 100 feet
    My sensor had a null in the middle and was much more sensitive on the sides.

    My best guess is that this unit at $11.50 probably did not pass all the factory tests. After reading the reviews I elected to construct a small bird house for the sensor to reside in. This was to hide the sensor and protect it from the Northwest Rain. Once it was mounted in the appropriate area I found that the Cedar Tree effectively shielded most of the signal (limited the range to 100 feet). To resolve this I simply added about 20 feet of wire beginning near the sensor (a small loop or two) and running around the tree to the area that would give me a line of sight. This effectively extended the range without having to actually attach or break into the sensor. Now the unit works as advertised. I now need to talk to the paper boy about turning around in our drive at 5 am....more info
  • It Works
    This item worked first time right out of the box. Installation so simple even grandpa did it in under two minutes. This very affordable unit is portable so you can have the receiver almost any where you are or want it to be. Best thing about it. "It Works"...more info
  • excellent product and very affordable
    i got this item for my work. every time my patient wakes up and gets up of bed, it wakes me up immediately so i'm always ready to help him whatever he needs. i just put the sensor under his bed, so the moment his right foot touches the floor, i'm already up no matter how deeply i was sleeping. this product is excellent for me and also very cheap. but i'm just wondering if they could make one that will vibrate in my wrist aside from making a sound to wake me up. in other words, it would be perfect if i could select from sound mode or vibrate mode. in vibrate mode, it will not wake someone else coz even the low volume setting of this gadget is loud enough during night time. it would be perfect also if they could just make an optional receiver unit - the vibrating one (for the wrist) - that i could just buy additionally for my existing unit. to TELEBrands: maybe if this idea would sell, it surely could, i'm the first customer, then please give me 30% of all the profit you will make- for some kind of intellectual property rights, hehehe.......more info
  • Perplexed
    As you know, I ordered 2 of the same. One worked and one didn't. I
    informed the shipper. They told me that they would send (e-mail) a
    return label, which won't print out for me. I sent them a reply
    informing them of this fact and have had no further instructions or
    correspondence from them....more info
  • Driveway Alarm
    We are extremely satisfied with the Driveway Alarm. It is positioned about 175 feet from the house and has not missed one visitor. Our dogs know the sound and run to the windows to see who is coming. We have the receiver set on low and have no problem hearing it. We had tried much more expensive units and had to return them because they did not work. This is a wonderful unit and the price is very affordable. We would highly recommend....more info
  • Great product, Great price
    The Driveway sensor is a great way to accomplish the goal of having an alert when you need it, for a small price. All the other negatives that others have commented on were true, the biggest one being a lack of a lower volume alarm. But, since I knew that in advance, I was prepared for it. I use the sensor to sound an alarm when a deer feeder in my yard is visited so that we can watch the deer. Not exactly it's intended use, but a good solution to a problem. I house dthe remote sensor in a birdhouse, across from the feeder, and put the alarm in a closet, so I can just close the door to the closet when I don't want to hear the alarm. Works great, works every time, and for a tenth of the price, it's a great option. ...more info
  • Driveway motion detector
    The Driveway Patrol does tell us when a person or car passes in front of it. But it also tells us if waving branches in high winds or frisky squirrels jump in front of it. We have narrowed its scope to 1/8 inch and trimmed nearby shrubs but still get about 4 false alarms a day (never at night). However, I think the times it is actually monitoring are worth the slight annoyance of the over sensitivity....more info
  • Decent product
    Product works exactly as advertised. Only complaint is the volume is too loud when on low setting....more info