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Moving Men 8-Piece Furniture Slider Set
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $6.99

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Product Description

Do not break your back the next time you want to rearrange your furniture or clean behind it - get the Moving Men. The Moving Men are furniture sliders that allow you to move your largest cabinets and couches easily. Just slip one under each leg of your furniture and slide it to the new location. Moving men are scientifically designed with a highly polished polymer and have a special cushion grip pad that the legs sit on. This is what allows you to slide your furniture effortlessly across your carpeting, just like skis on snow!

Made of a slippery polymer with a cushioned pad on top to grip legs securely, the eight disks in this set make it easy to move furniture and appliances around the house. The disks slip under the legs of beds, sofas, bookcases, pianos, and entertainment centers so they can be slid to different places. The set comprises four large disks (7-inches in diameter) and four small disks (3-1/2 inches in diameter). The large disks are designed for large furniture and the small disks for small-legged pieces plus washers, dryers, refrigerators, and other appliances. --Fred Brack

  • Four large, four small disks slip under furniture legs for easy moving
  • Made of slippery polymer, with cushioned pad on top to grip legs
  • Perfect for sliding beds, sofas, bookcases, heavy appliances
  • 7-inch disks for large furniture, 3-1/2-inch disks for small furniture
  • Small disks also for washers, dryers, refrigerators

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Product
    This product makes moving heavy pieces of furniture for cleaning much easier. It was very useful....more info
  • Handy tool
    I use my moving men all the time for rearranging furniture. I love them because I can move heavy furniture without asking for help....more info
  • Didn't work at all.
    A number of months ago I put some hard black plastic sliders under my sofa so that we could easily slide it over to our small flat panel monitor for "movie night" and then slide it back. Well, my wife wanted sliders under the dining room table too, and since the black ones went with the table I put them under the table legs, and then I put these so called "moving men" sliders undert the sofa legs to replace the hard black plasic ones I had moved to the dining room table.

    Surprise! The sofa doesn't slide any more. Not one bit. It seems that the plastic these are made of is way thinner and more flexible than the ones they replaced. These are actually just slightly bigger than the ones they replaced, so I think it's a fair comparison.

    Anyway, I've got to find more of those shiney hard black sliders. These are useless unless under really light furniture I suppose....more info
  • Fabulous little helpers, read advise
    I love these sliders. I bought them because I had some experience with my Mom's set and they are so worth it! Because I'm not a jerk like the reviewers who gave them only one star, I knew in advance that I shouldn't use these on bare floors because plastic is HARD. Yes, it actually is hard. My suggestion is to use these only on carpets and rugs and not smooth floors unless you know with absolute certainty there is not a speck of grit on your floors. Of course, this is how they're advertised by the maker, but you still have to tell folks. Okay, back to the sliders. I have no one to help me move my very heavy oak desk and once I got these puppies under each corner, I had no problems whatsoever. I also have two 7 foot high book cases and again, the larger sliders are perfect. The little ones I use for a teak wood coffee table, more to save the legs from stress, as the table is very old. It beats hiring someone to help with moving furniture....more info
  • great helper for moving furniture!
    I recently rearranged my son's room. With this little helper, I was able to try a dozen of different arrangements in a short time with ease. It can be used on floor and carpet. even my son can push his chest on the carpet. A must have in a house!...more info
  • Moving Men 8-Piece Furniture Sliders
    Worked great! Was able to move a heavy wood Futon across a carpet all by myself. I love them....more info
  • I saved my back and never looked back.
    The discs were really useful on carpeting--not so much on wooden floors--had a tendency to grab a little on wood.But,luckily most of the moving was on carpeted floors.I am a heart attack victim and I would recommend these for anyone. I moved heavy curio cabinets by myself....more info
  • Moving Men 8-Piece Furniture Slider Set
    I did not like this set. Although they were the correct size, proced right, delivered promptly - compared to the sliders I purchased at Home Depot (which work wonderfully - but the 7" sliders are only a few of the many sliders in the HD kit and I only wanted the 7" sliders) the "Moving Men" sliders do not slide very well at all....more info
  • Great product!
    Life saver at christmas time for moving all the great room furniture to get the christmas tree in! ...more info
  • Moving Men Did it For Me!
    I have very heavy furniture in my master bedroom. I needed to move the furniture and knew I couldn't without help. Being very independent and not wanting to ask for help, I ordered the Moving Men Slider set. I easily slipped the larger disks under the heavier furniture and the smaller disks under the lighter items. With the slider disks in place, I easily moved the furniture and repositioned it without any help. I would recommend these to anyone who would need to move furniture for cleaning, painting, or just to have a change in their furniture placement....more info
  • Great service
    A hard to find item that I was happy to able to find here. Received in perfect tiem and would by again from the seller...more info
  • Save Your Back
    If you are contemplating moving furniture yourself for any reason (I'm always rearranging the furniture), this is the smartest way to move heavy items. One person can move furniture that was completely impossible to move before using the sliders.

    The 4 giant sliders work well for treadmills, tables, heavy bookcases and couches. The smaller sliders work well under lighter items like chairs or small tables. The small sliders will slide out from under heavier items, so you might still want to use the giant ones for moving washers, dryers or refrigerators. The other issue is, you will have to get more sliders if you use these for moving those three items as it will be impossible to retrieve the two you used at the back of say the washer.

    You can use these to move loaded bookcases, but the truth is, you might compromise the bookcase, so I'd still advise removing at least half the books before you try this. Also, getting the sliders under the bookshelves is a little more difficult when they are full of books!

    Recently I used these while cleaning my carpets and they have an added bonus, because you can leave them under the furniture, move the furniture back over to the carpet you just cleaned and continue on. The plastic base keeps furniture safe even on a freshly cleaned carpet.

    Another use is while you are vacuuming or doing a big-time cleaning project. You can use the sliders under a bed and move the bed so you can vacuum more easily. I can think of many other uses, but the two main ones are moving heavy desks and for use when cleaning carpets. I'd highly recommend buying two or three boxes, although I've been able to survive with just one box so far. It would have been nice to have at least two boxes while cleaning the carpets.

    So, if you want to save your back from strain and you are tired of feeling achy and sore after moving furniture, give these a try. They will impress! The box is also sturdy enough to store the sliders for an extended period of time.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I can't believe how well this product worked. It made moving into my new place so easy. I could do everything myself including move my queen bed and large dresser. Definitly worth the money...more info
    I purchased these back in February and am just now getting the opportunity to utilize them and I must say... they are great. I recently hurt my back but still wanted to move my son's over size heavy furniture around in his room.
    I moved everything with ease and with no problems on my extra thick carpet. ...more info
  • Don't use on hardwood floors

    I used the furniture sliders to move a 75 gallon fish tank on a stand 3/4 empty. I was getting the carpet removed and the hardwood floor resurfaced.
    The sliders worked fine moving the tank with the carpet down. Moving the tank back on hardwood floors was impossible.
    ...more info
  • Incredible
    Just got these and used it to move a very heavy computer cabinet. I moved the cabinet once before and had to end up 'rolling' it from one room to another. This time I kept everything inside it and slide it across the house by myself. It was hard to push it since its so heavy but it was incredibly easy vs. the effort I would have to have done without it (especially since it saved me ~1 hour disconnecting/reconnecting all the computer stuff)....more info
  • Perfect movers
    The moving discs work great. You can literarly move furniture with little effort. It gluides across the floor - carpet, hardwood, linoleum - any surface. I had used them before but could not find any locally. came to my rescue and I had them at my door the next day....more info