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Skagen Men's Titanium Watch #170LTTM
List Price: $120.00

Our Price: $68.00

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Product Description

Strength and style. Signature Skagen mesh bands plated in grey surround a lightweight grey titanium case with unique open case legs. The grey sunray dial features three chrome hands and indicators with a date function above the six hour.

The Skagen men's titanium watch is a sophisticated addition to any businessman's wardrobe. This stylish timepiece is constructed with a 36-millimeter titanium case, a titanium bezel, and a matching 18-millimeter titanium linked bracelet with fold-over safety clasp. A durable mineral dial window protects the charcoal gray watch face, which features silver-tone hour indexes, a date calendar at six o'clock, and silver-tone hour, minute, and second hands. In addition, this quartz-movement-powered watch is water resistant to 99 feet.

  • Quartz movement
  • Mineral crystal
  • Case diameter: 36 mm
  • Titanium case; Charcoal Grey dial
  • Water-resistant to 99 feet (30 M)

Customer Reviews:

  • Love It! Best Watch I've Ever Owned!
    I bought this watch a little over a year ago and I love it. The Crystal is fine - not even a scratch - and quiet as a church mouse on Christmas Day.

    It's thin, it's light, it's quiet, and it losses only a second every two months.

    I've always hated wearing a watch; I've always taken them off when I'm at the office or in the car because they bother me so much. I don't even notice this one. I wear it all the time and rarely feel the need to get it off my wrist like I did with the others.

    I can't see owning anything but one of these. Personally even if I had to buy one every year or two I'd do it. ...more info
  • The best watch I've ever owned...
    This watch is the best watch I've ever owned. It's sleek design, lightweight, and overall eye-appeal makes it well worth what I paid for it! It really gets noticed when I wear it as well, and it accents any thing I'm wearing very well....more info
  • Nice watch, hard to read
    I was impressed with the look and feel of this watch, especially it's thinness and lightness. I ended up returning it, however, because its silver hands against a grey face were almost impossible to read in certain light....more info
  • Hard to read dial
    I got this watch as a gift 2 years ago. It still works great. No problem with the crystal breaking and I don't mind the ticking noise(watches tick). I have a big problem with being able to read the dial in any low light situations. I like a watch that I can glance at and know the time. This is a major annoyance to me....more info
  • Ignore the 5 stars - believe the negative comments
    I was pretty psyched when I got this last year because it looked amazing and the ticking didn't seem as bad as other people said. It really does look amazing and I've worn it every day and with suits.

    But then when I was traveling it randomly broke. I've never smacked this thing ridiculously hard and one day I looked at it and there was a big crack across the crystal. This propagated and got worse until it was almost completely unreadable. Plus, about halfway through its life the ticking got really noticeable. Sometimes loud enough to bug me when I was trying to sleep. Especially bad if you put it on hard surfaces in certain ways.

    Now, having owned it and see it broken, I have to agree with the others - looks great but unless you're set on it, avoid. Hope their customer service is good - if they'll replace it free of charge I'll edit this....more info
  • Noisy
    Like the looks of the watch. However, it's very noisy and the clasp tends to come apart after removing the watch. The face can also be difficult to read in bright light (reflection)....more info
  • Can Be Loud
    I bought this watch for the full $120 on a flight to Shanghai, and the receiver loves it. The main reason why I bought it is because it is solid titanium and won't irritate his metal allergy, but when I opened it I found that the clasp was stainless steel, which can cause problems. Nevertheless, he hasn't had a problem with it, but some other people might.

    I also agree with the people who say that the watch could use something to help visibility in the dark. They're right. The face is almost impossible to read in the dark even though it does look very handsome in the daytime.

    It is also loud. He never takes it off, but I can still hear it, particularly at night. Still, it looks gorgeous on him and will look good on anyone with a warmer skin tone. It's a lovely gunmetal grey....more info
    This is a great watch for casual or formal. I wear it to work everyday. The super thin, light weight watch works perfect for my day to day activities. I haven't had any problems with the watch being to noisy like others have said. I strongly recomend this watch to anyone....more info
  • Crystal is Fragile
    I've owned three of these watches and each one has had its crystal cracked. So, I finally got the hint and stopped buying them.

    It's a great watch, and very thin, very classy, but not durable in the least....more info
  • Good, solid watch
    Every review I read about this watch is true: it's light, stylish, has a loud ticking noise when off the wrist and can be hard to read in certain lighting.
    But overall, I am very pleased with the watch and so is its wearer....more info
  • Skagen Titanium Watch
    I love this watch. It is sleek, elegant, very compact and light weight. I can hardly tell that I am wearing a watch at all. The only negative would be it is not a watch to wear at night. It has no night capability....more info
  • A beautiful and quiet watch
    Just my review...a very stylish watch...that is a treat to the touch (very light on the wrist) and ears (unless one places the watch right up to the ear one can hear nothing)...for the life of me I don't know what the reviews are talking about. blessings to all......more info
  • Almost great
    On appearance I give this watch 5 stars. My only complaint is that the ticking sound is very pronounced. It seems that most of the noise is transmitted through the back so, if you wear it fairly snug like I do, it's almost silent. If you wear it loose like a bracelet, it could drive you crazy. The band is incredibly comfortable and easy to adjust and use. ...more info
  • Skagen Men's Titanium Watch
    Very nice watch. Smooth, sleek, comfortable, thin.
    I have had it for several months now and it still looks brand new. Crystal holding up well. Some trade-off on readability for fashion as the dial face and hands are near the same color. Overall, however, it is very nice....more info
  • Great watch, but one problem
    I recieved this watch as a gift about 5 months ago and I really like it. As a person with hairy arms I was looking for a nice watch that doesnt pull my hair out, which I find incredibly annoying. The titanium mesh band on this watch does a great job of of not catching those hairs. All of the finish and materials have held up well to the daily abuse that I give it.

    The only real problem I have with my watch is that it is incredibly loud. In relative silence I can hear it from 6-8 feet away and, if I think about it, I can hear it while watching TV. Although this isnt really a problem for me my girlfriend found it akin to something out of a Edgar Allen Poe story...a relentless ticking that drove her crazy. There is a possibility that its just my watch because its somehow defective....more info
  • Started Great...Ended Average
    First let me say that I loved this watch. Skagen consistently delivers a product that is elegant and simplistic. The design is something that really can be worn in any setting. Plus, the titanium design makes this watch unbelievable light. Most of the time you don't even know you have it on.

    Why then did I take off two stars?

    1. Sound: This really is a loud ticking watch. If your hearing isn't so great then it's not really a problem. But I am blessed/cursed with rather good hearing and I had to put the watch on the dresser, across the room, in my valet, under my wallet to keep from hearing it.

    2. Crystal: The crystal is the same mineralized material used in most fashion watches and sport watches like Timex. You'd think that would make it a little tougher but not really. It's exacerbated by the fact that the crystal "domes" up instead of laying flat so it's much more likely to crack when you hit it on something. Mine pretty much shattered when I bumped (not slammed mind you) in the wall moving a table. ...more info
  • Product Guarantee
    I bought this watch for my husband for Christmas and the crystal was broken when he unwrapped it. I had it fixed at my jewelers for the amount of $37.89. Will I be reimbursed for my expense? I have my receipt. Please send instructions.

    Thank you, Paula Rambo
    Amazon Account #4640188010363159...more info
  • Great value
    Given the sale price of $55.00, how can one go wrong with this Skagen titanium men's watch....more info
  • Nice watch, only one complaint.
    The watch is very nice and looks sharp. The only issues is with it's ticker. This watch has one of the loudest second hands I have every heard. I could even hear it while at the theater watching a movie with my wife. Other than that, I love it. ...more info
  • Liked my old Skagen better
    After 9 years, my old Skagen was ready to be put out to pasture (it still worked, but the crown wouldn't adjust the time). The 170LTTM was the closest I could find to a direct replacement, but I'm just not loving it. The crystal is slightly domed, which causes a lot of reflections, making it difficult to read in any light. Adding to that, the second hand is just as prominent as the minute hand, so taking a quick glance for the time isn't possible. On the plus side, the loud ticking that others have mentioned isn't a problem with mine, and the overall look is quite nice, and the finish is looking fine after several months. If my issues with the watch sound like nit-picking, then you can figure it rates at least 4 stars, probably 5. ...more info
  • My husband LOVES this watch!
    My husband has a smaller wrist, so big watches bug him and he takes them off when he golfs, etc... but this one he hardly feels so he just leaves it on. It's so versatile, you can dress it up or dress it down. Sleek.
    And now the price, in the $60's is unbeatable. We paid around $100 and it was still a good deal! I almost want to get a spare one. ...more info
  • Skagen
    I bought this watch a few years back. I liked everything about it, except for the SOUND! One other reviewer mentioned this, so I know it's not just me. This watch is loud, it ticks and you can hear it at night... drove me crazy, I used to put it in the closet and close the door, I could hear it 30 ft away from my bed at night. I emailed Skagen about the problem and a customer service rep emailed me back and basically said, "there's never been a problem, must be you", when I objected and pushed the issue I got a defensive email back from another Skagen rep basically saying that there has never been a problem with this watch, no defects, it's supposed to work this way. Well...I misplaced the watch about a year ago, and I haven't gone looking for it......more info
  • Some problems, but great customer service
    I bought this watch about a year ago. Pretty much all the previous reviews you may have read are true. First off, it's a beautiful and light watch, that goes with pretty much everything. Yes, the ticking is quite loud, but only if the backing is not muffled. While on your wrist, it's fine. I actually sleep with this on now, because it's so light, so it doesn't bother me.

    The watch has broken on me twice now. The first time, the glass cracked overnight, while I was sleeping. The second time, the second hand fell off. Both times, I sent it in to Skagen, and they repaired it/replaced it and sent mine back stright away, good as new. So yeah, while the thing breaks occasionally, the customer service and the limited lifetime warrenty makes up for it....more info
  • Nice watch for the price
    After reading several reviews for this watch I have to disagree with the comments about loud ticking noise and the strap not latching. I don't have either of these issues. The watch is however very difficult to read in dim lighting.
    The watch is really unexceptional - it offers good styling at a moderate price and that's about it....more info
  • My New Favorite Skagen Watch
    I love this watch! I selected it because it is similar in design to the 1999 stainless steel Skagen watch that I still love and wear. I chose this for its titanium case (my 1999 Skagen's finish has worn off of the case) and old band style. I have never had any need for repairs on the 1999 version and hope the same is true for this model.

    I read the reviews for this watch after I purchased it; and, before it arrived, I ordered a watch bra (28mm size) from luxlogs to protect the crystal. The watch bra fits the curved crystal, is barely detectable, and has kept the crystal damage free (despite my clumsy bumps and drops).

    I have good hearing and have not heard this watch ticking from my bedstand at night. Also, I knew from the photos of the watch that the dial would be hard to read at night before I purchased it.

    I am happy to have this new Skagen as I can retire my old 1999 version to yard work and athletic activities and keep the new, more business-worthy appearing Skagen for all other occasions.
    ...more info
  • Favorite of watches costing way-much more
    Too bad I accidentally smashed the first one. Could hardly wait 'til its replacement arrived. I wear this watch the most, while others stay in the drawer. Rarely wear the gold ones anymore, except for formal occasions. Don't know why some reviewers think this Skagen ticks too loud. They must have bionic ears ;-)...more info
  • Nice Watch
    I have had mine for two days now. It is what I expected: A lightweight, minimalist, stylish watch.

    Mine is quiet, I can hear it ticking only when held tight to my ear. The clasp takes some getting used to and the instruction could be clearer, but once one gets it figured out it works fine, including adjusting it. It is somewhat difficult to read in low light, but the hands while small are very reflective so changing the viewing angle a bit will usually bring them into clear view.
    ...more info
  • Superb Style at Reasonable Price
    For anyone who wants a slim, stylish watch which will attract many favourable comments,this is the watch for you. It keeps perfect time, is easy to see and the design is superb....more info
  • Crystal shattering a real design flaw
    As much as I admired Skagens for their style, simplicity and thinness, I have to recommend against purchasing them. I've had two crystals crack and shatter with less-than-normal-usage impacts over the past six months. Other users have commented here about the domed crystal contributing to their fragility--I wholeheartedly agree. If you purchase ANY of the current Skagen watches, you'll have to treat it extra-gingerly. No normal bumps against hard surfaces, no letting it accidentally slip off the table onto non-plush carpeted floors, no wearing it while engaged in sporting activities, etc. It's a disappointment for me, but I will not be purchasing another Skagen until they change the design of the crystal or concoct a tougher crystal....more info
  • Great for daily use
    I have not needed to buy a watch for myself in the last 25 years as I am often gifted with watch by family members. The one that I liked least was a Rolex Oyster as it is very heavy. The one that I liked most was a black sporty Tag Heuer as it was light and rugged. But this one finally failed despite repeated attempts to repair it. So after 25 years, I decided to get my own watch. It took me several months but when my search was over, I bought this Skagen watch.

    This Skagen watch is thin and very light. I also like its sleek simple design. It is able to withstand the rigors of daily use, and is usable even in the swimming pool. The watch band is comfortable and does not catch on my fairly hairy arm. It is also very easy to clean and is quite durable. I have hit the watch accidentally several times on the table and on concrete walls but no scratches so far.

    There are 2 aspects of this watch that can be improved. The first is that it needs some illuminated dials so that it would be readable at night. One would need a light source to read the time at night. I get around this difficulty by looking at the time in my mobile phone. The second is that a ticking sound can be heard when placed near the bedside on a quite night.

    This watch is priced very reasonably, and I would have been willing to pay many times more for this watch. I liked it so much that I decided to buy the recently released Skagen Men's Team CSC Titanium Watch # 723LTMLB. This watch seems to resolve the 2 issues I mentioned above. I also like its design much better than many of the Tag and Breitling watches available....more info
  • beautiful with some reservations
    The watch was even more attractive than it appeared. I had none of the noise problems that were described in other reviews. The mesh bracelet is not as comfortable as the leather bands I am used to. In low light it is sometimes difficult to see (my eyesight is good). But basically I am very satisfied....more info
  • Versatile and Great to Look At
    First, the minimalist design looks much better in person. I mainly bought this watch to wear at the office, but as it turns out, this Skagen is very versatile. Whether your dressing up or just going out, it works very nicely. So, in terms of looks, I'd give it a 5.

    In keeping with the minimalist approach, the list of features is short. The watch is light and the mesh band is comfortable to wear. I have smaller wrists and was delighted to find that the band can be easily adjusted to accomodate many different sizes. Also, the calendar is definately a plus.

    But while the minimalist approach pleases the eye during the day, at night, the watch becomes useless. I wish Skagen included some sort of glow-mechanism to illuminate some part of the watch in low light. Nothing. This is my only complaint.

    Overall, I love this watch. If I could rate the item a 4.5, I would. ...more info
  • Versatile, elegant, but fRaGiLe!
    I loved this watch. I'd been looking for a long time and when I found it I wanted it right away. It has a big, simple face and the band is a tight matte weave instead of glaring plated shine.

    But. The very first night when I set it gently on my bedside table, the entire crystal face cracked in a big circle all the way around. Warranty didn't cover problems with the face but the store owner took pity on me and gave me another. Two nights later I set the new one gently on the bedside table in the dark. When I woke up, the exact same pattern of catastrophic break.

    Now the owner said that nothing like that had ever happened before but it happened twice in a row and in very short order for me. If I were you I wouldn't risk it. You might not be lucky enough to get a refund....more info
  • Broken crystal
    I bought this watch for my husband as a birthday present he liked the sleek very thin design. After 2 DAYS!! Of owning the watch while sitting on the couch we heard a pop and the middle of the crystal cracked and popped out literally flying 2 feet in the air! He hadn't even moved. It reminded me of what happens when you place say a hot glass in cold water it will crack. the funny thing is that the crystal is like 1 inch and the very center of the crystal literally popped out leaving a hole and the remaining crystal still in the watch just an empty donut like hole. I know he didn't drop it or anything and he has an office job so it didn't get smacked around. Very disappointed and Dillard's would not return or exchange it so it is good to know that Skagen will replace it!...more info
  • Takes a lickin' and looks & works like new
    This is my second Skagen watch. I love the low profile and the fact I can wear it when I work on my car or in my woodshop without concern. Having shattered the face on my SS Skagen I bought this one so as not to be w/o a Skagen while my first was being repaired....more info
  • a watch for slender wrists
    This titanium Skagen watch was thin, light, and comfortable to wear all the time. My only disapointment was that the hands & hour marks did not have any luminous material to aid in reading the time in low light situations. I eventually scratched the crystal and then recently I somehow managed to crack the crystal which is not covered by the warranty. I will send it back to Skagen to get a new crystal ($25).

    My new replacement Skagen watch (342XLTTM) is bigger, heavier and the band is stiffer and barely fits my small wrist. It has the same natural grey color which does not wear off like others say happens with the black Skagens. The hands are luminous so it is easy to see in semi dark conditions. Both watches have a miniscule day of the month display which requires very sharp near vision to see.

    I have not come across other brands with such thin titanium cases plus the very durable and comfortable mesh bands and fully adjustable band clasps. I will soon have a two watch Skagen collection and will try to take better care of them!

    ...more info
  • Buy it somewhere else
    This is a great watch. I hate all of the large, heavy watches made for men. This one is a nice slim watch that doesn't get cought on shirt sleaves or feel like an arm iron. It looks good for casual or formal wear.

    I am disappointed with Amazon's price. It's not exceptionally good. The ripoff store at the mall has it for the same price, and after reading Jeff Bezos' introduction letter talking about how most jewelry stores have such high markups, I expected it to be less. Shop around online, I have seen it for 30% less. That more than covers the free shipping promo.

    It looks like Amazon's price for this item, when purchased directly from them, has dropped. It might be a good price when you read this, but definitely shop around in case it goes back up....more info
  • Very Nice
    Great Look to this watch - goes well with black or other color clothing. Very comfy band....more info
    Nice looking but with very serious design and/or manufacturing flaw - after LESS THAN 2 month of use in office environment glass CRACKED WITHOUT ANY IMPACT whatsoever. Now I'll have to find out if Skagen's customer service is any good. For $70 watch I certainly expected better quality.
    After reading other reviews for this models I realized that many other people had the same issue.
    BOTTOM LINE -AVOID!!!...more info
  • It's an ok watch
    it's light, stylish.

    But boy, it is LOUD. I listen to Mike and Mike in the morning when I drive to work, but I could still hear the watch ticking when I drive.

    I have yet had any problem with the crystal that other users are talking about.

    As long as you don't mind the ticking noise, it's not a bad watch to have. ...more info
  • nice simple watch
    it is a great watch. simple form. nice finish. comfortable tp wear, i hardly notice it on my arm.
    i would give it a 5 star, if you could illuminate it in the dark. i highly recommend this watch...more info
  • Excellent value for the $$
    I have other Skagen watches (this one replaces one that I smashed - long storey). The watch looks much more expensive than it is - so you can wear it with jeans or with a suit.

    Is very thin, fits extremely well, has an adjustable band that is very simple to use, and looks fantastic. What more could you ask for in a watch at this price. Oh - it is also very accutate!!!...more info