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Porter-Cable PIN100 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch 23-Gauge Pin Nailer
List Price: $172.04

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Product Description

The Porter-Cable PIN100 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch 23-Gauge Pin Nailer takes care of all of your finishing projects, such as crown molding and other molding, and does it quickly and efficiently. It uses a dual trigger feature to fire the 23-gauge micro pin nails from the 170 pin bottom load magazine. This smart pin nailer even recognizes the length of the nail and automatically adjusts accordingly. The rubber comfort grip ensures hours of easy operation.

  • 23-gauge pin nailer automatically adjusts to pin length
  • 170 pin magazine uses 1/2-inch to 1-inch long micro pin nails
  • Contoured rubber comfort grip; Dual trigger feature; operates at 60-100 PSI
  • Measures 6-1/4 inches tall and 9 inches tall; weighs two pounds
  • Includes 2,000 3/4-inch pin nails, 1/4-inch air fitting with dust cover, oil, wrench, and carrying case

Customer Reviews:

  • Almost perfect
    I purchased this gun several weeks ago and have been using it very frequently installing caps, small crowns and some moulding on my furniture. It works exactly as described and am very pleased with it's peformance. It shoots nails so small that the nail holes are almost invisible.

    I only have one gripe with it. The trigger is made out of cheap plastic! I would have thought such a well built gun would have a stronger trigger made out of metal. I was a little dissapointed initially, but I will just have to see if this trigger will outlast the gun. I would have given it a 5 if the trigger was metal like most solid pro guns....more info
  • Porter-Cable PIN100 23-Gauge Pin Nailer
    Nailer works perfectly on oaks and maple. A real time saver. No jams. I highly recommend this product for fine trim work....more info
  • good little pin nailer
    Straight forward, easy to use pin nailer. I have used it quite a bit since purchasing it and everything works as advertised. A week after I bought it, I found it at Home Depot for $10 less than I paid on Amazon. I have no regrets however. Amazon's service was fast and got it to my door in time for my project requiring a pinner....more info
  • Porter-Cable PIN100 23-Gauge Pin Nailer
    The nailer is light weight and well balanced. The head doesn't mar the wood surface and produces an almost indistinguishable hole in the wood. A great value....more info
  • Doesn't quite do the job
    I just couldn't seem to get the thing to reliably set pins below the surface of the wood. At best, it would set them even with
    the surface, leaving a nicely visible small shiny dot. At least 50% of the pins would stick up above the surface How much work is it to fix that sort of thing.

    I tried it on walnut, pine, poplar, and white oak with only marginal differences between species. I ran the air pressure way up at the nailer with no success. Pin length did not seem to make a difference either (I shot quite a few 1" and 3/4" pins).

    The only way I could get the thing to set the pins below the surface was to push the nose firmly into the wood. You guessed it, a noticable dimple from the pressure was the result.

    So am I crazy to expect that I can gently place the nose of the nailer against the workpiece, shoot a pin that sets 1/32"+ below the surface, wipe some putty in, and then stand back to admire the work? Such a nailer must exist, but it isn't this one....more info
  • great
    I've used this nail gun several times, I'm not a professional however i did many projects,
    it worked as well as I've needed to.
    This is a second unit I've bought.
    Love it....more info
  • nice nailer
    I have used a senco before and liked it a lot but porter cable is less expensive ($99 at amazon) and it is the usuall great porter cable quality. I have their router and biscuit slotter and three other nail guns and compressor. ALL work great. This gun is small and light. Drives the pin flush but use a light touch so the tool does not dent the wood. The two stage trigger is necessary because you do not have a safety at the nailing point. But it is easy to get used to. Not all pin nailers will drive every size pin, this one will. I anticipate using this one a lot....more info
  • Porter Cable Pin Nailer
    This pin nailer is performing flawlessly and I am very pleased with how well it drives pins in thin material without splitting....more info
  • Porter-Cable PIN100
    Product does its job but design could be better. I was disappointed to find that air pressure could not be adjusted at the pin nailer, itself, instead of having to adjust at the compressor. The double trigger safety takes a bit of getting used to; however, this comes, in time...more info
  • Throw away your wood filler
    After several weeks of debating the need for a pin nailer, I decided to go ahead and purchase one. The only thing left to do was research which model to buy. Compared to other brands, the Porter-Cable PIN100 had some great reviews and very few negative ones. Since I already owned two other Porter-Cable nailers and have been completely satisfied with them, I ordered the PIN100. I put it to work the same day it was delivered. One area of question/concern regarding other pinners was immediately put to rest: this pinner adequately sets the entire pin below the surface of the wood. I fired several pins into oak at 90 PSI without a single problem. All pinners will mar the wood if you press too hard when firing. By simply allowing the pinner to stand on its own weight, I was driving pins with perfection - and without a need for wood filler. Great job, Porter-Cable!...more info
  • Porter Cable 23-gage Pin Nailer Kit
    I recently purchased the Porter Cable 23-gage pin nailer and I'm 100% satistisfied. I'm a carpenter/shop finisher and I prepare and install cabinets and trim pieces. The pin nailer comes in handy when fastening molding or trim pieces where you don't want nail holes to show. Its also usefull when the trim piece is so delicate that nailing is of concern. The 23-gage pin nails hold pieces together without damage. The Porter cable pin nailer in my opinion is probably the best in its class and I highly recommend it. It is accurate when nailing and it is lite in weight. The purpose for the tool probably outways the cost and if your a tool junky like me and you like porter cable products you'll treasure this little guy.

    ...more info
  • pin nailer
    Porter-Cable PIN100 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch 23-Gauge Pin NailerI got this pin nailer because my wood working mentor had one. I use it to pin joints together while the glue dries. It saves a lot of time and I don't need as many clamps to do the job. If you read the instructions that come with the nailer you shouldn't have problems with it....more info
  • PC Pin Nailer
    As always, I am careful to give the required pre-use prep and treatment of tools I purchase. In this case, I simply placed several drops of the supplied oil into the air connect on the rear of the nailer. I used 1" pins into hard maple custom made moldings for a 6' long salt water aquarium hood. At this time there has never been a jam or failure. On one pin I was not super careful about the angle and the grain caused the tip of the pin to come out on the side. My fault, not the pinner. My only real complaint: the end of the pins do not countersink below the surface as far as I would like, and I am using 100 psi air pressure. I realize I am asking it to countersink into hard maple, but I wish there was an adjustment on the pinner to take care of this problem. ...more info
  • You Could Have Heard A Pin...
    By accident, I managed to have an opportunity to compare both this abd the Senco pin nailer in close combat. Actually, the accident was one too many jams with the Senco when I was in an irritable mood, which became the occasion for returning the one and buying the Porter-Cable. The second time through, I knew I had done the right thing.

    The project at hand required a lot of crawling around and under, and using several different lengths of pins. The PIN100 never jammed. In retrospect the only small irritations occurred before I got used to the trigger safety. Which insisted on doing what it was supposed to do - keeping me from pinning myself. This is a very light-weight, easy to work tool - perfect for hobbyists and for professionals.

    The nail size adjustment is automatic, if you follow the instructions. One thing to keep in mind is that the pins get driven below the surface only erratically. But they never stopped above the surface either. But remember to work with the air at about 100 psi. I wound up taking a nail and grinding the tip a bit to sink the pins, and this worked fine. On dark wood or with some carefil placement, they pretty much disappear.

    The best recommendation I can give is that I find myself reaching for the PIN100 a lot when I'm gluing up small joinery. It has saved me a lot of time and added an extra element of security. I think that if you try it, you will see what I mean....more info
  • Porter Cable 23 gauge Pin Nailer #PIN100
    This nailer is very compact, lightweight and versatile. Priced right for the average homeowner or contractor. ...more info
  • pin100 is a great tool
    Porter-Cable pin100 worked great right out of the box. You just have to make sure you put the pins in the right way..I put a few drops of oil in test fired a few shots an started right away. I got a few trim jobs done and the pins are hardly noticable...more info
  • Jams easily and often-
    Out of two sticks (100 each) of pins shot during my first project, there were more than 20 jams per stick. Although the jams were easily removed, it was the magnitude that was very disturbing...normally you may get 1 or 2 daily...not 20-40. The pressure was set correctly and I was using the pins provided in the kit but later changed to a PK package of pins on hand but the jams persisted. Other than jamming, the other features worked well. Of all my PK tools, this is the first to fail me....more info
  • Performs as intended
    I purchased this tool to hold small work in place while the glue dries. In particular, my wife had me build some valences for our windows, and the pin nailer came in handy to hold the 1/4 inch panels to the 1 X 4 pine while the glue dried. Also, it comes in handy for holding small molding strips for the same reason. I have a PC 16 gauge finish nailer, but the nails would have been too big for the job....more info
  • great tool
    I use this tool on a weekly basis, and as long as I keep it oiled, it works flawlessly. When I first received it, the hammer was stuck. I loosened the top, oiled it, and it hasn't missed a beat since. I use it to attach finish trim, and have gone throught about 5000 pins in the past year through this tool. It's awesome for finish work. I'd highly recommend it to either the contractor or the advanced wood shop guy...more info
  • This pin nailer is junk !!!!! Don't waste your money.......
    I could rant and rave for hours over this pinner but I won't bore you all to death. I purchased 3 of these so called pinners for my shop and not one of them ever worked. All of them left 5 of 10 pins unset and all 3 pinners jammed about every 7 to 10 pins shot. And isn't that fun getting the allen wrench out to unscrew the front face to unjam it every couple of shots. Now if it were only one gun doing this I might think I have a bad piston assembly. But when all 3 perform the same way, heh, yes it is a bad piston assembly, designed by PC. You would be better off with the Senco micro pinner or even better yet buy the cheapest and most reliable one out there that I have found to date, and that would be the Grizzly pinner, made in good ol' Taiwan. At least it works.
    And forget any help from PC, they are all clueless and all they could tell me was to pay to ship it to them so they could look at it and pay to have it shipped back to me.

    Bottom line, junk.... Save your money...more info
  • It works.
    I purchased the Porter Cable pin nailer to use in constructing some stereo cabinets. I needed something that would allow me to hold molding in place while the glue set, but would not be too visible. The pin nailer performed as advertised leaving only the smallest of holes. Contrary to one review that complained of constant jamming, I have yet to have this happen!!! I am completely satisfied with the nailer....more info
  • good little gun
    I read a lot of reviews for several different pin nailers. I have nothing negative to say about this gun. Works beautifully every time. Considering it is three times "Less expensive", you can't go wrong....more info
  • Pin Nailer
    Nailer works great, having a 23 gauge pin nailer has certainly made finish work much easier. Loading the pins isn't difficult, but I'm never sure if it was done correctly....more info
  • micro pinner
    This is a great tool to own if you are into the fine details of woodworking. The tool performs very well and the hole is leaves looks like a speck. ...more info
  • Wish I had bought one of these sooner.
    I finally decided to take the plunge after hearing a friend of mine rave about how useful pinners are. I have to admit he is right. I have never had a jam or a pin that did not counter sink with this gun. It's perfect for small moldings and appliques. I don't have to worry about splitting my finer moldings as I have had happen when using my 18 gauge brad nailers. Use a gentle touch on soft woods or you will leave a mark as some reviewers have noted. The pin hole appears to be about 1/4 the size of that left by my 18 gauge brad nailers, to my eyes. I would recomend the PC pinner to anyone for delicate work....more info
  • Pin Nailer Qua;ity
    I am very satisfied with this product. I own several Porter Cable tools and have always been content with my choice. I think considering their very competitive price range they offer the best of both worlds in terms of satisfaction and quality. I highly recommend their products....more info
  • Excellent Product
    The pin nailer performed flawlessly during installation of very thin cherry trim moulding around perimeter of granite countertop to cabinets. The nail hole is practically invisible & no filling was required for the one-half inch pin....more info
  • NICE
  • great pin nailer
    i needed a smaller nailer to attach molding to various woodworking project i make. this was perfect. lightweight, easy to operate (even the double trigger was easy to use) and you could put the pins exactly where you wanted them. after experimenting with various wood dimensions, i got down to 1/8 inch and was still able to pin an attachment without splitting. the residual holes are visible in both light and dark woods, but more difficult to see in dark wood.
    pins penetrate hardwoods and soft woods well.
    just be sure to down set you pressure to about 65 psi or you will get *hammer* marks...more info
  • the nailer that consistantly jams
    When I first received this nailer I was in heaven, nolonger would I have large nail holes in the prefinished crown and trim that I use every day in putting up cabinets. The nailer worked great for a few months than it started to jam and miss fire, now I spend more time working on the gun than nailing!!! I am presently looking for another good micro pinner, can you recomend one? I have a friend who has a sinco and he is also having problems!!!...more info
  • Simply Amazing
    I have had this nailer since April and has seen a lot of use and I must say this is an excellent nailer. If you think and 18g nailer leaves a small hole you would be amazed that these nails leave next to no visible mark. You truly have to see it to believe it. I have used this nailer for fine trim work on night stands, coffee tables and other furniture with amazing results. It goes through oak, hickory, ash, and brazilan walnut with no problems. I have also used it to put on quarter round with excellent results. I have shot over well 2000 nails with this without a single jam or misfire. This is an excellent nailer at a great price....more info
  • Useful tool for delicate nailing
    This is a very nice tool. I make a lot of bird houses using thin wood, decorated with small branches. Using the pin nailer, I can put them together with glue and a few pins--no splits in thin wood and not very noticeable. This is another great Portable Cable tool....more info
  • It does its job
    It works fine. I had no jambs or any other problems. I like the compact size body and a little weight to it. However, the tip mars wood pretty bad. You need to be cafreful when you use it on rather soft wood. Grex comes with no mar tips, why PC can not?...more info
  • Great Pinner
    I build high end custom furniture for a living, and clamping molding or using break-away pins are both time consuming, not to mention using an 18ga nailer leaving holes. This nailer is a real time saver. I can pin my moldings and move on to the next piece without having to wait for my glue to set-up first. Two things worth mentioning: Have at least 100 psi pressure with a 1/4" hose, and use several drops of oil to ensure complete recessing of the pins in hard woods. Time vs. $, a great investment!...more info
  • great wire nail
    Throw the senco and grex away this is the best . easy to use no adjusting...more info
  • Porter-Cable Pin100
    This tool saves me a ton of time. I install cabinets and I no longer have to fill in nail holes in scribe. The tool performs wonderfully; automatically adjusts for different sized nails, no jams, durable, safety; excellent tool in both quality and invention....more info
  • Porter Cable 23 gage Pin Nailer
    I don't know how I got along without the neailer in the past. I have used it to secure the corners on several trophies that I had glued together. The trophies were made of ash, and the nailer had no trouble in securing the corners. The only thing I could complain about, I wish the nailer accomodated a pin nail 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch in length....more info