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Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Seventh Season
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Product Description

7 disc set of the seventh season of star trek next generation Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 08/22/2006 Rating: Nr

The seventh and final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation will always remain a curiosity in TV sci-fi history. Despite the end being definite, despite Deep Space Nine taking over, despite knowing there'd be a movie six months after the series' end, and despite Babylon 5 starting that year with its predetermined story arc, there is nothing here to suggest things were coming to a close. Wesley finally gets dispatched ("Journey's End"), but everyone was waiting for that anyway. Some continuity was attempted: there's a sequel to season 1's "The Battle" ("Bloodlines"), Alexander follows the Klingon soap saga through ("Firstborn"), the Maquis and the Cardassians are mentioned several times, and there are final installments for Lwaxana Troi, Barclay, Lore, Guinan, and Ro Laren. None of this brings any form of resolution, however.

The one-off story lines seem to throw out ideas that beg for development. "Force of Nature" suggests frequent high-warp travel is damaging the very fabric of space/time. "Parallels" has Worf experiencing multiple realities, including one in which the Borg won at Wolf 359. "Lower Decks" finally introduces some secondary crew from the more than a thousand supposedly supporting Picard and company. There are even hints at some romance at long last between Dr. Crusher and Picard as well as Worf and Troi. In the long run, even after terrific guest spots from Trek alumni Armin Shimerman and Robin Curtis, and from Paul Sorvino and Kirsten Dunst, there's one thing for which the final year is remembered: "All Good Things..." is a near-perfect denouement for the show. With terrific production values and FX, not to mention standout performances from all concerned, it was an amazing surprise to have Q suggest there'd been a story arc right from the get-go. If only this final script had been fully conceived earlier on, The Next Generation might not have been overshadowed by the glut of TV sci-fi that followed in its wake. --Paul Tonks

Customer Reviews:

  • The best season
    Descent, part 2- 1/10
    Liasons- 7/10
    Interface- 3/10
    Gambit, part 1- 9/10

    Gambit, part 2- 9/10
    Phantasms- 7/10
    Dark Page- 9/10
    Attached- 8/10

    Force of Nature- 5/10
    Inheritance- 3/10
    Parallels- 10/10
    The Pegasus- 2/10

    Homeward- 9/10
    Sub Rosa- 7/10
    Lower Decks- 7/10
    Thine Own Self- 8/10

    Masks- 9/10
    Eye of the Beholder- 9/10
    Gensis- 9/10
    Journey's End- 5/10

    Firstborn- 10/10
    Bloodlines- 7/10
    Emergence- 9/10
    Preemptive Strike- 9/10

    All Good Things, part 1- 10/10
    All Good Things, part 2- 10/10

    10- absolutely wonderful
    9- really great
    8- great
    7- very good
    6- pretty good
    5- good
    4- okay
    3- so-so
    2- bad
    1- very bad

    The best episodes of this season are: All Good Things, part 1, All Good Things, part, Firstborn, Parallels, Genesis, Emergence, Gambit, part 1, Gambit, part 2, Preemptive Strike, Masks, Eye Of The Beholder, Homeward, Dark Page, Attached, Thine Own Self

    The worst episodes of this season are: Descent, part 2, The Pegasus, Inheritance, Interface...more info
  • My favorite season of TNG.
    Season 7 really has caught a lot of flack from fans, but I have to say I loved this season, as it contains some of my all-time favorite ST episodes. So despite the fact the series was winding down and gearing up for the big screen while DS9 and Voyager would take over on the small screen, this final season of TNG still delivered the great entertainment I expected and then some.

    Descent, Part II- C. Admittedly, not a great start to the season since I've never been a fan of watching the Borg act out of character.

    Gambit- B+. An entertaining two-parter that gives Picard the opportunity to pose as a criminal. The final scene is one of the funnier Data moments I've seen.

    Phantasms- A-. TNG has almost always done an excellent job with their horror-oriented episodes, and this one is no exception. There are plenty of creepy moments, and the scene where Data "calmly" attacks Troi is one of the creepier moments I've seen in Star Trek.

    Attached- B+. Though nothing special plot-wise, the Picard and Beverly connection/chemistry really shines through here, and the episode even has a great sense of humor as we see the two deal with reading each other's thoughts.

    Parallels- A. Definitely rates as one of my all-time favorite Star Trek episodes, Parallels is a terrific example of great sci-fi. The plot is intriguing and suspenseful, and the last fifteen minutes provide a lot of really cool "what if?" moments. It's also great to see Worf get the spotlight in such a pure "sci-fi" episode.

    The Pegasus- B+. A fun episode as we see Riker struggle with his conscience while going on a secret mission with his former captain.

    Homeward- B+. I actually found this one rather underrated. It's nothing outstanding, but its premise and execution kept me entertained.

    Sub Rosa- C-. Pretty lame, but I don't think Beverly Crusher has ever looked lovelier.

    Lower Decks- A. Another one of my favorite episodes. Lower Decks is a warm and very witty look into the lives of the Enterprise's ensigns. This episode does a wonderful job of making these characters into likeable personalities, while also delivering lots of great humor (it's one of the funnier TNG episodes I've seen) and a surprisingly moving ending.

    Masks- C-. Brent Spiner gets the opportunity to overact in this lazily plotted episode that initially intrigues but fails to develop any suspense or sense of urgency.

    Eye of the Beholder- B-. Not a bad mystery, but it could have been executed with a bit more intrigue and suspense.

    Genesis- A. One of TNG's best horror episodes. The dark atmosphere, the creature f/x, and the use of sound (loved hearing the creatures' howls in the background as Picard and Data explore the ship) all come through to make this one satisfyingly scary episode.

    Bloodlines- B-. Picard finding out he has a son seems interesting enough, and it mostly plays out that way, but the climax is burdened with too many contrivances.

    All Good Things- A+. Best Trek ever. All Good Things is everything I love about Star Trek wrapped into a 92-minute romp that brilliantly mixes sci-fi, mystery, adventure, and character drama into one perfectly satisfying series finale. With its high production values and slick direction, this could easily have been a big-screen adventure for the TNG crew. No question for me, this is my favorite Star Trek episode ever....more info
  • "All Good Things..."
    This set is worth it just for the finale alone. I think "All Good Things..." is the best episode in ST: TNG. Amazing concept and well directed. This was more engaging of a Star Trek story than "Generations" which came out the same year. Besides, its the last season, you might as well purchase this one too....more info
  • Nice for completists - but steep price
    I have seasons one through six right now, so you know I have to pick up season seven.
    But, I have to ask Trekkies if they are as unhappy with the asking price as I am. While series such as Buffy, Mad About You and Friends regularly retail their season box sets for under [money], Trekkies are being punished with close to twice that, and feature lesser extras than certainly Buffy. I will cite one example -- Buffy seasons regularly feature at least two episodes a season with feature commentaries by producer Joss Whedon. Trekkies I guess must not be deemed as interested in actually learning anything new about their favorite series....more info
  • My collection is complete!
    How can I review something that needs no reviews? If anyone is buying the 7th season of Star Trek TNG - then they know what they are getting. After this purchase, my collection of the whole series is complete! Now onto Deep Space Nine..... !!! ...more info
  • Going Out With a Bang
    Although there are times when you can almost detect a sort of "it's just about over" attitude in the writing and acting, this was a great season for ST: TNG. Everyone is so comfortable in their roles, and the stories are compelling. Of all the series produced and available on DVD, this is my favorite.

    Season 7 brought us such episodes as First Born, Sub Rosa, Emergence, and the series finale, All Good Things...

    As with any good television series production team, the producers and writers knew they were working on the final season and made sure to work toward a real finale, but one that left open the possibility of a few movies. Too often, good series run too long, recycle plots, strain for audience acceptance, and end up fizzling out. ST: TNG went out with a bang with this seventh season.

    The only thing that I can see that might have made this season (or the entire ST franchise) any better would have been forseeing the advent of widescreen television and having shot in 16:9 format. Since this series came the closest to being produced like a series of 45-minute movies, think how impressive it would be to sit in a darkened room in front of a big, widescreen HD TV, watching these DVDs....more info
  • The final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation rounds ou
    The final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation rounds out the collection nicely. All seven seasons look great on a bookshelf, and this season has the same layout and quality of the first season.

    Season seven has the same interior layout as seasons one and six, with the single screen playing clips of all four episodes. The most interesting feature is noticing that you get a fly-by view of the captain's ready room and the screen he uses to receive transmissions there. It's a variation on the other seasons, which included the communications panels, holodeck, and sick bay....more info

  • Excellent
    I remember when this show started being aired here,i was realy interested to see how it would go.After a while you sort of get addicted to it,and you understand how it gained such a huge following.Great cast,they all did a fine job with their characters.The scripts were interesting as well,always something new and exciting.It followed the original series quite well.I felt that some of the other spin-offs realy went too far with costumes at times,and realy didnt capture my imagination as well as both the original,and TNG.5 stars for every season of this series,and its a good thing there is so many of them....more info
  • The End of a Golden Era!
    Star Trek TNG goes out with a bang. It starts out with the second half of the cliffhanger involving the borg,Wesley returns only to leave again in a very unususal way, ensign Ro leaves as well. In the series finally the crew come full circle, Q puts Picard on trial again. Picard must time travel to save the universe....more info
  • A great follow-up to the original series...
    Nominated for 58 Emmys, including one for Outstanding Drama Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation fulfilled all the potential and promise anticipated of a long-awaited successor to the original 1960s series - Star Trek. Created by a former L.A. police officer, Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek TV series morphed into a franchise famous for the unprecedented fanatical devotion of its audience. Lasting only three seasons during its original network run, Star Trek struck gold with its syndicated reruns, launching a number of motion pictures featuring the original cast as well as novels, comic books, collectibles, and reams of Star Trek-related memorabilia. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) became the first TV series to follow on the heels of the original, and its success would spark the creation of three additional series - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993), Star Trek: Voyager (1995), and Star Trek: Enterprise (2001). But The Next Generation remained the most popular spin-off. Despite new characters and new episodes, the mission remained the same as before - "to boldly go where no man has gone before..." And to continue the rich tradition of the Star Trek name - a mission Star Trek: The Next Generation accomplishes with relative ease...

    Star Trek: The Next Generation takes place in the 24th Century, almost one-hundred years after Captain Kirk's crew set out to explore strange new worlds. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart - I Claudius) commands the USS Enterprise-D and its diverse crew of humans, cyborgs, and varying life forms. Accompanying him on his voyage is an entirely new cast of passengers and crew including Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes - North & South), Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Lt. Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby), Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn), Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), and her son Ensign Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton)... Together, they struggle against numerous obstacles to carry out the mission of the USS Enterprise: "To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life; new civilizations... To boldly go where no one has gone before!" This pioneering attitude, coupled with imaginative and brilliantly-produced alien worlds, provides Star Trek with its unique allure and special place within American pop culture - especially those episodes from the original series, widely regarded as the most popular of the Star Trek franchise...

    The Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 7) DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "Descent" in which, corrupted by the Borg, Data kidnaps Capt. Picard, Troi, and Geordi. Meanwhile, Dr. Crusher must command the USS Enterprise as it faces a potentially fatal attack by a Borg vessel... Other notable episodes from Season 7 include "Force of Nature" in which the theory is put forth that frequent high-warp travel by spacecraft may be causing irreparable damage to the space/time continuum, and "Genesis" in which the crew of the Enterprise stumbles upon a drifting spaceship, the crew of which is found to be slowly devolving into their animal ancestors...

    Below is a list of episodes included on the Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 7) DVD:

    Episode 153 (Descent)
    Episode 154 (Liaisons)
    Episode 155 (Interface)
    Episode 156 (Gambit: Part 1)
    Episode 157 (Gambit: Part 2)
    Episode 158 (Phantasms)
    Episode 159 (Dark Page)
    Episode 160 (Attached)
    Episode 161 (Force of Nature)
    Episode 162 (Inheritance)
    Episode 163 (Parallels)
    Episode 164 (The Pegasus)
    Episode 165 (Homeward)
    Episode 166 (Sub Rosa)
    Episode 167 (Lower Decks)
    Episode 168 (Thine Own Self)
    Episode 169 (Masks)
    Episode 170 (Eye of the Beholder)
    Episode 171 (Genesis)
    Episode 172 (Journey's End)
    Episode 173 (Firstborn)
    Episode 174 (Bloodlines)
    Episode 175 (Emergence)
    Episode 176 (Pre-emptive Strike)
    Episode 177 (All Good Things... Part 1)
    Episode 178 (All Good Things... Part 2)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Next Generation Fan!!
    I really think season seven is a strong season, but maybe that's because I'm partial to it. Yes, it may not be as strong as season six, but it did bring some finality to the series, while leaving room for the motion pictures to move in more exciting areas for the most part. Too bad the next generation crew will no longer be going where no one has gone before....more info
  • Great season with a suprise ending!
    The next generation was the series that got me back into star trek and they (the series) kept getting better and better after this. It was cool to see this blend in with DS9. I don't know how, but I've never seen the season' end until I bought this set. (There aren't many episodes I haven't seen)
    It was extremely entertaining to watch the seventh season in order. I have all seven seasons and this this one is the one I like to watch over and over (especially the season finale).
    ...more info
  • In Season 7 Writers Depart but Actors Still Shine
    In order to rate season 7, you have to be aware of what you appreciate about Star Trek. Many people adore the complex, ongoing plot of Star Trek Deep Space 9 and introspective stories with strong character development. If you're one of these people, Season 7 probably isn't one of TNG's best -- try Season 4 instead or buy Deep Space 9. Many of TNG's writers departed at this time for Deep Space 9 so the episodes aren't as consistent as in past seasons.

    However, the acting in Season 7 is superb. By this time, the actors had perfected their characters in every way. Even Jonathan Frakes (in my opinion the worst actor in TNG besides the horrendous Will Weaton) had very few awkward or clumsy moments.

    I personally like all seasons of TNG because I believe that they follow the Star Trek formula that Gene Rodenberry originally created. I believe that Deep Space 9 and other Star Trek series gradually lost his vision -- eventually degrading into today's disaster "Enterprise". Star Trek Voyager recaptured some of his vision but it still couldn't achieve the magic of TNG.

    Truth be told, despite losing some writing talent, TNG Season 7 still delivers Rodenberry's creation as he intended it. Season 7 is still very entertaining and 20+ hours of entertainment for less than $110 is a good value. Definitely worth it!...more info
  • A solid farewell season to a solid, memorable series
    Season 7 of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is no better and no worse than the preceding seasons of this series. And that's not exactly the lukewarm comment that it may initially seem to be, as how many series manage to match the quality of previous seasons as they get older? So, as with all seasons of ST:TNG that have gone before, season 7 offers lots of solid, entertaining episodes, a few clunkers, and a small handful of standout stories. Ah, but I have to say there is one particular standout: the 90-plus minute series closer, "All Good Things...", which is arguably the best episode of the series, and inarguably among its top five episodes. In fact, in different places you'll see interviews where the Trek creators reveal that they were a little annoyed at themselves that this movie-length series closer was a lot more memorable, clever, and entertaining than the story they came up with for the first "Next Generation" theatrical movie, "Star Trek: Generations". And, though "Generations" is perfectly okay, I ultimately have to agree.

    So, to paraphrase what I've often said in my Amazon reviews of the various Star Trek season-length DVD collections, if you've been buying all the seasons of this series for this long, there's no reason to stop now. Enjoy. ...more info
  • The last of one of the greatest sci-fi series
    To me, Star Trek-The Next Generation was the very best of the entire Star Trek genre. The others were good, but TNG had the most memorable characters and the best actors. TNG, in its day, had superior special effects, better than any other show at the time. The stories were well written, mostly dramatic but some had a definite comical bent to them. I was really dissapointed to see this series end. The 7th season has many great stories and is well worth owning for any TNG fan. I am slowly collecting all the seasons as I'm sure many fans are. This set is technically well done with an outstanding video quality and the 5.1 sound is fantastic. A must have for any TNG fan....more info
  • Oh no! It's all over!
    The seventh season of Star Trek: The Next Generation would be its last. A hectic time for Star Trek with so many things going on at once. Everyone knew going into the seventh season that it would be the last. We saw some great episodes in this season, however, the only sense of closure we got was in "All Good Things..." This was a fantastic show and all seven seasons are worth every penny. It had great writers all the way through and the seventh season is no different. It's great to see how the show ends its journey. Great show...great season...It's too bad that it's over. BUT. Don't fret...the Next Generation crew returned to the bridge of the Enterprise in four feature films. Congratulations Star Trek: TNG. You never dissapointed me.

    Personal Favorite Episodes:

    Descent: Part II, Gambit: Parts I and II, Phantasms, Inheritance, Parallels, The Pegasus, Lower Decks,Masks, Eye of the Beholder, Genesis, Journey's End, Emergence, Preemtive Strike, and All Good Things...

    All good things must come to an least the series went out on the highest note possible!...more info

  • DEAR MORONS AT PARAMOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dar Morons,

    My question for the Morons at Paramount is why do possibly glue the sticker seals the container with such strong stuff that you cannot avoid ruining the container when you remove it. May I remind that this a COLLETOR'S ITEM!!!!! Therefore if you damage it is WORTHLESS....more info
    I have every season of this show and love them all. This was a great show, and I am very happy to be able to watch it over and over again. The 7th Season I received was in different packaging than the other 6, but it is still great....more info
  • final season of Star Trek's greatest captain
    So what if the story left open plot lines and never came together like in the ethereal final season of Deep Space Nine. That is not what this show was about. Patrick Stewart and his memorable band of space cowboys continued to have new and fresh adventures as in previous seasons, a few episodes including the last one were amazing, and the entire product, the season in general, was some of the best TV you will ever see....more info
  • Some good episodes but some bad ones too.
    Season 7 of STTNG suffers from the "too many episodes" malady with STTNG and STDS9 making 52 episodes per year. ... Halfway through the season,STTNG hits it's stride with an eccellent group of episodes in "Attached,Inheritance,Parallels,Homeward,Lower Decks and Thine Own Self",but as no writers were called for the last seven episodes(to save money),the show peters out right at the end with some truly dreadful episodes in "Journeys End,Masks and Emergence",but other good episodes like "Pre-emptive Strike and Genesis" make it worth buying.I was disappointed with "All Good Things" because they recreated the awful mankind on trial plot from the pilot.that idea should have been rejected.Overall,the poorer episodes didn't deter me from having every box set as the good episodes of STTNG are always worth having.This is truly the best Star Trek series with the best cast and the documentaries complete the box sets.What a pity though that they didn't give the show the send-off that it deserved....more info
  • Forever SNG Fan
    I have not had a chance to watch season 7 but I am sure it will be as good as the others....more info
  • STNG 7
    In the 7th and final season, the crew runs into Hugh the Borg, Picard and DaiMon Bok meet again, we meet Data's mother, Worf's half human brother, Wesley is back, and Tash Yar returns in the final two-part episode.

    All 26 episodes are contained on 7 disks.

    1) Descent (part 2) - Taken prisoner by Lore and the Borg, the away team consisting of Picard, Troi and Geordi is trapped while the Enterprise is attacked by the Borg ship. Riker and Worf, discover that Hugh, a Borg, is in hiding on the planet.

    2) Liaisons - Picard's shuttlecraft crash lands and when he leaves to look for medical aid for the pilot, he meets a woman named Anna, who has apparently been stranded alone on the planet for seven years. Anna won't let Picard leave and he finds out that no there is really alive.

    3) Interface - A new interface is being tested by Geordi to control remote unmanned probes. Utilizing his visor implants, Geordi is able to see, hear, and experience whatever conditions the probe encounters.

    4/5) Gambit (part 1/2) - Captain Picard is missing and Riker, Troi, Worf and Crusher are searching for him on Desica II. Riker goes to a planet in the Barada system where he finds out that Galen is Picard. Riker joins the Baran's. A Romulan mercenary Tallera reveals herself as an undercover Vulcan security agent, and she earns Picard's trust enough for him to reveal his own identity. Riker is left for dead on the Enterprise by Picard to resume command.

    6) Phantasms - The Enterprise receives a new warp-core, which does not work. Data experiences his first set of nightmares that drives him to commit acts of violence.

    7) Dark Page - Lwaxana visits the Enterprise along with a small delegation of Icarans, who communicate in telepathic imagery with no verbal elements whatsoever.

    8) Attached - Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher Beam down to meet with Kes representatives and they are kidnapped by the Prit, who believe the Kes affiliation with the Federation to be a military pact.

    9) Force of Nature - Investigating missing starships, the Enterprise finds that a brother and sister have been misleading and damaging all warp-capable vessels that enter the region of space near their home world. They claim that warp engines are disrupting their space and it's threatened to destroy everything.

    10) Inheritance - Dr. Tainer and her husband have joined the Enterprise to help save a planet. She reveals herself to be the ex-wife of Dr. Soong and co-designer of Data and Lore.

    11) Parallels - Returning victorious from a Klingon martial arts competition, Worf walks into a surprise birthday party, but notices that something is incorrect aboard the Enterprise.

    12) The Pegasus - The Enterprise heads for an asteroid belt between Romulan and Federation space, with Admiral Pressman. It becomes clear that Pressman and Riker have some old business issues that need to be addressed.

    13) Homeward - Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko, Worf's human foster brother, sends a distress call from his hidden observation post on Boral II. Worf beams down, disguised as a Boralan, and discover that Nikolai has also been masquerading as a native and providing them technology from his observation post.

    14) Sub Rosa - The Enterprise visits Caldos, so Dr. Crusher may attend the funeral of her grandmother. Beverly learns that her grandmother, despite being over 100 years old, had a much young lover.

    15) Lower Decks - A promotion is nearing for one of a group of four friends who are junior officers aboard the Enterprise. The Enterprise undertakes a top secret mission, the true purpose of which is unknown to the four friends - though each of them has a piece of the puzzle, and a part to play, in the "exercise".

    16) Thine Own Self - Troi returns from her Star Fleet Academy class reunion to find Dr. Crusher in charge of the bridge, and she begins thinking about her own position in the ship's chain of command. Data is on a shuttle mission to retrieve radioactive material.

    17) Masks - Studying an ancient comet at close range, the crew of the Enterprise becomes aware of strange objects appearing on board.

    18) Eye of the Beholder - A young officer assigned to the Enterprise commits suicide by leaping into the ship's warp core.

    19) Genesis - Testing Worf's new photon torpedo guidance system sends a hazardous torpedo off course into deep space, which Picard and Data set off to recover. When they return from their mission, they find that every inhabitant of the ship has somehow mutated into more primitive life form

    20) Journey's End - Wesley Crusher, on a sabbatical from Starfleet Academy, has returned to the Enterprise.

    21) Firstborn - Alexander nears the age where he must decide whether or not to become a warrior; Worf grows worried that the boy will choose to discard his Klingon heritage ways.

    22) Bloodlines - Picard receives a threat from his old Ferengi adversary DaiMon Bok, who still blames Picard for the death of his son.

    23) Emergence - Picard and Data are rehearsing a scene from "The Tempest" in the holodeck, when they are nearly run over by the Orient Express.

    24) Preemptive Strike - A reception for recent Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training graduate Ro Laren is cut short when the Enterprise responds to a Cardassian ship's distress call. Ro has to face her loyalty to Star Fleet vs. her hatred for the Cardassian.

    25/26) All Good Things (part 1&2) - In the past, the EXACT moment in which life is "started" a chemical event fails to happen. The human race does not come into existence....more info

  • All good things... seem to turn good before ending?
    The DVDs themselves are of good quality; I've rented many seasons' worth and reminded myself which stories throughout the run were good and which were not...

    $50 per season is on par and is a good price. (So what's coming soon that's compelling people to buy these current sets?) So far it seems some seasons haven't been lowered, but I've no doubt they will be...

    Wish I could afford it either way; thanks to the prices of necessities gone up so much (food, shelter, and distilled petroleum products being slightly more important than Captain Picard standing around as if he hasn't spent a penny in decades...), the price is effectively twice as much out of my pocket in the end because of the necessities that must come first.

    I can say that production mores improved; as had the music, fortunately. The last season is a fair improvement over its two predecessors, and an ending that deserved TO be a feature film...

    Descent: Hmmm, a soulless horrorfest devoid of anything worthwhile. Pitiful acting by the guest cast, worse than anything seen to date by anybody else no less, really starts to strain matters too.

    Liaisons: While a trite re-use of ever core Trek idea re: human nature, this one is still entertaining. "LOVE ME!!" being a highlight, obviously...

    Interface: Geordi defines Picard to try to save his mother on a doomed ship. More soap opera stuff, but given how the crew typically follow Picard like a group of happy tin soldiers, this is actually nice to see. A bit boring as a whole, but the idea is nice enough.

    Gambit: Almost worthy as a feature, this one is actually decent as a story. Obviously low budgeted, but worthy.

    Phantasms: CLASSIC. Very surreal and "way-out" in terms of how Data's dreams feature his coworkers; the cause of Data's dreams being worthy too. A fine story indeed.

    Dark Page: Yawn. Lwaxana again, but no longer fun.

    Attached: Hmmm, rather like "What Women Want" (the movie) in terms of Picard and Crusher being mindlinked... the two races (the "prat" and the "Fallz" if I remember them rightly) are pathetic and I had to fast forward through those...

    Force of Nature: 55MPH Speed Limit in space? Oh boy... this one is both embarrassing yet a triumph in that a technology created has nasty effects on the environment. One problem is, no other species would obey any "warp 5 speed limit" and neither did the Federation...

    Inheritance: Data's mother. Clutching at straws, this one...

    Parallels: TNG's attempt at parallel universes is well done; until the very end as the ending also insinuates TIME TRAVEL took place. (time travel is not parallel universe hopping...) Seeing the universe where the Borg won was well done too.

    The Pegasus: Riker finally gets a past?! And such a disnoble one? COOL!! The sad part is, in reality, Picard decloaking in front of the Romulans would more likely lead to real war given the existing situation at hand...; the Romulans not known for listening to excuses once they find hints of deceit... duh. Still, a great episode. Well, the Admiral wondering about "Captain Picard" day seems justified (Picard is such an egomaniac) and she has troubles saying "USS Crazy Horse" because anyone reading up on history would find that Tashunca-uitco would not be happy at being called "Crazy Horse"...

    Homeward: Almost like "The Masterpiece Society" only more interesting in its presentation; Worf's human brother breaking the prime directive; saying the people had the right to live and using the holodeck to save them from their planet's cataclysm would be justified; and the holodeck gave a chance of them not even knowing about any change being made at all. (sounds similar to a TNG movie circa 1998, doesn't it?) Underrated.

    Sub Rosa: filler.

    Lower Decks: Not bad in idea; in execution it's a bit flimsy. But season 7 was hit-or-miss...

    Thine Own Self: A malfunction harms Data and ends up in a bizarre situation on a technologically empty world. Definitely underrated, and has a lot of charm with Data's interaction with the inhabitants.

    Masks: An unusual yet interesting piece of work. And Data is the focal point again.

    Eye of the Beholder: Well, I wonder how Worf got Troi's mind off of Will... I recall a subplot that's a ripoff of an old Twilight Zone episode...

    Genesis: A decent Barclay episode; though the science involved is somewhat flimsey. Still, Troi as a lizard and Barclay as a bug make up for it! But who'd not guess Worf would end up horny?

    Journey's End: Wesley gets written off. As if he wasn't before. Toodles. I wish we could all be so lucky.

    Firstborn: More Worf subplot w/Alexander.

    Bloodlines: Wow, Picard DID find time to make a son? Or did he? (and the Ferengi are involved and finally used properly... albeit for one last time.)

    Emergence: The Enterprise appears to be developing its own intelligence. Somewhat trite, but not bad by any means.

    Preemptive Strike: Ro is finally brought back for a write-off. But she can't say "Hasperat" to save her life... the story itself is two dimensional, but Ro's defection makes it worthwhile in the end.

    All Good Things: Wow. Spectacularly done; alone worth wading through the muck of the previous two seasons. Of course, they go to the future zone and there is no anomaly... leave... go back 6 hours later, and it's now formed and going back in time... this means that in the first visit in the future zone, they make the anomaly but it takes a loong time for it to form and that is when it starts going backwards. While that excuse is a steaming pile, it's also A+++ in terms of ingenuity to try to get around the impossible impasse. (the future zone Enterprise created it, but the anomaly instantly went backwards is the only possible explanation). I was also hoping the 3rd nacelle bit would stay for all future movies, et al, as BEING the cure for the problem given in "Force of Nature"... but it's too easy to forgive, given how well this finale is put together. (Future Riker also comments on how he got the ship saved "5 years ago; rank has its privileges" - chronologically, season 2 of TNG was a turning point and nearly did get the axe...)

    All in all, season 7 is a vast improvement. But it had to end, and given seasons 5 and 6 it's an utter amazement....more info
  • Good DVDs of a classic show!
    I actually got this as a present for my mom for her anniversary because The Next Generation is her favorite show ever. The show itself is excellent, and the DVDs are great, although personally I thought they were a bit overpackaged. The discs were in a box in a box in a box. Other than that, very well done....more info
    The seventh season was one of my favorite seasons in The Next Generatoin. The script writing was all very creative and original, some examples of this being "Parellels" and my all-time favorite: "All Good Things..." . If you are looking into buying any one season of Star Trek, I would reccomend Season 7....more info
  • Brent Spiner is a method actor! Beware!
    Yes, your beloved Data is crazy in real life. Method actors do nutty things to play parts. They feel they can't play a role until they figure out their motivation. They crazily feel they have to research their character's professions before they can play them (example:method actress Jody Foster felt she had to study for months what a scientist did in real life before she could play oine on film). They have to really get in the emotional state their character is supposed to be in before they can play the character. Berserk! ...more info