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Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Fourth Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/23/2006

Season 4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation seemed like the year of family. After quickly resolving the breathtaking cliffhanger of "The Best of Both Worlds," the show took pains to show some of what the Federation was fighting for. We meet Picard's brother, Data's father, Tasha's sister, and Worf's adoptive human parents, plus an old flame with a surprise son in tow. The Klingon heritage subplot that begins here and builds to the cliffhanger finale ("Redemption") would continue to the show's end and through into Worf's reappearance in Deep Space Nine.

The year also explored the implications of Data, Lwaxana Troi, Geordi, and Dr. Crusher being in love, while Miles O'Brien (given a first name at last) married Keiko. There were old friends revisited: the ubiquitous Q in a hilarious Robin Hood romp ("Qpid"), perennial screwup Reg Barclay ("Nth Degree"), and even the mysterious Traveler from season 1's "Where No One Has Gone Before" (played by Eric Menyuk, who was nearly cast as Data). There were new races introduced who would have an important bearing on Trek's destiny: the Cardassians and the Trill. Most of all, though, there were the one-off stories that impressed: "Clues," with its memory-loss mystery; "Night Terrors," with some genuine frights; and "Identity Crisis," with possibly the only time Trek technology really helped Geordi solve a puzzle. Then right at the end, reinforcing the year's familial theme, Denise Crosby returned as her own half-Romulan daughter! --Paul Tonks

Customer Reviews:

  • Danger Will Robinson!!!!!!
    Dr. Zachary Smith is a great character. Nobody on The next generation even comes close!!!!...more info
  • Star Trek Next Generation-Season Four
    This is an excellent series. All the videos are entertaining if you are the Science Fiction minded. Have not had a bad product from info
  • The best season of TNG's run
    Most fans agree that season 4 was TNG's best - not because it had the most classic episodes, but because the show was consistently good, with relatively few duds. Even the duds were generally mediocre rather than terrible - something you couldn't say for the 3 seasons that followed.

    There are some classic episodes on this set, a few of which don't end up on most fan favorite lists - "The Drumhead" (in my personal top 5), "The Wounded", "Family", "The Mind's Eye" and "Data's Day". The conclusion to season 3's cliffhanger "The Best of Both Worlds" is great, if not at the level of part 1; "Redemption Part 1" closes the season on a very strong note.

    While later seasons had their share of great and even classic episodes, some of the focus dissipated and each was peppered with some clunkers. Here, that's not a problem. Even casual fans are likely to want this 7 DVD collection....more info
  • Great!!!!!
    DVD was in perfect condition and I am enjoy them to the fullest! Thanks...more info
  • TNG Fourth Season...The Best Continues.
    The fourth season of TNG begins with the rescue of Picard from the Borg collective, and ends with Worf leaving the Federation to join his people during the Klingon Civil War. In between these two landmark shows, lies a fourth season drenched with superior stories and consistently good character development. Star Trek really established itself in the third season and it never looks back as we go forward through the fourth. I liked this season only slightly less than the third, only because of a couple of episodes I didn't care much for. I didn't like "Remember Me," and "In Theory." Data falling in love was good for a subplot, but not the main story. Still, we get top-notch entertainment as the crew continues to explore places no one has gone before. High-lights include, "Reunion," "The Drumhead," "Qpid," "The Mind's Eye," "First Contact," "Clues," and "Future Imperfect." We meet Tasha Yar's sister in, "Legacy." We meet Data's father in, "Brothers." Also, while the Klingons and Romulans still play vital parts, we finally meet the devious Cardassians in, "The Wounded," where O'Brien finally has his moment to shine. All and all, this is a superb DVD set and I highly recommend it to any fan, whether you are a diehard Trekor or just getting started....more info
  • One of the best 2 seasons!
    I haven't actually started watching this season yet- my trek nerd fiance and I are still in season 3. He has said numerous times that seasons 3 and 4 are the best, and so far season 3 is much better than 1 and 2 were, so I suspect this will be accurate... Anyway, if you already have the first 3 seasons, you should buy this one to complete the collection, it would look funny to have seasons 1-3 and 5-7 but not 4, you know? :)...more info
  • TNG with it's head held confidently.
    The third season finale,The Best Of Both Worlds Pt 1 make the viewers wait in anticipation for the following season.Although Pt II was somewhat of a letdown,the fourth season was no less than a success.
    Classic episodes,including Family,The Drumhead,Reunion,Data's Day,Q-pid,The Host,and the season finale,Redemption ,measured up easily with the best of the original series.
    The fact that it reached it's 80th episode(passing TOS's 79 episode run),showed that TNG was a force to be reckoned with....more info
    Just hated to see the season end, but at least I am moving on to the next in line. The special effects and surround sound are outstanding! No wonder people become "trekies"....more info
  • Was this the best Trek season ever?
    This is a must-have set for die-hard Trekkies. It's even a good bet for those of us who'd rather go naked down Main Street than be seen in a Trek uniform at a TrekCon (but that's just me.) The reason I like this set so much is for the conclusion of the Borg cliffhanger "Best of Both Worlds II" and the following episode "Brothers" which reveals much about Picard and is a touching story of family conflict that transcends the science fiction genre.

    More of the lesser characters are fleshed out in episodes here, adding to the richness of the storyline. And some of the episodes are purely fabulous Science Fiction, like "Night Terrors." This is excellence in TV Sci-Fi filming and we never tire of watching these.

    There are some false notes: Q'pid (rhymes with Stupid) is a shameless attempt on the part of the studio to promote a second-rate Robin Hood film that was being marketed at that time. As if they didn't get enough licks in then, they include MORE background on Q'pid in the DVD extras. ...However, there is SO much more good stuff on this DVD set I could possibly vote for the fourth year as "Best Season Ever" even if Q'pid vies for "Worst Episode, Ever" along with a few clunkers in Seasons I and II....more info

  • Television Entertainment At Its Finest
    What can I say that hasn't already been said about how wonderful Season Four was? But with the weight of such episodes as The Best of Both Worlds Part II, one might hear a collective gasp from Trekkers who find that there's actually someone who enjoyed another episode more than the gripping conclusion to Season Three's nail-biting cliffhanger.

    I love The Drumhead - it is my favorite episode of this season. An excellent courtroon drama directed by Jonathan Frakes with a style reminescent of Stanley Kramer's "Judgement At Nuremberg" and penned by veteran series writer Jeri Taylor, The Drumhead is an intelligent and often thought-provoking exercise in the dramatic.

    After an explosion aboard the Federation flagship Enterprise, a Klingon exchange officer is found guilty of spying on behalf of the enemy, the Romulan Empire. Once cleared of being involved with the explosion, Admiral Satie (Jean Simmons) begins a witch hunt for a saboteur and finds him in crewman Simon Tarses (Spencer Garrett) on the grounds that Tarses' paternal grandfather was a Romulan.

    This is television entertainment at its finest; on par with the best of Law & Order and JAG. Expertly directed with fine performances all around and presents a fine message that holds true especially today. The Drumhead is an excellent episode and one not to be missed, even if you're not a fan of the television series....more info

  • Season 4 - TNG Running at Warp 9.8!
    Regarded by most fans of The Next Generation as the series finest hour. Everything about this season seems to gel incredibly well.

    This is the season to show non-Trekkies (Trekkers for the purists), and those who say "They never will enjoy it" - I have converted a few myself *grin*

    Starting off with the conclusion to the shocking Best of Both Worlds and ending with Redemption Part I, this season is packed full of action, character development and some first rate stories.

    This boxed set should be top of your list to purchase - ideally this season and seasons 6 3 and 5, unless you are determined to go in chronological order.

    All in all fabulous!...more info

  • star trek next generation season 4
    I got star trek next generation season 4 was missing disc 5 and I was disappointed that this happened with amazon...more info
  • The Middle of the series and all is well
    Starts out with the second half of the cliffhanger with the borg.Dr. Crusher returns and Wesley Crusher leaves for Star Fleet Academy.The season finishes up with another cliffhanger concerning the Klingon leadership....more info
  • A sober accessment - mixed bag
    I disagree with the previous reviews attesting to the greatness of season 4. To the contrary, I find season 4 a mixed bag. About half the episodes are good with convincing story lines. The other half are largely stupid, corny and outlandish stories with poor scripts that should have been rejected for better ones. You almost get the feeling that some of these scripts were written by teenagers. This same scenario plagues the entire NG series. I remember when NG originally aired back in 88-94. I often found myself turning the channel to something else - except when a good episode was on. This could've and should've been better....more info
  • Warp engines engaged Captain!
    Season four, what a treasure. This is the first full season where, when you watched every show all you could say to yourself was "that was great." This is the season where, as stated above, their warp engines were fully engaged. The writing staff did a great job with every episode. Patrick Stewart just continue to shine as Captain Picard. We start off with the climatic, yet somewhat melodramatic ending of "Best of Both Worlds." All summer long between the seasons, I kept asking myself, how are they going to get out of this one? What a great two part episode, that honestly could've been on the silver screen. The only problem I had with this season, was a personal one. It was right at the beginning of Desert Shield and I could only get taped shows. Season four was also truly the season of family, we finally get to meet so many people who had only been briefly mentioned. The most poignant episode of the season "Family." They had to address everything that Captain Picard would be feeling after becoming Locutus and doing the things he was forced to do. Truly a fine episode. Some highlighted episodes of season four:

    Best of Both Worlds Part 2
    Remember Me
    Furture Imperfect
    Final Mission
    Data's Day
    The Wounded
    First Contact
    Galaxy's Child
    Nth Degree
    Half a Life
    The Mind's Eye
    In Theory
    Redemption Part 1

    One of the true gems of the season was Chief Miles O'Brien getting more airtime, which led to his inclusion in Deep Space Nine. He is one of the best Star Trek characters to date. Overall a great season and more than just a taste of what's to come in the following years....more info

  • Disk #1 Manufactor Defects
    Season 4 is a terrific season for TNG however the low rating is due to manufactors problems with disk 1. I was unable to play the episodes 'Brothers' and 'Suddenly Human' on my DVD player. Both episodes were extremely jumpy. The picture was highly pixilized and the sound came out distorted. I thought it might be the DVD player so I played the disk on my DVD-ROM to see if the same thing would happen and the DVD would not play at all. I tried cleaning the disk and still had the same problems....more info
  • Great for Trekies
    As a Trekie, it feels good to own my own DVDs of the series and no longer watch my VCR tapes from the time I originally watched the shows. ...more info
  • Encore! Season 4
    The 4th season starts out with a bang with "Best of Both Worlds Pt. 2" and goes to the tear-jerking "Family". Includes Bev Crusher's episode "Remember Me". Lots of good episodes this time around....more info
  • Solid but not as good as Season 3
    I must admit I remained oddly unmoved by the selection of episodes in ST:TNG Season 4. After a much better-than-expected experience with Season 2 (in part thanks to the direction of Rob Bowman, later of X-Files fame), and of course the absolutely top-notch first half of Season 3, Season 4 seemed to feature a run of solid but unspectactular episodes that just didn't venture much outside the Star Trek: TNG comfort zone. The difficulties with the season's opener, the finale for the Season 3 cliffhanger, presages the writing problems that are to come. Not that there aren't quite a few enjoyable episodes; Data's Day was very good of course (a personal favorite), as was The Drumhead, and I liked Night Terrors, cheesy as it was. Although Family didn't resonate much for me I must admit, it did dare to try new things, and I liked it enough for the attempt. But, this season is where Star Trek:TNG really found it's groove, and I'm not entirely sure this is a good thing. Even the episodes that Rob Bowman directs (after a 3rd Season absence) completely lack his usual visual flair, being subsumed into the Star Trek formula.
    Anyway, it seems to me to come down to the ugly matter of cost. Would I like to own this set? Absolutely; I enjoy ST:TNG as much as the next guy, and there were certainly episodes I enjoyed here. But I'm glad I borrowed it from a friend instead of paying the asking price, which I find a bit steep. I'd have gladly paid half the price for a "best of" set a la Farscape, but I just can't justify shelling out the big-time cash for a season that, while achieving consistancy, does it at the cost of not having the top-notch eps....more info
  • Same quality as previous seasons, but layout difference
    I've come to expect the same level of quality from each of the season sets for Star Trek: The Next Generation. This one did not disappoint. The box structure and layout remains the same, the foldout holding the DVDs is the same material as the rest. Overall the physical layout of the box set is the same as before.

    My only complaint with the entire box set is the layout on each disk. This time, instead of having short clips of all the episodes on the disk play back to back, or having a separate screen for each episode, the disk is split in half, with two screens for clips, each one alternating between two episodes. It makes it harder to follow than previous disks, unless you're familiar with all the episodes on that disk you're not sure where each episode ends and the next begins....more info

  • Engage! Exactly what you would expect from Season 4
    Be confident that you've chosen a quality classic item. From the packaging, to the production values, to the DVD extras this 7 DVD set is as rewarding to own as it is to watch over and over. In fact with a home theater set up, its even better than the original TV show. Enjoy and collect all 7 seasons. ...more info
  • One of the finest seasons from the next gen crew
    With season two, TNG began to hit their stride. While some of the episodes from season one were tentative and awkward, there were very few missteps by the time of seasons three and four. Despite comments posted in other reviews (about the great but very different DS9 for one), there was considerable character growth. TNG focused on a ship that went to a variety of port of calls; this gave the show a focus on external stories. DS9 on the other hand focused on the internal conflicts because of the more static environment. Both are outstanding shows with very different approaches to their material.

    The story arcs in TNG began around the second season and, although they aren't quite as convoluted as DS9, TNG didn't really lend itself to those type of stories. Season four opened with a fantastic conclusion to The Best of Both Worlds. This conclusion to one of the series early arcs (begun in the last episode of the first season, continued on in season two in one episode and carried further forward during season three with two pivotal episodes. Season four saw the conclusion to the cliff hanger and at least two episodes that built on the previous stories as Picard tried to deal with what had happened to him)is both powerful and dramatic. It really could have been carried over to a third episode.

    The picture quality is outstanding (an improvement over season one and two). The extras have improved as well. For those fans disappointed with seasons one and two, three and four are a great place to start....more info

  • Blown Away
    Season 4 of ST:TNG blew me away. I can think of only one episode out of the entire season that I found a bit lacking. This show just gets better and better with each subsequent season. The writing is top-notch, the acting keeps improving, the rapport of the crew gets perpetually stronger...and such character development! Picard deals with the repercussions of having been one of the Borg; Troi finds out what it would be like to no longer have her empathic abilities; Dr. Crusher falls in love with an alien; LaForge BECOMES an alien; Riker almost dies while studying an alien planet; Data explores human romance and love; Wesley finally goes to Starfleet Academy; Worf loses his mate and gains a son; and Tasha Yar returns as...a Romulan???

    I can only hope season 5 is just as good as season 4!...more info
  • STNG 4th Season
    This was a seamless purchase. It came as promised, quickly and without a hitch. The product itself is in top condition and I am very pleased! ...more info
  • Trekky
    What's to say: the product was in great shape as it arrived, and for a real trekky this is a must have......more info
  • Better than season 3 and leads the way to wonderful season 5
    After the splendid third season, which kept most people wanting more after the season finale, the fourth season rolled along smoothly with high expectations from viewers. The basis of "character-development over action" was greatly improved upon and put to more use here, even though there are some great action episodes.

    The fourth season got to a tremendous start with many action-packed and essential episodes:
    1) "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, PART II. Like the first part, that episode has great music, action, acting, plot, and suspense. Although the first part os just a tad bit better, the second part has all you expect from a borg episode: Spaceship fights, good special effects, stuff exploding, phaser fights, etc.
    2) "REUNION." (The second episode out of four in the Worf saga) After Sins of the Father, what I consider to be the first part in the rough quadrilogy involving Worf, came "REUNION," which is even better than the first part. Worf's girlfriend comes back (along with his unexpected son) and so do many characters from the "SINS OF THE FATHER" as Worf must confront old enemies and try to gain back his honor. Directed by Jonathan Frakes, this episode has great special effects, good acting, and a great fight at the end. Bring on the third part!
    3) "REMEMBER ME." A great episode which emphasizes on Dr. Crusher. Although this episode is not really known for its action, it does have cool concepts and great suspense.

    After those ground-breaking episdoes, there were more character-based and humorous episodes.

    1) "DATA'S DAY." I can't say enough about how great this episode is. All of the characters have funny lines, Chief O'Brien gets married, and of course anything with DATA in the title has to be good.
    2) "BROTHERS." Yet another Data episode, this brought back Lore and his creator, Noonien Singh. The chemistry between the characters is great in thie episode. Brent Spiner plays THREE roles, all on screen at the same time.
    3) "Q-PID." Any episode with Q in the title has be good, and this one is great. The Trek crew goes on a Robin Hood adventure. Worf has some great lines in the episode.
    4) "THE MIND'S EYE." A Trek remake of The Manchurian Candidate, this episode emphasizes on La Forge and shows he CAN say some great lines of dialogue besides techno-babble.
    5) "FAMILY." Here we meet Worf's adoptive parents and Picard's brother. Some great scenes in this episode, especially the mud fight between Picard andhis brother.
    6) "THE NTH DEGREE." This episdoe features Lt. Barclay in antoerh humorous episode, though it's a bit more complicated that the last Barclay episode.
    7) "IN THEORY." This is (another) a great Data episode. Basically, he puruses a relationship with a female officer aboard the Enterprise. A very funnny episode that shows that Data is NOT gay.
    8) "FINAL MISSION." A great episode which bases on Wesely Crusher and Picard. Will Wheaton is great in this episode.

    The season ended with a great cliffhanger: "REDEMPTION." The third part in the Worf quadrilogy, this episdoe retunrs old characters from "SINS OF THE FATHER" and Worf conintues his quest to restore his family honor. Worf's brother also makes another appearance. Filled with great special effects, action, and acting, it will have you biting your nails until you get the second part on the fifth season gift set. Also features a great ending and a Tasha Yar connection through her alternate demise in "YESTERDAY'S ENTERPRISE."

    All in all, better than season 3 but will still be surpassed by season 5.

    1990-1991; 21 hours; All episodes are rated PG for mild violence and brief language....more info

  • Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Fourth Season
    I ended up purchasing the entire series after sampling with season 4. Apparently the 4th was about the time when you got to see the actors doing a lot of the directing.This one has Jordi as a lizzard;Picard in France just freed from the Borg;Data plays his dad,himself, and brother;Whorf has a wife and a son; Wesley survives the dessert/saves Picard and runs off to the Academy;.. a good season.I was sad when it was all familiar again....more info