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No Shoes No Shirt No Problems (Bonus Track)
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Street Release Date: 04/23/2002

A megahit with young country fans, Kenny Chesney may seem like an accidental star, but he's succeeded largely by understanding what his following wants to hear. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems taps directly into the squiggly vein that runs between adolescence and adulthood, when responsibilities call and Jimmy Buffett dreams beckon. As much a celebration of life as of youth itself, the album succeeds best when Chesney turns wistful and thought-provoking ("A Lot of Things Different," "Good Stuff") and makes firm decisions about what really matters in life. Sentimentality reigns supreme--you can already imagine a sea of flickering cigarette lighters when he does this material live--but as "Big Star," a song about a girl who wants to be just that, spells out, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems is a solid affirmation to go for what you want in this silly ol' world. Chesney certainly has, and if this short, bald guy from tinytown, Tennessee, can catch a rainbow, the rest of us ought to take heart. --Alanna Nash

Customer Reviews:

    This is my first Kenny Chesney CD, I decided to buy it because of the song "Good Stuff" and "Young". I've been blown away ever since I've popped this new CD into my CD Player. It's been the only CD I've been listening to for the past week. Most CD's only have a few good songs and the rest are just track you normally skip, but every track on this CD is great.

    I can relate to just about every song on this CD and it's musically phenomenal. Particularly the song "A Lot of Things Different", that has become one of my favorite songs on this CD. The first time I had ever heard this song was when he performed it at the CMA Awards, and honestly, I wasn't very impressed. Now that I hear it again, it's become one of my favorite songs. "A Lot of Things Different" and "Good Stuff" still gives me the chills everytime I hear it.

    I was also very impressed with Kenny's song "Dreams" which he wrote himself, this is a song I can totally relate to as my Mother is in the same boat that his Mother was in when he wrote the song.

    I highly recommend this CD to any country music fan, and even if you're not a country person, you'll love the lyrics.

    I'm gonna have to get his Greatest Hits CD next....more info

  • Kenny Rules
    This is by far one of the best country albums and Kenny's best work to date. You need this cd for your collection....more info
  • Kenny's Best CD to Date!
    This is by far Kenny Chesney's best cd to date. And since I am reviewing this cd 6 years after it was released, I make the aforementioned statement with 100% confidence. I have been a long time KC fan (but a recent reviewer) and of all his work, I think this cd has the most "hits" for me.

    This cd has become the anthem to my life. Whether you are feeling "Young", have dreams of becoming a "Big Star", looking for the "Good Stuff" or you need to get away to a place where "No Shoes, No Shirt, [is] No Problem" - this cd has it all! I LOVE this album and I love KC. I just saw him in concert (08 Poets and Pirates Tour) and he sang atlest 4 songs from this ablum - like I said, this cd has most of KC's best songs!...more info
  • no shoes,no shirt,no problem
    I gave as a gift and the person who I got if for loved it.....more info
  • Very sentimental and good!
    Here we have country pop and the worldview of this music is sentimental. The music is tuneful, tight, and "protected against unauthorized copying..." We have a bold album, which emphasizes feeling and good....more info
  • suprised
    In no shape or form at all am I a big country fan. In fact most country I can't stand, but this cd is different. I bought this album after flipping through channels and stumbled upon the "young" music video. I almost tried to force myself at first not to like it. But some of the songs on No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem are just beautifully done. A tale about growing up and being grown, Kenny gets into personal stuff in his life that close to everyone can relate to. Another factor that surprised me when listening to this cd was theirs some nice guitar solos in it! I did however feel that the quality kind of dies off near the end with songs like "dreams" and the annoying title track. Yet in still this is a good album for someone of any musical taste. So sit back...take off your shoes and crack open a beer....more info
  • Chesney great.
    You must add this to all your Chesney music. Even if you have his Greatest hits allready....more info
  • kenny chesney
    This is one of Kenney's best music so far, kind of islandish music "No Shirt,No Shoes,No Problem" is the best song on the cd
    there are other great songs on this cd, if your a true Kenney chesney fan, i would highly recommend this cd!...more info
  • SEXY KENNY!!..5 stars isnt enough
    This CD is, and always will be one of my all time faveourites. Just by looking at the cover you get a whole pic of the delicious man....*drool*
    My personal faves are "Young"...this is like a song about me..its the greatest song ever
    and also "the good stuff" its such a sad song..i cry whenever i hear it
    kenny i love're the greatest man with the sexc ass! luv ya bubs...more info
  • No Problems Here!
    I had never heard of Kenny Chesney before I bought this CD and The only reason I bought it was the song 'Young' prior to this I barely ever listened to country music at all. I bought this CD on just the knowledge that Young was my favorite song at the moment, this CD didn't dissapoint me. There is a nice contrast between the tempos of the songs on this CD with the up beat rhythms of Young, Big Star and Live those Songs you will be up from your chair dancing and Others will show truth and reality like Dreams and The Good Stuff all the songs on this CD are great and have a nice country - rock feel so if you love country with a little "kick" then this one's for you!...more info
  • Another EXCELLENT job by Kenny!!
    This CD is absolutely great. My fave song is "Dreams", although I really like "A lot of things different". Kenny continuously provides us with excellent country music and in my opinion, he can't release new CDs often enough. He will soon top Country music as one of the best ever if not THE best. I recommend this CD to anyone who is a country music fan. Great music!!...more info
  • "Big Star"
    Kenny's disc "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" is my favorite Kenny disc and one of my all-time favorite CDs ever. He sounds so great and he showcases his songwriting skills on two tracks: "Dreams" and "I Can't Go There". Although I love all twelve tracks, my absolute favorites are "A Lot Of Things Different", "On The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful", "Never Gonna Feel That Way Again", "Live Those Songs", "One Step Up", and "I Can't Go There". Kenny has such a wonderful and soothing voice, as well as wonderful hits. I bought this CD last year after earning $80 as a prize for a band fundraiser, and have listened to it A LOT since then. I highly recommend this disc and can insure that you will not regret this purchase....more info
  • Best CD you'll ever own
    This is a must have. It's jam-packed with awesome songs. An absolute favorite of mine....more info
  • One of my top 3 favorite cds of all time!
    Kenny Chesney is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He is by far a musical genius and proves that once again in his albumn "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem." This cd has such a wide variety of songs that it is hard to put into words how great it is. This cd has songs that will make you want to be laying on a beach with not a care in the world (No Shoes, No shirt...), will make you just want to get up and dance (Big Star), and some will even bring that warm fuzy feeling in your heart (The Good Stuff & On The Coast of somewhere beautiful). Muscially and especially vocally this cd nails it. For those of you Kenny Chesney fans out there this is a must have in his collection. There is not a single track on this cd that I would say is any worse than any others. Trust me, you will love it!...more info
  • Who killed Kenny? no one he's right here? (south park humor)
    Yeah this review hopefully isnt as lame as the title, the record isnt that lame for sure. Its actually probably better than the greatest hits he release last. I must say almost every song has some hook that will be stuck in your brain. Each song has its own personality also so its not the same bland country song one after another. Kenny has put slow moving songs (good stuff) next to his big get up and dance hit (big star) along with tons of great songs you havent heard on the radio yet but should be there (soon!?)
    bottomline: if you love country this is one you must have!...more info
  • This CD is filled with all the "Good Stuff"
    This CD is amazing. The lyrics are incredible and Kenny just brings them to life. I've been going through some really tough times recently and it seems like he just reached inside my heart to sing "I remember", "One Step Up", and "I Can't Go There". I could not ask for a greater CD. Every single song on here I love. It's great....more info
  • Big disappointment
    Sorry, I've been a Kenny Chesney fan since his first album, but I just couldn't get into this one. I found the songs mediocre, the words trite, and there wasn't anything on the album that made me go "wow". All his previous albums I've loved. But then again, I've found that the majority of albums this last year have been pretty mediocre in the country genre. Hope 2003 brings better music to us all....more info
  • No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems
    I've just come into Kenny Chesney about a few months ago and I've been on the rampage to find all his old music. Finally, someone's singing country that SOUNDS like he's actually FROM the country!

    I think country music went off on the sidelines for awhile, most of it sounding like pop/rock with a Hawaiian guitar thrown in for good measure. But when I heard Kenny's music, style and voice (anyone else notice how much he sounds like 'Ronnie Milsap'?) it reminded me of what country music USED to be - the old Conway Twitty, George Jones, Merle Haggard and Kenny Rogers era when country was or wasn't cool.

    I mostly love the nostalgic edge Kenny has on most of his songs. They just take you back to when days were simple and pure and clean. When people still had morals and the world was a much simpler place. That's what I remember when listening to 'Young', 'Never Gonna Feel That Way Again' and 'The Good Stuff'. I love Kenny's music, I think he's an old pioneer in a young man's body and I hope he keeps up the good work and never let his music change....more info

  • Whatta Man! He's definitely a BIG STAR!
    Ok, If you don't own this CD by now, you gotta go get it A.S.A.P! This album is nothing short of absolutely incredible. I'm sure you've heard some of his songs off of it on the radio or on CMT or GAC! Well, the CD has even more to offer than just those few fabulous hits! Kenny Chesney is more than a country music artist, he's *sO* amazing...he blows my mind. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems will keep you listening for hours on end. Whether it's the slow "On the coast of somewhere beautiful" or the tropical feeling "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems", you'll be hooked from the minute you pop it into your CD player. If you appreciate music at all, you'll go out and give this CD a whirl. Also, if you get the chance to see him in concert, DON'T PASS IT UP! Kenny's show is the best I've ever been to, he's the greatest performer. I recommend this album to anyone out there, it's a must have for anyone from ages 1-199! Verry great!...more info
  • SO GOOD!
    I fell in love with so many of the singles off this disk that I finally broke down and purchased it! And, I have to say, that aside from one song which I consider a "dud," the disk is great! (my dud is #3, "A Lot of Things Different")
    His music varies throughout the CD, so you don't feel like you're listening to the same song over and over. Also, he has a bit of Jimmy Buffet in him, which is really fun to listen to! His ballads are sweet and his more rock-style stuff is energetic and well put together. This is a solid effort! A+...more info
  • What's the "Problem"?
    I really like Kenny Chesney's new album "No Shoes No Shirt No Problems". For me, i don't consider this crossover country because i don't think Kenny crossed over, he's still as country as ever, and i just can't get enough of this album. Aside from the wonderful hit singles ("Young", "Good Stuff", "A Lot Of Things Different", "Big Star"), i like almost everything. The incredible songs like "Big Star" and "Young" with fast-paced melodies, but yet i love love the slow moving sounds of "A Lot Of Things Different", "Good Stuff", and "Off The Coast Of Somewhere Beautiful". As for my idea of this album, every song is worthy of a 5-star rating, great cd, great artist, i don't see any 'problems' with this incredible album!...more info
  • Another Country Gay Icon
    Thank goodness there are a number of country musicians willing to come out and say it like it is. Both K.D. Lang and Kenny Chesney fit well into this group because the music they sing music that cuts through the hear to eternal truths.

    Excellent album....more info

  • Like the greatest hits
    I owned the greatest hits and then got this. I get confused as to which is the greatest hits and this album. I can listen to it nonstop without getting tired. In my ears he is better than Garth in many respects. Go Kenny.......more info
  • I LOVE KENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My favorite song is (YOUNG)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think Kenny is the best country singer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can I write the rest of my review later?

    Janie O'Hagan...more info

  • I don't think his tractor's sexy...
    ..nor him, but he puts out one enjoyable album (which I'd really give 4.5 stars). Aside from music snobs with closed minds, this album has something for everyone. It's not high art, but it's good listening!
    1. Young - Good song...hate the 'whoo whoo's' but still give it 3.5 of 5 stars.
    2. I Remember - Reminds me of Conway Twitty - 3 of 5 stars.
    3. A Lot of Things Different - great song! 5 stars.
    4. The Good Stuff - Awkward, sappy and absurd; I hate it, but it's a hit for some reason - 1 of 5 stars.
    5. Big Star - what a fun song! 5 stars.
    6. On the coast... - Great song, sad but comforting - 5 stars
    7. Never gonna - Maybe the best song Kenny's ever recorded...this one gives me chills - it's probably too 'real' for radio though - 5+ stars.
    8. Dreams - Not the best, but it's about his mom, so I won't dock it too many stars - 3 of 5 stars.
    9. No shoes - great anthem - 4 of 5 stars.
    10. Live Those songs - Another absurd premise, but the chorus rocks so good, I forgive the songwriters for the stretch - 4 of 5 stars.
    11. One Step Up - Kenny does an admirable job on one of Bruce's more melancholy songs - 3.5 of 5 stars.
    12. I can't go there - solid sad song 3 of 5 stars.

    Good album. It's not pop-country, and it's not redneck country (ok a little), it's mostly right in the middle. Go get it...and blare that baby at top volume (at least in the privacy of your room)....more info

  • Would do business with again
    Easy transaction, no problems except that the front of the CD was broken. I emailed the seller and they sent me a replacement case. I would do business with them again....more info
  • Good CD
    I like Kenny. His songs are good, but the videos on CMT are very racy. This CD is the only one of his I own but I really enjoy it....more info