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Adobe Photoshop 7.0 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Mixed-media professionals such as photographers, Web designers, and graphic designers will not be disappointed in Adobe's latest incarnation of Photoshop. In this release, Adobe aims hard at addressing the issues of file management, easy photo retouching, and smarter output for the Web. While Adobe manages to successfully address these issues, it also remains true to its photo editing roots. New and improved features and tools such as a painting option and an enhanced brush palette allow Photoshop to build on its reputation as the leading tool for image manipulators. New-school designers of wireless applications will smile when they discover that Photoshop offers support for WBMP-formatted graphics.

Photoshop's new file management system comes in the form of a Windows Explorer-like file browser that allows users to easily sort and locate their images within various projects. Users can now organize projects by name, date, resolution, and a number of additional parameters.

The enhanced brush palette allows users to create custom brushes and save them as presets that can be accessed from the Tools options bar. Users can easily vary different aspects of the brush by changing the hue, opacity, or flow of the brushes for pastels, oils, and charcoal. Photoshop also introduces a new Healing Brush and Patch Tool. With these tools, users can easily "heal" their images by removing scratches, blemishes, and other imperfections while preserving shading, lighting, and texture attributes.

Adobe has taken great strides in revamping Photoshop to be more Web-ready than ever before. With the help of its companion software Image Ready, users can now easily create rollovers and complex navigation bars by using the new Rollovers palette. Additional Web-ready features include enhanced Web export functions that allow designers to preview images designed for PDAs and mobile phones in the WBMP format. Users can easily create a slide show of their images and post online using the new Web Gallery. People concerned about posting their images online can secure their images with the new password protection feature before sharing them.

Adobe has finally introduced a long overdue spell checker with wicked multilingual spell-checking capabilities. A new search and replace feature allows users to search and replace across different layers in the same document.

While Photoshop introduces an impressive array of features that allow photographers, Web designers, and graphic designers to work more effectively with Web and wireless devices, it also remains the leading tool for anyone serious about digital imaging. No other software package provides users with the ability to create such high-quality images. --Rich Ting

With each new version of Photoshop, Adobe never fails to come up with an awe-inspiring mix of great new features, productivity enhancements, and tweaks and treats. Version 7 is no exception. Major points of interest include a new healing brush that removes facial wrinkles and other surface blemishes with incredible ease, a long-awaited file browser that allows you to view image thumbnails and metadata, enhanced Web features, automatic color correction, and even a spell checker.

One of Photoshop's many strengths is the versatility of its tools, and this has been stretched to new limits. Filter previews are bigger, the Liquify tool has been enhanced, brush parameters have been extended, and commonly used tool settings can be saved as presets. This means you can virtually do away with the toolbox, instead selecting tools with exactly the settings you need from the presets palette.

Image Ready, Photoshop's Web-authoring and export module, remains a separate, linked application. Creation of rollovers is simpler and a new "selected" rollover state takes some of the repetitive strain out of nav-bar production.

New output options include Picture Package, which allows you to print multiple images on a single page, and new templates and security watermarking for Web galleries.

All in all, this is an upgrade guaranteed to keep Photoshop at the cutting edge of professional image editing. --Ken McMahon

Photoshop boasts an extensive set of features that allow photographers, Web, and graphic designers to work more efficiently, explore creative options, and produce high-quality images for print, Web, and other media. Create imagery with easier access to file data; streamlined Web design; faster, professional-quality photo retouching; and more. Support for WBMP format enables optimization for display on PDAs and other wireless devices. Plus, Web designers can apply extra compression to images and exercise greater control over how transparency is maintained online with Photoshop's added output enhancements.

Photoshop delivers a comprehensive tool set that helps users meet both creative and production challenges. Its Healing Brush revolutionizes the process of retouching images. Remove dust, scratches, blemishes, and wrinkles effortlessly. Preserve shading, lighting, texture, and other attributes automatically. Photoshop's File Browser lets users locate, organize, and visually manage images quickly. You can even view EXIF data from digital cameras, including date captured, exposure settings, creation and modification dates, and more.

Native on Microsoft Windows XP, Photoshop provides even greater multiprocessor support as well as superior interoperability with other Adobe applications. The software also offers a robust painting engine that lets users create custom brush presets, simulate pastels and charcoal, and add special effects, such as grass and leaves, while its Pattern Maker plug-in creates patterns, including rocks and sand. Photoshop's Liquify plug-in provides enhanced control over image warping with zoom, pan, and multiple undo capabilities.

Customer Reviews:

  • The best Picture editor
    This program can do so much...

    weather it is making the color look nicer in pictures, Adjusting the light, adding things, or even making scenery textures for computer games! It is also great for making web pages... just draw out what you want your web page to look like, and seperate the links and Voila! I highly recomend Photographers (like me), Game editors (like me), web designers (like me), or other jobs that you are tired of using MS paint for or that ms paint cant do. What ever your need Adobe Photo Shop is a great program....more info

    HORRIBLE! DO NOT ORDER!!! They took the money out of my account and I never received the product! Can not get into contact with anyone. Bad experience!!!...more info
  • One of the greatest inventions ever.
    Everybody talks of Photoshop simply as software. But it's implications in the modern day digital world are huge. Photoshop as an invention has been as influential as the light bulb, because it has changed our perception of reality. Today, every time we look at an image, say it's on a website, a magazine, television or any printed media, we wonder or contemplate the posibility of how much "Photoshopped" the image is. In the popular realm Photoshop can create crazy aberrations that are at times fun, and to the trained eye you can detect just where the editing took place. But in the hands of experts, we can just wonder how much media images have been manipulated without us ever noticing. What Photoshop has done over the years is to democratize digital image editing, something that was one time limited to high end image labs and pros. Photoshop has no real learning curve, because it's progressive. The thing is that if you're intrested, go for it, there are hundreds of learning resources available (tutorials included with the software are complete and comprehensive). Photoshop is a must have tool....more info
  • Customer Support
    While on assignment I was hit by a car and am 100% disabled. Standard darkroom work is next-to-impossible for me so I saved Social Security Disability money to purchase Photoshop 7 for my computer and Epson printer. For some reason when using Photoshp 7 and I go to "Print With Preview" for an image I have on the screen not only does it disappear completely off the screen, but the black triangle in the dock under the Photoshop 7 symbol also disappears. Called Adobe, but because there is now a print system replacing Photoshop 7 Adobe refuses to answer any question I ask about solving my problem.
    Yes, Adobe is a business and profit is the game, but to not continue to offer technical support for an Adobe product purchased by anyone and in this case a customer who is handicapped is immoral.
    Wat's the problem ? No profit in giving tech. support for lder Adobe products meaning the customer with the problem will be forced to buy the new product ?

    Richard Byrd
    ...more info
    I am not a realy serious photo editor, but so many people have said that this is such a great editor so I went ahead and coughed out the 600 dollars. It is a little pricey , but to the serious editor, the usefulness outweighs the price. 7.0 is probably the best version yet. However if you have 6.0, I would recommend saving your money for either the next version or waiting a little while for the price of this to go down. The only complaint about the product is the price. I know that it is really good, but for 600 bucks it is a little much. I suggest that they make one for home editing with features that are somewhat scaled down, since the average home user does not need this much power. Overall I recommend this if you are serious into image editing. And don't be expecting to know how to work the software in the first hour. It could take days of time sitting in front of your computer to figure out how this works. But it is worth it in the end....more info
  • The Best but the Most Complex to Learn
    I'm taking my 2nd Photoshop studio course in a college setting in the Commercial Art department right now. I'm an artist who sells her art online. I've quickly discovered that if you ask another student what another design program is like in another CART course offering, the response will be, "Well, it's hard but it's easier than Photoshop." So far there is NO program I've mentioned in the commercial art department that is not considered easier than Photoshop. That said, it is an absolutely fabulous program and if you are an artist, photographer, designer or work with images in any professional way, then this is the program for you. Conversely, if you are not such a person or, even worse, have minimal computer skills, then I think you'd do better with something simpler, like Paint Shop Pro....more info
  • my lucky number is... 7
    This latest version turns out to be a very pleasant suprise, and i would already find it difficult bto return to vers 6.
    The new interface is lovely, unlike some new software which looks like the interface was designed with three crayons.
    The tweaks such as too the dialogue boxes was an unexpected bonus, as now much finer adjustments can be made, also new and more powerful curves features. dint personally see too much benefit from auto colours but i guess itll prove occasionally handy.
    The file browser is long overdue, this was one major feature i always preferred from Corel Photopaint, and finally we have it in Photoshop, maybe four years too late but nonetheless usefull.
    The major enhance ment for me is the ability to save tool settings, not least the Crop tool, each tool can be configured with customised settings, which means no more painful typing in the same settings 50 times a day. Again its a case of why didnt we have this in version 5, but better late than never.
    The new tools are pretty cool, i love the patch tool, it literally has taken my breath away, magic is not the word. the healing brush isnt quite as user friendly and as obviously useful to me , but this will no doubt make a bit more sense after further use.
    The pattern maker has proved to be quite interesting and can actually be used to create some new twists when tinkered with enough.
    I find this version (running on XP) runs a little faster.
    all in all worth the upgrade...more info
  • Not as good as CS, but still the standard for photo editing
    Our company has some computers with software that is not compatible with Photoshop CS, so we bought a copy of 7.0. Not only is it compatible, but unlike CS, you can put it on as many computers you like. I have CS on my computer here at work and 7.0 on the one I have have at home. There is not a whole lot of differences, but I would say the bells and whistles included in CS made me decide to give this a 4 star rating instead of a 5....more info
  • Steep learning curve, but it's simply the best.
    The only remotely negative thing I can say about Photoshop 7 is, that if you're totally new to Photoshop, completely learning to use all of its myriad features effectively will be a very daunting task (to say the least). But, that could also be construed as a good thing about Photoshop. It's loaded with a plethora of very useful, very advanced features that other competitive products can't even touch.

    However, once you get a basic understanding of Photoshop's layers and basic tools, you can immediately get to work creatively modifying and enhancing your digital photos and doing graphic design. If you ARE new to Photoshop, I do recommend purchasing 3rd party training materials to gain an understanding of the features Photoshop has to offer.

    Chances are, if you're considering forking out the considerable cost for this product, than you probably have at least intermediate experience with Photoshop already. The new features of Photoshop 7 are extremely useful. There are new tools for photo enhancements (such as the unbelievable healing brush) as well as illustrating tools that finally turn Photoshop (in my opinion) to a one-stop graphic design studio.

    This comes with a fantastic training CD that takes you through the new features. It covers the new customizable paint brushes (which will blow your mind), the (soon-to-be my favorite tool) healing brush, the new file browser and all sorts of other things. This CD was so good, in fact, that I'm considering buying the whole training series for Photoshop.

    There is a reason Adobe Photoshop is the omnipresent software installed on every serious graphic designer's computer. It's simply the best, and everything else is a cheap knockoff. True, some cheaper packages do a reasonable job of imitating some of Photoshop's features-but none of them do as good of a job. Photoshop 7 just brings even more revolutionary, well-implemented features to the table, and puts more distance between itself and the wannabes. The bottom line is that if you're looking for the best photo editing software coupled with incredible graphic design tools, you've found it....more info

  • The ok adobe
    I think that this is and ok program but not a very powerful one. If you wont a powerful program go to this web site and get a program called Kneson imagener and you can get it in pro or standard version. And Adobe photoshop i rate it a 4/10 and the Kneson imagener a 8/10.

    SO, Go and get Kneson imagener NOW,

    Before its to LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info

  • The KING of image editing
    For Photographers: I humbly consider myself a weekend shutterbug, and thanks to Photoshop I'm a much better photographer then I actually am :-)

    Every wanna-be photographer such as myself has taken a photo that you just KNEW was going to a masterpiece, only to discover it was somewhat of a flop. Enter the magic of Photoshop. Once you've got your photograph imported into Photoshop you are limited only my imagination. Brighten or change your colors, change the overall hues, remove distracting objects from the background, sharpen the entire image or just a small selection, play with the saturation and contrast, crop, shrink, enlarge... the possibilities are endless.

    Or, if you want to get more into the advanced aspects of Photoshop you can, with a little playing and learning, learn how to use some of the effects to make images that would never be possible with just a camera. Create fantasy images, digital renditions of your imagination, metallic chrome lettering, that transparent "plastic" look that Apple made famous, etc. etc. etc.

    For website designers: While photography is a weekend hobby, building websites is how I pay the mortgage and put food on the table. Every site begins in Photoshop where I create three or four screenshots from which a client may select their future web site. I honestly don't know how anyone could making a living in this industry without being a semi-master at Photoshop. Once you learn how, it's remarkably easy to put together screen shots with the depth and pazaz that all web surfers have come to expect.

    There are a couple subtle features in 7.0 that I don't see any other reviews have mentioned. Yes, the Healing Brush is wicked cool and I use it a TON in photo touchup, but I hardly touch it when designing web pages. What I find massively useful is the improved ability to make text look professional.

    Previous versions often made text look choppy and would put funny spacing between letters. Until v7.0 it wasn't possible to copy text from another application and paste into Photoshop, or vise-versa. The spell checker is a god-send. And it also gives you the ability to easily and quickly do fun effects with your text like bending, warping, and twisting without having to rasterize it into a non-text layer.

    If you have never used a previous version you should be aware that there is a very steep learning curve. Nothing about Photoshop is, at first, easy or intuitive. But there is a wealth of books out there to help you learn, and in a short time you can learn the basic bells and whistles and be on your way to fancy photo editing or fun web design.

    It is such a massively powerful application that I'm curious to see how they will make it even better in v8.0....more info
  • Good for my purposes
    I think this is a great product eventhough it is majorly out of date. i have a degree in graphic Design and learned photoshop on photoshop 7.0. you can do just about the same things on the old version as you can on most of the updated versions only it is a littel different. overal I am happy with my purchase. It just took a little longer to get here then I had hoped but still made it within the time frame.
    ...more info