The Number of the Beast
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Street Release Date: 03/26/2002

Throughout the 1980s, a damning generalization held true: British metal was essentially working man's food, loosely descended from biker-meets and Northern pubs; whereas, in the States, it was an outgrowth of stadium rock, which traditionally subordinated substance to spectacle. Plug-ugly and cartoonishly morbid, Iron Maiden were typical of the Brit effort, since they effectively emphasized a driving, no-nonsense approach to the music. Among metal aficionados, this album ranks as one of the defining moments of the entire genre. Of the nine songs here--including Maiden classics like "Run to the Hills" and the title track--only "Gangland" falls flat, though it's immediately overshadowed by "Hallowed Be Thy Name," acknowledged by many as this band's apotheosis. --Andrew McGuire

Customer Reviews:

  • Bruce Dickinson's coming out
    Every Iron Maiden fan has to own this album, this was the one that made iron maiden famous in the mainstream...more info
  • "Let him who hath understanding wreckon this masterpiece..."
    Well, after reading the review by the one who's called " the otherness", there's really nothing more to say. It's all been said. But just let me add-- if you're looking for the beginning of the true bare-bones brilliance in british heavy metal, before it was sliced into 10,000 different genres, then you must purchase this masterpiece. And after you hear it, I know you'll be going to buy "Killers" and "Iron Maiden" next....more info
  • The album that put Maiden on the map
    Following the release of their second album, Killers, Iron Maiden found themselves in need of a new lead vocalist. They recruited Bruce Dickinson, formerly of the band Samson and in 1982 released The Number Of The Beast, considered by many to be a landmark metal recording.

    One thing you can't help but notice listening to this album is the level of musicmanship employed. Guitarists Dave Murray and Adrian Smith had truly cemented their working relationship by this time, and the harmonized leads, counter-rhythms, and solo trade-offs that are now an Iron Maiden stock-in-trade are firmly in place here. Steve Harris ably proves himself one of the best bass players in the business, playing basslines that manage to be highly melodic while maintaining the bassists primary role of cementing the rhythm section. Speaking of the rhythm section, drummer Clive Burr outdoes himself here in a career-defining performance. Sadly this would be his last album with the Beast. Then there's Bruce Dickinson. Finally Iron Maiden was able to find a singer with range, power and flexibility to take their music to the next level. Dickinson certainly does that here, showing no signs of nervousness or discomfort in his new position as he delivers an incredible vocal performance. The album was produced by Martin Birch, who delivered his usual terrific work and managed to record an album that sounds heavy but with good balance and ambience. Unfortunately these remasters are HORRIBLE. Jack up the levels, add lots of compression, and over-boost the bass. Dreadful. Try to find the original CD issues instead.

    On the first two Iron Maiden albums bassist Steve Harris did almost all of the songwriting by himself. He still did a great deal here, and having a new "instrument" to play with in Bruce Dickinson inspired him to greater heights, writing in a more melodic fashion for a voice with a lot more range than had been available before. His efforts were also very nicely augmented by guitarist Adrian Smith, who had played on the previous album but hadn't done any writing at that point. Dickinson apparently did a lot of writing as well, but wasn't able to get songwriting credit because of a previous contract. The legendary Maiden songwriting team, in place for the first time, brought the band up a level. This record is jam-packed with killer songs like "Children Of The Damned" (starts out slow and then kicks you in the gut), "The Prisoner" (hard rocker with a great bassline and an insistent chorus), and "The Number Of The Beast" (the one that scared your parents!). It also includes the epic "Hallowed Be Thy Name", which stands to this day as one of Maiden's top five songs ever (many still think it's their best). Anybody who's familiar with my reviews knows that I grade albums mostly based on the songwriting, and this album loses a star for the disposable "Gangland", the fluffy-sounding "Run To The Hills", and "Invaders", which starts out promising but is ruined by a retarded chorus. The rest of the songs are so incredible, however, that they still earn this album four stars.

    Many still consider this to be Maiden's best work, but I really can't agree. Maiden would later release albums that were great from start to finish. This album has some killer songs, but it also does have a few weak points. I see it as sort of transitional; a step up from the band's previous efforts and a springboard for what was to come. It's still a great, classic album and no rock record collection is complete without it....more info
  • Deserves all the hype
    Great early metal release. Every song is good and their are obviously highlight songs but the album as a whole is mind bogglingly good. You probably need the first 6 Maiden CDs or your missing out. This one, Powerslave and Piece of Mind duke it out for the top Maiden.

    If you like this stuff you really need to check out Judas Priest as I think they trump this band 100 times over. That said, you can't loose with this CD....more info
  • !!!666!!!
    Swallowing the souls of the weak, Number of the Beast makes those outside the world of metal fear for their eternal lives!!! Long live Iron Maiden and Heavy Metal!!!...more info
    THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST is heavy metal music at it's best and is their best albums hands down along with POWERSLAVE.This fantastic album contains anthems like RUN TO THE HILLS,HALLOWED BE THY NAME and THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST.Very very very highly recommended along with the POWERSLAVE album....more info
  • A Star For Each Fully Realized Tune
    There are only two of them on this album --- Number of the Beast and Run to the Hills. I was going to impose an additional star penalty for the pain caused by missed opportunities, lack of rehearsal time, and just plain lazy sloppiness ---- but I'm generous. The difference between the filler and the good tunes is so distinct that a serious listener would swear it's two different bands. One that has learned to play a solid fully developed tune - together in tempo - and one that can't keep simple 4/4 rock timing. I was actually quite surprised at the disparity in quality on this album as well as the lost potental of several poorly executed tracks and others that are just plain filler. I recommend downloading single tracks when it comes to Iron Maiden --- some of their tracks are outright classics. ...more info
  • just buy it
    it's really simple - this is one of the best albums of all time. if you don't own it, buy it immediately. done....more info
  • Dickenson at his finest
    This album is easily Bruce Dickenson's finest vocal display. I challenge you to find a song which proves this more than Hallowed Be They Name....more info
  • Before Speed Metal Became Big!!
    IRON MAIDEN was the band that was the closet to speed metal at the time.
    English Metal actially my favorite was "SOMEWHERE IN TIME".
    My rating is a 8 from 1to10!!...more info
  • The Number of the Beast (3,5 stars)
    The Number of the Beast is the third studio release from legendary English metal band Iron Maiden, and is kind of a transitional album. With new vocalist Bruce Dickinson onboard, the band seems to be searching somewhat on how songs should be played and arranged to suit his voice; which is very different from previous vocalist Paul Di'Anno's. At the same time, the band starts showing off more of what will be their own trademark sound here, with fast-paced riffing, more harmonic guitar-playing and the bass guitar clearly a solid foundation in many tracks.

    Musically Iron Maiden to some extent leave their punkish on this release; production and playing eliminating many of the rough edges of punk in the past, while the fast paced and at times staccato riffing developed due to the punk influences now to a greater extent has been developed into something new.

    Iron Maidens trademark type of songs are developed here, with fast-paced riff-based rockers, some more mellow atmospheric tracks and the first raw examples of what would develop into the classic epic tracks being in place on this release.

    The music is clearly heavy metal throughout; but influences and inspirations are not as easily identified here; and in many aspects this is the album where Iron Maiden lay down the foundations for their individual version of heavy metal.

    There are many classic songs on this release, but also a few that are a tad on the weak side. The classic tracks here are all household names for most; and as with previous release Killers these songs are the main reason for adding this release to the music collection....more info
  • Knocks my socks off
    This was Iron Maiden's first album without singer Paul Di'anno. Bruce Dickenson joined up in 1981. First off I want to say that Steve Harris's bass playing is enough of a reason to buy this album. Metal is known for bass players riding the root notes and the guitar players ripping it up, but Iron Maiden works amazingly together. Bruce Dickenson's vocal deliveries are always powerful. "The Number Of The Beast" is really cool because it is an idea of what things could be like if the rapture described in the Bible actually happened. "Run To The Hills" is a great song about the plight of native americans. "The Prisoner" goes into the head of a prisoner's thinking, painting out the fear and concerns involving that life. Iron Maiden's music is smart and clever, discussing dark themes, flying over the christian right's understanding. This is an album that I finally discovered far too late in life. Buy this album and listen to it crush indie rock. ...more info
  • Satanic boy band that thinks they are 'metal'. Try Limp Bizkit.
    This band is not talented at all and is a complet joke. Honestly, how can you people listen to this satanic goth garbage? This guy on the bass Harris or whatever the hell his name is, cannot play at all and is a complete lozer and does not look kewl at all(he looks like an ugly gurl). Thats why this band is not on MTV or the radio and also becaue it sux. This is exactly the kind of stuff that comes mind when I hear the words "fake metal". For a real metal album that has talented playing check out "Nevermind" by Nirvana or Limp Bizkit's masterpiece "Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water". They rock way harder and better than this unkown poser tripe that I would give minus infinite starz if I could. ...more info
  • Incredible piece of metal history.
    Alright people, here's the deal. I know everyone gets this album because of, "Run to the hills". I know some people who will skip every song on the album and only listen to run to the hills. But, here's the truth, "Run to the hills" really isn't that great of a song, in my opinion. I can play about every song on this album, besides "Total eclipse", on the guitar. I like complicated guitar work that requires more than a few power chords. That's what "Run to the hills" is. The song is about 5 or 6 power chords arranged differently, besides the solo section and intro. I mean, to me it sounds a little boring. The best, and most overlooked song on this album is the amazing, "HALLOWED BE THY NAME"! I mean, talk about great guitars. That song took me forever to learn on the guitar. The intro alone took me like three weeks. Now, that's a song for you. Other highlights of this album are, "INVADERS", "CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED", "22 ACACIA AVENUE", "NUMBER OF THE BEAST", and "GANGLAND". Get this album for those songs....more info
  • Iron Maiden became a beast after this
    Prior to 1982 metal was a struggling genre. Black Sabbath wasn't as big without Ozzy, Judas Priest wasn't cutting it, and Paul Di'Anno just wasn't working for Iron Maiden (don't get me wrong, I kinda respect Judas Priest and Maidens first two albums). But in 1982 Iron Maiden released what would be considered their defining album 'The Number of the Beast', and there metal was redefined. With Steve Harris's fast yet melodic basslines, Adrian Smith's and Dave Murrays blazing riffs and solos, Clive Burr's fast-paced drumming, and Bruce Dickinsons ability to hold notes for a very lengthy time period (aside from his great voice), Iron Maiden was able to claim the throne of metal.
    The songs on this album are amazing to say the least (with the exception of '22 Acacia Avenue', which is still pretty good) and it was here where Maiden became a definitive heavy metal band. The popular 'Run to the Hills', with it's fast paced riff and drum beat hook the listener and make them crave more. The title track shows the true face of Iron Maiden with Dickinson's striking vocals throughout the verses and choruses alongside Smith's and Murray's solos; 'Hallowed be they Name', quite possibly the best song on the album, is a hard rock masterpiece about a prisoner awaiting execution that has insightful lyrics and incredible guitar melodies. 'Total Eclipse, an epic song about the death of the Sun has great basslines from Steve Harris and crazy guitar riffs from Murray and Smith. And who could forget about the Maiden classic 'The Prisoner', a song that demonstrates some of the bands best and most memorable guitar riffs. Other songs like 'Invaders', 'Children of the Damned', and 'Gangland' come close to the greatness of the previous five and are definitely worth a listen or two as well. '22 Acacia Avenue' isn't too good when it comes to Iron Maiden, though it isn't bad and does not detract from the five star rating.
    Overall I'd say that this is easily one of Iron Maidens top five best albums, it's up there with 'Powerslave' and 'Piece of Mind', and is definitely one of their definitive albums. If you are a metal fan and you don't have this,'re not a metal fan (UNLESS YOU GET IT NOW!). ...more info
  • Twenty years later,a classic
    I would rate The Number of the beast as their best album after Powerslave.I also would ignore the reviews of the below one star reviewer who has given this excellent album one star and given crap like Gwen Stefani four stars.This is truly a metal classic with anthems like Run to the hills,The number of the beast and Hallowed be thy name.Very highly recommended....more info
    A metal epic you say!!! That is totally an understatement. Bruce Dickinson joined the Maiden crew in November 1981, and held nothing back with his debut on "Number Of The Beast". Bruces voice is ear shattering and exploding with rythmic energy. "Number Of The Beast" captures Maiden at an awe inspiring creative peak. Yeah I know "Run To The Hills" is the popular song that everybody likes and skips the other 8 tracks on the cd to listen to. "Run To The Hills" pales in comparison to most of the other tracks on the cd. "Invaders", "Children Of The Damned" "Gangland" "Hallowed Be Thy Name" just to name a few. From "Invaders" to "Hallowed Be Thy Name", "Number Of The Beast" is a riveting listen that speaks volumes of pure metal genius. "Number Of The Beast" would start Maidens incredible streak of recording greatness throughout the remainder of the big 1980s, Piece of Mind,Powerslave,Somewhere in Time,Seventh Son of a Seventh Son into the 1990s. The one thing I will give Iron Maiden is that they did'nt sell out and make more commercially favorite music to appeal and sell more cds to the public. Unlike Metallica who compared favorably to Maiden through 1983-1988 with great hard crunchy metal music with the likes of "Kill 'Em All1983" "Ride the Lightning1984", "Master of Puppets1986", got more commercial and softer sounding with their music. Maiden today is still pumping out hard crunching metal music and are no sell outs. "Number Of The Beast" is essential to any heavy metal or hard rock library, as it gets better with age, the Beast ages like fine wine. If you are not a of fan of Iron Maiden, I assure you, you need to own this cd. The packaging is really awesome with a fine mini booklet of literature about the Maiden and the remastering is incredible. Enough already laddy!!..................UP THE IRONS MATEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
    If this is what rock fans call music wow!!!!! Rock fans are constantly putting down Backstreet Boy fans saying try listening to "real music" so I listened. All I can say is WOW, this is pure rubbish. It's loud,loud, and loud and as far as the quality of the performers voices oh my goodness good gawd, have these ppl heard of voice teachers. I'm beginning to think rock fans brain cells are numb, because that is the only way one could listen to this brianless, mindless crap. For those ppl that like melodic, smooth, harmonizing sounds try really listening to BSB. ...more info
  • One of the greatest metal albums
    I just cant get enough of Iron maiden and their albums of which this is their best.Songs like THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST,RUN TO THE HILLS and the spooky HALLOWED BE THY NAME sound good even after twenty years.I recommend that you get this first and then get all their other albums.VIVA LA IRON MAIDEN....more info
  • Absolutely Fierce!
    That was my first thought when I heard this album. I was seventeen and so ready for this. The 80's were the best years for Metal and Maiden along with Sabbath and Judas Priest led the way with a fierce vengence. Listening to this album( along with Black Sabbath's "We Sold Our Souls For Rock-n-Roll") inspired me to pick up the bass and start my journey onto becoming a Heavy Metal bassist. Unfortunately, I had to grow up, but not in my heart. When I listen to this album and I do in my car daily, my Heavy Metal dream still lives on as does the music of Maiden!...more info
  • Iron Maiden stand at their best
    Tied with Powerslave, i'd say this is their best album. For one thing, it has 3 songs which are still famous today. Second, there is a great range of songs on here.

    1. Invaders: Fast paced, and loud. 9/10

    2. Children of the Damned: Slower, but speeds up to be one of the best songs ever. 10/10

    3. The Prisoner: The worst song, but still good. 7.5/10

    4. 22 Acacia avenue: Tells a similar story to "Charlotte the Harlot" on Iron Maiden. Steady, and fierce at times. 10/10

    5. Number of the Beast: My favourite song ever. Good lyrics, and a classic which will hopefully stay famous for 100 years (at least). 12/10

    6. Run to the hills: Faster than Number of the Beast, and the only song i managed to get my friend into. 11.5/10

    7. Gangland: Not a great favourite, but i like the chorus and intro. 8/10

    8. Total Eclipse: Didn't really manage to get into this, but i still enjoy it whenever i hear it. 8/10

    9. Hallowed be thy Name: A soft start, which builds up into a very fast paced song. 10/10...more info
  • Amazing Album, But Horrific Remaster!
    This album rocks and no metal fan should be without it!
    This remaster sounds awful; it is loud, flat, and generally unexciting.
    Do yourself a favor and buy the original CD release, as it is miles ahead of this one....more info
  • One star for the remaster/re-release
    This is a classic record, one of the best heavy metal records of all time and a personal favorite. I can truthfully say this record changed my life. There's really nothing more I can that hasn't been said; Bruce "Air Raid Siren" Dickinson's first with the band, he was a departure from Di'Anno's huskier voice, but he kicked all *ss combined here. Every track, to me, is classic heavy metal. Sadly, this is Clive Burr's last; as others have said, he is a criminally under-rated drummer (not to take away from Nicko--he tore it up on Piece of Mind and still pounds today; I saw them at the opening show of their 2005 "Eddie Rips up Europe" tour and the band was on fire!).

    However, the remastering of Maiden's catalog is tragic. Martin Birch was (he's retired now) a veteran producer, and Maiden had the luxury of using somebody who had worked with Deep Purple, among others. His production and mix was beautiful--open, with plenty of room for the instruments to breathe; each instrument given ample room. Wonderfully natural bass and drum sounds (this album has some of my favorite--"Children of the Damned" is still goosebump-producing after all these years). Again, breathability is the key word, and the original CD was given a wide dynamic range, as were all of the Birch-produced records. This and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son are, to me, masterpieces of production, mixing, and finally, mastering. The remasters take these work-of-art master tapes and, frankly, result in rubbish. The peak levels are jacked way up, so there is little to no dynamic range; everything is flattened. And, since the lowest peak levels are now very high, the highest peak levels must be cut off, resulting in an overall sound that is not at all pleasant to the ears. Megadeth's remasters, with the exception of "Killing is My Business", which smokes, are just another (sadly even moreso) example of this.

    This is the product of 21st century mastering: every CD must be "Hot", meaning that it must be as loud as, if not louder than, the competition. This is turning all popular music into mush. I can't listen to this crap. Martin Birch would be ashamed to have his name on these CDs; his artistry has been shat upon. I can't believe that Steve Harris, himself an engineer and producer, would release this. Please do yourself a favor and seek out the old Capital Records/EMI CD release. Sure, it's not as "hot" as today's CDs, but I would strongly argue that it's a much more satisfying listen. ...more info
  • The Number Of The Beast
    This album is a classic heavy metal album and a great one too. Probably my favourite Iron Maiden album and i love every song on the album and although i ddint like them all at first i now love them all and know the tune to all of them and can air guitar and hum the notes to every solo they are so catchy. Bruce Dickinson has to be the greatest singer ever, hes not necessarily the best front man but an awesome singer and Maidnes best by far. You should buy this album if you wnat to know what rela maidne is liek and you are firts getting into them or if you like maiden and dont have it, or just if you dont have it, or even if you do have it buy it, it is awesome!...more info
  • Heavy Metal Perfection
    It's very distressing to see modern metalheads obsessing over all this new metalcore that plagues our world and gives metal a bad name and not even knowing who Iron Maiden is. While the title of "Fathers of Heavy Metal" belong to bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden is definitely in the top 5 metal bands to ever grace the earth. How can anyone deny the pure talent that this band shows and then go to Trivium concerts thinking that they're the greatest band that ever lived? Iron Maiden is definitely one of the reasons those bands even exist, I know for sure, because Iron Maiden still remains one of the most influential metal bands in the music industry.

    Now that I've got that off my chest, let's break the whole into pieces and analyze each of the band members. First of all, there's everyone's favorite metal vocalist Bruce Dickinson, also known as "The Air Raid Siren of Heavy Metal" for his operatic singing style and incredible range. Bruce can comfortably switching from an angry growl (Metallica-style, not death metal) to a high-pitched shrieking without missing a beat. Next up we have Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, who provide some very compelling guitar riffs and beautiful, focused solos that match perfectly with the individual feel of every song. These two undeniably belong on a list of metal's greatest guitarists. After them is bassist and founding member Steve Harris, who has remained loyal to the band since its founding in 1975. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, metal's greatest bass guitar player. Not only does he provide a subtle atmosphere for the album's intense, anthemic feel, he plays the bass as if it is meant to be a lead instrument, playing marvelous riffs and holding it all together. And last but not least is drummer Clive Burr, whose drumming is sorely missed on later albums (even though his replacement, Nicko McBrain, is arguably their best drummer in the long run), as he introduced several songs with addictive drum solos and keeps a fine beat going for every song.

    Overall, this album is a milestone in metal, marking the introduction of Bruce Dickinson to the world of mainstream metal and being Iron Maiden's first straightforward metal album (the first two album also included elements of punk). Without this album, so many metal bands would not have existed in the form they do today, including many sub-par metalcore bands, I'm sorry to say. But whether directly or indirectly, Iron Maiden is one of the top influences in today's metal scene, and there is no way you can deny that.

    Track Selections: "The Prisoner", "Run To The Hills", and "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

    10/10...more info
  • Great cd
    Bought this for my husband b/c he likes the 'Run to the Hills' he won't turn it off:-)...more info
  • Essential 9
    This is why to me it seems so silly to try to pick out a greatest hits package or essential collection (single or double CD) from Iron Maiden. Over the better part of nearly 30 years, I can only pick a few songs by them I don't like, and even those I like in some way, and on this one ALL 9 songs here to me are incredible, and including "Total Eclipse" is perfect. I first heard this song around 1998 or so when the reissue/remasters first came out...if memory serves me correct (with the Eddie Head discography)?

    Maiden is one of those bands that if you are a hardcore fan, you have everything by them....and it's quite a catalog, not much room for poor imititations or retro acts of today trying to cash in on the old style they had back then. Everything before this CD, and everything that came after it was amazing, and the next few albums after this one was a great run for them, their glory years if you will. A great place to start, but an even better place would be the debut and Killers to hear how they got to this very point, good stuff on those two also. Piece Of Mind that came right after this one is highly recommended also, and to me nearly tops this one, and does on some days.
    ...more info
  • Iron Maiden's arguable triumph still rocks 25 years on
    English metal masters Iron Maiden's third album The Number of the Beast was originally released in April of 1982 in the US on the Capitol subsidary Harvest (same label that Pink Floyd was on from late 1969-73 and The Little River Band's first four album was on this label here in the US as well).
    This album was their second with producer Martin Birch and guitarist Adrian Smith but was the first with new frontman Bruce Dickinson whom was light years ahead of predecessor Paul Di'anno in the singing and stage presence departments. This album was recorded and mixed at Battery Studios in late 1981 but it doesn't sound like it at all. This album has no weak moment and bass player Steve Harris was on fire with his songwriting contributions on all tracks except as noted.
    It kicks off with the thundering "Invaders" which signalled that Maiden meant business and was an excellent rocker. Next was "Children of the Damned" which is a classic track as well. "The Prisoner" follows (co-written by guitarist Adrian Smith) and is based on the show of the same name that was huge on television in the 1960s. Next is "22 Acacia Avenue" which is part two to "Charlotte the Harlot" (and co-written by guitarist Dave Murray) and Bruce just wails on this track vocally.
    The legendary title cut follows and had some controversy when released as the band was labelled Satanic by Jerry Falwell and Tipper Gore's PMRC but this song just rocks out. Next was the album's first single and still a classic on rock today "Run to the Hills" which was about the desecration of the American Indian tribes. "Gangland" follows and was the only track not written by Harris, this time it was Smith and Maiden drummer Clive Burr who wrote it. It was considered a weak tune but Bruce's vocal was unearthly as he hit high screams which were not heard since either Robert Plant, Rob Halford or Ian Gillan. The original album concludes with Harris' epic "Hallowed Be Thy Name" about a lowly soul about to be executed and can't imagine why he cries when he is about to die. "Total Eclipse" is the bonus track on this remastered edition and was not used on the original album due to lack of time but is a killer track.
    The Number of the Beast turned out to be Iron Maiden's US breakthorugh hitting the US Top 40 and going Gold (eventually Platinum). This album sold because the songs on here are brilliant and have aged well unlike some 80s new wave artists like either A Flock of Seagulls or Duran Duran, whose music is completely dated.
    Highly recommended! ...more info
  • the biggest peak of their career
    This is a must by album for metal lovers. I can't stress enough how good this album is. What i love about this album is that they have different songs that sound like they should be on there other albums. Now i'll give a one by one review of each song. And once again, THIS IS A GREAT ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Invaders: 8.5/10 Not bad except the bad chorus. I'm sorry but it's true! bad way to start off the album, in my opinion. The riffs are great and so are the lyrics but suddenly the chorus gets a little offhand. Thats all

    Children of the damned: 10/10 The monsterous riffs of this song is amazing! The chorus is one of the best in Iron maiden's career. The lyrics are also very nice but still pretty creepy.

    The Prisoner: 9/10 This is the only song that doesn't get me interested. The laughter of the man is just creepy. The lyrics aren't that bad. This song shouldn't be 7 minutes long. The riffs are pretty boring too. but overal not a bad song

    22 Acacia avenue: 10/10 Finally we're getting somewhere! This is one of the best songs on the album. the chorus is just perfect. What i said in the beginning fits into this song. This song sounds like it should be on the killers or iron maiden album. The riffs between the solos sound just like the song "Phantom of the opera". My god, is this a good song! The perfect high pitched ending is the coolest.

    Number of the beast: 10/10 I used to hate this song but it grows on me every time i hear it. The intro speech is so serious and cool. "it's number is 666....." The long scream is something i can't explain unless you hear it. it's perfect metal power. This is one of the best songs on the album. The riffs are perfectly assembled. The chorus is addictive. The solo is perfect just perfect! The lyrics are very scary and mysterious. Oh yeah, what i meant was solos. Plural. which means that there are 2 solos. probably one by adrian and one by dave. but not to be side tracked. The second half of the song is similar to the first half except the 2 solos. "i'll make you burn!" sorry i just had to repeat the lyrics! they're that addictive! The ending is perfectly abrupt. Do i make sense? next song!

    Run to the hills: 10/10 The beginning drums are great. The guitar at first sounds a little "poppy". But doesn't matter because it only lasts about 45 seconds. The lyrics are similar to invaders but cooler. much cooler! RUN TO THE HILLS RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!! RUN TO THE HILLS RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry but that has got to be the best chorus in the entire iron maiden and metal history. The solo is great. if only i could express them into words! around 2:27 the solo sounds a little weird so he retreats back into the riffs. Then Bruce says a couple of yeahs and then he screams! Then back to the chorus. He repeats the chorus until he thinks the listener has had enough. Which i haven't!!!!! I could listen to it everyday for the rest of my life. The ending is great. great scream

    Gangland: 10/10 This song is highly undderrated. The beginning drum solo is great. and the riffs don't really sound bad. The lyrics aren't bad. Not really a classic hit with fans. The chorus is a little cheesey. Tastes like parmasean! Just kidding but the whole song sounds a bit the same. Not really a head banger like the other songs but very good. The solo is very cool. It kinda sounds like it should be in Powerslave. No joke, this sounds similar to the song "powerslave" from the album POWERSLAVE. The chorus doesn't rhyme that much actually. The song ends with the chorus.

    Total Eclipse 10/10 Another underrated song! How can anyone call this the best metal album if you don't even acknoledge this song?! THe lyrics are very cool. Its funny because whenever i listen to it, i feel like "helping" the enviroment. This song also sounds like it should be on PIECE OF MIND. The chorus gets a little weary in the end. And by weary i mean very boring. The solo is kinda weird. But the part of the song that reminds me of PIECE OF MIND is the soft part around 3:08. it reminds me of revelations. Quiet ending. zoom! I guess it is a little boring, but great nonetheless. Okay next song!

    Hallowed be thy name: 10/10 The song that everyone is raving about all these years. The bells in the beginning sends chills down my spine. Honestly, i like the song when played live because the first riffs are smooth unlike the first part of the song. It is kinda torn into bits by the weird drumming of Clive Burr. The lyrics are great!!!!!! Now this is the head banger that i was waiting for! The riffs are very cool! If this had to be graded i would give it an A+. I like the riffs around the 2:35 area. Very sweet. i like them better when they are played the second way around the 2:50 mark. "god be with you!" I'm sorry if this bothers you but i can't stop writing random parts of the song that sound really cool. "life down there is just a strange illusion!". THis song at first was very boring because of the repitition riffs. But now i realize that its so good that it doesn't really matter! In the start of the second half of the song it gets very fast paced. The solo is like blisters that are on fire! And by blisters that are on fire, i actually mean very great! So perfect that they can burn through anything that they touch. The riffs are so perfectly assembled. I can't explain why it's so good. RIFFS RIFFS RIFFS!!!!!!!!!!! thats all i can say. That basically refers to the song. Bruce doesn't sing for the last half of the song except some yeahs and 2 HALLOWED BE THY NAME!!!!!! The song ends perfectly with some snare drumming that can easily be heard.

    This is the best album in there carreer. Hands down. I'm sorry but if you don't own this album, i'm gonna freak. So please just get this album. Do you know why? BECAUSE ITS SO DAM GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Legendary Album
    There are 5 hard rock/heavy metal albums that come to mind when I think of the early 80's, and know very well that they wound up in the collections of every head-banging junior high kid from that era. They are: Diary of a Madman (Ozzy), Mob Rules (Black Sabbath), Pyromania (Def Leppard), Screaming for Vengeance (Judas Priest), and The Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden). These albums defined the early 80's metal genre, and I can vividly recall countless kids walking the halls at my school with their freshly-purchased concert tour shirts from these bands, and would wear them every day, or until their parents would tell them to wear school clothes!!! Iron Maiden's recording career was still very young in 1982, and their third album (The Number of the Beast) featured a new vocalist, Bruce Dickinson, and the band would never be the same again. Bruce's extremely wide range of vocals was the perfect fit for a heavy metal band that was on the rise, and he supplied sheer force on his "maiden" voyage. To this day, the album is in Maiden's top 3 (Powerslave and Piece of Mind are the others)in my opinion. The tracks:
    INVADERS: Great start to the album, and we're given a good sample of the new vocalist, and the standard is set higher for the rest of the album. Bruce's range immediately shows on this track (8/10)
    CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED: Nice intro, and is solid throughout. Again, Bruce shines vocally, and shows tremendous range.(10/10)
    THE PRISONER: Nothing special here, but still rocks. (7/10)
    22 ACACIA AVENUE: Very bold song, and high-energy throughout. (8/10)
    THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST: One of the definitive metal giants, and a staple for all fans of heavy metal. When I think of heavy metal, I think of "Number of the Beast." (10/10)
    RUN TO THE HILLS: Perhaps their most famous song, but may be a tad overrated. Still great, and tremendous vocals sets it apart from other bands' signature songs. (9/10)
    GANGLAND: Fast rocker that doesn't do anything spectacular. Good if you're in the mood for something fast, and not concerned about substance. (6/10)
    TOTAL ECLIPSE: The first 15 seconds of this song sounds like parts of "You Can't Kill Rock & Roll" by Ozzy. One of the strongest tracks on the album, and picks up speed nicely. (10/10)
    HALLOWED BY THY NAME: Arguably the best track on the album. For some reason, I have to be in the mood to listen to this one, and often find myself going to another song. When I do listen to the whole song, I really like it. It has a good starting, and you know that when bells chime, you're in for a great heavy metal experience. (10/10)

    Buy this CD without hesitation. If you're just getting into Maiden, then this CD is a great starting point, as it sets the stage for the golden era of Maiden (1982-88)...more info