WMF Vino Stainless-Steel 4-Way Funnel
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Product Description

Crafted of polished stainless steel, this decanting funnel makes pouring wine from a bottle into a carafe so, so much easier. Simply rest the funnel in the neck, insert the filter to catch any dregs and sediment, and pour! There are eight tiny holes in the "stem" which aerate the wine as it is poured. This funnel could also be used for straining sauces, mulled cider and more.

One of WMF's high-quality wine tools, this wide-mouth stainless-steel funnel is ideal for decanting red wine into a crystal serving vessel. It has a removable fine-mesh strainer for filtering out impurities and eight tiny holes in the neck to aerate the wine. Contemporary European in style, the funnel is heavy and handsome, and the stainless steel is high-grade 18/10 polished to a mirror finish. It measures 3-1/2 inches in diameter. --Fred Brack

  • Wide-mouth funnel for decanting red wine
  • Removable fine-mesh strainer filters out impurities
  • Eight tiny holes in neck aerate wine
  • Made of heavy-gauge stainless-steel polished to mirror-finish
  • Contemporary European style; 3-1/2 inches in diameter

Customer Reviews:

  • A must have
    If you are into wine decanting, this WMF funnel/filter is a must have. My son and daughter-in-law are into wine and wanted to start decanting. I purchased 3 different decanters and this funnel/filter for them for Christmas. I, who knows nothing about wine, noticed the difference. More importantly, my son and his wife noticed a big difference! They used the funnel & filter to pour the wine into the decanter. You could see remnants of sediment in the filter after they poured the wine. The wine had a smoother feel to it as I drank it. It didn't have a slight bite like wines poured straight from the bottle.
    So, if you are a wine buff and want to improve on the taste and texture of your wine, then add this WMF funnel/filter to your wine accessories. You will not be disappointed.

    ...more info
  • A must have for winos!
    Does the job well and at a much more affordable price compared to what I was seeing in stores. It is nice not having to worry about trying to keep any sediment in the bottle. The aeration holes really speed the process of opening up the wine....more info
  • Great great Funnel
    Hi I am Carlos from Srewsbury Ma and I drink wine almost every day. This funnel does give you another experience and way to teast your wine. Incredible for those big wines and also for some young wine. I recomend this funnel 101%

    Me...more info
  • Pretty nice, but not perfect.
    This funnel is pretty nice. The holes at the bottom cause the wine to cascade gently down the sides of a decanter. The finish is nice, and it fits well into my decanter. It will not fit into a bottle of wine, for those who like to decant and then re-bottle. My only gripe is that it is made by joining two pieces together--the upper dome-shaped part and the neck. A small pool of wine collects where these 2 pieces are joined. After decanting the wine, one needs to be careful with the funnel or a small amount of wine will spill. ...more info
  • Wine funnel
    A great way to add a bit of air to your wine. The spout will not, however, fit into a wine bottle so you cannot pour the wine back into the bottle which would be handy. Sometimes I decant a wine and then rebottle it before taking it to a party so that the wine is ready to go when I arrive. Rebottling decanted wine is also useful when several bottles will be opened so a drinker can identify what he or she is drinking....more info
  • my favorite thing this year!
    The wine aerator is used at my house for pouring individual glasses of wine rather than pouring it into a decanter. It is a wonderful way to "decant" a glass of wine into a goblet. This device is well-made--better than others I've seen. Since this is my "Favorite Thing This Year" many of my family and friends are receiving them for presents. ...more info
  • A Must Have..Like My Grandfather Used
    I don't really have any other insight to this funnel than has been said already...but my Italian Grandfather used something like this over 100 years ago for his home made red wine and I have followed in his footsteps. I remember him pouring wine out of a huge barrel through a spicket and putting it in a hand made glass decanter through a similar funnel. I didn't realize until much later in my life what he was doing...it aerated the wine, trapped some sediment, and got it ready to breathe in the decanter, right before dinner...like I now do with EVERY bottle of red wine I drink. You won't believe the difference in the taste of the wine. Incredibly simple and effective. Great investment if you drink even a few bottles of wine once in a while....but remember, you have to purchase a nice inexpensive glass decanter too!...more info
  • nice product
    I used the funnel to help remove sediment from some 15 year old wine. While it didn't get everything it did get most of it. You still have to be careful when you pour.

    I would recommend this funnel....more info
  • Amazing and You Can Test for Yourself
    We are so amazed how much better wine tastes--any kind of wine--after using this filter. We tested it out pouring a nice bottle in a glass and the rest through the filter in to the $40 decanter someone recommended. Not only did the wine taste better immediately. The decanted wine was better all night than the liquid that went straight into the glass. Works on cheap wine, too. And it makes a nice show when pouring. Enjoy. ...more info
  • Great funnel
    I have been using the funnel regularly since I bought it as I have many aged bottles that require decanting.
    It really does a great job...more info
  • Should have read the reviews
    Well, I should have read the feedback before purchasing, my bad! I bought this item because it looked awesome, and it does in person, in fact, even more impressive. However, after trying with over 10 bottles now I was miffed because (as the lead review states, which again, my bad for not reading) it doesn't fit in a single one! I decant just about every red that passes through my lips for at least a couple of hours and I have several decanters that work well. And this device works well with all my decanters. HOWEVER, most of my decanted reds I need to funnel BACK into the bottle because I then proceed to a restaurant to enjoy with a fine meal (and I really can barely cook popcorn or noodles). So my need to place most of these back in the bottle has been thwarted. I just can't walk into a restaurant with a decanter, it would make me look even more pretentious than I already am by bringing my own wine.

    In summary, awesome looking unit, just wished they had made the stem longer and skinnier so it could serve my purposes.
    ...more info
  • Funnel away!!
    A few months ago, my friends and I were up in Napa doing what we enjoy most... drinking wine! One of our stops was Francsican on HWY 29 and tried a bunch of their wines. WE make wine and were chatting with some of the folks there and they pulled out their '05 Magnificat which they said was alittle tight but really opened up if you decanted it and used this 4-way funnel.

    He made a statement that it really added a year to the wie when decanting and using this funnel. All of my friends and I all looked at each other like it was this HUGE epiphany. Some of our 2004 vintages for some reason were coming to life late in the bottle and so we tried this funnel. We are so sold! WE use it for our wine and every bottle of red. Its amazing how aerated the wine gets and all the flavors just pop!

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  • Form and function !!
    Very useful for aerating and filtering red wines. Did a quick taste test with a bottle of red that needed to breathe. Poured some directly onto a glass and filtered the rest. The filtered wine did taste better straight away. Good product and it looks cool too !!...more info
  • Great For Filtering KOMBUCHA too !
    I use this for filtering kombucha tea directly into flip top bottles and it works great . Kombucha tea is a probiotic fermented tea that is easy to make only requiring tea,sugar and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) culture. Often slimy strands of culture will form in your brewing container , and the funnel does a good job of making sure none of them get into your bottles .

    Kombucha has been around for thousands of years and has helped many people overcome many illnesses. Do an internet search for kombucha for more info . Ebay has tons of sellers for kombucha cultures as well . Once you have a culture you never need to repurchase .

    Oh, by the way , this funnel works great for red wine and for old world style unfiltered beers that can contain much sediment. ...more info
  • Great Buy
    Looked at several of these at wineries and on line before buying this item. Works great, makes a real difference with the taste of the wine and the price was the best!! Great find....more info