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Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Second Season
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Product Description

Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/24/2006

To the delight of Star Trek fans everywhere, the stellar second season of The Next Generation (1988-89) belonged to Lieutenant Commander Data. As the Enterprise-D's resident android, Data (in the Emmy-worthy hands of Brent Spiner) would gain legal sentience in the season highlight "The Measure of a Man," and his increasingly "human" personality would refine itself in such diverse episodes as "Elementary, Dear Data" (Data as Sherlock Holmes), "The Outrageous Okona" (a misfire, but worthy from the Data perspective), and "Pen Pals." While Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher) took a sabbatical of then-unknown duration (gracefully replaced by original Trek guest star Diana Muldaur as Dr. Pulaski), the remaining bridge crew would match Data's vitality: Riker grew a handsome beard and proved his command potential; Worf became richly nuanced in "The Icarus Factor," and met his match (and mate) in guest Suzie Plakson's fiercely Klingon sexpot K'Ehleyr; Wesley matured admirably, despite continuing fan disapproval; Betazed culture emerged as Troi locked horns with her eccentric mother, Lwaxana (Majel Barrett, in a recurring role); and La Forge made good on his promotion to chief engineer while Chief O'Brien (Colm Meaney) flawlessly rode on Geordi's coattails.

In a crucial series development, Guinan (special guest Whoopi Goldberg) revealed a connection to Q in her helpful capacity as Ten-Forward's enigmatic host, while Q himself (John DeLancie) precipitated the Enterprise's first, fateful encounter with the Borg (in the suspenseful "Q Who?"). Through it all, Patrick Stewart brilliantly intensified all of Picard's renaissance qualities (especially in the dazzling "Time Squared"), exploring the captain's facets with equal measures of curiosity, fascination, amusement, courage, and philosophical insight. Despite its lame finale with the money-saving clip-show "Shades of Gray," season 2 charted a warp-nine course to the even better season 3. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • WOW
    The sound and enhancements make this a must have set. We recently got surround sound and chose Star Trek TNG as our "try out the sound" DVD. It was a great choice. I was never a "Trekie" as I worked days and schooled at night so this was a real treat for me. Enjoy!...more info
  • sort of an uneven season
    I'm a big trekkie, but I'll have to say that this is probably one of the weaker seasons. The short season had to do with the writer strike, which is fine. But because of this by the end of the season it ended on a very weak episode which was mostly footage from past shows. This is the one that most people complain about. But I also couldn't quite see the point of The Royale. I mean, it didn't didn't really give us a better understanding of the ship or the people, not exacly. I've also heard about people not liking Dr. Pulaski. That's too bad. Diana Muldaur actually does a good job, but I guess she just never really meshed too well with the crew. She reminds me of the crusty Bones though, whom I liked very much. (Just wish she wouldn't have picked on Data just because he's an android. Maybe that's why people didn't like her. I mean, Data is quite the popular android, no?) I've bought all the boxed sets because, well, I'm a trekkie, and I wanted a complete collection, but I'd have been much happier if Paramount had not charged so much for this season at least, especially since it has less content. OK, I'd have been happier if they charged less for all the sets in general :-) , but in particular this one. Heck, if Stargate SG 1 is only half the price..... Ya know what I mean? I think it was just following the trend set by X-Files or something. Sigh.
    But at least by the second season everyone is more established, so things have settled down a bit. Q is always good....more info
  • A good season of the Star Trek that could have been better
    The second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation was immediately troubled with the writers' strike in Hollywood, thus many of the episodes fall short of being the usual inspiring episodes fans have come to expect.

    What is most interesting and significant about this season is the introduction/departure of certain characters and the development of already familiar faces. At the forefront, Gates McFadden was not invited to return for the second year (she'll be back) and thus Dr. Beverly Crusher was replaced with Dr. Katherine Pulaski played by the witty Diana Muldaur. Curiously, Muldaur chose to be listed not as a regular star but as a special guest star. Whoopi Goldberg joins the cast as the bartender Guinan in the newly shown Ten-Forward lounge of the Enterprise. As for character development, the whole crew rallies behind Data in the episode "Measure of a Man", we finally get a permanent chief engineer with LaForge, and they have decided that Wesley is not a member of the senior staff and does not have the right to be in on all the staff meetings (as he did throughout the first season).

    Some excellent stand out episodes are: Contagion, Q Who, Pen Pals, Peak Performance, Time Squared, The Emissary, and The Measure of a Man. Some episodes that are still too painful to watch: The Outrageous Okona (the biggest stinker ST:TNG episode of all time!), The Royale (apparently they had a great idea but the budget was cut at the last minute), Shades of Gray, and Loud as a Whisper.

    Although I am a die-hard fan of the Dr. Crusher character, I am saddened that the Dr. Pulaski character was never seen or heard from again. We have no idea what ever happened to her. After three (soon to be four) movies, three spinoff series, and lots of crossover episodes, there has never been a single mention of her. So, if you like Pulaski, buy this DVD set, since it is likely to be the only time you will ever see or hear of the character. And if Ms. Muldaur ever happens to read this: "Diana, despite all the criticisms of the Pulaski character, you did a great job. Thanks for the year you gave us!"...more info

    I became a huge fan of Star Trek:TNG by the time the second season began. But the 1988 writers' strike nearly sidelined the entire future of the show. Fortunately, they were able to salvage the season and managed to come up with some great stories. Definitely one of my favorite episodes of this season, and one of the best of the whole series, is "The Measure Of A Man". As one reviewer has already stated, this episode alone is worth the price of the box set.
    My other season two favorites include, "Q Who?", "The Outrageous Okona", "Loud As A Whisper", "The Dauphin", "The Icarus Factor", "The Royale", "The Emissary", "Up The Long Ladder", and "Shades Of Gray".
    Anyway you look at it, Star Trek:TNG season two on DVD will become a valuble addition to your collection. LIKE THE FINEST WINES, IT JUST GETS BETTER WITH AGE!...more info
  • Perfect Gift
    I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband. It the was perfect gift for a Star Trek TNG fan. He can barely contain himself from watching the whole season straight through. ...more info
  • Star Trek Next Generation
    Product first came with two of six disks missing. With an email to the seller, that problem was solved in about two and a half weeks. I have been enjoying the TV series immensely since then....more info
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete Second Season
    This is a must have for any TNG fan.

    All 22 episodes from season two are here together for the first time in 5.1 sound and clear video. Some of the best episodes of the series are in this DVD box set.

    Some classic episodes are..

    "The Child"
    -- An alien impreginates Troi to learn how humans exist. This episode is actually adapted from an episode from the lost PHASE II series. This is also the first appearance of Pulaski.

    "Elementary, Dear Data"
    -- Data, La Forge and Pulaski are attempting to have some fun but the holodeck malfunctions taking Sherlock Holmes' evil character Moriarity and making him sentient. The episode will be followed up in the season six episode "Ship in a Bottle"

    "Q Who"
    -- This episode introduces us to the Borg. A species we will see more through out TNG and VGR.

    There are many other great episodes for your viewing pleasure. This is a must have!!!!!...more info
  • Better than fast!
    This new dvd set was shipped very quickly. Have really been enjoying the season. will buy again....more info
  • Capricious Entertainment
    This season of star trek was very fickle. It had moments of brilliants, Measure of a Man amd its moments of disapointment, Outrageous Okona. Still it was provokative and entertaining so if you enjoy Star Trek or sci/fi, you will probably appreciate season two on DVD....more info
  • Keeps getting better...
    This season is better than the first, but TNG shines over all other Star Trek sagas. Character development is better, so are storylines (especially the more sciency ones) and even effects. Bring it On! And now on to Season 3......more info
  • Awesome!!!!
    come on guys aren't you trekkies? I guess not, all these episodes are awesome, I mean yeah you might have a couple of poorly written episodes in there, but they are still worth watching over and over again! I mean this all comes from some of the greatest minds!......more info
  • Buy it for Dr. Pulaski!
    Although later seasons had more really good episodes and saw more development in the core characters, this season is worth buying just for the stellar performance of Diana Muldaur as Dr. Pulaski. We never liked the character of Dr. Crusher, who was weak at best, and were greatly disappointed when she returned to replace the far superior Dr. Pulaski. My families' favorite episodes were the one with Lor, Data's brother, and the one where Pulaski operates on Captain Picard, which did a great deal to develop the characters of Picard and Wesley Crusher as well as the good doctor. We give it 4 stars for Diana Muldaur's sake....more info
  • Same Quality and Consistency as First Season
    The second season is essentially like the first, the set and DVD layout is essentially the same. The most notable different is the number of episodes: there are only 22, not 26 like the first season. Apparently there was a strike that year with one of the guild working on the series (I think the writers guild), and so only 22 episodes were produced.

    The extra features are nice, some people have complained that there are not enough of them for the price, but if you think about it, the cost of the box set is a lot less than purchasing each episode on tape. With the cost of each episode on tape running about [price], the DVD is a steal, even at the list price the episodes run about [price] each.

    Most of the episodes in this season are better than the first, but to rate them here would take too long. Letting one or two episodes I disliked bring down the rating of the box set doesn't seem right to me anyway. People who like Star Trek: The next Generation and have purchased the first season will probably purchase this as well regardless of whether they loved or hated each spisode....more info

  • One-Ups Season One
    Season 2 of ST:TNG is a definite improvement over Season 1, despite Gates McFaddin being on sabbatical and the writer's strike of the time. Diana Muldaur spiced things up as the hard-edged Dr. Pulaski, and Whoopi Goldberg slipped in nicely as the charismatic Guinan. Some of the episodes leave a lot to be desired, but there is plenty here that makes up for it. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I remember when this show started being aired here,i was realy interested to see how it would go.After a while you sort of get addicted to it,and you understand how it gained such a huge following.Great cast,they all did a fine job with their characters.The scripts were interesting as well,always something new and exciting.It followed the original series quite well.I felt that some of the other spin-offs realy went too far with costumes at times,and realy didnt capture my imagination as well as both the original,and TNG.5 stars for every season of this series,and its a good thing there is so many of them....more info
  • ST:TNG takes off in its second season.
    Aside from a few clunkers at the beginning of the season, and one or two others later on in the set, it's amazing how quickly "Star Trek: The Next Generation" found its feet in its second season, delivering consistently entertaining, mature science fiction entertainment virtually every episode. The characters are more relaxed together (especially while interacting in the new "Ten Forward" bar/lounge set) and there are a minimum of those too-often used boilerplate Trek plots involving superior aliens who think humans are too savage to be in space. Instead, the aliens are evil for once, as we get to enjoy the introduction of the cold, clinical but no less savage Borg! The documentary materials are better organized this time out, too. While we still get a variety of interviews with the cast and crew taken from all over the map (when the shows were in production, years later as they looked back, etc.), this time we're provided with the dates of the interviews and the context in which they were conducted, which really helps to orient the viewer and keeps the materials from becoming a confusing mish-mash. This boxed set is a great way to catch up on these episodes again, or experience them for the first time if you weren't a fan when they were first broadcast....more info
  • A step up
    While season one of The Next Generation was merely average, season two sees the show really coming together. The stories are, for the most part, an improvement--much less stiff and stilted. The cast seems to be more comfortable with their characters, as well.

    There are several notable episodes. Elementary, Dear Data; The Measure of a Man; Time Squared; and Q Who which introduced the Borg are personal favorites.

    All in all, this is a good season, laying the groundwork for the great seasons that would follow. ...more info
  • A weak season, but not too bad...
    "Star Trek: The Next Generation's" second season begins with Riker's new beard, Geordi's promotion, a new (but not better) doctor, and Wesley the weasel deciding to stay aboard. Sounds like a mixed bag to me. The season premiere "The Child" doesn't have much in the way of excitement, and Marina Sirtis wasn't quite as good yet to carry the episode, but it looks great with some neat looking exterior shots and an introduction of Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan the bartender. The from there the season continued with a few gems ("Elementary Dear Data," "Q Who?") and a few more missteps ("The Outrageous Okona," "Pen Pals," "Shades of Gray).

    We meet the Borg in a great episode with Q, played by the always-dependable John DeLancie, Data butts heads with a holodek version of Moriarty, Riker finally comes to terms with his father, and Wesley is given his first command. With a writer's strike hindering the production of the episodes, many of them feel rushed. A few potentially cool ideas like "Contagion" and "Peak Performance" feel lacking in suspense or direction.

    Ah, but the cast is perfect and carries out each episode wonderfully. Even the terrible stock-footage show "Shades of Gray" is handled well by the cast. However, the season lacks two major characters from season one: Tasha Yar and Dr. Crusher. While Yar can't come back (she died late in season one), the good doctor does return in season three and she's welcome. Diana Mulduar is a talented actress, but Dr. Pulaski just isn't compatable with the other characters.

    My recommendation is to get season two only if you're trying to collect them all. It's not the perfect season and there's much better ones out there....more info

  • Great Compilation
    Although I don't like the style of the box too much, and I'd rather have had the box be a more durable material than cardboard, overall a great buy!...more info
  • gift
    this is a xmas gift for my daughter in law was in good shape an arrived fast thanks...more info
  • TNG Season 2 Review
    Season Two of Star Trek: The Next Generation shows glimpses of greatness but It's not until Season Three that TNG really caught its stride. The Borg are Introduced in Q Who, one of Season two's finest episodes . The Measure of a Man is also a great episode foreshadowing much of the Character development Data would undergo throughout the Series. The Emissary would help flesh out Worfs background and give us some much needed insight into what made him tick. Jonathen Frankes was given a greater amount of leeway in his portayel of Riker. Which brought about a more colorful and humorous character instead of the stoic Riker of Season One. Riker also grew a beard which also helped add warmth to the Character. Of the More notable additions Whoopie Joined the Cast as the memorable Guinan. The shows sets started to evolve as the budjet grew which resulted in a less sterile look.

    I found this Box set to be good but not great. The Box set contains more extras than season one but thats not saying much. I enjoyed seeing the props and going through Star Trek's vault but what you see is all to brief. The Other Features suffer the same fate. They take what could easily be an hour feature and split it up into tiny pieces so that they can give you the Illusuion that your getting a lot more than wahts really there. The Features I would like to have seen include commentary tracks, deleted scenes, bloopers and Episode preveiws. I guess beggers cant be choosers but I hope that Paramount does a better job with the later season box sets in the Features department. As For the visual and audio quality of the disks, not bad. The Audio has been remastered in 5.1 Surround Sound ( applause here. ) All in all a good set but with definite room for Improvement....more info

  • TNG's Second improved season
    Aside fom the drastic changes that happened between seasons(casting and character promotions),The second season of TNG was a big improvement over the first.Yet it was still far from the great show it would later become.
    The intrduction of Guinan(as well as Ten-Forward)and the temporary residence of Dr Kathrine Pulaski in The Child,added a new dimension to the show.The best episodes include The Measure Of A Man,The Emissary,A Matter Of honor,and of course Q Who,which not only brought back Q,but introduced The Borg.
    The second season was a strong indication of the great things to come....more info
  • Star Trek TNG Season 3
    I had ordered this on June 23, didn't recieve it
    till July 19th 2008. Made contact with seller, seller was
    most helpful. ...more info
  • An excellent season with Dr. What'sHerName
    We see some new uniform styles, some new plot lines, and a deeper look into the Star Trek mythos that made it great. The switching of Doctors was a bit abrupt, and I think having her be a trasporter-phobe was too McCoy-esque to be coincidental; I think the writers were TRYING (too hard) for us to like her. The same goes for trite manner in which Picard's heart replacement needed to be done by (suprise, suprise) Dr. Pulaski. Data's character was developed well, and I liked seeing the cast starting to settle into their roles. A good strong follow-up to a great beginning. This series was crawling in Season One, and definitely walking by the end of Season Two (making the audience wonder just how fast this baby will RUN.) A move that must be owned by the die hard fans, and a few disks borrowed by the casual fan friends of the die hard fan. It will not dissapoint....more info
  • The production is better, the stories are better made, but a few glitches...
    The DVDs themselves are of good quality; I've rented many seasons' worth and reminded myself which stories throughout the run were good and which were not...

    $50 per season is on par and is a good price. (So what's coming soon that's compelling people to buy these current sets?)

    Wish I could afford it; thanks to the prices of necessities gone up so much (food, shelter, and distilled petroleum products being slightly more important than Captain Picard standing around as if he hasn't spent a penny in decades...), $50 is still an effective $100 out of my pocket in the end.

    Don't get me wrong, the entire series IS fun and seasons 1 and 2 have their appreciable values as well; season 1 boasting a wealth of good ideas that just had an awkward production feel to them:

    The Child: Resurrected from an aborted Kirk series of the late-70s, this one is competent in all ways. Nice talk re: abortion too. Pulaski makes a great intro and despite being lambasted as a McCoy ripoff (for which the TNG spinoffs never get too many of), Pulaski was a great replacement for Crusher.

    Where Silence Has Lease: Half trite, but the creepiness/horror factor kept it interesting. All in all underrated.

    Elementary, Dear Data: Ah! The stuff that REAL sci-fi is made out of. A+++ Daniel Davis as Holmes is inspired casting to boot.

    The Outrageous Okona: Rejected Season 1 script? best left ignored...

    Loud as a Whisper: An interesting take on mediation; things naturally go awry. of course...

    The Schizoid Man: Not the best, but very underrated and the creepy factor is also well done.

    Unnatural Selection: Ripoff of every "let's age 'em quickly" plot ever made. Pulaski is fun to watch, but that's about it...

    A Matteer of Honor: Great Klingon story. A bit pedestrian in its presentation (a frequent season 1 complaint), but I love it to pieces anyway.

    The Measure of a Man: The first and by far BEST story regarding Data's status as a sentient being.

    The Dauphin: Bland entry.

    Contagion: Another AWESOME story. Great use of ideas and is the first "computer virus" story. Nice solution too.

    The Royale: Don't bother. It's filler.

    Time Squared: Yowza. Another story that goes where nobody has gone before; the first and best story regarding being caught in a time loop...

    The Icarus Factor: I never cared for this type of story. Too soapy. Nice set pieces, but not ideal as a whole story.

    Pen Pals: Lovely in thought, but breaks Federation rules all over the place. Not to mention Data being grossly out of character.

    Q Who?: Q is reminiscent of the 7th Doctor as he meddles with Picard and introduced them to the Cyber... whoops, the Borg. Don't get my sarky comments wrong, this story is well defined, well acted, and is a total CLASSIC. I could care less about the "Borg Nursery", but it's logical they'd have one...

    Samaritan Snare: A bizarre story, and watchable in its own mind, it is a bit disconcerting to watch...

    Up the Long Ladder: Nice comedy piece that turns to horror as two branches of the same race ultimately have to learn to live together; one similar to 1800s Earth, the other that bleached its gene pool thanks to excessive cloning. It is a noble story, but Riker - as usual - gets it on with the alien chick of the week...

    Manhunt: Another comedy piece; it depends if you like Lwaxana or not.

    The Emissary: Worf's background is explored. So is K'Elhyr. Pity she gets killed off. :(

    Peak Performance: A clever entry; simulating war games and in come the Ferengi in a performance on par to "The Battle".

    Shades of Gray: A clip show?! Little faith in the series (half-understandable) or behind-the-scenes strike and other issues preventing a proper story from being made?

    Season 2 is a big improvement; using directorial styles invented in other series. But it's as much original as it is derivative thanks to exploring usually decent sci-fi ideas and making them work within the sphere of Trekdom. Sadly, later series would ditch the cool sci-fi element and make the show drivel-preachy-drama of the week, with the Enteprise-D used (yet again) as a mere cargo ship......more info
  • Awesome! A+
    If you are Star Trek fan, or just grew up looking at Star Trek, this product is sure to be a good buy. Hours upon hours of Star Trek, The Next Generation Missions. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Worth the watch.
    I have been a Trekkie most of my life, but I had to say that I was somewhat disappointed with the first TNG season. It seemed too slow, almost tedious at times. It almost suprises me that there was a second season, but I'm glad that there was. The second season is a definate improvement. I have nothing against Dr. Crusher, but I do like Dr. Pulaski much better. Another thing in its favour is the character developments in the second season. I like getting to know the characters better and seeing what they do with their lives, rather than just the wonders the ship has to offer. Probably the best episodes in this season, in my humble opinion, were Manhunt, Elementary, Dear Data, The Child, and Up the Long Ladder. Definately worth the watch....more info
  • Ah, those wacky Pakleds!
    This season is notable for a few things not many other reviewers have commented on-- the sole appearance of the wonderful Pakleds, the Dummies of Space, a very refreshing change of pace from the typical ST space menaces/pushovers. To this day, "He is smart!" and "We look for things to make us go" remain in my vocabulary. The Pakleds never fail to make me laugh. Too many trekkies are too uptight to enjoy them, I fear. Then there is Lycia Naff's delightful Ensign Sonia Gomez, who only appears twice, alas. Would that there were more episodes with this charmer! They could have done a lot more with the Ensign Gomez; pity we never saw this. Her enthusiastic naivete probably annoyed a lot of 'serious" fans, but I found her charming and the character could have filled the need for an "everyman/woman" type on a show mainly revolving around super-gifted types.

    Q returns again (hurrah!) and Riker grows a beard and the holodeck begins to exert its colorful influence on the series and the crew survives the writers' strike, more dangerous than a pocketful of Klingons. One misses Dr. Crusher, but no fear, she'll soon return for season three and beyond. The ST:TNG program began to improve this season; by the next, all thrusters would hit warp speed at last....more info
  • A great follow-up to the original series...
    Nominated for 58 Emmys, including one for Outstanding Drama Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation fulfilled all the potential and promise anticipated of a long-awaited successor to the original 1960s series - Star Trek. Created by a former L.A. police officer, Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek TV series morphed into a franchise famous for the unprecedented fanatical devotion of its audience. Lasting only three seasons during its original network run, Star Trek struck gold with its syndicated reruns, launching a number of motion pictures featuring the original cast as well as novels, comic books, collectibles, and reams of Star Trek-related memorabilia. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) became the first TV series to follow on the heels of the original, and its success would spark the creation of three additional series - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993), Star Trek: Voyager (1995), and Star Trek: Enterprise (2001). But The Next Generation remained the most popular spin-off. Despite new characters and new episodes, the mission remained the same as before - "to boldly go where no man has gone before..." And to continue the rich tradition of the Star Trek name - a mission Star Trek: The Next Generation accomplishes with relative ease...

    Star Trek: The Next Generation takes place in the 24th Century, almost one-hundred years after Captain Kirk's crew set out to explore strange new worlds. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart - I Claudius) commands the USS Enterprise-D and its diverse crew of humans, cyborgs, and varying life forms. Accompanying him on his voyage is an entirely new cast of passengers and crew including Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes - North & South), Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner), Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton), Lt. Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby), Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn), Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), and her son Ensign Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton)... Together, they struggle against numerous obstacles to carry out the mission of the USS Enterprise: "To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life; new civilizations... To boldly go where no one has gone before!" This pioneering attitude, coupled with imaginative and brilliantly-produced alien worlds, provides Star Trek with its unique allure and special place within American pop culture - especially those episodes from the original series, widely regarded as the most popular of the Star Trek franchise...

    The Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 2) DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "The Child" in which Enterprise crewmember Trois experiences an unexplained pregnancy as the Enterprise rushes to escape from a system wrought with a dangerous plague... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "A Matter of Honor" in which Riker joins an officer exchange program which places him on a Klingon ship while the Enterprise must learn to deal with its own officer exchange participant, and "Pen Pals" in which strange earthquakes and tectonic activity upon the planet where Data's pen pal lives prompts members of the Enterprise to get to the bottom of the mystery...

    Below is a list of episodes included on the Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 2) DVD:

    Episode 27 (The Child)
    Episode 28 (Where Silence Has Lease)
    Episode 29 (Elementary, Dear Data)
    Episode 30 (The Outrageous Okona)
    Episode 31 (Loud as a Whisper)
    Episode 32 (The Schizoid Man)
    Episode 33 (Unnatural Selection)
    Episode 34 (A Matter of Honor)
    Episode 35 (The Measure of a Man)
    Episode 36 (The Dauphin)
    Episode 37 (Contagion)
    Episode 38 (The Royale)
    Episode 39 (Time Squared)
    Episode 40 (The Icarus Factor)
    Episode 41 (Pen Pals)
    Episode 42 (Q Who?)
    Episode 43 (Samaritan Snare)
    Episode 44 (Up the Long Ladder)
    Episode 45 (Manhunt)
    Episode 46 (The Emissary)
    Episode 47 (Peak Performance)
    Episode 48 (Shades of Gray)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Would give 4 stars but both sets had factory defects!
    I love Star Trek OK? That being said, this is the season where Next Gen really took off, starting with The Child, Contagion, the profound Measure of A Man, and culminating with Elementary Dear Data, the monumental Q Who?, and the exciting Peak Performance. Excellent writing almost across the board, excellent acting and superb chemistry between the actors. Can't beat it for Television. And they did all this for a mere 1.5 million per episode. Realize that this is upwards of 267 Million dollars for the Next Gen franchise. That is a huge investment, and in that context, 62.00$ is not too bad for 19 hours of enjoyment!

    The one issue I have is Paramount's DVD quality control. If you order a set, FIRST THING YOU DO AFTER YOU UNPACK THIS YEAR'S SET IS INSPECT THE UNDERSIDE OF EACH DISK FOR SCRATCHES OR DEFECTS!! A must! One small flaw and you get skips, or freezes. Major scratches and your disk will come to a grinding halt and will lock up. Usually at the worst possible time, at a critical moment in your favorite show. For this kind of money, you don't need that. Now for the good stuff...

    In my collection, you will find Season Three, Season Four, and Season Two, the best, most consistent quality oriented, thoughtful scripts, screenplays and compelling acting in my opinion, however, I had to go through multiple sets of Year 2 because there was at least one major flaw (I mean big ones) on the underbelly (laser burned side) of at least one disk in every set of Year 2 I owned.

    Year two premiered the development of Riker's great Sir Walter Raleigh beard, and the debut of Ten Forward, THE place to go to blow off steam or just relax and be human, and have fun. While I thought a few of the first year's shows were indicative of potential, Year Two was when that potential began to be tapped. In Season Two, Troi's accent was not quite so pretentious, Riker became more of a real, vibrant, Machiavellian character, with a great humour, quick wit, and less of a stiff cartoon character. Picard really found his voice, and Beverly took off a year (and thereby, somehow, became a great actress) while she was away having her baby. Worf became a more handsome and believable Klingon, and everything just moved ahead by leaps and bounds. Dr. Pulaski was great in Elementary Dear Data and she sparkled in Peak Performance. This was just great fun, with some powerful philosophy thrown in for good measure, in typical Star Trekian fashion. Top quality entertainment.

    Next Gen. really took off in year two. You might notice three or more decibels of additional bridge and engineering sub-bass and engine noise in year two's shows. Your higher powered subwoofer will confirm this. This also added to the moxy and the gravitas of the second (and subsequent) seasons, and added together, they spelled success in capital letters! No other Trek show had this unique idea.

    Next Gen was destined for a big splash, and year two, the Second Season, was when it really began to coalesce. The crew became THE Crew. This season cemented the chemistry that made all seven years of Next Gen possible.

    No Trek collection would be complete without The Second Season of Next Gen.

    Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Second Season...more info
  • Great Condition and Fast Delivery
    The set arrived sooner than I thought it would. Which always puts a big smile on a buyer's face. It was in great condition. It appeared new. All of the disks worked with out any skips, etc. My husband loves Star Trek and needs to finish his collection. I will certainly shop with the same buyer for future purchases. ...more info
  • Roddenberry's did it again!!!
    Season 2 was Great! This Season is a great experience for all you trekies out there. It was different from all the other seasons. The Original Dr.Crusher was not in it and was replaced by Dr.Pulaski who did very well in the season even if she never had the same relationship with Captain Pichard as Dr.Crusher did. The season was shortened to only 22 episodes instead of having all 27. And it still was very entertaining. This is a Season that is worth the money spent and is great to add to your Star Trek collection....more info
  • Much better than Season 1 and a hint of things to come
    For some reason, unknown to at least me, the networks in Australia showed Series 2 of ST:TNG when it debuted out here. And to be honest I'm glad they did as I doubt I would have become so impressed with the show had I seen the first series initially. The cast really do come together very well, Picard is more likable(for want of a better word or phrase)and far less uptight, the relationship between Riker and Troi starts to come into it's own right from the first episode plus Geordi and Worf seem much more comfortable in their new positions as engineer and security chief. Also the relationship between Dr Pulaski(who I have always liked) and Data is quite good, if not a little bit like the relationship between McCoy and Spock.

    I'm only giving it four stars because although there were excellent shows, there were also some less than memorable ones. The best would have to include "Elementary, Dear Data", "A Matter of Honour" and "The Measure of a Man". Others that are also good are "Loud as a Whisper" and "Unnatural Selection" plus one of my personal favourites "Manhunt" as I love Lwaxana Troi! And while I agree that "Shades of Grey" is weak, I would hardly call it the worst. That honour has to go to "The Royale". Truely horrendous. At least as far as clip shows go "Shades of Grey" is tolerable, well that's my opinion!

    All in all though, considering that production was hampered off stage by writter's strikes, writter's coming and going and big budget cuts to episodes, Season 2 is very good and sends the programme off onto bigger and better things very, very nicely....more info

  • An improvement, but the best was yet to come
    On balance, the second season of TNG was a big step forward. Everything about TNG, especially the acting and writing, had improved greatly over the show's first year. At the same time, the writers hadn't quite figured out how to consistently write good, much less great, episodes.

    Whereas most of the main characters were, at best, rough sketches in the 1st season, most of them finish the second season quite similar to what they would be in the rest of the series. Only Worf would have a substantial way to go. In addition, three new characters are introduced -- Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg), Chief O'Brien (Colm Meaney) and Dr. Pulaski (Diana Muldaur). While Muldaur's character was never on the show long enough to fully adapt, and in general I prefer Gates McFadden, she definitely improved and was not the disaster that some fans suggest.

    This season is definitely highlighted by "The Measure of a Man" (a series classic by any measure) and "Q Who" (which introduces the fan-favorite villain Borg), as well as the underrated "Time Squared". There are also a handful of other very good episodes. The rest of the season is generally unremarkable, generally better than season 1 but weaker than later seasons. Special criticism should be reserved for the awful "Shades of Grey", but it's worth noting that this exceptionally bad episode is not representative of the season as a whole.

    Overall, everybody but hardcore fans could skip owning this season - though the better episodes are definitely worth watching....more info
  • It gets better from here on? Cool!
    This is pretty much where I started. For some reason, I feel like I'm mostly familiar with Season 2 episodes from when I watched Star Trek back in college over ten years ago. In my memory, a bunch of Season 2 episodes were at the apex of my "Star Trek" experience. This tells you, of course, that I'm really not a Trekkie. But now that we're watching episodes regularly (thanks to Netflix) we decided to start at this very season (because I do remember some highly cheesy Season 1 episodes as well, so we bypassed that one).

    Here's how I (a non-Trekkie) break down this season's episodes:


    "The Measure Of A Man" - For a long time, my favorite TNG episode. The courtroom dialogues is riveting, and the emotions are boiling over because the stakes are high. Stewart, Frakes, and Spiner are at the top of their game here. Don't miss it.

    "Q Who" - Ah, my favorite guest star/character. Q introduces the crew to the Borg. What a plot. Picard's last trifecta - imploring Q to rescue them - is masterful. Whoopi's Guinan is fantastic here. She's so good you can forget her other roles.


    "Elementary, Dear Data" - An interesting episode in that really probes Data's limits and introduces us to the character of Moriarty (who somehow becomes self-aware on the holodeck). May sound hokey, but it's well done.

    "Unnatural Selection" - Actually quite tense. I didn't see how they'd get out of the plot complications in this one. Muldaur as Pulaski is quite good - I may even prefer her to Crusher.

    "A Matter Of Honor" - Intriguing watching. Interesting exploration of culture clash and loyalty.

    "Contagion" - Tense. It's worth your time.

    "The Royale" - I actually liked this one, although it has its detractors. The basic idea of the Royale (I won't spoil it) is not much on its own, but I wondered how they'd get out of it.

    "Time Squared" - Very tense, especially as the future Picard they pick up gets closer to the present. I generally don't like time travel issues, and this one is no exception, but there was enough creepiness (as well as good acting by Stewart) to keep me hooked.

    "Pen Pals" - If only for the Prime Directive discussion.

    "The Emissary" - Valuable Worf development.


    (All the other episodes not listed above or below. Most of these I could take or leave.)


    "The Child" - The whole premise - yuck!

    "Up The Long Ladder" - Give me a break. The whole resolution to the problem is so contrived, it's vomit-inducing. It's just yucky. Skip it.

    Overall, a great season. If I recall correctly (and the other reviews are right), it was this season which saw "Star Trek" starting to shed some of the holdover cheese and contrivances. THAT is a good thing.

    ...more info
  • Good series to own
    It is great to see how the characters develop from the first season. Dr. Polaski's character is good for the series(Whoopi too!). Did you know that she actually featured in the Original Series? There are some interviews in the last disc and you can actually see how she looked eons ago. I recommend this series....more info
  • Absolutely awesome
    Star Trek TNG is great. The writing and acting are superb, and still beat most modern sci-fi in quality....more info
  • Essential episodes, inessential season
    Like the first season, the second round of Star Trek: The Next Generation is short of fantastic. There's still a healthy dose of cheese interspersed with the good stuff, but right from the get-go it's clear that there has been a significant improvement. Also notable about season 2 is the fact that the writers went on strike toward the beginning of the season, causing old scripts for a cancelled 70s Trek show to be unearthed and filmed.

    The greatness here is truly great, however. Season 2 contains the single best episode of the series, The Measure of a Man. This is a bold episode in every sense - it takes on massive ideas (no less than the very meaning of life) and comes out pretty well. It also sparkles with witty writing and a thrilling courtroom scene. All told, this is the best of what Trek does best. The flops are also spectacular, like The Outrageous Okona, an episode about humor that isn't even remotely funny. This is Trek at its most shrill and stuffy, and should be avoided at almost any cost. Also pathetic is Shades of Gray, a clip show. Consider how weak clip shows are even in fluffy sitcoms that have run for years, and you get the idea about how lame this one is.

    The characters have developed into good niches, however. Data takes an especially cool arc this season, as he learns that there's more to poker than just the odds. No longer is he the most demonstrative emotionless robot ever made. Riker also evolves from Picard Jr. into TNG's answer to Captain Kirk from the original show. Dr. Crusher is also replaced for this season with Dr. Pulaski, a McCoy type. Worf is no longer an idiotic berserker, but a fully developed and far more interesting character.

    Highlight episodes include Where Silence Has Lease, a brain-bender featuring a great climactic gambit by Picard. The aforementioned The Measure of a Man is also stunning, as mentioned before. Contagion is suspenseful and action-heavy, Time Squared is a good thriller, Q Who introduces the show's most feared villains, and Peak Performance offers an exciting duel of wits between Picard and Riker, punctuated by a real crisis.

    All told, Season 2 does everything bigger (but not always better) than Season 1. It is relatively disposable, but some of its best episodes are as good as they come. The next season will truly inaugurate the golden period of The Next Generation. Recommended for completists....more info
  • A Masterpiece of a Season (with plenty of room left for growth!)
    "Captain Picard, I cannot allow you to leave. Before we can go forward, the cycle must end."

    -- Picard, while shooting and killing his future self, "Time Squared"

    The first minute of the first episode of this season lays it all out for you. We get far more advanced model and computer animation (ship exteriors), a first glimpse at the shuttle bay and a shuttle craft, a better lit and color adjusted bridge, and some sophisticated camera work, all set to a brilliant new score (not to be confused with the title theme). All in all, it seems clear that the producers have taken fan input into account and have done everything possible to deliver a superior product for season two.

    As the episode and season continue, we discover a slew of new surprises. For one thing, the boundaries of the ship truly expand with not only the addition of the shuttlebay, but also the introduction of Ten Forward, the social center of the ship in which we get to see more of our favorite characters off duty. Guinan, ably played by Whoopie Goldberg, manages to pull the best from each character when the main action of the plot doesn't allow them to reveal their inner selves otherwise. Furthermore, Season Two makes far better use of the holodeck, establishing its parameters and functions more clearly, but also presenting some of the best holodeck-oriented concepts, moments, and full-blown episodes of the series.

    Another nice surprise is the tweaks (both subtle and not so subtle) made to the cast. Worf and Troi both receive necessary make-overs. Wes ditches the rainbow racing stripe across the chest and matures into a relatively likeable and rarely annoying young cadet. Geordi finally earns legitimate placement amongst the main cast by becoming Chief Engineer. Picard drops much of the grouchy facade he bore in season one, establishing genuine rapport with much of the cast (especially Ryker). Finally, Dr. Pulaski replaces Dr. Crusher as the ship's doctor. While, in many ways, Pulaski is a clear and tired rip-off of Dr. McCoy from the original series, she challenges and pulls much from the crew whereas Dr. Crusher felt relatively isolated and uninteresting amongst the cast in season one (this changes when she returns in season three).

    Beyond these changes, both subtle and blatant, occurring in the background of each episode, what strikes me the most about season two is the writing. Nearly every episode in this season brings out all the grand science fiction adventure of the original series while applying the statesman-like discourse on ethics to each adventure that later becomes Next Gen's hallmark.

    Some highlights from this season include:

    "A Matter of Honor," in which Ryker serves on a Klingon vessel, introduces us to Klingon culture, and confronts the double-edged sword of culture shock while providing a fantastically entertaining storyline in the process.

    "The Measure of a Man," in which Data's sentience is determined in a riveting courtroom trial with Picard as the defendant and Ryker as the prosecutor.

    "Contagion," in which the Enterprise discovers highly imaginative and eerily advanced technology from a long-dead civilization and must decide how to keep it from the Romulans.

    "The Royal," a highly whimsical yet disturbing episode in which Ryker, Data, and Worf are trapped in an early twentieth century casino which serves as reparation for a man who has been dead for hundreds of years.

    "Time Squared," TNG's first great time loop story in which the crew discovers and must deal with the existential problems of an unconscious Picard from six hours in the future who fled the Enterprise shortly before it was destroyed.

    "Q Who": the return of Q, the continuation of his assessment of the human race, and the terrifying first appearance of the Borg.

    "Manhunt": Luwaxana Troi at her comic best as she tries to snare Picard as a husband.

    Honestly, though, the only disappointing episode of this season is "Shades of Gray," the final episode which was strung together on the threshold of a writer's strike. It's a clip show before TNG had enough worthwhile clips to warrant such an undertaking.

    All in all, TNG season two is a fantastic experience and a personal favorite season of mine. It's still a long way from achieving all the greatness that can be found in later seasons, but there's so much here to love. It's absolutely worth the time and money to discover this season and then revisit it, again and again.

    ...more info
  • Why Season Two of ST:TNG Is The Worst
    Season Two of Star Trek: The Next Generation is in my opinion, the worst of what is ultimately one of my favorite television programs. First of all, there was a writer's strike at the beginning of the season, and a great deal of the episodes had thrown together scripts from the never-realised Star Trek II Series. Apparently the staff behind the scenes was in turrmoil as well, and this reflected on screen. The most important reason why I hate season two is because of what is known as the

    "Great Doctor Experiment" or something like that. As a young girl when the series began, I found Gates McFadden's portrayel of Dr. Crusher to be inspiring. I didn't feel that way about the other female characters at the time. Tasha Yar was far too butch, and it took a couple of seasons for the character of Troi to develop into a useful character. To replace likable Dr. Beverly Crusher with that crusty old Pulaski was a terrible mistake. She ruined the show, and I refuse(d) to watch any episode with her in it. Thankfully the powers that be came to their senses for season three, which I consider one of the best seasons of ST:TNG. For me, the show really became entertaining and just good from season three on. The second season finale was a Star Trek rarity of flashbacks, and it ended what was a pathetic season....more info

  • StarTrek Next Generation Season 1
    Since I have seen, and have All StarTrek, original and next generation,on vhs, I would rate them all great.I would like to sell my vhs tapes, if anyone wants to buy them....more info
  • TNG Season 2 Review
    Season Two of Star Trek: The Next Generation shows glimpses of greatness but It's not until Season Three that TNG really caught its stride. The Borg are Introduced in Q Who, one of Season two's finest episodes . The Measure of a Man is also a great episode foreshadowing much of the Character development Data would undergo throughout the Series. The Emissary would help flesh out Worfs background and give us some much needed insight into what made him tick. Jonathen Frankes was given a greater amount of leeway in his portayel of Riker. Which brought about a more colorful and humorous character instead of the stoic Riker of Season One. Riker also greaw a beard which also helped add warmth to the Character. Of the More notable additions Whoopie Joined the Cast as the memorable Guinan. The shows sets started to evolve as the budjet grew which resulted in a less sterile look.

    I found this Box set to be good but not great. The Box set contains more extras than season one but thats not saying much. I enjoyed seeing the props and going through Star Trek's vault but what you see is all to brief. The Other Features suffer the same fate. They take what could easily be an hour feature and split it up into tiny pieces so that they can give you the Illusuion that your getting a lot more than wahts really there. The Features I would like to have seen include commentary tracks, deleted scenes, bloopers and Episode preveiws. I guess beggers cant be choosers but I hope that Paramount does a better job with the later season box sets in the Features department. As For the visual and audio quality of the disks, not bad. The Audio has been remastered in 5.1 Surround Sound ( applause here. ) All in all a good set but with definite room for Improvement....more info

  • Its getting better.
    When I wrote that the first season was okay, the second season was much better but still not as good as the show became to be in the third season. They brought in a new doctor, Diana Muldar as Dr. Kate Pulaski. They built a new set, Ten Forward, they introduced the Borg, and Whoopi Goldberg the first major star to appear on TNG as Guinan. Here is some of my favorites in this season.

    Where Silence Has Lease
    Elementary,Dear Data
    The Schizod Man
    Loud as a Whisper
    A Matter Of Honor
    The Measure Of A Man
    Time Squared
    The Icarus Factor
    Q Who
    Peak Performance
    This season was much better but the show still needed work, but watching this season proves that TNG was headed in the right direction....more info
  • Not as bad as you might be lead to believe.
    Many people don't like Season 2 because it changed Doctor characters and it had its fill of "bottle shows", however there's still some really good episodes in Season 2.

    For example, "Where Silence Has Lease" is a good one where the Enterprise gets hurled into a void when they're confronted by an alien in the void that puts the crew through a deadly experiment.

    Another good episode is "Elementary Dear Data" where Data is involved in a Sherlock Holmes holodeck adventure and we see the debut of the Moriarty villian.

    "Loud as a Whisper" isn't bad either when a deaf mediator tries to bring peace to a war-torn planet, but his interpreters are all killed in a ambush. Cool on-planet episode with aliens.

    "A Matter of Honor" is probably one of the best episodes of Season 2 when Riker takes part in kind of an exchange program on a Klingon BoP and then is forced to attack the Enterprise to prove his honor.

    "The Message of a Man" is an interesting courtroom drama where they have to prove that Data is a valuable asset to the crew instead of just a machine.

    "Contagion" isn't all that bad either when a probe makes the Enterprise defenseless against a Romulan Warbird.

    "Time Squared" is a memorable episode where Piccard's duplicate from the near future is in the present warning the Enterprise of its impending destruction against a blackhole-like anonomoly.

    "The Icarus Factor" is a good one where Worf is challenged by the Klingon council and Riker's father shows up with some age ol' grudges.

    "Q Who?" is another one of the classic episodes in which Q sends the Enterprise into the far reaches of space to make first contact with the Borg.

    "The Emissary" was one of my old favorites when Worf meets his sole mate, a fiesty Klingon female who has an attitude. I'm alway impartial to the Klingon-heavy episodes.

    "Peak Performance" is also one of the great episodes where Riker takes over an Constellation-class ship to battle the Enterprise in a wargame when the game is rudely interrupted by a Ferengi Marauder.

    So in reality half of the episodes are pretty good. The other half are either filler or bottle shows that either may or may not be good. Some have to do with mysterious illnesses, holodeck problems, or Lwaxana Troi garbage. The pluses are that we finally get Guinnan and Ten-Forward in the series. Something sorely missing from the first season....more info

  • The joy continues!
    In the second season we lost Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) to Starfleet Medical. In reality, the shows producers felt her character wasn't working out. Thank god we get her back in the third season. Not that I didn't like Dr. Pulaski, I just didn't feel her character was working out. We begin to see where The Next Generation is going in this season, although at this point it still hadn't caught it's running legs. They hadn't completely worked out the terminology, the uniforms and the general feel of the show. I've read that a lot of people didn't like the Wesley Crusher character, I guess I'm one of those few that did. I think he added to the family atmosphere. Some shows that highlighted the season in my opinion:

    Elementary, Dear Data
    Loud as a Whisper
    A Matter of Honor
    The Measure of a Man
    Time Squared
    The Icarus Factor
    Q Who
    The Emissary

    In my opinion, the first seasons loss of Lt. Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) was a loss to the show. Her loss did give the producers the extra room to begin concentrating several shows throughout the seasons on Worf.

    Overall a good season that starts to give us a good idea of how good The Next Generation will become....more info

  • Great fun, innovative, and a bit Darker
    This season is great. It has some interesting ideas, and takes Star Trek to where it hasn't been before, i.e. into the Klingon vessel chain of command. This season contains a couple of episodes that are quite dark, and stir up the good old morals that we all felt watching the old series.

    We also get introduced to the good doctor Polaski, who, though she is not Crusher, brings an edge and her own flavor to this particular season....more info
  • Worth the investment
    Some episodes were better than others, but I enjoyed watching them in sequence especially without commercial interruption. The special features are interesting. The quality of the picture and sound is outstanding (compared to TV) and it helped me to become more familiar with how the series and characters evolved. I'm not a Trekkie nor a Techie - I just love TNG characters....more info
  • seasone one and two of Star Trek
    I was impressed at the quality of the picture since these shows were from the late 80's and the only problem I found was with the sound that seemed a bit low from my DVD player . All in all I was satisfied with my purchase for the first two seasons of Star Trek TNG. I look forward to completing my collection on Amazon. com....more info
  • Shakey writing and characters, but a taste of things to come
    Although better than the first season of Star Trek TNG, season 2 was extremely hot and cold. A few great episodes, such as 'Contagion', 'A Measure of a Man', and 'The Emissary' (as well as a few more) make this season worth having. Overall, I found Worf, Data and Picard to be fairly steady characters throughout this season, but the others seemed to waver quite a bit (I think the actors did a great job - it's as if the writers kept changing the characters on them!).

    The character of Dr. Pulaski - although the actress herself did a great job - was simply repulsive and inconsistent to me. She seemed extremely bigoted one minute, and then suddenly would become this selfless person rushing to someone's aid. Then in another episode she would be portrayed as incredibly stubborn. Writers, make up your minds! The way she acted made me question why or how she would become the chief medical doctor on a starship, especially the Enterprise where she truly did not fit in. The character of Dr. Crusher, re-introduced in season 3, was far better and more consistent, while also interacting more believably with the crew. Once again, I emphasize that the acting was actually quite good - the writing was inconsistent.

    On the other hand, there is some good character development throughout this season for most of the bridge crew, with the exception of Riker who was also portrayed inconsistently. I must also admit that Wesley Crusher tends to get on my nerves - needing a young teenager to get the federation flagship out of trouble multiple times does not make any sense. However, there was some decent development between him and Picard.

    If you have not seen any of this series yet, I would strongly recommend not starting with this season. But, for all you out there who have seen and enjoyed it, there are some great episodes in here....more info
    OK...Dr. Crusher is gone...for now. But she'll be back in season 3. Another great round of STTNG episodes including: "Q WHO" where the crew encounter the Borg for the first time...sending the Trek franchise soaring into the hearts of viewers everywhere. Must buy! Resistance is futile!...more info
  • Could do better
    The technical aspects of the DVD are superb but this series contains some real clunkers e.g. Shades of Gray and the Royale. I watched series 1 several times and each time managed to find new nuances and things to keep my attention but some episodes in the second series just fail to rivit ones attention having weak plots designed for... TV. I wish the BBC had given a fraction of the budget to the early Dr Who stories that would have been a show.

    On the positive the debut of the Borg and the scene setting for the future make this an essential purchase if only to give the grand children an insight into late 20th Centuries view of the future....more info

  • ST TNG 2
    This release of Star Trek The Next Generation on DVD contains all of the episodes of its second season. During the second season we see Dr. Crusher replaced with Dr. Pulaski and we are introduced to the Borg<...All 22 episodes are contained on 6 disks.

    The Child - Dr. Pulaski pronounces Troi pregnant at the hands of a traveling alien. The child is born in two days and matures at a quick rate.

    Where Silence Has Lease - An advanced alien traps the USS Enterprise in a mysterious black void, as part of some research. The aliens only have to sentence half the crew to die in its research.

    Elementary, Dead Data - Data, Geordi, and Dr. Pulaski play out a Sherlock Holmes mystery in the holodeck. Geordi ask the computer to create an adversary capable of defeating Data, Professor Moriarty that takes over the ship.

    The Outrageous Okona - The USS Enterprise grants asylum to Okona, a roguish captain pursued by the planets Atlek and Streleb.

    Loud as a Whisper - The Enterprise seeks Riva, the deaf Great Mediator, to settle a dispute on Soleis Five. When Riva's Chorus of telepathic translators are killed, Troi assists Riva.

    The Schizoid Man - Dr. Ira Graves transfers his consciousness into Data, and separating the two disparate personalities rests with Picard's ability to persuade Graves of his mistake.

    Unnatural Selection - The crew of the USS Lantree die of old age. The Enterprise traces it to the Darwin Genetic Research Station, where Dr. Pulaski gets infected.

    A Matter of Honor - A Starfleet exchange program brings a Benzite ensign on board the Enterprise and sends Riker to the Klingon vessel Pagh. The Klingon's captain attacks the Enterprise, suspecting Picard of sabotage.

    The Measure of a Man - Captain Picard defends Data's rights and the prosecuting attorney is Commander Riker.

    The Dauphin - The future ruler of Daled Four, falls for Wesley Crusher.

    Contagion - A mysterious computer virus destroys the USS Yamato, and threatens the Enterprise.

    The Royale - After finding wreckage from a NASA vessel around Theta Eight, Riker, Data, and Worf become trapped in the Hotel Royale, a reconstruction of an Earth novel.

    Time Squared - The USS Enterprise stumbles upon one of its own shuttles carrying a duplicate of Captain Picard from six hours in the future. It is six hours in the future that the ship is destroyed.

    The Icarus Factor - Riker has been promoted to command the USS Ares, but first he must deal with the problems between himself and his father.

    Pen Pals - Data breaks the Prime Directive while communicating with a young girl on a distant planet, which is about to be destroyed by seismic disruptions.

    Q Who - Q takes the Enterprise to another part of the galaxy to encounter the Borg.

    Samaritan Snare - A Pakled vessel kidnaps Geordi and Picard's goes in for heart surgery.

    Up the Long Ladder - While Picard is rescuing one colony in the Ficus Sector from solar flares, he learns of a second colony comprised of a dying race of clones.

    Manhunt - Picard hides in the holodeck in the Dixon Hill scenario because Troi's mother shows up while undergoing "the Phase."

    The Emissary - A group of suspended Klingons are revived and set on attacking the Federation. A special emissary K'Ehleyr is called in to mediate a special problem she was a former love of Worf's.

    Peak Performance - The Enterprise is pitted against the USS Hathaway in war-games.

    Shades of Gray - Riker's body is invaded by a mysterious parasite and Dr. Pulaski's only recourse seems to be the stimulation of his mind with memories....more info

  • Surprisingly good
    After watching the first season and reading the reviews I expected more of the tentative and corny plots of season 1...

    Well, some of the episodes may still be a bit corny by later seasons' standards, but the variety of the plots and the freshness of the characters more than made up for it. I mean, who knew that Worff had a sense of humor, and could even smile?...more info

  • The series most schizophrenic season.
    There were moments during the second season when Star Trek: The Next Generation was as good as it ever got, and a few moments when it was worse than it ever was before or after.

    Three standout episodes elevate this season, any one of them on par with the best episode of the next two years.

    The first was "Matter of Honor." Cmdr. Riker is assigned to serve as an exchange officer on a Klingon ship. The dynamics of Riker with the ship's crew elevate this episode well above the rest. Only a cheesy Wesley-centric subplot spoils the fun.

    The second is "Measure of a Man," the one episode where the series hit one out of the park in the first two years. Cmdr. Data's legal status is in question: Sentient being or toaster, to be disassembled at Starfleet's whim. Hits some pretty heavy subjects without preaching or taking the easy way out. This also introduced the poker game that ran through the rest of the series.

    The third standout is "Q Who." The pesky god-like entity Q re-appears, asking to join the Enterprise crew. They need him, he claims. Rejected, he attempts to prove his worth by flinging the 1701-D into a far corner of the galaxy and an encounter with the Borg, a nasty and implacable enemy. Exciting and dark, this was great Star Trek of any generation. Unfortunately, this was the swan song for Q as a sinister presence. After this episode, he's not much more than a mildly annoying comic foil for Picard.

    The low points for season two are "The Child" and "Shades of Gray". The season opener "The Child" was a desperate attempt to cope with a writers' strike by dusting off a script from the aborted mid-seventies revival of Star Trek with the original cast. The shotgun marriage of generations is dull, plodding and ridiculous.

    "Shade of Gray" finished out the second season in even weaker fashion. Little more than a clip show hung around a weak premise about Riker nearly getting killed by an alien plant and needing his memories "stimulated" to save his life, this was another casuality of the 1988 WGA strike.

    There were a few more episodes that make the second season worthwhile. "Elementary, Dear Data" is probably the best of the "Holodeck malfunction" episodes that would later become one Star Trek's most annoying cliches.

    "Up The Long Ladder" is a mostly light comic episode that also deals intelligently with the serious issues of abortion and cloning.

    "The Emissary" introduced fan-favorite Keylahr (sp), Work's ex-girlfriend. A good episode by itself, it would be followed up two years later by one of the fourth season's best. Unfortunately, it also led to the introduction of Alexander, Worf's son and one of the least necessary characters in Star Trek history.

    The extras are well done, mostly new interviews with Rick Berman and old interviews with some of the cast and crew, including the late Gene Roddenberry. One thing that kind of hit me was the fact that the new Berman interview was tape less than a week before 9/11. How I envy that man on my TV right now because he's still living in the world that existed before that day.

    The only quibble I have is the price. This set is one less disk than the others in the series but it's the same price. Far be it for Paramount to be fair with its DVD pricing....more info

  • TNG'S Sophomore season hits a few bumps
    After a so-so shakedown season, Star Trek:Tng season 2 premiered in the autumn of 1988. It was soon apparent that year 2 would not be the best this show would offer. A few episodes such as: WHERE SILENCE HAS LEASE, A MATTER OF HONOR, CONTAIGION,and Q-WHO were actually very good, but the rest of the season was poorly written. Buy these dvds only because they belong in your star trek library but remember the best for this show is still a few seasons away....more info
  • I have the first season on dvd
    I love star trek tng I have seen a lot of episodes but there is a lot of them I have not seen. I can not wait intil the tng movie is out and the other seasons my favorate episode has got to be Qpid or Masks. I am wondering if the second season is going to sell. Doctor Pulaski or how ever you spell it preety much stunk. Doctor Crusher is a lot better. Even though not all of the episodes are totally awsome they are all good in there own way.I think commander Will t.Riker and lt.commander data are the best characters on the show....more info
  • Can't get enough of Star Trek: TNG
    My shipment arrived promptly & in excellent condition. Star Trek: TNG Season 2 is well worth the reasonable price, especially for us Trekker's! I've still to purchase seasons 3,4,5, & 6 and will do so as soon as the money becomes available...hard times, you know! In closing, you just can't go wrong with The Next Generation!!!...more info
  • Great Opportunity for us that missed the Series
    Great stuff, but technical issues with the DVDs themselves, picture drift, digital lines at the top of the screen, led me to try the DVDs on several other players. All yielded the same results. Replacement copies had the same issues....more info
  • Better, but still not there yet
    The second season. An improvement over the mostly horrible first season (Troi changed her hairstyle which coincided with a miraculous personality change that made the 7th season Troi a completely different person from the first season, it was the only season with a different doctor, Dr. Pulaski, who was a little bit like a female Dr. McCoy and was a complete failure.

    Stardate 42073.1 "The Child" Troi becomes pregnant because of an alien that wants to learn what it is like to have a corporeal existance. 2 stars

    Stardate 42193.6 "Where Silence Has Lease" Huge alien being engulfs Enterprise and tries to kill off 1/3 of the crew in an attempt to learn how humans die. Picard activates auto-destruct but stops with 2 seconds to spare as being releases them. 2 stars

    Stardate 42286.3 "Elementary, Dear Data" The introduction of Data's favorite Sherlock Holmes holoprogram. Of course they get stuck in there, and one of the characters becomes self-awar and tries to take over the ship. Starts a running theme with Data, and Professor Moriarty becomes a semi-recurring character. 3 stars

    Stardate 42402.7 "The Outrageous Okana" A roguish freightor captain comes aboard the Enterprise and tries to teach Data about humor. Another episode wher Wesley saves the day (ugh) but the ending line is good. 3 stars

    Stardate 42477.2 "Loud as a Whisper" A deaf mediator comes aboard Enterprise. His only way to communicate with others is through a chorus of people who can tranlate his thoughts into words. When they are killed, he must do the mission without them. 2 stars

    Stardate 42437.5 "The Schizoid Man" Dying scientist transfer his conciousness into Data, causing some unusually emotional responses on his part, but everything turns out all right in the end ( this is Star Trek after all) 3 stars

    Stardate 42494.8 "Unnatural Selection" Dr. Pulaski ages quickly, calling mind TOS episode "The Deadly Years", which was better. 2 stars

    Stardate 42506.5 "A Matter of Honor" Riker takes part in a transfer program and is first officer aboard a Klingon ship. If only the secondary story weren't about Wesley, it would have been great. 3 stars

    Stardate 42523.7 "The Measure of a Man" An annoying scientist, with the habit of calling Data "it" wants to take Data apart and PIacrd must defend his second officer in a battle to decide whether Data is a life-form or not. A great episode. 4 stars

    Stardate 42568.8 "The Dauphin" Wesley falls for visiting girl who isn't all she appears to be. Shape-shifters should never have been attempted before DS9. and Wesley should be thrown out of an airlock. 1 star

    Stardate 42609.1 "Contagion" Enterprise's sister ship explodes mysteriously and Data's programming gets erased. 2 stars

    Stardate 42625.4 "The Royale" Enteprise crew become trapped in a casino novel where they must play out the parts. Fairly interesting. 2 stars

    Stardate 42679.2 "Time Squared" Enterprise crew discovers a duplicate Capt. Picard, who tells them that his ship was destroyed and theirs will be too. 4 stars

    Stardate 42686.4 "The Icarus Factor" It seems to be a requirement for Starfleet that it's officers have bad parental relationships. Riker's father comes on board, and they haven't spoken for over ten years. 2 stars

    Stardate 42685.3 "Pen Pals" Data sends messages to a child and tries to save her when her planet is almost destroyed. 2 stars

    Stardate 42761.3 "Q Who" Q sends the Enterprise across the galaxy, where they have their first encounter with the terrifying Borg. AWESOME! 4 stars

    Stardate 42779.1 "Samaritan Snare" Geordi is captured by a race a race of rather slow aliens called the Pakleds. Not one of the best. 2 stars

    Stardate 42823.2 "Up the Long Ladder" Two groups of cloned human colonists need Enterprise's help their planet is destroyed and their races begin to die. 2 stars

    Stardate 42859.2 "Manhunt" Lwaxana Troi tries to make Picard fall in love with her. Always a mini-theme between the two of them. 3 stars

    Stardate 42901.3 "The Emissary" Worf and a former love interest must find a Klingon ship that still thinks the Federation and the Empire are at war and keep the Enterprise from getting destroyed. 3 stars

    Stardate 42923.4 "Peak Performance" War simulations turn deadly when the Ferengi show up, and Data has to go against an arrogant visitor in a game. 2 stars

    Stardate 42976.1 "Shades of Gray" Riker looks like he's going to die due to an organism that invaded his brain. Dr. Pulaski uses his negative emotions to kill it. Her last appearance. (hooray) 2 stars

    A little better than the first does get better....more info
  • Good Product, Quality and Content
    My Title says it all, this collection comes in a well designed box which my only complaint about it is that it may be a little difficult to get the disc box out of the external box. The quality of the DVD is fantastic, all the episodes look better than the first time I watched them on their original air dates with crisp sounds. If you have never seen Star Trek: TNG this is going to be a real treat for you. All of the episodes are memorable in their own way. A good investment!...more info
  • Quite an improvement!
    This season is an improvement on the first season with great stories and characterizations, the only problem is that there are less episodes than in the regular seasons....more info
  • Star Trek The Next Generation - The Complete Second Season
    This was a gift for someone who loves ST TNG. I bought him Seasons one and two. He LOVED it!...more info
  • STTNG 2nd Season is actually good
    I haven't seen the shows since they went off the air, and I just finished the 2nd season. The episodes are actually really good if you can get past the campy planet scenes. The only stinker is "Shades of Grey" which is one of those crappy look back at the last 2 seasons episodes. The set is only 6 discs, I wish they had cut a price break on this! Great set though....more info
  • Up close and Personel
    Season 2 worked out most of the kinks and began to settle in and establish itself as something unique not just a copy of the original series.You also see alot of background for the characters....more info
  • The Next Step in the Star Trek Anthology and the first Borg encounter!
    The Star Trek Collection is a worthy hobby and certainly the largest of the television series DVD Collections (The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise). At around 1100 minutes per box (a few hours less than the TOS seasons) we are still looking at approx 30 boxes with 700 hours of viewing. That is 1 month of non-stop Star Trek. No DVD series comes remotely close to that. Get going collecting right now and build up on each succession over the years. By the end you will have a very serious anthology that defines the word awe. This is the kind of item that requires 1 hour a day of your time for the next few years. It is a cherished memory that served your fathers and will serve your children also. Our very planet, Earth, has advanced because of Gene Roddenberry's admirable concept. Roddenberry nailed the premise of the series when he said that he wanted to create a show with characters that we could look up too. `The Bridge' members are like our family. Watch what they do. Then go and spend your life striving for the same on Earth. What engineer, medic, scientist, teacher, worker can not say that Star Trek has not influenced them? The show is this significant in the development of our species. Even Christians respect and quote its authority and it is not hard to see why. The DVD case is not quite as fancy as the TOS (The Original Series) cases. The TNG case is supposed to resemble a TNG crew briefcase. The case opens to reveal the disc booklet inside a sleeve. Sliding the disc booklet out of the sleeve and flipping it open reveals a spread of 7 discs. There are 4 episodes per disc. However the last disc, disc 7, only has two episodes, for a grand total of 26 episodes (TOS has 8 Discs, 30 episodes). The rest of disc 7 is devoted to Star Trek interviews and trailers with the usual expected extras...and then some more. The episodes are ordered not in the sequence they where filmed, but in the sequence that they aired, however each episode has been numbered according to the order they where filmed in. This means on one disc you have shows 4, 2, 12 and 1, in that order although Season Two was aired fairly much according to the chronological produced order. The sound has also been remastered to 5:1 Dolby Digital! Since the show was shot in full frame, these dimensions are retained.

    Star Trek, The Next Generation (TNG), Season One, had an amazing impact when it was first broadcast. An instant hit and a milestone in television serials (it ran for 7 seasons unlike its predecessor that ran for 3), its characters and new look Enterprise had us glued to the TV with the first computer generated images of our solar system as Captain Picard utters the immortal words... `To baldly'... I mean... `To boldly go where no man'... I mean... `To boldly go where no one has gone before.' Season Two, still carries on with repeating much of the stories in TOS, revamping them and then adding some new stuff of its own, boosting Data's screen time, bumping up the computer generated graphics to allow for things like shuttlecraft launching and manoeuvres, improved alien CGI and an enhancement in particle effects. They even attempt a type of morphing. Most of the main characters from Season One are here, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander William T. Riker (now with a beard), Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge, Lieutenant Commander Worf (letting his hair grow), Commander Deanna Troi (complete with low-cut red starfleet costume), Lt. Commander Data and Ensign Wesley Crusher. However obviously Commander Lieutenant Tasha Yar is gone but so is Dr. Beverly Crusher (who was not bad-looking), replaced by Doctor Katherine Pulaski (who looks like your granny!) for Season Two because Dr. Crusher has been reassigned to Starfleet Medical as explained in episode one of Season Three (in reality the TNG writers where having difficulties in developing Crusher's character, would later reinstate her for Season Three, dropping Pulaski because they felt her character was not working). Colm Meaney as Miles Edward O'Brien, Navigation from Season One gets more screentime, while the new Whoopi Goldberg chatacter, Guinan, is the wise El Aurian bartender in 10 Forward, the new bar room where the Enterprise crew get to relax. Except for this extra area the Enterprise itself has not gone undergone much of a revamp and this season is far more Enterprise based than Season One, or all of TOS, meaning Season Two has less planetary exploration stories which is a bit of a drawback, but sets a new standards in the `hotel in space' feel that would produce the `Deep Space Nine' series. Season Two of TNG is mostly about alien impregnation, mystery space, AI, the holodeck, interplanetary relations, rapid aging, justice, shape-shifting, time travel, family, the prime directive, kidnapping, cloning, war games and infections. The big plus side to not having that much planetary exploration is that there are lots of stories with Klingons and the first encounter with the BORG! The unforgettable episodes are, `Elementary, Dear Data' where Data takes on his Sherlock Holmes persona and we are introduced to the Moriarty character. `Loud as a Whisper' is about a deaf and dumb peace negotiator. `A Matter of Honor' is where Riker serves on a Klingon battleship. `Q Who?' may well be the best episode here because it is the first time we meet the Borg. The last episode of Season Two `Shades of Gray' may be one of the worst Star Trek episodes ever, which uses Riker's memories from Seasons One and Two to make up an entire episode and even includes the uncut scenes for the Season One episode `Conspiracy' featuring the violent head explosion edited from some daytime television showings [so parents be cautious again]). The bottom line for TNG: Season Two is that for all it shortcomings because of lack of beaming down, we get the Borg and lots and lots of Klingons. At this stage in the saga we might still miss Kirk rolling about the desert scrub with a seven foot man in a rubber reptile costume, but how will Picard defeat those assimilating half-man, half-machine entities that are heading his way? He better "make it so" with Season Three....more info
  • DEAR MORONS AT PARAMOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My question for the Morons at Paramount is why do possibly glue the sticker seals the container with such strong stuff that you cannot avoid ruining the container when you remove it. May I remind that this a COLLETOR'S ITEM!!!!! Therefore if you damage it is WORTHLESS....more info
  • STNG 2nd season
    If you love Star Trek then you like this and anything else StarTrek ,except the movie Insurrection which is the only thing Star Trek that SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Well produced, good product, some serious cast missteps...
    Short and sweet. The case is fair quality, with a fold out for 7 DVDs. The menu system is a bit funky. I am collecting serveral TV Series, and would prefer that these have the "Play All" feature similar to the later years M.A.S.H. DVDs.

    The second season starts out a badly disjointed story line that never made any sense as to why Dr. Beverly Crusher was no longer aboard the Enterprise, but her Juvenile Son Wesley remained on board. Dr Crusher was replaced for this season only by Dr. Kate Polasky played by Diana Muldaur. An entirely fine character, played by a perfectly good actress, that just feels terribly out of place.

    The screenwriting and special effects in this season are maturing, as are the characters somewhat. We find Geordi LaForge promoted to the title of Chief Engineer, and the appearance of Whoopi Goldberg's character Guinan.

    As a collector, and enthusiast in all things Trek this is a must have box set. But don't expect it to be the same quality writing, acting, effects, or characters as later seasons. But it is obvious they were getting their act together here....more info
  • TNG keeps going
    I am a big fan of TNG and this DVD set does a great job of bringing back TNG again. The features are good and interesting to see how the actors and the show have evolved.
    The episodes here are good such as Q-Who, Contagion, etc. The characters are now more settle down and even though Pulaski replaces Crusher here, she fits in, even if not perfect. I look forward to the next season DVD, this is when TNG took it to another level....more info
  • Still not a good show, yet.
    If there is any season of TNG that is worse than the first, it is the 2nd. They still have the stupid tight uniforms, the ridiculous and corny plots and storylines, and they also have one of the worst characters ever in Dr. Pulaski. I really cannot stand her at all. The only real improvement over the first season is the fact that Tasha Yar is now gone. If Pulaski was the worst character, than Yar was the 2nd worst. There a few good episodes interspersed throughout the season, but for the most part, I still can't watch the show at this point. the next season is when Star Trek actually got good. If I end up buying this season (and I am a completist, so i may end up doing so eventually) I will probably never even watch the episodes....more info
  • Star Trek TNG
    Product arrived quickly in good condition and the DVD's were excellent quality...more info
  • Building on the First Season, but with an unfortunate end...
    The First Season of Star Trek: The Next Generation gave the show a firm foundation and a good block to build upon. We saw a new Doctor in Kate Pulaski and it picked up right where the First Season left off. Geordi LaForge has been promoted and is now serving as the Chief Engineer, Data's qualifications for being a lifeform are questioned, and argueably the best villain in Star Trek is introduced. Unfortunately, there are 22 episodes in this season instead of the normal 26 episodes due to a Writers' Guild strike, however, the season finishes strong and gives another block for the upcoming savior of Star Trek third season. Though short, Season Two is a great season in this show.

    Personal Favorite Episodes,

    Where Silence Has Lease, Elementary, Dear Data, The Outragous Okona, Loud as a Whisper, The Measure of a Man, Contagion, The Royale, Time Squared, Q Who?, The Emissary, Peak Performance...more info