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The Very Best of... Sting & the Police
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Product Description

UK exclusive reissue includes new artwork, 13 of the 15 tracks which appear on the 1997 domestic & five more tracks, 'Seven Days', 'De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da', 'Brand New Day', 'Desert Rose' & 'So Lonely'. 18 tracks. 2002.

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect combination of music and words!
    I must confess to being a particular fan of folk songs, and of many styles of songs from Bob Dylan to the Beetles and Johnny Cash. And now I have become addicted to making my own amateurish videos, with music. And among my very favorites for backgrounding is this album, with Sting and The Police! There are some marvelous words here, actual poetry if you will. This album has given me a great deal of pleasure both for listening and also for backing my videos of my favorite actor, Jason Isaacs!...more info
  • Pretty good
    This compilation, while not comprehensive, either on The Police or Sting's solo career has good songs, just not very complete. What is here is good and the sound is very good, but this is for the most casual of The Police/Sting's fans. If you like a little of the Police and a little of Sting solo, this should be ok....more info
  • Another Good Buy
    What can you say you got the best of Sting and the Cops (LOL) it is a very good by. ...more info
  • Great CD
    This is a great CD for Sting and Police fans. Highly recommended....more info
  • Reliable Faves - Still enjoyable
    It's good to see a former band member who performs material from his old band and keeps on good terms with them. Too many artists get into legal wranglings about material, even if they wrote and contributed a lot to the music. The compilation gives us familiar songs from the Police an Sting as a solo artist. This is a good mix if you don't have other albums from the artists....more info
  • Great music!
    The cd came in a timely fashion and amazon kept me informed of shipping dates. Great customer service!...more info
  • not very best of.....
    It's a solid collection but not the very best of.The absence of
    "Fortress around your heart" by Sting as a solo performer is a shame."King of Pain" and "Wrapped around your finger" are also
    missing somehow on this collection.If you want the very best of
    both worlds here,you will have to purchase the greatest hits of
    both individually,and then you will have the very best of both in my opinion....more info
  • Sting is King!
    This has to be the best music CD I have ever owned. Sting has an incredible voice. All of his songs tell stories. I especially enjoy "Don't Stand So Close To Me". It is the story of a male teacher being subtlely seduced by a girl in his classroom, but he resists the urge to satisfy her desires. That is the way of life. There is always that impulsive feeling to do what one would like to do even though it would be a huge mistake to do so. Stories like that were clearly made possible by Sting's Catholic faith. Everyone should listen to this album. It is so romantic. Sting sang from the heart. It's obvious that he was in love during the making of this album. Many people complain because "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and "King of Pain" are missing from this album. Those were popular songs, but it's impossible to put every song on one album. I agree with some of the other reviewers. I'm thankful they didn't include that awful version of "Roxanne" with P. Diddy Colmes. Listening to P. Diddy rap to "Roxanne" is like listening to someone rap to the "Star-Spangled Banner". I applaud Sting for being experimental. "Desert Rose" is another good example of Sting's willingness to experiment. Some music from the Middle East does sound beautiful. "Desert Rose" was more popular than "Roxanne" with P. Diddy. This is a big album. There are eighteen songs on this album. I think "When We Dance" is song number fifteen, but I didn't see it listed. This album gives you the best of both worlds. You get to listen to Sting and the Police, and you get to listen to Sting as a solo artist....more info
  • Best of Sting is Best
    Wonderful compilation of Sting's best songs. Includes most of my favorites....more info
  • Sting and the Police all in one
    I enjoy listening to both Sting and the Police; all in one. A nostalgic trip for both me and my daughter. Excellent album...more info
  • This Is An Amazing Album
    Right from the start all the way to the end Sting delivers the hits. This is very easy music to like. And you can listen to it anywhere, it fits. Ok, maybe you can't listen to Fields Of Gold while you are lifting weights, but other than that this music can go anywhere with you. If you don't have any Sting, but are looking for some, this album is perfect for you....more info
  • If You REALLY Want to Hear Great Music - This is One Great CD!
    Okay, I've been listening to Sting since his early days, even hung out with him back in 1979 in NY, THIS CD is really amazing. It has his earlier music from when he was with The Police (his band) and then when he went solo. It's really a great set of music! Every song is awesome. My top 5 fav's on this CD are:
    * If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
    * Brand New Day
    * Desert Rose
    * If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
    * Roxanne

    Oh, forget this list - I LOVE THEM ALL! : )

    ...more info