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When Baby Einstein started its "video board books" in 1997, the company was virtually alone in the field of baby development. By its sixth video, the field has become crowded with similar-sounding titles. Now scientists might be able to analyze what a baby will get out of a video like Baby Dolittle compared to Baby Van Gogh, but is it worth getting more baby videos? Absolutely--babies love variety as much as their adult counterparts. On that level, Baby Dolittle scores. The theme of animals is a natural, and this show should cause squeals of delight from little ones 1 to 4 years old. Using a stimulating mix of brightly colored toys, whimsical puppets (including your host, Pavlov the Dog), and lots of pictures, Baby Dolittle takes the viewer on a 30-minute tour of commonly found animals. Help your little pal spot a pig on the farm or a dog in the house. Baby Dolittle uses animals' sounds, kids' drawings, and photography for each animal in four habitats. The natural settings and original, bright recordings of Beethoven, Rimsky-Korsakov, Vivaldi, and others should make this a favorite every time you want to visit Old MacDonald's Farm. Followed by a companion production, Baby Dolittle World Animals. --Doug Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • An all-time favorite!
    My son wanted me to write this for him about his little brother, Benjamin (18 months). He won't let you stop the movie until it's over. He just loves the animals and what they do. He likes to see the puppets and the real animals. It is his favorite video right now. He is very focused while watching it. He will grab it and try to get us to play it for him, and he says, "e-i-e-i-o!"...more info
  • My 15 month old knows her animals thanks to Baby Einstein!
    We purchased Neighborhood Animals on DVD, along with the Baby Einstein Animal Flash cards when my daughter was 8 months old. She is now 15 months and KNOWS her animals because of this video. The pictures are of real animals, in natural settings, with the beautiful Baby Einstein musical soundtrack. My daughter shouts "Dog, Cat, Bird, Horse, Cow, Pig, Bug, etc..." as they come up on the screen. She is thrilled to watch this video. The whole family enjoys this, and all the Baby Einstein videos we own. Great products!...more info
  • BORING!!!
    I thought that my 6 month old daughter would like this movie because she is already an avid tv watcher but this didn't hold her attention much at all. Everytime it switched sceens, the screen goes black for a second. The music was very lame too and did not attract my daughters attention at all. There was not much speaking or much music (especially in the beginning). It did show lots of differnt animals in a variety of their natural outdoor settings but for a baby the graphics wasn't colorful enough to keep her attention. I would think an older children, maybe 3 or so, would be more interested in this type of video....more info
  • good but... it made my kid CRY!
    The video is not bad (it is not as good as world animals)... My 16mo old daugther likes the DVD... BUT the key scene you must fast forward is a scene where a bee is swatted... she cried so hard. I have no idea why they would put a scene like that in the video. I have heard this from other parents and read it in other Amazon reviews....more info
  • this movie is great for young children
    not to sound rude but this movie will SHUT YOUR KIDS UP. i am a babysitter. i love to bring this with me. when they cry but u cant figure out why stick this in and they will calm down and start to watch this. sure, its not fun for u to watch, but i would rather watch this than listen to babies cry. i have 2 baby brothers who watch this series all the time.

    i also suggest musical baby. it is another series kids love....more info
  • Terrific from start to finish!
    "Baby Einstein" is terrific from start to finish. My fourteen-month-old loves this video and only one other..."Singing Babies Nursery Rhyme Time." In fact, my son has little interest in much else. So, we rotate these two videos getting equal doses of classical and then all the nursery rhymes. I highly recommend "Einstein." Actually, I recommend both videos....more info
  • Baby Intrigue 101!
    Our son has been watching Baby Einstein videos since he was about 3 months old. He has always been especially interested in the Neighborhood Animals DVD. It is well organized and easy to discuss the animals with him as he watches it. He is 8 months old now and still loves it. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Rather Boring...
    Bought this for our granddaughter when she was several months old.It never held her interest.She is now almost 22 months old and has yet to watch this for more than a few minutes....more info
  • Grandson loves Baby Einstein
    My daughter says that my 3 year old grandson absolutely adores Baby Einstein videos. This was one I sent to a friend with a 2 year old baby girl and she reported that the baby enjoyed naming all the animals. It keeps their interest--even if it might be a tad boring and repititious for adults....more info
  • Slightly off the mark
    Our family owns every Baby Einstein DVD in the series, and my two year old son picks out the ones he wants to watch. He has recently become interested in this one after ignoring it for a few months.

    I have to mark this one down a little, as it is not as well put together as earlier ones like Baby Mozart and Baby van Gogh.

    The footage of the animals is excellent, and very educational in helping children learn to identify neighbourhood animals as well as other animals. (I have cows and horses, but no otters in my neighbourhood.) The sequences with the swan and ducks in water are outstanding.

    I didn't like the beginning with the cow with wings, even though it was a cute puppet. My son asked me what it was, and why the cow had wings, and is now on the lookout for flying pink cows.

    He identifies with the naughty mice who throw food around, and advises the mommy mouse to give them a time-out.

    The Pavlov puppet skits between animals are too long and monotonous, and the little skits with the other puppets are sometimes confusing, like when the frog is barking, and then quacks, which makes the duck bark instead of quack. The puppetry is also a little below the usual standard.

    Full marks for the animals, points off for the fillers....more info

  • Another Good One
    My Daughter Loves these movies. While Baby McDonald - Day On the Farm is her favorite this is a close second. She loves seeing and naming all the familiar animals and telling what they say. These movies make a great teaching and interacting time for my daughter and me....more info
  • Love it!
    Our older children (now 8 and 9 yrs.) LOVED this video! Now we have another baby and I'm buying it for her too. Our old copy is VHS and wearing out, we figured it's time to upgrade considering how useful it was. She already loves it! Our first child was so spoiled, the only way I could get anything done was to put in Neighborhood Animals (or Baby Mozart, Baby Beethoven, World Animals) for her to watch from her baby swing. They loved Baby Santa as well. They weren't as crazy about some of the other ones (Baby Van Gogh, Baby Bach, or Baby Shakespheare), but would watch them. I'm excited to see they have so many new titles!...more info
  • My Son Loves This Dvd
    This is a great Dvd, my 19 month old son would watch this all day if I let him. He begs for me to put it on and then he jumps up and down and claps his hands as soon as the little caterpillar appears. We have 5 different Baby Einstein Dvd's and this is by far his favorite. We also have the World Animals, Baby Van Gogh (He doesn't like this one at all), Baby Mozart and then Baby Mac Donald. I would highly recommend this DVD to any parent!...more info
  • child's attention not held
    I have used Baby Einstein products in past but I have found the more recent titles lacking in the entertainment quality of the older titles. My child gets bored pretty easily with them now, and actually gets a little scared with some of the segments. I am concerned that these products are being made too quickly without being tested on young children....more info
  • Fun and more fun
    This is one of my two-year-old favorite DVDs. He loves the animals and the colors!...more info
  • Can't live without this DVD!
    My son loves this DVD, as well as the rest of his Baby Einstein collection. I can go on and on about them, but there are plently of great reviews about them already...but I will say this:
    My son (8 Months Old) said his 1st word a few weeks ago...DUCK! Did I teach him this word? Nope! I've tried teaching him DOZENS of words everyday, but the one he says 1st, is one he learned from this video. It not only will name the animals, but it will show you a picture of a live one, a toy one and a drawing of one. So now my son says DUCK when he sees one swimming in the resaca and when he sees a rubber ducky too.
    ...more info
  • Baby Einstein-Neighborhood Animals
    My two year old grandson has enjoyed this DVD for over a year so I bought it for a first birthday present for my boss's twin daughters. It is beautifully done and I love the variations, like "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" with a Caribbean sound!
    ...more info
  • Another Good One
    My Daughter Loves these movies. While Baby McDonald - Day On the Farm is her favorite this is a close second. She loves seeing and naming all the familiar animals and telling what they say. These movies make a great teaching and interacting time for my daughter and me....more info
  • My daughter loves this!
    My daughter is absolutely fascinated with this DVD. She received it when she turned 1 and still loves it now she is 2. She dances, sings, and points to the animals. She recognized dogs everywhere we go and on the DVD. I highly recommend this video for the colorful imagery, the music, and the educational aspect....more info
  • It's my baby's favorite!!!
    My baby love it!!!! when he to see a dog he laugh!!!.It's very very nice!...more info
  • Disappointing
    I have always been impressed with the Baby Einstein series--my son loves them. When I saw this video promoted on a commercial after one of the other videos, it sounded perfect--Ms. Clark described this one as featuring "animals you would see while walking your child in the park." My baby loves animals, so I thought that sounded great! He constantly points out the animals that we see when we are outside. But there are very few animals in this video that could qualify as "neighborhood animals." There were a few dogs, and some cats, but what about squirrels, guinea pigs or other domestic critters? Instead, we get more wild animals such as otters (none in my neighborhood) and wild mice (I could understand if there were domestic mice in this video, but these mice were the kind that shouldn't be found in your house--yet that was the section in which they were featured).
    Plus, the puppet shows are not nearly as entertaining or creative as on the other videos.
    "World Animals" and "Baby MacDonald" are much better if your child likes to see animals and enjoy the puppets....more info
  • Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals, my toddler's favorite
    This video is my toddler's favorite. She loves animals and she especially likes the cat segment. She has a Baby Einstein Cat boardbook and she holds it in one hand and the video case in the other while she watches. Even our cats love to watch, but, they prefer the bird segment. I'm not lying, I have a picture for proof! I've noticed that my daughter will dance to the music and she really likes the puppet routines. No other video or cartoon holds her attention like the Baby Einsteins....more info
  • Baby Einstein DVD
    I purchased the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Animals DVD because my daughter loves dogs and kitties. The DVD came with quick delivery and in perfect condtion. My daughter has enjoyed every second of it. Thanks!!...more info
  • Baby Einstein DVD
    I bought this for my grandson who is 15 months old. His attention span on this is about 10-15 minutes. However, I have noticed that as he becomes more familiar with the DVD, his attention lasts a little longer. I don't let him watch DVD's more than once or twice a day and only when he's very tired and cranky. He likes the puppets on all the Baby Einstein movies; that's a plus. This DVD includes some animals he is not familiar with, but as he gets older, I think the connection will be there. ...more info
  • Only one complaint
    This video is very good. It is simple and enjoyable. My only complaint is about the sound. It is of poor quality. It sounds muffled and it is quite loud. It is mostly the music and not so much the sound effects and the child's voice that sounds bad. If the sound were better I would have given it five stars....more info
  • excellent videos for children
    My children ages 3 and 4 enjoy the video it really seems to keep their interest. As parents, we also need to be somewhat entertained by the videos because we are expected to watch them as well. I truly like their newest video release "Baby Baseball" because I am a sports person and love the idea of exposing my children to sports at an early age. Baby Einstein is a great company, keep the videos coming....more info
  • Best of the Baby Einstein DVDs
    My daughter hasn't watched every Baby Einstein DVD, but of the four she has watched this one is her favorite by far. Even though it is recommended for ages 1 yr and up, she started paying attention and enjoying it at 4 mos. I think babies just automatically get a kick out of watching animals more than watching scenery. Her favorite parts are the dogs, bugs and the "animals at the farm" portion when they sing "Old McDonald". Some of the puppet skits crack her up. When she is older I look forward to using the animal flashcard feature, where you can use your remote control to first show the photo of the animal, then when you want you can make the word pop up and a child says the name of the animal....more info
  • Cuter than most!!
    My four 1/2 month old son really enjoys this DVD. And my 3 year old daughter, being an animal lover, also enjoys it. Worth buying!! This particular DVD captures my kids attention more than some of the other Baby Einstein videos....more info
  • Grandson loves Baby Einstein
    My daughter says that my 3 year old grandson absolutely adores Baby Einstein videos. This was one I sent to a friend with a 2 year old baby girl and she reported that the baby enjoyed naming all the animals. It keeps their interest--even if it might be a tad boring and repititious for adults....more info
  • Our little girl loves the animals
    Purchasing this video was wonderful. It keeps our daughters attention for the entire length of the DVD. It makes use of puppets as well as video footage of real animals in the world to expose young children to the wonderful world of animals. There is a section where the video identifies the name of the animals. In the Region Three DVD, the language setting can be altered between Mandarin Chinese, Korea, and English, but you can use the video to teach the words in other languages as well (as my wife and I do with Taiwanese and French.)

    The Baby Einstein series of DVDs and VHS tapes is proving to be a wonderful addition to our daughters' library and we will certainly continue adding to it....more info