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This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. As its ratings following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, illustrated, Friends has matured into television's most beloved comfort show. The peerless ensemble--Jennifer Aniston, a pre-Arquette Courtney Cox, Emmy winner Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer--makes a lasting first impression in the first season's 24 episodes, which are presented chronologically on four discs. The perky "Pilot" introduces unlucky-in-love Monica, runaway bride Rachel, sad sack Ross, New Age ditz Phoebe, wise guy Chandler, and womanizer Joey. The focus of the first season is Ross's unrequited love for Rachel, but we have these moments to remember: the arrival of Marcel the monkey ("The One with the Monkey"); Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe's "cleansing ritual" ("The One with the Candy Hearts"); the escalating game of shower peek-a-boo ("The One with the Boobies"); Joey as Al Pacino's butt double ("The One with the Butt"); Ross taking lessons from Joey in how to "talk dirty" ("The One with the Stoned Guy"); former "Must-See TV" stars Helen Hunt and George Clooney ("The One with Two Parts"); and Chandler spilling the beans to Rachel about Ross's feelings for her ("The One Where Rachel Finds Out"). Though its devoted fans can recite these episodes chapter and verse, Friends maintains its sparkle through repeat viewings, a testament to the sharp writing as well as the cast's lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry and lived-in performances. The episodes are presented uncut and extended, with previously unseen dialogue and scenes. And those who hate Friends and would like to drown the characters in the opening credits' fountain are directed to the episode "The One with the Boobies," in which guest star Fisher Stevens hilariously nails the "dysfunctional group dynamic ... co-dependent, emotionally stunted, sitting in your stupid coffeehouse and you're all like, 'Define me, define me.'" --Donald Liebenson

Now With Footage You've Never Seen!You can never have enough Friends. With this Deluxe 4-Disc Set of the Complete Season One, you have more: each episode contains Never-Before-Seen Moments every fan of Friends will savor. And for all loyal patrons of Central Perk, we've brewed up a fresh pot brimming with Bonus Features. Revisit that first year in which Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courtney Cox Arquette), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Ross (David Schwimmer) first charmed audiences worldwide. You'll be in fabulous company.

System Requirements:
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer.
Running Time: 587 Minutes, Color.
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Customer Reviews:

  • Friends complete 1st season
    Delivery prompt, great condition, love the series, my kids are enjoying this too, we missed most of it the first time on t.v....more info
  • Overrated!
    I agree with what other people said. This is a case of a product that is absolutely overrated. God knows why.

    The actors, including Aniston, are awful. The jokes are pathetic. The laughs after five minutes are annoying as hell.

    Please... I wonder how can something as bad as this was able to carry on for ten years!

    To watch an entire season of friends is basically submitting yourself to a stream of stupid jokes, that are not funny under any possible perspective.

    Friends is low quality television. To avoid carefully....more info
  • wow!!
    this was the greatest season in friends history, i loved it especially that dialogue.
    Monica:Why don't i take my clothes off and have a nightmare.
    and this one the funniest
    Chandler:Oh, come one dora. don't be mad, i know that we had said some things that.... we didn't mean, but this doesn't mean
    that we still don't love each other. you guys i feel like i have lost her, (paa!) and he walks away.
    i love almost, i mean everything everything there is in season1 i love it.
    i just do.
    now thatz what i call, a bomb of laughter....more info
  • Friends what can I say
    Friends what can I say it was absolutely the best sitcom ever you really thought of them as the friends next door,we all couldn't wait til Thursday night to see what happens next time after the show went off the air I just had to have the complete series in my collection to be able to watch any time I need a friendly fix.LOL If you missed any of the episodes you can catch up on them on your own time & never miss a beat. ...more info
  • The One that Got Me Hooked
    I've been a Friends fan ever since it first aired in 1994. Watching the first season again reminded me of why I fell in love with the show in the first place - strong characters and fantastic writing. From the pilot onwards, each character had a distinct voice and could carry their own storylines.

    It's also one of the few shows on television that can make me really laugh out loud. Who could forget Joey giving Ross advice on how to talk dirty? Or a flustered Chandler stuck in an ATM vestibule with a Victoria's Secret model? Or Monica pulling back a shower curtain to sneak a peek at Joey's 'pee-pee', only to find it was Joey Sr. soaping up in there?

    Not to mention, the building up of the characters' histories that play out into the entire series. Season 1 is where Ross finds out his lesbian ex-wife is pregnant with his child. It is where we first see Monica's strained relationship with her parents, especially her mother. We see Chandler's countless insecurities and his use of humor as a defense mechanism. We see Rachel struggle to get her footing in her completely new life. I especially love how they incorporated the character of Ursula, the ditzy waitress from Mad About You as Phoebe's twin sister. I also love seeing how Joey's character develops from a 'typical playboy' to a guy with real heart (as seen in TOW the Boobies, and TOW the Birth).

    The DVDs also include great bonus features for fans (though I personally wish there was more). The pilot has an audio commentary from the producers of the show. Plus, there's never before seen footage in each episode - it's always fun to try and spot those scenes.

    This is definitely some of the best television ever. No wonder 13 years later, people are still watching....more info
  • The Second BEST Season
    Great Season, introducing us to nerdy paleoentologist Ross Geller and his monster crush on Rachel, his old college buddy Chandler bing and his wise-cracks, Chandler's oversexed and stupid roommate Joey Tribbiani and his mediocre acting career, Ross's sister Monica Geller and her cooking and obsessive-ness, Monica's roomate formerly spoiled Rachel Green, and Monica's ex-roommate free spirted wierd Phoebe Buffay.

    This season focus's mainly on Ross' crush on Rachel, but some other things.

    Here are the list of the episodes in the order that I like them

    The One With The Blackout
    The One With The Boobies
    The One Where Nana Dies Twice
    The One With the Stoned Guy
    The One With The Butt
    The Pilot
    The One With The Thumb
    The One Where Rachel Finds Out
    The One With George Stephanopoulos
    The One With Mrs. Bing
    The One With the Birth
    The One With the Fake Monica
    The One With the Ick Factor
    The One With all the Poker
    The One With the Monkey
    The One With the Sonogram at the End
    The One With the East German Laundry Detergent
    The One Where the Monkey Gets Away
    The One With the Candy Hearts
    The One With the Evil Orthodontist
    The One With the Dozen Lasagnas
    The One Where Underdog Gets Away
    The One With Two Parts...more info
  • mmmm
    The service was normal but the item was not in the conditions mentioned. I honestly think the item you sent me was not "like new" ...more info
  • The best show ever!!!!
    This is my favorite show. its one of the funniest ones. the first episode is ok but it feels like they had to explain a little bit more what happened to rachel.But all of the other episodes in the first season are hilarious. especially the one when ross goes to the emergency room....more info
  • This is where it all started.
    Millions of fans can't be wrong. And through the past 10 years, Friends have indeed become just that - friends. Ifyou are one of many who simply love the jokes, the characters, the plots and the outcomes, you will probably want to add this series to your all-time archive.

    And where else to start but at the beginning. You get the whole season for a couple of bucks more than any regular movie DVD and for me that is a bargain. Since you know, it's not just a DVD, it's a trip back in time, when we first met Friends. And you'll love it, specially with the deleted scenes, now carefully inserted in the episodes. Can you spot them all?

    The extra features make this collection perfect: find out more about the pilot with added commentaries, check all the guest stars or listen to the soundtrack. It's all there and you know it's one of those DVDs, you can keep watching over and over.

    The 4-disc set of the First Season is the best place to start your full collection. With the days of bad hair-dos, funny outfits and probably the best humour. If you're a fan, you won't wanna miss this!...more info
  • If you love Friends...
    I'm a 'Chandler' and my daughter is a 'Rachel-Phoebe' combination. Which Friend are you?!...more info
  • Friends Season One
    All 24 epsiodes for the Frist Season are Maybe The pack of Episodes Ever....more info
  • Friends Original DVD
    Amazon is the best really they are great I really appreciate the work they do they send me the DVD's very neatly and exactly on time, this is my first time to buy any thing through the Inter net and I was really afraid to put my credit card number but I am not any more really I want to thank Amazon for there security system. ...more info
  • The beautiful beginning to the stale end...Friends
    I want to start off by saying that I am a huge Friends fan...that is, I am a huge EARLY Friends fan. My adoration for the show cuts off around mid-season 5 or whenever Monica and Chandler became somewhat of a pathetic item. I guess you could call me half a fan since the show lasted for a decade. In my opinion, it should have ended a few years sooner, but NBC had to squeeze the last living drops out of its last "Must-See-TV" sitcom.

    The past four seasons have been excruciating for me and you wanna know why? Okay, so you don't, but I'll tell you anyway. The actors on Friends are (or maybe were) incredible comedians in their own right, but as the seasons dragged on, they turned into caricatures of their former selves. For instance, Monica became more and more neurotic and crazy, Joey became more of a doofus whose only concerns were food and hot chicks, Phoebe lost all her quirky charm and just became a joke, Ross got anger issues and basically lost his mind, Rachel was acting like a 16 year-old, awkward, hyper (and gangly, with her Pilates physique) girl, and Chandler... poor Chandler turned into a wimp who couldn't even pull off the few "Chandlerisms" he was given.

    Also, if that's not enough, the show just became a ridiculous fashion show. With Rachel and Monica (sometimes Phoebe, but let's face it, she always got the short end of the stick) sporting the hottest new clothes from the latest designers, the show became less about comedy and more about Da-Nang, Juicy, and Neiman Marcus. I realize that with popularity comes bigger salaries, endorsements, sponsorships, etc., but if you look back to these early seasons, it really makes you yearn for a less couture Rachel. I find myself just longing for the famous "The Rachel" haircut to come back as the show's biggest fashion statement.

    And I have one more point to make before I actually say something good about the show I supposedly love so much. It seemed to me that the Friends actors weren't putting as much into the show in the later seasons. They often seemed to give off the impression that they were doing the network and the fans a favor by continuing the show, like it was enough that they even showed up. You know, that "So what more do you want?" attitude. I would've been just as pleased if they had called it quits back before they became the "million dollar" men, so to speak. They felt entitled to it, being "Friends", but they didn't deserve it as actors. The Friends in the first four seasons did, though.

    But hey, draw your own conclusions. Maybe I'm just bitter over Chandler losing the essence of what IS Chandler Bing. That could very well be it. But with classic episodes like "The One With the Prom Video" (season 2), "The One Where No One's Ready" (season 3), "The One With All the Embryos" (season 4), and "The One With the Blackout" from season one, how can you not agree with me? The ones I mentioned may not be everyone's favorites, but they are some of the most unforgettable ones. How many episodes are that memorable from the latter seasons? Not many.

    Enjoy the first season, then move on to savor the second, make a trip to love the third, and treasure the fourth. Because after that, folks, it could not BE any worse.
    ...more info
    There are no words to describe how funny and original this show is! It starts out with Ross upset about his divorce from his wife and losing her to another woman. Rachel runs out of her wedding and decides to stay with her old friend Monica. My favorite episodes include The One With the Butt where Joey gets a job in a movie as Al Pachino's butt double; The one with the East German Laundry Detergent where Ross decides to do laundry with Rachel and Joey lies to try and get back with and old flame; and the one with all the poker where the girls go against the guys in a no-holds-barred game of poker. All in all, this is my third favorite season of friends. A...more info
  • On it's own merits, a good show. However, in the larger scheme of things ...
    Friends was an entertaining show with characters you cared about that was able to keep a dedicated and loyal fan base for ten seasons -- an enviable achievement for any sitcom. Shows like Bewitched and The Cosby Show limped lamely to the end of their runs and should have left the air years before. But Friends stayed on top for its entire run. For that, Friends deserves its good rep.

    However, when NBC, during Friends' final season, started bellowing that its was "The Greatest Sitcom of all time," I balked (especially since Frasier ended its run at around the same time). I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, All in the Family, Maude, The Bob Newhart Show, MASH, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Sanford & Son, Cheers, Seinfeld, Frasier, The Simpsons and Everybody Loves Raymond, to name a few, deserve that title more. Enjoy Friends for what it was, but don't buy into NBC's hype. Friends isn't the greatest sitcom ever -- it's a good, solid show and there's no shame in that. But for greatness, check out the shows I listed....more info
  • The best of TV
    Right from the start, this show proves itself to be on the funniest and most innovative comedies ever to have graced American TV screens. The pitch-perfect casting and the diversity of the six central characters is what propelled this sitcom to comedy perfection. This was truly an ensemble cast and the deletion of any one of the characters would have been disastrous to the series as a whole. I also think the naming of the episodes deserves mention for sheer cleverness as who doesn't discuss an episode of any series by using the words "the one where...".

    Some of my personal favorites from season one:

    "The One with the Boobies" in which Rachel gets more of an eyeful than she wanted. Joey must also deal with the realization that his parents are people too and that he won't always understand their motivations.

    "The One with the Stoned Guy" contains classic scenes of Joey teaching Ross how to talk dirty which is easily one of the funniest exchanges in the history of the series. Chandler's reaction when he stumbles upon the two is nothing short of classic.

    "The One Where Nana Dies Twice" introduces us to Chandler's ambiguously gay side and results in Chandler's being dissed by one of his homosexual coworkers.

    "The One with the Ick Factor" spotlights Monica's very bad choice in dates. Her reaction upon learning the true age of her new man is hilarious and it is truly an episode with a great deal of "ick factor".

    "The One Where Rachel Finds Out" kick starts the series-long Rachel and Ross saga. Their on-again-off-again romance has to be one of the most well-known TV romances and was a plot device that helped keep viewers tuning in episode after episode. Who among us hasn't suffered from unrequited love? We can't help but cheer Ross and Rachel on and suffer a sense of disappointment as Rachel's eventual discovery of feelings for Ross turns out to happen too late.

    The great thing about this show is that even though I have seen many of these episodes many times I never tire of them. This is classic TV, particularly for those of my generation who were right there with the characters, experiencing the same relationship issues and career crises. I was heartbroken when this series ended and miss it to this day. Thank goodness it lives on in the immortality offered by DVD....more info
  • Very Impressed
    Since this was the first time I had purchased anything used from Amazon, I was a little bit skeptical about what condition the product would arrive in... You almost couldn't tell they were used and everything works great. 5/5 stars for you......more info
  • Great show
    It's a very good show ... funny and extraordinary on a level, which is way above average !...more info
  • I had forgotten how much I love this show!
    I am not a big TV fan, but once in a while I will watch a series and become addicted. Friends was one of those few series. During the first few seasons, I was glued to the TV on Thursday nights at 8:00 pm. Unfortunately, after about the fourth or fifth season, I was unable to watch it regularly because I had to work every Thursday night. However, I decided that since I loved Friends in the beginning, I would start the complete season collection. When I started watching the first season, I soon remembered how much I loved this show! Every episode makes me laugh out loud. My favorite episodes of this season are:
    The One with George Stephanopolous
    The One with the East German Laundry Detergent
    The One with the Blackout
    The One with the Dozen Lasagnas
    The One with the Stoned Guy
    The One with All the Poker
    (and of course) The One where Rachel Finds Out
    Now I cannot wait to complete my Friends collection! ...more info
  • why did joey get his own show?
    anyone who supported the joey show should be gas chambered. my girl wanted it so i got but while watching it i noticed matt le blanc is a dumbass yea yea he is suppose to be but matt perry is the tru under dog and deserved his own show....but anyways this is ok havent seen the whole thing but know enough that joey is a crappy actor and bad character...more info
  • good
    It was in good shape, but it took a long time to receive it....more info
  • Friends was and still is the best TV show ever

    I'm a huge fan of Friends so getting this box and all other seasons is a must. The show is funny and the characters are well played by the wonderful actors. People dishing this show don't know what they're talking about. This is the best TV show ever made period. ...more info
  • the very best in comedy

    Friends is and will always will be the best TV show ever made period. I have almost all episodes and I have seen them so many times now that I know all the lines. I will always love Friends and support it forever. I never get tired of Friends and everything about it is the best. And nothing is never ever gonna change what I feel about FRIENDS SITCOM NR 1 ever. ...more info
  • Friends DVD Eval
    My daughter is a big Friends fan so I bought this for her for Christmas. She was delighted and they were just what she wanted. They were brand new and worked perfectly. ...more info
  • Friends: The Complete First Season (1994-1995)
    In September of 1994, NBC had brought us a brand new show entitled, "Friends". This show was absolutely amazing in every way. All of us had tuned in to NBC every Thursday night at 8:00 pm to watch each new episode as the show progressed. We had become the best of friends with the six lovable characters that are major parts of the show. The caslist is as follows:

    Jennifer Aniston as RACHEL GREEN
    Courteney Cox Arquette as MONICA GELLAR
    Lisa Kudrow as PHOEBE BUFFAY
    Matt LeBlanc as JOEY TRIBBIANI
    Matthew Perry as CHANDLER BING
    David Schwimmer as ROSS GELLAR

    In the pilot episode, Rachel comes running into the gang's coffeehouse, which is called, "Central Perk", dressed in a wedding gown. Rachel was supposed to be marrying her fianc¨¦, Barry, but she ran out on him, for she did not love him. Rachel was a spoiled, rich girl, who never worked a day in her life. But the others help Rachel become independent. Rachel then pulls herself the rest of the way and lands herself a job as a waitress at the coffeehouse.

    Monica and Rachel were best friends all through high school. After running out on Barry, Rachel decided to move in with Monica. Monica is a chef, who is beautiful and very sweet. But don't let the sweetness fool you. Monica is very competitive, with a vicious competing attitude. Monica is also so freaked out about keeping her apartment spotless and having all of her furniture set up to a certain way.

    Phoebe had a hard life when she was 14 years old. She lived on the streets after her mother had killed herself, after her father abandoned her completely. Phoebe used to live with Monica, but she moved out because of Monica's neat-freak personality. She now lives with her grandmother in her grandmother's apartment and works as a masseuse, and also performs badly written and composed folk songs, although, her song, "Smelly Cat", is a favorite amongst her friends and fans. Phoebe also has a twin sister named Ursula.

    Joey is a sex-attic womanizer, who is less educated than we all thought. But Joey has a sweet personality. He may be more stupid than anybody on the planet, but Joey is a big teddy bear. He is very sweet and is willing to help out his friends whenever they need. Joey is a struggling actor, who desperately tries to grab the best roles, but never seems to get them. He has appeared in numerous plays, such as a musical version of Sigmund Freud.

    Chandler, whose job is still anonymous, lives across the hall from Monica and Rachel. Joey is Chandler's roommate. Chandler has dated women, but is unhappy with the fact that women find him unattractive. Chandler has an on and off-again relationship with a woman named Janice, whose voice and personality is enough to make the friends want to kill themselves. Chandler is also embarrassed by his parents. His parents sort of screwed him up a bit when they divorced while he was so young. What makes him embarrassed with his parents is this: his mother, Nora Bing, is an Erotic-Romance novelist. His father, Charles Bing, is a gay drag queen, who hosts his own live show in Vegas entitled, Viva Las Gaygas, where his stage name is, Helena Handbasket.

    Ross, who is Monica's older brother, works as a Paleontologist. Ross has just gotten a divorce. He had been married to a woman named Carol Willick for four years. The divorce was filed, for Ross found out that Carol turned out to be a lesbian. She has been dating her best friend, Susan Bunch. But Carol is pregnant with Ross' child. Carol gives birth to her and Ross' son, who they named Ben. Both share custody of the child. Ross has had a crush on Rachel, ever since his Freshman year of high school. During the course of the first season, Ross' crush for Rachel develops into true feelings of love. In the last episode of the season, Ross heads off to China, but is upset about it when he cannot be around for Rachel's birthday. He was even planning to tell her that his crush has turned into a real love for her. Chandler blabs it to Rachel. Rachel thinks about it and it causes her to finally feel the same way about Ross. She goes to the airport to pick him up, two weeks later, but is heartbroken to find him with another woman.

    There is much more fun within the episodes of this first season of Friends. If you are a loyal and dedicated fan and you would like to see the first season all over again, then buy Friends: The Complete First Season (1994-1995) and relive the first season that started it all. Guest stars include: Jon Lovitz, Fisher Stevens, Hank Azaria, Jennifer Grey, Morgan Fairchild, Jonathan Silverman, Helen Hunt, Brenda Vaccarro, Christina Pickles, Elliott Gould, George Clooney, & Noah Wyle.

    FRIENDS: The Complete First Season (1994-1995) (episode list)
    The Pilot
    The One With The Sonogram At The End
    The One With The Thumb
    The One With George Stephanopoulos
    The One With The East German Laundry Detergent
    The One With The Butt
    The One With The Blackout
    The One Where Nana Dies Twice
    The One Where Underdog Gets Away
    The One With The Monkey
    The One With Mrs. Bing
    The One With The Dozen Lasagnas
    The One With The Boobies
    The One With The Candy Hearts
    The One With The Stoned Guy
    The One With The Two Parts (Part 1)
    The One With The Two Parts (Part 2)
    The One With All The Poker
    The One Where The Monkey Gets Away
    The One With The Evil Orthodontist
    The One With The Fake Monica
    The One With Ick Factor
    The One With The Birth
    The One Where Rachel Finds Out...more info
  • Your sensibilities are shaken by the slightest defect...
    I'm a huge Sting fan. I even own a rare VHS copy of "Bring On the Night," thanks to a lifelong pal and his wife.

    So, when "Friends" began cranking out seasons on DVD, I scrambled to get them all. You might think that's because Joey's mom refers to the King of Pain in "the One with the Boobies," or because Trudie Styler (Sting's wife) appears in one eighth-season episode.


    I'm such a die-hard fan of the Milkman's Son that I had to have "Friends" on DVD because of the "Roxanne" and "Canary in a Coalmine" riffs they sometimes used for scene transitions. Yes, they're technically Police songs, but we all know that Sting was the real force behind that band.

    Could there BE any better reason to buy "Friends" on DVD?
    ...more info
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S season one Greats.
    like a really, funny treat, like a comedy bomb, F.R.I.E.N.D.S has landed on our WB. or FOX,, i'll never forget this series.
    F.R.I.E.N.D.S, season1 was the most greatest!
    in our community of seriousness, f.r.i.e.n.d.s has bought joy and happiness, and comedic adventure, into our TV.
    i like rachel (JENNIFER ANISTON) and joey (MATT LEBLANC)
    and Phoebe (LISA KUDROW) their very!! funny, and they have a sence of comedy.
    and chandler, monica, and ross, are ok.
    but ross (David Schwimmer) is a bit of a Punk.
    well...they have their goodnesses and badnesses, we can't judge them! we are invited to watch, then lets just watch.
    a story of rachel and ross in love was a good a very good twist.
    and a invatation for Janice, was very funny, OH=MY=GOD!
    it was very funny very funny indeed.
    especially the running of chandler (Matthew Perry) and his screaming of:I'm FREE! i'm FREE!
    it was very funny.
    and monica (Courtney Cox) was squicking like a mouse.
    that was funny too.
    i have to say that this is the funniest show i've ever seen.
    I GIVE IT *****STARS. ...more info
  • just as advertised
    received in a short amount of time and in great problems as of yet...more info
  • Great....
    Excellent product. I really love Friends and this season is great. I'd like to be sure about subtitles in the future, fortunately this DVD is ok about it....more info