Grand Theft Auto 3
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Grand Theft Auto 3 puts you in a new adventure in the seedy underworld of Liberty City! Avoid damage and bad weather to get away clean, or else!

With Grand Theft Auto III, Rockstar proves that not all developers are concerned with toning down the violence in their games. This sequel is even more bloody, violent, and sadistic than its popular predecessors, offering up an enormous 3-D city in which nearly any criminal act is possible. Players are free to steal cars, beat up the local population for their money (or weapons), make time with prostitutes, or simply roam to their heart's content. Those seeking more structure can embark on dozens of plot-driven missions or steal cars that let them play minigames. Nab a cop car and go on vigilante missions. Grab a cab and play a deadly version of Crazy Taxi. Take a fire truck and earn money putting out fires. The game just never gets boring.

As in real life, there are consequences for your criminality. As your random acts of mayhem mount up, the police start hounding you, eventually calling in SWAT trucks, the FBI, and even the army if you continue down the path of destruction. Shaking these pursuers is easily the most fun part of the game, especially when a bunch of friends are packed in the room to witness your narrow escapes.

Grand Theft Auto III is fine-tuned to near perfection in every category. All the vehicles, from slick sports cars to lumbering dump trucks, handle exactly as you'd expect and smash apart realistically when abused. The three islands in the game are rendered in terrific detail considering their size, and are packed with traffic, pedestrians, and hidden jumps. The audio is equally amazing. Pedestrians talk, cops scream at you, and you can tune in nine different radio stations whenever you are in a car. It all adds up to a monumental achievement: the rare console game for adults that manages to get everything right. --T. Byrl Baker

Note: This review refers to the PlayStation2 version of this game.


  • Offers an enormous world for players to exploit, rendered in staggering detail
  • Equally fun whether you go on plot-based missions or run around as a freelance crook
  • Ultraviolence, foul language, and adult situations mean you'll want to keep this far away from kids
  • It takes too long to get from one island to another, making some missions tedious
  • It features all-new graphics and perspectives, and an incredibly wide city for you to explore
  • Work your way up in the syndicate with over 80 gangland missions to choose from
  • Work your way up in the gang and fight for a position of power
  • Follow a story of deadly revenge as you steal cars and make incredible getaways
  • All those cars are just waiting to be stolen -- steal parked cars, or take out the drivers with fists, bats, Uzis and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Just couldn't get into it.
    I played for several hours hoping to get hooked but I just was never able to. You get a mission, you drive around performing it, and then you get paid. You can freelance but that is even more boring. Running from the cops if fun the first few times but gets kind of old after a while.

    The scenery and free-flowing format is neat, but if all I want to do is drive around I can fill up my gas tank on the car three times for what the game costs and just go drive....more info

  • FUN+
    This game is fun you can do anything you want ill name em:

    -Beat up people
    -Jack cars
    -Blow up cars
    -Smash cars
    -stand on cars
    And many more this game is just great so im gonna give it 5 stars
    For bein da BOMB!...more info

  • you want to know how this game really rates?
    This is the worst game I've ever played so far. I was lead to believe this game was good because gamespot gave it 9.3/10 and my friend said it was good. It's all lies. I went and played the game and I got sick of it (literally) after playing a quarter of the game. Don't know why, maybe it was the atmosphere of the game that made me want to throw up. Anyway, the parts where you could drive a car, truck, etc was funny at first because you can do all sorts of crazy flips and run into people and crash into streetlights but it got frustrating after a while once I started playing the missions especially when driving recklessly was detrimental to finishing the mission. Hard to control the car using keyboard. I mean, if you are going to put driving into the game, make it like the racing games. Also, the missions just got so mundane. What a waste. You can't save during the mission which is a big drawback. You can only save when you're done the mission. I mean, if I'm done the mission, then I don't really need to save, do I? unless I need to go to the washroom. If you fail the mission, you have to start from the very beginning. How stupid is that. Some missions, I had to try over 10 times until finally I used a cheat code and finish the mission. And some missions, even using a cheat code didn't help so that's when I quit the game. How some people finish the game, who knows? Oooooo, good for you, oooo you get a trophy made out of cardboard....It was hard to control the main character too with the default keyboard settings. It doesn't even move like a first person shooter. I had to press the down arrow key to move forward depending on your orientation!! When you play it, you will know what I mean. It's frustrating (I actually want to swear here). Oh yeah, the main character you play in the game doesn't even talk at all! He's a gangsta mute!! Maybe he talks at the end of the game but I'm not going to find out. One and only one good aspect of the game is the fact that it loads quick (less than a minute) and the city graphic detail is pretty good but I've seen better graphics in other games. I gotta admit, there are a lot of missions to go through (they say 75?) so you may get your money's worth but man, those missions are boring. Unless you can finish all these missions on your first attempt without cheating and I know there is no gamer out there who's skilled enough to do it, you will spend months playing this game. Tell me this, is picking up as many xxx mags left on the streets in under 25 seconds and then killing the guy who dropped them supposed to be a good idea for a mission?? or stealing an ice cream truck and setting a bomb to it so it can explode in front of a gansta supposed to be a fun and exciting mission?? I rather play soldier of fortune because at least I get to blow the guy's head off with a shotgun. I do not recommend gta3 at all and if you think this game is good, then you have some serious problems. But if you still want to buy this game, who's going to stop you from using your credit card, eh?...more info
  • One of the best Mafia game ever.
    I think this game is first real good gang related game of all time. There is the new mighty Vice City, but this game is the first 3rd person mafia game that you can do endless stuff on. The previous GTA were all good in overhead view, but after this 3rd person view of GTA came out I was so excited. But I bearly got this game last month. It's because I got Vice City instead of GTA3 when I had the money. Anyway, this game was amazing. I already finished the whole game in about three weeks. The first mission where you have to get to the hideout was really easy but as you keep on completing missions and get a new mission, it will get much harder. The game itself is really good. Now, I'm going to talk about the requirments and stuff. You don't need all that good computer to run this game. I have lot of computers at home and I can run this game on all of the computers except for the cheap computer which belongs to me. Other good computers are either my dad's, brother's, or for my dad's work stuff. Even though I can use one of my family's computers which are all pentium 4 and pentium 3s, I decided to see if it would have ran on my computer. My computer is Celeron 897MHZ, 256mb ram, and my video card is GeForce 2 MX400. So I ran this game and it ran very smooth. It slows down when there is too many police chasing me, but other times, it runs way faster than PS2 version and it runs almost perfectly. I also have Windows XP HE and I didn't need any patches to run this game. It was also on high settings;1280 X 1024. That means even if you have Celeron processor, you can fully satisfy this game without a problem. I'm recently playing the mod which replaces all the cars and stuff. So the replay value is even better. There is even multiplayer mods. Overall, this game is an A+ and it's a must have for mature gamers....more info
  • Long, Complex and Outstanding.
    This game is certainly worth its money. Despite its high price tag this game is worthwhile. It is long and will take the best gamers a while to beat, especially with the options for Vigilante, Fire, Taxi and Medical sub-missions. Those who like Crazy Taxi will enjoy this game too; all one has to do is carjack a taxi and then can play the virtual equivalent of Crazy Taxi to their heart's content. Multiple perspectives in the view and remarkable level of detail only add to the enjoyment of this game. The rich and detailed world of Liberty City is alone worth exploring for its artistry but the fun of attempting to locate "Hidden Packages" adds a useful motivation to explore and appreciate it. This game is a must have for hard core gamers in search of a game that will last for more than just a month or two, providing multiple challenges (jumps, racing, physical puzzles and good old fashioned gang warfare) strongly resisting the inevitable defeat all games face from persistent gamers!...more info
  • Not New
    This product was described as in factory packaging, whoever the tape on the box was oppen, but other then that it was in good condition...more info
  • Stinks! Stinks Bad!
    This game must have been made for mindless teenagers, all it consists of is mindless violence with no plot or story, I think it stinks, to top it off it does not work at all on Windows 95 and works [poorly] on Windows 98, on XP its choppy and slow, the violence is crude and I think it sends a bad message to kids or anyone with a weak mind that plays it, I suggest getting Max Payne, and least in Max Payne although having some realistic violence is not as crude and badly produced as this monstrosity....more info
  • If a game's cost was based on its replayability value...
    ... games like Metal Gear would cost $2 and we'd all be taking second mortgages to buy our copies of Grand Theft Auto.
    The main reason why the GTA franchise has become so popular is not (as some have suggested) because of the violence, but because of the games' flexibility. The realism in GTA3 is unparalleled - not in terms of graphics - but in terms of gameplay.
    The GTA games play like a dozen games in one - seamlessly. You move from mission to mission, each distinct and interesting in its own way. Compare this to something like Simpsons Hit 'n Run (which I'll refer to as GTA for kids), and you instantly notice the difference - the Simpsons game, while similar to GTA in the amount of freedom presented to the player, lacks seriously in terms of playability - all missions seem to be a copy of one another - usually drive X to Y, or bring X to Y. The game was an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of GTA, and perhaps with the exception of some Simpsons fans (myself excluded) it fell flat.
    Even after Vice City, GTA3 is still an interesting game, because no matter how many times you've beat it, you'll still see things in the game you never knew existed....more info
  • Goodfellas...with a pulse!
    In this game, you play a lowly thief, left for dead, but now you've been set free and with the right connections to mobsters, gang leaders, and corrupt business people, you can somehow manage to survive after stealing cars, running red lights, and doing whatever you have to do in order to survive.
    In GTA 3, if you look closely you can see a movie poster that says "Badfellas", obviously poking fun at the mafioso hit "Goodfellas". Well, in this you're a psychotic, murdering nut job looking to survive by any means necessary. It's just like "Goodfellas", with a pulse!
    On a serious note, the stylish story line only adds to the many games that Rockstar has written up. The quarky characters, revenge-driven protagonist, and amazing idea of succeeding in crime or just running a goes beyond words.
    I'm just an average H.S. student, but I'll tell you one thing that doesn't take much comparison to Vice City, Manhunt, and Midnight Club, this is one of the only original concepts I've seen come out of Rockstar Games. I love their work, but to me it seems Midnight Club is to Fast and the Furious as Manhunt is to the Running Man...and ultimately Vice City is to Scarface and Miami Vice. Now if you want a good storyline in a Rockstar, ultra violent game, go with GTA 3, Max Payne, Max Payne 2, or the upcoming Red Dead Revolver.
    THE ONLY FAULT I COULD FIND IN THIS GAME IS THAT I DON'T KNOW WHO THIS MAIN CHARACTER IS? WHAT DO I CALL HIM? FIDO? That's what made Vice City just a little bit better, a humanized character, not just a emotionless, ruthless, killer in a leather jacket. IF I WANTED THAT I COULD HAVE BOUGHT TERMINATOR 3, RISE OF THE MACHINES....more info
  • Ground breaking - Boooring!!!
    GTA3 has changed the video/PC gaming industry. This is normally a sign that a game has broken new ground in it's genre. GTA3 has, it has even spawned a new genre. This game is not about aliens, hell or the military. It's about being a thug ass busta in a city teeming with life. The city resembles most east coast cities. Everything is here: cars, pedestrians, an L, a stadium, an airport, a subway, a rich side of town, a red light district, cops, criminals and prostitutes just to name a few. The cars act like real cars, trucks aren't as fast as sports cars and don't corner nearly as well, you can change radio stations in your car or even make your own channel in the PC version. There is a good amount of weaponry and a storyline that isn't half bad. That's why I'm giving it 3 stars. Unfortunately, the buildings are cardboard cutouts, you can't enter 90% of the buildings. All of the missions boil down to 3 basic game types: race across town, kill somebody for somebody else, bring object A to place B, and a various mixture of the above game types. By the time you finish Portland, you will have experienced all the game has to offer and realize, this game is really a thinly veiled arcade driving game. There is almost nothing to hold your interest in the game long enough to solve it; if you do hold out you will be rewarded with a ho-hum ending. Perhaps this is the best the PS2 has to offer. PC gamers will be falling asleep after the novelty of driving and changing car stations wears off....more info
  • One of the greatest driving games out there
    The earlier developers of GTA and GTA2 weren't too successful in the pride of their games, but that has been finally resolved in which a new Grand Theft Auto has been engaged, a fully 3-D capable game where you can view straight ahead instead of looking down. This reform has strived Rockstar Games to their peak.

    Three, interactive cities. Now, we're talking some big downtown areas, people! The first city is wonderful, capable of discovery, and unending realism. Oh darn, getting chased by three die-hard cop cars?? Head for the el-train (an overhead mini train), go out of your car, and head into the train, where you will say "sweet!". Let me tell you, it's an awesome feeling escaping them that way. You've got bridges, boats, el-trains, subways, roads, highways, hills....even airplanes!!; it's basically everything you have ever wanted in a driving game!! And all this is functionable or accessible!

    Textures for the buildings, physical features are good. But only one problem. Slow down. Once you unlock the second city, and head into the downtown area, you'll notice an apparent amount of drag in the speed of the frame rate. But that's only a pretty minor flaw.

    Missions will get tougher, though--they're your only key to unlocking the next cities. You'll deal with some characters, or big shots from Manhattan.

    Sound is pretty good I must say though. Like turning on the fire siren and the horn, or using the tank to blast a cop car to oblivion. Every mission is exciting because you get to discover something new--it's adrenaline-pumping

    Also, while playing the game, are you low on cash? Find an ambulance, fire truck, taxi driver, limo driver, police car, or any other authoritive vehicle and you can enter missions that allow you to, say like if you're in a fire truck; you are allowed to put out vehicle fires and get paid for it! Another great feature in this game.

    Why only four stars? Well, graphics, gameplay, sound, value are all very realistic, the slowdown flaw does get annoying sometimes. Don't get leery though. Get this game if you're a major fan of midtown madness (another pc game), or just plain destruction, and I mean destruction! It's suitable for anybody who loves to drive around in big cities, going into underground trains, or going into a boat and into the new city....more info

  • Same thing, but on PC, with a few inhancements
    Betrayed, screwed over, and left to take the bum rap by the woman you once proudly called the love of your life, you're now seeking sweet, sweet revenge. No, it's not a game based on my first love, it's Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 3; now back on the PC where it rightfully belongs...and it's going to rock your world all over again. GTA 3, more than any other game, set the tone for the direction that the gaming industry is headed in. This review will assume that you have not been living under a rock for the past year, and are somewhat familiar with Grand Theft Auto 3 in all it's goodness. To sum it up for those not in the know, (i.e., heathens) in GTA 3, you're a thug for hire, and you can do anything you want to. You can kill, you can maim, you can slaughter, and you can run people down, all at your convenience. You can pick up and pay prostitutes for "extra health", only to beat them down with a baseball bat and take your cash back once the deed is done. You can make extra money by trying your hand at being an ambulance driver, fireman, taxi driver, or bounty hunter, all of whose segments could easily have been packaged as a separate game on their lonesome. You can do all of this, and not even touch on the main quests, which requires that you work for various criminal organizations. But alas, even these can be done at your own pace, or not at all.
    Fellow editor Sam Dornan did a superb job of explaining what makes GTA 3 so enthralling in his review of the PS2 version, so read that, or the listings of the countless magazines and websites that have named GTA 3 "Game of the Year" if you still need convincing. This review will focus mainly on how the PC version does the impossible: improves on it. The first notable improvement over the PS2 original is one that could not be helped due to the limitations of the console hardware. Though absolutely stunning on both platforms, it's on the PC that GTA 3 truly shines graphically, provided your system has the muscle for it. Vehicles and character models are much better detailed with higher poly counts. Remember the signs scattered around town that you couldn't read due to the blurred textures? Thanks to the increased resources of the PC platform, dedicated players can drive around looking for all the signs scattered around the city such as "Monica's fine cigars", and "24 hour orgy, free buffet". While the PS2 was limited in what it could do, the sky's the limit on the PC, with "sky" being a synonym for "your graphics card and CPU". GTA 3 adds a couple of features that take advantage of the PC's storage capabilities and, while relatively minor, these added bonuses definitely add to the overall experience. You can now make your own custom radio station by adding any music files you have on your computer to the "mp3" folder in the game directory. Modders can easily create custom skins by editing the main player skin in any commercial paint program. As of now, at least 100 skins are available on the web, ranging from Eminem to Spiderman. Sadly, the much-hyped modding tools are nowhere to be seen, at least straight out of the box. While custom soundtracks and skins are all well and good, the greatest improvement over the PS2 game, and what makes the PC version of GTA the definitive one, is the refined targeting system: in essence, you now aim/look with the mouse, and run with the keyboard. Think Max Payne, or any PC shooter, and you get the idea. You now have complete control over your character, and can pinpoint an enemy out of a crowd from a good distance away without a sniper rifle or M16, while an onscreen crosshair removes any guesswork as to where your bullets will long as the physics aren't off (Don't expect a pistol shot to land as far as a sniper bullet). As if to prove this point, Rockstar toggled hit-specific damage on by default: if you hit an arm, the arm will fly off. Hit the head at the right angle with a high-powered weapon, it too will come off. Even with the "gore code" on, the console version never got this bloody. This new targeting system makes the game gorier than its console brethren, which provides yet another incentive to pick up the PC version, even if you've played the PS2 original. Perhaps the only flaw to be found in the game is the fact that it takes a while to get used to driving with a keyboard and mouse. But even that is relatively easy once you sit down and play for a while. GTA 3 truly remains "easy to learn, hard to master". Politicians, Christian groups, and parents alike have bashed GTA 3. But Rockstar Games has given them all the finger, and you should too, especially now that what some consider the greatest game ever created is that much closer to perfection. Just make sure your system's got what it takes, kid....more info
  • GTA3
    I, along with many other people who actually PLAYED the game, think that Grand Theft Auto 3 is extremely fun. Not because of violence, because it has a story line that is very in-depth. All these people are complaining, "It has no story!", or, "It's too violent!" when obviously they hadn't played the game. You don't have to be violent in this game. No one is telling you to kill everything that moves, and if it does (very rarely and it's usually not part of the story) you don't have to do so, there is always the free-roming aspect of the game.
    Lets get this out of the way, don't buy this for anyone under 14. This game shouldn't be banned, rather the parents should keep an eye on what their kid is playing and watching. It has a M rating for a reason.
    The game is very non-linear and the locations are large with plenty to do, like street races, driving an ambulance, putting out fires, arresting crimnals, and lets not forget the main story. This game will easily provide 150+ hours of gameplay.
    Overall, I think the story line and the non-linear gameplay is a big plus for this game, and it is definatly worthy of a 5 star rating. Just remember parents, make sure you know what you are buying for your kids before you give it to them....more info
  • One of the best sandbox games ever made
    As far as sandbox games go this is one of my favorites ever. You get to do what ever you want short of going into every single building. This game is a blast for any mayhem seeker and is full of weapons and vehicals that will keep you happy for many long long hours of fun....more info
  • really good concept...but weak gameplay
    I guess the best way to describe the game is by listing it's strong points and weak points...I'll
    start with the weak points so i can finish on a positive note :p...

    WEAK points:
    1) the ambulance missions can be rather buggy... hard to say much without spoiling a little
    bit of the game... let's just say that since these missions in particular are randomly
    generated...sometimes they are literally uncompletable (ie stuff behind walls or in tunnels
    that are physically impossible to reach).

    2) the combat system in the game is very flimsy... movement is too limited and choppy
    control-wise (not graphics-wise)...

    3) a lot of times missions feel more like obstacle courses than real gang movie type roleplay...this was one of my bigger disappointments... I thought it would be sort of an interactive gang movie type thing... but really it's just a "drive over checkpoints to win points" type thing that's been spiffed up a bit :/... which leads to point #4

    4) not enough uses for all the weapons you can get... the selection is big, but there's not
    really anything beneficial to use them for, which I found disappointing...

    5) movement can be stiff and unforgiving, which can be very annoying at times. For
    example, if you jump too close to an object, he just stands there looking at it for like 3
    seconds =/ (no exaggeration! he just stands there waving his arms for about 3 seconds before
    you can do anything again!)... That's just one of several things... it gets really annoying

    6) there are quite a few bugs (like #1) that prevent you from fully completing some parts of the game... very frustrating indeed

    7) There is a police dispatcher voice, which IMHO is the worst gameplay design blunder in the entire game... the monotone, robot-like dispatcher voice goes off with EVERY SINGLE little thing you do...and you can't turn it off, unless you turn off your computer's speakers *shrug*...but then you lose all the other sound effects too...

    Anyway, as you can see, the gameplay design in this game is very amateur - almost feels like it was put together by a bunch of teenagers (no offense of course...not all teenagers would do such a poor job...some I'm sure would do a great job :)...
    And now the STRONG points:

    1) the world is insanely detailed...very fun to explore

    2) the character is customizable with bitmap skins so if you are good at photo editing and
    stuff you can use anyone's picture on the character ;)

    3) If you can look past the obscenity of the game it really is more like watching the
    Simpsons. Ie, a spoof of real life problems and stereotypes. I'm not judgemental of
    violence/profanity/poor-taste in games, for various reasons, but even so I think they do get carried away a
    few times, but still, there are certainly a lot of laughs in the game...

    4) there are a lot of secrets that you can find... Unlike in many other games it's actually fun
    looking for the secrets in this game. I did find a bug however that prevented me from getting all the secrets, because the game would freeze at that point even after reinstalling... this was...very frustrating...

    so to conclude, GTA3 is very rich in detail, and has lots of laughs/humor (jokes, making fun
    of stereotypes...that kind of stuff)... but there are a lot of little annoyances in the game that
    get on your nerves, unless it's just me and my short temper :p ......more info

  • I 'heart' mayhem.
    If you either own a t-shirt that bears this logo, or should, then this is a game for you. Those wicked people at Rock Star Games have produced a divine orgy of criminality and carnage with a sane control scheme, wonderful visuals, and (YES!) radio stations.

    However, a caveat for the squeamish: if you flinch during Hong Kong action movies; if you are repulsed by the cultural obsession with the Mafia and crime; if you feel that wanton disregard for human life, the law, and even common decency are wrong even in the confines of an artificial gaming environment, then don't waste your money.

    Otherwise, plug in, grab a bat, and get muggin'....more info

  • Drive to Your Heart's Content!
    Maybe this is too late in the day to review a game released last year. But I am very excited about it as I only purchased it 3 months ago and since then, this game has given me nothing but absolute fun! First off, realize that this isn't your regular wholesome family entertainment. This is a crime-spree game, the kind where you are the bad guy. A lot has been written about it's story, missions, strengths and weaknesses so I'll just give my opinion about it's driving value.

    5-plus STARS! Here's why:

    (1) I couldn't think of any other game as cleverly done as GTA 3. Your game world is enormous! One city with 3 islands, each island complete with pedestrians, traffic, buildings and parks, spectacular scenery and changing weather, and a remarkable array of cars. From fog to rain, morning to night, the color of the sky changes to reddish cast as well. Even the train's head lights make a realistic flare effect as it turns a corner. At night, one of the street lights will flicker like a true, defective lamp. These are minor details but given great attention.

    (2) You can drive or run, explore your vast world, do anything you like. Accomplish criminal missions or do good guy jobs. Ride the trains, elevated or underground. Dig deep into this game's Internet resources and you'll be amazed at what else you can do besides the missions. (Hint: pick up a hooker and park at an isolated, grassy place. The car rocks, you lose some money, your health goes up 125%, and then the hooker leaves. Very funny, Hahahah!)

    (3) If you think you can only drive on the regular road and off-road grounds, think again.

    When I was chased by a bunch police squad cars, I threw them off by driving down the stairs to a subway. I jumped the car into the tracks and speed off to the next subway station through the underground path of the train! Just make sure you dodge the speeding train or you're toast! It was blast driving the car down the stairs and back, what with all the bumps and swearing pedestrians. At the next station, I climbed up to the exit, driving my wrecked but still running car and the police were back on my tail. I even managed to drive a Banshee to the top floor of Kenji's Casino just for the heck of it, parked it next to the chopper and oggle the cityscape. If that ain't cool I don't know what is!

    (4) Drive off a ramp in Chinatown and land on the elevated tracks. Or drive and take off the top of a building in Staunton Island. If your angle of approach isn't right, you'll see your car flip and turn midair, in 3-D slow-motion, multi-angle-camera view! And what a breath taking sight it is! I saw no other game like it! And if you land wheels first the game will reward you for your "insane jump" and give you a bonus for "a great landing." Tell me that's not crazy fun!

    (5) The cars' handling is no less remarkable. They behave as you would expect in real life. They slide down grassy slope, the heavier cars land nose first, they get gradually damaged and eventually catch fire.

    (6) Most motorists faithfully follow traffic rules and yeild the road when you honk your horn. Really! But stand on a corner and wait for a driver to make a traffic mistake. You will witness an almost real traffic altercation as other irate motorists jockey and curse their way out! The list goes on and on...

    I had briefly played GTA Vice City which many said is superior to GTA 3. Not for me, at least. After a while I traded Vice City for another game. I was just hooked on the vast atmosphere of GTA 3, bigger money, taller buildings, wide wide open roads(!) and bigger choices of realistic, speed-demon cars!

    Have fun!...more info

  • One of the best games available for P.C
    I bought this game around the first week it was released and I have to say that this game is awesome. What I especially love in this game is the fact that you can use your own music which is not even possible on the PS2. Another feature I love about this game is the skins which let's you change the clothes on the character. The only thing about this game is it's rated "M" for Mature meaning keep the youngsters away from this one. One concern I was worried about when I bought this game was the requirements but the only really good thing you need for this game is a 16MB graphics card and at least 256Mbs of RAM or more depending on how your sytem runs but I play this game at 800x600
    which is actually good with no skipping at all. But to me this is one if the greatest games ever made and I recommend it to anyone who wants to add up there collection. So if your looking for a great game for your Laptop or a game that you can sit down and play for hours without being bored Grand Theft Auto 3 is the good choice to go. :-)...more info
  • The new beginning...
    So many people did not play the original GTA games, that that is alright. This was, when it came out, the most advanced and risky engine for a game yet conceived. This game changed the way we play video games.
    Really, the first GTA (plus it's expansion) and GTA II were so much fun to play that we thought at the time that no one could ever top this. Since then, Rockstar has proven us wrong and gone above and beyond to create GTA games that almost consistently topped the one before (I do not count the PSP ones, they were weak and were only created to sell PSP's).
    So if you have played any of the GTA games and want to try more, this one is a classis, a legend if you will, and will be forever.
    The replay value of all of the GTA games is astonishing. ...more info
  • Game does not function
    The man walks to the left constantly and it cannot be STOPPED.

    It takes just about a magician to drive the vehicle, it won't turn wheels to the right with the letter "D"

    The CD is worn out or incompatible with Windows XP. I hate to give anyone a bad review but this game is terrible because the games CD seems to be either physically flattened or scratched, I did not take magnifying glass nor even look for scatches.

    I tried my standard cleaning my turning it in a circle in a very soft cloth on playing side in attempt to fix the problem but it remains so I am not happy with the game at all, it is NOT PLAYABLE.

    It is so worn out or incompatible, to me(?), it does not matter what the reason is, I bought a GAME THAT DOES NOT PLAY, I must rate that zero happiness, you would do same no? I mean I am not trying to hurt someoone here, I just want a game that works.
    JoeKidd...more info
  • Just plain overrated
    Grand Theft Auto is full of potential, but gives way to dumb missions and almost too real violence.

    The game offers missions where you can earn money. Between missions, you can wonder around and kill people for money. Nothing all that original here, but the game is well done and the scenery very good.

    Gameplay was fine on my P4 2.53. Cars and trucks were realistic, visualizations where well done.

    That's where the fun stopped for me. Some missions take a while and many tries to complete. Because the game lacks a decent save feature, you waste a ton of time. This gets really dull after the fourth and fifth tries.

    I have no real problem with violence. Games like Doom and Unreal were fun because of the cool weapons and the weird monsters. For me, GTA takes it to a too real place - killing humans on the street for fun. The missions were fine, but the random killing of hundreds of people for money got old quick. For some reason, I'd rather kill fake monsters than things that are very close to people.

    Overall, decent but overrated. Feels like a PS2 game, is a PS2 game. I expect a better story and more fun out of a PC game....more info

  • the best of the best
    Although this game is not allowed in my house because it is so bad, i still have it anyway because i downloaded it. This game has it all, cars, guns, good storyline, cool missions. Most 9of the time for what i do is i dont really do the missions. you can just ride around in cars and do lots of fun like-go off insane jumps, kill people, get into fights, and get into police chases, and more. i would highly recommend this game to anyone who is allowed to have it or just sneak it in- like me.My name is not really bonfruitus yeltson. I am not russian....more info
  • Very unique and original
    Opened up a new line of genre, very unique gameplay and expansive environment. But riddled with glitches and imperfections. Enough so, to make this very frustrating. Almost seems impossible at times. Fun for a few hours, but afterwards i wouldnt ever play it again. Not worth the money....more info
  • Time to take a stand
    I'm no whiny "all this violence is bad" crackpot. However the people who designed this game crossed the line. A lot of us complain about the BS in the world and never do anything about it. Well you can do little things, like not pander to gaming companies who take a perfectly fun concept - stealin' cars and haulin' *ss and add such cheesy violence against women. I'm guessing the guys at 'Rockstar' don't get to go on many dates.

    Look I've got a little sister, and I don't want the boys at her school growing up playing games like this. The only way Rockstar will take the woman bashing out of their games is if we don't buy them till they do. So yeah, I want to buy this game, but I've played it, and I know what it's about.

    And I am voting with my dollars buy spending them elsewhere. When are you going to take a stand?...more info

  • Response to Critics - in brief
    Yes, GTA3 glorifies violence and sleaze. Yes, aside from emergency vehicle missions, it has few redeeming values. It may encourage a thug mindset. No, it does not encourage real-world violence. Unlike most virtual violence, like that blamed for Columbine, GTA3 has no overwhelming sense of being hunted or you vs. the masses. It is almost impossible to prolong the most dangerous warning levels unless you are completely safe from harm. What GTA3 gives that most violent games and movies lack is a sense of control and security rather than paranoia.

    It is possible to play much of the game without violence, and you have choices as to how violent you choose to make some missions. Other missions are entirely peaceful, if not entirely clean. Hidden packages, my favorite part, give you weapons, but in and of themselves are harmless. Unique jumps and insane stunts require no kills and encourage you not to violently damage 'your' car.

    Do not say that the game only teaches violence. It teaches what you choose to get out of it, but it is ultimately more rewarding to play the game with at least a little violence and sleaze. Playing without violence (sleaze optional) is a very limited, one-to-two-star game. With minimal violence, only mission-required, it rates at least a three. If you are not overly squeamish about violence, even without unnecessary sleaze, the game rates at least a 5. It is a complex challenge, and never boring. If you ever run out of game-sponsored missions, you can easily make up your own.

    In response to "A gamer" in Oakland, CA USA who posted Dec. 31, 2001, with a one-star rating, I both play GTA3 and read the papers every day, and am generally considered well-balanced by anyone who knows me. I do believe that rap can have a violent effect: it sets you against the world. GTA3 doesn't.

    GTA3 sets you against small parts of the world, who are easily beaten, avoided, or convinced that you are of little interest to them. GTA3 teaches you that you can recover from most mistakes, if you know how. It also teaches that it gets significantly harder to recover as the mistakes get bigger....more info