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Based on the mid-'70s novel by Judith Rossner (which itself was based on a true story), this film was supposed to be the one that established Diane Keaton's credibility as a "serious" actress--and yet she won the Oscar for the other film she did the same year, Annie Hall. Still, Looking for Mr.?Goodbar is a solid and intriguing film, which offered the first substantial film roles to Richard Gere and Tom Berenger. Keaton is a repressed Catholic school teacher who works with deaf children. In the midst of the sexual revolution, she discovers her own appetite for carnal pleasure--but tries to keep it physical, avoiding emotional entanglement, until she meets Mr.?Really Wrong. Keaton is solid but director Richard Brooks can't keep this from dragging. --Marshall Fine

Customer Reviews:

  • ...and the pursuit of happiness
    On its best level, "Mr. Goodbar" showed the audience how you can be an intelligent, cultured and sensitive person and yet become a tragic figure, a victim of circumstance.

    The Keaton character realizes the entity of her own sexual frustration and takes to casual sex as a form of emotional therapy. When she decides it's time to get her act straight, she fails, fatally, to put her experience to fruition: not because it's morally too late for redemption and she must be punished, but simply out of bad luck.

    I don't think Brooks had a 'this is what you're going to get if you stray from the straight and narrow' agenda. I have a feeling he was more interested in the intrinsic tragic potential of being human....more info

  • Sordid Sex Seventies Style Serves Sick Sensibilities
    Diane Keaton stars in this true story of a New York teacher's sex life and it's consequences. The film creates a great 1970s feel, with a soundtrack of the disco hits of the time. We hear a commercial for Jimmy Carter running for Pres., and in a post-modern moment Tony (Richard Gere) meets Theresa (Keaton) while she reads "The Godfather". They take this further when Tony says,"I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse", and even refers to the film starring Al Pacino; as most of you know Keaton plays Michael's wife.

    Tuesday Weld portrays Katherine, who ironically leads a more sordid life than Theresa, in spite of her father's (Richard Kiley) pleading to "be more like Katherine". The true version of the story happened in the 1960s, but by the 1970s birth control/abortion wasn't as big a deal (at least to non-fanatics), so the doctor's surprise that Theresa doesn't want kids as well as her secretiveness seems incongruous, especially when viewed today.

    Most of the final scene is usually cut out of TV versions, so the shock value is lost...the Tom Berenger character may owe something to "Psycho"...perhaps the shower scene taken to the extreme. Anyway the film is well worth seeing for a look at '70s NYC scenes and attitudes.

    ...more info
  • Unique and Complex
    I have to admit that immediately after watching this film, I was a little unsettled. I was not quite sure what I had just seen.

    After some thought on the film, I have decided that I do in fact like it, although there are some scenes that will always be difficult to watch.

    Looking for Mr. Goodbar is a film based on a book, which was based on true events of a teacher in NY. Thrust into a strange world of drugs and sex by her sister, Diane Keaton's character, Theresa, becomes the ultimate party girl. Richard Geer enters and exits throughout the film as junky/male bimbo. The movie is definitely interesting and incredibly complex. Do not judge too quickly, as you might not give it enough of a chance. I am glad I thought over the movie before I ultimately concluded how I felt.

    I recommend seeing it (although that is difficult since it is only available in VHS). Keep an open mind and see it a second time if you must. This film is not for everybody though. ...more info
    This is the second older movie I went to order in dvd format this afternoon. IT DOES NOT EXIST and neither does the truly significant _Love With a Proper Stranger_. The latter is the only movie made by Steve McQueen that has not been put onto dvd format. Why? It can't be because it was a dog of a movie because it wasn't: Steve McQueen received an Academy Award as Best Actor for this performance and Natalie Wood was nominated as Best Actress.

    The movie's ending fits right into with today's ultra right view of the world so that can't be the problem. What I believe is holding this out of circulation is the fear by some that young people of the several post Roe v. Wade generations might see for themselves the absolute terror women of all races and clases went through when they sought out illegal abortions. The Bronx shown in the movie is where the richest to the poorest in the greater NYC area traveled.

    This movie is a wonderful example of a black and white movie treasure and it would seem of critical importance to keep it alive so that people can see for themselves just what went on back in those truly horrendous days. Certainly if one's personal views are ultra conservative I imagine you don't want to know about what was reality way back then. Folks, however, who are trying to impose this on our society once again -- and for those who haven't made up their minds -- this is must seeing.

    And no, I am absolutely not a left wing femi-nazi but I saw too many young friends edge very close to death because our male WASP controlled society wouldn't come to terms with abortion.

    Mr. Goodbar brings women of the ensuing generation forward and it would seem vital for all young people to see today. Right now our nation is searching for a probably dead Natalee Holloway. Had she seen this and would that others now would do so, safer decisions might have and could be made.

    _Looking for Mr. Goodbar_ was a huge box office hit so a lack of popularity can't explain why we can't see it in DVD format. The gist of the movie is as contemporary as hell.

    And those of us who are older and who have lived through so much change ought to do what we can to ensure that the polarized views of the politically correct and the ultra right are not permitted to stifle all the inbetweens. It feels that way this afternoon and underscores how vital an outlet Amazon's review process is. ...more info
  • Please release on DVD or BluRay soon!!!
    I have a handful of films I am still waiting to come out on digital format. This is high on the list! ...more info
  • A glimpse of what cinema can be.
    This is raw, risk-taking cinema--from the no-holds-barred performance of a lifetime by Dianne Keaton to the bold and imaginative direction of Richard Brooks. Moreover, it captures the woman's point of view more convincingly than any other film that comes to mind. As spectators we remain inside Keaton's head as well as capable of judging her in her obsessive, doomed quest for personal fulfillment at all costs. The sordid climax (no wonder profit-dependent Hollywood swore off such films) is all the more remarkable because we see it through the eyes of the victim. When Dianne Keaton's desire and death wish converge and she loses the capacity to see, the movie necessarily fades to black as well.

    I was so blown away by the film that I immediately read its literary source. This is one of the few times the book has proved a disappointment compared to the movie. As a prose stylist, Judy Rossner doesn't begin to match the artistry of Keaton and Brooks not to mention the psychological depth that is normally off limits to a medium as surface-bound as film....more info
  • Takes the viewer back to New York City in the 1970's
    This movie was highly recommended to me, and now that I've seen it I can see why many consider it a memorable film. The suspense was brilliantly built up and Keaton's performance was worthy of the Golden Globe nomination it received.

    The movie depicts many of the problems of being a liberated single female in the 70s. The main character, Theresa Dunn, moves out of her oppressive Catholic family home to find her place in the world. She becomes a compassionate teacher of deaf children during the day, and ventures out at night into the bar scene. Through Keaton's ability to capture the emotionally vulnerable Theresa, the viewer connects strongly to Theresa's journey to find the life she wants.

    Richard Gere's performance is also worthy of note, as are the cinematic effects. Unfortunately the lighting in the film is too dark and this detracts from the overall impression of it, and it also makes it seem dated. The moral messages in the film are interesting and leave more questions than answers....more info

  • Disturbing Diane
    I must say that the chauvinistic ending of this film should not be taken into account during a viewing. This movie is thought provoking and powerful until the ending, and even then, there are those who would disagree with my opinion. The overall message of the film is that sexually active women who do not practice traditional family roles will eventually die under unhappy circumstances. Goodbar is not a date movie to say the least. I have problems with the philosophy behind this film, but since it's based on book that I haven't read, I have no idea what was correct or misinterpreted within the context of the film....more info
  • Looking in the right place for good cinema
    I normally don't review movies that haven't been converted to dvd. However, for this Richard Brooks, film adaptation of the Judith Rossner book , based on the true, series of events, in the life of Rosanne Quinn, I'm making an exception. Diane Keaton plays the lead , as Therea Dunn , an attractive, intelligent, independent, sexually curious, young woman who happens to be a school teacher. From it's riveting beginning sequences to it's unforgettable ending," Looking for Mr. Goodbar" exemplifies great directing , acting , and writng. Filmed during a period when American cinema focused on character driven stories and themes..this film stands out as one of the most unforgettable. Originally penned, as a star making vehicle for Diane Keaton, the film highlights unforgettable performances by a series of future stars like Richard Gere, Levar Burton , Tom Berringer, and Tuesday Weld ( in her OSCAR winning performance). Although, "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" was originally released in 1977, it's overall lessons and character journeys are still relatable, today. On that aspect, it ensures this film a long shelf life. Some scenes are dated and the soundtrack is obviously past it's expiration date. However, after the first twenty minutes , you quickly forget that this was produced almost three decades ago.The characters are portrayed so richly and so authentic , that you become sucked into it. I don't see this film as a warning for young barhoppers or sexually liberarated women. Once again...it's based on a true story. So , how can anyone tamper with reality? The film sticks to the book and the book sticks to the actual case, that sparked the interest in the first place. The cinematography and script are excellent and Richard Brooks did a phenominal job, layering circumstances and allowing his actors to go to depths that most actors would shy away from. Personally , I used to think of Diane Keaton as just another pretty actress ( especially in her youth). However , after seeing her performance in this film , I will always consider her just as brave and creative and dedicated to her roles , as her contemperaries(Robert Deniro , Al Pacino, John Voight , Marlon Brando, ect.). If you're a fan of dramatic films, such as "Midnight Cowboy"," The Deer Hunter",or "Boogie Nights", " Looking for Mr. Goodbar" is one that should definately not be missed. I'm not sure why it hasn't been released on dvd, yet. Hopefully, it will, as it deserves to be preserved and recognized as one of the best films of the 1970's. ...more info
  • looking for mr. goodbar...CAN BE DEADLY!
    i have seen a lot of movies and i have seen a lot of surprise endings but there was something about this movie that hasnt left my memory. as recommended by a friend i saw this movie and in the beginning i thought its a little slow but as the film progressed i began to really enjoy it. here you have this woman who leads these two separate lives. by day shes a teacher, nice and sweet and understanding but at night shes a pill-poppin, coke snorting, sex addict who gets involved with the wrong men(one being the character of richard gere). the much talked about ending i know personally shocked the hell out of me. i definitely didnt see it coming. it was so sad because she just made the resolution not to pick up another guy. i actually sympathized with her character. when the movie ended i was just in awe, it was so different. i had never seen anything like it and doubt i ever will. now im not saying it was the greatest movie ever but i do think its a classic and i highly recommend it to any and all movie buffs. but maybe to get a better understanding of keaton's character(maybe a little more insight)reading the book also titled 'looking for mr.goodbar'on which the film is based might be a good idea....more info
  • To 'Glad I missed the 70's'
    I think it's quite rude to state what happened at the end when most people coming here do so to buy the film, not to have the ending spoiled. If they wanted to know that they would have gone to a spoiler site....more info
  • looking for mr good bar
    This is a riviting caultion tail for the yong club goer or bar drinker.
    I hope every one has seen it....more info
  • Why isn't this on dvd??
    It's been ages since i saw this film as an adult. Last time i did- i lived alone, was fairly "active" in the bar scene and it was during the time that the Dahmer stuff was going on. Needless to say- this movie gave me more of a hesistant pause before brinnging just ANYone home, that's for sure.

    I mentioned it to my partner of 12 years and he said he had never seen it (much to my surprise). So i kept hunting and checking back at Amazon to see if it may be coming to dvd any time soon. No such luck. I've since written to Paramount asking them to please consider a nice, digital transfer dvd release of the film. Who knows for what good that was worth.

    So- i go to my video store which has a huge, vault of a selection of just about anything. Grab the very ancient looking vhs copy to bring home to watch.
    Besides the fact that it didnt look great- this movie is STILL as powerful, provacative and shocking as it was all those years ago when i first saw it. Even when you know how it's going to end- it is still jaw-dropping and brutally harsh and yes- even quite sad, frankly.
    This movie will stick with you after you've seen it for a while. Sort of haunts you.

    Keaton is SO fantastic in her performance. Just AH-mazing. The dialog and writing and direction are top notch and still not dated even with the advances that cinema has made since.

    This movie needs and deserves a good dvd release. I will be first in line to grab a copy if and when it does. I am thinking perhaps since there is a HUGE amount of music in it- that maybe that could be part of why no dvd release so far. Sometimes too much ASCAP red tape to get a movie released the way it was originally shown. Not sure how that works, honestly.

    Anyway- too long now.. apologies. Do rent the vhs if you come across it. You will never forget it. Or please write to Paramount and ask them (nicely) to please consider giving it a good dvd release. I'm still stunned that it isn't on dvd to begin with. Classic and powerful still to this day.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. ...more info
  • The Best Film of The 1970s
    Some of these reviewers (the negative ones) are rather simple-minded as to the entire concept of the film. The one reviewer who mentioned the "cheapness" of the film simply did not get it. The "cheapness" was the entire point of the atmosphere as the allure of Terry's life and how she felt about herself. I watched the film three times and I am not grasping why a few of the reviewers mention how "slow" the film was. There was nothing "slow" about it at all. The point of the beginning was included for the audience to get to know and to care about the character. I am sure that the very same "reviewers" who complained about the "slowness" of the film would have just as well complained if the beginning scenes had not explained the character's story. Some of the reviewers are very mature (and that helps others to decide logically as to whether or not to purchase this film) and some are very childish (which really doesn't help at all in the selection process!).

    If you want slasher garbage, rent slasher garbage. This film is for the "thinker" not the "loafer". It is amazing that the negative commentaries are from those who have never really become a screenplay writer or a director of any kind. Most viewers have no idea of what it takes to organize and shoot a film of quality.

    Grow up America!!! Not ALL films will be to your liking and they cannot be. It's impossible to please everyone with regards to writing or filmmaking. And to the one reviewer who felt that this film was a "downer": Hello! It was meant to be! It wasn't written for the comedic driven audience. That's why it's called a "Drama". It does not suppose to make you "feel good". Rent 'Sabrina' if you want to "feel good". If you are moody and intense, then, this movie is for audience-types who truly appreciate realistic themes with drama based momentum. It's not called "Looking for Disney's Magic Kingdom" for Pete's sake!! It's not the garbage which is portrayed in the typical mainstream stupidity like "13 going on 30" or anything with J.Lo or the typical Lindsey Lohan/Jennifer Aniston variety~ or anything with those damned twins~ (whom which many of us cannot at all relate to anyway thus the reason that not all films are made for everyone~ I personally wish that there were more films directed and written with a deliberate and thought-provoking style as "Goodbar". I personally am tired of un- original, dull, and silly remakes and rip-offs of other films. It's time to bring back older quality actors and quality story telling as this film demonstrates in very fine realistic style.

    What happened to the quality in filmmaking? It's time to bring this back and it's time to stop catering to the simpleton plot crowd. We need better story development writers (like 'Veronica Guerin') and talented actors who are willing to risk the criticism. Cautionary tales are great for the mind. This country needs to be challenged to learn to think more than to be cheaply entertained ALL OF THE TIME.

    You will not find another Keaton or another Richard Brooks (director). The gritty reality of loneliness and bedraggled low-self-esteem of the character is part of an art form in this film and in its own way life is imitating art and even vice- versa. This movie is for grown-ups and not for grown adolescents who must have the visual action force at every single moment. The build-up from beginning to end is what brings superiority to this film. If you want a "pick me up" try "comedy"(plenty of it) and if you want an action movie try "action-adventure"(too much of it); if you want to grow up, check this film out!!
    ...more info
  • One of the all-time best!
    I have this movie on VHS and it is one of my favorite movies to watch! Now, will somebody please explain why Paramount has yet to release this on DVD!...more info
  • heart-breaking...
    'Looking for Mr. Goodbar' is saturated with tangibility and keenness.By a very forituous event, I got this movie and popped it into the VCR. Two hours later, my heart was pounding and my hands were sweating. I was in inertia for perhaps, oh, twenty minutes. That's how much the movie impacted me.

    Diane Keaton and her unique, rare talent stands out as Theresa Dunn, a lonely, sexually insatiable woman searching for so many things:unconditional love, understanding, and a happy life. Oppressed by her rigid father, the morals of Catholicism, the dread that nobody truly loves her, and insecurity, she tries to break out of her shell, experimenting by getting involved in the wild partying life. Compassionate teacher of deaf kids by day, heavy partyer/hooker by night. Two characteriscs entirely different, yet in one woman. She searches for true love by getting involved with eclectic men, and was just beginning to find it when inhumanity and brutality invaded her, snuffing out her weak voice once and for all...

    On another point, I have to say I'm very impressed with the way this movie approached deafness. I'm deaf myself, and I know back in the seventies, most deaf schools didn't offer signing/speaking at the same time. They only offered speech classes, with absolutely no signing at all. So far, most deaf schools have broken away from this rule, but with this movie, made in the seventies... I could understand what they were saying without having to read the closed-captioning. I'm very impressed with how smoothly they signed.

    But that's not the main reason why I was so taken with this movie. The subtle dialogue blends very well. The bar scene adds to the mystical aura, along with the mood and lighting. But most of all, you find yourself almost wanting to save Theresa from the hell of this grim reality. You find yourself sympathizing and identifying with her confusion, her loneliness, and her brutal desire to be someone else. She was just beginning to find herself when that chance was suddenly taken away.

    The ending. My God... the ending... there are no words that can describe it. It chills you to the very core. I have never seen an ending filled with such doom and finality. When the strobe light finally dies out, you find yourself in thick silence, unable to think of a coherent sentence till you finally pull yourself together and begin to make sense of it all. But even so, you can't find a rational solution to this movie. You have to accept it for its graphic reality.

    Heart-breaking. I'll never forget this film....more info

  • Hilariously Awful!
    I can't believe I saw the same film described by other reviewers. This film is a hoot -- incoherent, wretchedly acted, far too long, filled with unbelievable dialogue and preposterous scenes, and shot through with a pious moralism that is truly insipid. A good film to watch with some funny, cynical buddies, while splitting a case of beer....more info
  • a bit dated
    Goodbar has one of the most shocking endings in movie history. It also has Diane Keaton but the things that made it controversial no longer are. There were parts of the film are so heavy handed with "the big message" that they're groan inducing. It's still worth watching but think of it as a time capsule to the 70s....more info
  • Looking for Mr. Nutbar!
    When this movie was released, it was really controversial even though it came out during the height of the swinging '70s. It's a movie that I didn't like too much when I first saw it on TV in the late '70s. Over time though, this movie has really grown on me. It's about a woman that is a teacher of deaf children by day, and a swinging disco mama by night. She is trying to come to terms with her sexuality & relationships, but always seems to have to confront conflict with her family or the men she meets. What always amazed me about this movie was the loser men she meets throughout. This is why I have always affectionately titled this movie as "Looking For Mr. Nutbar" The atmosphere is dark & seedy, and can be a depressing movie to watch-especially the heart wrenching end. This doesn't take away from the movie, it just adds some '70s flavour to it! If you are a fan of Diane Keaton, or like movies from the '70s, this is a great choice for your video library....more info
  • '70's Flashback
    I am a tail-end boomer who first saw this movie in the early '90's and thought it captured a particular place and time perfectly. The dark creepy undertow of the '70's singles bar came back to me - and believe me, I was not nearly as "adventureous" as the Diane Keaton character..

    Besides the terrifying ending, another scene stayed with me for days- the one in which Keaton's nice guy boyfriend pulls out the condom and she cruelly makes fun of him. Yeah, condoms really were funny in the late '70's, weren't they? As uncool and dorky in '78 as Brylcream and Rudy Valee. They sure made a big comeback through....more info
  • Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places
    I don't see why Paramount is taking so long to put this movie on DVD, since most classic movies were already released on DVD a long time ago, since most people use DVD's nowadays instead of VCR's since DVD's have been in style since at least 2003 and VCR's have been out of style for the longest time as well as practically obsolete.

    Additionally, LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR is a bitter sweet touching kinda movie that launched Diane Keaton's acting career and was probably Diane Keatons sexiest movie of all time too, since LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR shows Diane Keaton like I've never seen her before along with the fact that Diane Keaton plays a lonely slutty drug addict school teacher down on her luck trying to find Mr. Right by hanging out in bars, humping around, hanging around the wrong kinds of people and sleeping around with the wrong kind of guys, which lead to nothing, but trouble, grief, anguish, and heartache, resulting in a very tragic ending that even made me cry when I saw this movie for the first time when I was little, since LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR obviously didn't have a happy ending to it at all.

    On the other hand, LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR had some interesting action and dialogues in it by playing popular hit songs from the 1970's like "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston and showing us life in the 70's, which was sex, drugs, & Rock & Roll.

    This movie also had co-stars like Richard Gere and Tom Berenger, which was during their earlier days of their acting career before they were even famous. ...more info
  • Another look at a darker side of life in the seventies
    Even today, this movie that made a statement on the debauchery of the seventies, is still relevant. The story of a young lady out on her own for the first time, free from her morality preaching catholic dad and hungry to indulge in the night life. A frequenter of the area bar scene, Dianne Keaton in perhaps her sexiest, if not most provocative role hops from dive to dive, man to man in an attempt to whet her insatiable sexual appetite. An interesting, if dark look at the bar scene and all its unpredictability. Directed with a style of its own, and a good eye for character development, "Goodbar" is an excellent film - one of the best of the seventies. It's also one of the most chilling endings of any movie I've ever seen - one that leaves you almost gasping. Much of the subject matter of this film won't have the same shocking effect it had upon it's original release in the mid-seventies. Today's premium cable original programming (eg. "Queer as Folk) make this minor league stuff by comparison. But that doesn't make this movie any less disturbing. This is still a movie that is just as applicable to today's careless adventures into the night life. Tuesday Weld, Tom Berenger, Richard Kiley, Levar Burton and William Atherton ("Die Hard's" pain in the butt news reporter) are perfectly cast and make notable contributions. And Richard Gere in one of his earliest roles gives a performance that surely got him future roles....more info
  • Annie Hall Meets Mr. Goodbar
    Released in 1977 and based on Judith Rossner's best-seller, "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" was touted as the star turn for Diane Keaton, but it was "Annie Hall" that swept her to the Academy podium that year. A Catholic teacher of deaf children, Keaton's portrayal of a sexually repressed woman looking for scores in all the wrong places is unsettling in an generally inaudacious - and brutal - film. But, the talent that she is, Keaton keeps our attention and is nearly upstaged by Tuesday Weld in an Oscar-nominated supporting role. "Goodbar" takes us to the darker side of casual sexal encounters and issues a warning that we ought not delve too deeply into the darkness without a light on in our brains. The film also marked the first substantial work of Richard Gere and Tom Berenger. But it remains Keaton who carries the film, and she does it splendidly and achieves the intended goal of making us squeamish about the dangerous underpinnings of sexual experimentation. The film's closing scene is harrowing and also achieves its own goal to send the viewer off with an unsoothed boding of doom, and it gives us no hope. Panned critically at the time, the film nonetheless is a showcase of Keaton's dramatic talents, something she'd had little chance to do until then. She alone makes the film worth watching....more info
  • Flawed but vivid filmmaking
    I have seen many films, but none have stayed with me quite like "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" has. Perhaps it's due to the film's violent and intense ending? Or the fact that the film is about a young woman seeking out anonymous sexual encounters in bars, and not being too picky about her choices?

    Whatever it is, Looking for Mr. Goodbar is one of those rare movies that is still compelling viewing today. It's not a perfect film, and it's one that polarizes audiences. Some find it a fascinating study of post-sexual revolution single life in the 70s; while others find it a heavy-handed cautionary tale about women picking up strangers in bars. And **MAJOR SPOILER WARNING*** the one major criticism of this film is that because of the lead character's fate, the film is suggesting that sexually-liberated women are "punished" for experimenting with sex.

    The film is heavy-handed and by the last 30 minutes it moves from a psychological profile of a young woman to a frightening (and admittedly) gripping thriller. But Looking for Mr. Goodbar is engrossing, and that's due in large part to Diane Keaton's superb performance. Although Keaton won the Oscar the same year for another film, "Annie Hall", her performance in "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" is equally impressive. She has the difficult task of making a character who makes (several) wrong choices into a likable and sympathetic one. She also imbues her character with strength, sexiness, vulnerability and a sarcastic sense of humor. Her chemistry with the other characters in the film (including Richard Gere and Tom Berenger) is strong.

    The film also has a great visual look, and it's never more clear than in the last sequence of the film. It's a hard scene to watch, but director Richard Brooks and the cinematographer create one of the most unforgettable sequences in film ever.

    This film is very explicit and dark, but worth seeing, particularly if you enjoy Keaton's acting. The film also has an excellent 70s disco soundtrack.
    ...more info
  • sad but good
    my obsession with Diane Keaton has to pretty much come from this movie! I consider this movie a classic from the 70's period. yes, it's very dark I can't remember a film now that is this dark. thats because it's very truthful. I suppose the fact that keatons caracter picks up men from bar's does drugs is a big part of the story. but it's more to me about the paths we choose in life. all these things hit her at once. being a free woman with a career and no oblagations to anyone. when I see this film now I don't really think about some of the bad things that happen. I think more about what makes up a caracter like this and what does she not want? why does something bad have to happen to good people? this movie really speaks to me on many diffrent levels. ...more info