Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker (The Original Uncut Version)
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The greatest villain of all comes out of the past to threaten Batman, Bruce Wayne and all of Gotham City in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, the first feature-length Batman Beyond movie. The sleeker, deadlier and seemingly immortal Clown Prince of Crime is back with his own unique brand of havoc and mayhem. While trying to uncover the Joker's secrets, the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, discovers the greatest mystery in the life of the original Caped Crusader: What happened the night he fought the Joker for the last time. When Bruce Wayne is almost killed in one of the Joker's latest attacks, Batman vows to avenge his mentor and put the Joker to rest forever. Get ready for heart-stomping action, awesome adventure and amazing revelations in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

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Some diehard Batfans have been slow to warm to the animated series Batman Beyond even though it was created by the same team responsible for the excellent Batman cartoon of the early '90s. The Dark Knight should be a brooding avenger in a noir-nightmare Gotham City, the purists argue, not some smart-aleck teen four decades in the future, with jet packs, invisibility shields, and other sci-fi gizmos loaned him by an elderly Bruce Wayne (voiced, excellently as always, by Kevin Conroy, his stony bass given a raspy hint of old age), now confined to hobbling about on a cane and monitoring his prot¨¦g¨¦'s activities from the Batcave. Between its respectful reexamination of the "tortured hero" mythos and its sleek, anime-inspired look, this feature-length movie should go a long way toward quieting their complaints. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they've brought back the most legendary figure in the Rogues Gallery (voiced by Mark Hamill, deliciously deranged), but exactly how and why the Joker has managed to turn up 40 years after his last meeting with Batman still as youthful and diabolical as ever is explained not only logically but terrifyingly as well. The secret behind his arrival is perhaps the saddest, grimmest twist any purported "kids' show" has dared to attempt. (Parents may well want to preview this tape before screening it for the very young.) Once again, Warner Brothers' cartoon Batman has outshone all the live-action films, never allowing the thrilling action set pieces or flashes of wry humor to drown out the drama, even tragedy, of the all-too-human superheroes. --Bruce Reid

Customer Reviews:

  • Too Bad They Cancelled It
    I loved this new tale of Batman. While cartoons aren't for everyone I found this one entertaining. The movie is just like an episode that is 3 times longer with no commercials. There is a little more action and some situations that kids might find mildly upsetting (I'd say what but I don't want to spoil the movie) but this is still a great movie. If you've seen the TV show you should like this, if not, this might be a good place to start....more info
  • Pleasant Surprise
    I only bought this movie because I am a huge Batman fan, and I wasn't expecting to enjoy it very much, but I was completely surprised by how great this movie was. I consider it one of the best Batman movies (animated or live-action) ever made. It is suspenseful, interesting, and exciting. If you love Batman you'll love this movie....more info
  • One Of The Greatest Batman Films Available -- A Must Have!
    (the following is a review for the Original Uncut Version DVD)

    Plot: "Batman Beyond - Return Of The Joker" takes place in the near future when an eldery Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) has thrown in the towel and Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) has become the new Batman. But now isn't exactly the most convenient time to be fighting crime in Gotham City. Thought-to-be-dead supervillain The Joker (Mark Hamil) is back for some old-fashioned deadly business, and seems to be as good as new. And with his gang of "Jokerz" on hand, the Dark Knight is going to have a hard time stopping his destructive path of gleeful lunacy. But there is hope. The answer may be found in a secret surrounding the madman's return that lies in one of the most disturbing mysteries of Batman's past. Can justice finally prevail against this maniacal mastermind? Or will he indeed have the last laugh?

    ROTJ has a reputation as being one of (if not THE) best animated Batman movies out there. I agree! It has everything you could ask for. The storyline is engaging and fun to follow. And even if you're not up to the mind games, there's plenty of action to keep you entertained from beginning to end. The vocal actors were all wonderful -- especially Mark Hamill as the kooky and darkly charasmatic Joker. His laughs are amazing, and he obviously has a great feel for the lines. Also a big plus for Batfans is the fact that it's the Unrated original version, which earns a PG-13 rating for violence. It's not quite as dark as the comics, but it certainly takes on a more sinister and adult-friendly atmosphere. And to top it all off, this DVD is a superb choice for anyone interested in purchasing the film. Great audio and video quality make the experience of the movie as good as it can get, and the special features are pretty intriguing for any fan. These extras include commentary by the filmmakers, animated character bios (which cover Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis, The Joker, and a few gang members), a documentary and more. There's no doubt about it, this is an excellent deal for any fan of the animated Batman (or in that case, the Joker -- Mwahahaha!). Overall, it's definitely worth the surprisingly low cost....more info
  • One of the Best animated Batman movies yet!
    I loved that Mark Hamill was willing to do the voice of the Joker. It kept a character concistency that really added to the film! This is no kiddie movie either, it appeals to adults with its darker story line and shows you the truly evil side of the Joker!...more info
  • I'm tanned, I'm Rested and I'm Ready to Give this Town a Wedgy Again!
    He was thought dead. The laughter was supposed to have ended.

    But evil never dies.

    The Joker is back!

    His mission? Why, give Gotham a wedgy again!

    But this Gotham is different than the one the Joker left behind. It's a new Gotham with a new Batman.

    Plenty of surprises abound in this thrilling chapter in the Batman Beyond universe.

    This movie is brilliant, pure and simple.

    I've seen both the regular and the uncut versions of this film and it's the uncut version that's being reviewed here (the regular is virtually the same and has only a few altered scenes).

    The uncut version doesn't hold back and isn't sensitive to the viewer's eyes. This one's much more violent than the regular version. In the original release, certain events were only implied. In this one, they are shown. (If anything, I was surprised at how graphic this cartoon was compared to the Batman Beyond and Batman: TAS episodes.)

    Ah, yes, the joys of direct-to-DVD releases.

    The Batman in Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis, is real. You care about him, you relate to him. You want to be him even when the tension mounts between him and his mentor, Bruce Wayne.

    The Joker's nasty in this and once more Mark Hamill, with that creepy laugh of his, reminds us why he was born to play the Joker. The dialogue, the jokes--utterly fantastic!

    The story is stellar, with multiple plots going on at once. It also answers the questions you have about the fate of the characters from Batman: TAS, which had a series finale that fell flat. (It was just another episode, really.)

    The first time I saw this film I couldn't believe what happened to one of the Bat regulars. It still blows me away every time I see it.

    Evil never dies.

    Language warning: Blasphemy...more info
  • Return of the Joker is return of a winner!
    I have to admit, i bought the 3 pack that included mask of phantasm, batman beyond, and subzero in it so for me to buy batman beyond the uncut version was a tough decision. I read a few reviews for it on here and decided to buy it. It was a good investment. I watched this movie and was amazed at how different it was. Don't be fooled that its only a minute more than the cut version. Theres scenes that have been altered so much that it amazes me that the difference is only 1 minute since half the movie is different. Lets say this, you actually see more fighting scenes, see how jokers henchman is really taken care of, and also how the joker really dies (yes he dies differently in this one than the cut one). also what happens to robin is slightly different as well. All in all I want you to give this one a chance as it has enough differences to add to your collection and make you watch both of them to notice how different they are. oh I also wanted to note that another reviewer said in this one you'll see why Bruce walks with a limp. It contributes to it but isn't the cause. Don't forget in Rebirth they show older batman and hes not limping, but with what happens in this movie as well when in i believe batman TAS in robins reckoning when batmans leg is busted, all that contributes to the limp (think its the same leg he has trouble with too). But i give that reviewer props as hes one of the reasons i decided to get the uncut version of this film :) ...more info
  • Uncut AND Widescreen
    Here's something I never thot would happen. Warner released a safe and sanitized 'family' version of this movie on DVD in 2000 and fans freaked. Quite right as a lot of violence was taken out and alternate takes were used in other scenes. Warner were bombarded with petitions to release the original version and, whadya know, they did.

    The Batman animated movies (and the TV series) have a zillion times the atmosphere and gothic pathos the last movies had. In fact, in comparison, the animated movies completely blow Batman Forever and Batman and Robin out of the water. I would like to see Batman Beyond back on the air or at least more animated movies of it. Perhaps one a year, like Warner do with Scooby Doo.

    Plus it's an all round better DVD package than the first release, giving the movie the higher status it deserves. But here's the thing it's NOT 'full frame format'. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is presented here in 1.78:1 widescreen. For some reason it's not anamorphic tho. The soundtrack is Dolby 5.1 and it sounds terrific....more info

  • The Best Portrayal of the Joker Yet!
    This movie is incredible. The animation and the acting are all but flawless, and the music is pretty cool as well. My sister's boyfriend lent this DVD to me, and I loved it. I was hardly bored for one minute. Even when the credits were rolling, I continued to feel thrilled. The Joker is my all-time favorite villain, and this is the best portrayal of him yet.

    Of course, I would have been just a little bit happier if he didn't have his hair so short. I like the original hairdo better. And I also would have liked to know that he's really not gone for good. Sure, I'm always happy when he's defeated, but at the same time, I like knowing that he'll eventually come back with another grand scheme up his sleeve.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. This movie really is awesome. My most favorite scene is the flashback scene where the Joker captures Tim Drake and turns him into Joker Junior. Until I saw the movie, I had no idea that was supposed to be Robin. I thought it was some youthful version of the Joker himself.

    And despite the violence, I loved the battle sequences between Joker and Batman--both the Bruce Wayne Batman and the Terry McGinnis Batman. The fight with the later Batman is a lot more amusing, because Terry has a sense of humor and takes pleasure in giving the Joker a taste of his own medicine.

    I recommend this movie to anybody, whether they are a fan of Batman or not. ...more info
  • Be Prepared - Be very Prepared.
    I replaced my VHS copy of the movie with this one. I wasn't quite ready for the additional violence. I'm not going to ruin the plot by saying more.

    I recommend this movie - it is very good - but it is not for children. I rate it PG 13....more info
  • Uncut Version information
    I recently purchased the "Uncut Version" elsewhere, the cover of my copy looks like the one Amazon has pictured here. The ISBN for my copy is 1-4198-1383-8 and the UPC code number is 012569717251.

    My case says "Full Length Movie" across the top (white lettering on blue.) There is no mention of it being uncut on the cover but the peel off plastic seal says "The Original, Uncut Version." The cover lists the running time as 76 minutes (not the 77 minute time listed on the 2002 release of the Uncut Version.)

    The DVD itself has different information. It clearly states "The Original, Uncut Version" and says the film is Widescreen (unfortunately not anamorphic) with a running time of 77 minutes and a rating of PG-13. I haven't watched the whole film yet but did check how a certain someone dies and it is the by the "uncut" method.
    ...more info
  • A Must For A Complete Collection
    It should be noted that the DVD titled Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker (The Original Uncut Version) on is in a cardboard DVD case and not the platic "keepcase" that is pictured. That particular picture is of the 2005 release of this movie. I am uncertain whether or not the 2005 release is the uncut version.
    Below is a lengthy explaination of how this movie fits in with the various TV shows to which it is connected.
    If you are collecting DVDs from what has been called the DC Animation Universe then you will want this movie. This is connected to the same universe as the animated incarnation of the Batman cartton call Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) that aired on Fox in the early 90's. This particular movie is more closely connected to the animated series called Batman Beyond that involved the character of Batman in the future. Batman in this series is actually a high school student, Terry McGinnis, who operates under the guidance of Bruce Wayne (the former Batman) who is now very old. As I alluded before the Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond is suppose to be same Bruce Wayne from BTAS. Essestially, this means that the storylines in BTAS and Batman Beyond are connected. After BTAS had finished airing on Fox the producers were giving another chance to created new episodes in a new Batman series that was also connected to the story lines of BTAS. This series involved the characters Bruce Wayne (as Batman), Tim Drake (as the new Robin) Barbara Gordan (as Batgirl who also appeared in BTAS) and Dick Grayson (as Nightwing who had previously been Robin in BTAS). This new series has been known as Gotham Knights and The New Batman Superman Adventures (in addition to some other titles that are unofficial as far as I know). This particular series had aired along side Superman: The Animated Series (STAS) also obviously also under the name The New Batman Superman Adventures. These series begun had airing on the WB before Batman Beyond had airing. Something the Batman Beyond series episodes did not explain is what happened to Robin (Tim Drake) and Batgirl between Gotham Knights and Batman Beyond. This movie explains what happened to Batman's team (partly through flashback sequences) before he stopped being Batman. Of the four Batman films released (Mask of the Phantasm and Subzero before this and Mystery of the Batwoman after this) this movies tends to be ranked either first or second only to Mask of the Phantasm. This is a very dark movie and I personally enjoyed it. The uncut version includes slightly more graphic scenes. I am not completely certain about the differences between the uncut version and the edited version, but I do know that the main stories are essentially the same. The edited version is merely intended for younger, more sensative audiences. If you've seen the Batman Beyond series then I would venture the guess that you would like this movie. If you did not like the Batman Beyond series I believe you still may enjoy this movie. The chances of liking this movie (for those who did not like Batman Beyond) are increased if you enjoyed BTAS and/or Gotham Knights. This movie does have more meaning if you are familiar with BTAS, Gotham Knights, and/or Batman Beyond. Season sets of BTAS and Gotham Knights are available on DVD and the first volume of Batman Beyond will be released next March. There are episodes of Batman Beyond currently available on DVD but many fans do not like these sets as they only included one or two episodes and not all episodes are currently available. It should be noted that there is an additional animated seriese connected to all the rest I have mentioned (and thus connected to this movie in some fashion). The series Justice League of America (later called Justice League Unlimited) deals with stories before the events of Batman Beyond. This series has however included episodes about Terry McGinnis as the new Batman. The first episode to include Terry McGinnis had to do with time travel included villains that first appear in this movie.
    Essentially, what I've tried to show in this lengthy review is the vast collection of animated stories to which this movie is connected. While it can be view as a film all on its own, it really is a story that is parted of a larger whole. ...more info
  • An Excellent Batman Movie
    It's official. Bruce Wayne is finished. He's no longer the charismatic billionaire that romanced Gotham's most beautiful women. Bruce is now in his 80s' and is enjoying retired life. However, Batman is not retired. A modified version of the Bat lies within Bruce's young assistant Terry McGinnis. Under the watchful eye of Bruce, McGinnis is the Batman for the new millenium.

    Another niche if Bruce's past has come back to haunt him. A man he thought he killed years ago. The Joker. Yes, the Clown Prince of Crime has returned once more to merry mayhem on Gotham City. McGinnis wants badly to stop The Joker from unleashing his fiendish terror on the city, but Bruce sees to it that Terry hangs up his cowl. But when Joker's latest evil deed nearly kills Bruce, McGinnis will now stop at nothing to defeat The Joker at his own game. With help from ex -Batgirl Barbra Gordon and former Robin Tim Drake, McGinnis is o0ne step closer to thwarting Gotham's resident clown. However, Drake may be harboring a dark conclusion that keeps him Terry getting The Joker. This all leads up to an electrifying conclusion that will stay with you forever.

    This is one of the best "Batman" related movies ever. Every bit as good as the excellent 1990s' animated series, "Beyond" ranks up there with the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan "Batman" movies. The entire voice cast from the animated show returns (including Mark Hammil and his great Joker voice), and "Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker" keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish....more info
  • Great for fans of the show!
    This is a great movie for fans of the original batman animated series, and batman beyond, as it connects both shows together!...more info
  • A slap in the face to "Batman"
    This cheaply-animated garbage is a cruel mockery of the beloved Batman we all grew up with.The backbrounds are cheaply animated,the characters are overly violent and overly dramatic nad there's no plot whatsover.This is definately not a children's show,and I doubt adults will be able to sit still through this disturbing cartoon.The whole"Batman Beyond" setries is a very disturbing cartoons-not even a psycho would be able to enjoy this series.

    If you want a GOOD Batman show,go with "Batman & Robin" or the original 60s Batman TV series....more info
  • Joker Is Back
    I've been a Batman fan ever since I was in diapers. When the Beyond series started, I was a little hesitant and didn't think it'd be that good until I learned it was from the same guys who did the animated series before and my hope was raised a little and after watching the first two episodes that started the show off, it became my favorite Batman show. Then when this first came out, I rented it immediately and watched it several times. I bought this because I had been searching for the uncut edition ever since I heard about it. At first, I didn't see what was so different about the movie I loved and watched like crazy when I was younger. But then it got to ***SPOILER ALERT*** scene where Joker was showing Batman what he did Robin and I'll be honest, I was a little disturbed. "You'd have been so proud to of seen him fight", Joker said as he put two electric clamps onto the table Robin was strapped and shocked the hell out of him. Then Joker mentioned he used needles and I think hypnosis and I was just sitting there thinking, "This is a different side to Joker than I have seen."

    Don't get me wrong, I thought the movie was great, the twist is pretty predictable but I was a little disappointed in the final fight although I did enjoy watching Batman make fun of the Joker. If you're a fan of Batman and the Joker, definitely check this movie out. But might want to watch it before you show to your kids....more info
  • Forget the "extras"...stick to the movie!
    ""Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" is an exciting addition to the ongoing saga of The Dark Knight. An older Bruce Wayne has passed the torch to Terry McGinnis but a dreaded nemesis (The Joker) has managed to return from the ashes and wreck havoc on the citizens of Gotham. With a crew of henchpersons, the Joker does not just plan to destroy Batman but he has fatal designs on the entire city.

    As has been the case since the animated Batman took wing in the early 90's, the voiceover talent is incomparable. Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle, Mark Hamill, Dean Stockwell, Arleen Sorkin, and Angie Harmon bring their respective characters to brilliant life. They are truly deserving of awards for their effective deliveries.

    Because of the mature subject matter of the film, it is not
    recommended for anyone younger than ten. There are some scenes that, although an adult can explain them, are a bit too intense for small fry.

    The DVD supplemental trappings are rather lackluster, especially the commentary by the animators.

    In comparing the dialog with those of other DVD sets, the guys' reflections are quite dull and somewhat amateurish.

    It's a good thing that they put together such a good movie.

    They should leave the "chatting" part alone!...more info

  • Buy this DVD if you are a Batman Fan!
    One of the best direct to DVD movies in the Batman line. This should have been released in the theaters first....more info
  • This Is A Great Movie But...
    After viewing the edited version, I must say that the uncut Batman Beyond: Return Of the Joker is much better. Still, one thing really bugged me. On the package it said that the DVD had a full screen aspect ratio, when instead it is presented in wide-screen. I personally, find wide-screen movies annoying, because it's like sitting in the back row of a movie theater (no matter how close you sit to the tv). It would have been great if Warner Brothers put this one on a double sided disc for those (like me) who hate wide-screen movies. With that aside, If you are a Batman fan, the uncut version is the one to have....more info
  • If love the orginal "Batman: TAS" you will love this movie
    This review is based on the "uncut" verison of Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.

    First off, let me comment on just the general appearence if this movie. The colors are shockingly crisp an vivid and the mixture of hand drawn animation with computer generated images is absolutely flawless.

    The story itsself is nearly perfect. I have never seen the new "Batman Beyond" tv series, and I don't want to, but this movie is all about showing fans of the original "Batman: The Animated Series" just what deranged mad man "The Joker" really is. By the end of this movie I saw the Joker something I had never seen him as before, pathetic and and out of his league with the new Batman.

    I would have given this cartoon five stars but their are two things that are preventing me from doing such a thing. #1. How the Joker is able to come back to life some 20-30 years later is weak. You would think that after Robin is rescued they would have given him a complete examination and found "Joker's little surpise". #2. I'm usualy a sucker for a feature length commentary (FLC). In this case, the FLC is completely useless, they spend too much time talking about what country's certain backgrounds were animated in and not enough time talking about story development. I personaly would have liked to have known why Bruce Wayne had wax dummies of all his old enemies in the bat cave, and why when playing with a batarang does he choose to decapitate the Two-Face dummy?

    If anyone with Warner Brothers reads this, I would like to see a Batman Beyond movie that has Bruce Wayne giving us some closure as to what happended to all the old villians. Was Harvey Two- Face ever able to go back to being Harvey Dent?...more info

  • One of the most underrated animated movies ever
    Even if you weren't a fan of the Batman Beyond TV show, but loved Batman:The Animated Series, you'll want to see this movie. There's very big revelations about the Joker's demise that you won't see in any episode or movie of Batman:TAS. Like the show that this movie is based on, this movie is great for both adults and children. Every actor that was choosen to voice his or her respective character did an outstanding job. Infact, everything about this movie was great. This might just be Bruce Timm's best movie from the DC animated universe. ...more info
  • Only Version To Own/Not For Small Children!
    Let me say that I am a big fan of both the campy Batman and the Dark Knight version! That being said, this particular tale should only be viewed by teens to adults as it isn't your "Adam West" Batman.

    Years after retiring from being Batman, Bruce Wayne (now an elderly man) now mentors Terry McGinnus as the new Batman. After many successful adventures together, Terry faces off with THE greatest enemy of the original Batman: THE JOKER!

    Here is the catch however, The Joker died years earlier right in front of Batman but somehow he's returned! This mystery involves several twists and turns and a painful trip down memory lane for both Bruce and his former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon (who is now the police commissioner/taking her deceased father's old job) as they must tell Terry what happened the night The Joker died in order for him to stop his reign of terror once and for all!

    This story is from the storyline of Batman: The Animated Series/Batman Beyond and it is by far the most intense and dark. Even darker than Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (though I consider "Mask" to still be the best of the Batman animated films).

    I would recommend both Mask and this film together as they are the best of the Batman animated films. Still, "Return Of The Joker" ISN'T FOR YOUNG CHILDREN AS THERE IS A REASON ITS PG-13! While there are no graphic or gory scenes in it, the tone is very dark and at times disturbing. I don't have kids but I would not recommend it for young kids. Even the "edited" version still has that dark edge to it.

    Overall, this is a great film but again, I'd only recommended it for teens to adults....more info
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.......
    I got to be honest here. I wasn't expecting much redeeming value out of this direct-to-dvd animated film. I, like many others, just don't see a futuristic take on Batman to be relevant. I watched a few episodes of the Batman Beyond show but never became an avid watcher. Yet, after seeing this film, I'm planning on getting the series on dvd and giving the show a second chance. In this tale, The Joker returns after a forty year absence. While he should be a man of old age like Bruce Wayne(who is in his eighties), he is a man of youth. Wayne, who knows the reason for the Joker's long absence, is certain that this can't be the same man. He and The new Batman set out to discover who he really is and what he's up to. The conclusion will definitely surprise you in this uncut version of Batman Beyond:Return of the Joker. The highly publicized 'death of the Joker' in the film is left in in all its' glory.

    I really enjoyed it myself. Although it might not have Bruce Wayne in the batsuit, it still has that mysterious charm about it like the original and tons of action. ...more info
  • SICK But I Like It
    Trying not to give away much of the plot I would just like to say that this is quite a shocker. The Joker stoops to new depths of human degradation to an almost pornographic level. His gut churning atrocities on Robin defies some unspoken moral code. Yet, this is an example of just how uncontrollable evil can manifest itself and deprave the soul.
    ...more info
  • Movie?
    I was a bit disappointed. Being a movie I expected a little more from it. It just seemed like a longer TV episode, just a touch edgier. I do like the move, and the TV show. I think this batman spin-off is as good as the old batman cartoon in its own way, and I am a bit disappointed that it did not last longer. It had much better writing than the new batman series the WB is running now (The Batman). I would suggest anyone who liked the TV series check the move out but don't expect more just because it is a movie....more info
  • One of the best movies, for sure!!
    This is new Batman living in the shadows of the old one (Bruce), with an addiction. His old fellow and worst enemy, the Joker, strikes back with a killing joke. Terry heard about the legendary evil clown, but never get details of his past, and with Bruce fighting death with the most terrible killer attempt against him, Terry feels that he will face a real enemy! The final battle between him and Joker are simply awesome!!! Even with an update of Batman, the creators respected the legacy and the past of the old one, once idealized by Bob Kane, producing a terrific movie masterpiece, the final Joker's symphony!! There are a great flashback in the middle of the animation, a fantastic sequence with Bruce as Batman that will make any Batman fan with a huge smile in the face! You'll get really surprised in the end of the movie!! It's really incredible, like a simple Batman animation is strongly superior than any live action there. I strongly recommend this one, if you're a Batman fan like me!! Oh, I cannot finish without considering the outstanding soundtrack, specially the theme played by Static-X and Kenny Wayne Shepperd, just a killer theme!!...more info
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Uncut)
    I have waited a long time for an animated feature that would really bring out the dark, dangerous side of the Joker. Here it is.

    With censorship taken out of the picture, Joker is finally allowed to reach his full potential: he tortures, kills, and commits atrocities that would never have been allowed in any of the TV series.

    Joker fans: you need this movie.
    Robin haters: ditto.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!...more info
  • A great Batman animated film
    Sometime in summer 2002, my brother happened to tune into Toonami while he was browsing on the TV. I happened by and noticed that Batman Beyond was on...or so I thought. Something told me that this was no ordinary BB episode. So I stayed and watched a little, and after the eerie opening credits my guess was right. This was Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

    Now I am a Batman fan, and I've seen most of the live action movies as well as Mask of the Phantasm. So I had to give Batman Beyond a try. I was slow to warm up to the TV series, but Return of the Joker was much different. This, my friend, was an awesome detective film, and if I'm not mistaken, that's what Batman is all about.

    The name of the film speaks for itself. The Joker (one of my favorite Bat-rogues) somehow manages to return from the dead, and he's ready to give Gotham City some serious hell. It's up to the new Batman, Terry McGuiness, to take him down permanently.

    Exactly how the Joker came back was an interesting, yet very disturbing story. It superbly answers lots of questions, such as Bruce Wayne's limp and why he was opposed to Terry being Batman in both this film and the first episode of the TV series. It also gives you a look into how seriously evil the Joker is. I was kind of surprised myself, and began to understand why there is an edited version of the film.

    The film score was wonderful - it used some of the tencho music from the original TV series along with some serious orchestra that's reminiscent of Mask of the Phantasm. The opening credits theme still remains one of my favorite tunes, next to Spider-Man and Batman (1989). The voices are magnificent - Kevin Conroy really carries Bruce Wayne out well. Mark Hamill...he shows you just how demented the Joker really is (he rivals Nicholson's performance in the 1989 Batfilm in my opinion). Will Friedle (did I spell that right?) delivers a serious side to Terry McGuiness, a side that tell you that he is ready to take the Batman responsibility.

    My verdict: a great Batman animated film. Caution should be exercised when showing the uncut film to kids, though. ...more info
  • Without doubt, the greatest Batman movie of them all!
    The edited version of Return of the Joker had already proved to be one of the best Batman tales ever told in my opinion. When I heard about the uncut version, I decided to check it out see if it was any better. After watching the bloody and brutal uncut version, Return of the Joker had been made all the more entertaining. The Joker's earlier demise was a lot more fitting and appropriate in the uncut version, and the final battle between Bruce Wayne and the Joker was a million times more entertaining than the edited version. Simply put, this is Batman Beyond at its finest. The removal of the cuts make Return of the Joker ... a lot more enjoyable than before and all the more entertaining.

    This is by far the best incarnation of Batman Beyond and the most throroughly enjoyable movie to date. It greatly surpasses the live action films, the animated series and all the other animated films, INCLUDING the awesome Mask of the Phantasm!

    Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is simply awesome. In my opinion it's the finest Batman story ever told. It will please any die-hard Batman fan. Anyone who doesn't like this doesn't deserve to worship the caped crusader! It's just simply fantastic. If you're going to buy this, it HAS to be the uncut version!

    There's no contest....more info

    Return of the Joker is deserves better than the made for video release it got. The unofficial series finale of Batman Beyond and the entire Batman Animated Series, it should have been released in theatres. In this film, Terry McGuinness shows he truly has what it takes to be batman using all of the skills he learned from his mentor Bruce Wayne to solve the mystery of the Joker's return to life and Gotham city. The story is excellent and the mystery of the joker will leave you guessing until the end. I only WB hadn't editied this film; the original story was consistent with the Batman beyond TV series and explained things like bruce's limp, why the joker corpse was in the hole of the episocde "Joyride. Buy this and mask of the Phantasm. They're well worth the price....more info
  • The Joker as He Was Meant to Be....
    I know that several reviews have already mentioned this, but this movie is defniately not for small children. The PG-13 rating should be taken seriously. I'm a 30 year old woman, and some scences creeped the hell out of me. But if you're a die-hard Batman and Joker fan, this movie is a treat.

    The animated series has, in the past, had to tone down the actions of its villians because it was a childrens show (although they did get away with ALOT.) This movie allows the Joker to be portrayed as he is in the graphic novels-a cruel, unrepentant monster who finds humor in random violence and chaos, except when it comes to Batman, where that violence is always coldly calculated and focused.

    The Joker is back, 40 years after Bruce Wayne hung up the cowl, and the clown hasn't aged a day. Just how he's managed to do that involves an ugly tale from the old Bayman's past. The Joker really has it in for the Robins. For those who follow the GN's, he beat Robin 2 (Jason Todd) to death with a crowbar, and he perfroms some gruesome torture on Robin 3 (Tim Drake) in the aforementioned flashback (this is what I mean by the PG-13 rating.) And all this is just to make the Dark Knight feel some serious emotional pain. But what he doesn't realize is he's dealing with a brave new Batman, one who manages to turn his own murderous wit on him.

    Mark Hamil goes all out with the character Joker. He's sleek, charming and utterly frightening. If you are a Joker fan, this is a definate must for your collection....more info
  • True Fans Of The Animated Series Will Enjoy.
    Ever since 1992, when Batman: The Animated Series first aired on T.V., I loved it. Any true fan and follower of the Newer 90's Batman cartoons will have no problem with this DVD. This DVD is packed with DVD Extra's. The UNCUT version of Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker Contains an alternate ending from the cut version, for the younger generation of Batman fans.
    Not to ruin the movie (A cleaned up version of someones fate).
    Hope this was helpful....more info
  • Batman : Return of the Joker (2000)
    This animated movie of the new batman left me in total amazement. It had suspense like the real batman would bring to any scene. Action and mystery. I give this movie 5 stars do to its incredible story line and heart stopping terror. If you enjoy batman for its action and its tight spot trouble then you will love Batman Beyond: ROTJ!...more info
  • Some Clowns Were Never Funny...
    After the ending of the original "Batman: The Animated Series", series creators Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, and Paul Dini decided it was time to resurrect Batman. This resurrection however, would not be of a Batman that people are familiar with, to shake things up for them and viewers that may have tired of the same old Batman, the trio of creative minds decided to look to the future. Set many, many years in the future "Batman Beyond" told the story of a bleak future for Gotham City where Batman no longer hunts the criminal element. After a gang of criminals murders his father, a young man named Terry McGinnis (voiced by Will Friedle) accidentally meets a very old, eccentric billionaire named Bruce Wayne (voiced by Kevin Conroy). Soon, Terry discovers that there is more to this former billionaire playboy, and that he is the man that was Batman. Realizing that Gotham City is still in need of a hero, Terry convinces Bruce to let him take over the mantle of the Batman. Now Gotham City has a new Batman hunting the criminal element, and with the help of Bruce Wayne, there is very little this new Batman cannot accomplish.

    "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" begins when the new Batman (Will Friedle) is breaking up a heist, after fighting this rag-tag team of villains, Batman returns to the Batcave believing he's completely thwarted whatever plans the heist crew had. However, belief and reality are sometimes two different things. The rag-tag team of villains was merely warming up, and leading the group is the worst villain the original Batman ever faced, none other than the Joker (Mark Hamill). Sleeker, deadlier, and seemingly immortal, the self-proclaimed `Clown Prince of Crime' is back to deliver mayhem and destruction to dear old Gotham City. While trying to discover the secrets behind Joker's apparent resurrection, Batman and Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) discover that the secret may just lie in a dark period in Bruce's past, when the original Dark Knight fought the Joker for the final time.

    After 2 seasons on the air, the creators of "Batman Beyond" felt that the time was right to give fans of the show exactly what they wanted, the Joker. Rather than having it air as a series of episodes as they had done successfully with "The Batman Superman Movie", they took a gamble and produced a Direct-to-DVD feature film. The gamble paid off, and fans were not disappointed by the results. The story is very unique for bringing the Joker back to life in the future, when the Joker should be old and wrinkled, having him appear as youthful as ever, creates a deep mystery that provides some very unique insights into what made Bruce Wayne into the old man he is. The vocal talents, as they always have been since the original animated series, are top-notch. The animation is an electrifying blend of traditional 2-D and current 3-D animation methods. With plenty of action and suspense to go around, this is truly a futuristic adventure featuring the newest Dark Knight that is not to be missed.

    "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" is rated PG-13 for violence....more info
  • A terrific Batman Beyond episode
    For a Batman Beyond episode, this was entertaining, action-packed, and it even had a good storyline, good villain (of course) and even a good Batman like the old Batman Animated used be.

    the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, was far better in this movie than he was than when he first donned the Mask. He used his BRAINS, his skills and his Bat-like reflexes which made you believe he was the rightful replacement for Bruce Wayne's Batman. Sure, he's no Dick Grayson, what Dick might have been as "Batman", or even Tim Drake....but this movie made it convincing that McGinnis wasn't a bad Batman.

    However, a few complaints: Kind of a convenient way of getting rid of an unpopular Robin. I mean, doesn't Bruce Wayne always put tracking devices on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE?
    the original Batman was kinda old, slow and stupid in this one. HE should have thought out WHERE Robin was held captive the entire time. HE would have figured it out in the old animated series!

    And, McGinnis knocking over that huge lava lamp, without the Bat Suit? That smacks of Indiana Jones or the old Batman. No way is that possible. And, if someone did that to me, I would be running for my life, not still going after him!!

    However, the match up between the new Bat"fake" as Joker calls him, and the Joker is superbly well done, believable and amazing. It was nice to see Mark Hamil go at it one more time as the Joker. There will be no other Joker in my mind.
    It was also good to see some "uncut" violence that you know the JOKER would do!
    It's too bad McGinnis' villains don't make him into anything but a guy in a suit, because the Joker placed him on a higher pedestal; as he did with the original Batman. If the producers and directors of Batman Beyond had been able to write better villains for McGinnis, the new series would have been able to endure for a bit longer. All the good episodes of BB always crisscross with Bruce Wayne's old enemies.

    Blight, or Derek Powers, one of the few interesting McGinnis villains should've been fleshed out more. All and all, though, this movie was one of the better Batman movies since Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. I wish they would continue Batman Beyond, they cancelled it just when it was getting better.

    Perhaps they can make a NightWing series, that would be interesting in itself.

    yeah, yeah, I know, I spend too much time watching "kids" shows. But, hey, you gotta do something when you're not writing !!...more info
  • Its Superb,Nothing short of excellence
    Well,I watched the edited version,i really didn't understand tim drake's guilt.but after watching the unedited version, now i know why tim drake was guilty.I was really glad they didn't take out the violence and the final battle with the joker.The action was excellent,Voice-Overs are great,I Recommend the BB:ROTJ(UNCUT)Version to Friends....more info
  • The Killing Joke.
    When the Batman Beyond series first aired on the WB network, I thought it was a joke. Batman was such a cool show and figure, that I assumed they would ruin Batman's legacy by having a "new" Batman set 40 years in the future. I was wrong because the Batman Beyond series not only stayed faithful to the Dark Knight's legacy, but extended it. A question that was raised early on in the series was, whatever happened to the Joker?

    That question is answered in BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER. After an absence of forty years, the Joker returns to Gotham City to wreck havoc, create chaos, and dispense death. It is the elderly Bruce Wayne's nightmare. Enter the new Batman, but is he capable of dealing with Batman's arch nemisis and most terrifying foe?

    Out of all the Batman movies; full length, feature films, made for television, etc.: this ranks among the best. The animation is above par and the storytelling is compelling. Younger children may find the movie frightening, but that's about it....more info

  • The only version of this movie to own
    Return of the Joker may be the best animated super hero movie yet made. With a strong plot and high emotion this movie successfully brings back the greatest villan of all. This uncut version though is the one to own. While filling in some history as to what happened to Batman's greatest foe, it also gives a very interesting way in which he returns. This is not a childs movie. The joker has lost his sense of humor. (I guess dying will do that to you). Gone is any hint of the clown prince of crime. This joker is a psychopath pure and simple who only wants Batman (both versions) dead. Highly recommended for any fan of the Batman animated series and if you want to try Batman Beyond for the first time, start here....more info
  • The best Batman movie I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Even though it is animated,I like it alot MUCH better than the live action films,including Batman Forever,which,until I saw this,was my favorite Batman movie.I would recommend this to any Batman or Batman Beyond fan!!!!!! A must see! See it!...more info
  • A Well-Done Cartoon Movie
    For those of you who don't know the story of Batman Beyond, it is a spin-off of Batman: The Animated Series, widely regarded to be one of the best superhero cartoons in history. Batman Beyond takes place about 40 years in the future. Bruce Wayne (Kevin Conroy) is old and has retired from being Batman, but when evil shows its face again in Gotham City, Wayne trains a new protege, college student and one-time prisoner Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle). In addition to learning martial arts, the new batsuit is equipped with rocket boots, a gliding mechanism, a cloaking device, and magnets on the boots. With Bruce Wayne guiding him, McGinnis takes on crime in Gotham, and the Jokerz, a new gang in town that idolizes the original Clown Prince of Crime, is causing him a lot of trouble.
    This movie begins with the Jokerz attempting to steal a high-tech machine, but their efforts are thwarted by Batman. It turns out that the Jokerz have a new leader, a man who claims to be the original Joker (Mark Hamill) from the "cape and cowl days". He looks and sounds exactly like the old Joker, but more importantly, he THINKS just like the Joker, meaning that he is a psychopathic genius.
    When the Joker first reveals himself to the Batman duo, Wayne is very reluctant to give Terry any information that can help explain how the Joker might have returned, and he tells McGinnis to leave and that his days as Batman are over. Upon questioning Barbara Gordon (Angie Harmon/Tara Strong), the former Batgirl and daughter of Commisioner James Gordon, who is now commisioner herself, Terry learns of a horrible incident in the past involving the Joker, Harley Quinn (Arleen Sorkin), and Robin #2 Tim Drake (Dean Stockwell/Mathew Valencia) (Dick Grayson, the original Robin had left Gotham to become Nightwing).
    For a cartoon movie (and one that is only 75 minutes long) this is actually pretty good. Seeing as how this is my first foray intot the Batman Beyond world, I can't compare it to otehr BB stories, but I feel as if it does continue the mood and theme of its parent show. It is dark, it is violent, and it is intelligent. This isn't for young kids; the Joker is a monster and acts as such. The things he does, both in the past and in the future, are horrific. While I don't see this winning any awards, Batman fans should check it out. As I said, for a cartoon, this is above average storytelling....more info
  • WOW!
    Batman Beyond:Return of the Joker is a TRUE,BATMAN CLASSIC in that we have something for fans of both Batman:The Animated Series via of Batman's "last" meeting with the Joker and Terry's first confrontation with the Joker, who returns via technology and runs the Joker street gang. Good sci fi, action, and a storyline full of exciting twists and a "where are they now" apporach to characters of the original series(Barbara Gordon, Robin, Nightwing,etc). A must have for fans of Batman and Batman Beyond...BUY THE MOVIE! ...more info
  • what a surprise!!!
    I was not intrested on batman beyond, 'til I saw this, is really exciting, excelent story. Dont worry, you can buy this with eyes closed, it is excelent....more info
  • He's Baaaaaaack!!!
    I've never been completely sold on Batman Beyond, but I have seen a few episodes. It's good, but not entirely my cup of tea. This movie however is more like The original animated series, which I love. Mark Hamill's performance as the Joker is, as always, superb. The Joker goes above and beyond with his nasty agenda to get at the heart of Batman. It's really quite a disturbing story when you find out what happened to Tim Drake's Robin.

    I like seeing the aged Bruce Wayne and his frustrations with dealing with a new Batman and trying to correct the mistakes in his past. If they made a Batman Beyond movie they should totally cast Michael Keaton as Bruce. That would rock. Anyways, if you like the Animated Batman series, but have been hesitant of this series, buy this movie, you won't regret it....more info
  • Must see for Batman fans
    If you're a fan of the Batman or Batman Beyond series this is a must see. Very well written....more info
  • Good Movie 3 1/2
    This New Batman Movie from the Batman Beyond series was enjoyable to watch. I didn't see the edited version of the movie on WB's Network, from what I hear I'm glad. I have to admit though that this is more a mature late teen-ager movie.

    Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil has always been good voices for the series and they do justice to their characters. Overall this is a good movie and would watch it again....more info

  • Great Long Episode
    This "movie" (particularly the uncut version) is quite good. It's certainly the best episode of Batman Beyond there ever was, and adds to the series as a whole. I really enjoyed the plot and the Animated Joker was, as always, top-notch. Certainly worth the money....more info
  • widescreen tv's vs fullscreen content!
    First let me start by saying that this movie is truly one've the greats among the superhero myths' evolution in American animation. Why three stars then you ask? Because we just about all have wide-screen sets by now (& if you don't, you might just be a cave man), does anyone else agree with me when I say that full-screen flicks on a wide-screen set looks awful. Its like you're drunk & suffering tunnel vision at the same time. What does this flick have to do with any of the fart I'm blowing? No matter where you buy it or how, it always says they have it in wide-screen, & what shows up?
    Now I'm waiting for someone to say I've got that, & in the format you're actually searching for.
    So, all in all a great flick, bad format (mostly), its your sacrifice......more info
  • An Uncut version?
    So, I bought Return of the Joker some months ago and now, they released an uncut version? Tell you what, I'm tyred of the Uncut's versions, the extended versions, the remastered versions and so on. Is a steal of money. WB, I want my money back! It's like Microsoft who release a poorly tested software, then, two months later, they released a new one and instead of replacing, they want that you buy the new. How dare? As for the movie, is excelent, consistent plot, great animation and voices (just to say: no more live-actors movies please!) but, i felt kind of insulted on my intelligence when they deploy the way Joker remains young. A chip in Robin which allows him to transform? DNA manipulation? Well, but it's only a hole in a movie filled with great momentums, and I will not say nothing more.

    P.S.: I wrote this review before Batman begins... that's a movie!...more info
  • BANG! That's not funny.
    In my opinion, this movie (director's cut) got considerably close to being rated R. The most offenive thing might be the flashback with Tim Drake (Robin). I believe the Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill, yes, Luke Skywalker) said, "I had to peel a few brain tissues away." Batman (Terry McGinnis, not Bruce Wayne) and the Joker saved the movie from being unwatchable. Bottom Line: Do not let younger children watch this unless they can handle PG-13 type violence. ...more info
  • What DC should aspire to
    Movies of this caliber are what DC should be producing instead of Superman:Doomsday and Gotham Knights. Great story, great characters.

    Batman Beyond was already a great achievement in providing an entertaining continuation of the Batman: TAS mythos, but this movie takes it to the next level. The characters are interesting, there is legitimate conflict and the psychological attack by the Joker elevates him from his evil clown status.

    Definitely worth multiple watches and actually motivated me to buy Gotham Knights when Batman Beyond: The Movie was packaged with it at Target....more info
  • so is Joker CUT or UNCUT?

    alright, this is getting a bit confusing...
    so we finished watching the 3 films from the batman original movies box set, excellent stuff, especially Return of the Joker

    now i was annoyed at the DVD being full screen
    so we went online and did a little research... then outpopped all these questions we can't seem to find true answers to:

    1. the RotJ that comes with this boxset... is it CUT or UNCUT?
    cuz according to amazon, the separately sold UNCUT disc is 77 min, while the separately sold CUT disc is 70 min. and when i checked the info on MY disc? it says 76 min
    so then i checked amazon for the box set info, and it says it contains the PG-13 director's version (so i'm assuming it's the UNCUT version?)
    THEN i read reviews and have seen several folks saying the RotJ included in this boxset IS the CUT version?
    THEN i read several other more reviews & i see someone saying the UNCUT is 4 min longer than the CUT (PG13 vs PG) instead of the 7 min i saw earlier (77 min vs 70 min). but my disc from the boxset says 76 min? so wHAT IS what?

    needless to say, all these conflicting infos just left us confused as hell...

    ***so WHAT EXACTLY is shown on the UNCUT disc that is gone on the CUT disc?
    how long r the actual movies from both versions?
    if someone can please inform us THE CORRECT INFO then we can finally know for sure if we're missing out on the UNCUT or not...

    2. was this film shot in widescreen at all?
    what we saw on ours was fullscreen, but then i also read that if it is shown in wide-screen, it's a fake widescreen with added black bars on top/bottom, and by releasing the picture that way it actually makes the image smaller... so then why do we see full screen on our version (from the box set)...??

    PLEASE, someone plz clear this up for us, many thanks!

    ...more info
  • A throwback to batman the animated series.
    This movie was way more than I expected. This movie is certainly not r-rated, but is uncut from the HBO version. So not really hardcore, but it is telling the truth that it is unrated. The movie itself is a cross between Bat. Beyond and the origianl animated series. Some of the animation is REALLY good for this non-theatrical release. Though it could not pass for a big screen movie, still very enjoyable for you people who like good cartoons....more info
    One of the BEST cartoons I've ever seen! Dark & keeps your eyes peeled. A must own for all Batman fans....more info
  • A welcome Surprise.
    Spawned from a series that was basically a rehash of Batman The Animated Series, without any notable villians, we have a movie with all the class and style of both the Batman Beyond series and the fourth season of Batman the Animated Series. I bought it a little leery about how it was going to be, but read reviews saying that it was amazing. And that, it was. Surprises and backstory, with answers for questions. It's easy to follow if you've never watched the Batman Beyond series and is perfect for any Batman fan. Even if you couldn't stand watching the Batman Beyond series, you MUST get this!...more info
  • Not your older brothers Batman, this is better
    I relate the critics view of this series to the Transformers vs. Beast Wars crowd. That to be true to the source material the story has to be THE same with updated animation. I think that is wrong. This is a brilliant series, with this movie being the Pen-Ultimate. Sadly, the animation and story are so good, that everything that came in the season after, was just not as good. Although Batman Beyond's appearances in the later Justice League show is brilliant. This movie also has one of the darkest and twisted ends for one of our great heroe's that has to be seen to believed. Not since Batman "Death in the Family" from the comics, has innocence been this lost. Not for young viewers. Great movie....more info
  • A must-see movie. This one's a keeper, guys.
    I've seen all of the recent animated films about Batman, which include "Mask of the Phantasm", "Subzero" and "World's Finest." By far, "Return of the Joker (Uncut)" was the best of all of them. It was a riveting, but dark, movie. The plot was great. The action was great. Heck, even the music was great! Get this movie any way you possibly can, whether by video or DVD (DVD is recommended so as to enjoy in full surround sound). However, I do suggest that you rent "Batman Beyond: The Movie" if you're not acquainted with the Batman Beyond mythos.

    After I watched this movie, I thought that this movie was more than worthy of a theatrical release. "Return of the Joker (Uncut)" far exceeds any of the live-action Batman movies in quality and in plot. However, considering the darkness of the movie's plot, I can sort of understand why they didn't release it to theaters. It probably would've been shot down by the media because of "violence aimed at kids." I admit, this movie would be either PG-13 or PG stretched way way WAY to its limits. As mentioned before, it is a very dark movie, so warn the kids. That being said, go get the movie now and enjoy this one-in-a-million tale....more info

  • Disappointing image quality
    Of course I'm glad Warner finally released the only version of 'Batman Beyond - ROTJ' worth watching. The extras are also satisfying (especially the audio commentary).
    I've got lots of DVDs, and I don't think I've ever been more disappointed by any other studio than Warner Home Video. There's always a flaw, more or less latent, more or less infuriating.
    Here the flaw is the picture quality. It sure is crisp and well defined (thanks to the original digital source of the movie). But there's bad interlacing and extreme aliasing, which makes it impossible to watch the film in acceptable conditions on a progressive device (a computer screen or a video projector, as opposed to a common TV set) : frames are superimposed on one another in every action scene, and straight lines become crenellated. How pathetic.
    The other bad surprise is the fullscreen transfer and the fake 16/9 : the top and the bottom of the image have been matted to give the illusion of widescreen format ; you have to blow up the image to watch it on 16/9 TV-set, which decreases resolution and increases aliasing !! The matted parts also seem to miss (the top of the heads of some caracters is cut out), meaning the frame is now smaller than it should be.
    Next time, Warner, make an effort: use antialiasing software and progressive transfer, and give us a true 16/9 ! In a nutshell: STOP BEEING THE WORST STUDIO AND RESPECT FANS AND CUSTOMERS !...more info
  • Fantastic
    "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" is a stunner. An animated movie, but it drips with realism, smart melodrama and feverish action sequences. Tension mounts throughout the movie, as all the batman cartoon series come into play, and ties them all together, all leading to the taunt climax.

    Batman has returned 40 years after he last put on the cape, once again protecting the people of Gotham. But one of his oldest (and he thought long gone) enemies has returned: The Joker. He pops up stealing seemingly unrelated machinery, but it's all for a diabolical purpose. Remembering what the joker caused him during their first battles, Bruce Wayne subtlely tries to steer the new Batman away from new Joker. But Terry McGinnis, the new Batman, will not shy away from the Joker. Slowly, the Batmans find out how the Joker came about in the future, and how to save the people he has used to return.

    The plot is Sci-fi and definetly futuristic, but very believable, and the explaination of the Joker's return even makes sense. And you never get lost in ieither. The chacters are accesible and have exceptional depth. Their development is written well throughtout the script. Visually, the movie is eye candy, but retains the ominous, dark tones that made the 90's cartoon series and the first two Batman films so satisfying. "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" is one great movie, check it out....more info

  • The Joker is back and better/worse than ever!
    This is the best Batman cartoon to date including all the series episodes as well. The Joker is back, but wait...he has to be an impersonater right? The real Joker died decades ago...didn't he? The plot of this movie is incredible and the final gut wrenching twist will have you squirming in your seat wishing you could turn away...but for those of us who know the depraved and evil mind of the Joker, it comes as no surprize and we even begin to wonder why he didn't come with something so deranged years before. Pick this movie up but be warned it is not for the faint of heart....more info
  • Great Batman Movie
    This is a great film. It utilizes the characters of Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and the Joker. There are numerous surprises that add to the stories mood. This movie establishes again that the Joker is a serious psychopath who's not just playing around. Its funny how an animated movie like this one can be done so well, that adults find it enjoyable and intriguing. In contrast the last live action feature film was such a disapointment that not even kids could sit through it.
    (10 of 10)...more info
  • Batman Beyond finally shines!!
    The Batman Beyond series was definately not as good as Batman TAS or The New Adventures of Batman. It wasn't that the idea wasn't good. It's just Terry isn't a Bruce Wayne and definately not the original Batman. Also the black and red with no cape does take some getting used to. But I do like some secrets that are revealed like Bruce and Babs relationship. Who woulda thought!? Anyway, when The Return of the Joker came out it was pure gold. The flashback to the good ol' days was great,although sad. Too bad for Tim. I definately recommend the Uncut version. It's definately as PG-13 as they warn. Talk about Murder anyone?? Torture?? Definately pick this one up. If you don't like Beyond, you'll definately like the Bruce/Babs/Tim/and Joker angle. Great Stuff....more info
    Gotta admit, I love this for the Bat-tastic flashback sequences. But, it's good stuff - the Joker is particularly menacin'. Yeah. It rocks. Totally gotta be seen....more info
  • This could have been great
    I want to applaud the writers and director for this movie. Brilliant work. And also the voice actors did a great job. My only problem with it was that it was a bit too short and the animation is TV quality. This could be a great movie if it was about 20min longer and the animation was done in high quality CGI. Then it would be worthy of the theater. And with such great story telling and directing, that is where this belongs. But as a straight to DVD movie, it was very well done.

    I especially like the Joker....more info
  • Better!
    It's like a totally diffrent movie from the original release.
    The re-addition of the cut scenes makes it a much, much more powerful movie. It also makes a heck of a lot more sense this way that it did as the WB butchered version.

    Very recomended even if you have the original release. If you don't, then this is the version you need to have....more info
  • Good movie, mediocre animation, good DVD
    Reviewing the movie: Batman Beyond (or Batman of the Future) is a spin-off of the original "Batman: The animated series (TAS)", this cartoon was the best adaptation of a comic book in the year of 1992 (and maybe still is the best), this cartoon was somehow based in the Tim Burton's Batman from 1989, but with a G rating, the stories are great, and the animation are very well done.

    When i buyed this DVD, i hadn't watch any episodes of Batman Beyond, but the "UNCUT" thing called my attention, but that's all, so, i didn't know what to expect about this movie.

    The story is very good, here you learn what happened between Batman TAS and Batman Beyond, you lear what happened with the Joker, and the Robins (Dick Grayson, Tim Drake), and Harley Quinn; the acting also is very good: Kevin Conroy is a great Batman (he was the original voice of Batman in TAS), and Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill in the role of the Joker (also, the voice of the Joker in TAS) which is an excellent voice for this character; maybe the only flaw was the poor animation (the same of the TV series), i expected for a movie some CGI effects or something like that.

    Reviewing the DVD: As the box says, the movie is "Uncut & Uncensored", so, this movie is not intended for young kids (but i think that this movie didn't deserved a PG-13 rating... maybe just a PG), the audio and video are good (presented in Widescreen), in the extras section, you get a featurette with interviews with the actors (Kevin Conroy and Will Freddlie... i expected Mark Hamill too, but he was absent :( )and the crew that made this movie possible; also you find many trailers (from this movie and other WB movies), and a music video (which is fun to watch); audio tracks and subtitles in english and french only (no spanish, sorry); the flaws of this DVD are the Card Box package (i hate those cheap boxes!) and the poor menu (i don't know why almost all the WB dvd have those flaws! (Matrix, Scooby Doo, Batman 1), i hope someday they correct these), but i guess is not big deal

    If you're a Batman fan (or a Batman TV series fan), you will not regret about this DVD...more info

  • The best Batman movie!!
    Even though it's animated,I like it better than the live action ones,including Batman and Batman Forever,which are the best of the live action ones.I recommend this to any Batman or Batman Beyond fan! A must see! See this!...more info
  • Phenomenal Batman animated movie!

    40 years into the future of Gotham City, a new advanced Batman is in the hands of Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle) as he helps retired Bruce Wayne (Voice of Kevin Conroy) carry on his legeacy of being Batman and saving the streets from crime. Now The Joker (voiced by Mark Hamil) has returned after being thought for dead for 40 years, he has a new crew of goons to help him commit various crime. Terry is determined to find out what is the secret that brought Joker back from the dead and must try to stop him before he unleashes a diabolical plan.

    Splendid animated feature from the popular "Batman Beyond" animated series is a dark and suprisingly violent too. I like how Bruce Timm brings the awesome show in a nifty animated movie that diehard fans will endure, Dean Stockwell and lovely Melissa Joan Hart have supporting voice roles in this movie. The animation is just amazing using some "Akira" influence on the entire futuristic Gotham City and some sexy toon girls like Dana Tan whom is Terry's cute Asian girlfriend. The film does have some good flashback sequences of Batman from the past with Robin and Batgirl defeating Harley Quinn and Joker, the film is quite intense and violent but in this uncut version which shows more blood and some violence that was cut out of the original version, this is a must see for fans.

    This DVD contains good extras like a featurette, deleted scenes, animation test, comentary, production notes, trailers to this and other DC animated releases, music video and commentary....more info
  • Awesome.
    I was never a really big fan of the Batman Animated Series, but Batman Beyond really captivated me. Maybe because it is aimed at a more mature audience, hence the violence. This story offers another side of the Caped Crusader that you don't normally see. Highly recommended....more info
  • Nothing to laugh about
    Before the recent, and fantastic, Batman Begins came out I would have called Return of the Joker the best Batman movie ever. The original Batman was good but not great and while the live action movies progressivly go worse the animated Batman series stayed a soild dark, intelligent, and highly entairtaining. Then came Batman Beyond set 50 years after the begining of the original series this series shows Bruce Wayne as an old man and Terry Meguense as the new Batman. Gotham is much more futuristic now but is still filled will crime. Throughout the series it creates new enemies and explains the fate of most of the original enemies but never tells us what happened to the clown prince of crime. The Joker. This story involves the new Batman going up against the old Batmans greatest foe in the final battle to the end. Joker has returned from the dead and hasn't aged a day. Its up to Terry to figure out the mystery and save Gotham again. Return of the Joker is a dark movie especially in this uncut version. Warner censored the movie removing parts of the action and changing dialog for no reason. The uncut version is four minutes longer with more intense action and a disturbing torture scene all to show that the joker is one sick monster. Return of the Joker is not just action it is an intelligent well thought out movie. Mark Hamil does such an amazing job as the Joker its hard to believe that this is Luke Skywalker. The end battle is also surprisingly funny. Not funny in a stupid campy way like the 60s series but funny in a very clever way that pisses the joker off. Why did I rate it only 4 stars. The DVD contains the film in 1.78 non-anamorphic widescreen. The movie was animated in 1.33 fullscreen and this is essentially reverso pan scan. Plus there is no excuse to ever show any widescreen movie without anamorphic encoding. Other then this the DVD contains good audio and a nice set of extras that and the lack of anamorphic encoding isn't enough to stop you from enjoying such a great film....more info