NASCAR Racing: 2002 Season
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Over the history of PC racing, one company has grown to represent quality. Papyrus has always delivered a quality product, meaning the best presentation, realism, and physics. It may not look like it to some, but NASCAR is easily one of the most demanding sports out there, in every way possible. It's about subtle jockeying for position, deft maneuvering, the art of delicately nudging an opponent off course (yet not causing a massive crash like we saw at Daytona 2002, or a fatal crash like in 2001), and again, the reliance on accurate physics. Think about it. You have the track quality, wind and air resistance pushing down on the front of a car and up on the back, the slipstream provided by riding behind the leader, and the contact different wheel surfaces have with the pavement. All are extremely important, yet subtle enough to escape the notice of most fans. If you're one of the fans who does notice when these factors aren't realistic, has Papyrus got a game for you!

NASCAR Racing 2002 comes with all the extras fans expect. Just about all the drivers are here, including Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte, Jeff Burton, Tony Stewart, and Dale Jarrett. Their cars are re-created down to the tiny details. And you'll find every NASCAR speedway is present and accounted for. There are 24 tracks total, and this is a bump up of three tracks from 2001.

The graphics are picture perfect and state-of-the-art. The high system requirements (it requires a 16 MB video card) ensure that even with the details turned way down you'll get to see all the cars on the track. Crashes are best avoided, of course, but when they do happen they're spectacular. Smoke, fire, and car pieces rain all around the pileup.

New driver aids are present, including automatic breaking, and a "best path" line to show how to approach the curves. The aids make it easy for new players to get around the track in one piece, while veterans will find some challenging racing ahead with all the aids turned off and the physics set to realistic levels. They say NASCAR is the everyman sport; maybe that's true. NASCAR Racing 2002 Season is certainly a testament to that. --Bob Andrews


  • Stunning graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • High system requirements

Customer Reviews:

  • Still The Best Nascar Game To Date
    I've had this game since 2002, and it still holds its own today in Jan.06! I've run countless races and tried other games, but this one still does it for me. I recently picked up Nascar SimRacing, and it is very good. The graphics are high def, and the controls are good too. Still Nascar 2002 despite being over 4 years old still is pleasing to the eyes for every Nascar fan. It has all the teams and cars from the 2002 season, and it has a creation mode. You can create and paint your own Winston Cup cars and race them on the real tracks. Long before EA's Nascar series, Papyrus and Sierra scored huge with their Nascar series. If you haven't experienced this wonderful game from 2002, then you owe it to yourself to pic this game up for $5 online. Despite the games tiny size...400mb compared to EA's 1.1gb...this game delivers on the track. Did I mention the sound is awesome too? If you do the end car cam, the engine is so loud, you'll have to turn your headset down. Enjoy and you can still play this game online with gamespy! ...more info
  • NASCAR Racing 2002 Season
    Excellent graphics, fast cars. Problem, I spin out often. I have been racing NASCAR for 2 years and I have won several championships. I have been trying to play this game but it won't let me. I have practiced and practiced to no avail. I have read the book over and over. Yet, at any time, any lap, I spin towards the left. You spin out, go against the wall and that is where you stay. I usually have post position 1 and I am usually ahead and for no reason, even though I glide into the curve and speed up slowly I still spin out. You are against the wall and you can only wait for all cars to go by. From 1st to 43 on one spin. 2003 does not do this. Computer cars are too agressive. Yes , they have great crashes, I don't want to crash, I want to win. I am selling my 2004 and 2002. My fantasy. Too real for me....more info
  • Still a FANTASTIC game 5 years after it was released
    I just got this game and I love it. It is tough to get used to, if all you have ever played is EA games on a console system, but in time you will figure it out. The cars look great, I love the officials in the game, and the realism makes you realize how tough it is to drive one of these car on the track. If you use the in car view, and have ever raced at silicone moter speedway, it is just like you are there, sans the car body around you. It is, by far better than ANYTHING EA has ever put out. EA should take a lession fron this game....more info
  • Don't try to run a season
    It is impossible to run a season as the short tracks screw up the pitting in every race. Graphics are great, but there are some real issues with this game....more info
  • Soaking the Wallet
    Nascar 2002 is the best game I have played. I doubt the 2003 version will hit this home for a long time. My family feels the consumer is getting a bad break for having to pay full price each time Sierra brings out a new game which should be an upgrade, not a new version. Wicked Thumbs up for the game, thumbs down for paying each year to keep up....more info
  • Great, but no longer the best
    I have been a fan of Sierras NASCAR series since NASCAR Racing 2. This version is the second best on the market now that NASCAR Racing 2003 has arrived. This one is a much better choice if you don't have a lot of computing power. The physics are second only to the newest 2003 version as well as the graphics. Dale Jr. used this sim in the off season (will probably use 2003 now) and that should be all the testimate you need. :) If you like racing, you'll LOVE this sim....more info
  • Papyrus=Racing
    If it doesnt say Papyrus on the box dont waste your money on it. I have been buying Papyrus Nascar racing titles since they began. I recently bought Nascar Thunder 2003 (EA Sports) and luckily I bought it at Electronics Boutique so I was able to return it!
    The graphics, gameplay and online play are AWESOME!! And there are tons of web sites out there that have TONS of extra tracks, cars, setup, paint schemes, etc;
    If you love Nascar, look no further then this game....more info
  • Great Game!
    This game is a lot of fun right out of the box and is challenging enough to keep it fun for a long time. I really enjoy tweaking my car to the hilt, then racing online against live opponents and takin' it to 'em!...more info
  • best ever
    best game ever love it so much I have dreams about it awesome so dadgum awesome it is the bestgame I ever had !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • The Best
    It blows EA Sports Nascar 2003 away. EA Sports has got a long way to go to even be close!!...more info