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With a couple of exceptions, the PlayStation2 has been starved for quality survival horror games. Thank goodness then for the arrival of Fatal Frame, with its mix of Japanese mythology, atmospheric graphics, and freaky sound effects.

The game tells the tale of a young girl searching for her missing brother in a cursed mansion--all fairly straightforward stuff. Fans of the genre will feel right at home as the backstory is quickly filled out, allowing the process of ghost hunting to begin--and unlike the comic lunacy of the GameCube's Luigi's Mansion, the spooks and specters here are of a very adult nature. Screaming and moaning accompany the arrival of the ghosts, and they don't shut up until they're "killed"--an act that requires a camera. Fatal Frame eschews pistols and shotguns in favor of a celluloid-death approach, which makes sense given the fact that the opposition are well beyond the living to begin with. In camera mode, the heroine's faithful Box Brownie pops up in a first-person style and it's necessary to keep the ghoul within the focusing reticule in order to drain maximum power from it. It sounds a little lame, but in practice it works well and is an effective way of explaining just how to "shoot" ghosts.

The plot development is nicely done, and there are a host of puzzles to solve that are well balanced and never get too tough, but it's the graphics and sound work that really make Fatal Frame special. Cutscenes are rendered in a variety of styles designed to increase the tension, and the sparse soundtrack works wonders when it kicks in. While it's not the strongest title in the PS2's gaming arsenal, it'll certainly keep survival horror fans busy until the next installment of Silent Hill rolls around--remember, though, it's best played with the sound up loud, in the dark, on your own... --Chris Russell

Fatal Frame, a horror-adventure game, leaves its victims breathless as they become immersed in a world of supernatural spirits and sheer terror. Guided by her sixth sense and armed only with an antique camera, Miku sets out to solve the mystery of her brother's sudden disappearance. As the story unfolds, she discovers gruesome details about the Himura mansion's troubled past. The property and surrounding area have a dark history involving grisly murders, an evil cult, and restless spirits.

Customer Reviews:

  • Scary as Heck!
    It's hard to find a really frightening video game these days, so when I saw this, I had to have it. It doesn't involve shooting and throwing grenades. It is more of a problem solving game. The only weapon you have is your mother's antique camera that she left to your brother after she passed away. The camera captures spirits. It's great, you can go into the photo album and see the pics you've taken. Back to the scary stuff- It's really dark and there are disturbed spirits everywhere trying to show you how they've been killed. The game is split into 'nights' like levels. Each night pertaining to a different ritual that you must solve. I haven't beaten this one yet, but I can't wait to see what happens in the end.
    The only real problem I had with the game was, some hard to focus on Hot Spots. And when you are trying to capture the spirits, sometimes it seems they mysteriously slip out of view.
    Over all, I love this game. I hope they are working on another one! Or something like it....more info
  • don't play by yourself
    first of i own an assortment of games and i must say that this game really takes the cake...from the very beginning it freaks you out. and its hard to decided whether to quit cuz its scary or if curiousity will get the best of you and you'll wanna keep playing. the thing is don't hang out in one spot too long or random ghosts can attack you as the game progresses. even when you backtrack. i found out the hard way and got too comfortable, used to most games when you backtrack that nothing else new is going to be in the room but boy did i find out! the gameplay is simple but it gets complex when your watching for ghosts and if you listen closely you can hear things that they are trying to tell you and sometimes warn you. one ghost attacked me and the hold time he kept saying forgive me. it can be really freaky. i haven't finished it yet but so far its been quite a ride...more info
  • Best horror game period.
    If you consider yourself a survival horror game fan, this is a must have. There is only one flaw, that is moving the character. The weapon control is so so, but the more you play with it the more fun you will have with it. This should appeal to people who enjoy role playing games and horror fans alike. Even if you are neither the game is still fun and deserves to be played. But the atmosphere of the game itself is the creepiest I have every seen. It definitley puts Resident Evil to shame, and even the Silent Hill series pales in comparison. There is a reason almost everyone has given this game 5 out of 5 stars. Plus, this game has replay value. The mansion is small enough not to be annoying....more info
  • very good indeed!
    I bought this game after reading more than 15 reviews in Internet and now that I played it I think it was money and time worth. It was about time somebody released a survival horror game based more on atmosphere than the usual resident evil shoot-everybody style. Also the camera is a good and believable idea
    since you find ghosts inside the mansion and how are you supposed to get rid of already dead entities? It is very spooky; when you are inside you'll jump for every sound also if it comes from your chair! It is slow paced and addictive, it keeps you glued to the screen in spellbound. Graphics are good but in my opinion light shadows as well as the general horror moments are better in Silent Hill 2 where you feel more the unpleasant subject. Sound is the very good part since it adds more to fear than else, when you listen laments coming from somewhere.
    Playability is quite linear and scripted but fair.
    It deserves credit also for the originality
    In my opinion it is next to Silent Hill 2 and far better than Resident Evil, let's hope somebody will take the hint and do more atmospheric titles for old-fashioned scares.
    All in all a very good experience for the open-minded survival horror fan that prefers have inner emotions than use gun....more info
    This is a Pretty scary game!! Super recomended!!...more info
  • Very scary
    wow, is this game scary. creepy atmospheres and good vioce acting. Short. Bad camera. Graphics are a little dated and cartoony. The story is very eerie and scary. Gameplay is a little odd, shooting ghosts with a camera. it is very fun....more info
  • Scary as Heck!
    It's hard to find a really frightening video game these days, so when I saw this, I had to have it. It doesn't involve shooting and throwing grenades. It is more of a problem solving game. The only weapon you have is your mother's antique camera that she left to your brother after she passed away. The camera captures spirits. It's great, you can go into the photo album and see the pics you've taken. Back to the scary stuff- It's really dark and there are disturbed spirits everywhere trying to show you how they've been killed. The game is split into 'nights' like levels. Each night pertaining to a different ritual that you must solve. I haven't beaten this one yet, but I can't wait to see what happens in the end.
    The only real problem I had with the game was, some hard to focus on Hot Spots. And when you are trying to capture the spirits, sometimes it seems they mysteriously slip out of view.
    Over all, I love this game. I hope they are working on another one! Or something like it....more info
  • Fatal frame review
    If you like scary games, then you are going to love the fatal frame series. With erie sounds and vengful ghosts hiding in every cooridor, this game is sure to keep you on your feet, and screaming for more. In the game you are looking for your recently disappeared brother, and when you find only an antique camera left behind by your late mother, many questions lay waiting to be answered. The fear in the game is amplified due to the battle system FORCING you to get face to face with chilling specters and horrifying tourtured souls. And with the ability to upgrade your camera, this game adds an extra insentive to take the best shots possibly of your ghostly rivals. Overall i give this game a 4/5...more info
  • This is the definition of a scary game!!
    Ive never heard of this game being called 'fatal frame', because it is actually called 'project zero'.Anyway, thats just the way i see it, i'm not sure witch title came out first.Anyway, this isn't important!This game is really scary!!No, not scary like resident evil, not scary like silent hill, this game is ACTUALLY scary!!The age certificate is '18+', and i am 14!!. Iv'e only ever played this game on my own, and that is the scariest way to play it.And if you buy it to be scared, play it on your own and it will scare you until you are at your sanity's edge.Because it is so scary, i don't play it often(it must be my age-14!!) and i hav'nt even done the first chapter!!(The chapters are HUGE by the way, my total play time is around 15 hours, and there are five chapters!!)Being a games expert, i am a bit ashamed of this, but fear is my weakpoint.I am not scared easily, but when i am i hate it so much!
    One of the stand out moments(so far)is when your curiosity forces you too look down a hole in the floorboards only to discover it is too dark to see anything. Without any thought whatsoever, you turn around and casually walk away without a care in the world.The camera angle is situated so you can see the hole in the background. As you walk away you notice a white figure rise from the hole. Even though it rises slowly, it makes you jump savagely. Then, you hear a little girls laughter. You turn around and walk up to the figure for more details. It is a complete shock to see a little girl( around 10) with a broken neck and a rope around her neck.(she had obviously been hung). Even more disturbing, however, is that the girl, although facing you, is standing backwards. Her neck is broken so severely that it is drooping down her back, her head alomst as low as her knees. This caused me to flee the room and pause the game. I thought about what just happened and vowed to never enter that room again, unless it was absolutely necessery. Then suddenly, the little girl walks straight through the closed door, chasing me up a corridor with dangling ropes hanging from the cieling. A large mirror at the end of the hall allows me to watch the chase from behind.
    This is a typical scene from 'project zero' and the game is full of this kind of thing.
    Another wierd moment was when i walked into a room only to see a floating head of a smiling woman hovering towards me.
    The game is cunning.For example, it makes you investigate things and just when you think things are ok, and your heart rate goes back to normal you will see a mangled woman in a mill wheel going round and round.It is things like this that make you question your characters sanity........or yours........
    This game is beyond any horror game i have ever experienced, and i have been a fan of this genre(both games and films) since the release of the playstation console.
    If you thought 'resident evil' was scary, you best stay as far away from 'project zero' as humanly possible.
    Everything about this game is chilling. The atmosphere, the sound effects, the extremely fine tuned graphics,the setting and the screams that echo from the other side of the mansion you are situated in.
    If you like any horror game, or if you have never played a horror game, this might just convert you.Just don't expect the other games of the same genre to be as good though!
    Peace out.
    Ryan ps. best turn the lights on when you play this!!...more info
  • scarrriest game ever
    Hands down the most scariest game I have ever played. With ghosts coming out of nowhere. Just popping up surprisingly. Unlike most other horror games where you are armed with loads of guns, this one just give you a camera and your wits. Not knowing what is coming out of the shadows, makes you not wnat to play this game alone! Or even go to sleep in the night!...more info
  • freaky
    this game is really for anyone that can handle being scared by ghosts that come out of nowhere and I warn parents don't buy this for kids under about 9 unless you want them sleeping in your bed every night because of nightmares. Anyway this game is not for those easily scared it is very scaryand should not be played in the middle of the night. The gameplay revolves around solving semi-complicated puzzles and taking pictures of ghosts usually when you see a ghost your controlly will vibrate violently like a very quickly beating heart, this is when you go into camera mode to capture its soul inside. but there are not a ton of "Battles" against the ghosts you usually just see them without warning and take there picture. The sounds are just as frightening as anything else you play to not really music but sounds that are kind of musically arranged, and whenever you get near a ghost or certain areas in the game you can hear moaning and strange sounds that WILL scare the hell out of you. This game is good and the graphics are good but the only thing I can find wrong is the facial expressions of fear are not done as good as the PS2 can handle. The storyline wont grab at first either but after an hour or so you will be roped in!
    Its excellent for a rental and be sure to because it might be a little scary for you at first but it gets easier to handle. IF You like than by all means buy it! peace out (;...more info
  • A must buy for any survival horror fan!
    This game ROCKS!

    Sure it seems corny that the only weopan that the main character gets in this game is a camera. And my friends laughed at the idea when I told them about this game. That was until they played it. Wow did it freak them out!

    Now you may wonder why I haven't said anything about my being freaked out. Well, even though I bought the game, when I was playing it I had a houseful of visiting family members and had to keep the sound real low. Especially when I was playing it into the wee hours of the morning. (Plus I had to keep the lights on at almost all times). So I was cheated out of the magnificent ARNIS audio technology that helps make this game so creepy. (When I was finally able to fully hear the game on one of my friends' sound systems, I was envious).

    Just one more thing about the ARNIS audio technology: I never heard anything like it! My T.V.'s stereo doesn't work very good, yet I swear that I was hearing stereo sounds coming out of my T.V. that I never thought I'd hear without having to buy some kind of surround sound stereo system. I'm astounded!

    My only complaint is that the fastest the main character moves is at a slow jog. But I got over that real quick....more info

  • frame it

    Fatal Frame is absolutely great- it's probably just as good, maybe even better, than the Silent Hill series. It's about TOTAL fear, just like the Silent Hill series. The amount of fear and the atmosphere you constantly feel will really amaze you. I dare you to play this game in the dark. You won't be able to do it. The gameplay is really fun too. This is one atmospheric adventure that will absorb into your memories forever. It's not as good as the original Playstation One Silent Hill game however, but good enough for me to recommend a purchase.

    ...more info
  • Can I just say ""SCARY FREAKY""
    All right people forget the horror movies! This game is the BOMB!
    I am an adult and have never been so scared in all my life and I
    love the paranormal.This game keeps you an your toes till the very end. The creepiest thing about it is when your playing and you think everything is nice and calm your controller starts to vibrate and you hear that heart beat but you cant see the ghosts!
    AAAAAHHHHH !!!!!!! This is what I did when that first ghost popped out like 2 feet in front of me at the beginning, I mean come on you don't know what to expect. The darkness through out the whole game was a plus. I recommend this game to everyone who loves the paranormal! I hope they make another game just as scary as this one. When you play make sure you take a breather every few minutes or you'll end up having an anxiety attack like I almost did. They need to make a movie! This game has a great story line. They should have rated it M because if I was scared to death imagine what this will do to a teenager. So play and have fun and you'll see why I gave it 5 stars!...more info
  • SOO Scary!!!!
    I don't own this game- I rented it once and sadly never completed it... :( Now games like Resident Evil are supposed to be scary, but I played one and it just made me annoyed. I did jump, but it was all the damn unending zombie troops popping out of everywhere. This really is scary, which I was NOT expecting. I actually picked it up because of the cover; I love Asian horror movies! The ghosts were all so different and unique, not to mention grotesque. I liked the idea of taking pictures of them to suck them in, but some just took too many pictures! Another ghost, it creeped around the corner looking like Marilyn Manson and I ran, more scared than in years. My only complaints are running out of film because some ghosts are stronger or you miss, and the character's slow running. Eventually I got stuck by a river and the game was due back... Scariest game ever! Haven't played II, but have heard improvements, so III should be great if I can get through it!...more info
  • The scariest game I've played
    Wow. That's all I have to say about this game. It is truly the scariest game ever (I haven't played Fatal Frame 2 though, so maybe that's not true). The atmosphere and sound effects really creep you out. Sometimes it even gets to the point that you don't want to go any further because you know something is going to happen that will make you jump out of your socks. The battle mode is ingenious; it is both easy and effective. The cut-scenes are done with mastery. All around, a must have game....more info
  • Scary like Silent Hill, but different...
    If you liked Silent Hill (1 or 2), then you should like this one.

    Silent Hill was about flesh, blood, torture, straight-jackets,
    insane asylums, piles of living flesh, with a strange Hannibal Lector
    like sexual tone.

    Fatal Frame is about a haunted houses, ghosts and ghouls,
    dusty books and chests, spider webs, and white wisps of things that pass by
    you in the night. Oh, and you can't forget the spine tingling SCREAMS that
    echo throughout the mansion.

    Do not play this game in the dark. Unless you want to be throughly
    freaked out!

    I don't know how many times I wanted to turn around and walk the other
    way. Any sane person would so the same.

    You actually care for the "well being" of the character like if it was yourself!

    Excellent game!...more info

  • So Good, It's Scary
    I have owned and played many games, but Fatal Frame is among the best. Let's start off by naming the pro's and con's.

    -Scariest game ever made.
    -A wide variety of ghosts.
    -A pretty long game
    -Not too hard, but not too easy.
    -You'll have a good time all through the game
    -Excellent graphics.
    -The music couldn't be any better. It is perfect.

    -Controllers are different, but you'll get used to it.
    -You might pee your pants at night, and your parents'll be mad.
    -Not much else.

    The game is mostly rated teen because of extreme horror and some blood. If you can handle the horror, I strongly suggest buying the game. It took me a while to finish the game because I couldn't play it without a friend there. If you want to be constantly entertained with ghosts coming and stuff, this is not your game. The ghosts will and do come, but they aren't constantly appearing. You have to figure out what has happened to the mansion and it's past. Have a rosary in one hand and the controller in the other.

    Happy gaming...more info

  • The Grand high Empress Of All Horror Games
    Surely, Fatal Frame (Project Zero here in PAL-region countries) is, without a doubt, the single greatest Horror game ever to grace the Playstation 2. Or any other console, for that matter. It's beautiful to watch, smooth to play, emotionally involving, and, most importantly of all, genuinely terrifying.

    The plot concerns Miku, who has come to a haunted Japanese mansion house in order to search for her lost brother Mafuyu. From a family of psychic spirit-communicators, Miku is soon absorbed in unravelling what happened not only to her borther, but to a team of paranormal investigators, and to the original family. It's a beautifully grim tale of ritualistic suicide, demon-worshipping and powermongering, and I promise you, it's worth the ride.

    The control system, like all horror adventures in this mold, will never be perfect, but FF goes a huge way towards redressing the balance by removing traditional weapons like guns and replacing them with a Camera. Yes, a camera. Your ammo is differnet exposure-speed film and you upgrade the tool with the amount of souls you manage to capture with it. Ghosts are already dead, and it's up to you to exorcise them. The fluidity of movement involved with a weapon of this nature is a huge relief from the slow aiming and reloading process so long associated with the pistols and semi-automatics from the Biohazard and Silent Hill games.

    The graphics, too, deserve a special mention, becuase they're beautiful. The monochromatic minimalism and traditional Japanese design seem all the more upsetting for those of us not from that culture, and the ghosts themselves are a truly disturbing mix of traditional Shinto folklore and tortured, Francis-Bacon-esque faces.

    The sound works on the same principle. All is silent until something upsetting tears through that silence and forces us to look. Droplet effects and various footstep sounds have also been used to create a magnificent aural atmosphere, the best I've ever witnessed. And I've played plenty.

    My only complaint is the difficulty level. It takes a huge step up after the Second Night, and chances are you'll have wasted all of your stronger film on the earlier demons. Play it often and frugally, however, and you'll avoid this fate.

    For atmosphere and sheer terror alone, Fatal Frame deserves the crown of Survival Horror. Happily, Tecmo have given us a beautiful and innovative game to go with that atmosphere. I can't recommend it highly enough....more info

  • Be Warned
    This is a really great game. BUT BE WARNED, NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 13, IT IS VERY VERY VERY SCARY. Like in one cutscean, you see the family master use "the blinding mask" on his own daughter, but the real reason is the scream she gives out. My advice: DO NOT play this at night or alone, it WILL scare you. I'm 19 and it gave me and my buddy nightmares for a week. And I do not get scared easly. So play it if your feeling bold. ...more info
  • Scary as Hell
    My friends don't understand this game. I've played it with them before. Heck, they've held the controller in their hand, and felt the subtle thump of the main chadacter's heart beat constantly pulsing through their fingers. They've encountered ghosts, and fought them with the character's supernatural antique camera. They laugh, and claim this game isn't scary. Perhaps the camera is the reason. After all, it is your only weapon. But while they may call it stypid, I call innovative. This game redefines the survival-horror genre. And I don't care if my frineds don't understand it. They've never played it alone in the dark, with the volume turned up. They haven't looked around a room they knew was empty only to find the ghost of a disfigured man suspended upside down from the ceiling, staring silently.
    I will admit, at first I was skeptical that this game wouldn't prove to be as great as the Resident Evil series because of it's 'Teen' rating. I've never been more wrong. This game scares silly the way the Sixth Sense managed to creep you out despite it's PG-13 rating.
    It's fun, the cinemas are great, the graphics are wonderful, the sound is good, and it is scary as hell....more info
  • PTSD
    Great game, almost wet myself it was so scary. Would not allow children to play, too dark and scary....more info
  • its scary when you are going to bed!!!!
    i recently bought a copy of fatal frame and its such a great game and scary too,but only when you are going to sleep(im 13 by the way)the story is about a girl with a 6th sense(can see ghost and has premonitions)that goes to himuro mansion to search for her brother there she discovers that one night a calamity(when a ritual fails)happened and the master of the house killed almost everyone(the ones that didnt die because of the calamity).now for the gameplay:Miku has a camera to shoot down ghost and it can be upgraded to be more powerful(to paralyze ghost or make them slower etc)Miku move so slow that a turtle can outrun her but you will get use to it.the story has 5 long chapters in which you backtrack to do new objectives(it doesnt get boring)i finished the game in 12 hours so its longer than the other games i recently bought(king kong,harry potter 4 and prince of persia 3)the puzzles are simple,light up all the candles,put the dolls or buddha statues where they belong,put the number in the lock to unlock the door and find a talisman and put it in the star (the ones that rockstars use) to unlock the door.the game is very spooky and eerie and if there was more blood and violence it would have been mature but i think it should be mature because of the intense storyline.the graphics are great and the sound too.the ghost are spooky(a girl with a broken neck that follows you backwards because her head is at her back,a women that has no eyes that goes around screaming my eyes,my eyes!!! and the master of the house that has a weird mask that slashes you with a sword are the worst)other than the spooky storyline that keeps me up at night the game is great and i recommend it...more info
  • A MUST PLAY for Thriller Fans
    Very few so-called horror movies, books, or video games live up to the cliche: "Scary As Hell". But, if you're looking for the one exception look no further than "Fatal Frame". Any fan of the survival horror genre will feel right at home with this destined-to-be classic chiller. But the question is: will you have the guts to stay once you're there? Imagine you're trapped in a dark, haunted house full of evil spirits that lurk and stalk you around every turn. Then, watch your imagination come to life as you are immersed within the game. "Fatal Frame" has great graphics and sound as expected from the Playstation 2 along with a very intriguing storyline accompanied by special effects and an intense, creepy atmosphere that makes the setting of this game a very unpleasant place to be. And on a personal note; after having played supposed scary games in the past like "Doom" and "Resident Evil" that were capable of causing a few jumps and quick breaths, they are like mere child's play when compared to "Fatal Frame". A game that will surely deliver endless chills, deep breaths, goose bumps, and just plain and simple fear. So, turn off the lights, crank the surround sound, and experience the chilling terror that lies within this edgy, creative nightmare....more info
  • not for the light of heart
    This was a truely awesome game! Possibly one of the best i've played! The storyline is interesting and captures the imagination right off and the games ability to scare you and catch you off guard every time you play it makes it a great buy! The intruiging story line and supsencefull gameplay allows even thoughs simply watching to become drawn into the game. I agree completely that this is the scariest game ever, the only true downfall i'd say the game has is that it is perhaps too scary. The game is near impossible to play at night and i'm not even about to attempt it in a dark room. Even after you put the controller down it can effect you. While I highly recomend this game for players I also recomend that those who are frightened easily stay away. This game can cause insomnia, fear inspired nausia, property damage(sudden ghost appearances might cause a player to drop or throw their controller, seen it happen) and night terrors(extreme fear of the dark) in all ages. Fun booster Tip: Best played with alot of people watching(seeing everyones reactions can be priceless :))....more info
  • Based on a True Story....
    This game is terrifying. It's the only survival Horror game that actually scares me. Compared to Resident Evil it is 10x scarrier or more. Compared to Silent hill the story is just as twisted. Ghosts can dissapear and reappear behind you..move through walls...grab you and much more. The ghosts looks incredibly realistic too where some parts of the body are whispy and hard to see. Sometimes few things might scare you because certain incidents come unexpectedly such as storage boxes might shake and rattle. The things that scare me most is when Miku gets scared and shakes when something unexpected is heard or arises such as when lightning crashes unexpectedly when things seem fine. Othertimes the environment seems fine but then out of a sudden a vanishing ghosts crawls out from the porch when you walk on it. There is so much to describe. The DOWNside of the game is that you can get lost fairly easily. You have to backtrack many steps to get key items and documents. Also I suggest saving up your film because it gets disposed quickly, even if you find tons of film. The cutscenes are mainly flash back premonitions and the whole story line is confusing intill you finish the game and get the whole overview. It basically has elements of the ring but if you ask me, The Ring is not scary at all. This game is scary and ghosts usually taunt you such as the buddist monk ghost constantly tries to grab you while saying, "Don't be scared".
    Because it says based on a true story, people will think that only 10% of it is real. That's not the case in this game. Everything is real based on the true story except the actual names of the characters. Some of the story is a bit modified but the whole main story is pretty much the same. If you wanna find out the true story... go visit the haunted mansion near Tokyo, or better yet research it.
    Story: A girl named Miku tries to look for her brother who went into the Himuro mansion in search of his Mentor who dissapeared in the mansion. She letter finds out the house i haunted by dead people who died in the Calamity that happened during the Rope Shrine Maiden Ritual. Mafuyu, Miku's brother is tormented by the Rope Shrine Maiden because of his resemblence to the Maiden's lover. <---Sorry last sentence is a spoiler

    Replay Value: Medium-low, not alot of extra things to get after u finish the game except new camera options and a new costume. The random storyline also lowers the replay value because all that constant struggle of backtracking spoils your fun.

    Pros: Scary as hell. Superb graphics for ps2 console. Based on a true story that only strays from the original story a bit.
    Cons: Random cutscenes that are usually done to scare you. Not much story is progressed in flash backs intill the end when it all recconects...more info
  • You Play the Game, the Game Plays With You
    I'm serious here. This game WILL scare you. I'm only halfway through right now and I had to stop for a while. I can only compare it to watching The Exorcist alone. During the game, every little sound in your house makes you pause the game and listen closer. Even right now, as I'm writing this, I keep having this feeling that I should be looking over my shoulder. I can honestly say that Fatal Frame is messing with me a little bit. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who has always wanted to actually fear a video game. This does the trick... Trust me....more info
  • Great...and Really Scary!!
    "Fatal Frame" is a game that definitely delivers. Although it does not have any particulary impressive premise (young girl with a camera investigates a haunted house) , it doesn't take long for you to really get into the game, and the scares start coming thick and fast.
    The plot is fairly simple: main character Miku has come to the house to find her missing brother, so it's mostly a matter of making your way through the mansion, solving puzzles that will open doors, and trying to piece together the grim history of the house. But to do this, you have to be prepared to encounter a wide variety of ghostly apparitions, and it's here that the game really excels. The appearances of the ghosts are almost always a surprise, and it has to be said that they look and sound terrifying. After recovering from the shock, your next task is to quickly equip your camera and try and snap the ghost within the frame. This task can be very challenging, as more often that not the ghost will dart around, disappear completely and materialize behind you, or lunge at you unexpectedly and start throttling the life out of you! The idea of using a camera to fight is unusual and works well...by holding the ghost in constant view as it approaches, the camera will "charge up" and you can release a more powerful attack when you finally press the shutter-but are you brave enough to do that?. The best thing is that once you have completed Miku's first night, the ghostly appearances are far more randomised, and as you search the house once again (every chapter has new items and tasks appearing in places you have already explored), you will feel the tension as your camera suddenly lights up, and the controller throbs in your hands...oh no, another one! But, in a great additional aspect, the more ghosts you snap, the more points you score, which can be used to enhance the capabilities of the camera, so you have an element of levelling up which heightens and extends gameplay.
    My only criticisms are that the game is quite short, and Miku is quite hard to control as you continually run in to bits of furniture, and she often rotates all over the place every time the camera angle changes. Plus, her "run" mode is no more than a gentle jog...no good for escaping evil ghosts! Still, I suppose it would have made the game even shorter were you able to dash through the mansion in no time at all...The graphics are great, the mansion looks suitably decrepit and sinister, and the secret behind the house's evil reputation (as it is slowly revealed) involves some truly sickening and creepy events...you have been warned!
    Do yourself a favour and ONLY play this game after dark, with the lights off, you won't be sorry. It's easily as scary as "Silent Hill", in places more so, so I wholeheartedly recommend it....more info
  • Made me sleepless
    This game is by far the best horror game i have seen around i played the demo and i was hooked ..when i first got into it i was too scared to try it again but then i got used to everything and its a great game so great im going out to buy it the things that i like about this game are 1.sound i like to hear the creaks and eriee banging then also what the ghosts say like "i want my child" 2.the never turn your back and try to run....because there is no escape3.weapons against people--plain and simple your CAMERA4.the lighting its dark but not too dark unlike silent hill with silent hill you crash into walls and i dislike that i am looking forward to the movie on this game and can not wait everything is a surprise with the Tecmo team...eventhough i have not played the game i will not be able to rest until i find out who is killing everyonethe fact that its made after a true story makes me shiver and want to hide under my blanket for now until i get the game and finish it i will be sleeping with my lights and tv on...more info
  • no horror here
    for some reason i just didn't feel the suspense this game was trying to convey - the sound and graphics are great - the story line is pretty interesting also - it just couldn't hook me - maybe it's the fact that a camera is your weapon - so you have to go to a static first person perspective to fight - and switch back and forth to evade and attack -- i would definitely rent this one first -...more info
  • It's the best game ever~!
    Do you have a playstation 2 ?
    why ?
    the answer must be to play fatal frame.
    It has the best graphic that no game could have.
    Is this game fun?? hm.....good question.
    depends on what kind of fun you mean.
    It is scary game, but ghosts are not scary at all!!!
    when i catch the ghosts hm....i think it's interesting.~
    but i feel scary.....
    1. backgrounds are really scary~
    2. I can't move fast.....I should feel all those scary stuffs.
    3. when ghosts bit me. i feel pain..-_-;
    This game has really sad story. and beautiful game.
    best story , best graphic, best sound , best shocking controller.
    and so on.
    If you want fast game like racing........well....i can't
    recommand this game. but in spite of it it's the best...more info
  • Fatal Frame
    This is a very good game. Its exciting and very well done for what it is.Keeps one on their toes and anxious.Good game...more info
  • Something About the Camera
    Theres something about a game like this, where supernatural entities are out to murder you horribly, and you are armed ONLY with a CAMERA... makes it a whole lot freakier. My friends and I are not easily scared, we are big fans of horror films. This game did it....more info
  • A Terrifying Supernatural Thriller
    After renting this game at the video store i am definetly going to purchase it! The story is very interesting and it's based on a true story. A japanese reporter goes to the (haunted) mansion where his mentor had disappeared, apparantly the same fate falls upon him. Two weeks later his sister, Miku decides to search for him at the mansion encountering all sorts of supernatural occurences, namely ghosts. The atmosphere of suspense and dread is very well executed. The story is packed with "jump out of your seat" moments. The gamplay is fairly simple you are armed with a camera that you use to capture the evil spirts that are trying to kill you. The controls aren't as akward as Resident Evil it's easier to put some distance to deal with your enemies,while in RE trying to escape an ambush is like steering a truck. The camera as a weapon i have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes it almost gives you a detachment to what is occuring and sometimes the enemies are to close to be used properly. Overall it's a very well executed thriller, here's hoping for a sequel.EP...more info
  • Don't turn off the lights
    This is by far the scariest game I'd ever played...and I've played many games of this genre. Once I played it late at night and believe me I had to stop...too much for me. Highly recommend, It really worth the bucks...more info