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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
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Product Description

Death is his business. And business is good.

Enter the realm of a retired assassin, forced back into action by treason. Youmay be a hired killer but you still have a sense of loyalty and justice.

Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation anddishonor.? And a past that catches up with you.

Trust no one - if the price is right, the finger of your most trusted allywill be on the trigger.? Your targets may hide in the most remote areas ofthe planet, but their destruction is never prevented - only postponed.

Learn your trade - master your tools - overcome your obstacles - outsmartyour enemies - eliminate your targets. Remember - rash decisions bleedconsequences. Know when to strike instantly, know when to take your time. Chancefavors the prepared player. Failure is not an option - it is a privilegereserved for those who do not try hard enough.

You have returned - and you will track down the organization that forced youout of retirement. You may find that the enemy is closer than you think -retrace your steps, and you will prevail.

  • Investigate target location
  • Find an entry point
  • Subdue the opposition
  • Disguise yourself
  • Eliminate the target
  • Exit undetected

  • Completely open-ended game play experience that allows you to balance surgical precision with visceral violent outbursts.
  • A deadly game of disguise allows you to assume the identity of your victims.
  • Lethal arsenal at your disposal to make every kill an experience to savor.
  • Massively upgraded game engine features in mission saves, selectable first and third person playable perspectives, a
  • Investigate target location
  • Find an entry point
  • Subdue the opposition
  • Disguise yourself
  • Eliminate the target

Customer Reviews:

  • Hitman 2 = Awesome
    This game isn't very long but definitely not a waste of your time. It is challenging, fun, and somewhat customizable. What I mean is you can beat the level however you want. $300,000 per hit. No rules. One condition. Excellent....more info
  • best game
    it is a nice game bcas it has good graphics and it is not difficult as hitman codename 47. buy it and enjiy it....more info
  • A Good Game With Some Small FLaws
    Hitman 2 paces you in the shoes of Agent 47, a professional assasian. In the wake of his first adventure, he is now trying to live out a peacful life of obscurity in Scicily, seeking religious redemption. However, the kidnapping of his friend and mentor cast him back into the world of contract killings.

    A 3rd person shooter/suspense, this game has some very appealing aspects. First off, the graphics are noticably beautiful. There is no skimping on the texture of the game, from Russia to India the scenery looks stunning. The weapons of the game are also great. You begin with a fiber wire used to silently strangle your hapless enimies (a real treat to watch) and depending on the skill level, dual .45 pistols and a silenced 9mm. Along the way you can acquire various sniper rifles,(which include a hunting crosbow and a .50 caliber barret antitank rifle) pistols, sub,achineguns and shotguns. Before you go on a mission you decide which weapons to bring (you can only carry so many) and your choice impacts your plan.

    The missions of the game are very fufilling. While they always have the same basic premiss (sneak in somewhere and kill someone, then escape) they are different enough to not become boring outright. The method of disposal is up to you. You can beatsomeone to death with a golf club, plant a bomb on thier getwaya car, disguise yourself as a waiter and poison thier champagne, or of course...kick the door down and unload on everybody in the room. You are rated after each mission based on your stealth and agression. Ratings range from proffesional and iceman to sociopath and butcher. Which is good and which is bad is up to you.

    Your abilities in the game are somewhat situational dependent. The agaency the Hitman works for often drops items in a secure location for him to use, such as bombs or poison. However, it is up to you to use these or not. You can take the cloths of killed bodyguards r civilians, but if the guards find a dean man with no cloths, they will become suspicious of wo is wearing them.

    Now for the unfortunate bad points. First of is the plot. It starts off well enough, with the Peace-seeking 47 unwillingly thrown back into the world of killing, but the plto fails to deliver. it wanders around someone stealing a nuclear weapon and engineering clones of 47 (from the original Hitman). It fails, in the end to resolve the character of 47. Second, the game looses replayability very quickly. I beat it in about a weekend, and then started issuing challenges to myself, like seeing if i could accomplish a mission without changing cloths, or shooting anyone or something like that. Once you have exhausted all the different approaches for the missions, of which there are around 15 (way to few!) theres not much left to do but move on...

    Which is a shame, because the setup of this game is so much fun. If they make a 3rd, they should borrow from Soldier of Fortune II the random mission generator, a feature which allows you to go on a mission that has nothing t do with the storyline or anything. It would keep the game fresh and entertaining for more than a weekend.

    All in all, this game is worth buying. While it has its faults, gamers seeking a good looking, challenging game have found a great pick....more info

    After reading so many reviews on this game, I have a few comments to make since I played BOTH the demo versions and the full game, and have both. Any intense 3d game is going to require that you have certain, and better yet, EXPECTED requirements, and that means good hardware to! Bugs 9 times out of 10 are coming from someone not having the proper computer setup, including a good video card, minimum 512 MB of video memory and minimum 1.2 GHz computer processor (and properly and continually maintaining it with good utility software even those that already come with WIN XP and using good virus software and firewall software if you use broadband high spped connections to the internet). I am happy to own the NVIDIA GeForce 4600 TI (from LeadTek), which is the BEST video card there is right now and runs ANYTHING! AND DOES IT 100 percent without flaw! All games depend on not only the programmer, but mainly YOU having the proper setup. I have run, installed and played ALL major 3d games including, but not limited to, MAX PAYNE, both SERIOUS SAM games, No One Lives Forever One AND TWO, Soldier of Fortune 2, UNREAL TOURNAMENT (all versions), HALF-LIFE (all versions), etc., etc and have NO problems to report!... NONE! So if I can do it, then it is not the problems with the games or even with the programmers. The problems lie solely with the person that uses the computer and sets it up, whether they have someone to do it or not. AND BY THE WAY, NO CONSOLE CAN TOUCH THE REPRODUCTION OF GAMES ON A PC THROUGH A PROPER SETUP USING A GOOD GRAPHICS BOARD:) I also find the AMD ATHLON XP processors to be hands down better and smoother than ALL Intel chips! IT IS A PROVEN FACT ON PAPER EVEN. I use ALL forms of PC Benchmarks software from Mad Onion and I have excellent reports. I hope this helps clear up some misguided reports and quirks with some people. No offenses intended or meant.

    Ernie...more info

  • Cool Game
    Great Game. Great Graphics and Opinions. Fun and intersting. Get this game. Impressive!... Good job Eidos Interactive....more info
  • Very fun, but not perfect
    I have to admit that this is the first "shooter" type game ive bought. I finally got a computer that could actually play one. First off this game is a lot of fun, very addicting indeed, and Im usually a fan of strategy games so that says something.

    A lot of work and creativity went into the levels of this game and I think thats the best thing about it. I also think is has a lot of replayability. Its interesting to study the AI of this game. For example you can kill a person and if no one sees you you can come back to the scene of the crime and stand around looking at the corpse with everyone else like you have no idea who did it. If someone sees you though they will tell a guard. Theres countless other examples that make this game impressive.

    1. Good AI, not perfect but very smart.
    2. Beautiful graphics, very real.
    3. Lots of weapons, everything from wire to strangle people with to revolvers, guns with silencers and powerful submachine guns. Also lots of levels to experience.

    1. The sniper rifles are waaaay too accurate. Sometimes you can shoot someone in the leg with one and down they go, dead. I think this is just too easy. Theres been several times when I thought I missed altogether only to find that I not only hit them but that theyre down completely.
    2. The AI while good is not always perfect. You can shoot a person in the leg from far off for example and if they cant see who did it they merely put their gun away and stand around as if nothing happened. Theres other examples of this like when guards come after you in a room for example when they enter its like they dont see you and they look around all over first when youre right in front of them. This does not always happen however.
    3. Just a minor complaint, some of the guns are made to be way too poweful. Some of these will knock people into the air and across a room. Looks cool, realistic no.

    Overall very fun like I said. I really enjoy having the first person view, I dont think I could go for third person view after playing this....more info

  • engrossing
    I never played the first HITMAN, although many friends liked it a lot. So I picked up this a few weeks ago. So far I am an addict. The slow pace of it may put some gamers off - you don't run in blazing away a la DUKE NUKEM (buy DELTA FORCE: BLACK HAWK DOWN if you want to pour hot lead). The scenery is beautiful. The point in mission 2 when 47 emerges from the sewer into downtown St. Petersburg made me gasp. But of course it's very violent. Missions have a similarity to them. Choose your weapons, sneak in somewhere, kill your target, and get out without raising attention. Hiding, crouching, dragging dead bodies, etc are all part of the game if you want to survive. This game gives you the satisfaction of walking away, as if nothing happened, from a perfectly carried-out killing. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Cool
    This is such a cool game with a lotta levels ,,and time spent for me on this was big. well worth the $$ as is blood money also. why did i wait so long? ...more info
  • easy to get stuck
    Initially it will appear to be a great game which will keep you glued to your pc for hours. You will play missions several times because you continue to fail them. You try shooting quicker, later, taking different routes etc. until you find the path that was meant to be taken. There in lies the problem, there is pretty much a set path you must take to complete the missions. On about the sixth mission, I have tried absolutely everything and cannot pass it. I got tired of replaying the same mission dozens of times to find the correct path.

    Could have been a great game but I've already uninstalled it due to frustration. Extremely scripted, very little AI....more info

  • Very good game - poor on remaining stable
    As I have progressed through the game it has gotten more stable. In the beginning it crashed on start up - had to restart several times to get it to start. Then when saving - crash. Then on loading saves - crash. It doesn't crash your OS - just the game - thankfully. At level 6 it has gotten much better. The game does bog down and run slowly at times - my system is a 900mhz with 256 RAM -

    The game itself is intersting in that you don't have to be Rambo to get through a level - but you can. When you get done with a level it rates you - which can be humerous. On one level I killed everyone, just to not have to deal with any surprise attacks and it rated me "mass murderer". On another level I only killed 3 people and it rated me "professional". So, getting the target without killing many other people is the object to get a good rating. But some of the levels have snow - which is REAL difficult to shoot through.

    All in all - good game - but you'll have to do some work on the .ini file at under support- to get it to work better plus there is already a patch available. When I loaded that it seemed to work a little better.

    Have fun and don't kill everybody!...more info

  • It's a hit!: The best stealth/shooter I've played
    When I got my XBox, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin was one of the first games on my list that I wanted (I had read reviews everywhere, but at the time it had not yet been released). When I finally did buy it, it did not disappoint.

    The game is set-up with an interesting storyline, but one that you will soon forget as you progress through the game. You are Agent-47, a retired hitman who has gone straight. But when a priest whom he had befriended is kidnapped, he goes on the hunt for his captors. Along the way though, Agent-47 picks up right where he left off, and several missions into the game you forget why you're offing people because the priest is no longer even mentioned.

    The missions take you to several different locations, and Agent-47 has many ways to accomplish a task (at the end of a mission, you will be rated on kills, stealth, aggression, etc). He can kill someone, drag the body into a hiding place, and change into the person's clothing as a disguise. You can also take any weapons they may be carrying. This gives the game a whole new depth: you're not just stuck walking into a scene and shooting everyone within your sights. Instead, you can walk undetected past a guard, as long as you keep moving and are wearing the right diguise. It doesn't always work, but that's half the fun, right? No tactic is guaranteed to work in this game, so sometimes you have to try multiple tactics to complete your mission.

    The controls are fairly simple to use. You can access your map or mission objectives fairly simply, and can also holster or swap weapons with just several buttons. Unfortunately, when you first start out there's a tendency to hit the wrong button when you're in a shootout and drop your gun, but you'll soon learn not to do that. :-)

    On screen, you also have several guides. There's the crosshairs of your gun, which will appear whenever you are carrying a gun (as opposed to having one holstered, for more covert operations). There's also a damage meter (a shot in the head hurts you a lot more than a grazing blow to your leg), and the heartbeat monitor. This is a GREAT tool. When an enemy is suspicious (such as when you're trying to sneak by him), it will pulse, and eventually flash red. This gives you the opportunity to lay low and wait for it to stop, or open fire before he does. This is invaluable in the stealth missions, and a really unique feature. This will also tell you to a reasonable certainty if guards have been alerted to look for someone suspicious milling around their compound.

    There's a host of weapons and tactics available in this game, from your typical guns to crossbows, piano wire, and ether rags. Each gun takes a different type of ammo and can hold a different number of rounds, and true to real life, once your clip is empty, it takes precious seconds to reload. The sniper rifle is probably my favourite of the weapons. You can switch into the scope view and get such a surprisingly detailed view, it's just an amazingly lifelike option. You will have to use this on several missions in order to complete your assigned tasks. The map is an invaluable tool, as it shows in real-time the location and movements of everyone, including VIP targets and innocents (like hotel maids or deliverymen).

    The missions themselves are also very diverse. Some of them require a very specific sequence of events to do them properly (change into officer's uniform here, pick up sniper rifle there), but others can be completed in a variety of ways. You can sneak into an area undetected, or walk in firing and shoot down everyone in your path. Having since played games (such as Silent Hill 2) where things MUST be done a certain way and in a certain order to see results, I really appreciate this flexibility.

    Pretty much the only bad thing I have to say about the game is the lack of saves, which all things considered probably is not THAT terrible. Basically, once you get into a mission, you can't just save on a whim, meaning that if you get shot or muff something up, you've got to start over (and over, and over). Considering some of the missions are long (and if you screw up at the end, you're in trouble), this can get annoying. It's not so bad on the easier missions, but some of them are downright difficult, and you can get frustrated. Also, walking is a bit difficult at first (you use both thumbsticks to control where you look/aim and where you go). Several tries into it, I found that inverting the aim in the options menu helped tremendously.

    All in all, "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin" is definitely one of my favourite games on XBox. The flexibility and difficulty are just about right for a game like this, and it makes other "stealth/shooter" games (like "007: Agent Under Fire") look downright foolish. Bottom line, this is a must-have for anyone who wants a serious shooter game with a real plotline and believable background to it....more info

  • A great game
    I love this game... I'm a great fan of Hitman and I love the game. I think it's well thought-out, original, has has fairly good graphics compared to the system requierements. I own it, I've played it over and over, I've beaten it, and I can't wait 'til the next one comes out (vague rumors are indicating 2005). If you like to play stealth, or if you like challenges, play this!...more info
  • Great game, but somewhat buggy.
    Eidos has taken a very underrated game and made a sequel that is at least as good as the original. The first-person shooter genre is plagued by simple run,jump, and fire jobs that can get a little long in the tooth.

    The first Hitman was a breath of fresh air. No more saving every 5 minutes and mindless spray and pray shooting, while running from your oppenents to regroup. In a similar fasion to Deus Ex, the Hitman series requires some thought and strategy to more effectively complete your objectives. While the second installment of Hitman has introduced saves, they are smart about it. You have a limited number. If you were adept at the first game, you may not need them much in this sequel. (I've used 2 so far) A nice assortment of weapons are at your disposal and more can by earned through good gameplay.

    As in the first, the music is a welcome addition to the visuals. It is available as a soundtrack, and I may very well pick it up. The graphics are well done and keep in mind, I had to turn the quality down due to my aging GeForce256 card. I imagine they are much better on a newer video card. I heard raves about how good the menus are in Hitman 2 and jeers about those in the first game. I personally liked them better in the original, but after a short while, these are easily acceptable.

    Now to the bad... This game is buggy. Granted, I am playing it on a somewhat dated system. ( PIII 733 / 768MB / GeForce256 32MB ) There is already at least one patch out for this game. The performace of the game is fine when it is running, but I have yet to be able to launch, play and quit the game in one session without a hard reboot of my computer. It is more stable at lower quality settings but still somewhat problematic. The AI can be a little quirky sometimes, with soliders inexplicably finding out your cover, but it's not too bad.

    Despite those issues, this game is worth the hassle it has thrown at me. If you want a change from the same old FPS games, or liked the first Hitman, you would do yourself well to indulge in this game....more info

  • A Different Kind of Shooter
    This game takes into detailed account all of the shortcomings of the first Hitman game, Agent 47. Good ol' 47 is back in this thrilling new game, and for those who haven't played the first one, you're missing part of what makes this game great.
    Silent Assassin introduces in-game saves, (something that the first hitman, Agent 47, inexcusably left out) as well as a vastly improved musical score and some new weapons. The music, by the way, is performed by The Budapest Symphony, which is every bit as majestic as it sounds.
    For the Duke Nuke'em and Quake 3 types, this is not necessarily the game for you. Go rambo and you'll find yourself 6 feet under by the time you can get out your cholroform. Stealth, secrecy, and patience are the orders of the day. You must watch the guards to figure out their patterns, search carefully for your foe; all while appearing normal. Another improvement to this game is the AI. Wearing a disguise WILL NOT allow you to simply waltz into the maximum security prison anymore.
    Running, holding the wrong type of gun, or even hanging around a guard too long will make the bad guys suspicious. They don't like people behind them. Some will ignore you, some will avoid you, some will ask for ID, and some will just shoot you.

    If you think you can be patient and discreet, and (usually) resist the urge to just stand there lookin' cute and when something moves you shoot, this is an outstanding game with to-die-for (well, to-kill-for) scenery. A few areas are rather droll, with few innocent bystanders -- much of the time everyone around is a guard, or sometimes the civilians are more observant than the guards. For those who have played Thief 2: The Metal Age, you know what I'm talking about.
    Overall, this is an outstanding and challenging game. Though the list of missions is short, there is no limit to the number of ways to do them, and you'll enjoy performing them over and over again....more info

  • Excellent new game
    This is an excellent game that is very realistic and with really cool graphics, story line, and weapons. Definitely recommended....more info
  • Save your Breath : DOESN'T WORK ON XP!!
    Im not complaning because it stinks or anything but because of something big. THE GAME DOESN'T WORK ON XP!!!!! I returned it to see if it was my computer that is the problem but it is very common for hitman 2 to crash on windows XP. so if it says "Direct3D : unable to create device. Try changing resolution or color depth" and on XP. Return it immediately. I returned it and got it on Xbox....more info
  • This game has it all...
    The graphics and music in this game are spectacular. I like that realism of the shot placement too. Having played the first version of this game, I think that EIDOS has come a long way. To those of you who haven't played either version of this series, this is a shooter that requires a LITTLE BIT of skill(You notice I said a little bit). You can't just run in and start shooting. If you do, your game will be over quickly. Now, on the tech side, there are a few issues with this game that myself and many other people have come across. It seems kind of hit and miss for these problems. There are many bulletin boards out there that have tweaks to help with these problems. My problem was resolved by simpling upgrading my video card drivers(Haven't had time to update drivers lately). I also suggest downloading AM:3D DieselPower. This is a free download specifically for this game.... I found it to boost the sound quality quite a bit. I played the game in both EAX mode and DieselPower mode and preferred the DieselPower mode, but that's just my opinion. Really, the only thing that kept me from giving this game a 5 star rating is the technical problems with the game....more info
    I just got this game with my new sound card, and I have to say I can't stop playing it. The graphics are by far the best I've ever seen. The same goes for the audio and the gameplay in general. Let me put it this way, if I was stranded on a desert island with only one thing, it would be this game. Just holding the cd would be glory enough.

    *bows down before the makers of this game*...more info

  • Great Game
    All of the choices you can make are just amazing. There are at least 5-10 ways to complete every mission. Nice graphics and gameplay, I would definately recommend it to anybody who likes 3rd or 1st person shooters (as you can switch between the two if you like). Love the Hitman symbol. Great game overall....more info
  • Really enjoying the game
    Love this game. I've been looking for something of this type for a long time. I finally ran across this game. The only drawback I have with this game is that some of the missions it is almost impossible to use complete stealth, which is what I'm looking for. I rather sneak around and be stealthy instead of running in with guns blazing. But to each their own....more info
  • okay
    To slow meaning story. Just not into spending hours trying to learn the action keys. They have taken a video game and tried to make a pc game....more info
  • Better than Splinter Cell (sorry)
    Hitman 2 is a real cross between the aesthetics of Splinter cell and the atmosphere and design of Theif 2. in Splinter Cell there are many pre-scrpited moments that try to create times of tension and fail miserably. Hitman suffers from none of this. the biggest difference from Splinter is that you can disguise yourself as various employees of big bosses. You can then pass by various guards/undercover guys unoticed as long as you walk calmly and don't attract their attention. This creates fantastic tension and is on a par with Theif (almost).
    Graphics are superb and sound also. Also the map is big, big help providing you with the power to plan your attack or getaway. All in all Hitman 2 delivers the stealth of Thief (without the medieval backdrop) and the graphics (nearly) of Splinter cell. I would recommend you play this before SC and it should be cheaper now!!!...more info
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (PC)
    Excellent Game - Some minor video issues w/ XP SP2...more info
  • A Step Down
    I may be the only one to feel this way, but I found that "Hitman 2" didn't live up to the quality of the original. The first game was unique in style and execution, and scored extra points simply for the stealth/subterfuge aspects. Both games limit the player's freedom significantly, but it's hard to see how this could be avoided in a game supposedly about stealth.
    Unfortunately, I felt much more limited in the choices I could make to complete the missions during "Hitman 2". In almost every scenario the game forced the player into a narrow variety of paths, leaving little freedom to concoct his/her own plan of attack. Basically, to complete the mission, the player has to perform "guess-and-check" actions until he/she discovers one of the few "correct" ways to proceed. This was more true in "Hitman 2" than in the first game.
    Personally, I strongly disliked the (slightly) greater emphasis on story in the sequel. First, in the voice-over it was a ridiculously bad decision to give #47 a Sicilian accent. He went from sounding cold and calculating to sounding like a ridiculous parody of "Goodfellas". The character was originally a soulless, personality-free machine of a man with no real history, and I didn't like how he was suddenly allocated a whole slew of morals. Basically, he became a stock "hero"-character.
    "Hitman" was a solid game, and "Hitman 2" delivers many of the same perks as its predecessor. Unfortunately, nearly everything that sets this game apart from the first is a step backward....more info
  • "Terminate....with *extreme* prejudice." 5+++ stars!!!
    Sick of tedious, boring, copy-cat First-Person-Shooters where your character gears up with tons of superweapons and blasts everything that moves?

    Nah, me neither---I mean, who can ever get tired of mindless mayhem, ultraviolence, and total carnage?---but "Hitman2:Silent Assassin" is a gonzo break from typical FPS games, sports some outstanding graphics, features amazingly fluid, fast-paced and open-ended gameplay, and is one of the most compulsively addictive video games I've played in the last five years. My only complaint: it's far too short.

    THE BASICS: You play Agent 47, a genetically engineered super-assassin who has given up his murderous ways to become a gardener in back of a cathedral on Sicily. Don't worry, though: the local mafioso want to be paid off to keep your secret, and kidnap your mentor, Father Vittorio. You contact the super-secret Agency that hired you before, but for information and help they want you to help them pacify certain regional 'problems'. That's right---travel to exotic and fascinating places, meet new and interesting people---and kill them.

    THE GAMEPLAY: Each mission begins with a detailed briefing, including photographs and recon videos of your targets, a map of the mission area, and additional background. And with most of the mission, you get to decide the equipment you'll take in. Best of all, the approach to the missions is extremely fluid: unlike most shooters, you can choose your approach and the target, bodyguards, police and civilians all react differently. Want a truly silent approach? Slip past the guards and throttle your victim with a fibre-wire, then slip back out. Need a shot of adrenaline? Go in with submachine-guns blazing.

    Another nice touch is the ability to disguise yourself and slip into the target site unsuspected, getting close enough to your target to cast the killing blow without raising suspicion. You also have a wide range of weapons: crossbows, silenced 9mm pistols, Uzi submachineguns, combat knives and scalpels, a wide range of sniper rifles, even heavier M60 street sweepers. All of them have distinctive sounds, from the 'whiff' of a silenced pistol to the throaty "pokkk-pokkk-pokkk" of an M60.

    HIGHS: And once "Hitman2" kicks into high gear, you'd best dust off those fake passports: you're going to be 'paying your respects to a Russian military base in St. Petersburg, Russia; show-up in tux at a German embassy ball; slip into a feudal and high-tech Yakuza fortress in Japan; pull off high-profile assassinations in the glittering Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumphur; and infiltrate cultists and revolutionaries in Afghanistan and India. All of the missions are designed to provide complete flexibility, and you can carry out your objectives with total stealth or with the gun-blazing fury of a mass murderer.

    The graphics are also outstanding but the game is forgiving: even on a P-III 700 Mhz machine with a 32MB video-card I had decent frame-rate and the game moved rapidly, slowing down only when I was in combat with hordes of enemy guards. You will want to make sure you upgrade all your video card and sound card drivers; also, a number of gamers have had problems with sound distortion. The way around this is to download a file called AM:3d Diesel, which you may find at Patch this into the game, and you'll experience Hitman's gorgeous (and atmospheric) sound.

    LOWS: Few saves can make for frustrating gameplay, but once you get the hang of the missions and start planning ahead, you shouldn't have much to worry about. There are a few funky glitches in the game, like shooting a guard with a low-calibre pistol and watching him shoot up in the air and fly back 50 feet, but these instances are remarkably rare. Another problem: you can't effectively attack enemies with your hands, which seems awfully silly, given the game's emphasis on stealthy assassinations with low collateral damage. About the best you can do is conk your opponent in the head with your pistol or machine gun, and that just doesn't do the trick. Finally, the game is just too short.

    SURPRISES! Enemy AI is actually outstanding, though it's frustrating when your cover is blown, seemingly for no reason. Also, try getting through the missions without inflicting collateral damage (ie, knock guards out with chloroform and minimize encounters with the enemy until you kill your target)---you'll find you get all sorts of juicy goodies.

    Hitman2: Agent47 was a great, safe, and law-abiding way to sate my lifelong desire to be an international assassin; it's got style in spades, fluid gameplay, and is compulsive stuff for a rainy weekend....more info

  • some bad flaws but otherwise good
    When i first got Hitman 2 i was expecting a realistic 1st and 3rd person tactical/shooter. I was dissapointed when i found that you(47) could take about 25 shots from a 9mm pistol and not die. Also if the AI had an automatic gun they would shoot it like was a pistol. They would never switch to rock-and-roll mode and shoot at you. When you shot a 3 round burst from the m4 at an AI player's foot they would still be able to fight too. I was dissapointed with the unrealistic way the guns handled.
    The first person view was also a failure in my point of view. The perspective was way off. All the guns were too small in first person. I only play with 3rd person view.
    Other than all that, the graphics are great, The AI smart, the missions good, and the variety of weapons good....more info
  • HitMan 2 Rocks!
    I loved Hitman 1 Codename 47, but always felt the their was room for improvement! and here it is Hitman 2, this game Rocks! Graphics are wonderful, realistic! Music sounds wonderful. I can't wait for Hitman 3!...more info