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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is an all-new adventure starring Sonic and his pals, that takes Sonic places he's never been before!

Sega's mascot made his 3-D debut on the Dreamcast, but with the demise of that system the zippy blue hedgehog is popping up everywhere--including on the GameCube. Unfortunately, his first next-gen appearance, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, is marred by the same 3-D camera problems that plagued the Dreamcast version, and the multiplayer "battle" component isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Right out of the gate, players have the option of choosing Hero (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles) or Dark (Dr. Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge) quests, which are completely different. Sonic and his dark counterpart Shadow traverse levels at warp speed colleting coins and power-ups while fighting enemies in the game's most exhilarating moments. Unfortunately, the other characters are nowhere near as fun to play. Dr. Eggman and Tails fight through levels that require little more than constant button-mashing to shoot an endless procession of enemies, and Knuckles and Rouge participate in seemingly endless levels that require searching for a variety of objects.

Graphically, the game is a bit of a letdown considering the processing muscle of GameCube. Models are fairly simplistic, and level textures are sometimes bland. Game Boy Advance owners can use a link cable to download Chao from the game and train them on the go, but the rewards for doing so are minor considering the time investment involved. The main feature this game offers over its Dreamcast predecessor is the variety of multiplayer modes, which are fun but offer none of the depth or replayability of standalone multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. Melee. Still, they are nice additions--especially the racing games--and round out a flawed single-player component. Sonic addicts who missed this game the first time around on the Dreamcast will definitely want to check it out, but the finicky camera, tedious non-Sonic/Shadow levels in single-player mode, and surprisingly shallow multiplayer components (especially the Chao games) turn what could have been a great game into a mere good one. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Plenty of variety
  • Sonic/Shadow levels are pure, unadulterated fun
  • Knuckles/Rouge levels are tedious
  • Multiplayer aspects could use some more depth
  • 12 playable characters
  • an array of modes
  • two-player action

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Deal!!
    I and my brothers love this game!! I would recommend it 2 all sonic lovers....more info
  • Favorite Gamecube Game
    This game is awesome. Fast paced platforming as only Sonic can deliver. Has lots of reply value as well as unlockables. Multiplayer is great too. If you own a Gamecube(or a Wii and Gamecube controller) you should definately get ahold of this title....more info
  • SA2B
    This game is pretty good. I like raising chao, but it gets repetitive. Its a fun game with a good story, but I don't like Rouge's and Knuckle's treasure hunting games. ...more info
  • M y personal favorite.
    When i bought this game i didn't have a gamecube i bought it for my aunt's gamecube, it was an amazing exprience Then when i got my gamecube i had enough time to beat it, the chao rock i pent hours on them,the gameplay rocks(well it's sonic)And I liked the fact that you could play Robotnik(eggman)But my favorite part was basically the chao, but nonetheless the game rocks the only thing i didn't like was the common glitches in it but thats hardly a complaint....more info
  • Loud But Entertaining
    My daughter loves this game. It is one of the few that travels between house holds. Mainly I think her father enjoys tormenting me with the noise of this game. However I will say it keeps her and my 4 month old infant son entertained. He has the best time watching her play it. One time he would not let me even take him away from her while she was playing it. Quite amusing to me.

    She would love it if they just had a game of raising the chos. They are her favorite part of the game. She goes over the levels till she knows them by heart. She plays the game endlessly till it is taken away from her....more info
  • Plenty of fun..gets boring in the end
    this game was alright..wasnt the had more levels then the fisrt sonic adventure.. the only thing this one was missing was the adventure field, but for sure this is a better game then the fisrt one.. id suggest rent it fisrt before buyin it though...more info
  • An eight-year-old boy's review
    This game is ULTRA fun! My favorite part is story mode. There are so many levels to play. You can even choose to play dark or hero. Once you get far in the game you can have cart races. You can play with two players, each choosing a different character in different modes. My favorite mode is running races. When I played this my first time, I got hooked!
    ...more info
  • sonic sucks i hate this dumb game
    sonic is for little dumb babies. sonic is very dumb. i hate sonic...more info
  • A very good game
    This game is a lot like Sonic adventure, but defineatly not Sonic adventure. Its even better! First you get to choose between hero and dark gameplay modes. As hero, you would be Sonic, the speedy protaginist, Tails, the robot maker(you actually are in one of his inventions unless youre in chao world), or Knuckles, the treasure hunter. In dark mode, you would be Shadow, the black sonic-like antagonist, Eggman the crazy genius(who also uses a robot like Tails), or Rouge, the treasure hunter (or should I say robber!).

    So basically Eggman awakens Shadow, the black sonic clone, and then Shadow robs the bank and stuff. GUN, the military group, mistakes Shadow for Sonic (what kind of idiot does that!?) and Sonic's makin a run for it in a search for chaos emeralds, rings, and other stuff.

    Here's what is really cool! Chao! Introduced in Sonic Adventure, these cute little dudes are fun to raise, snuggle, and even breed! The chao world is divided into 4 parts (only 2 in the beginning): Chao garden, where you raise your chao (you start out with two of them, and kindergarten (where you can name your chao, get a medical exam, learn stuff, and buy stolen goods!) The secret 2 are the hero garden and dark garden, special raising grounds for chaos of allegiance. To unlock these gardens, simply gain a chao of the correct allegiance, by feeding it either hero or dark fruit, or by raising it with a hero or dark character. Oh yeah, to get into the chao garden, all you have to do is find one chao key on one level! Easy! But if you want to be able to select a character to go in with, you must find them a key!

    The music in this game is the best in any game. It even has lyrics and it totally rocks out on Sonic's levels!

    I consider this the best Sonic game, and my 4th favorite game! It's for gamecube and dreamcast, just so ya know. If you dont have this game, buy it! And if you dont have a gamecube or dreamcast, hurry up and get one! I bought this game 4 years ago and am still having loads of fun!...more info
  • Ahh, The Memories...
    My brother and I rented this game a few years back, and adored it. While at the game store today we bought it again and played it right when we got home. It was just as I remembered! The two player mode is really fun, I think personally, and it's an overall great game. Of course, I've seen better games (but not in this genere) with better graphics (the graphics are STILL really nice, though), but this is somthing really cute. Overall, a nice peice of work that will be fun for, as the rating says, everyone!...more info
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Nothing but dreamcast love)
    Dreamcast makes a return of the cube!

    I reconmend this game to anyone.

    Sonic and company are back and better than ever in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for Nintendo GameCube. Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks, and it's up to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to stop him yet again. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle features faster action, all-new two-player games, and a branching storyline that lets you choose to save the world as the Hero side, or conquer it as the Dark side. Two new playable characters enter the Sonic universe -- a mysterious dark hedgehog called Shadow, and a jewel-thieving bat named Rouge. In the single-player mode, you'll go through more than 30 unique stages, which include everything from a forgotten pyramid, an abandoned military base, and a giant space station. Then there's the expanded two-player mode, which features 12 playable characters competing in new head-to-head games. All of this adds up to Sonic's biggest adventure yet!

    New two-player "Battle" mode featuring action racing, treasure hunting, shooting, kart racing, Chao racing, and the comical new Chao karate.

    12 playable characters -- Six hero and dark characters plus six others from the Sonic series, including Amy Rose, Metal Sonic, and Chaos Zero.

    Cable Link with Game Boy? Advance -- Raise and train your Chao on the go!

    Single-player Adventure mode lets you try to save the world as Sonic and friends, or conquer it as Shadow, Rouge, and Dr. Robotnik.

    New Moves -- Grind down rails, grab ledges, and swing from poles.

    More than action 30 Stages and 150 missions. Can you collect all 180 emblems?
    ...more info
  • CHAOS CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got this game 3 years ago. it is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!! shadow rules!!!!!!!!! I just love the last favorite level is final rush with sonic.i've played it ever since i was 9 (Iam 12 now) and its still fun
    1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/5.the only thing i don't like is the curse in the knuckles theme.
    ...more info
  • Best 3-D sonic game!
    This was my first game for gamecube, and despite the fact I already had the Dreamcast version (the updated 2 player mode of this gamecube version was much appriciated), I had hours of fun and still do. The thing that I love about this game is it's variety, you even have two story modes, both featuring there own set of levels! The two story modes, Hero (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) and Dark (Shadow, Robotnik, Rouge), also provide a different perspective on the same story, which helps in understanding it. This game has three types of stages, the Sonic/Shadow stages are pretty much the 3-D version of the classic Sonic action that practically all gamers are familiar with. The Tails/Robotnik stages are third-person shooters, lock on to multiple enemies to gain extra points. The Knuckles/Rouge stages are "treasure hunting" challenges, and some of the harder ones are just that, challenging (and annoying if you get stuck on them for two long). Follow the radar at the bottom of the screen as it changes from green (cold) to red (hot) to find the peices of the master emerald. Each story also features a driving mini game. There are also a variety of engaging boss battles and once you finish both story modes, a "Last Story" opens with one ultra hard stage where you'll have to use all characters (except Shadow who does the first of the two consective final battles afterwards). There is also a chao mode where you can raise these virtual pets. You can alter their looks and abilitys with the small animals and chaos drives (crayons) you find in the stages. This game also has unlockable features and multiple missions (and ranks) for each stage. Surely a game with this much fun and variety should satisfy any gamer or Sonic fan! ...more info
  • CHAO!!!!
    I love the pets called chao. Little blob like creatures that eat, breath, sleep, ect...... This game can be difficult in some cases too. Now back to the chao. Get one! I only played this game at a friends house once, and look how much I've learned already. If I were you, which I'm not, I would buy this in a heartbeat. I did!!!!!!!!!!! Buy it or DIE!

    P.S. It comes in GameCube and GameBoyAdvance platforms....more info
  • Sonic comes back and Shadow makes his grand apearence
    This is truely the BEST next to the original genasis games! Shadow is my favorite and has been before I started playing and beleave me, choosing Dark side is the best path. of course beating all the storys is the big treat the last part brings in the truth of what happened 50 years ago! Shadows wonderful personality and tragic end made strong fans around the world who all celabrated with his return in Sonic Heroes. I am one of them.I've beeten the game with 115 emblems total and also (heres the best) am a chao raser. My Chao Maria is probably the fasest chao there is she's cleared every race and only is happy when I bring Shadow to the garden. For a story beyond all game plots (except Zelda. those are the best) and fun Chao rasing thats better then the first you have GOT to play this game....more info
  • WOW!
    This game is awsome! The graphics are perfect! The words match the mouths and the storyboard is just like the series. I'd give it an all 10!...more info
  • Sweet Success
    I've had this game for 2 years, but I just beat it. It is a very fun game, I love the choa. I just don't understand why Shadow had to die. I thought Shadow was the best character. This is my first Sonic game since Sega, and I loved it....more info
  • Horrid
    I loved the first Sonic Adventure game (Gamecube remake) and I only expected this one to be as good, if not better. But, boy was I wrong. It's a truly horrible game that's scattered all over the place with no non-linear progression or free roaming abilities of the original.

    The graphics are ugly, the camera system is the worst I have ever come across and the levels are tiresome and repetitive. Where's the dynamic gameplay of the first game? Or the cool mini-games that keep you coming back again and again? It was just ugly and garish and far inferior to Sonic Adventure. Do not buy or rent.

    I can only hope and pray that Sonic Heros is better because I have already bought it....more info
  • Not too hard
    But still a great game. My favorite game. Shadow(the Ultimate Life-Form) is (other than Sonic) my favorite character. Shadow wanted to fulfill his promise to Maria. Cool story. Also, a chao feature. The last episode is the best. Sonic and Shadow team up and(before the final boss of the game) use the 7 Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow(I'm just guessing for Shadow's) to defeat the Biolizard( for a second time as Finalhazard and the prototype of the ultimate life-form). They put the space colony back in place, but Shadow dies at the end. His last words were something like "Maria, is this what you wanted?" To win it it's fairly easy. To TOTALLY complete it, you have to collect all 180 emblems (extremely hard)....more info
  • great
    it was a great game the digging part is the hardest but once you get past that it is much easier and it has shadow...more info
  • Still A Platforming Trailblazer?
    Let's clear one thing up before I begin: I ain't gonna stop playing Sonic games. I'll always be a fan of the blue blur, no matter what. That's why no matter how blatently corny the product is, I'll still check it out 'cause I still believe that they'll eventually get Sonic right. SA2B is such a product. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great game. But there is definitely some kinks to work out that I'm sure could've brought Sonic out of the so-called box of washed-up mascots.

    Story: A slight variation on the story scheme from the first SA, players are allowed to play as the Heroes (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles) and their Dark counterparts (Shadow, Rouge, and for the first time, Dr. Robotnik. The plot is that Robotnik (who is still dubbed as Eggman; c'mon Japan!) breaks into a military stronghold to unleash a top secret weapon his grandfather was working on. Turns out the weapon is a diminitive black hedgehog named Shadow, claiming to be the ultimate lifeform. In return for releasing him, Shadow will grant Eggman a wish based on his intentions, which are (what else)to CONQUER THE WORLD! The two split, with Shadow requesting Chaos Emeralds and to meet the Dr. on the Space Colony ARK. Hmmmmm...first a flood of "biblical proportions" in Sonic Adventure 1, then a space colony named ARK. Anyway, the military is on hot pursuit, and they end up capturing Sonic by mistake. Waaaait a second.....isn't Sonic blue and Shadow is black with red stripes? Either the soldiers are stupid or colorblind. Either way, in Story Mode on the Hero side, you play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as they struggle to save the planet from Robotnik's nefarious scheme and clear Sonic's name in the process. On the Dark side (no Star Wars jokes, please!!), you get Shadow, Robotnik, and Rouge the Bat who try to be evil, naturally. The story is actually pretty good, even though the script and the cutscenes could've done a better job of telling it.

    Gameplay: SA2B is more diverse than one would expect, yet it's also a mixed bag on how they turn out. There are three sets of characters found on both sides, which represent how their respective levels will be. Sonic and Shadow are the speed-demons, racing through a visually-dazzling rollercoaster in each stage they are presented. You must get to the Goal Ring, but it's one nausea-inducing thrillfest to get there: bashing robots, grinding on rails, and swinging on poles. City Escape, the first and probably one of the best levels, represents this perfectly as Sonic is careening down a busy streetlane on a snowboard, knocking cars in the air (WTF?) and performing high-flying tricks all before you land on your feet. All at high speed and a liquid framerate. Tails and the bad Dr. have the "shoot'em up w/mechs" styled levels, using "walkers" to tread through levels. Definitely not as fast, or as hard, as the racing levels. It's just mindless blasting platform action. Moving on to Knuckles and Rouge, the treasure hunters. You must find pieces of the master emerald (again) using clues, digging, flipping switches, gliding, the whole nine yards. The multi-tiered stages are much bigger than SA1, which makes the pace a biiiit slower. Nevertheless, there's variety to spare, with mini-games ranging from go-karting to Chao raising. Yeah, I know....they're back. More on that in a second, but don't expect Mario Kart(TO BE CONTINUED)...more info
  • I'm a kid... so I love to beat my friends!
    In the game Sonic Adventure 2 battle you can play 2 player, and go to different levels to play againest eachother. I got this game on Christmas, and I thought it would be boring. But when I opened my present that had this game inside, I bounced off the walls! I was was so happy because I wanted to play this game that had action, different people you can play as, and the game lets me beat my friends. Ok... I'll shut up, I'm going to make this short and sweet: I like this game, and I think you will to!...more info
  • NO WAYYYYY!!!!
    See i'm about to get this for christmas and a few month's ago i played it in my friend's house.I dropped my jaw for a-half have metal sonic,sonic,shadow,amy(she's slow but she can do a attack before treasure hunt,knukles,rouge the bat,tikel(she's a new girl)and that little blue goop guy sorry don't know his name.the only problem is that the treasure hunt is kinda boring.Overral this game is two tuhmb's me if your a sonic fan like me you will flip.and if your not your still going to flip(you have no other option)peace out my nega's...more info
  • Cool game
    I think this game is pretty cool. My younger brother loves it. ...more info
  • sonic
    i am a huge fan of sonic, and i liked the game. it was really fun!!! i really liked that some of the levels had singing in it, and i loved the sonic/shadow levels. the only problem is the knuckles/rouge levels were you hunt for the chaos emeralds are IMPOSSIBLE!!! other than that, its a pretty fun game, but i liked sonic heroes and sonic DX better. ...more info
  • boss
    i beat the last level and i got killed 50 times and this boss called the biolizard man! it's nuts ...more info
  • Where have the loveable characters I knew gone?
    This game was fun at first, but then it just got annoying, especially the characters:

    Sonic: He's okay, but just like the game, not as good as before. He's either too mean or too nice, and, towards the end, he's blaming others (specifically Knuckles) when something goes wrong (you can argue all you want; that's how I feel. His levels are the most fun to play.

    Tails: I liked him better when he wasn't in that mechanical thing. Tails isn't the cute, loveable little kitsune he used to be. Now, he's one step closer to becoming a non-evil Robotnik (Eggman's real name) clone (with the mech and all.) His levels are more "shoot'em-up" themed now.

    Knuckles (fave char:) ): He's still the Knuckles we all know and love, but his levels are redundant,could take over 30 min., and are, overall, not very fun. Like a long, boring scavenger hunt.

    Shadow: I don't care what Shadow fans say; HE'S AN EVIL SONIC CLONE! He's annoyingly vengful (reason: his friend, Maria, was killed about 50 years ago in a successful attempt to save Shadow's life), which is either good or bad, depending on who your favorite characters are in this and other games. Levels like Sonic's.

    Eggman: Okay, still the same Eggman. Levels like Tails', except they include breaking into things.

    Rouge: Quote: All the gems in the world are mine! Unquote. I find her annoying and bratty, kinda like Shadow. Levels like Knuckles', except supurisingly easier.

    The Game Overall: This game is fun, up until stage 13(suprise, surprise), where it gets EXTREMELY hard, and raising Chao is fun (I love Chao), but this game is not the first Sonic Adventure. It's harder, the characters have less likeable personalities, and flawed camera angles (what else is new?.) The music is good, except for Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, and Amy's theme songs, which are either bad or annoying. This game is worth a rental and possibly a buy. If you liked/loved Sonic Adventure, you *might* like this one. Personaly, I want to play as the characters I loved....more info
  • Sonic should ditch his friends
    Sonic is great. It is everything else that drags this game down.
    Just like Sonic Adventure (and later Sonic Adventure Director's Cut) you have secondary characters that you can play as. So please sega, STOP IT.
    The game is "Sonic Adventure", not "Sonic's friends have a tea party and if time permits perhaps an adventure." (Which I think we'll see as a 2008 release)
    Also they have ruined the characters that were great. I used to love Knuckles, but in this game his controls are bad and levels are awful. I used to love Tails, but in this game he is in a mech suit. That's right, a giant mech suit for no reason whatsoever. The evil versions are EXACTLY the same. Robotnik is in a mech suit, Rogue is a female knuckles, etc...
    I play sonic games for SONIC, not for his posse. Sonic Heroes continued this increase in the number of playable characters, which also increased how bad it was.
    Do yourself a favor - pick up Sonic Adventure Director's Cut or one of the collections of old sonic games like Sonic Mega Collection Plus PS2....more info
  • bestgameever
    the best game Sonic Team, SEGA and the vide game industry ever has produced. This game has everything. An excellent saving the world story. Good variation of:
    -movements; both running, flying, driving cars, grinding, shooting
    And of course there is a multiplayer option. If you liked the earlier versions of Sonic, then you gonna love this even more. A tough challenge for upcoming Wii, PS3 and XBOX 360 sonic games to beat this masterpiece....more info
  • One of GameCube's best Sonic games ever!
    This game ROCKS!!! My brother and I have played it sooo many times, over and over! This game can be VERY challenging, especially the timed missions (the 4th missions), so I suggest you buy the Action Relay MAX for GameCube from CodeJunkis. This game also has a few glitches in it, but don't bother them. The Chao are sooo cute, especially when they sing in the Chao Kindergarten. And the Chao races can be hard, but not as hard as the origional gaming mode. I rather buy the Action Replay MAX for GameCube first, then buy this great game, so you don't get too frustrated!...more info
  • pretty good
    Hey, I liked this game alot. Though, I never played other Sonic's before this one, and so I am bound to like this game. But passing over me, the game.
    Pretty good. I liked it! The chao are kool (still trying to get an imortal one). Some of the levels were way hard, but you know, whats life without challanges??
    It's made for the last level. SO EASY!!!!...more info
  • Sonic Advernture 2 Battle
    In this game, kids can beat up baddies while going through stages and obtaining new items.

    -The Game

    Joining the bad side or fighting for justice, you can save the world-or conquer it! The many stages are of different varieties. And at the end of each stage, if you obtain the 'Chao Key' you can go to 'Chao Garden!'


    Chao are adorable little creatures the you take care of by giving them Chaos Drives and Animals. Giving them Chaos Drives raises one particular level, and giving them animals changes their look and raises a variety of levels. Depending on how you raise them changes their personality. Depending on who you raise them with changes if they become good or bad! Chao Garden is the first garden you come to. Then, after being unlocked, you can have Hero and Dark Gardens!

    This game is a recomendation....more info
  • Ultimate Sonic Game
    SA2B is the ultimate Sonic game! Explore the mystery of what happened 50 years ago on the Space Colony Ark, find the pieces of the Master Emerald, choose to be good or evil, watch Chao in the Chao World mode, and listen to each level's unique songs! So much can be done on this game! Each level has it's own unique song, I prefer the one from City Escape. The Chao World mode lets you interact with your Chao more than ever, and unlocks more gardens once a Chao has evolved (EX: Hero Chao=Hero Garden). Once the entire good story and entire dark story is completed, you can finish the game in the ultimate Final Story. Work together a Tails, Eggman, Rouge, Knuckles, and Sonic to reach Space Colony Ark's core, fight the Bio-Lisard, the Proto Type of the Ultimate Lifeform as Shadow, then stop the Ark from crashing into the Earth as Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow! Overall 5 stars, 10/10...more info
  • 4/5
    the next sequel after sonic adventrue
    this is the same gameplay as sonic adventure 2 on the dreamcast
    much better graphics, more character, more gameplay and 2 player :D. remmbr Sonic Adventure and Sonic Battle are both the same, is just sonic battle is when the character fight, and sonic adventure is sonic's adventure...more info
  • Still the best Sonic game out after maybe 3-4 years or so...
    This game is very, very, very, good! Infact it is one of the few good games out for the Cube right now. It is only rivaled by: Super Smash Bros., Zelda Windwaker, and Animal Crossing. Get this game it is getting more uncommon to find this game as time flies by. soon this game might be costing you an arm and a leg. One of the most popular aspects of the Game is the Chao, these are creatures that the various Sonic characters in the game collect items and food for during the stages. they are what keep me playing and why should mainly buy this game. you might get bored after about 60 hours of gameplay after beating the game so watch out. This ain't to much of a problem cause it's replay and after game value is good and addictive. Like I said, This game is slowly disappearing so I'd buy it quick if I haven't already....more info
  • awesome story, great levels
    This game works on nearly all fronts. From the storyline to the music to the gameplay to the replay value, this is the one to get.

    The storyline is excellent, especially near the end of the game, when the secrets of Gerald Robotnik are revealed. Also, the story moves at a good pace, beginning with some mystery, keeping the mystery throughout most of the game, and then ending with a dramatic conflict with the true enemy of this game. It is also a great plot device in the final level when both sides join forces to stop ARK from crashing into the Earth.

    The music is great, and I recommend the soundtrack to anyone who likes the game. The music for the different levels is great, particularly the music in "City Escape" and "Meteor Herd". The boss level music really brings out the intensity that goes along with the storyline as you near the conclusion of the game.

    The gameplay itslef is outstanding. Except in one case in the Dark story, no character has two levels in a row. This is refreshing as it gives the player a new challenge to work through. The Rouge and Knuckles levels are particularly good, as they are large and it is not a level that is finished in two seconds. The game also nicely progresses from easy levels to moderate levels to difficult levels. The player doesn't feel like he's fighting something impossible or doing something that is so easy it's not even funny. The one complaint I have about the whole game is the camera work. It is not very freehand and it is often difficult to backtrack your steps if you miss something.

    This game has the best replay value of any game that I've ever played. The Chao Garden helps. But this game truly never gets old. And once you finish the actual game, you still have nearly 150 emblems to try and get if you want to collect them all. It may be hard, but it's fun to do. I recommend this game to any gaming fans and especially to Sonic fans. Of all of the new post-Dreamcast Sonic games, this is the one to get....more info
  • Knuckles needed better levels!!
    This game is pretty cool but knuckles needed better levels he is awsome!The game is about a sonic look alike named shadow who is geting sonic into trouble.Choose between good or evil....more info
  • This 8 year old LOVES this game
    I love playing this game with my friends. The music and graphics are really cool. I love the different levels and the action in the game. I would definitely recommend this game for a great birthday or holiday present for someone....more info
  • Sonic's Glory Days
    It's not opinion, it's fact that the Adventure series was the best of the Sonic games. Don't get Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, or any SonicX DVDs. Those were crap compared to this....more info
  • SONIC ADVENTURES AGAIN,BUT IT COULD USE MORE ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!