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Microsoft Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers [Old Version]
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $83.99

You Save: $66.00 (44%)


Product Description

Are you a student or teacher on a budget who needs an affordable way to get the core set of Office productivity tools you use at school? We've got the suite for youanew Microsoft Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers.

Microsoft Office XP's empowering document design tools, integration of voice recognition functionality, and impressive network- and Web-based sourcing capabilities should be enough to convince those interested in saving time and consolidating effort to take the leap. In keeping with Microsoft's much-ballyhooed .NET strategy, Office XP introduces several features that utilize the vast infosphere inhabited by the 21st-century desk jockey. Smart tags beckon underneath recognized objects like misspellings or symbols, offering a stock quote here, a synonym there, or "Would anyone care to configure my auto-correction list?" The task pane looks similar to Microsoft Internet Explorer's Explorer Bar, and acts like an open tool chest pulled up alongside each application in the suite, providing readily configured searches for information or multimedia files. Putting up a team Web site that tracks projects and serves as an information hub requires only the use of one of the included templates, ready to be customized and uploaded to the server.

The Send for Review feature further streamlines the collaborative process by allowing the sender to view revisions made by multiple parties within the framework of the original document. Outlook now features a color-coded calendar and easier meeting management, along with instant messaging and variable e-mail account access. All user system errors can be tracked globally, and network security settings then modified remotely while antivirus and debugging IT resources are diverted accordingly.

After firing up Microsoft Word, typing "Dear Somebody," and hitting the Enter key, we made a startling discovery. Up popped Clippy, Microsoft's publicly pink-slipped office assistant. Clippy might have aptly announced, "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated," but instead predictably observed, "It looks like you're writing a letter." Once the groans of disbelief had subsided, we quickly right-clicked and banished Clippy to the silicon ether, presumably forever. --Dominic Johnson

This version is only available for students and teachers and will not be able to be upgraded in the future.

Microsoft Office XP Standard is designed for users who need only the core desktop productivity tools. It offers several new features for simplifying productivity and enabling collaboration by extending Office beyond the desktop. Office XP Standard includes the core Office XP programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Office XP works with you, whatever your needs. Whether you're working on your PC, intranet, or the Web, new context-sensitive smart tags pop up with the options you need, when you need them. No more digging through menus to find the right function. And tasks that once required multiple steps are just one click away with the new task pane. Take advantage of all the features in Office XP applications to get more done in less time. Collaborating with a team is also easier with Office XP--time-consuming routing procedures have been eliminated. Now, just click Send For Review to make short work of combining revisions from multiple reviewers into a single document.

Your work is safe with Office XP. AutoRecover saves documents at regular intervals while you work. You no longer have to worry about losing hours of work from a power outage, either. The Document Recovery feature is designed to save and recover your work-in-progress, with the ability to invoke a corrupt-document repair-and-recovery feature in the event of an error or a failure to load a file. Note: This version is for students and teachers only and will not be able to be upgraded in the future.

Customer Reviews:

  • A [...]company and unknown mystery
    Please reconsider again before you decide to buy it.
    First of all, this product allows you to install only one time.
    You have one desktop and one laptop. Sorry, you have to buy two copies.
    You just format your desktop and want to install Office XP back.
    Sorry, you have to buy the second copy.
    Second of all, several functions are taken away from a normal Office XP package.
    Don't believe what the ad. says.
    You should buy a standard version.
    To me, it's pain in the [...] to buy the version for students and teachers....more info
    A pretty good office suite for a good price... thank goodness my little girl is in school... saving me $$$ for the student variety. But if you want to load on two of your own computers or even change your mind about which computer to use it on... forget it. Microsoft has once again proven their computer prowess by not affording even honest people to use the software on more than one machine or to even swap it to another computer. Believe me... I'll continue to use it, but I will further investigate other operating systems and office suites and if somebody even comes close I'll swap all five of my PC's next time....more info
  • Great Software Package
    An Absolute Must For Any High School or College Student!...more info
  • Great Price, Great Product!
    This product was exactly as the seller said it would be. It was truly affordable and just like new!...more info
  • One word, 'AWESOME' ----XP Office is the best suite.
    I have used all of the Office suites, from Lotus, Star Office, and so on.

    Microsoft has hit a homerun with Office XP, if you need a office suite buy XP....more info

  • MS XP for Students and Teachers
    It works well for my kids school work projects....more info
  • Response to user from Clarksville, TN & MS security patches
    The user doesn't know what he/she is talking about. I have used the various academic editions of MS software since the beginning of them and have never had any trouble with downloading (for free) or ordering a CD of the updates (service packs) from Microsoft and then installing them. I have them running now as I type this. Microsoft has been wonderful in offering discounted versions of their software to academic educators and students alike. Although they don't offer all the applications in the professional or deluxe versions, they offer the core of most interest to academics. As for the complaint about upgrades, why would you want to purchase an upgrade to the new version when if you purchase the next academic version that comes out you will be paying the same price (or less) than an "upgrade version?" Please check your facts before you post. Just clarifying this for others reading the reviews before purchasing. Enjoy!...more info
    The software itself is okay... except for no potential to upgrade. The real bothersome aspect is if you purchase during a rebate period, forget it. I have sent two separate rebates to Microsoft (yes, I can read and followed the directions exactly) and they don't pay. They don't even acknowledge having received them. Imagine that this is the only company in the world that doesn't receive mail properly. I have purchased my last Microsoft anything. I will use freeware, cheapware, or whatever else is available... for myself and my company of well over 1,000 computers....more info
  • Great Deal, put it on 2 computers
    This is a great deal. The apps are very powerful and, contrary to what many have said here, you CAN install this software on 2 computers. You will need to call the Microsoft activation number (toll-free) to activate the second computer but you DO GET 2 LICENSES! This can be a desktop and laptop, 2 laptops, or 2 desktops....more info
  • Unquestionably and by far the best software I've ever used.
    I'm familiar with a variety of office suites, including StarOffice. I can say that no other piece of software in ANY category is better written or more useful than Office XP. It does everything you could possibly want in terms of accounting, desktop publishing, or presentation. I simply don't think any computer should be sold without a copy of Office XP. I've been a faithful Office user since version 4.3, and it has only gotten better and more functional each year. If all you need are "core features" you may as well just use Notepad, but for anyone trying to look professional on paper, insist on Office....more info
  • Great For Students
    This is a fine office suite for students. I have purchased Office as a medical student and it seem to be a good investment. All the programs that are included are complete and fully functional. The programs are even upgradable at Microsoft's Office website. All security patches and improvements are available. Really, the only difference that I can see between the Students and Teachers version and the Standard version is the price, and for a Microsoft product, it's a bargain....more info
  • good value, but this version is non-upgradeable
    runs well on windows xp, but this version is non-upgradeable. not a big deal when you think that their next office upgrade that'll come out in a year or 2 will probably upgrade from previous versions to this (2000, 98?)

    no access, frontpage.. just word, powerpoint, excel, outlook

    too many features yet to explore. works well with xp/pentium4...more info

  • A Good Bargain, But Not Without Faults
    I own a new Sony Vaio, which, unfortunately did not come with MS Office. I had PowerPoint as a standalone product, and Word (which came preloaded), but what I really needed was Excel. I am aware that this can only be loaded on one machine, and that the activation is a hassle, but this package is cheaper than any of the MS standalone products.

    The bottom line for me was that, in exchange for a little loss in flexibility, I have a complete office suite for a very reasonable price. I had no problem registering or activating it, but understand that others have. I likewise understand that I can't move it to a new machine. My other qualm is that there is essentially no operating information, so if you have a problem in a program, you have no documentation to refer to, which meant for me, that I needed to buy the program information books at additional expense. It's a tradeoff, but for most personal or student users, it is still a bargain....more info

  • This software can be moved to a different PC
    this software can be moved to a different PC, all you have to do is call Microsoft and tell them you want to move the software to a different PC and they will give you a code to enter which will allow you to do this...more info
  • Too Many Restrictions
    I bought this item only to discover when reading the license agreement that I do not teach enough hours at my local college to qualify. The other Microsoft products that I might use are just too pricy to be a good value, and all this activation translates into aggravation. I'm going to make do with what I already have....more info
  • Mostly the Same Software, Mostly a Better Value
    If you're looking to buy any of the programs in Microsoft Office and also happen to be a student or teacher, this package is a great way to get them.

    Before you buy this package, make sure your school doesn't have a special deal on it (or its sibling packages)! Large universities are especially likely to have an arrangment where students and teachers may purchase all sorts of Microsoft software through them, at a fraction of even the "... for Students and Teachers" price.

    Even though you can't upgrade this package, it's still great for people with slim pocketbooks. Students may wind up having to buy a full version of Office someday, but in all probability there will be a new version of it out by then. Teachers face a rosier future - instead of upgrading, just buy the new academic package. It'll cost the same, or less, and you won't have to deal with the potential instability of upgrading if you don't want to.

    As far as the software itself goes, it's the standard by which other productivity packages are judged. It's the latest version of Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint... there's not much else to say. I certainly don't need Access, and I've found that the majority of my peers don't use it either.

    Microsoft's activation schemes are irritating, but you probably already knew that.

    Don't forget to consider all the options, though! There are several free Windows-compatible productivity suites out there - notably - that can do some things as well or better than Microsoft Office. Consider giving them a try before you purchase Office; most people don't stand to lose anything except an investment in software they don't end up needing.

    Ultimately, this package is a good choice for academics who need the funcionality, support, or generally "safe" feeling of the latest Microsoft Office package. I've had a good (if uneventful) experience with this software, and I don't feel any qualms about recommending it to those who are eligible to use it....more info

  • I wish I had read the reviews.....
    Had I read the reviews on this product, I would have reconsidered my purchase. I didn't know that I would not be able to load it onto both of my home computers or even load it at home and on the laptop that my daughter takes with her to college. I'm told that if I want to install onto 2 computers that I have to buy the full version of Office XP Standard and even that will only load on 2 computers. I shouldn't have to buy 2 copies when I have 2 home computers and 2 children in college at the same time....more info