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A young girl holding the key to world domination. A villain who will stop at nothing to unlock the path to unlimited power. Prepare to experience an RPG unlike any other. Dark, unique story and good character development. Excellent dialog breathes life into the characters.

A hero with a mysterious past. A young girl holding the key to world domination. A villain who will stop at nothing to unlock the path to unlimited power. Prepare to experience an RPG unlike any other. Welcome to the world of Shadow Hearts.

  • Dark, unique story and good character development.
  • Excellent dialog breathes life into the characters.
  • Compatible with Playstation 2
  • Get ready for game filled fun

Customer Reviews:

  • Shadow Final Fantasy after my Heart
    To start off with I believe that it is important that people realize that the company that made this game, Sacnoth, was orginally a part of Squaresoft and thus the game WILL seem like a Final Fantasy clone. I will admit right away that it seems like Final Fantasy but bear in mind I am relating it to the good Final Fantasy's. That is before the movie replaced the game (which happened shortly after 7). You are a half Russian-half Japanese, hence anglo features, named Yuri (japanese name). You can morph into monsters and can pretty much kick anythings rear-end. The heroine is named Alice, she exorcises demons (White mage) and is very very good at it. Yuri has to protect Alice, yadda yadda yadda, you have an RPG. A new feature called the Judgement Ring has been introduced. Basically you see the ring whenever you do anything in battle other then defend or run. The goal, hit all the colored areas to score hits. Interesting to say the least and kinda fun, the challenge lies in hitting a thin blue strip in the colored areas to get more powerful hits (not criticals the game decides those) you get three and you get a perfect. The ring is also used when buying things (yea discounts) and certain story events. Also introduced is SP, or sanity points. Just like real-life getting into a battle can grate on someones nerves. Every action a character takes in battle lowers their SP one point. When they get to 0 you go berserk until a party member can raise your SP for you. I find this to be very realistic as those characters who are not accustomed to fighting monsters (who is) will go berserk faster because of that fact while those who have been doing it all their lives couldn't really give a rats tail. Also the more monsters you kill you kill the more the 'shadow world' starts to dislike you. This is called Malice, and every once in a while you need to go to the Spirit Graveyard (you get more monsters to morph into here) to cleanse the Malice or the Reaper will come after you. And he is not fun to tangle with trust me. The story could have been better, it is there but not great but at least it isn't because the game is 3/4 movie scenes that the story lacks. The story lacks because the characters really aren't brought to maturation. They are introduced and then never really are finished, with the exception of Yuri and Alice. However it does take many unexpected (and some very expected) plot turns that keeps the player on his/her toes. Now to address some problems that seem to be popping up. First, the game is based in China for the first third of the game so of course the people would have Chinese or Japanese names. I don't think that Yuri is going to walk down the streets of Shanghai and meet a Chinese native worlock (wizard) named Tim. He will be named Dehaui. A female in the Japanese army seems extreme in the early 1900's yet note that her father is the General and not only that she is not well liked by some of the men. So that does kinda cover that problem. The game is rated M, for violence, gore, language, and heavy sexual induendo (that should be on the box I don't know why it isn't). So don't be surprised when you see the gory beginning. Face it 'black magic' is not all posies and butterflies. It is dark and evil and destructive and it doesn't kill 'nicely.' Don't whine about it when you are warned before hand on the box. I like this game flat out. I like this company. It is proving to understand the PS2 software better than SquareSoft is at this moment and until Squaresoft gets it's act together and starts making games instead of movies, Shadow Hearts will always beat out FFX for which RPG I am going to play. Thanks for reading....more info
  • Not soon forgotten...
    I feel like the game is only 50% complete, as if only half the game was finished...

    And yet, it is the best RPG I've played in a long time. The game is quirky, dark, stylish... It's not as good as I hoped, but the 40 - 50 hours I spent on it, was well worth the ride I recieved.

    First off, the music is unique. Not all RPG music is created equal, and this is one of those interesting soundtracks [Same person who did Xenogears contributed]. Unlike a radiant Final Fantasy soundtrack, this one is dark, but brilliant at times.

    Second, the artwork in the game is wonderful. Yes, it is.
    However, it is low resolution and suffers from that, making the 2d background art pixelated/blurry. Thus the comments about the graphics being poor or something...

    But no, the art itself is really interesting and memorable. The attention to unnecessary details in this game made it very enjoyable for me. Areas that are just for transition had some incredible artwork for backgrounds...

    Character designs are great. Although it bothers me that all the characters look the same from beginning to end. No costume changes ;(

    Character development is good. Sidequests are a must! Do those and you'll get some scenes that'll make you appreciate the characters that much more. The game doesn't feel as complete without them...
    How many games make you dislike a character/want to get rid of him, and before you realize it you've suddenly become attached saying don't go!

    Battles and the judgement ring stuff are pretty straight forward. It keeps you interested from beginning to end, but it's not revolutionary.

    Like I said in the beginning, the game feels like it's only 50% complete. If it had been fleshed out however, you'd walk away from this game saying it should be a Final Fantasy or maybe better in terms of quality...

    But even if it isn't complete, I loved the adventure, and those moments of brilliance. Downside is I'm left craving more... [gimme an expansion! arghhhhh!]...more info
  • Old School RPG
    A great RPG. It requires some skill but is not overly difficult. I enjoyed the whole series....more info
  • Amazing game
    This game has everything you can ask for. Its an imaginative thriller rpg with twists on every turn. This is one of the finest games ive ever played in my entire life. The battle system is very original and gives the game some actual skill rather then just using strategy in the tough battles. The story. All i can say is wow. This is a completely different story then any ive seen before. Nothing like final fantasy. it is very original. The weapons system is not in depth, but it does have a little with the acupuncture. For anyone who gave this game below a rating of 4 is not a fan of rpg's. This is one of my favorite games of all time. I recommend it to anyone who likes rpgs or has an interest in them....more info
  • An rpg with a nice blend of wry humor, horror themes and innovative battle engine
    I was fortunate enough to buy a copy of Shadow Hearts when it was first released in 2002 and I was glad that I did. If it wasn't for the release of Final Fantasy X that same holiday season, Shadow Hearts would easily have taken best RPG of 2004. Midway's Shadow Hearts is a nice blend of irreverent, wry humor wrapped around the usual apocalyptic storyline prevalent in most RPGS, but the new twist this time is the heavy dose of horror and occultic themes. The PS1 rpg series Persona tried this horror-theme rpg before, but Shadow Hearts succeeds where Persona almost does it.

    The storyline and especially the dialogue is funny, but there's always a sense of horror just beneath it all. The horror is best shown in the art direction of city and dungeon levels. Some of the scenes in Shadow Hearts practically oozes gore and splatter. The design of the creatures and bosses are pretty original and seem similar in form to the monster from the Silent Hill games. Bodies of animals and people are put together as if by random. Some monsters are nothing but a collection of legs put together. Now that doesn't sound scary, but the way its designed sure gives it an eerie and disturbing appearance. One stage pretty much details the after-effects and potential continuation of mass child-murders. With the leftover eaten remains and gnawed on bones littering the boss fight's lair. Shadow Hearts really isn't Final Fantasy.

    The Justice Ring is a nice change of pace to the usual turn-based battle system used in most Japanese rpgs. The battle system is still turn-based, but every action outside of defending is affected on how well the player hits his mark on the Justice Ring. This keeps the player from just picking an action and seeing what happens. The Justice Ring system keeps the player involved throughout the whole battle. Sometimes perfect use of the Justice Ring is a must to fight and succeed against certain bosses and situations.

    Shadow Hearts may not have the pedigree of the Final Fantasy series, but this first game is a good start for Midway to build their own successful rpg series. As long as they just continue to improve on the core successes that made the game so unique and fun then I see great things for this series....more info
  • Shadow Hearts
    This was such a great game. I'm still in the middle of the game, but it is definately a great game to play. If you like Final Fantasy and Dark Cloud type games you'll love this game also. It was recommended to me around Christmas time. Since Chriatmas all I can think about is this game and how I'm going to finish it....more info
  • Breath taking and amazing
    I bought this game without knowing anything about it, it just looked cool. As I started playing it, I found out that it wasn't just cool, it was amazing. The scenes and music just gave me chills and the judgement ring (which takes some pratice) gave the game a whole new challenge (making it diffrent from FF which I also love). ...more info
  • A different kind of RPG
    With a unique spin on the Final Fantasy type combat system Shadow Hearts manages to keep your interest. Ever feel in a FF game like you could just sit there holding down one button to get through the whole game? Well, at least Shadow Hearts keeps you awake by making you work for each hit (and many actions)with their "judgement ring"; stop the spinning arm at the right moment or either fail or reduce the quality of an action.
    In addition to the above they also get a pretty good plot going, using Earth geography in what I guess is supposed to be pre-great-war Europe and Asia. You travel, you search, you fight, its got good variety.
    The major downside to the game is the system of enhancing weapons and the amount of money it costs vs. the amount of money you can get reasonably. Also, it's got some fairly adult themes and at a couple of points in the game you can't help but to think that some of the designers would have benefitted from some serious therapy. Lastly, it is made to make you buy a hint guide (or download one)without which there were many aspects of the game that were just undiscoverable. But, if there are no kids around and you want to get engrossed in a dark, gothic game but no longer have the dexterity of a 9-year-old (its not a shootemup) go pick up the game and enjoy the heck out of it....more info
  • Pretty fun.
    I picked up this game just recently. After seeing not to stellar reviews I still decided to play it. And I actually really liked it. Too many people compare it to Final Fantasy X, although they are two seperate game's entirely. I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan, obviously, and I still liked this game.

    The Judgement sphere things for collecting items and fighting battle's is a nice change. It give's you a chance to see how much damage you will inflict upon an enemy. As monsters go, there is a nice variety of of types you face off against.

    If you can't stand anything below par of Final Fantasy X, you might want to skip this game. The graphics are nice, but there just aren't as many FMV's as FFX. But I still recommend this game....more info

  • You never know whats gonna happen next :)
    This game is pretty awesome. It has its pros and cons like any other game. The graphics, I admit, could be a lot better, but the story line is really interesting. There is A LOT of reading, and the fighting isnt all that tough (ofcourse I'm using codes). But I still think its worth it. It took me a little while to get into it, but it's addicting. And they're coming out with a sequel too. Hopefully they'll have voice overs though. If your into Final Fantasy and other games like that, I'd buy it. Otherwise I'd borrow it or rent it from somewhere....more info
  • Interesting Story, Sadly lacking Graphics
    Playing Shadow Hearts was a unique gaming experience. The storyline was a very new, refreshing Resident Evil Meets Final Fantasy. Some of the monsters, however, were a bit strange, and some extremities looked like very disturbing organs.
    While the Story was very interesting, I had to keep myself from cringing at the graphics. In no way do they compare to Final Fantasy, so don't fool yourself if you buy this. I do reccomend it to those who are waiting for their next RPG, however, as it is a nice game to play in between.
    I do not, however, recommend that young children play this game, as the plot is very racy and some of the language is, well, unclean. Also, as I've said before, some of the monsters hit with rather *cough* unique body organs....more info
  • Awesome Game!
    Shadow Hearts is great game, I got it when it first came out in '01 when I was still young. The second you start up the game you get a nice opening FMV (doesn't look so hot now,-almost 8 years later) And within the first few minutes of it there is already some blood n' gore action :D After that the game picks up nicely and one of the first villages you enter is full of BLOOD! The game has a dark and scary atmosphere and was very engaging. So why did I wait so long to review it?

    Final Fantasy X

    That's right, Shadow Hearts was literally released on the heels of the greatest franchise in gaming, poor SH never stood a chance against it, And I was one of the many who took SH out of the PS2 saying I would play it later. I never did get around to it.

    Fast forward to '09, I now have a 60GB PS3, And I have no games to play,no money to buy any games,And I'm waiting for Amazon to ship me one(seriously). So with that said, I was looking for a game to play, I couldn't find anything, so I said to myself ''lets see where I left off in SH'' Turns out I was 9 hours into the game and stuck at Master Xifa's temple, Took me and hour to get out, but after that it didn't take me long to re-introduce myself to it. And after that I let the good times roll, I thought I was almost done with it but, I was far from it, Story was amazing,lots of characters to choose from that are also very likable, The battle system sometimes get flamed, but I don't mind it, good way to keep you on your toes. And I was very shocked to see it was published by midway! (they publish mostly action/fighting games, nevr RPG's) To the best of my knowledge, this was the only RPG midway published.

    -Excellent story
    -Great Characters
    -Cool battle system
    -Not to long
    -Nice Character models

    -Pre-Rendered environments
    -Hard to find (Midways fault for releasing it right before FFX,should have waited a month or two)
    -A little bit to easy at times (not really a con, because it is noob-friendly for people just getting into RPG's)

    Well that's about it, Was a great game, just wish I would have finished it sooner rather than later :( ...more info
  • Look out, Final Fantasy!
    Allow me to say that Final Fantasy X, although a good game, has a very definite rival in Shadow Hearts.

    I have played both games, and I was really surprised to find that I liked Shadow Hearts as much as I do. I've been a Final Fantasy fan from the beginning, but...this is just superb. The graphics are well done, the storyline is excellent, and I absolutely adore the item/weapon pictures and descriptions. The characters are very real, and interact with each other in ways that endear them to you. You just can't help but love them.

    The music was wonderful, reflecting the mood without getting too repetitive. The cinematics...were somewhat silly (voices can get a little corny), and I had to turn the volume up more than I usually do, but all in all, I'd have to say that everyone involved did a good job. And they don't appear constantly, like in FFX.

    The Judgement Ring takes getting used to, but I was thrilled to find a game that made me pay attention to what I was doing. It's used for everything, from battles to buying items to playing the lottery. I encountered a slight hitch when forced to do the dreaded Push Ring for the first time, but eventually sorted that out. My advice? Practice makes perfect. And luck doesn't hurt, either.

    Definite replay value, as I've seen both endings and am taking another jaunt into the Shadow Hearts world...right after beating it!

    So what are you doing here, reading this? Go, buy it, rent it, borrow it from one of your friends! Trust me, this is one game you won't want to miss....more info

  • final fantasy?
    let me tell you the truth out of all the RPG games out there stay away from this one. Also there is noway in hell this comes close to final fantasy...more info
  • Real RPG fans will love this game!
    The plot revolves around a man named Yuri who can somehow fuse with the souls of monsters. One day he saves a girl from a strange old man who means to do her harm. The girl is Alice Elliot who has been on the run from this old guy for some time. Together, with a bunch of other people they meet along the way, Yuri and Alice must discover what the geezer wants and thwart his plans. The storyline is pretty interesting. I never really got overly attached to it but it kept me interested through out the game. The characters are all likeable enough as well. The dialogue is wonderful. The jokes actually make sense and are funny for a change. Perhaps one of the best parts of the game is the setting. It's set in the real world shortly before WW1.

    The controls are excellent! There are no awkward camera angles anywhere in the game. The battle system is innovative and flawless which rarely ever happens. To attack, or do anything really, you need to hit certain points on a ring at the right time. This forces you to pay attention and keeps random battles interesting.

    This game has decent graphics. The character designs are pleasant (except Keith who looks god awful) but nothing really special. The enemy designs are very interesting however. I've never seen so many weird creatures in a game before. The backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous! The colors are dead on and they set the tone for the game very well. The cg is ok but nothing really special. I adored the drawings. I'd take good drawings over good cg anytime.

    The music is pretty nice. I won't be buying the soundtrack but it does suit the game well. The voice acting is acceptable. It's not really good but it's far better than most video game voice acting.

    This game is the sequel to Koudelka (which I've never played) but you don't need to play Koudelka to understand the game. The only game I can think of to compare this one to is persona, only much easier. I really enjoy dark modern games. I wish there were more of them. Sadly, this game never really got the recognition it deserved because it came out around the same time as the much inferior Final Fantasy 10. This is a game that no RPG fan should mis.

    Difficulty: Easy...more info

  • A great RPG, but not for little kids
    Just a quick review.

    If you like RPG's, this one gets you back to the basic's ... with a twist. The hero has a dirty mind, and some monsters actually slap you around with their schlongs.

    I liked this game a lot....more info
  • Solid, and well done!
    Shadow Hearts - The best RPG you've never played. That's right. This largely unplayed (and possibly unheard of) game is extremely good.

    The characters are really likable, each one has depth, and it's easy to feel like you know them all.

    The story is extremely compelling and deep. Full of twists and turns, always keeps you on your toes and not knowing what to expect.

    The gameplay itself, while short on hours, is nonetheless great. The Judgement Ring system seems kind of rough at first, but easily becomes second nature within an hour or so in. There's everything you'd expect in a good RPG, towns with shops and vendors, hidden items everywhere, weapon/armor upgrades, random battles, turn based combat, etc. There is however no summoning, instead the main character Yuri can actually fuse with demons he's killed and become them. It works well, and it's pretty cool.

    The graphics are where the game falls short, having been made for the PS1 originally, looks very much like FF7, at least to me. The cut-scenes and CGI however are still fairly good, and the spell animations are bright, and colorful.

    The music is nothing short of awesome, and really helps to set the mood of the dark story.

    I highly recommend this game to any lover of old-school type RPG's, namely the FF7/Dragon Quest series - but remember, Shadow Hearts is unique at the same time, and it doesn't try to be a FF clone.

    With that said - Enjoy!...more info
  • An Artistic Game; Well Worth the Cost.

    Plot: The plot of this story in interesting, expressing an original point of view in the process of its' awesomeness. Also, you can have two endings, determined on how you played the game. One: Very VERY bad, while the other is :) good.

    Characters (in general): I loved the characters of this game. The main character, Yuri Hyuga, was fun and could make me laugh easily.
    Margerete was even better, with her wit and brute charm.
    Alice was an extremely likable character. Like a less-perfect Aeris.
    Anyway, each character contained at leasta bit of deph in their personalites, only deepening the plot further.

    Characters (interaction): I'm actually a fan of the main pairing of this game, which is surprising, considering I'm a yaoi fan. Yuri and Alice don't just speak to eachother, which is a nice change. They interract with other characters. Big plus.

    It was nice to watch the characters grow, too. Alice warming up to Yuri, Yuri and his father's relationship becoming more clear, another big plus.

    Battle system: I don't know why so many people are upset about this. I liked it; it added a bit of action to the original Final Fantasy BS.

    Music: Wonderful. Even worth buying the soundtrack.

    Overall, I loved this game. Anyone mature enough to handle the character deph and bllod&gore should buy it.

    The third one is coming out soon!...more info
  • One of the best RPGs
    Shadow Hearts is one heck of a game you can't ignore, I played it for a few minutes and was instantly hooked. It's got excellent graphics and great music, the battle system is unique and the story is truely good. I would recomend Shadow Hearts to anyone who liked Final Fantasy. You play as Yuri - a young man with a mysterious past - trying to save the world....more info
  • Awesome
    *Grins* This game is incredibly awesome. I would place this game up there along with FF games. The graphics are as good andthe storyline are just as great. The only different about this game is the fact that the main character is a horny fella, named Yuri. Yes, you heard me. Horny! LOL! There are ocassional testerone drive dialogues in this game so I don't really recommend kids to play this game. Girls are the weaker characters in the games, and yes in some levels you have to play her.

    The story goes mostly like, girl in trouble, guy save girl, guy turn demony evil, guy turn back good, and so on. Yuri, the main character has these weird flashbacks that gives him bad migraines.

    The only problem I have with this game is the bad, is the clock dial thing. You have to click in the right moment with your controller to get a good power attack. It's tough at first but it gets easier each time....more info

  • Fun and Unique
    This is a fun and unique RPG for anyone looking for a good story, fun game play, and interesting characters. For people who like RPGs, you should least give this game a try. With the unique Judgment ring which I've only ever seen in this game and its sequels (ignore shadow hearts 3 it SUCKS!!), keeps you on your toes and interested in the combat going on. With Great characters and the occasionally funny back and forth banter between them the story fleshes out very well and shouldn't be missed. For anyone with a PS2 or a backwards Compatible PS3 that loves RPGs you should have Shadow hearts 1 & 2 in your collection. =D ...more info
  • What in the world!!!!!
    What in the world is this? how could anyone say that this game is a rival to final fanatasy X??? and a game like this getting a four-star rating is just beyond me. I don't mean to be judgemental but this game is 100% of non-sensical GARBAGE. allow me to demonstrate:

    1. Story: awfully dull and really not interesting what-so-ever in any aspect. It's full of horrible and predictable moments, the twists and turns of the story are soooo very extremly out of place. you'll find your self reading about a gazillion lines of boring conversations and at one point you'll even forget the main story!!! the one nice aspect in the story (which justifies the 1 star) are the multiple side stories which have some creativity in them but are presented in (again) a ver Boring style.

    2.Charecters: badly animated, voiceless (for no reason), really clich¨¦d typical RPG: the main charecter is Yuri: foul-mouthed, edgy, and out-going guy who has only one ability fusion(transformation to some repetitve monsters) who has a so-called mysterious past which you have to unravel (again a very boring past, i shiver for the mere thought of that story). Alice: a fragile, kind-hearted, and annoyingly optimistic girl around whom the story evolves.Zhauzen: a wise, again foul-mouthed priest who leads the way at the beginig of the game but turns out useless after the first of the story is over. Margret: a butch female spy who joins the party for no reason!. Keith: a cool vampire (my favorite) who joins the party just because he's bored( i wonder why is that?). halley: an orphan boy, a street rat, who is though because he was raised by the streets. why does yuri decide to help alice? i don't know, what is margrets goal? i also don't know. this game leaves you devistated, like really devistated.

    3. Graphics: the graphics are ok i guess, way better than Grandia. the backgrounds are nicely done. Water looks horrific really nothing more than a loop and this case a very bad one. the charecters have no facial expressions and are so different from the drawings. CG or short movies are ok but the charecters look really ugly in them except for Bacon the bad guy.

    4. Music: let's just say that it's i-put-the-tv-volume-on mute-and-turn-on-my-stereo kinda music. annoying and so uncreative.

    5. Monsters: they have a bit of creativety but the repetition kills it.

    6. overall: while playing the game you'd feel like why did i ever spent money on this peice of !!!!

    Finally, just a bit of trivia for you, that the heads of Midways
    label used to work for SQUARESOFT but were fired so decided to creat there own stinkn' label and the out-come is a really unattractive game with a very over-blown story. Shadow Hearts...more info

  • Great game
    Shadow Hearts is an interesting game. Rather than taking place in a fantasy setting, like most RPGs, it takes place in a more supernatural version of our own world.
    Virtually everything about this game is great. The hero, Yuri, is one my favorite videogame protagonists- interesting, well fleshed-out, and engaging. A lot of the dialogue is hilarious. The plot is interesting and VERY unpredictable, and some of the scnearios create a genuine sense of fear and unease.
    The battles are a lot of fun, with the use of the "Judgement Ring" ring system, so that the fights are a test of reflexes as well as strategy.
    The only fly in the ointment is the graphics. They're not as bad as some reviews here suggest, by any means, but they are somewhat lackluster. But don't let that stop you from trying this great game....more info
  • FUN
    This game was nothing but fun. I have played a few Final Fantasy games, and although similar, Shadow Hearts holds it's own. I had never heard about the game when I first played it, I was looking at games at a Used-Game store and picked it up, not expecting a whole lot, but it blew my mind. The judgement ring can be annoying at times, but after playing for a while, you get used to it. So pick it up, and get ready for one hell of a ride!...more info
  • Oldie, but a goodie.
    The Shadow Hearts series, unlike the Final Fantasy series, doesn't get very much recognition. There have been 3 SHs and they have only grown better with each one. SH 1 is the worst one out of trilogy, but it's not saying it's bad in any way. I figure the more games they release, the better they get (a special exemption to DMC, DMC 2 was horrific). This one follows out main protaginist Yuri on an adventure, he didnt even know he was going to embark on. Albert Smith is the main antagonist in the game, both being a "Demon Shifter", and after they meet...the fun begins!

    This is a definite buy, although, it can get pricy somtimes.

    Also try: Shadow Hearts 2 (If you've beat this one) or Shadow Hearts 3 (It's totally different)...more info