Terk VS-4 S-Video/Video/Audio Switch Selector (4 Inputs, 2 Outputs)
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Product Description

Switches up to 4 audio/video components to the TV

Terk's S-video-compatible VS-4 video selector expands the options available to those with limited-input televisions. Though today's home-entertainment systems bring endless hours of viewing enjoyment, they can also be difficult to deal with--especially if there aren't enough connections on your TV or audio/video receiver to accommodate all your components, such as video game consoles, DVD players, PVRs, satellite systems, and VCRs. In such cases, moving components around and disconnecting and reconnecting wires becomes a serious deterrent to enjoyment and even use.

Many TVs include an S-video input--a superior type of video connection to the standard coaxial or RF video. S-video improves clarity and resolution and reduces video artifacts. However, S-video-equipped TVs often include only one or two S-video inputs. The VS-4 offers S-video switching on all inputs.

The video selector is built with high-quality components for maximum performance and reliability, including gold-plated connectors for best video and audio signal quality. Non-skid feet make sure the unit stays in place while in use. For added convenience, the selector features a separate front-panel audio jack for connecting powered multimedia speakers, and its signal follows the switching for the primary outputs.

What's in the Box
Switcher and a data sheet.

  • Expand the input options for your TV
  • L/R Audio, Video, and S-video switching on all 4 inputs
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Second, front panel 1/8" audio jack for headphones or powered speakers
  • Reduce wire tangle and mess

Customer Reviews:

  • Cheap Functional a/v Switch
    The switch is very light and cheap. Feels like a 100% mechanical operation, no electronics. The click it makes when a button is pressed is rather loud. But the bottom line, I've used this switch for about 1 month and not had a single problem, Straight forward installation. Note: If you plan to use the s-video, your t.v might not display any other inputs which use standard A/V jacks with the s-video cord connected between the switch and the t.v....more info
  • this thing is great
    i have my play station, my vcr, dvd, and sony gv-d1000 all hooked up and its an easy switch, this thing saves alot of time pulling wires, i had one before and lost it in a move, i had paid $30 for it and saw it online for half of that, it was the best thing i could ever purchase, and at the right price, if you have 4 devices that need to be routed to your 1 input this is the thing for you...more info
  • Cheaply made, does not have its own power supply, but it does the job
    I purchased this A/V switcher to connect an S-Video DVD player and the S-Video on my Nintendo Wii to the same TV. The problem with most TVs and S-Video is 1) there's only one S-Video connection on the TV, and 2) the audio that accompanies the S-Video is generally only at the first A/V channel. The A/V switcher solves this problem by allowing more than one S-Video device to connect to a single S-Video TV.

    Lightweight, Somewhat Cheaply Made Product: This A/V switcher is so light that a few cords can tip it or pull it from your entertainment center to the floor. Be sure to position it well.

    Not Powered: A powered A/V switcher should produce better quality video. Thus far, I have noticed little if any difference in the quality of the S-Video with this switcher.

    Ease of Use: The change from DVD player to video game console is instant and as easy as pushing a button.

    Overall, I recommend this product because it does the job well and there's little to no noticeable decrease in the quality of the S-Video. Read the reviews of other A/V switchers, and you'll see that many are problematic. This one works great....more info
  • Big Disappointment!
    I was tired of switching my RCA cables from my TiVo, DVD and Game Cube around, so I read a lot of reviews for A/V switches. Unfortunately, this switch was worthless. It only gave me video on the first input. Every other input gave me a blue (no signal) screen.

    I returned it for a refund....more info
  • Good product. Like described. Runs perfect. Recommended.
    I needed to hook up different devices for TV, DVD and PS2. Part not only works fine, but also looks good. ...more info
  • Sony wants double the price for something like this
    Being that my 20-in. Sony Trinitron TV only has one A/V input, I ended up deciding to get an A/V selector so that I could plug my new DVD player into it. Originally, though, I was thinking of getting Sony's SB-V40S. But then I found that Terk sold this one for about half the price, and it was literally identical to Sony's except for one thing: Terk's A/V selector has gold-plated connectors. And being that this helps prevent rust & improves signal transfer, it was easy to make the decision to purchase the Terk VS-4.

    The instruction manual I looked at on Terk's web site doesn't mention it, but I noticed that this selector is magnetically shielded, allowing me to place the VS-4 anywhere I want to. Also, the rubber feet underneath it prevents it from moving around on top of my cable box (where it's located). No matter how many times I use it, it never moves. I LOVE THAT!! In short, I'm disappointed that Sony charges double the price that Terk charges. That's why Terk got my money, and Sony didn't....more info
  • Works but not long past the warranty
    This item worked great when it was new, but after leaving it set for a long time on 1 position that set of inputs became useless. No warning to this effect is in the instructions....more info
  • Terk VS-4
    This is a great product very simple in its design and it works very well. I haven't had any issues with this product. And it's taken the abuse of my children.

    Again great product....more info
  • Works fine!
    Bought this to help eliminate the need for switching A/V wires everytime I needed to flip from DVD/VCR to TV. Works great! Of note, you do need to manual press the selector button everytime to want to switch. A remote control option would've been ideal. For the price I'm happy with the product. Hopes the mechanical parts inside are reliable...Good luck...more info
  • Good switch, cheap price
    This is a good, cheap mechanical video switch. I use it to switch between my satellite dish receiver, PlayStation 2 and XBox, all using S-video. I tried connecting a VCR that only had RCA outputs, but having both the S-video and RCA video connected to my TV's input caused a strange diamond pattern to appear. When only the S-video or only the RCA video were connected, the pattern disappeared and I had great quality video.

    So, if you need to connect multiple sources, be sure to use only one type of video connection. Of course, you can always manually connect the desired video connection to your TV's input when needed, but then why bother purchasing a switch? You'd be better off purchasing two of these: one for S-video sources and one for RCA video sources....more info
  • Pleased so far
    It's hooked up and has worked like a charm for about a month now. Better product and a better price than I could find anywhere else, online or not....more info
  • A few technical clarifications
    Regarding two of the comments above- Gold plated contacts, while nice, are really just a marketing scheme. I've never had a contact rust- ever. And as far as increasing signal quality- I'm sure that's true, but at this price level, it's not enough to matter. So if you are using top of the line equipment, gold contacts may be worthwhile. But if you are looking at a $22 switcher, it probably doesn't matter, because you are probably using low-gage cables that came free with your $59 VCR. That said, it's obviously not a bad thing that the cheaper product has gold contacts- it's just not a selling point.

    Regarding the second point- that this switcher doesn't "mix" composite and s-video- that's actually a GOOD thing. Splitting a composite signal to a s-vid connector without some sort of power behind it will actually degrade the signal. (You can go the other way, though.) I have a semi-professional Sony switcher I use in my video production business that does not perform this function because it's unpowered. If you want a switcher that performs this function, you need to make sure it's powered- no matter how much it costs.

    I will probably purchase this switcher to augment my Sony, because I actually NEED to be able to keep the S-Vid and composite signals separate. (I have a Toshiba monitor with both inputs, but no way to switch between them- plug them both in and you see both signals.)

    If you need a cheap switcher to switch between a DVD and Satellite Reciever, this is probably a great option. But don't expect it to do anything it shouldn't at this price level....more info
  • Does not work well with PC output
    I needed a switch to select between my dish receiver and my PC outputs for sound. The dish receiver works fine with this unit but with the PC signal, much noise is introduced. I tried a very expensive shielded cable, a very expensive sound card, and finally, another computer all with the same result. All by itself, running through this thing, there is a significant and annoying hum added to your signal.

    So, if you are running with a PC, look for something else. Otherwise, I'm sure that this thing will be quite adequate for other AV equipment....more info