Polk Audio RC65i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair, White)
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frequency response 60-20,000 Hz (-3dB) * 8-ohm impedance * sensitivity 89 dB * handles up to 100 watts * moisture-resistant materials allow safe use in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, and under outdoor eaves *

  • Pair of 2-way in-wall speakers timbre-matched to the Polk Audio RTi Series for seamless imaging
  • Equipped with one 6.5-inch dynamic-balance, mineral filled polymer-composite cone
  • Frequency Response: 32Hz - 20kHz
  • Equipped with one 0.75-inch dynamic-balance, metalized soft dome tweeter with swivel mount
  • Constructed of durable, moisture-resistant materials for use in bathrooms, saunas, or under outdoor eaves

Customer Reviews:

  • Good speakers for the money.
    I installed two pair of these for the front and surround speakers in a smallish (12'X15) room. They have good overall response, but require considerable bass boost, or better, a sub-woofer, to be OK. They are also so "bright" that they needed a 2 to 4 decible treble reduction to avoid bothersome hiss.

    Installation can be a pain because the locking cam (6 per speaker) that clamps the speaker to the wallboard can be so loose on its retaining screw that the locking cam won't rotate into its clamping position to grip the back surface of the wallboard. I solved this by using a little latex caulking compound on the loose retaining screws where they engage the locking cams. I don't know what will happen if the speakers ever need to be removed, 'cause the cam is unlikely to rotate back to allow it to disengage the backside of the wallboard....more info
  • Polk Audio Rocks in Truck Stereo and these in Wall Rock in my Home Unit
    When I finally finished fishing all of the speaker wire and adding a rear set of RC55i's I was floored upon pumping about 100 watts of juice into these speakers. Amazingly distortion free and crisp clear sounding which is the same quality I got on the pair of Polk car speakers that were installed in my Chevy Silverado. If you can justify the cost and want to eliminate the clutter free standing speakers cause buy, you won't be dissappointed,
    B Page...more info
  • good deal
    Very good speakers for the money. Good base and easy to install. Could improve on the sound quality a bit but I am also using a cheap receiver. I have Phoenix gold in-wall speakers in the rear and these are much, much better. ...more info
  • Fit the Bill
    I am overall very pleased with these speakers. Unfortunately, there were a few unforeseen glitches that I ran into that were not anyone's fault. My builder put wood between the studs in the wall where I wanted to mount the speakers. This was done because he thought I was going to mount regular speakers. I had all of my speaker wire installed behind the drywall as the house was being built 12 years ago. Of course this was great when I had regular speakers but . . . I recently decided to mount in-wall speakers. Thus, I had to purchase a reciprocal saw to cut the wood from the wall. The other glitch was that I wanted to paint the speakers using latex paint as I decided to repaint the room. Latex paint will work, but you have to be patient and use multiple coats. So, what should have taken minutes actually took many hours. This is not Polk's fault as my situation was somewhat unique. The bottom line is that the speakers look and sound great. I'm very pleased with the purchase. Now I have to decide if I should replace my front speakers. Hmm. . ....more info
  • Got what I expected
    The speakers installed easily and sounded good.
    In fact, because I didn't have time to do the job all at once, I had to put them in to cover the holes, then remove them to run the wires and re-install them. The wall-mounting mechanisms reliably installed and uninstalled each time. The aim-able tweeter is a little "notchy" but moves firmly. The removable grills fit securely.

    All that said, the speakers at an MSRP of $250 are overpriced, but if available on discount are a good deal....more info
  • Great Speakers
    These speakers sound great and were easy to install. Great vailue for the $$$....more info
  • Excellent
    They're great speakers. Wonderful sound. They're driven by an Onkyo TXSR605 receiver, and the combination is perfect. I'm not an audiophile, just someone who wanted to build a nice theater.

    My only complaint, which is very minor, is that the tabs on these speakers are not as good as the ones on comparable Bose flush-mount speakers. The tabs on Bose speakers that I installed 2 years ago positioned themselves and held the speaker against the drywall perfectly. These tabs have a tendency to "catch" on the speaker housing, and then they never squeeze the drywall. When you install these, make sure every tab is free and clear before you tighten any of the screws. Otherwise you may get 3 or 4 of the screws tightened down and realize that 4th or 5th tab is messed up, and you'll have to start over. You might want to "help" the tabs get into position with a flathead screwdriver or a butter knife while you screw them in. Once you get them positioned and tightened down, the speaker is solid and doesn't vibrate or move or anything....more info
  • For the money you can't beat them.
    The livingroom in our new home just doesn't have a place for free-standing speakers due to the floorplan (very open to the rest of the house, with a fireplace in the front corner). This ruled out using my existing (high-end) theater speakers (large towers).

    I went to the local big-box store, and the only set of in-wall speakers they had that I thought were worth buying were a set of Klipsch that came in at $600 per set. I almost went for them, but after measuring I found they were about 2" too wide for where I needed to install one of them. The $300 Infinity set sounded horrible. They didn't sell Polk Audio or Boston Acoustic, which was actually what I wanted to look at.

    So ... I figured at $140 from Amazon, the RC65i's were worth a shot. I'm glad I did - price vs. performance these are an excellent set of speakers. Decent dynamic range, and actually a surprising amount of bass if you don't have a subwoofer (though I recommend having one - you can only get so much out of a 6" speaker).

    Now ... are these "amazing" speakers? Well ... no. They do not compare to my aforementioned towers. Those towers were also $900 a piece. They also are not nearly as good as the $600 Klipsch in-walls I looked at. If you think you're going to get amazing clarity and dynamic range for $70 a speaker ... you're going to be disappointed.

    What these are is a great everyday speaker that will sound decent to most people under most conditions. They are a *slight* bit muddy, but not for the price range. That's the thing you really have to do is compare them to other speakers you could buy for so little money. And even some that cost a little more - the Infinity set I listened to at the big-box store was twice the price and didn't sound any better.

    It also helps if you have a good receiver that lets you control the dynamic range being sent to your speakers. I have a high-end Yamaha that allows me to cut the low frequencies out of the main channel and only send them to the sub (12" powered down-fire). Doing this, you get rid of most of the "muddy" issues.

    Summary: Can't beat them if this is how much money you want to spend. Period. I liked them so much for my application that I ordered a set of rc55i (the smaller ones) and installed them for the back surround channel. When I finish the basement I'm thinking of getting some of these (rc65i) to use for the back-channel. ...more info
  • Very nice inwall speakers
    Installed these and the Polk Audio RC80i in-ceiling the same weekend - both should have been easy. The 85is are a little larger than I was expecting - but sound great. The TV is (of course) above a fireplace and the speakers on either side. Please take note that the studs in a setup like this may not run the way you think - I had to notch mine to get the speakers in....more info
  • Audiophile Sound with these In-Wall Speakers
    I purchased four of these in-wall speakers and very pleased with the high end sound reproduction. They compliment my new 5.1 Polk Audio system that is pure Polk Audio perfection. These speakers blend into the wall so nicely. The installation is fairly basic and the sound is full and rich that you would expect with tower speakers that use up considerable floor space. I would absolutely recommend these High Quality in-wall Polk Audio speakers. Polk Audio and Amazon.com are a winning combination. ...more info
  • Great speakers!
    I installed these speakers as rear surround speakers. Installation was easy with the included templates to size the holes. They sound great and well worth the money!...more info
  • Excellent sound for a great price
    I installed these in an open kitchen dining room. They are used as whole house audio and also to add much better sound to the TV. They were a breeze to install and they offer great rich sound. The directional tweeters make imaging the sound very good. They don't have to be real loud to get the vocal. ...more info
  • Great sounding speakers
    I have a pair of these speakers and use them for for my front L/R speakers in my home theater. I am very impressed which the sound quality I get from these speakers. I also have several other polk audio in-ceiling speakers paired with these in-wall speakers and am very happy with them all. Since I went with all polk audio I know they are timbre matched and didn't have to worry about matching them with other manufacturers.

    These speakers are very easy to install and look great. I painted mine to match the wall and my wife didn't even notice they were there. Now that doesn't mean they are invisible, but we don't normally turn the lights on over the tv very often so in our case the speakers are very hard to notice. Polk Audio recommends using a spray paint to paint the speakers, but I was able to use normal interior latex paint without any problem...more info
  • Great Speakers!
    I purchased a pair of Polk Audio RC65i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers for my theater room: They sound fantastic! They put out a deep rich sound. I am very pleased. I certainly would recommend them to anyone interested in wall speakers....more info
  • A great pair of speakers
    I am using them for my rear surrounds. Worked like they are supposed to. Easy to install. They sound great. They look great. ...more info
  • Great sound - simple set up
    There couldn't have been a better experience installing these speakers. Very easy to install. I had all four speakers installed within an hour. The sound is rich and dynamic. I am very happy with the value and performance....more info
  • Great Home theater speakers
    After a lot of research, I selected two pair of these for my Side and Rear Surround speakers on my 7.1 system. I could not be happier with them and they perform exactly as advertised. They are easy to install and even include a template for cutting an exact hole and a plastic cover to protect the inside when painting the frame. Polk is a great product!!!...more info
  • Difficult installation
    OK quality of the speaker itself, but the installation method is horrible. The little screw locks are poorly designed. There should have been longer screws or something to keep the wall/screw locks from falling off inside the wall. Once you install the speaker there is no going back, you can not manuver the screw locks into a position to take the speaker out of the wall. I would research other speakers to find ones with a better thought out installation process. ...more info
  • awesome value
    Running with my Denon AVR888, polk CSI 3 center and PSW303 sub. Sounds great. Highs and mids are clear and crisp. Adjustable tweeter helps to aim sound towards user if seating is not center of soundstage as in my case. ...more info
  • Pretty good speakers!!
    Great for surrounds. be very careful when tightening the clips that hold the speakers in place, they crack very easily. Otherwize nice for surrounds. I had a couple tight spots to put them in so i couldnt use TC265i's that i have for my other speakers so these are for surround and work nicely. ...more info