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Polk Audio RC60i In-Ceiling / In-Wall Speakers (Pair, White)
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Product Description

Out of the box and into the wall! That will be your memory of installing the Polk Audio RC60i Series In-Wall Loudspeakers. Dynamic Balance components and Aimable Tweeters deliver wide, holographic imaging with incredible clarity and balanced sound to everyone in the listening area, not just to a localized "sweet spot." Durable, moisture resistant materials safe for bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, even under outdoor eaves Wide dispersion design for even sound-coverage throughout even large rooms Rubber driver surround outlasts cheap foam for years of trouble-free performance Infinite Baffle Tuning uses the in-wall enclosure for superior bass response Timbre-matched to Polk RTi Series for seamless home theater application Price is per pair

Polk Audio's RCi Series in-wall speakers let you deliver sound to every room in your home without sacrificing a single square inch of valuable floor or shelf space, and the RC60i in-wall speakers are no exception. Paint them to match your decor and they practically disappear, leaving you with nothing but high-performance sound.

Installation is easy as 1-2-3: cut a single hole, feed the wires through to your receiver or amplifier, and simply drop the speaker in. Rotating cams secure the speakers safely with no extra assembly or mess. A round shape and flush design allows each RC60i to mimic the look of a recessed lighting fixture, providing the ultimate in stealth sound.

The pair is durable, too, with moisture-resistant materials that are perfectly safe for use in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas--even under outdoor eaves. Rubber driver surrounds outlast cheap foam surrounds for years of trouble-free performance.

Dynamic Balance components and aimable tweeters ensure spacious imaging with stunning clarity and well-balanced sound in any listening position, not just a small "sweet spot." Wide-dispersion design means you'll enjoy even coverage across small and large rooms alike.

The speakers use large, 6.5-inch cones for rich, full-bodied sound. Further, their Infinite Baffle tuning uses the virtual enclosure of in-wall space to enhance their bass response. The speakers are timbre-matched to the members of Polk's RTi Series for seamless, enveloping sound when used as part of a home theater.

What's in the Box
Two speakers, paint masks, and a user's manual.

  • Pair of in-ceiling/in-wall speakers with a round shape and flush design to mimic the look of an unobtrusive recessed lighting fixture
  • Equipped with one 6.5-inch dynamic-balance, polymer-composite cone with a rubber surround
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20kHz
  • Equipped with one 0.75-inch dynamic-balance, metalized soft dome tweeter in ball-and-socket swivel mount
  • Constructed of durable, moisture-resistant materials for use in bathrooms, saunas, or under outdoor eaves

Customer Reviews:

    I was surprised at the price that Amazon had these babies for, and I was even more surprised when I heard the sound. Especially the lower tones the base sounds are really thumping. I replaced a pair of Boston Acoustics for my new POLK AUDIO RC80i in ceiling speakers, you have to ensure you have the correct settings on your amp/avr or whatever it is you're connecting these to. The only reason why I didn't score them a 5 star is because the instructions weren't specific enough as to which cut-out pattern to use, so my bro-n-law and I didn't want to take any chances, so we used the smaller pattern first only to find out we had to use the larger pattern cut-out, so live and learn right, for the second speaker installation it was much easier. The sound rocks, I'm using a old PIONEER VSX-D812 which allows me to switch A or B speakers simultaneously or not cause I installed the B.A. in the master bedroom. AND, hmn I think I may change them out for another pair of POLK AUDIO ceiling speakers.
    I want all of you to know i would purchase another pair of these speakers again. The specs on these speakers are great, you have to check this out!!...more info
  • Good Ceiling Speakers
    I have these installed on my basement ceiling as my home theater front and back surround speakers. They are perfect for their purpose. Amazon's price was much better than local retail stores, plus free shipping and no sales tax. Can't beat that!...more info
  • Average sound quality
    I'm giving these speakers a 1 star only because there are so many 5 star ratings that isn't deserved. Otherwise I'd give these speakers a 3 star.

    I purchased a set of these from Amazon for a surround sound based on the many recommendations. Because they come in pairs I stopped off at the local Fry's store to buy a single center speaker to complete the set. Fry's had all of the Polk series setup in their sound room so I compared them. After listening the RC60i, and then listening to the TC60i I have to say I regret buying the RC60i. The TC60i makes these speakers sound flat and the quality approaches that of a mid quality boom box while the TC60i sounds fantastic. The salesman told me that the RC60i are Polks entry level ceiling speaker.

    If you can afford the extra money and are installing into the ceiling, buy the TC60i. If you are mounting in the wall stay with the RC60i as they are not as deep.

    Another consideration too is that if you are putting these in the ceiling and have blown insulation you will want to handle that somehow. I wrote Polk audio and there solution was the insulation doesn't matter but if I'm really worried about it I could put a stocking around the speaker. I was surprised with that response. It doesn't deal with the "dead" sound you get when the speaker has insulation all around it. If you clear the insulation away you defeat the purpose of having insulation in the attic. Other speaker manufacturers offer enclosures designed to fit their speaker with the correct volume and sound baffles, Polk audio does not. I also noticed that if I didn't "box" the speakers that the sound carried into the attic, out the house vents and into other rooms through the ductwork.

    You will definitely want to build an enclosure to house the speakers in the attic. I did that then buried the box in insulation.

    You also want to use a good twisted pair speaker wire instead of ordinary speaker wire. This eliminate the 60 hz hum that will be picked up from the 115 house wiring that is probably all over your attic. I used Monster Cable 16-Gauge In-Wall Speaker Cable UL-approved for in-wall use and THX-certified.

    Check your wire run lengths and if they are longer than the spec you may want to get 12 or 14 gauge wiring....more info
  • Wonderfully surprised!
    I recently installed 4 of these speakers in my family room for our surround sound system. I know, in-ceiling is not "ideal" as defined by the audiophiles...but for a regular guy in the real world, I say these work great. Dont read all the hype by home theater "experts"...well, not all of it anyway.

    I have a large, very open family room, and these speakers easily fill the room with very nice sound quality. I've only listened to music so far, but I am thrilled with my decision to use these. Sound quality is great, and I dont have any ugly speakers hanging from my walls/ceilings. You mount these, and they all but disappear visually.

    Installation...I laugh at some of the people on there talking about having some hard times with this or that. You get a template to use for cutting holes in the ceiling...use the right saw, and this is an easy process. Mounting them is even easier. Removing the grills the first time is simple...if you read the instructions on how to do it. Removing them later might be a bit trickier, but I wont need to get in there ever again, so who cares.

    Great speakers, and a great price. Now stopping reading these reviews and just buy them....more info
  • Polk Audio Install
    I've installed four pair of polk RC series speakers and just wanted to expand on the comments about installation difficulty. Removing the grills with a paper clip as the directions suggest can be futile. I found an ice pick and a flat screwdriver used as a pry device to work very well. Be sure to insert the pick into a hole in the side of the grill. After I cut the first hole in the drywall I learned to favor the outside edge of the template and all the others went fine. I'm very happy with this product....more info
  • Very impressive speakers
    I recently completed the install of Polk's RC80i speakers. I purchased them based on the good reviews on this site.

    The template that comes for cutting the hole in the ceiling drywall was right on. Use the small "inner" circle of the template to trace your cutting line. The outer circle is for masking the speaker grille for painting. Use a drywall jab saw to make your cut, after making sure the attic space is clear of obstacles.Cut on the outside edge of your pencil line, then the speaker will fit the hole perfectly. If you hold a vaccum up near your cutting, the drywall dust will be sucked up and the mess is almost a non-issue.

    I built speaker boxes from 1/2" plywood and lined them with acoustical foam and put them in the attic to protect the speakers from the blown-in insulation as well as improve the sound quality.

    Removal of the speaker grilles were much easier than I had read in the reviews. Take the speakers out of the shipping box, holding them in your hand, you can flex the edge of the speaker just enough that the grilles will pop right off. However, I left the grille off after installing them in the ceiling until I could check to make sure my tweeter was aimed properly. Removal of the grille once the speakers are installed in the ceiling would not be as easy. Once everything checked out OK, I popped the grilles in place. I painted the grilles to match my ceiling, using a 4" foam roller. Go light with the paint and the small holes in the grille will not clog. A needle can be used to open any holes that do clog. The grilles blend in very well, some people have not even noticed them.

    I am very pleased with the sound quality of these speakers. We decided to go with ceiling speakers to free up floor space. We had rear speakers sitting on the floor prior to this. I am amazed at how much more sound we hear from the speakers mounted above and behind us rather than on the floor. We have them located about four feet behind us and about four feet outside our setting area. With the tweeters aimed at the center of our listening zone. It's a great setup.

    I would defintiely reccomnd these speakers to anyone wanting a quality speaker for a reasonable price....more info
  • These sound fine, need right baffle
    Good sounding speakers. I put them in suspended ceiling in basement. Added some insulation as baffle. Due to the stereo nature of this type of speaker you don't get great channel separation. But for casual background music they are fine....more info
  • Bad experience with shipping
    Extremely bad customer service from both Amazon, UPS and Electronics Expo. Still do not have my products and it has been a MONTH!!! Will probably not use Amazon again......more info
  • solid performers
    Simple, clean, installation...but glad I read the reviews first about the snug fit on the grills. these as the backs along with my other Polk's took me from 5.1 to 7.1 beautifully. ...more info
  • Great Sound
    These speakers look great and sound great. I bought 4 sets of these to fill the house with. Super simple to install. Almost impossible to screw up installation. The speakers put out great sound and the adjustible angle of the tweeters make customization of sound easy. I would certainly buy these again....more info
  • Excellent speakers
    I am a big fan of Polk products and always have been. These speakers are no exception. I am using them as rear surround speakers, and they are perfect for the job. The sound is rish and undistorted. Being able to "aim" the tweeter was a nice bonus....more info
  • Good, solid product
    We have installed four of these in a home theatre setup. They are well made, they were easy to install and look great in the ceiling. Sound quality appears excellent....more info