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HP 57 Tri-Color Inkjet Cartridge (C6657AN)
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Product Description

For use with the HP C8441A PhotoSmart 100 Printer and other office machines

The HP 57 Tri-Color InkJet Cartridge provides users with advanced ink-jet technology that's suited to a wide range of applications. With the ability to yield up to 391 full color prints, the cartridge offers outstanding photo-quality depth at up to 2,400 x 1,200 dpi. Ideal uses include printing simple text documents to producing vivid, complex graphics on all types and sizes of paper, film, fabric, and other media. The versatility and affordability of this InkJet cartridge makes it the ideal choice for today's value-conscious consumers looking for added performance. With proprietary ink formulas, patented print heads, and a wide variety of compatible media, the HP 57 offers integrated InkJet printing solutions that produce low-cost, high-quality color output quickly and economically. Note: this cartridge works with the HP C8441A PhotoSmart 100 Printer and other office machines.

  • Color ink cartridge for HP Photosmart 100 digital photo printer
  • 3-color ink for printing high-quality color graphics and documents
  • Creates sharp, high-color images on plain and special paper
  • Outstanding photo-quality at up to 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Yields 391 color prints base on 15% coverage

Customer Reviews:

  • works great good deal
    This was the best price I could find on this item as new. Not much more than a refurb and you have the security of knowing it's going to work....more info
  • Good quality ink cartridge
    I have ordered this on a number of occasions, and have found it to be excellent. The cartridge is good quality and produces excellent quality printouts, to the point that I will never go to a print shop to print out digital photographs because there is no need.

    I have used HP printing products exclusively for years now and have never had any difficulties with ink quality. However I do find that like other users the cartridge tells you you're running low long before it's necessary. When it's really running out I experience gradual reduction in quality of the images I print out and often parts of the page printing will fade out so that you get blank sections of the page. However when this happens there is usually plenty of time to change the cartridge unless you're printing out an urgent job....more info
  • Get the real thing
    Having been responsible for toner and ink supplies in the corporate world, I have done enough studies to prove that refilled cartridges and off brands do not deliver the same quality or quantity as new HP cartridges. It is worth the perceived extra cost as it is cheaper in the long run and you will be happier with the color quality. ...more info
  • Great price for genuine HP
    I've learned the hard way that using off-brand ink cartridges yield lesser quality images. This is the large cartridge and gives about 75-100 4x6 photos with my HP 245 photo printer. With the free shipping, this is an economical and convenient way to print my own photos at home....more info
  • Not the correct cartridge for HP Officejet 5610 All-in-one
    Amazon is advertising that this cartridge is made for the HP Officejet 5610 All-in-one. This is not correct the only cartridges that work are 22 (Tri-color) 27/56 (Black) and 58(Photo)...more info
  • poor information
    HP does not offer full information on number of color prints:
    Impossible to have an approximation of ink costs. Why so vague?

    Ex: 391 prints??? What size?
    ex: 15% Coverage??? Photos or text what size paper, 4x6, 8 1/2 x 11?
    Any variation of the above will make a great change in ink costs.

    Give us the approximate cost for any average 4x6 color photo.
    Give us the approximate cost of an average full page text with some color....more info

  • Works as it should.
    What can you say about a replacement ink cartridge, especially if it's the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand and part number? The thing works. No bells or whistles, no fanfare for the common man; it just works. Don't try cheap imitations or refills in the HPs, folks; Big Brother and the cartridge monitoring program are watching! Unless you run the GEN-YOU-WINE HP cartridges in HP printers, you will get all sorts of funny on-screen messages, such as "You need to realign your print heads again" even though you have done it 3 times already; or the dread "Incompatible Ink Cartridge"; then everything freezes up tighter than a screw on that 50-year-old rototiller you been workin' on. Yessir, you had better stick to the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT cartridges with these printers!

    And what better place to buy at the right price, with great service, than AMAZON.COM? Huh? HUH?!?...more info
  • HP #57 ink cartridge
    I just purchased the HP photosmart 100 printer which prints out 4" by 6" size prints. The printer takes the HP #57 cartridge and the photo quality results are great. You would even say that they match the quality of a professional lab. I have already printed well over 50 prints and have not needed to change the cartridge. The colors and skin tones are right on and the glossy HP PHOTO PAPER makes all the differance. Also two of my friends, after seeing my photos, have also bought the HP photosamart printer. Another great feature feature of the printer is you do not need a pc to support it, it directlly accepts smart media, compact flash and sony memory stick. I know this sounds like a review for the printer but lets not forget without the HP #57 color cartrige you have no photos....more info
  • Does Amazon sell the HP 57 Color Ink Cartridge?
    I guess I'll never know. After looking at who knows how many sellers on Amazon who offer the HP 57 I was unable to find one that Amazon itself carries. I guess it's off to Office Depot.


    Pres Nowlin...more info
  • Buy it from the store
    I purchased this item because it was very inexpensive. I should've followed my first instinct and went to the store. It does not work. My printer is not reading the cartridge. I went and bought one from the store, no problem at all....more info
  • Yes, it works fine, but...
    I experienced no problems installing this ink cartridge. It worked fine. However, the original dried up after 6 months of scant use. Inkjet printers are incredibly wasteful and expensive to maintain. These cartridges should be designed to be refillable, not disposable! At the very least, one should be able to recycle the old cartridges. HP should sell refilled, used cartridges, or should sell a refill kit. How long are we going to continue to stuff our landfills with disposable use-it-once-and-throw-it-away junk?...more info
  • good price
    These inkjet cartridges are as good as what you would buy at a regular store especially when free shipping is offered....more info
  • Great deal.
    I always by my ink cartridge off amazon, cause they always have the best deal....more info
  • Excellent
    Received shrink-wrapped OEM product as advertised, at lowest price I've found. I ordered one cartridge, and it was obvious from the packaging that mine had once been part of a multi-pack, but who cares? This enabled me to save on an expensive and indispensable product, with no loss of quality or big investment up front. I will order from same supplier again when I run out....more info
  • The pictures are great, the ink cost is high
    I use HP 57 and HP 58 cartridges for 6-ink photo printing on my HP PSC 2210 multifunction machine. The photos look great on HP premium photo paper, just like the ones from my local 1-hour photo center. However, after 20 pages (about 60 4*6 photos), the HP 58 cartridge is gone, and there is only about 1/4 left on the HP 57 cartridge. This is killing me. I will just use the local photo lab from now on :-(...more info
  • Awesome!
    I just bought a new HP PSC 1210 All-in-one, and printed 4x6 photos on the free sample premium plus glossy photo paper, after installing the HP 57 tri color cartridge. The result? Astonishing!! There's no way anyone can tell that the photograph is a computer printout and not developed on kodak paper.

    True, developing 4x6 can be as low as a quarter per print at some places, making this scheme uneconomical, but I'd highly recommend this for printing larger photos. (5x7, 8x10)....more info

  • Color quality cartridge
    I find that quality prints with this cartridge is just as good as the HP 58 when printing photos.Dont take my word for it. Try it!...more info