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Star Trek: Bridge Commander
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Manual is on CD, no box. Brand new in sleeve.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander puts you in the captain's chair of your very own Galaxy-class starship. Many games have made this claim, but this time, seriously, you're in the chair. Look to your left, and there's your navigator. Look over your shoulder, and there's your science officer. Instead of flying your titanic starship like an X-wing fighter, you direct the movement of your Federation vessel through commands to your capable crew. Some may question why sitting in a space-age La-Z-Boy is such a big deal, but these poor folks just don't realize that La-Z-Boy can move at warp factor 10.

The default view has you in the big chair. Everything is '80s-era beige, confirming that this is indeed the Next Generation. In front of you is the famous view screen. Your engineer, science officer, first officer, tactical officer, and navigator/communications officer are where you'd expect to find them. As events unfold, you can click on these officers and an orders menu opens up. This way you can quickly order your com officer to hail that ship, or the science officer to scan a nearby target. During combat you can order your tactical officer to target certain enemy subsystems (like the warp drive), or you can take control and do your own targeting and firing if you want. Your engineer can be ordered to prioritize repairs or boost power to the weapons. This lets you play like a real captain in that you're hearing reports, giving orders, and taking as much personal control as you like. You can even take a walk about the ship with the keyboard in the optional (and breathtaking) third-person view.

It's very clever how all this works and thankfully the artificial intelligence is more than up to the task. The story here is very deep and very Star Trek, and so are the music, sound effects, and voice acting. Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner (Captain Picard and Commander Data, respectively) are even on hand to give advice during two different points in the story. The missions are very linear and you can only save between them, but there are plenty of branching points that let you handle things your way. Though the main plot doesn't encourage a replay once you finish it, you can extend your enjoyment of the game through full multiplayer options and a handy Instant Action simulator that lets you set up any battle you like.

The graphics are stunning, except when it comes to the people. The stiff character graphics look like something out of 1997's Jedi Knight, rather than real people, and the lip-synching is awful. But you won't be watching people talk nearly as much as you'll be watching Klingon vessels trading punches with massive Romulan warbirds, as the Cardassians and Ferengi skulk nearby and your crew looks to you for your orders. Never has an episode of Trek come to life quite this well. If you winced when Riker piloted the Enterprise with that pop-up Thrustmaster joystick in Star Trek: Insurrection, you love the smell of spark-spewing bridge consoles in the morning, and you've ever wanted to listen to a crewman's so-crazy-it-just-might-work suggestion and reply "Make it so," then this game is for you. --Bob Andrews


  • Perfectly re-creates Star Trek adventure and combat
  • Unique control system works perfectly
  • Bad lip-synching
  • Can only save between missions

Star Trek: Bridge Commander is the first space simulation set in the Next Generation universe and puts you in command of your own Starfleet starship and crew. While you're on duty in a remote area of space, a nearby sun suddenly erupts, releasing a deadly blast that damages your ship, kills your captain, and threatens colonists close by. You must take control of your ship and lead your crew to solve the mystery.

Your mission is to discover the cause of the devastating explosion and prevent it from happening again. During the race you will battle the Cardassians, ally with the Klingons, investigate the Romulans, and reveal a secret plot that threatens the Federation itself. Challenges grow as you and your crew race to find the cause through more than 30 different missions. These include many of Star Trek's fundamental elements: defense, combat, diplomacy, exploration, rescue, and scientific discovery. You will be able to command both Galaxy- and Sovereign-class ships much like the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and U.S.S. Enterprise-E.

  • Star Trek: Bridge Commander puts you right where you belong - in the Captain's chair! Set in the NextGen universe (and featuring a couple of surprise guest appearances, complete with the real actors doing the voiceovers), Bridge Commander puts you at the helm in a first-person, "through the vid-screen" view of a Federation starship (see the review for more details).
  • Supports mods and multiplayer battles, with an active online community.

Customer Reviews:

  • WOW!!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!!!!!
    Wo!!!! this game is cool i have the demo and i played 2 levels I already were having fun. Plus the game is not like you hail someone and you beat the level or go into combat, repair, having a warp core breach. the diffuculty is right in the middle not to
    easy or hard. Also i have a terrible computer but it runes perfectly. The bad stuff is in battle it gets a bit fusterating and the lip talking but besides that it rools!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Star Trek Bridge Commander
    Best Star Trek based combat flight sim ever! Storyline and plot are excellent and the games run both player and machine hard. No more flat plane combat. You fight from a full, 360 degree in all directions, universe. Hope Taldren is taking note before completing SFCIII. Can't imagine it could be this good....more info
  • So Much Potential, So Little Support...
    One of the things that you may not realize with the Star Trek genra is that 90% of related products are sold on concept alone. This holds true with this title. A good game by all rights, Star Trek Bridge Commander really delivers to both the single player and the multiplayer fans.

    For the single player:
    You're getting the conn. Yes, the promises are true, folks. You are indeed a Captain Kirk... a Captain Picard. Once you get past the frustration of a semi-steep learning curve and still (as of 4/16/02) buggy interface, you're in for a real treat.

    The only real complaint I have for the single player missions is the inability to save your game at any time. The game saves your progress as you go, so you will find yourself in a situation where you fail, then have to restart from a save point from which you'll play a good 10 or 15 minutes until you get to try and die (or otherwise fail) all over again.

    For Multiplay:
    There are several 'vanilla' flavors here. You have the typical deathmatch (FFA), team deathmatch (TFFA), and good vs. bad type of play... but there's also a neat scenario in which you can defend (or attack) a starbase. Personally, I prefer this type of multiplay... and therefore I'm a little disappointed by the lack of similar scenario-based multiplay missions.

    In multiplay, you are forced to be in total control of the ship and all its functions. That is, unlike the single player environment, you can't have your lackies allocate power, keep powered shields to the enemy, or bring charged weapons to bear on the target, for example. Which is fine... but wouldn't that still be nice to have as an option?

    My only real complaint about the multiplayer play is in target selection. The target screen (L-CARS style) is tiny... even at higher resolutions. So, while you're getting pounded to dust by weapons of all flavors, you're messing with a counter-intuiative target selection screen... Frustrating, but you do get used to it.

    One tip: go for their sensors......more info

  • Fleeting but wonderful
    The missions were incredibly fun and interesting. Just challenging enough and really captured that Star Trek experience. However, within about a week the games were pretty much exhausted (except for the misc optional battles which are pretty dry). It's kind of shocking to "run out of play" that quickly. That said, it was still great fun and worth it!...more info
  • Ok, but lacking
    This is a not the type of command game i would expect from activison. Although i am a hardcore treky i dont like it. The lip movement is of and i wish you could assum a more room the ship type game with command. An Elite Force/Command game would be good in my opinion. You should also be able to go to systems you want to. Hey, overall its worth the buy, but its not the best...more info
  • Based on demo - it's ok
    Bridge Commander would have been really stunning if it had come out before games like Independence War, Klingon Academy and Dominion War. The game feels essentially like a merging of these 3 games.

    What is novel about this game is that you get a 1st person view from the captain's chair. Once that wears off (15mins- the time it takes to play the demo,) the game doesn't seem to be very interesting. I am basing this on playing the "instant action" games after playing the intro storyline part of the game.

    Pros of the game:

    - implementation appears good, worked rightaway on my laptop
    - graphics appears decent
    - voice overs are good
    - character rendering is ok
    - basically there is nothing offensive about the game

    Cons of the game:

    - not a whole lot that's new
    - commanding from the captain's chair is cute until you really have to do battle, then you're hunting for the short cut keys.
    - weak compared to other Star Trek games in terms of strategic components....more info

  • The Best Star Trek Game Ever
    This Game in wonderful. The graphics are the best in the space simulation world at this time. Each ship looks like you pulled it out of real life. The crew that you control look real, they turn to talk to you, if your ship is hit, they fall out of their chairs. This is the best computer game I have played ever....more info
  • Too Bad
    It is a great Idea and a good try. However, the problem is Activision tried to do it and screwed it all up. Yea it starts out ok. The Demo seems good. But once you try and get into the game, you will find that you will get nowhere, unless you can play for 3-5 hours strait. You are unable to save your game as you go along. The only saving is done when you complete a mission, and most take hours to go through. Now it's not because they are hard just lost of useless stuff to wait through. They try to bridge the Movie-Action game scenario, but end up making mud. I suggest you wait for it to hit the discount bin for $5.00 in about a month....more info
  • Make it so....
    I played the demo for the past few days and it was very enjoyable. This is the only game of the franchise where you can act like a true Captain and sit back barking orders to your crew. The interface looks good and functions very well. The graphics are crisp and the voices are very well done. I'll have to reserve final judgment until I get the full version (it better not have a lot of bugs!).

    After your Captain is killed you (the first officer) is promoted to Captain. It's your job to discover why your beloved captain was killed and solve mysteries along the way. There are plenty of battles included to keep your chief engineer busy, you tactical officer stressed and your new first officer wondering if its not to late for her to transfer off your ship.

    The game plays out like a good episode from The Next Generation series.

    Note, I'm giving the DEMO 4 Stars....more info

  • Trekkies will be well pleased, and others should take a look
    I have been a Trekkie for many years, and this game immediately appealed to me. I think any fan of the show dreams about taking the big chair and commanding a starship, and this game allows you to do just that. It is not perfect, but it offers a very enjoyable experience.

    As far as the simulation goes, this game does almost everything right. You can choose from a nice array of both UFP and alien ships in combat, and each ship has its own way of handling. A few more would have been nice, but there is enough to satisfy almost anyone. The ships handle just as they should - not as fighters, but as capital ships. This means they are relatively slow, so combat is more like a battle between two giants than a run-and-gun dogfight. While this may sound boring, it actually makes the battles very strategic and complex.

    The single-player mode is good for the most part. It has a good story, and some interesting situations. It is, of course, heavily focused on combat, which can get a bit boring over time. It is also very linear, though it offers a few choices once in a while. Another problem is the inability to save at will. The game autosaves between missions, but this can be a long time, and many events can take place between saves that could require loading from the beginning of a section. For the most part, though, they are well-placed and don't cause much of a problem.

    The multiplayer component is pretty good. It only allows manual control of the ship, which may turn off some, but overall makes sense. There are several different modes in which to play, and integration with GameSpy makes games relatively easy to find and join. You can also play over a local area network.

    I would probably give this game 3.5 stars, but I will round it up because of the great appeal it has to Trek fans. It offers fans a chance to sit in the captain's chair, and offers those with little or no interest in Star Trek an engaging and well-designed simulation. The single-player mode is fairly well-done, and multiplayer should give this game lasting appeal. Overall, I feel it as least worth a look for anyone interested in Star Trek or in space simulation/combat games....more info

  • Old but flexible
    This game is an excellent star trek themed game that combines a form of flight simulation with the option for mouse only control (menus). The option to give orders rather than doing everything yourself was one of the reasons I was interested in the game in the first place. This game has been around for a while, so the graphics are somewhat dated and the campaign story is rather rigid. However, the game engine is very good. The strategy is quite deep, allowing the player to win hopeless battles by being clever. There are modifications available for free in various places that improve the graphics (as much as you want), add more ships (several thousand), and increase the number of tactical options. In its basic form, the game is on the good side of mediocre. With all of the extras, it is possibly the best game in its genre. I gave this game the high rating because the extras are free and available to anyone - it's like having 10 games that use the same CD....more info
  • Way to many bugs. . .
    I was exited about the game, but could not get it to run long enough to enjoy it.

    Activision was unwilling to assist in troubleshooting, but Best Buy was nice enough to take the bug ridden game back.

    To bad because it started out good till it kept crashing....more info

  • This is a really fun game
    I have played this game over and over. I have never gotten tired of it. I haven't finished it yet, but hope to one day...more info
  • Great game for all ST:TNG fans
    Star Trek Bridge Commander is a great game and its unique "on the bridge" feeling makes it a great game for all trekers, but the fun dosen't last too long. It's a great game to come back to after not playing it for 5 months but that does not mean that I regret buying it. Graphically Bridge Commander is great, the ships practically flew out of the show and the phasers ant torpedoes look fantastic, however "For every good, there is evil" (see Star Trek: Nemesis). The lip syncing is the worst in history. There mouths move in a set pattern no matter what there saying making it look like a horribly badly dubbed Godzilla movie, but if you dont care about lip syncing, then GET THIS GAME!...more info
  • Stunning, amazing, pure fun...
    Star Trek Bridge Commander is a one-of-a-kind game. Although semi close to the Starfleet Command games, it takes those games to a new level of lush 3D vessels, surroundings and space stations. The graphics are, obviously, unsurpassed on the PC; they'll blow you away. The sound is like BEING in the Star Trek universe, with phaser fire, torpedoes and explosions, you'll be back for more. The gameplay/lasting appeal is great, not only is the game extremely innovative and fun, but multiplayer and quick battle scenarios will keep fun coming. One possible downside for this game is the incredibly high price that will not go down. But if you have the money and/or if you are a Trekkie, this is one great Star Trek game to get....more info
  • 100% good!
    This game is the gem of the Star Trek Universe. A nice feature is you can use Quick Battle, a simulation in which you choose your own ship, add friendly and enemy ships, and put them to battle. demo: 5 star. game: 5 star. Id definatly reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a very high quality simulation game with extreme graphics and sound with excitement. Here's some more of #1startrekfan's games:
    1. Starfleet Command: try this 1st level
    2. Dominion War: no, this is bad
    3. Armada: excellent quality 100% satisfaction
    4. armada2: super! 175% satisfaction + added WARP SPEED!! YAY!

    thanks for reading

    #1startrekfan...more info
  • Great Concept
    This game is a great concept, and with a bit more work it could have been an outstanding game. Visually it was quite stunning, the only problem I could see was that your first officer didn't "Look you in the eye." Her eye graphics always seemed to be looking elsewhere when talking to you. Minor problem I know, but something that irked me everytime I saw my number one on the screen.

    AI also seemed to be a problem. as two examples, Your AI tactical officer would only fire torpedoes when they were set to single fire. When you tell your Science officer to scan the system he would generally fail to pick up anything significant, except when it was scripted for you to find something, even when you have enemy ships shooting at you!

    My four biggest disappointments in order are: 1) No manual saves. The only time you can save is when finish a mission (and this is an autosave). If you fail the mission, "Oh well, you have to do the whole thing over, including scripted dialogues." 2) The First officer seems to be a built in snitch. If you fail to accomplish any task, even a task as insignificant and non-game affecting as saving a drifting freighter, she calls the Admiral and you get fired. No second chance, no chance to work it through without that information or get the info another way...just game over. 3) In tactical mode there isn't a "gun sight" You have no way of knowing where your phasers and torpedoes are going to fire without actually firing them. 4)The intercept command under the helm officer's menu seemed to work only sporatically. This a major problem since you need to use that command atleast twice to win the game.

    Despite my problems with the game, it was enjoyable. I would just buy it used if I were going to buy it again....more info

  • Great Game!
    The graphics on this game are great and the progression is nice also. The game flows very well and truly makes you think. I am not an avid "trekker" but I enjoy the shows and movies and this game definitely met my expectations. Yes, the lip synching is bad and you can only save at certain points but that is truly nitpicking. A great buy!...more info
  • gooses review
    It appears that several star trek games are being reviewed together here and this one is for bridge commander. This game puts you in command of a galaxy class star ship at the start of the game. you can give your crew orders by clicking on them and choosing from an options box. your missions are given to you be an admiral who is coordinating efforts in the system of space your ship is assigned to. you eventually get promoted to a soverigne class star ship after you complete the first few missions. you never leave the ship in this game and most of it revolves around skirmishes with varius alien ships. playing the single player mode of this game is like watching an episode of the next generation except without most of the boring sub stories. playing this game was very satisfying and seeing how you fair against some of the ships on the show with the ship of your choice in tactical simulation mode is great. the story although it may sound as if there wouldnt be one with all the ship skirmishes is actually as good as the story or better than the one in elite force....more info
  • Number 1 you have the conn
    This is amazing you actually sit in a "Picard" type role and are able to do wahtever you please with your ship. It is amazing Ive only played the demo but voice activation! WOW. The only 2 downfalls I see so far are #1 you get relieved of command if you try to blow up friendlies (I got bored with the demo) and #2 so far there is a lack of joystick control. I know that sounds trivial but in Star Trek #9 they had a "MAnual Steering Column" and yes im a trekkie...more info
  • Fun But Limited
    Although better than most Star Trek games, this one still has some problems. Chief amoung these are the linear nature (there is only one right way to complete missions), the lack of flexibility (I can only remember being asked to make 3 decisions though the whole game), no way of skipping the (interminable) dialogue and not being able save other than between missions.
    On the plus side, the graphics (especially the lighting effects) are beautiful, the storyline is good and you do get the feeling of being in a large ship.
    Just to address a couple of points raised by other reviewers;
    1. I had no problem with the speed of the game at all. There were fairly frequent crashes though.
    2. I was able to complete all the missions with the ships provided. there is some strategy needed!

    Anyway, now looking forward to the expansion pack....more info

  • Want to sit in the center chair?
    Do you think you have what it takes to sit in the hottest chair on the bridge? This game will test that.

    While it is a linear game, you do have a bunch of command decisions to make... which hostile ship do you target first... do you destroy it or just disable it... do you have any non-violent way to solve the problem... do you attack a ship with its shields down or hail it to talk to the captain first?

    In a way, the linear nature of the game is good, because you see the consequences of your actions later in the game. The ship you don't shoot at early in the game might come back to help you later. Definitely not just a regular shoot-em-up....more info