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If WrestleMania is truly the "Super Bowl of sports entertainment," then it deserves Super Bowl DVD treatment as well. In the past, WrestleMania DVDs were treated like any other pay-per-view event, but this time, WWE finally got it right. This two-disc set features a ton of goodies that not only add context and enhance the matches in WrestleMania 18, but take a look back at seminal WrestleMania moments. You get the top five WrestleMania finishes, the complete Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior match from WrestleMania 6, and a ton of other extras. As for WrestleMania 18 itself... well, perhaps there is a reason all of the supplement material was included, because it's a bit of a lackluster affair. The hype is there, with Hogan battling the Rock, Triple H fighting to regain the WWE title from Jericho, and the Undertaker vs. Ric Flair. However, actually watching aging legends like Hogan and Flair wrestle in their 50s is more sad than thrilling. In the end, the event seems more like the Geriatric Bowl than the Super Bowl. --Dave McCoy

Customer Reviews:

  • Greatest Interview in History!
    The Rock and The Coach:-
    Let the rock ask you something coach did you eat your vitamins this morning?...............well let the rock ask you this did you say your prayers?Well I got kind of busy WHAT! you got busy the rock goves thanks every day and you got busy?Well its been really busy rock its wrestlemaania and well coach what are you waiting for?................wait a minute your not gonna make any decisions around here the rock aint gonna make any decisions excuse me 1 second(turns and looks at Camera) Would you people like to see the coach say his prayers?(cheers)Well what are you waiting for coach(coach puts hands together) wait a minute get down on your knees coach...................(coach hesitates and gets on knees)we believe in you coach!We belive in you they believe in you and dammit the rock belives in you!!!!)Silence)
    COACH:What up G(rock looks strangely at coach)Coach here just wanna take a minute to give a quick shout out for everyone have a great night
    ROCK:WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What up G You get out of here you SICK FREAK!!!!(Kicks out coach out of cameras view)

    This has to be the most hilarious interview i have ever seen!!!!...more info
  • Slightly Underrated
    Intercontinental Championship
    William Regal vs. Rob Van Dam
    Peak of RVD's popularity. Solid opener with Regal laying on some innovative moves on RVD. They worked well together.

    European Championship
    Diamond Dallas Page vs. Christian
    This was really DDP's last hurrah. This match is underrated. Lots of good counters at the end. Good match.

    Hardcore Championship
    Maven vs. Goldust
    I wanted to like this but it just isn't good. An embarassing blown spot by Maven. Nice touch with the dueling trash can lids but this is more fitting for sunday night heat than the showcase of the immortals. Skidmark.

    Kane vs. Kurt Angle
    I liked this match. I don't think these two ever went one on one before and after this. Not bad at all. The finish would make you think there was gonna be a rematch but Kane went away for a while. Decent match.

    Ric Flair vs. Undertaker
    Almost match of the night. Great build up and psychology by both men. Flair gets beaten for a long time. A cameo by Arn Anderson seals the deal for this being a great match.

    Edge vs. Booker T
    Pretty good match considering the angle was a shampoo commercial! You watch these two and realize that they should be onto bigger and better things.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall
    Dream match of sorts. It's good but at only 9 minutes feels pretty rushed when you consider the participants.

    Four Team Elimination match for the Tag Team Championship
    Billy & Chuck vs. APA vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz
    Not that good. Should've been two teams.

    The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
    Wow! The crowd IS the match. Two icons finally! Technical aspect is poor but the energy and history going at it is unsurpassed! Any fan worth their salt has seen and/or owns this match.

    Triple Threat for the Women's Title
    Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus

    Undisputed Championship
    Chris Jericho vs. Triple H
    Stephanie did ruin the aura of the main event. The match itself is really good. The crowd was out of it which is too bad. Better than the average WM main event....more info
  • Great event with a great dvd
    This dvd is now out of print, but its worth tracking down. This event was recently rereleased in the big Wrestlemania DVD box set, but it was heavily edited in order to meet with copyrights. Aside from changing music in the rerelease, they had to blur the WWF logo and edit out any mentions of the initials "WWF". This original dvd had no editing.

    * Intercontinental Title: William Regal (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
    * European Title: Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. Christian
    * Hardcore Title: Goldust vs. Maven (c)
    * Tear Away: Drowning Pool sings a song
    * Kane vs. Kurt Angle
    * No Choice - video package of Flair & Undertaker's feud
    * Ric Flair vs. Undertaker. This dvd keeps Undertaker's Limp Bizkit theme, which is edited out of other events (including the rerelease of this event)
    * Edge vs. Booker T (last time Edge's Rob Zombie music was not removed from a dvd)
    * nWo picks the wrong guy - video package of Austin & Hall's feud
    * Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall
    * Tag Title Elimination Match: Billy & Chuck (c) vs. the Hardy Boyz vs. the APA vs. the Dudley Boyz
    * Icon vs. Icon - video package of Rock & Hogan's feud
    * The Rock vs. Hollywood Hogan (a classic for the ages)
    * Women's Title: Jazz (c) vs. Lita vs. Trish
    * Undisputed Title: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Triple H
    * Wrestlemania 18 highlights

    Disc 1
    * Byte This with Vince.
    * Favorite WM Moments.
    * Top 5 WM finishes
    * Top 3 WM attendences
    * Post Match Comments: RVD, DDP, & Angle
    * Making of the cast: talks about making a cast of Stacy's legs
    * Press Conference.
    Disc 2
    * Wrestlemania 6's Main Event: Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior. This was placed on the dvd because it was the main event of the last Wrestlemania to hit Toronto. Great classic match.
    * The Rock challenges Hogan: This is the full scene from Raw when The Rock confronted Hogan and challenged him to a match. Great moment.
    * The Rock tells a Hulk Story: This is from the fanfest during the weekend before WM18. The Rock talks about his brief encounter with Hogan as a child. Funny!
    * The Next Night on Raw: On Raw, the following night, we see Hogan quit the nWo
    * Cat Fight: Lita & Trish fight backstage on Smackdown
    * Post Match Comments: Trish & Maven.

    Overall, I highly recommend this DVD. Its a great event with fun matches. This is definitely one to add to your collection whether you're a hardcore collector or just a relaxed fan. ...more info
    1. Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal (c)
    RATING: 6/10

    2. European Title Match:
    Christian vs. DDP (c)
    RATING: 6/10

    3. Hardcore Title Match:
    Goldust vs. Maven (c)
    RATING: 5/10

    4. Kurt Angle vs. Kane
    RATING: 7/10

    5. No Disqualification Match:
    Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker
    RATING: 8/10

    6. Booker T vs. Edge
    RATING: 6/10

    7. Scott Hall vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    RATING: 8/10

    8. Four Corners Elimination Match for the Tag Team Championship:
    The Dudley Boys vs. the APA vs. The Hardy Boys vs. Billy and Chuck (c)
    RATING: 7/10

    9. Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock
    RATING:: 10/10

    10. Women's Championship Match:
    RATING: 5/10

    11. Undisputed Title Match:
    Triple H vs. Chris Jericho (c)
    RATING: 7/10
    ...more info
  • Wrestlemania X8
    1. Intercontinental Championship Match: Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal (c)
    Good opener, RVD shows a bunch of cool moves, and William Regal doesn't look too bad either. RVD takes a nasty suplex towards the end. Overall, an opener that did its job by getting the crowd into it. 6/10

    2. European Title Match: Christian vs. DDP (c)
    Not expecting much from this one at all, and I was pretty suprised. A decent match, worth a watch. 6/10

    3. Hardcore Title Match: Goldust vs. Maven (c)
    Not even really a match, considering the ending. Nothing noteworthy here, just skip it. 3/10

    4. Kurt Angle vs. Kane
    A pretty decent brawl between these two. A rather random match-up, considering they are very conflicting styles, but they work pretty well together. Not a bad match, worth a watch. 6.5/10

    5. No Disqualification Match: Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker
    Flair and 'Taker put on a good brawl. They work well together, and get the crowd into it. Beware, Flair bleeds quite a bit in this one. The Undertaker continues his streak at 'Mania in an entertaining match with the Nature Boy. 7.5/10

    6. Booker T vs. Edge
    Was expecting this one to be filler, but I was somewhat suprised. A decent match, Edge does well in this one, but Booker doesn't do anything noteworthy. Worth watching I suppose. 6/10

    7. Scott Hall vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Aside from annoying interference from Kevin Nash, a pretty good match. Austin and Hall brawl back and forth. Predictable, but still enjoyable nonetheless. 7/10

    8. Four Corners Elimination Match for the World Tag Team Championship: The Dudley Boys vs. the APA vs. The Hardy Boys vs. Billy and Chuck (c)
    Pretty decent tag match, though the ending is quite annoying. Worth a look, if just for the Hardys and the Dudleys (and Stacy). 6/10

    9. Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock
    Lots of hype for this confrontation. A match that many thought they would never see. The crowd at Skydome was absolutely electric for the entire match. They were solidly behind Hogan, and booed The Rock on many occasions. Though this match isn't the best in terms of wrestling, its very, very entertaining. It feels like a classic through and through. Probably one of the biggest matches in the history of Wrestlemania, if not THE biggest. Expectations were somewhat high, and I believe it surpassed them to an extent. Epic confrontation, truly a classic. Don't miss this. 8.5/10

    10. Women's Championship Match: Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus
    Standard women's match. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. Skip this, on to the title match. 3/10

    11. Undisputed Title Match: Triple H vs. Chris Jericho (c)
    Crowd was dead for this one after the Hogan-Rock match, which was very dissapointing. This is an underrated match, that isn't given enough credit. Predictable, but still a good match that shouldn't be overlooked under any circumstances. They both put on a good performance, and it has the feel of a Wrestlemania Main Event. Ends the night on a good note too. 8/10

    Overall, this is a pretty good Wrestlemania, even if some wrestlers weren't used to their full potential (mainly Angle and Austin). Nothing unwatchable on this card, but many middle of the road matches. A few great matches that make this worth watching though.

    Match of the Night: Hogan vs. The Rock, definitely. Without a doubt, that is the one thing people remember this Wrestlemania for. A classic that the fans went insane over, with a great ending....more info
  • greatest event ever!?
    I got this dvd today for $60 I havnt watched all the matches yt but here is a rating out of ten of the ones I have.....

    Undertaker vs Ric Flair no dq

    This was a good match bloody and good some weapon usage and just a good match....8

    Stone Cold vs Scott Hall

    This was another good match. Nothing super spectacular but just an averall good match........7

    The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan

    Now this was the match that 68,000 plus came to see, and were they dissapointed ....HELL NO! this was the match of the night by a long shot the crowd suppoert was just wow I knew that threy would be loud but man you just have to watch the match......10

    ps I have seen and own hogan vs rock 2 fro, no way out and its a joke comparred to this

    Undisputed title
    Chris Jericho vs Triple H

    This was actually a pretty good match. Nothing over the top again but still decent, I think it would have been better if the crowd wasnt dead(but I guess they were tierd from rock/hulk) I enjoyed this more than hhh vs Batista from wrestlemania 21.........7

    Overall the verdict for this ppv would be 8.5 out of 10 but the crowd reaction for rock/hulk boosts it to a 9 this is a really good ppv. Now is this really the greastest ppv of all time

    Hot crowd-Check
    Big awsome arena-Check

    the only thing this ppv needs is a few more great matches instead of ddp vs christian so this is close but not quite...more info
  • Wrestlemania 18 REVIEW
    The eighteenth annual "Wrestlemania" was the last to wear the WWF moniker before it was legally forced to change to World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Once you look past the "dream match" featuring "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and The Rock, there really isn't much to this event. Hogan vs. Rock is not exactly a scientific classic as both men stretch their limited list of moves as far as it gets. This match lives up to its hype, though like most of the card, the outcome is predictable.

    There lies the biggest problem with most of this card. While we are getting to see a few big first-time meetings, it's clear that the younger guys are gonna win. It's about the veterans passing the torch. In one of the odder pairings, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin takes on Scott Hall. With all respect given to Hall, this one just doesn't look good on paper. As an opponent for the most popular athlete in the company, Hall just doesn't work. With Hall's past, it is clear who is gonna get the win here. The other big problem here is the feud was developed for barely even a month and while it worked with Hogan-Rock, it doesn't here.

    Aside from a very well-worked opening match with Rob Van Dam challenging William Regal for the Intercontinental Title and a better-than-usual Woman's match, this pay-per-view is pretty poor. Hogan and Rock should have closed the show as it was clearly more interesting than the World Title main event with Triple H and Chris Jericho. This match was pretty good though it's only real point of interest was the hope that Triple H would get his hands on Stephanie. The fans can never get enough of seeing Steph gets her. I always felt that she worked more effectively as the snobby heel. The rest of the card is average at best....more info

  • Very good Wrestlemania
    I have been watching since Wrestlemania 6 and this one is very good....more info
  • What a wrestlemania
    I have this event and i tell you what, i just loved this wrestlemania as i loved wrestlemania X-7
    RVD vs Regal: an slow opener, not a very good way to start a PPV but still ok. 5/10

    DDP vs Christian: In my opinion the worst match of the show, BORING, and by the way, Christian SUCKS! 2/10

    Maven vs Goldust: Hardcore title, 24/7 rules! it was entertaing seeing that Molly Holly eventually won the title but then Christian, the Hurracaine, spike and last Maven won the title in that very night 6/10

    Undertaker vs Ric Flair: I loved this one, Undertaker's face when ric flair was appliying him the Figure 4 leglock was my favorite moment 9/10

    Stone Cold vs Scott Hall: I didn't expect a lot but a fairly goofd match 7/10

    4 way tag team title: a little bit slow and boring at times 5/10

    Angle vs Kane: Angle is a great wrestler but i hate him, a good match but i think Kane was a little bit weak here 7/10

    Women's triple threat: an OK match, better than those woman's matchses we use to see 5/10

    Booker T vs Edge: Terrible storyline but i have to give them credit becuase it was a good match 7/10

    Hogan vs Rock; Defenitly a match for the ages, ICON vs ICON in did, Hogan put an excellent show and the Rock in my eyes did an excllent job to 10/10

    Triple H vs Chris Jericho: the crowd was dead but a this one was a good one, Triple H wins by giving the pedigree to steph and Y2J 8/10...more info
  • First WrestleMania of my time, and a good one. Thank U.
    I started watching WWE in early 2002 (when I was 8), and I'm proud of that. The 1st episode I watched (which was on Smackdown!), was when the nWo was in a handicap match with The Rock. Hogan slammed The Rock's head with a hammer. The nWo ran after the ambulance w/ The Rock in it, scared of the driver. A black truck appeared out of no where, and it had Hogan in it. Hogan drove into the ambulance. What a great, no, excellent 1st Episode. Unfortunately, WWE has changed since then. Boy do I miss the old days. Modern WWE has turned into a soap-opera. And also, after a few months after this PPV, the "attidude" era ended. No it's the "soap-opera" era. Smackdown! and RAW practically belong to JBL and HHH.

    MATCHES (that made this a great 1st WrestleMania):

    Intercontinental Championship: RVD vs. William Regal
    European Championship: DDP vs. Christian
    Hardcore Championship: Goldust vs. Maven
    Kane vs. Kurt Angle
    Ric Flair vs. Undertaker (No Disqualification Match)
    Edge vs. Booker T
    Stone Cold vs. Scott Hall (Special Enforcer: Kevin Nash)
    WWE Tag Team Championship: Billy & Chuck vs. Hardy Boyz vs. APA vs. Dudley Boyz

    Women's Championship: Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus
    Undisputed WWE Championship: HHH vs. Jericho (w/ Steph McMahon)

    Each match got a "10/10" which is an A+ which indicates this as an "excellent and great mixed up pay-per-view. A must-have"
    ...more info
  • ICON vs. ICON: Simply Awesome
    I.C. Title
    Willaim Regal(c)vs. Rob Van Dam
    Nice opener to 'Mania X-8. Mr. PPV wins with the Five-Star Frog Splash. 8/10

    Eurppean Title
    Diamond Dallas Page (c)vs. Christian
    Decent match. Page wins with the Diamond Cutter. Christian throws a fit after the match. 7/10

    Hardcore Title
    Maven (c) vs. Goldust
    Maven takes a beatin from the Bizare One, but when both are down Spike pins Maven for the Title. 4/10

    Kane vs. Kurt Angle
    The Big Red Retard had cost Kurt Angle the WWF Title match main event at WM X-8. Kurt pins Kane when Kurt used the ropes for extra leverage. 6/10

    Ric Flair vs. Undertaker
    Undertaker took all that Flair could dish out. Taker pins Flair after the Tombstone Piledriver. UT WM Record is 10-0 as of WM X-8. 9.9/10

    Edge vs. Booker T.
    Good match but bad storyline. Edge wins after the Edge-Cution. 7.5/10

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash
    Decent but pointless match. Stunner gives Austin the V.

    Four-Team Elimination Match for the WWF Tag Team Titles
    Billy and Chuck (c)vs. the Hardy Boyz vs. the APA vs. the Dudley Boyz.
    Not a bad match. Chuck pins Jeff for the Victory. 6/10

    ICON vs. ICON
    Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock.
    WOW! This one definately lived up to the hype. Hogan kicks out of the Rock Bottom,Rock kicks out of the Hollywood Leg Drop. Rock pins Hogan after two more Rock Bottoms and the People's Elbow. they shake hands after the match. 10/10

    Triple-Threat match WWF Women's Title.
    Jazz(c)vs. Trish Srtatus vs. Lita
    No one really cared for this match. It was ok. Jazz pins Lita after a Superplex. 6.5/10

    WWF Undisputed Title.
    Chris Jericho(c)w/ Stephanie McMahon vs. Triple-H
    I wanted Jericho to break Hunter's damn leg again. But of couse their feud takes a back seat to the Triple-H/Steph angle. The game wins after the Pedigree. 7/10

    A great Wrestle Mania....more info

  • X8 Is up and down....
    I don't really know quite what to think of this card... Some of the matches are great, others are garbage... oh well, here's my take..

    William Regal (c) v. RVD ***
    Good match, good energy.. it's good to see RVD before he got stale.. Good spring in his step. Regal looks good with almost anyone. Enjoyed this match.

    Diamond Dallas Page (c) v. Christian **1/2
    Good energy. Christian and DDP are great entertainers, but this match really doesn't pick up, nor does it have much of a storyline. Watch Christian throw a temper tantrum after the match.. absolutely hysterical.

    Maven (c) v. Goldust **
    I love hardcore wrestling. The WWE killed it with this 24/7 garbage. Title changes hands almsot 8 times that night. Maven is awful too.

    Kane v. Kurt Angle ***
    I personally liked this match. Angle was way way overdue for a 'mania main event. He and Kane entertain and put together as good a match as I think is possible between the two. No chemistry, but I enjoyed it no less.

    Undertaker v. Ric Flair no DQ ****
    Wow, Ric can still put together a good one when he wants to. Good storyline and a good, well paced match. I really liked the way they used their weapons. THe psychology was right on too. Great match.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Scott Hall ***1/2
    A lot of people didn't like this match, but I thought it was good. I think the WWE really misused the nWo and all that, but that has nothing to do with my like or dislike for this match. Hall sells the stunner in a pretty funny way.. nWo get theirs. Exciting match.

    Billy and Chuck (c) v. Dudley Boyz v.APA v. THe Hardy Boys *1/2
    Tag Team wrestling has really gone down the crapper in the past few years. Yet another thoroughly pointless four way/three way/ nine teams in a shoebox kinda match. fast forward.

    ICON v. ICON
    The Rock v. Hollywood Hulk Hogan ****1/2
    WWE fans may be the pickiest people in the world. How ANYONE could hate or not like this match is beyond me. Hogan held his own despite being like 95. I, in 20 years of watching wrestling, have never seen a crowd that bonkers for a match. Finishers and great psychology. Sure it's not scientific/mat wrestling fest, but it still on hell of a match. Three stars for mat quality, another one and a half for energy.

    Jazz (c) v. Trish v. Lita **
    Good cool down after Hogan and Rock. I really wish the WWE would do more hardcore stuff with their women. Throw some good gimmicks in there for them insted of hair yanking and bras and panties..

    Chris Jericho (c) v. Triple H ***1/2
    This match isn't all THAT bad, it's just the crowd is totally spent after Rock and Hogan. Wasn't a big fan of triple H's entrance either. He just wasn't ready to go the thirty minutes they ended up going in the ring. If they had kept this five to ten minutes shorter, and Trips hadn't had to pace himself so much, this could have been a much better match. Not a bad match, just not very good. Rock and Hogan really took all the thunder outta this one....more info

    1. Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal (c)
    RATING: 6/10

    2. European Title Match:
    Christian vs. DDP (c)
    RATING: 6/10

    3. Hardcore Title Match:
    Goldust vs. Maven (c)
    RATING: 5/10

    4. Kurt Angle vs. Kane
    RATING: 7/10

    5. No Disqualification Match:
    Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker
    RATING: 8/10

    6. Booker T vs. Edge
    RATING: 6/10

    7. Scott Hall vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    RATING: 8/10

    8. Four Corners Elimination Match for the Tag Team Championship:
    The Dudley Boys vs. the APA vs. The Hardy Boys vs. Billy and Chuck (c)
    RATING: 7/10

    9. Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock
    RATING:: 10/10

    10. Women's Championship Match:
    RATING: 5/10

    11. Undisputed Title Match:
    Triple H vs. Chris Jericho (c)
    RATING: 7/10
    ...more info
  • WWE Wrestlemania X-8
    WWE Wrestlemania 18
    March 17,2002

    Music Performances by Drowning Pool & Saliva

    WWE Intercontinental Title
    William Regal vs Rob Van Dam

    WWE European Title
    Diamond Dallas Page vs Christain

    WWE Hardcore Title
    Maven vs Goldust

    Kurt Angle vs Kane

    NO DQ
    Undertaker vs Ric Flair

    Booker T vs Edge

    Stone Cold vs Scott Hall

    WWE Tag Team Titles
    Billy & Chuck vs APA vs Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz

    The Rock vs Hulk Hogan

    WWE Womens Title
    Jazz vs Lita vs Trish Stratus

    WWE Undisputed Titles
    Chris Jericho vs Triple H...more info

    THE BEST PPV OF 2002, AND ONE OF THE BEST WRESTLEMANIA'S EVER MADE! A record crowd of 68,237 gathered in Toronto to witness history in the making & a matchup no one ever thought possible. Plus...musical performances by Downing Pool & Saliva!


    William Regal (vs.) Rob Van Dam

    Diamond Dallas Page (vs.) Christian

    Goldust (vs.) Maven

    Kane (vs.) Kurt Angle

    Ric Flair (vs) Undertaker

    Edge (vs.) Booker T

    Stone Cold Steve Austin (vs.) Scott Hall
    (Special Enforcer - Kevin Nash)
    Billy & Chuck (Vs.) The Hardy Boyz (vs.) The APA (vs.) The Dudley Boyz

    {ICON (VS.) ICON}:
    The Rock (vs.) Hollywood Hulk Hogan

    Jazz (vs.) Lita (vs.) Trish Stratus

    Chris Jericho (vs.) Triple H

    Over 3 hours of (DVD) extras including superstar interviews, classic WRESTLEMANIA moments, and the aftermath on the next nights Raw, and much more! Over 7 hours of pure WRESTLEMANIA!...more info

  • WWE WrestleMania X 8
    The WWE Presents: "WrestleMania X8. Ric Flair vs. Undertaker. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall of the nWo with Kevin Nash as inforcer. RVD vs. William Reagal for the Intercontenental Championship. Triple Threat match for the WWE Women's Championship. The WWE Undisputed Champion, Y2J Chris Jericho defense his title against the winner of the Royal Rumble and No. 1, Triple H. Then, Icon vs. Icon, WWE's two best will collide in the ring, Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock. It's Icon vs. Icon. Who is the icon of the WWE? All over 7 hours of action even extra bonuses in this DVD, Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior back at Skydome at WrestleMania VI. After WrestleMania 18 on Raw....more info
  • Just didn't feel as WRESTLEMANIA!!! as it should have done
    Wresltemania X8 (2002)

    IC Title - William Regal V Rob Van Dam
    This was a decent opener. Regal tires to cheat with the bras knucks but fails. The end is cool with RVD winning. 6/10

    European Title - DDP V Christian
    Quite a boring match really. The crowd weren't very into it either. 5/10

    Hardcore Title - Goldust V Maven
    Just as the match picks up, Spike runs in and pins Maven to win the title. Troughout the night there are various title changes backstage. They should have just had a hardcore battle royal instead. 7/10

    Kurt Angle V Kane
    Considering there were no titles on the line, no stipulations, and a pretty crap storyline, these 2 put on a good match. 7/10

    No DQ Match - Ric Flair V Undertaker
    This was a cool match, involving various weapons. There's also a fair amount of blood. The end is cool, with Undertaker using the tombstone piledriver to put his WM record to 10-0! 8/10

    Edge V Booker T
    There was nothing very speical about this match and the storyline was a joke (something about a Japanese shampoo advert!) At least the right man won. 6/10

    Stone Cold V Scott Hall with Kevin Nash
    This could have been far better because it was at a point when Stone Cold was having problems with WWE. They still deliver a very solid match though, and the end is good. 8/10

    Tag Team Titles - Billy & Chuck V Hardys V Dudleys V APA
    This was a good match, including a table breaking. The action is fast and entertaining, and the crowd seemed into it. The real bad point was the end with Billy & Chuck retaining to make the whole match pretty pointless. 8/10

    The Rock V Hulk Hogan
    This should have been the main event. I know the Title match should be the main event of Wrestlemania really, but this is what everyone came to see. They match was good, but what was really great was the atmosphere. The noise from the crowd was phenominal, and there was a massive mixed reaction with chants of Rocky and Hogan at the same time! The ending is also good - so good that I won't tell you what it was! 8/10

    Women's Title - Lita V Trish V Jazz
    God knows what possesed WWE to put this on after Rock and Hogan. It made the ladies look bad, even though it wans't that bad considering it was a womens match. On top of that Jazz wins, instead of Trish who was in her home coutry. 4/10

    WWE Title - Chris Jericho V Triple H
    It's a shame they didn't make Rock/Hogan the main event, and have this just before it because people were restless by now. They had come to see Rock/Hogan and they'd seen it. They put on a good match though, including a chair and the announce table. The ending with the title going to Triple H rounded off the show well too. 8/10

    Had this been any other PPV, like Judgement Day or No Mercy or something, it would have been great. However, this was supposed to Wrestlemania, and it just didn't feel like it, especially compared to the previous year's Wresltemania X7, which is still the best event ever. 4/5...more info

  • Wrestlemania 18 is a 3 star ppv

    1. Rvd vs. William Regal for the ITC title- this was a preatty good way to kick off the show. I dont think they had to many other choices and rvd always gets the crowd involved. It seemed a little bit to short for me but i still enjoyed it and it was good idea to keep it the pace they did. Winner and new wwe itc champ rvd. Match Rating 6.5/10.

    2. DDp vs. Christian europen title- This was a good match but it also seemed to lack something in it.I think that ddp is washed up. I also think that they should at least let christian win in his hoemtown eveen if he is a heel. I thik that was dumb by the wwe and i think christian deserved a win hear. I dont know if htat would have mattered any but it was decent at best. Winner and still wwe europen champ ddp. Match Rating 5.5/10.

    3. Goldust vs. Maven for the hardcore title- This is a hard match to rate because it was going on all night. I started out as a 5 minute match and than through out the night the title kept on changing hands so it is hard to rate but rather entertaing. Winner and still wwe hardcore champ maven. Match Rtaing 6/10.

    4. Knae vs. Kurt Angle- This was the first match of the night that i really started to get into. This was another angle match were almost every one of his matches is good. I liked the pace of this match but it was slowed down at times because of angles usuall offense. It strated to pick up quickly and they went back and forth and a really nice part were angle running suplexed kane off the top rope. A good match but i hought that the ending was a little weak. Winner Kurt Angle. Match Rating 7.5/10.

    5. The undertaker vs. Rick Falir no dq- I was expecting a little bit more from this matc but i think it was still good. This was a feud that started a while back and when they put the no dq rule in it made me a little bit more hyped for the match. Saying that they only used a few weopens which basically made the no dq rile point less. I think this still worked out perfect and a nice apperence bu arn anderson. Winner the undertaker. Match Rating 8/10.

    6. Booker T vs. Edge- This match almost seemed like a filler to me. The crowd was out of this one and it just seemed to drag on. Just an average wrestling match at best but it seemed like it was to cool the crowd down after the flair match. Nothing specail just there. Winner EDGE. Match Rating 6/10.

    7. Stone Cold vs. Scott Hall- This was another fued that had been building for a while but i seemed to enjoy this match. It started out with good intnesity and some good offense by both men. Than nash got involved in the match which slowed it down a little. Once the ref bump came the match started to pick up just one stunner after another and the fast paced action continued till the end. Good match. Winner stone cold. Match Rating 8/10.

    8. APA vs. The Hardus vs. The dudleys vs. Bily and chuck tag team elemination for the tag team titles- This was your average tag team match. I really dont understand why the wwe kept making the apa be the first ones out every time and the dudleys next. Anyway the match worked nice. It was well paced but the crowd seemed to be asleep for this one. There is one really nice spot were devon gets pushed through a table. Winners and still wwe tag team champs billy and chuck. Match Rating 7/10.

    9. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan- Wow was this match better than i thought it was going to be. I would have to say the canda crowd played a big part in this. They were all over the rockl and booing the hell out of him. I was a little surprised but it played out perfect. This was awsome right from the start it was a little slow but for the shape that hogan was in it was great. I think the rock really steaped his game up and carried this match. Once the ref bump happened it picked up. So many near falls and false finishes that you will not want to sit down for this one. Winner the rock. Match Rtaing 9/10.

    10. Trish vs. Lita vs. Jazz for the womens championship- A good choice for this match to follow to slow the crowd down. I could not get into this match at all it was not bad but it was not what u would call good. Not much to say. Winner and still wwe womens champ Jazz. Match Rtaing 5.5/10.

    11. Y2J vs. HHH for the Undisputed title- I can never understanmd why people did not get into this match and even some people said it was a bad match. I think the one problem that i had was it was worked on HHH leg alot but i still felt the match was good and told a decent story. I would have liked it more if the crowd was into it but there were some nice spots with a table and a chair and i thought it was a soild main event. Winner and new wwe champ HHH. Match Rating 8.5/10.

    Well that raps up another. I would give wrestlemania 18 a grade of 77.5/110 which is a 70% which means this is a good ppv and it just misses it being awsome bu 1 point. This was an up and down wrestlemania but i would still recomend it. If you could tell me if my review was helpful or not i would appericate that. Thanks for your time....more info
  • Over-Hyped WrestleMania
    WrestleMania X8 was one of the most over-hyped Manias of all time. Not saying that all WrestleManias are not hyped before the event starts, but the way X8 was hyped is an insult to the latest and greatest WrestleManias. (X7, 2000, XX and XIX)

    You see, X8 suffers from the fact that it's the WM after X7, the greatest event of wrestling in history, so it'd be near impossible to come near it, especially considering that X8 used guys that shouldn't be in the spotlight anymore, for example Hogan and Trips (Not saying that HHH should be retired, but c'mon, a mainevent with a guy with a bad leg who beats an up and coming, and more deserving and talented wrestler?) and that X8's main attraction was the Hogan/Rock bout.... more on that later.

    Here's the list of the card, along with a small review:

    1.RVD vs. Regal- IC Title
    Fair match, a little slow and some fairly entertaining moves, but the bottom line is, the styles don't complement eachother and it was a fairly boring opener. C+

    2.DDP vs. Christian- Euro Title
    A surprising match whch isn't bad, but the way this match was under-hyped makes the match look worse than what it was. No real memorable details, but worth watching once. Why Christian is so underrated is beyond me... he has great ring psychology and mic skills. B-

    3.Goldust vs. Maven- Hardcore Title
    This match is like a cracker with no dip... maybe even half a cracker with no dip. Gimmicky finish. C---

    4.Kane vs. Kurt Angle
    Why Kane was even in a WM is beyond me- and why Kurt's talents are wasted with Kane is also mind-blowingly stupid. Kane makes Kurt look boring. C+

    5.Ric Flair vs. Undertaker
    One of the better matches on the card. Too bad that both men are slow and that the match is mainly a squash match, but the heavy blood flow and the fact that it's two legends is entertaining either way. B

    6.Edge vs. Booker
    Bad storyline leading up to WM, and fairly sloppy match to end it. This will make you think- why wasn't the Kurt/Edge hair vs. hair match here instead of Judgment Day? B-

    7.Austin vs. Hall
    Good match, but more worthy of an average PPV, not WM. Not pushed to its potential. B-

    8.Four Team Elimination Match- Tag Titles
    By now your brain should've been wiped of entertainment, and you won't remember anything from this match. Why did a temporary team win? C+

    9.Rock vs. Hogan
    The match of the decade/millenium/whatever made this card what it is. Kinda in-a-way. This match is an average bout with no real surprises. Kicking out of finishing moves excite you? Then give this match an A, but realistically this match was overhyped and predictable and the storylines leading up to it was lame. At least the crowd kept the match exciting. Kind of anyway... C+

    10.Lita vs. Jazz vs. Trish- Women's Title
    Who cares? It's just a filler between the Rock/Hogan match and HHH/Jericho match. skip it. No grade needed.

    11.Jericho vs. Trips- Undisputed Title
    One of the worst matches on the card. What a WM Mainevent shouldn't be. The storyline was more in the shadow of the HHH/Steph feud, and the match was slow and Toronto just didn't give a damn about it. The rematch with both men at Judgment Day in Hell in the Cell is 10 times better. Jericho didn't wrestle to his potential and HHH was in no shape to be there. C-

    Worth missing out on....more info

  • All Hype, Mediocre Action, Lame Wrestlemania
    Wrestlemania X-8 capped off, what was one of the most disappointing series in WWE history. Starting from Invasion all the way to here, WWE had the chance to capitalize on new talent and fresh faces and bring fans of both WCW and ECW. It was ripe for the pickings, despite losing the likes of Triple H, Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Rhyno, they had enough talent to do it. Yet, Vinces stubborness, a crappy writing team, and politics ruined it and it continues to this day. Even bright spots in between, like Rock-Jericho feud, RVD's popularity, Austin-Angle fued, Jericho's emergence as a top tier guy, would go down the stool. In return, we got the return of Golden Oldies like Flair, Hogan, Henning, and The Outsiders, while pushes went to the same ol' faces of Undertaker, Austin, Rock, and Triple H. X-8 also succeeded X-Seven, but this time the fans really didn't care too much about the product as a whole, notice the crowd was only alive and kicking for one match, only one match where it really felt like Wrestlemania.

    The Good
    Rock vs. Hulk Hogan
    This is that one match I was talking about. Nostalgia had taken over. The booking didn't play to the strengths of neither man, but the two did well in making it past vs. present, and the selling of the story was done well. The Toronto crowd made it memorable as well. Being a bad match goes out the window here, it's all about seeing two great icons in the ring, after critics said it would never happen.

    Undertaker vs. Ric Flair
    This was the match of the night, wrestling wise. This was all about Flair fighting for honor and respectability, after Taker, "rightfully", went after him. Check out No Way Out 2002, for the story there, better yet, no, that PPV stunk. So here it is, Flair interfered in Taker's match with the Rock at No Way Out, costing him that match. Taker responded by challenging Flair to a match, Flair chickened out, so Taker took matters into his own hand by kicking his best friend, Arn Anderson, but then his son, David's, [...]. Taker told Flair he'd continue the onslaught until he got a yes, Flair agreed, but in doing so, lost control of his 50% ownership, to his partner Vinny Mac, who made it a no DQ match. Which led to Taker kicking Flair's [...] here and going 10-0 at Wrestlemania.

    The Mediocre
    RVD vs. William Regal
    Styles clashed badly, but the right person went over.

    Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
    No one bought this contrite storyline, that mainly involved Triple H and Steph. Triple H finished off making Jericho look like a useless champion here. The match was totally boring, JR was irritating making it soundas if it was Triple H's last match.

    Booker T vs. Edge
    The sign in the crowd said it best, they were fighting over shampoo. Booker tried, but Edge just wasn't impressive here.

    DDP vs. Christian
    What did Christian do to deserve that? Chrisitan tried, but it's DDP!

    Kurt Angle vs. Kane
    This could of been good, but Angle had an off night, and Kane just wasn't feeling it. Not bad, but can't call it a good match either.

    Billy and Chuck vs. The APA vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz
    Same ol' Hardyz vs. Dudleyz saved this from being bad, but your asking for miracles for Matt Hardy and the Dudleys to help five repetitive(Jeff Hardy), boring (Billy Gunn), unmotivated (Bradshaw), talentless slugs (Farooq & Palumbo)to do anything. The good thing was Saliva's performing the Dudleys entrance music.

    Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish
    Trish was almost there, and Lita was Lita, so you could throw out anything sound and strong here. Leaving Jazz to do the majority of the work here. Jazz is good, but she's not Molly Holly.

    The Bad
    Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall
    nWo angle was doomed from the start, as Vince was unwilling to let the nWo run wild on his stars. Nash was at ringside meaning the match was locked up for suckdom before the bell rung. Austin was in decline here and Hall was totally useless here. This was so bad, that Austin walked out the next night on Raw, he was forgiven for that one there, before doing it again three months later. Hall was fired not too long afterwards, Nash broke his leg not too long afterwards and sat on his [...] for a long time, before coming back and adding absolutely nothing, but that's another story.

    Maven vs. Goldust
    Same ol hardcore junk, that had gotten silly to downright stupid. Hurricane and Mighty Molly's bit is funny though!

    Same useless stuff, but then here's the real reason to get this DVD. Vince's interview on Byte This which was intresting and the Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior match from Wrestlemania VI.

    I'd get it just for a Wrestlemania collection, but as far as Wrestlemania's go, this one is pretty blahzay!...more info
  • Wrestlemania X8 features ICON vs. ICON
    WWE Wrestlemania X8
    March 17, 2002
    Toronto, Canada

    This event would have been 3 stars but I gave it 4 because of the once in a lifetime match between the Rock & Hulk Hogan. And also a good DQ match between Taker & Ric Flair.

    1. Intercontinental Championship
    William Regal (C) vs. Rob Van Dam
    A great kick off to the show. Lots of back and forth action all the way. 3.75/5

    2. Hardcore Championship
    Maven (C) vs. Goldust
    After eliminating the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble fans truly got behind Maven for a little while at this time period which got him to win the Hardcore Championship. Not the greatest hardcore title match but Goldust brings out his own Gold trash cans but it leads to a series of title changes throughout the night that ended in the parking lot with Maven pinning Christian to win the title back. This isn't worth rating.

    3. European Championship
    Christian vs. DDP (C)
    Probably the weakest match on the card, the crowd doesn't really get into this match at all just not a good match to watch. 2/5

    4. Kane vs. Kurt Angle
    This was a good match up. Kane displays his technical skills he has in this match. Some nice moves here and there. The ending was botched when Kurt messed up his footing in trying to grab Kane's tights to pin him which Kane layed on the mat for about 5 seconds but overall a pretty good match up. 4/5

    5. No Disqualification- Undertaker vs. Ric Flair
    Not that many people were expecting this match to be good, but boy ol' boy were they wrong. Ric Flair gets cut open early in the match but gives an hell of a effort to stay in there with the Deadman. Arn Anderson comes out and makes an appearence and spine busters Undertaker and the crowd really got into that. Taker sits up and counters the figure 4 leg lot then delivers a chokeslam and then the tombstone on Flair to become 10-0 at WM. 4.5/5

    6. Edge vs. Booker T
    Not a whole lot to say about this one except the Toronto crowd his behind their hometown boy all the way. Not a disaster by any means. 3.5/5

    7. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash
    This match was not one of The Rattlesnakes greatest WM matches. Nash gets banned from ringside during the match early on. The match certainly could have been better with two former IC champs but it is was great to see Austin raising hell all over the nWo. 3.5/5

    7. WWE Tag Team Championship
    Billy and Chuck (C) vs. Dudleys vs. Hardys vs. APA
    This wasn't all great of a tag match but its definitely worth watching. D-Von gets throwned through a table then Billy and Chuck gets the victory. 3/5

    8. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan
    An outstanding match and great to see the crowd go crazy during this match. The match was back and forth all the way. One of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history. Rock kicks out of the Hogan leg drop and comes back to give Hogan two Rock Bottoms and then a Peoples Elbow to beat Hogan in Hogan's second WM lost. Like I said, an once in a lifetime match. With all do respect to Triple H & Chris Jericho, this was truly the main event. 5/5

    9. Women's Championship
    Trish Stratus vs. Jazz (C) vs. Lita
    The crowd during this much was sound hushed due to the phenonmenance The Rock & Hogan dislayed. But this a nice wrestled womens match. Not much to say but a nice womens match to watch. 3.5/5

    10. Undisputed Championship
    Triple H vs. Chris Jericho (C) w/ Stephanie McMahon
    Even with HHH still not a whole 100 percent better, this was still good main event. But its more about putting over the Triple H & Steph feud. A good match but not on the same level as Rock/Hogan or Taker/Flair. 4/5

    Wrestlemania X8 was a great Wrestlemania I suggest investing in this ppv with a lot of good matches and one Historic match in Rock and Hogan....more info
  • Wrestlemania X8
    Regal vs. RVD
    An extremely good match to open the show, both men showed a lot of promise and some bone chilling moves. Only gripe here is length as it was only about 6 minutes, if given 5 more minutes it would have achieved a much higher score. Still very good however and very well done start to the show!
    RATING: 80/100

    DDP vs. Christian
    A good match that at times seemed a bit lackluster but not at all bad, my favourite finisher of all time to end the match for DDP.
    RATING: 76/100

    Goldust vs. MAven
    This match unfortunately had hardly any time to get going and when it looked promising Spike came in to take the win. Not bad but not at all good.
    RATING: 68/100

    Angle vs. Kane
    I found this match very interesting to see how Angle would help Kane to a good match, and once again Angle showed his tremendous wrestling ability by doing exactly that - a very good match. Kane brought his strength and Angle brought his skills which made for a very good, exciting match.
    RATING: 82/100

    Ric Flair vs. Undertaker
    Although I was expecting quite a lot more from this one, it didn't really disappoint in the end and basically had everything necessary for a good no dq match. I got the feeling of quite a few botched moves however, with Undertaker's Last Ride not working nor a few of Flair's stunts. These didn't damage the much but disturbed the flow a little bit. Still very good match, but could have been better. Glad to see Taker keep his Wrestlemania record alive!
    RATING: 84/100

    Booker T vs. Edge
    Not bad at all but not exceptionally good either. Good, mediocre match over a hair shampoo.
    RATING: 70/100

    Scott Hall vs. Steve Austin
    This match was actually quite a lot better than I thought it would be as I didn't think that Hall had any skills before I saw the match. He impressed me a bit and with help from outside interference, the match got more exciting and was longer than otherwise. Very enjoyable match!
    RATING: 81/100

    WWF Tag Team Title Fourway Elimination
    Quite an exciting tag match that had some good moments. Good elimination rule to make this match relatively long. Well done to Hardys for making match enjoyable!
    RATING: 67/100

    Hogan vs. Rock
    Very hard to rate, but this match had one major problem and a few really good things:
    a)Rock kicked out of leg drop (Good!)
    b)Some very close counts (Good!)
    c)Only about 15 minutes in length (Terrible!)
    This match was running very nicely until it ended with Rock's patented People's Elbow, and I would think this match could have got a nice 90 if it was 10 minutes longer. What was there was good though but not quite as good as what so many people say it is .
    Overall: A great match that was far too short to be announced best match ever or get into 90's. With another 10 minutes, yes.
    RATING: 87/100

    Jazz vs. Trish vs. Lita
    As always for any match following a big match, it is hard to do well. But I was overwhelmed at how hard these girls tried to do their best and it was actually one of the better woman's matches I have ever seen! Well done girls!
    RATING: 75/100

    HHH vs. Y2J
    I would have to say that this was the biggest disappointment on the card for me. Both of these superstars were at their prime at this stage and could have stolen the show, however with consistent interference by Stephanie, the match never really got started for me and I wasn't on the edge of my seat once. Highly disappointing Wrestlemania main event, although not a bad match only acceptable for midcard.
    I do feel that all Wrestlemania main events should be scoring at least a high 80 with me, and this completely failed to get even close.
    RATING: 78/100

    77% - On the whole, it was a very good PPV that was always entertaining.
    Main event huge disappointment but Rock vs. Hogan match saved it a bit.
    Major problem here also was that no match on the entire PPV was good enough to score a 90, and Wrestlemania should always have at least one 90 to make the show great.

    ...more info
  • WrestleMania X8
    This Wrestlemania was a pretty solid ppv but no matter what happened on this ppv it will always be remembered for one of the greatest wrestlemania matches of all time in Hulk Hogan Vs The Rock.
    Heres a review of the whole ppv and dvd
    Disc 1
    Opening video of superstars giving there opinion of what wrestlemania means to them.

    Match 1 Rob Van Dam Vs William Regal IC Championship
    Solid opening match to the ppv. some innvated moves by both wrestlers. crowd was into this fight. Rating 7/10

    Christian Interview

    Match 2 Christian Vs DDP European Chamionship
    Nice match better than i expected both had pretty good chemistry 6/10

    Great Rock Interview

    Match 3 Goldust Vs Maven Hardcore Championship
    Not good at all crowd wasnt really into this fight best part is when maven and goldust hit each other with a trash can lid and spike takes use of the 24/7 rule. 4/10

    Drowning Pool concert while watching the fued of Triple H Vs Y2J

    Backstage brawl for the hardcore championship on the line with Hurrican Helms flying in.

    Match 4 Kurt Angle Vs Kane
    pretty good match with not a good storyline some good athletic moves by both wrestlers. Nice finish simlar to the previous wresltmania with angle vs beniot. 6.5/10

    Backstage segment with hurricane helms in the godfathers locker room pretty funny

    Video of the rivalry bewteen flair and undertaker
    Match 5 Ric Flair Vs Undertaker No Disqualification
    Very good match between these lots of blood from flair that turns his hair red nice arn anderson spinebuster. This match was given time to make sure itwas a good match. it look like undertakers streak was in jeopady. 8/10

    Booker T Interview

    Match 6 Booker T Vs Edge
    Dumb storyline but pretty solid match nice ovation for edge in his hometown. but there was a botched dropkick in this match but the crowd doesnt really notices. also we got a good spinaroni from booker t but a better one from edge. 6/10

    Backstage segment which ends with a new hardcore champion

    video of stone cold vs scott hall

    Match 7 Stone Cold Vs Scott Hall
    Alright match expected better but was pretty decent did pick up near the end of the match which made it pretty exciting. 7.5/10

    WWF Axcess

    Extras for Disc 1
    Byte This with Mr. McMahon Very good interview about wrestlemania and very informative 8/10

    Top Five WrestleMania Moments
    nice little feature of superstars giving there favorite wresltemania moment 5/10

    Top Five WrestleMania Finish
    Nice Extra 6/10

    Top Three WrestleMania Attendances
    nothing special 3/10

    Post Match Comments
    RVD,DDP & Kurt Angle alright interviews 4/10

    The Making of the Cast
    Nice feature of how they made the molds of the superstars poses that were used at wwf axxes nice look at stacy keiblers legs. 7/10

    Press Conference
    pretty normal press conference 5/10

    Disc 2
    Match 8
    Four Team Elimination WWF Tag Team Championship
    Billy & Chuck Vs the Hardy Boyz Vs Dudley Boyz Vs APA
    pretty good match it had a good flow to it. 6.5/10

    Backstage NWO segment about Hogan needs to fight this fight by himself

    Another hardcore match with a nice door shot.

    Video of Icon Vs Icon

    Match 9
    Hulk Hogan Vs The Rock
    What a match between these two lots of near falls and the surprise of the crowd booing the rock and cheering for hogan truly a memorable match. 10/10

    Match 10
    WWF Womens Championship
    Jazz Vs Lita Vs Trish Stratus
    pretty decent match for a womens match nice ovation for Trish Stratus 4/10

    the last hardcore title change of the night with maven winning the belt

    Match 11
    Undisputed WWF Championship
    Chris Jericho Vs Triple H
    Good solid main event was given a lot of time but had a predictable ending crowd wasnt totally in this fight and was basically a triple h vs stephanie storyline with chris jericho thrown even though all that was still pretty good match. 8.5/10

    WrestleMania X8 Highlights
    nice review of this years WresleMania.

    Extras Disc 2
    WresleMania VI
    Hulk Hogan Vs Ultimate Warrior
    Very good match prolly the best ever from warrior nobody knew who was going to win this match it had a very climatic finish 8/10

    The Rock Challenges Hollywood Hulk Hogan
    Crowd was really into this in ring challenge from the rock you could feel the electricty in the building 7/10

    The Rock Tells a Hulk Story
    a funny story about rock catching hogans headband at a wrestling event. 5/10

    The Next Night On Raw
    just a segment where The Rock tells hogan to gets out of the NWO which leads him to turn babyface.

    A very phsyical catfight bewteen Trish and Lita on the last smackdown before wrestlemania. 6/10

    Post Match Comments
    Trish and Maven
    nothing great 4/10...more info
  • an ok ppv wrestlemania xix was better
    this was an ok pay per view

    WWE Intercontinental Championship
    Rob Van Dam vs William Regal
    ok match

    WWE European Championship
    Diamond Dallas Page vs Christian
    just boring

    WWE Hardcore Championship
    Goldust vs Maven
    also boring match

    Kane vs Kurt Angle
    not that great

    Undertaker vs Ric Flair
    great match undertaker won

    Edge vs Booker T
    over a stupid commerical

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Scott Hall
    another great match

    Four way Elimination Match for WWE Tag Team Championship
    APA vs Hardy boys vs The Dudley Boys vs Billy and Chuck
    quite boring

    The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan
    Match of the night great match

    Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women's Championship
    Lita vs Jazz vs Trish Stratus
    very boring women's match

    WWE Championship
    Triple H vs Chris Jericho
    *...more info

  • AWESOME, Spectacular, and oh yeah AWESOME!!!
    Let's get started shall we!

    Show opens with an awesome performance of "Superstar" by Saliva. All Wrestlemanias should be kicked off like this.

    Match #1 RVD vs. William Regal(c) for the Intercontinental Championship: Great opening match! Short, but sweet! RVD wins the belt at his first Wrestlemania! 7/10

    Lilian interviews Christian...what a tool!

    Match #2 DDP(c) vs. Christian for the European Championship: Another good match. DDP still has it and it shows here! Now he is on TNA and Christian is Captain Charisma still chasing belittling titles. But a good match! DDP retains with a Diamond Cutter! 7/10

    Coach interviews The Rock...lame!

    Match #3 Goldust vs. Maven(c) for the Hardcore Championship: AWESOME! Maven and Goldust crack eachothers skulls with gold trash can lids, and Spike Dudley runs in and pins Maven for the win! 9/10 This title continued to change hands for the rest of the night, which was sweet!!!

    Drowning Pool has great performance of "Tear Away" to lead into the UDC match! Only bad thing about this was that they didn't show the story leading into the match later in the night.

    Backstage Spike and Crash brawl, then Al Snow comes in with a golf cart! Finally Hurricane runs in and pins Spike and is the new Hardcore Champion!

    Match #4 Kurt Angle vs. Kane: Another AWESOME match! Kane and Kurt put on great performances here. Kurt cheats to get the pin while holding the ropes for leverage! 8/10

    Hurricane has a run in with the Godfather and his hoes...

    Match #5 No DQ match Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker: The match of the night by far. Flair is the greatest of all time, and eventhough I hate the Undertaker, he was great here too. Even after a lead pipe to the skull and a spinebuster by Arn Anderson, UT nails the Tombstone on Flair. This match was almost 30 minutes! Great commentary by JR and King here too! 100000/10

    Michael Cole interviews Booker T, this basically makes Booker look like a total idiot, but it was funny!!!

    Match #6 Edge vs. Booker T: Prolly the worst match of the night. It was a result of a lame feud and bad chemistry by these guys. Both of these guys deserve much better then this. Edge wins in front of his hometown!!! 5/10

    Coach tries to interview Hurricane when Mighty Molly comes in. Tricks Hurricane and clocks his brain in with a frying pan. Molly is the new HC Champ.

    Match #7 Stone Cold vs. Scott Hall: Stone Cold gets the biggest pop I've ever seen!!! Crowd reaction to his entrance was insane!!! This would have been a match of the night, if it had somebody getting busted open! Despite Nash's constant interference, Austin nails 2 huge Stunners on Hall to finish him off! 8/10

    Highlights from WWF Fan AXXess...

    Match # 8 4 Corners Elimination match for the WWF Tag Team Championship The Hardyz vs. The Dudleyz vs. Billy & Chuck(c) vs. APA: Would have been awesome if Billy and Chuck didn't retain. APA or the Hardyz should have won. But a decent amount of action here. Billy and Chuck were a total disgrace and I'm glad that WWE has finally let them go! 6/10

    Hulk tells Hall & Nash to not interfere, and to let him do this on his own. Then Hall & Nash still say they will be out there after Hogan leaves...

    Molly is trying to find some sanctuary when an open dooor slams right into her cranium, knocking her out cold!!! It turns out to be Christian, and he pins her to become the new Hardcore Champ! Christian beat a woman!!! Very very FUNNY!!!

    Huge story of how we got to Rock and Hogan...

    Match #9 Icon vs. Icon The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan: We all know that almost everyone thinks this was one of the greatest matches in history! It was without a doubt a great match, and with the enormity of it, one of Wrestlemania's greatest ever! But in my opinion, it wasn't the match of this Wrestlemania. Ric and UT was just more action packed then this match, but this was a very very close second. Rock scores with the People's Elbow and picks up the pin on the Hulk. 10/10!!!

    Hulk and Rock take care of the NWO after this, Hulk goes face and they both play majorly to the crowd!!!

    Match #10 Lita vs. Trish vs. Jazz(c) for the WWF Women's Championship: Not great, but good for a womans match cause unlike most of the divas, these girls can actually wrestle! But that still doesn't stop Jazz from sucking as bad as she does! Shouldn't have been above Rock & Hulk! Jazz retains...6/10

    Christian is about to get into a cab with his HC title when Maven sneaks up behind with a roll up. Maven is the new Hardcore Champion!!! He then steals Christian's cab and drives off, while Christian is left whining like a little baby!

    Match #11 HHH vs. Chris Jericho(c) w/ Stephanie McMahon for the Undisputed Championship: I would just like to note that if Chris Benoit never got injured, he would be the UDC (and heel) in this match instead of Jericho. But don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Y2J fan, but Benoit is better we all know that. Anyways, not a long match. Only good part about it was when HHH pedigreed Stephanie! Drowning Pool opened for HHH as well. HHH beats Jericho and is the new UDC. I can't stand HHH so boring!!! 7/10

    This is one of the best Wrestlemanias I have ever seen! Go get this!!! Has lots of great extras, including Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania 6.

    ...more info
  • WWE Wrestlemania X8
    IC Title
    Regal vs. RVD 7/10
    This was a good match 2 different styles. I liked RVD kicking the Brass Knuckles off Regal's hand and his 5 star frog splash!!!

    European Title
    DDP vs. Christian 8/10
    This was a very fast paced match. It was funny when Christian lost and lost his temper.

    Hardcore Title
    Maven vs. Goldust 5/10
    This was ok. It went all over the place and in the end Maven walked away with the Hardcore Title.

    Kane vs. Kurt Angle 7/10
    This match was good. A little sloppy at times but Kane should have won.

    No DQ
    Ric Flair vs. Undertaker 8/10
    This was a great match Ric Flair's second Wrestlemania. There was a lot of blood. Good spot with Arn Anderson. Undertaker made his record at Wrestlemania 10-0

    Edge vs. Booker T 8/10
    Great match but a little short. Edge was so funny doing the spin-a-rooni.

    Austin vs. Scott Hall 9/10
    Another great match Scott Hall and Austin can really put on a great match.

    WWE Tag Titles Fatal 4 Way
    APA vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Billy & Chuck 6/10
    The match had some high points. The Hardyz were the best they should have won.

    Rock vs. Hulk Hogan 10/10
    WOW! This was an amazing match. In this match when Hogan wrestled it was almost like he turned back the hands of time and he was back in his prime. The Rock is already in his prime and as usual was great.

    Women's Title
    Trish vs. Jazz vs. Lita 6/10
    Good match but I liked the Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania XIX better.

    Undisputed Title

    HHH vs. Y2J 7/10
    This was a great match. Y2J was doing some smart wrestling by using HHH's quad injury to his advantage. What a great ending with HHH winning the title!!!

    This a must have for any WWE fan!!!...more info

  • rock and hogan is like rocky vs superman 2 me by Joe Brown
    Da Rock vs Hollywood Hogan

    entertaing wise this match is a ****+ rating but match wise this match is around a ** rating but u have hogan n da match so i wasn't expecting a ***** masterpiece but with da rock n da match before goin 2 Hollywood 4 good anything was possible i will never forget when da rock asked hogan 4 da match at wm 18 that was one of da highlight moments of wrestling history and one of my favorite moments of my life because it was 2nd of my favs hogan was my favorite wrestling n da 1990s and da rock was my favorite wrestler n da 2000s n da same ring face 2 face it was wrestling at its best ...more info
  • great wrestlemania
    all the matches were good, even the womans match

    i noticed in almost every match there were some kind of mistakes

    funniest one *maven missing a dropkick*

    overall a good ppv, i saw it on vhs but i woudl rather see it on dvd...more info
  • Back on track
    WrestleMaina X8 was a great PPV. It was just as good as X7 was a year before.

    Rob Van Dam vs Wlliam Regal- Ive always wanted to see RVD wrestle live and never got the chance. He is such a great talent and its too bad he was kept down for so long in his early WWE run for the world title. I'll admit he screwed it up after winning the world title though. Yes, I know this was for the intercontinental title. Good match.

    DDP vs Christian- Christian always talked better then he wrestled, expect in ladder matches. DDP wins with a diamond cutter in a short match.

    Goldust vs Maven- Decent hardcore match but nothing speical. The usual run ins.

    Kurt Angle vs Kane: Good match, Angle wins.

    Ric Flair vs Undertaker: A good street fight but very short. Flair can still out perform the WWE locker despite his advanced age.

    Booker T vs Edge- Edge is the hometown hero. Need I say more?

    Steve Austin vs Scott Hall: Both men would leave WWE soon after this match took place. Hall was in rough shape for a long time but he looks to have cleaned himself up pretty good for this match. Not a great match like you'd expect if both men were in there prime.

    Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz vs APA vs Billy and Chuck- Decent match but nothing to exciting.

    Hulk Hogan vs The Rock: The match everyone was waiting for. Rock can wrestle but Hulk is a better showman, although Hulk can wrestle a good match sometimes. A good match but alot of punches thrown never connected and some moves looked fake. Both men shake hands afterwards. I remember the next night on Raw when Hogan addressed the crowd. Powerful stuff.

    Trish vs Jazz vs Lita: Ill admit these ladys have talent but I still dont watch women's wrestling.

    HHH vs Jericho- Of course Triple H was going win the title back. Like it would have been any different in this era of the WWE. Its too bad Triple H hated Jericho because I would have love to see Jericho win anther world title. He has returned and maybe its in his future...just maybe.

    Great WrestleMaina and WWE hasnt slowed down the pace to put on a great one every year.

    ...more info
  • The one and only Wrestlemania 18
    March 17, 2002 The one and only Wrestlemania 18. Live from the Skydome in Toronto, Canada. At this Wrestlemania an Icon took on an Icon, a man came back from injury to the grand stage, 6 of the 7 WWF championships were on the line, 11 huge blockbuster matches were signed, a record crowd of 68,237 (second largest in Wrestlemania history) was at hand, there were musical performances by Drowning Pool and Saliva, and a event on one will every forget took place at Wrestlemania 18.

    1. WWF Intercontinental championship: William Regal (c) vs. Rob Van Dam; RVD won in a great opener to set the stage for the rest of the event.7/10
    2. WWF European Championship: Diamond Dallas Page (c) vs. Christian; DDP won in a good match. It was nothing special but it was still fun to see. 6/10
    3. WWF Hardcore Championship: Goldust vs. Maven (c); In a odd turn of events Spike Dudley became champion and during the event The Hurricane beat Spike, Mighty Molly beat Hurricane, Christian beat Mighty Molly, and Maven became champion a second time by beating Christian. 8/10
    4. Kane vs. Kurt Angle; It was a awsome match, and both men did a great job. Although at the end Kane had his shoulder of the mat but the referee still counted to 3. 9/10
    5. Ric Flair vs. Undertaker; Great match, I always love to see Flair get his ass kicked. Undertaker goes 10 and 0 at Wrestlemania. 10/10
    6. Edge vs. Booker T: Good match, but should have been the opener. Edge wins in a match to the end. 7/10
    7. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall with Kevin Nash; Great story line for this match, but it turned out to be Stone Cold beating the hell out of both men with out any trouble. Yes Stone Cold wins! 8/10
    8. Four-Team Elimination Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship: Billy and Chuck vs. the Hardy Boyz vs. the APA vs. the Dudley Boyz; Yes there was a table and it was broken. Good fast action, but Billy and Chuck are able to keep the gold. 8/10
    9. The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan; Did it live up to the hype? Well I think it could have been better. It was possibly the best match of the event, but I still felt like it shold have been longer. The Rock pulled off a great win in a excellent match. 9/10
    10. Triple-Threat Match for the WWF Women's Championship: Jazz (c) vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus; Normal women's action, should have been sooner in the event. Trish Stratus wins the title and proves that she can fight. 6/10
    11. Undisputed WWF Championship: Chris Jericho (c) with Stephanie McMahon vs. Triple H; Great match and finally the Spanish announce table is broken. After coming back from injury Triple H becomes champion once again.10/10
    One of the best Wrestlemanias of all time this event was off th chart good. 10/10...more info

  • WrestleMainia X8
    1.WWF Intercontinental Championship
    Willam Regal(c) vs Rob Van Dam
    pretty good opener rvd wins the title.7.5/10

    2.WWF European Championship
    Christian(c) vs Diamond Dallas Page
    alright match i guess christian retains.6/10

    3.WWF Hardcore Championship
    Maven(c) vs Goldust
    awesome match i got a little confused with da ending though.8/10

    4.Kane vs Kurt Angle
    good match kane does a move off the top an angle does it and king like angle does better.7/10

    5.No DQ Match
    Ric Flair vs The Undertaker
    Freakin awesome i loved it flair was bleeding bad.10/10

    6.Scott Hall vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (Kevin Nash is the Special Enforcer)
    this match should of went longer but it still was awesome.8/10
    7.Edge vs Booker T
    i dont remember too much of this match but it was over a shampoo commercial.0/10

    8.4 Team Elimination Match For The WWF Tag Team Titles
    Billy and Chuck vs The Dudley Boyz vs The APA vs The Hardy Boyz
    stupid match horrible billy and chuck retain.2/10

    9.Triple Threat Match For The Womens Championship
    Trish Stratus vs Jazz(c) vs Lita

    10.The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan
    a little too overhyped but good nonetheless rock wins.9/10

    11.WWF Undisputed Title Match
    Chris Jericho(c) vs Triple H
    awesome match of the night triple h pedigrees stephanie mcmahon and wins the title from jericho.
    ...more info
  • Great Memories
    If you don't own any of the out of print WWF Wrestlemania's, get this one along with Wrestlemania 17. I loved the Hollywood Hogan Vs. The Rock match....more info
  • One of the greatest
    IC title rvd vs. william regal 8/10
    European title DDP vs. christian 6/10
    hardcore title maven vs goldust brutal 9/10
    kane vs. Angle 8/10
    fatal 4 way for tag team titles APA vs. DB vs. CB vs. HB 7/10
    Hulk hogan vs. the rock 9/10
    Stone cold vs. scott hall 9/10
    World heavyweight title Jericho vs. hhh 10/10

    ...more info
    This is #27 out of 130 greatest WWE DVD's. This PPV was incredible and I might move it up in the next couple of weeks. It was 3 matches worth mentioning.

    Ric Flair vs. Undertaker was a massacre with Flair getting some shots in on Deadman in the No Holds Barred match. Taker still picks up the win and Flair loses control of RAW.

    The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan was today's icon vs. yesterday's icon. I was really looking forward to this match and it was one of the best I've ever seen. The Rock picks up the win over Hogan.

    Triple H vs. Chris Jericho was a match that wasn't to good and the only reason I'm reviewing it is because it is the Main Event. Triple H won the Rumble then the Title at Mania.

    This DVD is a WrestleMania so you should go pick it up. This is the 2 best WrestleMania ever and WrestleMania 19 isn't to far away....more info
  • WWE Wrestlemania 18
    Hey everyone i just recently ordered this from ebay. I have never seen it so can anyone tell me what to expect. Please and thank you very much
    ...more info
  • up and down
    the best match of the night was flair vs taker and hogen vs rock the worst match of the night was obviously the undisputed title match between triple h and jericho every time jericho and triple h is in the same ring wrestling the match stinks no wonder they didn't give jericho a rematch for the title because the match blew. anouther thing i like was the hardcore title changeing hands like 8 times just to end up in the same hands as it came in with. i was at wrestlemania X8 i thought it was the best wrestlemania i saw the main event should of been hogan vs the rock but of course there gonna put the championship last match but i guess they learned there leason on X9 putting the austin vs the rock last instead of triple h vs booker t or angle vs lesner and i also have the wrestlemania X8 dvd and i watch at least once a month...more info
  • Wrestlemania X8.....good but not great
    Ok this is my first review of an item. I rented this at a local video store just because i was bored and it just snowed 12 inches and i had a snow day.

    So lets get on to the matches

    William Regal Vs Rod Van Dam (Intercontinental Title on the Line)
    RVD is a great wrestler who has gotten no respect during this time in the WWE(soon to be WWF yet again). RVD made this match a great opener for a Wrestlemania. RVD should of been higher on the card but i am not going to complan about that part of it. William Regal also picked up his own during this match which made it watchable. In my reviews i will not will not give the winners but i will say it was a good match.

    DDP Vs Chrsitian (European Title on the line)
    I hated this match. I now at this time in the WWE Christian was not getting any respect, but he deserved to win this match. It was nothing special. THANK GOD Christian is in TNA now because he will finally get the respect he deserves. Wait did i just give the winner away...o well i doubt people will buy this DVD/Vape to see this match.

    Maven Vs Goldust (Hardcore Title on the line)
    I like hardcore matches but you should of put RVD in this match ! He would of made this one much better. It was alright...the title changes hands like 4 times throughout the night, so this match had no true purpose. A few weapons used...not bad.

    Kane Vs Kurt Angle
    Again not bad....Angle is the best wrestler in the business right now so he can make people look good (Like that joke Cena........cena sucks). He put on a pretty good match with a big guy like kane. but there is something about Kane i just dont enjoy his matches to much...must be that i am a TNA fan. the ending was lackluster so thats why I have it a 7.

    Ric Flair Vs Undertaker (no DQ)
    I dislike punching matches and this is what it was. Like 10 actually moves during the macth, but i will be nice since Flair gave it his all. Flair and Taker put on a pretty good show, but the best part was taker holding up 10 fingers after he won. Did i just give away the ending again. like you could not have thought Taker was going to win.

    Edge vs Booker T
    Booker is getting up there in age (40 as i speak, 37 as in this match) so his matches are getting worse and worse. But Edge put on a pretty good match. i liked the way teh match ended so i will not complain about this one. One of the better matches of the night no doubt.

    Stone Cold Vs Scott Hall (Special Enforcer Kevin Nash)
    Why was Austin in a match with the Nursing Home. This match was horrible, not much to say. Like 10 moves and a few stunners. Nothing to special. Scott alocoHALL(i am mean) was over the hill during this match just like Hogan was later in the night. Austin should not have been in this match. He can out on a show.....he deserved to be higher in the card. The Nash thing also had no point to it. it was quick..that was the good thing.

    APA Vs Hardy Boyz Vs Dudley Boyz Vs Chuck/Billy (Tag title on the line)
    Again like the rest of the night it was alright. The Hardyz did there thing, someone went through a table, and APA did there thing. So it wasn't to bad. I really could care less about this match. Bad ending. Thank GOD for the fast forward button. BUT Stacy did show here @$$....that was the best part.....she took here short shorts and turned it into a thong and Jeff Jardy spanked here......lucky......

    The Rock Vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan
    Yes i gave it 4.5. Why you may ask. Hogan is like 53.....his prime has passed by. He is the most overated wrestler EVER. The match had like 3 Rock Bottoms a leg drop, a back suplex, a chop, a punch, and a DDT. In my opinion i dislike slow matches and thats what Hogan gave. He may have tried hard to put on a show but thats not what happened. I have read replys that have this as a 10/10. ITS not a 10/10. Hogan never was a good wrestler. he was just a the person the fans wanted to cheer for. Its like watching John Cena...they cannot wresler worth crap but they are made to be amazing. i didn't like this match. And after nWO attacked Hogan. That was bull....that runied the whole nWo thing. Hogan should of stayed with nWo if you wanted a nWo in WWE thing.
    Bad match...

    Jazz vs Lita vs Trish (womens title on the line)
    Better than the Hogan match...best Womens match in a while. Pretty good stuff...but its a womens match.

    Chris Jericho vs Triple H (Undisputed Title on the line)
    Jericho is amazing. Triple H is amazing. This match was not amazing. Two people that can wrestle really did not put on a great match here. it was the best of the night. but a finisher each is not enough. A WM main event needs at least 5 finishers total. Someone did go through a table and Steph got a Pedigree but tehre have been better Main Events at WM. The Triple H leg thing ruined the match. Every move Y2J did was geared toward the Game's leg.

    Overal 70 %....not worth more thab 7 bucks.....

    You may have noticed i flame a lot of crowd favorites during this review.......its because i enjoy WRESTLING not the bull that people like Cena do

    My Top ten list for wrestlers TNA/WWE
    1. Kurt Angle
    2. Triple H
    3. Shawn Michaels
    4. Ken Kennedy (GET WELL SOON!)
    5. A.J. Styles
    6. Christian (cage)
    7. Eddie Guerrero (REST IN PIECE)
    8. Jeff Hardy
    9. The Undertaker (i have to put him On)
    10. Shelton Benjamin

    My Worst Top Ten (worst is number 1)
    1. John Cena
    2. Batista
    3. Big Show
    4. Kane
    5. Hogan
    6. Kevin Nash
    7. Road Warrior 1 Animal or Heinderich pick the order
    8. Road Warrior 2
    9. JBL (good on mic bad in ring)
    10. Jeff Jarret

    So you see i dislike the people most people like...so you may have noticed this throughtout the review

    .....[...] (half a million forum members go here!)...more info
  • A One-Match PPV
    91 - 100 - Perfect. A flawless PPV, you must buy this. Without a doubt this belongs in everyone's wrestling collection.
    81 - 90 - Superb. An outstanding PPV, I highly recommend that you buy this.
    71 - 80 - Great. A first-rate PPV, certainly worth your money.
    61 - 70 - Good. A satisfying PPV. Perhaps buy this if you really feel you want it.
    51 - 60 - Fair. An average PPV. It is worth a look, not your money.
    41 - 50 - Mediocre. A dull PPV. - Perhaps take a look at this if you get a chance, I don't recommend it though.
    31 - 40 - Poor. An unsatisfactory PPV - Maybe for hardcore wrestling fans, not for anyone else.
    21 - 30 - Bad. A lousy PPV - This is not worth a look from anyone.
    11 - 20 - Terrible. An awful PPV - Stay away from this and make sure you never see it.
    1 - 10 - Abysmal. An appalling PPV - This is just a waste of time.

    Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal - 7.5/10
    A good opener, this match had its exciting moments however it was a little short. Not a bad match to open Wrestlemania.

    DDP vs. Christian - 6.5/10
    An average, short match. This just felt like watching a television match, watch able.

    Hardcore championship moments - 4/10
    Started off with goldust and Maven and a lot of stuff happened backstage. Mildly entertaining but also kind of a waste of time, a good hardcore match could have been added instead of all this.

    Kurt Angle vs. Kane - 6/10
    A big disappointment. I knew these two wouldn't work well together and they didn't. Not a terrible match however it was very forgettable.

    The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair - 7/10
    This match could have been much better. I think there were less than 10 wrestling moves in the whole match. They pretty much punched each other in the ring, outside the ring and hit each other with weapons a few times. This is not a match you're going to remember.

    Edge vs. Booker T - 6/10
    Very quick match and again a horribly average match. Again this felt like a television match and certainly did not feel like a Wrestlemania match.

    Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall - 6.5/10
    Another quick, boring match. It had a few exciting moments towards the end but the match, just like the others, is very forgettable.

    Billy & Chuck vs. APA vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz - 7.5/10
    Finally an exciting match. However don't get your hopes up; there is nothing spectacular about this tag match except for the fact that it is better than all the previous matches. An acceptable tag team match for a PPV, I thought it would be better seeing as this is Wrestlemania.

    The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan - 9.5/10
    This is the match we were waiting for and it certainly delivered. This was the only match on the card that felt like a Wrestlemania match. This was the only match that was up to standard. A superb match and it's too bad that more of the matches weren't like this.

    Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus - 2/10
    Typical crappy women's match. Fast forward.

    Triple H vs. Chris Jericho - 7/10
    This was the wrestlemania main event!? This is a joke. There was absolutely NOTHING special about this match. I have seen these two have better matches on Raw. This was a big disappointment. The match isn't that long and it is not a memorable match whatsoever.

    SCORE: 69.5/110 (63/100)
    According to the key I have rated Wrestlemania 2002 as 'Good, a satisfying PPV and perhaps buy this if you really feel you want it'. I somewhat agree with this. This PPV is really a one-match show. Only one match lives up to the hype and the others are either bad or average. To be honest i would not recommend that you buy this.
    ...more info