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Josh Groban
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Street Release Date: 11/20/2001

There are worse things in life than making your acting debut on the much ballyhooed season finale of Ally McBeal, though teen operatic baritone Josh Groban doesn't seem destined to encounter them anytime soon. As the awkward high school student-client who asks the typically romance-jinxed Ally to his senior prom, Groban performed this debut album's "You're Still You" (adapted from film-composing legend Ennio Morricone's Academy Award-nominated score for Mal¨¨na, with lyrics by Linda Thompson) as a heart-tugging, literal showstopper. The young phenom was just 17 when veteran producer-writer David Foster tapped him to fill in for Andrea Bocelli at rehearsals for the 1999 Grammys, where Groban found himself suddenly dueting with Celine Dion.

Indeed, such were his fortunes that the young Foster prot¨¦g¨¦ was forced to drop out of Carnegie Mellon when professional commitments--including this record--interfered. And if this collection tends to hew sometimes uncomfortably close to Foster's own MOR sonic instincts, the material offers enough challenges to display Groban's talent and the potential of his warm, mature voice: a lyrical take on another Morricone classic, "Cinema Paradiso"; melancholy readings of Don McLean's "Starry, Starry Night" and Albert Hammond's "Alejate"; masterfully dramatic takes of the Neapolitan "Alla Luca Del Sole" and "Canto Alla Vita," the latter featuring the Corrs. Many of Groban's performances here, including a neo prog-rock-opera take on Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" (with Lili Haydn), seem both bigger and bolder than their precious musical frameworks, a telling hint that Grand Opera can't be far from his grasp. As said earlier, there are worse things in life. --Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • That Soothing Voice ...
    I bought his "Closer" album at Wal-mart about 4 months ago and loved it. I heard it so many times I wanted to hear some of his other ones so I purchased "Awake" and this album. I was very disappointed with Awake and only cared for 4 of the songs. On the other hand, I have been enjoying most of his songs on this "Josh Groban" album. His soothing voice always makes me relax. Highly recommended if you like this style of singing / music. ...more info
  • Josh Groban
    The music and songs are wonderful. I have this CD in my car and listen to it over and over. It is especially well done. I am enjoying every song the more I listen to them. "The Prayer" with Charlotte Church is one you can sing to. ...more info
  • Very rich voice
    I liked this CD very much. It is the very 1st time I hear Josh....He has such a rich voice that you can't help but enjoy. I recommend it to everyone who appreciates music....more info
  • Sound of love!
    Voice from up above! Never get tired of listening to it. ...more info
  • i am suprised i acutally bought this
    I first heard of this guy from a duet he did with charlotte church that my mom had a cd of. I thought he had a good voice so i saw this cd and i bought it i could only sit through it once it was so boring and all the same. I got this when i was into classical music do not get me wrong i still like classical music like bach, mozart and so on but this dude sucks. The only decent song on here is stary stary night but he ruins it with overproducion and expressing no emotion in his voice, the don mclan original version is so much better. This cd was in the back of my cd collection for years untill my aunt lost hers so i gave her mine she gave me joshua tree instead which is overrated and kinda of boring but atleast it is not embrassing to have in my collection like this boy josh....more info
  • one of my favorites
    This is one of my favorite cd's. He has such a beautiful and soothing voice. ...more info
  • My favorite Josh Groban cd
    My musical tastes tends to the dark and aggressive side of music but sometimes I like to take the edge off with something relaxing. One of my cds I love to relax to is Josh Groban's self-titled debut album. I first discovered Josh on an episode of that dreadful "Ally McBeal" show several years ago. He sang one of the most beautiful ballads I have ever heard "To Where You Are". The song simply moved me to tears literally. I eventually bought the cd and the rest of the cd was as good as I expected. The cd is a beautiful collection of operatic style pop songs that will appeal to anyone who may not like opera music. At the time I hated opera but when I heard Josh Groban for the very first time, I started to appreciate the genre. I still don't care for some opera but for the most part I have come to tolerate and actually enjoy a good deal of the genre. My other favorite song on the album is "You're Still You" which I find to be as moving as "To Where You Are". Josh does a great job with my favorite Bach song "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". The only weak track on the cd for me is his duet with The Corrs "Canto Alla Vita". I just couldn't get into it but otherwise great album. It is my favorite Josh Groban cd of all time....more info
  • Just love this guy!
    There is nothing you can say about Josh Groban except that his voice is like a piece of heaven......more info
  • Not as Good
    This CD is good, but not a good or as well recorded as Josh's "Closer" album which I would rate as 5 stars....more info
  • Josh Groban, Love his voice.
    I specifically purchased this album after seeing a video on Youtube. It was a song that briefly was played on the radio, I never could catch the title. The song is "To where you are." I abosolutely love the song and was happy to finally find it. ...more info
    This is the first CD that Josh Groban made and it sets him apart from everyone else. He has a fantastic voice and he sings with a lot of passion through his soul in different languages. I have recently seen him in concert and he sounded just as good in person! I also highly recommend his second CD "Closer". ...more info
  • Excelent product, really fast delivery
    What can I say about this CD, about Josh Groban? He is, if not the best, one of the best voices we nowadays. For those who are sick of listening to the same trashy music all over again, this is a "must have". Regarding the shipment, quality and all that concerns to amazon, this is not my first purchase through the site and I have to say, as always, it was incredibly fast and I got the CD in excellent conditions. Thanx amazon....more info
  • love Josh!!
    Even though I don't speak a word of Italian I find myself
    singing along with Josh Groban. This is my 2nd purchase
    of his CDs - What a wonderful and powerful voice!!...more info
  • Great tenor
    A magnificent voice, singing classic, but also popular music; on this album two songs with which Josh Groban surprised the world on "Ally McBeal"....more info
  • Beautiful voice
    Josh Groban has a voice that could make angels cry with happiness, and he delivers the goods in this cd. My only complaint is the prevalence of Italian opera...Why does almost everyone with an opera-quality voice have to sing Italian opera??! But the full,rich notes almost completely make up for it. He has the best voice and range that I have heard in a long, long time....more info
  • Amazing Artist
    Josh Groban's voice is beautiful and he is truly a gifted artist. Would highly recommend this cd....more info
  • Josh Groban
    Fantastic. I can't get the songs out of my head. How I missed Josh when the CD came out is unbelievable. He is an artist....more info
  • JOSH GROBAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you've never listened to Josh Groban, you don't know what you're missing.

    You'd better start right now. Josh's voice is perfect in every way!!!

    This CD contains some of his best hits. There are classical tunes as well as faster-paced songs. Everyone in my family loves this CD, from my dad who is 51 to my little brother who is 3. I can't even begin to tell you how great this artist is! Of his three CD's (this one, "Closer", and "Awake"), this is definitely one of my favorites.

    You can't invest your money in anything better!
    ...more info
  • Oh my God
    I was about ready to give up on anything new in the music industy and I was told about Josh. All I can say is oh my God. He not only has renewed my faith in singers, his voice with Foster and Marx songs move me like I havent been moved in a such a long time. ...more info
  • Josh's debut album
    This album is not as good as either of his later releases.But none the less,it is magical.The English songs are mostly melancholy,and Josh's gentle yet intense voice shines through with brilliance.The Italian songs are rather empty,though.Not nearly as good as the ones in Closer.This is a great CD to own,but there are only a couple of songs that are really hits....more info
  • Josh Groban CD
    The more I listen to this CD, the more I like it! Even my 10-year-old daughter loves to listen to Josh Groban. Well worth the money....more info
  • a very melodious creation
    My spouse enjoyed this album very much. She loves his great voice and the music arrangements are well orchestrated. ...more info
  • Not his best song selections
    Love Josh Groban's voice, but I think his song selections sometime reflect more of what he wants to sing and less about what the public would like to hear....more info
  • Josh Groban
    Quite a good album, but not his best. A bit too laid back and mellow. ...more info
  • Love it
    I love this CD. I bought this for my future daughter-in-law. My husband bought me the Awake CD and I love that too. I'll buy anything by Josh Groban....more info
  • What a voice~
    When Josh first appeared on an episode of Ally McBeal, I was mesmerized. The boy (at the time he was 16) can sing!! I love his work... he does not disappoint!...more info
  • Beautiful music, beautiful voice
    I bought two Cd's based on hearing his "one" song on the radio-You Raise Me Up. I think that his talent lies in his many other selections as they showcase his range and versitility. "Josh Groban" captures the richness of his voice much better than "Closer". I appreciate his selection of Italian music but would greatly enjoy a CD completely in English. Regardless, you can't go wrong with any Josh Groban CD....more info