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There's a rule in commercial pop: don't bite the hand that feeds you. Translation? If you're getting love on TRL, it's best leaving well enough alone and tinkering only slightly with the sound that pays your bills. So you have to give Pink a whole heap of credit. The Philly-raised songbird may have made her rep with infectious and rugged pop-R&B hits like "There You Go" and the remake of "Lady Marmalade," but like the fuchsia coif she once sported, that sound is gone. In its place is a more driving alt-rock attack, liberally laced with some late-night blues and heartfelt lyrics that, while they sometimes come off like diary entries (the simplistic bon mot "Your pain is painful" in "Family Portrait"), are clearly Pink's thoughts, as opposed to words someone put in her mouth. Helping Pink express her inner Alanis are Dallas Austin, who produced the insistent rocker "18 Wheeler," and former 4 Non Blonde Linda Perry, who Pink has resurrected from one-hit-wonder status. Mixing up thumping beats, ("Get the Party Started"), with folksy confessionals, Pink's potent vocals and her honest determination make this a risk worth hearing. --Amy Linden

Asian exclusive limited edition pressing of her sophomore album includes one bonus track, 'Catch 22', along with a bonus CD sized spiral bound 40 page 'Dear Diary' note pad that's housed together with the CD in a special slipcase. Enhanced with photo ogallery and lyrics page. 15 tracks in all. 2002.

Features a Track Not on the USA Version, 'catch 22.'

Customer Reviews:

  • Missundaztood
    I read somewhere that "Get The Party Started" was added to this cd to lighten things up, because the other songs are said to be "depressing". I don't find these songs depressing at all. If anything, they are inspiring. I love Pink's style and her I-don't-care-what-anyone-thinks-of-me attitude. This album is really, really good. Every song is different from one another. My favourite track on the album is "My Vietnam". I don't know what it is, but something about the lyrics make me love and respect Pink more and more.

    Take my word for it, and give this cd a listen with an open mind. Who knows, maybe Pink will be your new favourite artist one day.
    ...more info
  • Pink - Missundaztood
    i love this CD....she is a really talented songwriter

    i've played it about 5 times now and love it more each time...more info
  • "I've got a guardian angel tattooed on my shoulder..."
    Missundaztood from Pink is a raw and colorful array of pop and rock hits. Standout tracks include: Missundaztood, Don't Let Me Get Me, Just Like a Pill, Get the Party Started, Family Portrait, Dear Diary, and Lonely Girl. Pink's first album, Can't Take Me Home didn't show Pink's range as a singer and songwriter, but with this album Pink was finally given freedom to express what she wanted and needed to say thanks in part to friend and mentor Linda Perry. Some of the rest of the tracks are ok, nothing spectacular but it's an album you can relate to and have fun with as well, very tongue-in-cheek....more info
  • best cd I have
    this is a great cd. I say it has to be pinks best cd so far. my favorite song has to be just like a pill. Its such a great song. Lets just say if you like pink, avril lavigne, tatu and other stuff like that then you will like pink too. She is being herself on this album and I like that!...more info
  • pink CD
    I would recomend this CD. Most songs are of the dance / pop style. Pink is still a bit young in sound and writing style but There are a few songs that show where Pink will be on her next CD which is more in the rock style....more info
  • Addictive
    The subject says it all. I LOVE this CD. WAY better than her first CD. I don't give 5 stars, ever!...more info
  • Pink
    I kind of like this CD. I don't listen to it as much anymore for some reason, but I think I'm overdue to listen to it again. One of my favorite songs on this album is "respect" which talks about how girls should act around guys and how they should not let boys push them around any time the boy thinks it's convenient for them "no freebies in the limosouine that's not what it's about. let 'em know just what to do give it up he won't call you respect is just a minimum, go on girl and get you some" Another song about not letting men push girls around that I really like is "can't get me down". Which talks about getting ready to face the day and anything that might come one's way. I love encouraging songs like that... they really help you face your problems in life. I don't like to many of the songs on here because of the swearing content but I do listen to "Mizundastood" constantly. She only says one swear word in the song but I don't mind. Otherwise I avoid songs on here that have swearing on them. I like this CD otherwise... but if you're under sixteen, I wouldn't recommend it because of the swearing. I forgot to add that another one of my favorite songs is "Don't Let Me Get Me"....more info
  • If you like "Just like a Pill" listen to Sandra Bernhard's cover!
    I just heard a cover of "just like a pill" from Sandra Bernhard's limited edition "Everything Bad & Beatiful" and it is rockin! It's a mixture of "Kiss me Deadly" and "Pill" --perfect together, you gotta hear it....more info
  • Not that Great
    ok so I liked a few songs but I wouldn't say the whole cd is worth it... I heard from a friend it was really good and I took her word for it. I shouldn't have because I only like 3 or 4 songs on this cd the rest of it is just painful to listen to thats why this cd gets 2 stars. Sorry Pink, I expected better....more info
  • it will Cuss
    THisa album cusses and I only like one song lets get this party started.
    Oh and ferrasan this is the internet you con't just go around typing the D word every where!!!!!!...more info
  • this is the sound for her!
    The first album was cute but this one is better. The sound she had for this album seems to fit her better. My favorite is "My Vietnam" and "Family Portrait". "Don't Let me get me" is close to home for me. This is my anthem. Her future albums should sound a lot like this one....more info
  • Nice CD
    This is a very good CD... I love 3 songs that are included on it... but now I have listened all of them, I like the other ones... Pink hasa huge talent... she writes her songs and that's very valuable...

    The CD was used, but it was in perfect conditions... I trust them...more info
  • Pretty good.
    This album is 100% better than her first one. This one has better tracks such as 'family Portrait' that is personal and lovely. 'Get the party started' is incredibly catchy and a great dance song. 'R.E.S.P.E.C.T' is a really cool song that has a good beat about it. I love all the songs on P!nk's albuma nd think that she is an talented singer that just does not care about what other people think about her!!! I think that her voice is.... fab!!! I am so happy she was discovered as a artist because i would hate to think of her as a undiscovered talent that only sings at talent shows and in her bedroom!!...more info
  • I l!ke P!nk too!
    Hey! I really, really like P!nk's music and lyrics. She is awesome! She is everything I wanted to be growing up and now that I'm in my 50's, well, um, unfortunately I can't imitate her except in the privacy of my car or home! LOL!!!
    You have to really listen to the words and "feel" her. Especially Family Portrait. She has a wonderful soulful voice. I think she is very, very talented and I will buy all her music she has out. As far as the Mom wanting to buy Missundaztood for her 9 year old because the 9 year old liked the Get This Party Started cut? Well, hello? Mom! What's your 9 year old wanting to Get This Party Started for anyway? Sheesh!
    P!nk rules! I think she is extremely talented.
    Keep on singing girlfriend!!!
    :O)...more info
  • Pink's BEST Album!
    I was really amazed when I listened to
    this cd. None of the songs are similar! There are songs from
    rocking numb to the blues of Misery. I have listened to this cd
    for a year and I haven't got bored! And here are ratings for each song (1-10).

    Get the party started: 9.5/10 Awesome Party song, good lyrics, makes u wanna move...
    18 wheeler: 10/10 one of my favorites, bridge is great
    missundaztood: 10/10 soft and simple and... just soo Great!
    dear diary: 9.5/10: this is quite nice and catchy!
    Eventually 10-/10 best slow song, far, far, far away from boring!
    Numb: 9/10 didn't like this at firs, but it's quite nice and ROCKING!
    Just like a pill: 10+/10 perfect! Best pink song! Tough lyrics, really catchy!
    Family portrait: 9/10 good ballad, P!nk gets emotional...
    Misery: 9.5/10 Steven Tyler is soo good in this! ...and P!nk of course. Nice blues...
    Respect: 8/10 Fast, powerful, but not my favorite from the cd.
    Don't let me get me 10/10 Really, really good, quite rocking, I never get bored on this!
    Gone to California 7.5/10 It's nice, but too slow for me.
    Lonely girl 10/10 One of my favs, great duet with Linda Perry, great chorus, great everything..
    My vietnam 9/10 I like this one, nice guitarr solo in the end
    Catch 22 (bonus) 9.5/10 and nice end......more info

  • Great Music in Many Forms
    M!ssundaztood is one of the best albums, from a popular artist, in recent years. It blends R'n'B with Rock with amazing results. There are a few infections fun songs (Get This Party Started), but most of the album is a more serious side that was not seen on "Can't Take Me Home." Songs like "Just Like A Pill," "Family Portrait" and "Don't Let Me Get Me" make one sit back and wonder if Pink is really singing. From what I understand she had more say over this album than from the last; if this is true, they should give the reigns completely to her....more info
  • Excellent Sophomore Release, the REAL Pink shines thru
    I love this Album, Pink definitely showcases more of herself in this wonderful album of self discovery. I love her irreverence, her audacity, her strength that clearly shines thru....more info
  • Ms. Pinkness!
    Great cd, she's such an amazing singer. I love the fact that she can sing any genre of music! I definitely recommend this cd!...more info
  • ...not bad...4 sum1 who disses pop & is herself a pop artist
    i love this CD. I bought it mainly for Just Like A Pill and found that most of the songs on her appeal to me. The beats and sounds of this make for great party music.

    i dont get why she's classified as a pop artist tho...some of the music sounds poppy, but not completely...shes more alt/punk or pop/punk...

    good CD....that wraps it up...more info

  • erm... pretty great.
    the condition was perfect. but the shipping was late. i got it in the mail 3 days after amazon said it would be there....more info
  • Fresh and Fun
    I'm 42 years old and have been listening to music of all varieties for longer than many of the other reviewers have been alive. I love this album. It's fresh, energized and soulful. Pink has a sense of self and awareness that doesn't usually come until much later in life. She's an extraordinary young artist; I congratulate her on her initial success and look forward to much more from her in the years to come. P.S. My kids love this album too!...more info
  • Gr8, But ...
    This album is gr8 but most(well, not most)of the songs are boring.Here are her weakest songs:

    Dear Diary
    Lonely Girl
    Gone To California(Worst Song)
    My Vietnam

    So I could say her best song is "Just Like a Pill."...more info

  • Pink hits the mark
    Pink hits the mark and the perfect note with this incredibly personal and personable CD. Great from the first to the last track, Pink has outdone herself and most other artists with this CD. Stellar vocals, excellent songwriter and fresh production make this CD a must.

    A true revealing look that you will never get if you're watching an interview from Respect, Dear Diary, Lonely Girl and Family Portrait to every song on the CD. Pink has a pop CD of course, but the raspy blues of her vocals, especially on Misery is captivating.- To a better day in every way. Jaci Rae...more info
  • Love this cd
    This is a graet cd.Pink has a voice that can't be match.I love all the songs but my favorite's are Don't Let Me Get Me and Family portrait.Both give a personal glimpse into Pink's life and let's us see we all have problems....more info
  • Good
    I bought Pink's first CD years ago and wasn't impressed but with one song. (I hate when that happens) so I haven't been in a rush to run out and purchase more material from her. But then I heard Dear Mr. President and ran out and bought I'm not dead. Absolutely wonderful CD. So I decided to backtrack and buy her popular missundaztood. This is a good CD with the title track, don't let me get me, just like a pill, get the party started, and lastly, family portait making this purchase well worth the money. If you skipped over this CD, you're doing yourself a disservice....more info
  • Missundaztood
    The album I choose to review is Pink's Missundaztood. The reason I choose this album was because I like her music a lot. Her songs are really good. The words in her songs have a strong meaning in them and it represents who she is. That's one of the things I like about her music is that she writes about stuff that means something to her. Some of her songs represent what her life was like growing up.

    As you all know she sings pop, and that's the kind of music I like to listen to. And if you like pop music then you will love Pink's Missundaztood. My favorite songs on her CD are "Missundaztood," "Don't Let Me Get Me," "Just Like a Pill," and "Get the Party Started," are really good songs. And if you like any of these songs then you should go out and buy this CD.
    ...more info
  • My favorite Pink C.D.!!
    This is my favorite c.d. & I have all of them except Try This. I love songs that you can dance to. These are my favorite songs Don't let me get me (I swear she is talking about me), Just like a pill(some relationships are like that), Get the party started (Like it), Respect (A very good song, Ladies you need to listen to this!), 18 Wheeler (a good fighter song), Misery (Duet with Steven Tyler oh yeah!), Numb (Angry song yeah I like it!!)
    As you can probably tell I really like this c.d. To me this is the best of Pink!!...more info
  • st!nk
    Same old manufactured pop puppet. You have an okay voice but the rest (everything really) sucks. This whole macho butch-les attitude you have isn't cute neither. I could whoop you with my thumb!...more info
  • fantastic
    I really love this album, angry, and introverted. not like lil pop ditties that were already heard a billion times....more info
  • One of my favorite albums of all time. She is an amazing songwriter.
    Not only is Pink an amazing singer, but she is an awesome songwriter. She is not scared to 'go there' with her lyrics so you wind up getting the real deal from her. I love people who aren't afraid to write about the sad times because a lot of people needs to hear something they can relate to. One of the standouts, 'Family Potrait', speaks to kids who are dealing with divorced parents. Basically, this album is a work of art so it's hard to choose favorites, but if I had to, my favorites would be Don't let me get me, Just Like a Pill, Family Potrait and Lonely Girl. Pink's voice is soo raw and real that you can actually feel the pain in her voice. Once you listen to this album, you will want hear more. So I will go ahead and let you know that her third album is Try This and her fourth, which is her best thus far is "I'm Not Dead". So please give this album a chance. Pink is a real artist and she will be around for a long time because she is true to herself and she write exactly how she feels which makes her a true artist. ...more info
  • Don't get it!!!!!
  • Good
    Prety Good she has prety good songs my favortie Song is Get The Party Started she has alot of great music videos I wood anytime vote her for best music video so any good thank you...more info
  • understood and admired
    what a sharp her latest thought I'd give her older, breakthrough cd a try...great sound. fresh and original collection. smart, sassy, interesting, sophisticated but fun. love the lyrics. love the variety of different musical styles. pink is cool, and honest and real. and she makes fantastic, memorable tunes....already a classic...more info
  • WOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R & B ALBUM OF THE YEAR
    pink has grown since her hip pop hard core hip pop album 'can't take me home' and is now ten tons betta.

    1. missundaztood - a great opening song she sings with gr8 vocals. 5/5
    2. dont let me get me - gd rocky-type song thats catchty. 4.5/5
    3. just like a pill - 1 of my faves. 5/5
    4. get the party started - dance anthem of da year. 4.999/5
    5. respect - not 4 me with rapping as bad as if it were charlotte church. 2/5
    6. 18 wheeler - pure STYLE man. 5/5
    7. family portrait - personal song that makes u feel depressed but lucky. 5/5
    8. misery - gr8 duetty song 4 al da oldies out thur! 5/5
    9. dear diary - i luv it. 4.5/5
    10. eventually - lovely ballad. 5/5
    11. lonely girl - duetted with c-writer of a lot of her songs. well done. 5/5
    12. numb - gd and rocky. 4/5
    13. gone 2 california - boooooooooooring. 1/5
    14. my vietnam - fab outro song. 5/5

    BUY THE ALBUM 2DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info

  • Love It!
    Pink is a various artist. She can do it all. R&B, pop and rock. This CD is a good mixture of all three. My favorite track is the duet she does with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith "Misery". It has a bluesy feel to it. The perfect song to listen to when you fell kind of down and don't want to be cheered up at the moment. ...more info
  • Latest album is much better
    I LOVE Pink!! The first album I bought was the latest one - "I'm Not Dead", and I love it. So I decided to investigate her earlier work. While I am glad I have "Missundaztood", I didn't find it as compelling as her latest work. Good to see where she has come from though....more info
  • Pink at her best
    Pink's first recording is by far the best ever. She demonstrates what is in store for listeners to come in the future. Many of the songs are worthy of listening to over and over again. This is a truly fantastic example of Pink's vocal abilities and writing skills. This album is worth buying....more info