Sylvania SY-600 Simulated Video Security Camera
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Product Description

LOREX SY600/SG600 Simulated Security Cameras (Single) Looks just like a real camera ; Flashing LED indicator light provides ;authentic look ; Durable plastic ;construction for outdoor or indoor use ; Includes camera bracket with screws ; Requires 2 C batteries; Single Simulated Security Cameras (Single)

  • The most realistic simulated video camera on the market
  • Flashing indicator light and video cable provide authenticity
  • Great for retail stores, entryways, offices, garages and more
Customer Reviews:
  • Best Scam Cam- High Quality for a low price.
    Best Scam Cam I've seen. Presents itself very realistically for a low price. I have used three on my site for 6 months and am very pleased. I've recently ordered a few more for a large outdoor site.

    The product uses two "C" batteries per unit. Onced placed into plastic body, the batteries are sealed off from weather. I have the units placed under outdoor roof eves that have a wide overhang and are protected from weather and function well. The units have endured South Florida's tropical sun which can degrade plastics within a few weeks. The material is color safe and held it's original contruction specifications.

    There is an LED light that flashes every second.

    The unit can be locked into a variety of positions, can be turned 360 degrees, and is easy to install. I would have liked bigger, heavier screws to install.

    It is probably built better than the real thing.

    For the low price and realistic appearance, this is an excellent product that I rated 5 stars, as it had everything I wanted and needed, and never failed me in any way....more info
  • great camera!!
    The only reason I gave this item a 4 out of 5 is because it is a great deterant, but I still have people come and tear them off the walls and beat them, and get away with all my BMX bikes....more info