Sylvania SY4225 2.4 GHz Wireless B/W Video Security System
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Product Description

Features: 2.4ghz Wireless B&w Video System Is Ideal For Monitoring Your Business Or Home. Use The Linsten In Audio Feature To Pick Up Sound Within Specific Location. Easy To Install And Operate For Immediate Applications;monitor With Led Indicator Lights Show System Status. Camera Ideal For Ceiling, Wall Or Table Mounting. Connects To Vcr For Security Recording.

The Sylvania SY4225 2.4 GHz Wireless B/W Video Security System is a simple, reliable, and highly economical solution for most basic remote monitoring needs. The easy-to-install Sylvania SY4225 camera features wireless technology to save you the hassle of cable connections, making it an ideal solution when portability is required. Not only is this system compatible with all Sylvania 2.4 GHz wireless devices, but with built-in listen-in audio and the receiver's ability to autoscan up to four separate cameras, this system can turn any TV into a video security system that is great for monitoring situations where installing cables are not convenient.

The SY4225's camera utilizes a black-and-white CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) image sensor, with a 3.7-millimeter fixed lens. This unit delivers a standard-resolution picture with 240 horizontal TVL (TV lines), even in no-light conditions down to a minimum illumination of 0 Lux via its built-in IR (infrared) LEDs (light-emitting diode), and includes a built-in condenser microphone. The Sylvania SY4225 camera runs on 12-volt DC power via an included AC/DC adapter or can run on eight AA batteries for complete portability, and has an operating temperature of 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The SY4225's monitor utilizes a 2.4 GHz frequency to allow for signal reception through walls and ceilings, or from up to 300-feet away with a clear line of sight, and a 5.5-inch black-and-white picture-tube display. The Sylvania SY4225 monitor includes a standard RCA composite video output connection that easily connects to most VCRs for recording, and runs on 13-volt DC power via an included AC/DC adapter or on 10 C batteries for complete portability. This receiver can accept signals from up to four cameras simultaneously, allowing you to autoscan all four or display full-screen images of a single camera, and has an operating temperature of 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technical Features:

  • Signal distance: up to 300-feet (with clear line of site)
  • Light sensitivity: minimum illumination of 0 Lux within range of IR LEDs
  • Horizontal resolution: 240 TVL
  • Camera and monitor operating temperatures: 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Camera dimensions: approximately 6.1 x 5.8 x 7.1 inches (W x D x H)
  • Receiver dimensions: approximately 4.45 x 3.3 x 2.8 inches (W x D x H)
Designed primarily for indoor use, the Sylvania SY4225 system deserves serious consideration as one of the easiest and most economical monitoring solutions that anybody can set up anywhere. This system can be installed and ready to go in under a minute, and the camera's wireless capability lets you move your camera easily to another area that needs monitoring, while the SY4225 receiver's four-channel capability allows you to expand your system as needed. Users should note that the CMOS sensor may become permanently damaged if exposed to long hours of direct sunlight or halogen light, so the camera should not be mounted or pointed directly at the sun or other bright-light sources.

About Surveillance Camera Technical Features
Lux rating is the measurement used to indicate how sensitive a camera is to light, and stands for the level of light reflected off a piece of paper by a candle from one meter away. Thus a sensitivity of three Lux would mean a camera could generate an acceptable picture of a piece-of-paper-sized object that was illuminated by the equivalent of three candles from one meter away. The lower the Lux level, the better the camera's ability to work in low-light conditions. The camera's resolution should be greater than or equal to the resolution supported by the system's recorder or monitor. The S/N, or signal to noise ratio, is an important measure of a camera's quality. A poor camera, low-light conditions or poor wiring causes "noise" which consumes processing power and disk space. A camera with a wide dynamic range is ideal, especially for recording areas in which both indoor and outdoor light are present. CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors provide high-quality images that are less susceptible to noise. CMOS (complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensors offer less image quality, but are usually more cost-effective and energy efficient.

What's in the Box
Wireless camera with camera stand, 5.5-inch monitor, 2 AC adapters (monitor and camera), RCA A/V cable, owner's manual/warranty card, screws and anchors, set of warning decals, trilingual owner's manual, and warranty card.

  • Includes one 2.4 GHz wireless camera and monitor
  • Cameras use B/W CMOS image sensors and 3.7 mm lenses
  • Sensitivity down to 0 luxwithin range of the built-in IR LEDs
  • Camera features a built-in condenser microphone for listen-in audio
  • Monitor allows up to 4 cameras to be connected and monitored simultaneously
Customer Reviews:
  • Not a bad item for the price
    I have purchased 3 of these units over the years. Considering that i have the monitor in my basement and the camera in my kitchen (approx. 35ft away through the floor/ceiling) the unit works fairly well. However,a major complaint i have about this unit is the durability of the monitor. With all 3 of the systems i have purchased, the monitor has malfunctioned each time. I have enough knowledge to open the unit and replace a blown fuse when it blows, that's not the main problem. The main problem seems to stem from the weak soldering job connecting the silver/female RCA connectors in the back to the circuit board. The first thing that happens is, the solder gets loose and it takes some wiggling to get the picture to remain. The next step is, the unit stops working altogether. My recommendation is determine a good location for the monitor and do not move it. Try not to fiddle with the power cable to much either. If you can keep that RCA/circuit board connection strong, this is a decent, affordable system.

    ...more info
  • Great inexpensive product
    This is a great product for viewing any activity at your front door or driveway areas. You can also set it up in a nursery or watch a pet run. Good value for the money....more info
  • Great performance and value
    We were pleased to get this as quickly as we did, having ordered it July 5, and receiving it July 23 - much faster than the estimated delivery date of Aug 11-26!

    We previously tried the Baby Quiet Sounds system purchased from Babies R Us for the same price - about a BenFranklin. This we returned in a few days because 1. There was a lot of interference/poor signal and 2. The wall transformer (the plug) for both the monitor and camera became extremely hot - almost too hot to touch. NOT SAFE! Other reviewers have commented on these flaws.

    Well this device was a snap to "install" All you do is plug both camera and monitor in and turn them on. There are 4 channels that can be used. So up to 4 cameras can be hooked up. You can set the monitor to scan through all 4 channels for a variable number of seconds. You can output the video signal to a VCR - Sylvania apparently sells a timelapse VCR to record long periods of time on 1 tape.

    We use it as a baby monitor. It has infrared capability so you get an image even in the dark. We set the camera a few feet from our kid, and can see her head in the dark although without fine detail. We place the monitor downstairs or upstairs in our bedroom. The signal is clear. It uses 2.4 GHz. We have a wireless computer network, 2 wireless phones, and our cell phone which all use 2.4GHz but so far the signal remains strong. Only the occasional line or 2 through the image.

    The plugs still get hot on this one too, but not as hot as the Quiet Sounds. It's probably best to leave the monitor off most of the time, and just flip it on when you want to see what's going on. Unfortunately there is no setting for you to just get audio, so we are using the audio baby monitor we already had to do this.

    Considering this was priced at One hundred fifty originally, it seems like a good deal, and so far we are pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Nice Little camera for daylight, low-light conditions
    This little camera works nice in daylight and low light conditions, but does not work very efficiently on dark areas. Also if you install it close to a glossy surface, like semi-gloss or gloss painted concrete, you will recieve IR bounce that looks like a halo at night. The monitor works nice and the sound is clear. If anyone knows where to buy additional cameras, please drop me a line at Thanks!...more info
  • Wonderful - I Love it!!
    I bought this unit to monitor my barn. I have 17 mares to foal and want to keep a very close eye on them. My barn is over 300 feet away from my house and this unit works beautifully. The monitor works with up to four cameras. I now have 3 cameras hooked up to my unit and am considering buying the 4th camera. Its easy to install, easy to run. I have a crystal clear picture in one stall, and a not quite as good of pictures in the other two stalls which are a little further away. I love this product....more info
  • Wireless a good idea?...... maybe not.
    This system is a piece of cake to install. Two people make it easier and faster. Make sure you have electrical outlets at both locations where the monitor and camera will go. Then, FIRST take the camera and set it in the area where you will later mount it. Then set up the monitor where you want it. Good picture? Congratulations! Poor picture? Try adjusting the antennas on each device to hopefully achieve good reception. (Poor reception will have rolling lines through it.) Still poor reception? Box it up, send it back, and buy a wired system. Perhaps the First Alert brand. It worked well for me....more info