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Laundry Service
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Street Release Date: 11/13/2001

Colombian superstar Shakira's first English-language disc, Laundry Service, carries the pointed credit "Entire Album Produced by Shakira." That might be a signal to U.S. fans who helped two of her previous discs go platinum under the media radar--a sign that this planned breakthrough has more to offer than the input of a score of image makers and outside writers. And it does; even the occasional clunky lyric comes directly from her overflowing heart. Laundry Service's meld of danceable pop and rockier ideas and textures follows the similar path of the singer-songwriter's previous work. Indeed, for all its high-end production values, the record is ultimately one of the least glossy crossover vehicles imaginable. Despite an occasional lean toward Celine Dion territory ("Underneath Your Clothes"), it has a freshness that's sure to win over new listeners even after the first single, the sly "Whenever, Wherever," has reached the saturation point. While still not fully formed as an artist, she's getting close to something of her own--something that may flower after she dumps the vocal Alanis-isms. For now, it's still a pleasure to watch her grow. --Rickey Wright

Customer Reviews:

  • Shakira's not going anywhere (but up).
    With all due respect, Ms. Arnold couldn't be more wrong. Voices don't come with much more power, control, or range than Shakira. Absolutely incredible vibrato. I'd suggest you listen to more than "Laundry Service" before making such judgements. She can make sounds with her voice you'll swear came from a synthesizer. And she makes the same sounds live as well - this isn't studio gloss. Quite and gentle as mouse or roaring like a lion. From low and guttural like "Se Quiere, Se Mata" to high and loud like "Your Embace". And styles all over the place as well. Try "Obtener Un Si" or "Illegal" for some laid-back Smooth Jazz listening or "Poem to a Horse" for some in your face rock-n-roll. Or try "Hay Amores" and "Despedida" for a South American Folk sound (two she wrote and performed for a movie sound track - Love in the Time of Cholera).
    Shakira is not new. She started in the business before she was a teen-ager and her first two albums (Magia [Magic] and Peligro [Danger]) were released only in Columbia. She also did some acting on a Columbian Soap Opera. And by-the-way, she has produced every one of her own albums and was the #4 Female money maker in 2008.
    This amazing Singer, Song Writer, Composer, Musician, Dancer, Choreographer, Producer and philanthropist will be around for a long time to come. Being drop dead sexy won't hurt her career any either.
    ...more info
  • I, too, dismissed Shakira, until I heard the album
    Yes, like many people have admitted in their reviews, I too mistook Shakira as a Britney wannabe at first. But "Whenever, Wherever" was just catchy enough that I eventually was compelled to give her a chance. And am I glad I did, because Laundry Service is a fantastic pop album. First off, Shakira has a great voice, powerful and emotive. And unlike most teen idols, Shakira made this her album, writing and producing it in its entirety. And she shows her talents extend beyond her amazing vocal ability, crafting some great, energetic music you can't sit still through, like "Whenever, Wherever," "Te Dejo Madrid," and "Objection (Tango)," both of which are here in English and Spanish verisons. She also shows herself just as talented crafting ballads like "Underneath Your Clothes" and "The One." Even the tracks that didn't quite work for me are still interesting; I might not really like "Eyes Like Yours," but I still respect her for blending Persian influences into Rock and Roll so seamlessly. This is a great album, and I look forward to exploring the rest of Shakira's catalog....more info
  • BEST CD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To all those who don't like Shakira listen to this CD.
    I used to hate Shakira and all her music.
    But this Cd is like...............WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    I totally loved Shakira after this, she has nice upbeat songs and sad slow ones plus she is awesome at portugese and spanish. This CD is worth your money.
    Shakira is the best.....that's all there is to it.
    The Cd has words inside it so you can read the music and it has awesome pictures....more info
  • My favorite Album
    This is one those special albums, that you can listen through all the way, and just love every second of it!

    Ready For the Good Times, Whenever Wherever, Rules, among others, are simply awesome songs that are great to drive to or study to

    and btw - listen to the lyrics - they are poetry in motion!


    Happy listening everyone!!!!!...more info
  • Laundry Sevice
    Great Cd, good lyrics. One of my favorites in my collection....more info
  • Don't give up, oh ye of shakey hips!
    I give this cd two stars because there are only two tracks of merit. Underneath Your Clothes and Whenever, Wherever are fresh, funky and fun. The rest of the cd is a total sucky letdown. However, those two tracks are very different, which means there's hope for Shakira that she may yet have a few surprises in store for fans. That is an as yet unproven mathematic probability, but a probability none the less. Besides, with Gloria Estefan holding your hand, how can you fail?...more info
  • haunting
    I know, I'm behind the times. I have listened to Shakira since she broke into the American music scene but only just now got around to buying this album.

    I've heard and read about tons of people who complain she's too commercial on this album. Fine, it's pop. Meaning popular.

    Still, even if you're distracted by that there's no doubt that her voice is haunting. Just freaking awesome. She stands out.

    I plan on getting most her other albums over time. This one is a lot fun to listen too. ...more info
  • Don't Underestimate The Power Of Shakira
    Shakria burst onto the scene in 2001 with this album.
    Firstly she is not just another blonde, nor is she a one-hit wonder. She is a real musical talent that should be taken very seriously. If you thought "Whenever, Wherever" was commercial pap, you are wrong. There are many songs on this album that have the same commercial potential that the debut single had, and also the first single is a fresh blend of many genres.

    Now don't think this is her debut album, no it isn't, she is a superstar in the Spanish speaking world.
    Huge infact, and this album will cement her across the world.

    Now getting down to the musical side of things.
    Shakira writes or co-writes every single track and also lends a hand in the production side of things. She really is pure class with the way she sings. Her voice has a unique timbre and gruff tones. In the Spanish songs she sings amazingly.

    The way this album uses a wide range of genres is simply really superb. Whether it be folk, salsa or rock Shakira covers it and puts it to use. Unknown instruments pop up everywhere, instruments such as the bandoneon, charango, rondador and the quena flute. All this linguistic jumble equates to a satisfying and authentic blend of music.

    I really enjoyed "Laundry Service" simply because the sound is very unique and the music is very well structured.
    Some critics I think may have panned it because they may not have been immersed in this sort of music befor, however neither have I and it totally works for me.

    ...more info
  • SHAKIRA. 22nd april 2004.
    My two bestest songs on this album are, whenever,wherever and objection[tango]. They are brill songs that i can't stop listening to. Brilliant album....more info
  • aye!
    Don't forget your roots, mami. Be true to yourself. You're trying to appeal to american and english speaking people but be yourself....more info
  • not the rock-n-roll Shakira that we know and love...........
    DONDE ESTAN LOS LADRONES is one of my all-time favorite albums; great songs you can sing and dance to, you don't need to speak spanish to enjoy, great guitar riffs and gritty vocals.

    Here, her first english album (which I waited a LONG time for) was one hell of a disappointment.

    Here she has taken on a totally new persona; she is no longer rock, she is pop. Instead of great rock you can dance to she is doing an Latin inpersontion of Brittney Spears (okay, she pulls it off quite well, but what about us? her fans who hate Brittney and the sex-kitten pop that has saturated the entire music scene and just like rock?) and left the guitars and the gritty lyrics behind.

    Quite frankly, I was hoping for more songs like "Ciega, Sordomuda" and "Inventible", songs of passion and longing, disappointment and rock; songs you can turn all the way up in your car and scream at the top of your lungs! Didn't happen this time, maybe next time....more info
  • Not great in English
    I love Shakira,but her music sounds much better in spanish.This CD wasn't doing much for her voice and the songs aren't that great either,especially Eyes like yours(Ojos Asi).This song sounds much,much better in spanish.I would recommend you buy one of her spanish albums than this CD....more info
  • 1st us tracks
    A great intro to Shakira's voice and muscial style. It also shows her growth compared to where she is today....more info
  • Surprisingly Good
    Originally buying this album because of the memories it had for me - a particular song that had been played at a "dance" with friends - I never thought I would love it for anything more than the few songs used. I am not often a fan of "modern pop," my tastes being more akin to Bowie than Britney, but this album, though inferior to Shakira's earlier, less bleach-blonde-influenced "Donde Estan las Ladrones" has great vocal, Alanis-style excellent, though often oddly worded lyrics, danceable but still melodic music, and great skill - Shakira wrote the lyrics and music herself.

    Although, I must say, I prefer the pre-blonde image of the performer, personally....more info

  • I don't like Spanish music, but this is AWESOME
    I have always never liked music sung in Spanish and have stayed away from it, but I was drawn to this CD. It is great.
    It is also not to be underestimated. Listen to the whole thing once and you will see what I mean.
    Shakira has real talent and is not a bimbo like most American artists like Britney Spears....more info
  • She will be forever known as one of the most unique voices in history
    ...but unfortunately, Shakira will not be around for the long-haul. She simply is unable to get outside of her niche and find a new voice. Her market was established with her unique break between her vocal registers, and since that is the only sound she is able to sing with, her popularity is virtually dead.

    Even if she were to change her style, there would be little hope for her, since her voice is not outstanding. However, she will be remembered as one that helped to open the doors of American music to the music of the world. She did a wonderful job, and will remain an icon for it. Her best bet now is to come out with clothing and cologne lines to make her money... or start producing!

    Best advice... keep those song licenses close to you, girl. Covers are gonna bring you a lot of cash!...more info
  • This Girl Can Really Rock!!!
    I had to buy this album after the success of Shakira's first single "Whenever, wherever". The rest of this album is just as good as she goes from singing Rock to the Ballad "Underneath Your Clothes". This fine Columbian lady has a unique singing voice that the Anglo-Saxon world has finally discovered.Plus she looks absolutely GREAT in her video clips as she interprets Belly Dancing to her own adaptations.This is one lady with all the right songs and all the right moves!!!...more info
  • lucky, that this album is off da hook!!!!!
    shakira is one of my favourite singers to date. she is just different. her voice is exotic and cannot be dupicated. she has a beautiful body and can work it well.

    the 3 best tracks on the LP are 'objection (tango)', 'underneath your clothes', and 'poem to a horse'. 'objection' is just brilliant. i love the way the song begins with the acordian and breaks into this latin opera. it is awesome. 'underneath your clothes' is excellent. i did not like this song until she sang it live on DIVAS LIVE 2002. "poem to a horse' made me think and if a song makes me think like that...its the bomb.

    'fool', 'the one', 'whenever, wherever', and 'eyes like yours' (the english version of her spanish hit 'ojos asi') are just classics.

    the whole album was wreckshop and i recommend this album to everyone. even the hard core gangstas. JP. but this album is hot.

    5+++ stars...more info
  • WHY???
    Con este album shakira se volvi¨® m¨¢s comercial. Esto es triste, por que su m¨²sica era lo ¨²nico rescatable de la porquer¨ªa que inunda la m¨²sica latina. Los Estefan defecaron sobre este album.
    El comercialismo mata la creatividad, aqu¨ª es donde le digo "descanse en paz". La ¨²nica rola rescatable de esto es Suerte.

    English translation:
    With this album shakira went more commercial. This is sad, because her music was the only that could be rescued from the filth that fills latin music. The Estefans made a mess of this album. I think commerciality kills creativity, and here is when I say "rest in peace". The only good song in here is Suerte....more info
  • Shakira's Laundry Service
    By all accounts this is a great English crossover album.Shakira uses her amazing composing and song writing talents.However,I'm not going to be the common ones and say she has this amazing voice because she does not and the songs doesn't really her voice justice.Anyway,the songs in here aree amazing but a couple of flaws here and there.

    1.Objection(Tango)-8/10.Her 1st English she's ever wrote and I must say she did a good job.I absolutely love this song,the lyrics and the amazing music.It's a great way to start off the album.

    2.Underneath Your Clothes-8.5/10.Another great song.It's passionate and it has a great mystery meaning to it.This song talks about learning more about a person by going underneath what they show.It's a great song,great lyrics.

    3.Whenever,Wherever-7/10.Now we all know this one.It's an ok song.She surely knows how to mix different styles of music into one and it turn out great.However,this song shows no vocal talent but i love the lyrics its something what i like to call a "Mystery Lyrics".Good song and beat is ok

    4.Rules-0/10.I hate this song to death.I don't want why she put this song on the album in my opinion this bring the album down.Not a good song and the lyrics is messed up.

    5.The One-8/10.I love this song a lot.I like they way she sings on this track and the lyrics is great.LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

    6.Ready For The Good Times-7.5/10.Meaningful lyrics.Not her best in my opinion but ok to listen to,to bring some positivity into your life.

    7.Fool-8.5/10.I love this song.I love the lyrics and yet again another Shakira classic.

    8.Te Dejo Madrid-2.5/10.Great attempt but i hate it.One of her worst Spanish songs ever.

    9.Poem To a Horse-8.5/10.My Favorite on the album.The song speaks for itself.By far this is the song i relate to the most

    10.Que Me Quedes Tu-5.5/10.I'm not really this,its a little too slow for me and i don't like the lyrics.Not her best

    11.Eyes Like Yours (Ojos Asi)-4.5/10.Not Feeling it.Bad Idea to translation this song.The Spanish version is a lot better.

    12.Suerte (Whenever,Wherever)-7.5/10.Nice translation and i like this song in both languages.She did a nice job

    13.Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango)-6.5/10.OK but English version is a lot better and bad way to end the album

    Overral i get this album a B-.It's a great album and i suggest u buy it to feel Shakira in another language.
    ...more info
  • i dont understand why the album was called laundry service..
    i was looking inside the album cover for the thank you message from shakira but there was none and an explanation of what her album title means but whatever lol her music is unique and i love it..i like whenever,wherever (weird but different lyrics) but i get its point, objection (shes kinda dissin herself), and many more! this album is hot..theres another song i like but i forgot what the songs called..anyways this cd has a refreshing cover to it as well..she looks really nice her curly hair and i like her tatoo, buying this cd was something new for me.. i mostly buy rnb and pop albums but this has a different sound not in the latin sense but the rock or alternative or whatever u wana call interestin cd!...more info
    this cd is absolutely great. from day one when i bought this cd when i was 15 (i'm 19 now) i've never stopped loving it its always been one of my top 5 favorite cds. i can listen to this cd start to finish and never get sick of it. i think Shakira is a very talented amazing artist and this cd will always stand out to me....more info
  • THE GREATEST CD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shakira has the best songs ever. She is fun, sexy, and awesome. Her Cd has words in it so you can easily memorize the songs, it is great. Here is a list of the thirteen songs.

    1)Objection (Tango) - Has an awesome chorus and great lyrics I

    love it. I would rate it 5.0 (out of five)

    2)UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES- It is a beautiful song of Love. 5.0

    3)WHENEVER, WHEREVER- An awesome song! 5.0

    4)RULES- Pretty Good, can get boring. 4.1

    5)The One- A sad sounding song of Love. 5.0

    6)Ready for the Good Times- Fast and Furious!! 5.0

    7)Fool- A ballad with nice lyrics but she sings strangly 3.9

    8)Te Dejo Madrid- A song in another languge which is really

    cool. 5.0

    9)Poem to a Horse- A strange song which is OKAY. 2.9

    10)Que Me Quedes Tu- Another strange song which sound chinese at

    the beginning. 1.0

    11)Eyes Like Yours- AWESOME song which has another languge in

    it. 5.0

    12)Suerte-Whenever, Wherever in Spanish, very fun. 4.0

    13)Te Aviso, Te Anuncio- Objection in spanish, sounds Okay. 4.0

    Shakira is cool.

    Although on the cover and inside the booklet there are some

    pictures which kids under eight may think inapropret.

    But they are not nearly that bad. Shakira is very fun and has

    songs that are awesome to dance to.

    So.....PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Shakira "Laundry Services"
    I think thats best cross over cd since Salena. Shakira is talented and we should recognize that. Who else could shake there one butt chick like her....more info
  • Laundry Service
    Excellent seller. Fast, efficient and excellent product. Will buy from this seller again. ...more info
  • Shakira rocks-December 14 2004
    These are the songs in this awesome album by the awesome Shakira.

    1)Objection - Very upbeat with an awesome chorus. Stars-5.0 (out of five)

    2)UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES- It is a beautiful song with nice lyrics 5.0

    3)WHENEVER, WHEREVER- An awesme song 5.0

    4)RULES- One of my favorites. 5.0

    5)The One- A very pretty love song that sounds very sad. 5.0

    6)Ready for the Good Times- Fast and fun 5.0

    7)Fool- A ballad with nice lyrics. 5.0

    8)Te Dejo Madrid- A spanish song which is very cool and upbeat. 5.0

    9)Poem to a Horse- A strange song which I don't like. 1.5

    10)Que Me Quedes Tu- Another strange song. 1.0

    11)Eyes Like Yours- AWESOME song. 5.0

    12)Suerte-Whenever, Wherever in Spanish, very fun. 5.0

    13)Te Aviso, Te Anuncio- Objection in spanish. 5.0

    This Cd has the words of the songs in it, which is way cool, it has cool pics and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shakira is just really cool that is all you can say....more info