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Mad Max (Special Edition)
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Setting Mel Gibson on a sure path to superstardom this highly acclaimed crazy collide-o-scope (Newsweek) of highway mayhem cinematically defined the postapocalyptic landscape (TV Guide). Featuring eye-popping stunts that are electrifying and very convincing (Variety) and an authentically nihilistic spirit (The Village Voice) Mad Max is pure cinematic poetry (Time). In the ravaged near future a savage motorcycle gang rules the road. Terrorizing innocent civilians while tearing up the streets the ruthless gang laughs in the face of a police force hell-bent on stopping them. But they underestimate one officer: Max Rockatansky (Gibson). And when the bikers brutalize Max s best friend and family they send him into a mad frenzy that leaves him with only one thing left in the world to live for -- revenge!Special Features:New Digitally Remastered Anamorphic TransferNew-To-The-U.S.! Original Australian LanguageOriginal Mono Audio Track Mel Gibson: The Birth Of A Star Documentary Mad Max: The Film Phenomenon DocumentaryTheatrical TrailersAudio Commentary With Jon Dowding David Eggby Chris Murray & Tim Ridge Road Rants Trivia & Fun Fact TrackPhoto GalleryTV SpotsAnd More!System Requirements: Running Time 94 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE Rating: R UPC: 027616869241 Manufacturer No: 1002726

The Road Warrior is already a classic, sans condescending genre distinctions like "sci-fi" or "action." But the story of Mel Gibson's stately antihero begins in Mad Max, George Miller's low-budget debut in which Max is a "Bronze" (cop) in an unspecified postapocalyptic future with a buddy-partner and family. But unlike most films set in the devastated future, Mad Max is especially notable because it is poised between our industrialized world and total regression to medieval conditions. The scale tips towards disintegration when the Glory Riders burn into town on their bikes like an overamped cadre of Brando's Wild Ones. Representing the active chaos that will eventually overwhelm the dying vestiges of civil society, they take everything dear to Max, who will exact due revenge. His flight into the same wilds that created the villains artfully sets up the morally ambiguous character of the subsequent films. --Alan E. Rapp

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't overlook the supporting actors!
    Cult film or not, most everyone agrees Mad Max is a remarkable film. Most reviewers and the documentaries included on the DVD rave about Mel Gibson's performance, and they're right!
    But among the things that makes this movie so much better than its budget would seem to allow were the truly fine performances of most of the other actors. We're not talking Oscar caliber, of course, but strong enough to be believable and keep the viewer caught up in the story. Whether due to great direction or real actor talent (and probably both), these "little things" really set the stage for Gibson's character to play out against.
    This was the first time I've heard the original Australian language version of the film, and was pleased. The other extras were very good as well, making this an outstanding value for the price!
    So after you've watched the movie several times and have gotten past Gibson's shining performance, watch for all those other glimmers that are minor stars in their own right....more info
  • The Road Warrior's Origins
    George Miller launched Mel Gibson's career in this low-budget film about a solo cop who's out for justice after his partner and family are killed by ruffians. Although the film doens't have the explicit apocalyptic theme and plot of its sequel, this film has plenty of high-speed chases and tension to keep the audience entertained.

    Mad Max (Gibson) is one of a few cops in a small town being ravaged by a motorcyle gang. After several tragedies, Mad Max is left alone is swears to exact vengeance on the gang of outlaws.

    Again, the film isn't too clear about its setting: there's no express indication that this is in a post-apocalyptic future as with the film's sequels. The theme and plot is more along the lines of a standard 'Dirty Harry' or 'Death Wish' film. Despite these differences, the film is still a great film to watch with plenty of suspense and action. A great film to watch many times....more info
  • Gives you a nice urban 'western' type film - Mel , not Clint
    This film will give those who never thought much of Australian films either more fuel for the fire or a wake up call .
    This is a classic and I suppose there are some who would call it a cult film , but it is full of intense performances and whilst not science fiction , it does have an otherwordly quality to it .

    Forget Mel Gibson is in it - watch this film for its own brand of drama , revenge , thrills , action and good old fashioned mean-heartedness .

    If you think about it , the plot for this film was recycled for 'Gladiator' , which was another breakthrough film for an actor from the Aussie part of the world .

    Buy and enjoy this distinctive film on DVD , with a healthy and worthwhile dose of extras . ...more info
  • not as go as the road warrior,but a very good low-budget action movie
    in this first mad max movie mel gibson(looking very young) is a cop in the near future where war and crime is pushing the world into a new and deadly dark age. motercycle gangs roam the road ways and sack and pillage everything they can get their hands on! after several run ins with them,max sends his wife and child away to protect them,only to have the gang find them and kill them in a most unpleseant way. now max,half mad,sets out to kill them all,at any cost!
    while not as great as the road warrior,this is a dandy little revenge movie and has some great stunt driving! this sets up the reason why max is so cold and mean in the road warrior and it makes the road warrior that much better if you see this one first.
    the transfer is great and the use of the non dubed soundtrack helps make this one you need! check it out!!!...more info
  • The cult classic that launched Mel Gibson's career
    Mel Gibson has a history of playing borderline psychotic, revenge-driven loners from contemporary actioner Martin Riggs ("Lethal Weapon") to widescreen epic hero William Wallace ("Braveheart") to hard-boiled noir tough guy Porter ("Payback") to historical fiction family-man-pushed-too-far Benjamin Martin ("The Patriot") to the classic Shakespearean originator of the mold Prince Hamlet ("Hamlet"). You could almost say it's his niche.

    And in all fairness, he started young. Mel Gibson was an impossible 21 years old when he starred in this 1979 throwback to 1960's biker thrillers produced by the then-unknown team of George Miller and Byron Kennedy. A huge hit in Australia, it was limited to small theatres, drive-ins, and arthouse runs in the United States...where, despite a dubbed dialogue track that would make most kung fu movies seem Academy Award-worthy, it picked up a loyal cult following and enabled a small group of would-be hipsters to be able to say "Mel Gibson? Oscars? P'shaw...he'll always be 'Max Rockitansky' to me."

    The movie is not exactly's a redux of the American western with elements of the aforementioned biker flicks, but it is VERY original in its use of some very innovative cinematography (cameras mounted at fender-level on fast-moving cars...I'm not certain it had ever been done before) and some of the more unbelievable stunts ever filmed, the like of which would not be seen again until the sequel's release in 1982 ("Mad Max 2" or "The Road Warrior", depending on your location). The action is more personal because it is REAL.

    Mel Gibson's performance might not seem on par with his better roles since, but the role he was playing was that of someone much older than himself at the time...and it can't be denied that even at 21 he had a command of the camera he has never relinquished; you can't take your eyes off him. Of his earlier roles Gibson is rather self-conscious of his performance in "Mad Max"; he refers to himself as "Mr. Porkchop" in this movie, somehow under the impression that he must have been overweight at the time...but fans of his will want to see this movie to see how he looked before his days as a household name and to chart his development as an actor.

    Fans of action movies will want to see how movies of this nature looked in the "old skool" days before high-budget special effects when the level of action in your movie was dictated by how far your stuntment were willing to push the envelope of sanity. In Australia during the making of this movie and "The Road Warrior", it fast became evident that no such envelope even existed. The result is a piece of hand-made brilliance of guerilla filmmaking that would inspire latter day innovators such as Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez into accomplishing so much with so little.

    And of course the fact that this DVD is equipped with the Australian dialogue track is a selling point unto itself (it also shows exactly why a dub track was used for US distribution; it's not that we can't understand the accent, mates...we just have no idea what the slang means). That and the commentary track by the production team make well-received treats for those of us who are old enough to have loved this film since its original release. A retrospective on Mel Gibson's career and its beginnings is also a nice addition. I can only hope that "The Road Warrior" gets a similar treatment (and soon).

    In short you have a great movie with a a great DVD extras package at a VERY reasonable price...I don't know what more a movie buff could ask. This is definitely a "must-own" for your collection....more info
  • mad max ftw!
    weather you want action, drama, or just some awesome car scenes this is the movie for you. mel gibson delivers the performance of a lifetime....more info
  • exelent love it
    I have loved this movie since first time seeing it excelent quality...more info
  • Pretty Good!
    This film is actually pretty good. If you label it as science fiction, you are missing the point- it's not. It is a comic book-style adventure film with some violence thrown in. Don't be scared off by the violence, it is no where near as violent as some of the movies out today! Some nice stunts with some cool cars and a bit of plot thrown in. But it all works! Parts tend to drag near the end, but only for a few minutes, and its right back to the action. It is basically a revenge story, but its quirks really make it work. It is just different from other movies of the same ilk. I particularly like the characters' comic book style looks and action, and the screen wipes help make the movie seem more like an old fashioned style serial. Worth watching if you like Mel, cars, or action. I didn't hear a whole lot of difference between the American dubbed version and the Australian version, except for a few minor dialogue changes. (I too agree with the reviewer that the chatter over Goose's radio was more interesting on the American version. "C'mon Goose! Where are you?")...more info
  • Much better in original Australian.
    Much better in original Australian. American accents used in "original US" version coupled with Australian vernacular always sounded stupid to me....more info
  • an ok action movie
    from when i heard of it i thought it was going to be a good movie but instead i find a medokre movie. there are some pluses the action is cool but also ther are those horrible close ups of the eyes...more info
    Gibson, in this film, did for apocalypse movies, what Eastwood did for westerns, and gave us an antihero of epic nihilism, extreme violence, and borderline humanity. I still don't understand why MGM had to put out a dubbed version for the theaters in the first place. This is one of the great sci-fi films, despite its heavy reliance on violence. The action is non-stop, and the stunt work is simply amazing.

    The two disc version here has some alright extras, but having the original Australian film on it, is what makes it. No sci-fi collection can be without MAD MAX....more info
  • Get this edition for the superior Aussie version.
    Anyone intelligent enough to "get" this movie is capable of understanding the Austrailian version. We have moved beyond the need for Americanizing films, which tend to water-down the original intent and flavor of the director/creators vision. This movie, for me, is more relevent today than it was when it was filmed. In this part of America, especially in small town rural areas, you can almost get the feeling that we are living in this future. Many people in the midwest scrounge and save their meager earnings to be able to afford to fill their gas tanks just so they can drive to their jobsite. The desolation of the area in which the movie was filmed makes this movie eerily believable and I often am reminded of the look and feel of the film when driving through some small midwest American "ghost-towns". In spite of the realism this motion picture is still high escapism, which for me is the point of watching movies. I'll watch this one over and over....more info
  • This film is horrible
    As a fan of post-apocalyptic movies, I must say that this movie is as far from post-apocalyptic as a post-apocalyptic movie can get. The majority of the movie is explained on the back cover- Mad Max is a cop whose family has been killed and he must seek revenge. But the seeking revenge part is just about 4 or 5 scenes towards the end of the movie! And to top it all off it seems like the apocalypse has had absolutely no effect on the world, because trees are growing, there's power, water, civilization, medicine, and ice cream! Jeez!...more info
  • Buy It!
    The first movie in the series is good, but, Road Warrior is better. but does that mean it`s bad? Heck no! This is actually one of the best of the sci-fi genre.
    It`s about this guy named Max, (duh!) who gets pissed at this motorcycle gang for killing his friend and family and seeks his hellish revenge....more info
  • Inspired by A Boy and His Dog...
    Personally I loved Mad Max. To me and more than a few of my friends who were into bikes back then (79 to 85) Mad max along with Quadrophenia made us feel like we were badguys (hey we were young). After watching Max and co young bikers across the UK attempted to emulate Max, Goose, Toecutter by being mean moody and more than a bit sad just as their predecessors had tried to emulate Marlon Brando (The Wild One) and Peter Fonda (Easy Rider) years before.

    The film although low budget is none the worse for that as it takes away some of the glitz that hollywood loves to throw into films and sometimes ruins by doing so (e.g. Thunderdsome Mad Max 3).

    The stunts are terific and the use of outback shots enhances the desolation the film seeks to portray. The acting is weak in some respects but the actors who portray 'the Goose' and 'the Toecutter' stand out even above Mel Gibson with performances that while believable are just the right side of over the top.

    The sound is excellent with good mood music work by Brian May. However in some places the speeded up driving and riding shots fail to work as well as they might. But in other areas the feel is just right e.g. Goose's ride out the morning after his night of passion with the nightclub singer.

    Overall a real groundbreaker which has rarely been beaten and which will still be remembered in years to come as a classic of Aussie cinema.
    ...more info
  • Rare Laserdiscs - dvds Movies Collector.
    Mad Max is The Greatest Movie For ALL time,,A Riveting Classic,I've watched it many times,I Can't get this Movie Outta my mind..I have the Special Edition dvd.'tis a well done..Go Get it :)...more info
  • Five stars for Mel Gibson, three for the movie
    I like the _Mad Max_ series, but I think the two sequels are better movies than this one.

    It's not that it's _bad_. It's just that it consists mostly of an hour and a half of atmosphere. Another film would have had this entire plot take place in the first half-hour and gone on from there.

    The idea -- a postapocalyptic mood piece set in the Australian Outback -- is wonderful, and naturally enough the scenery is gorgeous. And considering the shoestring the movie must have been made on, it's very good. It's just not much fun to watch twice, because it takes so bleedin' long for anything to _happen_.

    The best thing about it is the young Mel Gibson, who perfected the likeable-handsome-lug persona a generation ahead of George Clooney and who plays Max with just the right combination of rogueish charm and leonine ferocity. When he finally _does_ go 'mad', his puckish humor evaporates and he burns like a slow and deadly fire.

    The rest of the cast does well too -- and having previously owned this film on VHS, I'm glad that the DVD special edition includes the original voices. The thick Strine may be a little hard for U.S. audiences to follow at first, but once you pick up the wavelength you won't have any trouble. (Besides, the old U.S. dubbed version is available as an option.)

    Anyway, as a longtime SF geek and an avid devourer of postapocalytpic films and novels, I really like the atmosphere and the concept of this movie. I just have a hard time watching it too many times close together. For that, I prefer the two sequels.

    But this one is still worth watching, and owning, for the story it tells -- the mythical tale of the birth of one of modern cinematography's great heroes/antiheroes....more info

  • Action Packed
    This is Mel Gibson's first starring movie role and he took the world by storm. This movie was a perfect vehicle to launch Mel's career. It gave him a chance to play the hansome hero with a full range of emotions (which he pulls off quite well). If it weren't for Gibson this movie wouldn't be anywhere near as good. Sure you get some good supporting actors, but lets face it. This movie is about Max, and Max has to carry the story.
    This is a low budget but excellent movie.There is certain scenes in this movie which you play over and over,like the scene when Max saw his black car.The crash at the start of the movie is awsome.I hate it when his wife and kid gets killed,but when he goes after the bikes and kills them,it realy gets to you.While Mad Max 2 is my personal favorite of the 3 movies,this is a close second....more info
  • Great Movie!!!
    Ive always loved the mad max movies and the special edition one is a great movie has extras and everything!!...more info
  • The Best Post-Nuclear, Action Film Ever to Hit!
    Mel Gibson is so young looking in this film, and so handsome! Wow this film is so full of action and even on a low budget you can't beat Mad Max!


    The film is about Austraila in the outback perhaps. It's in the Post-Nuclear future, a town is being threatened by a ruthless bicker gang lead by the infamous Toecutter. It's up to what's left of the police to stop them!

    Our hero Max Rockatansky (Played brilliently by Mel Gibson), pursues the Nightrider, a member of Toecutter's gang, on a high speed chase. When Nightcutter dies, the outraged Toecutter plans his revenge on Max and the entire police elite. He starts off by picking off Jim Goose, a fellow officer and friend of Max's. Johnny, a young lacky of Toecutter's, sets a trap for Jim. Jim gets very wounded when they set him on fire. Max visits Jim in the hospital and is angered and horrified at what the evil biker gang has done to his friend. Max then does the wrong thing by resigning from the force and decides to spend some time with his wife and young son where the bikers are nowhere to be found.

    But no, that doesn't stop Toecutter from wanting revenge, it wasn't enough to burn Jim, he had to pick on Max too! But this time he does something almost worst then the last time. This time these victims were innocent. He runs down Max's wife and infent son, and kills his son while his wife suffers massive injuries to her internal organs and has to have both of her legs and arms amputated. God hasn't Max suffered enough already?!

    Now Max is clearly pissed off and gets out his police uniform and starts his vengence spree.


    This is a very good low budget movie. I love the hair styles, enough though it was made in the late 70s, the hairstyles looked 80s. Cool. If you want to see a very young Mel Gibson, then buy this movie or rent it! Mad Max is so awsome!

    ...more info
  • Mad Frikkin' Max
    Did you know tht Mel Gibson was born in New York? True story....more info
  • Classic!
    This is just about my favorite movie and has been for some time. It's the classic tale of vengance to a bunch of people who were quite deserving of the medicine they got!

    I do agree - the english dubbing didn't help this movie at all, the aussie version's so much better.

    ...more info
  • That Car, That Beautiful Car!
    MAD MAX is one of my favorite Mel Gibson movies. He's just a kid, but he comes across as genuine and ultimately vengeful. Max is a member of a black leather-clad police force in an unspecified future. He's an "interceptor", and a good one. When his partner is burned alive by a gang of insane bikers (led by the notorious "Toecutter"), Max quits the force. When his wife and child are murdered by the same gang, Max leaves his own sanity behind and becomes a killing machine, bent only on revenge. He hunts down the "Glory Riders", slaughtering them in a suped-up, black monster car, complete with a towering V8 and nitrous injection! MAD MAX deserves it's place in movie history. George Miller re-invented the high-speed chase scene. I recommend that you get a copy right this bloody minute......more info
  • Awesome Post-Apocalyptic Setting!
    At this point Mad Max is simply a post apocalyptic classic film. While some people may not enjoy the movie through and through, I don't think that statement is very much contested. Don't get me wrong, it's a fairly old film from today's perspective and its filming style shows that. I think in perspective this movie was pretty on point for what people were thinking about at that time. I mean when you think about it, the Cold War was still going strong and each country was trying to out power the other in terms of military might. So the greatest concern at that time was a nuclear war and "Mad Max's" setting takes place shortly after such a catastrophic event.

    It's pretty interesting to watch because it gives a pretty interesting "what if" scenario if technology and development stopped in the late 1970's. So you never had the internet boom and the age of the computer in the 90's. It's kind of cool when you try to picture this scenario. The places it's most apparently are in the hospital and the kinds of cars they are using. Despite this downfall it seems like everyone has custom vehicles and most are designed with a sports car in mind. In the hospital scenes it reminds me of the film version of "Johnny Got His Gun" because the hospital areas just seemed too archaic by today's standards.

    In Mad Max the world is still trying to hold on to the small vestiges of society that it can. Lawlessness is at a whole new level and it seems that the court systems run amok similar to our current ones. Basically the main premise for the film is that Mel Gibson plays a cop named Max who is effectively terrorized by a biker gang indirectly at first, but then very directly as the movie moves on. The gang has this bizarre spiritually violent ethos, where the main member Nightrider was a key messenger of this philosophy... or at least that's how I'm interpreting his role. The police sort of have a hand in this man's death so another member of the gang, Toecutter, comes after them. Nightrider's death is what sparks the turmoil and brings the gang into town to wreak their havoc.

    It's really kind of a tragic tale when you think of it as a whole, but that's kind of the point. Max is a tragic character that gets pushed to the absolute extreme on every end. However, I think during this film they didn't truly know what direction they wanted to bring Mel's character and I feel that direction was finally found in "The Road Warrior." However, "Mad Max" is still fairly essential in order to get into Max's background and why he is so angry. There is a slight discontinuity between the two films though, because at the end of this one he still has contact with some semblance of civilization and in "Road Warrior" it's all wastelands.

    While "Mad Max" can seem a bit dry at times because it's mostly cars racing around on highways, it does set the stage for a very influential film (I feel at least) in the future. While authors were setting the stage for post apocalyptic worlds, "Mad Max" set the stage for a lawless and harsh reality, unlike "1984" where the war pushed society to much stricter controls. I think this is the type of movie people should at least see once, at the very least for nostalgic purposes, because it does not have nearly the same re-watch value as the sequel....more info
  • All time favourite
    I remember sneaking into the Forum Theatre in Melbourne as a kid to see this gem (R rated). It is still as good today on the big plasma as back then. The boys come over and watch it every AFL Grand Final day. Glad to see they released this in the States with the original soundtrack. You will be amused to know we in Australia specially purchased your old version to see how it was dubbed. Pretty funny stuff seeing as Mel has a bit of an American accent in the film anyway. Love how it is all shot around where we live in Melbourne. If you liked this, check out Odd Angry Shot, another film not to be missed...more info
  • The first and mythic act of a cult
    The first film of the Mad Max trilogy is not a great film at all. But it is the birth certificate of a cult character, Mad Max himself. A simple film about crazy bikers on Australian roads where they think they can do what they want. Against them a special unit of cops who are supposed to chase them and get them off the road. It is then a real war between the two clans, the hooligans and the law. Till one day Max decides to retire and go away with his wife and child to some peaceful country ranch. But if you don't chase the bikers, the bikers will come chasing you, and that's exactly what happens. The bikers come chasing after Max's wife and child who they manage to kidnap. The characters are obnoxious, so true that they seem real, cruel but not to make anyone suffer, just because it is some kind of entertainment in their idle boredom doing nothing at all and living on the local population they ransack and exploit. In such a situation no reason exists and the powerless must die. Then the ex-cop quits his quitted situation and un-quits his own idleness and goes back into the profession and starts chasing the bikers to death. And he will just do that, one after the other and in spite of crippling wounds. We touch there the fundamental myth of these films: the hero is necessarily a re-incarnation of the savior of the world who is able to survive any mishap and even resurrect if necessary. The interest of the film is the simplicity of the argument: these primitive people who might even not have a mind of their own are playing tick-tack-toe with the lives of the others and the crazy madman will necessarily have the final advantage and will get the last eye and the last tooth. This film shows how simple life is for these people who only think with their death instinct and feel with their desire to kill. The whole world is the color of blood and hatred.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine & University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne
    ...more info
  • Good revenge-type movie
    If you did not know it starred a very young Mel Gibson, you would have never believed that it was really him. This movie was a really good revenge movie. The only problem I had with it was trying to make out what was being said. It is done in "Australian language" and, though it is basically English, the accents of most except for Mel Gibson's character are so strong that you really have to over-listen to try and figure out what is being said. Other than that, the movie was a good movie and the crash scenes were fantastic for the era in which it was made. I only wish I could have understood what everyone was saying without straining in order to get even half of the dialogue. But, it is a movie well worth viewing....more info
  • Rockatansky!!
    Excellent to watch with the original Australian audio track and with the road rants trivia. Now, where's the "Humongous" edition of The Road Warrior? This movie needs a serious DVD Special Edition!!...more info
  • "Mad Max" stays to this day a striking, desolate, and memorable piece of cinema...
    In spite of the fact that the 1981 film The Road Warrior--the second influential cinematic work of writer/director George Miller's Dystopian vision of the near future trilogy--leads to receive the anti-hero Max, released two years earlier, is where it all started... For it was here that Miller first brought to the screen his hellish vision, where civil society is under siege by crime and disorder, with the strength and charisma of a new young, tough, good looking actor by the name of Mel Gibson...

    Gibson was just 23 years old when he took the role of Max Rockatansky--a young hotshot cop so emotionally wounded--and was such an unknown star that when the film was hitting the screens in the States, the preview trailers didn't even mentioned him but instead focused on the movie's coolest and most original car action ever filmed... In retrospect, of course, Gibson's portrayal of a relentless vigilante is an essential element of the picture...

    In the Australian outback, Rockatansky is a motorcycle cop trying to keep order in a quickly disintegrating society... Vicious lawless bikers and road-raging psychopaths race up and down the forbidden territories, raping and pillaging the peaceful towns, and one such bunch ends up at the door of Max's wife (Joanne Samuel), and their 2-year old son... When they are both lying dead in middle of the road, Max is all driven over the edge, and so starts a high-speed pursuit involving wild rides, chilling fights, and memorable fast-motion suspenseful scenes rarely equaled in cinema...

    ...more info
  • Mad Max
    Enjoyed the movie, I can see why it gave Mel Gibson's career a boost...more info
  • The Saga Begins...
    ... and I don't just mean the Mad Max saga but the Mel Gibson story. I'd heard this movie got Mel Gibson noticed among the big players - seeing it today made me believe it.

    The movie begins with a car chase, with some really gutsy destruction sequences, somewhere amongst which, Gibson makes his entry as an "Interceptor", a cop from the near future - where this story is based - trying to make order in this "Anarchie" (no kidding! that's the name of the Ln mentioned in the first few shots of the film!). The government is pretty much non-existent in this futuristic flick, and gangs of roadies have taken up terrorizing and literally ruling the outlands.

    Max, along with his partner - Office Jim Goose, takes his work seriously, and intends to clean the scrounge of the town, before his partner becomes a casualty of the war. Max suddeny is afraid for his family, and realizes he's not ready to take this war to its bitter end, and decides to take a break from his cop-career.

    What follows is an eerie rendition, out on the Australian outback, of the origins of the character of Mad Max, before it got the adjective Mad; with some really slick editing and heart-pumping action. The chase sequences are simply great and the lack of dialogues makes it that much more watchable. Not much to speak - if you're into killing amd ambushing for a living.

    This movie is the first of the trilogy of Mad Max, and is a good one at that. You get to see where Gibson learnt the conviction and grittyness that has since marked so many of his roles, notably Lethal Weapon, Conspiracy Theory, and The Patriot.

    Must see - for Gibson and Mad Max fans!...more info
  • Blah
    I thought this movie was boring and it didn't let you get to know any of the characters. The only good thing in this movie is a young, cute Mel Gibson....more info
    Amazon did a great job on getting me the dvd that I purchased recently. It was very easy to order, pay, and receive my item making me a very happy customer....more info
    I received this movie very fast and in great condition! Thank you!...more info
  • Mad Max special edition
    This is the ultimate action movie and still after more than 20 years I really enjoy watching the film again. Max has to fight crazy motorbikers with his supercharger V8 car in the futuristic landscape. He give no mercy to the bad boys after they have killed of his family....more info
  • The beginning of the end...
    This movie sets up the stage for what is to later become Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. If you're a fan of The Road Warrior then You owe it to yourself to see the original Max Rockatansky before he became a shell of a man. Officer Rockatansky was a great cop, husband and father in a time when morals and quality of life were on the decline.

    Some reviewers have mentioned this movie was not so "Post Apocalyptic" or high tech. I must remind you this story is set before "the world went to war", you have to pay attention to really appreciate this movie, if you do, you'll notice the Main Force (police) has only 5 or 6 cars for a whole county, a police station with giant holes on the roof, and gangs of men who have realized there is more gain by going out on the roads/towns and pillaging than in searching for non-available jobs. This is, quite simply, the beginning of the end.

    I gave this one 5 Stars as this DVD has changed the way I judge other movies on DVD. The remastering process was done so well, it looks like a movie filmed in the 90's! It actually looks better/newer than my Batman and Matrix DVD's. Lots of trivia too. Something else you should know is that this movie was put together with a budget of $200k odd US dollars, volunteer riders and many rookie actors, and it still managed to become an inspiring cult classic. This was a great low budget film brought to life by the talented George Miller/Byron Kennedy team.

    Watch this movie along with it's sequel The Road Warrior and you will not be disapointed, you may skip "Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome" because by the time this movie was made, Byron Kennedy, the producer to whom its dedicated, had died and Hollywood's save the -lil' childrens- big budget hype ruined the rest.

    The intro to The Road Warrior best explains why this DVD is a must see...

    "To understand who he was, you have to go back to another time."...more info

  • Better Than Ever!
    Mad Max Special Edition is great!!! Not only does it contain the actual aussy voices from the cast (Not American Overdub Like The Original), the second DVD offers the making of Mad Max and the history of Mel Gibson and his acting career. Mad Max was always a cult classic, on DVD it's a new experience.

    Thomas...more info
  • A trend-setter
    Mad Max is a interesting little piece of movie history. While the script isn't all that compelling and the movie itself is obviously in the low budget arena Mad Max still stands out. Why? Because the movie for one doesn't try to be more than what it is. It's about fast moving vehicles and the heroes/villians who ride them. Move just a step above that and you get character development from both sides. Not much beyond that, but again the movie doesn't pretend to have more.

    This is Mel Gibson's first starring movie role and he took the world by storm. This movie was a perfect vehicle to launch Mel's career. It gave him a chance to play the hansome hero with a full range of emotions (which he pulls off quite well). If it weren't for Gibson this movie wouldn't be anywhere near as good. Sure you get some good supporting actors, but lets face it. This movie is about Max, and Max has to carry the story.

    The supporting cast for Mel isn't just the actors, but the vehicles as well. The police in this destopic future ride in fast interceptor cars. The bad guys are a nomad bike gang riding in various motor bikes. Max gets a really sweet car that becomes his trademark in not just this movie but the sequel as well. The cars definitely have character and the way they are filmed shows it. The chase scenes are fast and furious. No speeding up the cameras to make it look fast here. This is the sort of excitement the movie excels at.

    My only complaint is that Mad Max ends up just being a series of events that happen one after the other. The tie ins are sparse and the script is weak because of it. Then again this isn't Gone with the Wind. Still I have to at least mention it.

    This DVD is a must have for any MM fans. Not only do you get the American released english version, but you also get the original Australian dub. Of the two the original comes out on top. Not because the "American" dub is bad. It's actually pretty good in the sense that the voice actors did a good job of it. The problem is the American version was done in mono and you don't get nearly as much environmental sounds and background noises as you do in the original. Also the Aussie dub is in stereo, which beats out mono anyday.

    The DVD also comes with a couple featurettes that really hit home for the fans. One is more about Gibson and one is more about the movie. Both are very informative documentaries. I think even longstanding fans of Mad Max would find some new info in these.

    To be honest Mad Max is not for everyone. If you demand blockbuster budget Hollywood style movies this isn't it. If you demand high art or deep stories you won't get it here either. However if you can get into a low budget movie that did one heck of a job in the car chasing department or are a fan of Mel Gibson then this is the movie for you. ...more info
  • hreat dvd with wonderful extras!
    wide screen dvd is just amazing and the low price dvd comes with a lot of extras..well worth it.

    ...more info
  • All time classic
    A rookie director, a dirt poor budget, and a no name cast didn't stop Mad Max from becoming one of the most revered action films of all time. A pre fame Mel Gibson stars as cop Max Rockatansky in a post-apocalyptic future where he, his buddy partner, and his wife and child, try to maintain a sense of civilization while ruthless biker gangs rule the road. When his family is slaughtered, Max goes over the edge, and the movie manages to get better and better. MGM has thankfully released Mad Max the way it was meant to be seen on DVD, with the original Australian language track restored in place of the dubbed American accents that were infamously incorporated into the film for years on home video and television. The stunt work of the film is a definite highlight, as is the young Gibson's performance as the hell bent for vengeance Max. Two sequels would follow, the first of which entitled The Road Warrior, managed to surpass this film and remains what many consider the greatest action movie ever made....more info
  • Fantastic plot, good acting, amazing stunts, constuming, and vehicles
    For those NaySayers that give this movie anything less than 4 stars, are you off your rocker? This movie was put together for $100,000, by ametuer actors and directors. It grossed $100 million worldwide in the last 30 years. It did this with few special effects, no computer graphics, no high paid superstar actors... It did it with a compelling plot, convincing acting, great character development, we can identify with the characters and their motivations, awesome vehicles, car chases (some of the best ever on the big screen) and stunts and it scores and A for creativity, especially the ending! Just thinking about it there are at least a few of the most amazing car chases ever, only to be outdone by RW. Aside from its sequel, The Road Warrior (which I would give 6 stars if possible), it's difficult to think of better post apocolypic or car chase movies that also have good acting and a real plot and character development. Can you even think of a cooler car than Max's V8? The other yellow and blue police cars are also so sweet.
    As for this one and RW, they were copied countless times which is impressive to say the least. For the movies weaknesses: RW avoided "dating" itself by disguising the cars and clothing so it couldn't be pinned on any specific date whereas Mad Max falls into the trap of appearing to take place in the 70's due to the clothing and autos and bikes. Some have complained about the dubbing. I have both versions, which are on this DVD, and actually prefer the American version over the Australian version. Either is fine though, honestly. Some say the movie is slow. In rebuttal, the slowness occurs in the middle and is character development, showing the bond between Max and his wife before she is murdered, to further explain why he goes after the biker gang to extract revenge and also to help the viewer like Jessie as a charater. If you took that out the viewer wouldn't be able to identify with the young mom, his love for her, and her brutal murder wouldn't be as powerful. I think the film wouldn't be as solid if you took that part out. Others have complained that the 'post apocolypic' world isn't nearly barren enough. To rebut that, it's very realistic and hints at the gradual downfall of man. We're witnesses the progression. Maybe some bombs have fallen somewhere else, maybe not. It's never explained but it's clear that there is alot of chaos. The fact that the viewer has to "think" for a moment, rather than being spoonfed exactly what happened, it an asset to this movie. The movie leaves it open to your imagination to tie it with the current world. Maybe it's nukes elsewhere, maybe oil shocks have tightened the grip of oil and has ruined the economy, maybe it's a global war not directly affecting this region and most able bodied men have enlisted, maybe it's biological weapons elsewhere... we just don't know, nor is it important to the storyline. Things are just really bad and society has decayed and that's all that's important. Civilization is in the process of decay. There are few cops left (presumably they've been killed or quit and not replaced, or left to fight a war and Max stayed because of his family), the highways are dangerous and overrun with gangs most people stay off the roads, the police station is in ruins and a state of disarray inside, etc. As for the viewer that said this movie was pointless, I don't understand his comment... This movie has as much "point" as any other movie. It's entertaining and thought provoking. And, unlike so many others, it's got a good plot, good acting, and phenominal stunts and car chases. An all time great made 30 years ago. ...more info
  • This DVD ain't bad
    Yeah, I'm gonna post here to contrast what others have said. This dvd does include the original Aussie soundtrack, the first time Americans have ever seen this version in the history of the film. Pretty impressive. It is much better than the dubbed version. The special features are so-so, not a whole lot to rave about. The print is clean, it looks great with the widescreen, and the original audio is a definite plus. This is certainly a worthy purchase for being only ten dollars. ...more info
  • More a first draft than a real classic
    It's not altogether surprising that Mad Max got such short shrift when it came out Stateside with an unfortunate dubbing job to eliminate the `Strine accents so American International could pretend it was an American film (Mel Gibson suffered perhaps a worse indignity with his screen credit moved to last position, just before the lab credit on the trailers). Much of what people remember and love about Max is delivered in the sequel rather than this first outing. Indeed, at times it feels more like a blueprint than a proper movie and Gibson barely registers in the surprisingly little screen time he has - the villains, who all seem to be doing either premature Danny Huston impersonations or somewhat more timely German New Romantic turns make much more of an impression. Not only do huge sections of the film keep him offscreen, but he makes little impact in his underwritten role when he is on. In many ways, this is just a first low-budget draft of Max's world - civilization hasn't entirely crumbled yet and the precious juice is still flowing even if parts are getting hard to find. Still, the car stunts are good, if somewhat thin on the ground, but this is one case where the sequels are definitely better.

    MGM/UA's special edition offers reasonable extras, but they are limited by the non-involvement of George Miller and Mel Gibson and the unavailability of any archive footage. The making of featurette and audio commentary from crew members are the best of the bunch while the Gibson featurette tends to be too much of a puff piece. Despite being listed as the Australian trailer, the theatrical trailer and the accompanying TV spots are all from the US release. Thankfully the original Australian soundtrack to the feature is included on this disc. ...more info
  • Original Australian Language Track!
    Mel Gibson was originally dubbed over, as mostly all the other actors where also, to create an "English Language" soundtrack version of Mad Max for its worldwide distribution. Thus pre-DVD the only way to hear Mel's original voice (the one he had when he turned up with bandages across his face with blood under the patches and the casting agents knew they had found Mad Max, an outback young lad with some good looks and a penchant for licking out of the bottle all day long) was to get the Australian version of the film on video tape. Now on "Special Edition!! (Check to make sure this review is for that version as Amazon sometimes changes products and moves reviews!)" DVD you can hear Mad Max the way it was meant to sound - 1 track Australian mono audio - but to be honest why brother with any 5:1 digital upgrade or a 2:1 English track?... unless you can't understand the original audio, in which case just turn to the subtitles.

    1979 Mad Max made its break onto the scene for one reason and one reason alone - the dawn of "Ultraviolence", Mad Max was instantly slapped with an X rating in Europe and was heavily criticised for being bloody graphic and too obscene for most viewers, George Miller had in fact delivered on very little blood on the screen, creating instead intensive bullying and quick flash cuts, probably dummies going under trucks or the jump cut subliminal frames of eyes jumping out of their sockets before a crash, people had never seen this kind of violence on the screen before, George Miller having himself already produced a violent twenty minute test film "Violence in Cinema Pt 1" (1971), knew there was a market for this thing, and there was, Mad Max produced several memorable posters for the first movie, each one either a cartoon or a still of anything other than Mad Max, the artwork always seemed to make people believe they where walking in on some sort of high budget Australian sci-fi violent action film, when in fact they where just viewing a bunch of guys with a 35mm camera, sticky tape and no fear of the brand new superbikes that could do 200 mph on the back roads of Oz. Peter Jackson obviously watched re-runs of this while making his Bad Taste. Low budget film makers know that Mad Max is probably just as important as Evil Dead that came out two years after it, in terms of how to make a low budget film that works. Just look at Mad Max, no one had two coins to rub together, yet they have a movie that spawned no less than two sequels and made an A-list Hollywood actor out of the lead, that is not bad going at all.

    The result is a very mish-mash of acting inabilities, poorly directed non-violent stuff, wonderful atmosphere, nice amateur camerawork, film speed ups to create the illusion of faster motion, that mostly actually work, but it is long and drawn out, taking well over an hour for Max Rockatanski to loose some loved ones, going after the "Toecutter" a biker and his crew for a bit of road rage and revenge, this is the first film in which children are murdered (all suggestive; like a ball and shoe rolling down the road) because of bad driving, people visibly go under trucks and some `burnings alive' but nothing that is graphic (the most graphic scene being a severed hand hanging from a chain) it was the illusion of manic bikers going psycho on the streets that was so easy for everybody at the end of the 1970s and start of the 1980s to believe, so naturally they bought into all the stuff because aristocratic systems had man blaming each other for their own problems and not bad management of government, the "Halls of Justice" scenes in which arrested druggie bikers who kill are set free because of a technicality, all of this to people was very real at the time, a real fear, then suddenly a victim hero emerges from the rubble to clean up the mess himself, Mad Max is a bit of a defining moment in the genre, generated a better sequel in terms of budget and action, but this original is still very much the more important offering because of what it is. The Original Ultraviolent Action Film that Played on people's Belief's Systems of What a Criminal Was. It was as good then as say making a film about Mid-Eastern terrorists going on a rampage across America <--- take note all you budding young film makers....more info
  • A Classic
    Mad Max is one of the best post-apocolyptic films of all time, exceeded only by a few films, including it's own sequel (The Road Warrior or Mad Max 2, depending on where you're from). Full of great stunts and plenty of action, this film influences to this day. This vesion includes a few extras which you will enjoy if you are a fan of the series....more info
  • Break on Through to the Other Side.
    In the dystopian world of the future as seen through MAD MAX, the tough and crazy world we live in has become a lot rougher. Bandit gangs of motorcycle riders rule the roadways. They claim that anarchy and bedlam are the way to go. They steal cars, run over people, and rape women. The only thing stopping them from completely having their way is the Main Force Patrol (MFP), the last embodiment of law and order in the land. Driving vehicles full of swift and speed the MFP is the last line of defense in a world gone mad. The best member of the MFP is one Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) a cool officer with nerves of steel, a heart of gold, and a jewel of a sense of humor. Max succeeds in killing more thugs and bringing in more criminals than anyone else on the patrol. But even Max has his limits. After the death of a notorious criminal known as the Nightrider (Vincent Gil), his second-in-command takes over, Toecutter (Hugh Keays-Byrne) and vows revenge. First they kill Max's partner and then they come for Max but kill his family instead. That puts Max over the edge and he doesn't just get even, he gets mad. At the end he drives away in his Interceptor and the legend of the Road Warrior begins.

    MAD MAX will always be known as the film that made Mel Gibson an international star. Until THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT it was also known as the motion picture with the highest cost-to-profit ration: the movie was made for less than $400,000 and earned well over $100 million. The shoe-string budget was even throughout the filming. For instance many of the cars used as police interceptors were constantly repainted for different scenes to pass as other cars and the blue van that is smashed in the opening car chase was writer and director George Miller's personal vehicle.

    The style of MAD MAX feels like BLADE RUNNER, but without all the cool gadgets. The world has fallen apart and each man must defend his own, but it's never explained why things are the way they are. Outside communication with the rest of the world has been completely cut off and though there are pockets of happiness to be discovered, one has to brave the roads and the roads are a dangerous and many times lethal place.

    The acting in MAD MAX isn't anything extraordinary, but it doesn't have to be. The movie has a solid script with several impressive car chases. The cheap budget helped grand the film in the bleak atmosphere it is portraying and gives it a grainy quality that is lacking in the other Mad Max films.

    I enjoyed MAD MAX and was quite impressed by how much the filmmakers were able to accomplish with so little. I think that ROAD WARRIOR (aka MAD MAX 2) is a better movie, but MAD MAX isn't a film to be messed with either....more info
  • Best of the trilogy
    The First was the Best..Simple story.. Violent .. but the ending could of been improved with a nice revenge (finished too quick) The 2nd one was dead slow but Not too bad and the third was kiddy violent.....more info
    It is a great movie. Just about the best of it's kind ever mind. Has bravura performances (yeah Gibson's great acting in it but how about some kudos for the nice looking chick playing his wife in this movie----Joanne Samuel), believable futuristic sets, plenty of action, magnificent score, memorable dialogue. It tries hard to be more than just a movie and it suceeds admirably. But now two problems with this honestly magnificent film (maybe minor problems---maybe!). One. The film looks it's made mostly for 15 year olds. I swear. It'a alot of action and emotion (too much at times) and some more story woulda really been nice in parts. Learning more about, say, Max and Jesse's marriage. Also, how civilization fell. Two. The story itelf is uneven. After the gangmember, The Knight Rider, is killed while Max (Gibson) is pursuing he (Max) is told the man's gang is out to get him. Ok. So when Max later meets up with all of them hoods it's because the gang is after him for killing the Knight Rider, right? Wrong! It's Max that is after them for incidentally (to the KnightRider's cause) killing Max's child and wife, both of whom the gang coincidentally met up with while the family of Max (and Max too) were faraway on a vacation! What happened to the gang's original plan to get Max for killing their leader? And talk about your chance meetings and it's a small world after all. These and other uneven bits (some concerning characters, like a hood called Johnny the boy) abound. Like I said story is uneven....more info
  • Man Stripped Down.
    To his feral state. Yes, I'm aware of the feral child character in Road Warrior but in Mad Max we see the beginning of this imagined society's serious decline. It's rather humorous that a film that seems so low budget to us today can be as entertaining and riveting as this one is. Watching this now, for the fourth or fifth time, I have to say that this very young Mel Gibson, did he not already possess a legitimate level of talent, would not have been so believable in this role due to his physical appearance. His polish and chiseled features really don't fit in amid the band of miscreants that is the cast, but we soon forget our initial impressions due to his performance. The people in Mad Max are far closer to man's actual state than most of us care to admit. The audience can completely relate to Max's reaction at the end of the film and we cheer for him and long to press our feet even more heavily upon the accelerator. ...more info
  • Mad Mel Max Gibson
    This movie is simply Meltastic and if you like Mr. Gibson at all...YOU MUST OWN THIS MOVIE!!!

    ...more info
  • mad max
    i think it's the best film ever! YOU WONT REGRET BUYING THIS!!...more info
  • Brutal and compelling
    Max Max is an ugly, bare knuckle movie that shuns sentimentality and explanation. Set in a dystopian future (not really post apocalyptic as many reviews claim - there is no evidence of a humanitarian crisis preceding the action), it features a wild and desolate Australian outback with feral kill hungry violent gangs of motorcycles taking on a quirky, underfunded police force. Max, played by Mel Gibson, is an old fashioned road to calvary type hero. A police officer who becomes disillusioned after the savage burning of one of his colleagues, he quits, but finds the gang have not left him. In horrific scenes, the gang hunts down his family, and Gibson returns to extract revenge, a necessarily determined and scarred loner.

    Max Max does not stretch out into many dimensions, but it contains a raw savage power and exposes something of the nub of the innate violence at the heart of man. A good one to watch in the line of movies that expose the raw seam below the surface of our civilization. ...more info
  • The first the better !
    A true action movie with Mel Gibson as " vigilante " after the death of his wife and son by mad bikers : truly a masterpiece ! ...more info
  • Good adventure/revenge story
    This is a strong, exciting story, built from lots of great parts. There's Australia itself: hot, sun-baked, and barely tolerant of the people crawling through it. There's the background situation: almost post-apocalyptic, society hasn't broken down all the way, but it's getting there fast. There's Mel: a good cop in a place where that means being the law more than upholding what's left of it. Then there's the story: biker gang tries to intimidate Mel through his loved ones, but that just makes him angry.

    It's a bit formulaic, but it's a good formula and executed very well.

    But I have to keep asking myself - was Mel Gibson ever really that young?

    //wiredweird...more info
  • Worthwhile cult flick, albeit dated and aloof
    "Mad Max" is the first of a trilogy, followed by "The Road Warrior" (1981) and "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" (1985). Very few people in the States saw "Mad Max" when it was released in 1979 because it only had a limited run here. Most Americans were introduced to the dystopian world of Mad Max with the release of "The Road Warrior" a couple years later.

    THE STORY: Ambiguously set in the near future after some sort of Apocalypse or social-economic breakdown, "Mad Max" focuses on the desolate regions of Australia wherein the police force, called The Bronze, try to protect what remains of society from a wild outlaw bike gang.

    "Mad Max" is perhaps the definitive cult film -- it's weird, raw, primal, ugly, low-budget and shuns explanation. Star Mel Gibson was a complete unknown at this point.


    -- Director George Miller is imaginative with his unusual use of camera angles. I usually don't take note of such things so it has to be exceptional for me to notice.
    -- The costuming and locations are great, shot in the desolate areas of Victoria, Australia, including along the ocean shore.
    -- Although a bit cartooney, the filmmakers and actors successfully capture the utterly wild, looney and lawless nature of the bike gang, sort of reminiscent of, say, "A Clockwork Orange" (1971) and "The Warriors (1979).
    -- The girls are fetching in a girl-next-door type of way.
    -- The scene where a mother and child are run over by the outlaw bikers is creative and memorable.


    -- The film has a really dated, low-budget vibe, especially the horrible score. One might argue that this is natural since it's from the late 70s, but that's not what I'm talking about. A film can obviously be from a certain period without being dated in the negative sense. Take, for instance, "The Exorcist" (1973), "Jaws" (1975), "Suspiria" (1977), "Apocalypse Now" (1979) and "The Warriors," they're all plainly from that 70s era but they also transcend it. They're timeless films, pure and simple. Not so with "Mad Max."
    -- My main problem with the film is its aloof air. As noted above, the story shuns explanation -- which is great -- but it does it at the expense of truly captivating the audience. The film's only 95 minutes long but I always have a hard time sitting through it; the story is good but it's presented in such a way that it fails to truly pull the viewer in.
    -- The vibe is often too over-the-top cartooney; I would have preferred a more realistic air. It's too obvious the filmmakers were shooting for an Australian "A Clockwork Orange."

    This is not a negative point to me but it may be to some viewers -- there's not nearly as much action as rumored; there are many long, dramatic parts. In addition, what action is there is good but it's no more spectacular than pretty much any other 70's road/car flick or TV series.

    BOTTOM LINE: "Mad Max" is definitely worthwhile since it's the beginning of the popular trilogy and a definitive cult film, not to mention one of Mel Gibson's earliest performances. But, despite the many positives, don't expect to be blown away. It's decent but low-budget fare with a dated, aloof vibe.

    PERSONAL GRADE: C+ ...more info
    Truly the best MEL GIBSON movie, MEL was only 24 when he made this movie.
    Australian born MEL GIBSON hits the big screen in his first full length movie.
    He plays a cop that loses is family to a biker gang and he's out for revenge.
    Before Lethal Weapon & Passion of the Christ there was MAD MAX!!
    I rate this movie a 9 from 1to10!!
    ...more info
  • "I am the Night Rider"
    Yeah you heard me. I am the Night Rider. Mad Max is a brilliant movie of a post apolytic cop who is driven mad, especially when he seeks revenge on Toe Cutter and his Glory Riders. They get his best friend, his wife, and his sanity.
    Gibson is brilliant as Max, you girls will love the leather pants. And if you think its wacky, remember this is Australia, mate. ***** ...more info
  • Mel Gibson + tight leather trousers = HELLO!!!
    Who wouldn't watch a movie that had Mel Gibson wearing obscenely tight leather trousers, and looking scarily young?

    Before The Passion was brought to the attention of film buffs, and the press, there was Lethal Weapon. And before that, Mel Gibson made his name in the Mad Max movies.

    There's nothing on the DVD I got for my birthday, not even a trailer. And I hate watching DVDs with no trailers. I'm fussy me. So I wasn't sure what to expect, or what the film was exactly about. All I knew was that my mum couldn't wait to watch it, and was drooling (along with me) when Mel Gibson appeared shirtless.

    Before the amount of money that was spent in the car chase along a freeway in Matrix Reloaded, there was this. A simple, but still effective car chase, which introduces you very briefly to Max. I don't see the point in spending loads of money, when all you need is a bunch of cars that can be trashed, and a camera.

    Then you get to see that Max has a pretty young wife and a young child. You can almost see how the rest of the movie pans out after that. It's pretty obvious, he's not mad until something really traumatic happens. I was expecting the whole growling, throwing stuff, but instead, he seemed relatively calm - except for the sweat on his face.

    It's NOT obvious that this movie could get another two sequels out of it. Maybe one sequel, but two? And the latter featuring Tina Turner of all people. And there's rumoured to be a fourth, along with a fourth Die Hard, and god knows what else. Something tells me Mel Gibson won't fit into those trousers!

    If you think this is going to be a movie based on revenge, you're wrong. The revenge part doesn't start until about half an hour before the end.

    It will be interesting to see the sequels. To be honest, this film did nothing for me - unless you count the tight trousers! Very easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean....more info

  • Sparse brilliance
    Some of our film loves don't leave us and this is just as captivating as when I first saw it as a pup. That sparse, stunning cinematography and that beautiful, luminous outback light. I get homesick just watching it and I live on the same continent. Nah, you don't NEED to suck on the Hollywood nipple. This is a bloody great film....more info
  • Before Mel Was Mel
    I remember seeing "Mad Max" in the spring of 1980. Now this was the days before multiplexes. "Mad Max" was distributed by American International Pictures, Samuel Z. Arkoff's outfit whose forte was drive-in fare i.e. Grade B action and horror films. I was seventeen at the time and the way this film was promoted was appealing to me. The TV commercials were full of car chases and fast action. When I saw the film naturally it was a real rush. It didn't disappoint in the action department and the good guys were good and the bad guys were vile. Something seemed a little off to me, though. The landscape didn't look like anything that I was familiar with in America. The speaking parts seemed a little off even though they were distinguishable American accents. One of actresses in a minor role, Sheila Florence(May) was familiar to me from a popular Australian women's prison soap-opera from that time,"Prisoners of Cell-Block H". Never mind. If this film was reviewed at all it was generally dismissed as exploitation trash. I forgot about this film completely until I read a review of it in "Time" magazine, I think it was Richard Schickel, a couple months later extolling the virtues of this high-octane action thrill-ride. The next I heard of Mel Gibson he was appearing in the highly praised "Gallipoli" this time speaking in an Australian accent. Summer of 1982, "The Road Warrior"(or "Mad Max 2" as it was known overseas) was released to better box office and critical acceptance. Home video was breaking at that time and both "Road Warrior" and it's lesser received original were released around the same time. The legend continued to grow. I watched "Mad Max" numerous times over the years and always enjoyed it but those bogus accents were always a detriment even as Mel Gibson's celebrity continued to grow. I'd watch it and try to imagine what it should sound like by inserting in my mind Mel Gibson's actual voice instead of that lame dubbed voice. Now,finally, we have the version that should have been available all along, "Mad Max" in all it's down-under glory. For those who don't remember the original "American-version" of "Mad Max" don't even bother to seek it out. I don't feel the least bit nostalgic for it. This is the "Mad Max" that should have been available all along and we can leave the old "Max" to the garbage heap....more info
  • Mad Max
    George Miller's first entry in the three part series helped boost Gibson to stardom, and showed Hollywood a thing or two about making an explosive action flick on a shoestring budget. The bleak, desolate near-future is intriguingly rendered: the world looks like a junk shop in a desert. The baddies are a dirty, gruesome lot, which only gets the audience more revved when Max goes after them in earnest. Gibson has "star" written all over him. Hyperkinetic stunts punctuate this raw, rugged actioner....more info
  • Give the master some respect for early work too...
    Come on people... If you liked the Lethal Weapon Series, you will enjoy the Mad Max Series. Remember that this film had almost no budget or high profile actors(at the time), so the point is what a great film to launch a career with. Gibson rode the tail of these movies to being one of the most sought- after action stars of the era and used it to become a force in hollywood by making films he wanted and his way with few compromises. Watch and enjoy a great actor come into his own....more info
  • Oddly enough, the worst in the trilogy.
    I'm really not sure why, but this is my least favorite in the Mad Max trilogy. It's not nearly as awesome as the Road Warrior or fun as Beyond Thunderdome. Either way, it's worth watching simply because it sets the scene for Road Warrior, one of the greatest movies of all time....more info
  • In a very close dangerous future!
    This exciting futurist thriller tells us about a wild bunch permeated and invaded by a genetic wildness, they are the equivalent to a deadly plague, they rape, and demolish everything they want without any drop of scruples.

    The script gradually will increase of violence level, a couple first, then the best friend of Max and finally in the famous sequence of the merciless attack on his wife and kid. From that moment the thirst of vengeance will assume human form. And the visual sequences of high level physical and visual violence will burn at your eyes. This movie and Straw dogs are to my mind the only two films of this genre worthy of remark through the period 1968-1979.

    An anthological film from Australia, the great launching of Mel Gibson and George Miller, that reached instantaneously a status level. This is by far, the best sequel of the future saga.
    ...more info
  • WAY better with the original Australian voices
    Would anyone have dubbed Alex from "A Clockwork Orange" just because he used a bizarre, otherwordly form of English? Or how about the childish drawl of Forrest Gump or Brando's slurred rasps in "The Godfather?" Of course not! They were integral parts of the characters, the settings, and the times of those films. So why, WHY were the distinctive, wonderful accents and slang of the Australian characters in the U.S. version of "Mad Max" dubbed over with, apparently, the voices of bland, Midwestern newscasters? Did the film's U.S. distributors think they'd fool us? That American audiences would hear Matt Lauer's voice coming out of Mel Gibson as he raced across the deserts of the Australian outback and not think, "Hey! Those 'Americans' are driving on the wrong side of the road . . . and their steering wheels are on the wrong side, too!?"

    Fortunately, this DVD resurrects the outstanding, original voices of the Australian actors and actresses, coming through, crisp and clear, in stereo, rather than the "Hercules-in-New-York"-ish mono of the American dubbing.

    If you've seen "Mad Max" before, and hated it or even just thought it was so-so, take a chance on this DVD and see it again in "Australian-English." It's an almost totally different movie. Believe me -- I didn't particularly like it the first time I saw the dubbed, U.S. version, either. If you loved it, (pardon the cliche) see it again for the first time. You'll be transported into the surreal world of Australian outback biker slang that George Miller intended. And, trust me -- Mel Gibson sounds a LOT better with his own voice than that of the mellow, sedating NPR commentator (I can only suppose) they found to dub him....more info
  • Copied but never equaled
    This is a lower budget film. The thing that makes this film memorable is that it was the first (or one of the first) movies with this theme. the thing that also makes it so good is that becides having crazy people causing violence (that guys like) it also has emotions. The feelings of rage and retaliation are understood by people watching.

    Many movies have tried to copy this film, but they failed. The main reason, I think, is because they focused on the violence part of it and forgot about writing thier films so people can agree with the feelings expressed by the main charictor.

    I think this movie is a low budget clasic....more info
  • Nine Years Wiser But Still Waiting...
    April 12, 2009 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Australian release of this film, which was later released in the US during the summer of 1980. Being nine years wiser since my original review posting to this website, I still can't understand why some one (perhaps George Miller himself) doesn't produce an uncut, definitive version of this film on DVD. However, since we're talking about a 30 year old film, personal priorities and what's happening in the world itself, perhaps there's no interest anymore in classic cult cinema. I sit here typing this message today while watching my DVD version of the film knowing that filmmakers are bound by certain rules when putting stories to film. However, one can hope and dream...can't they. Here's a hyperlink to a website that speaks to those cut scences I told about in my original 1999 posting: I'm reminded of the monologue at the beginning The Road Warrior...'my life fades, the vision dims...'...more info
    This movie is so freaking action packed, you actually are asking for a break from it and when you get your break , this movie hits you with one of those really hard to take drama scenes.

    but the action is the reason to watch this. The camera work is outstanding the way they follow the motorcycle in one scene is really a rush just watching it. It opens up with action and gives you just enough to make it a really good movie.

    One of the MANY reasons I love this movie is the hero. I watch a lot of kungfu, and this type of storyline for mel is kungfu at it's finest. He really reminded me of a guy like Jimmy Wang Yu or even one of my favorites Chen Kwan Tai(baddie from crippled avengers). Mel plays the role just as good as any of them and maybe better.

    The commentary is also listenable and a pretty good making of.
    ...more info
  • Very good action film
    "Mad Max" (1979) is a remarkable sci-fi actioner starring Mel Gibson, fresh from Sydney's National Institute of Dramatic Arts, and directed by George Miller, a film buff with film school training. Gibson plays Max Rockatansky, a loner cop patrolling a post-apocalyptic Australia. The highways have become the arena for death games between nomad bikers and cops like Max, along with his partner, Goose (Steve Bisely). Enter the Nightrider (Vince Gil), a vicious biker escaping custody. He has just stolen a car from the Main Force Patrol (MFP) headquarters. A road chase between Max and the Nightrider results in the death of the latter. Unbeknownst to Max, Nightrider's buddys come to town to seek revenge. They are headed by a demented lunatic named Toecutter (Hugh Keays-Byrne). His followers are the mysterious Bubba Zanetti, the drug-addled Johnny the Boy (Nightrider's replacement; not yet a full member), and psychopathic rapists/homosexuals Mudguts, Cundalini, Starbuck, and Diabando. Whilst seeking vengeance upon Max, they wreak much havok along the way. This includes an assault on a young couple, and the slaying of Goose. A horrified Max quits the force, and takes his wife, Jessie (Joanne Samuel), and their baby Sprog, on a much-needed vacation. Unfortunately, Jessie is almost raped by the Toecutter and his gang, but she doesn't tell Max what happened. Rather, the Toecutter gang catches up with them and viciously murders Jessie and Sprog, leaving Max with no choice but to embark on an explosive path of vengeance upon his tormentors. The biker gang is completely without empathy, except for Johnny the Boy, who became a full gang member only after reluctantly setting Goose on fire. The Toecutter is perhaps the creepiest, nastiest villain to ever grace the screen, while Bubba Zanetti epitomizes the ruthless killing-machine whose mission to destroy Max. The other bikers are no less sadistic than the Toecutter. The movie works mostly because of Gibson's performance as the damaged hero, Max. It also features great effects and remarkable stunts, and spawned an even more successful sequel, The Road Warrior (1981). Overall, a very good action film. Only quibble: actors' voices were re-dubbed with American voices, out of fear that audiences wouldn't comprehend the Australians' accent. ...more info
  • A classic.
    Saw this movie many years ago and decided it needed to join my collection. Despite the assless chaps and flagrant homo-erotcism it is still a fun to watch movie with lots of action. Its a snapshot of a different time and place in movie making a glance back in time as represented in the style of clothes the characters wear. A story of a cop pushed over the edge to vigilante vengeance, with the death of his partner and young wife and child. Set in a somewhat post apocalyptic time where law and order is a slippery concept at best. Sets the scene for a great series of movies. ...more info
  • Raw, powerful retelling of lawlessness and revenge
    `Mad Max', an Australian flick and one of the very first movies to feature Mel Gibson has probably been seen by most people after they saw the two sequels, `The Road Warrior' and `Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome'. This circumstance has probably lead to a lot of misunderstandings about the circumstances of the original `Mad Max' plot.

    Basicly, the story is about the failure of an organized system of justice, leading to a downward spiral of individual, outlaw revenge and retribution. Unlike the relatively new post-apocalyptic genres exemplified by the latter two movies, the issues of revenge are as old as the classic Greek playwrights, all the way up through Eugene O'Neill's take on the old Greek story of revenge in `Mourning Becomes Electra'.

    There is but one little clue that this is a post nuclear war scenario. This is when we see a rusty and delapidated sign warning of a `Forbidden Area'. The only corroboration is the relatively poor condition of the sign over the entrance to the police station. Balanced against these minor visual clues is the spanking new sign over the door to the service station indicating that this is a licensed auto mechanic and the very clean and efficient looking hospital room and building.

    So, if there is any failure of civilization, it is largely metaphorical and seen in the failure of the constraints of lawful behavior to prevent a series of events based on unbridled libido and revenge.

    Of the `Mad Max' trilogy, the second, `The Road Warrior' is probably the best for many reasons, and it's connection to our current subject is loose at best and it's production values are far superior, but our original has an odd rawness about it which should not be confused with poor quality. TV stations would not be running this flick regularly if it did not have something special to offer.

    By far the most valuable currency offered up by `Mad Max' is the anxiety created for Max's wife and child in the last third of the movie. The fear is about as raw as it comes, with an odd similarity, based on the crude cinematic technique all the way around, with the terror of the original `Texas Chain Saw Massacre'. The horror movie is much less artfully done and draws a lot of it's impact from pure quantity of gore, but there is a strong sense that both movies gain from a lack of polish.

    Oddly, I think most of the juice in this movie comes less from Gibson's performance as that of the heavies. Unlike Harrison Ford's early appearances in `Star Wars', for example, I see little of the promise which Gibson shows in the second and third films in this series.

    I will go out of my way to watch the second and third movies, but the first, this `Mad Max' is really something of a guilty pleasure which survives rewatching and grows in stature as time goes by.
    ...more info
  • mad max US edition
    when i bought mad max(eu edition) it had no extras the sound was 1.0 dolby that was it but complete original soundtrack, then in the US a version was brought out with Aussi sound 5.1 and a documentary so i bought this one aswell, when viewing the movie i soon found out that the soundtrack is not complete, for instance in the opening chase going after the nightrider the guy in the interceptor eventualy says ?'m gona ram him he repeats this many times, only heard it twice in the US edition, but still the US editon comes with many more extras...more info