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Detroit-bred rocker/rapper Kid Rock has reason to be "cocky," as 1998's multiplatinum Devil Without a Cause established the multifaceted artist with the Southern rock influences as a generally likable braggart able to back up his boasts musically. Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker backup band also spawned a successful solo career for DJ Uncle Kracker, who wrote songs for--but whose turntables aren't on--Cocky. With a little help from fab friends, including actor David Spade, and musicians Sheryl Crow and Snoop Dogg, Cocky covers a m¨¦lange of styles, from rap to country, utilizing organ, pedal steel, and harp as well as metallic guitar solos. Ultimately, though, the 14 songs are schizophrenic and not always successful: on "Lonely Road of Faith," Kid Rock turns in a anthemic ballad nearly worthy of Lynyrd Skynrd, whose "Freebird" he samples in the laid-back R&B-flavored "You Never Met a Motherf**ker Quite Like Me," while Crow's vocals on the gentle, country tune "Picture" and the plodding "Midnight Train to Memphis" contrast with the metallic riffs of "I'm a Dog," the nasty "sex rhymes" of "WCSR," and the rapped boasts of the narcissistic title track. Cocky? Indeed. Commendable? Dubious. --Katherine Turman

Customer Reviews:

    It's very hard to believe all of the bad reviews this CD has gotten. Fortunately, not a single one of them is deserved. Too many fans expect an artist to continue into eternity playing the same old stuff in the same old style. That's why commercial FM is so hard to listen to anymore.
    Well, Kid Rock isn't afraid to try something different. This CD takes us back to Kid Rock's roots, and they are steeped deep in southern rock of the 1970s as well as outright country music. If you hate country music or southern rock, then "Cocky" definately isn't for you. Stick to listening to the radio'll be happier all around.
    However, if you want to see what a great artist can do with his music and listen to him reformulate some of it to leaning HARD on southern music and C&W, then this is the place to be.
    This recording starts out with "Trucker Anthem" and "Forever". Now the Kid has you lulled into a sense of music familiarity, but he then moves on to "Lay It On Me", which gives just a hint of what's to come."Cocky" is typical Kid Rock at his best, so now you've become lulled again...but then the big turn begins. Watch out...there's some exciting music ahead. The album moves along with a southern rock twinged hip hop style for a couple of songs, but then the masterpiece is here... "Picture" (sung with Sheryl Crow)is grade AAA pure country music at it's best, befitting George Jones and Tammy Wynette in their prime(have I scared anyone away yet?), which is fabulous. This is what country music would sound like today if something hadn't gone terribly amiss in Nashville long ago when the outlaw movement died down. This is the real stuff for real music lovers. The rest of the CD pretty much pays homage to the southern rock sound. There's even a hip hop number with Snoop Dog to round out this eclectic mixture.
    Thank goodness I'm older than 12 (WAY older)and love this CD. It's different from his previous CD (but even on that one you can hear some of this style creeping through).Keep it coming Kid....more info
  • Lonely Road of Faith Won Me Over
    Not sure what this type of music is called, it's not my usual preference, but the beautiful song Lonely Road of Faith won me over, so I bought the CD. There are a few others I like and those I don't, I can skip...more info
  • Kid still Rocks!
    This could still be Kid's best work to date. I am one of Bobby's fans who loves his stuff because of the mix of different genres and time periods in his music as well as the tribute he pays to the great southern rock, country, hip hop, and metal artists of the past and present. The kid successfully combines all of those genres on this album in a retro way that is unlike anything that's ever been done in music before. Combine all of his musical influences with his raspy, bluesy voice that gets better every album and you've got a classic album like "Cocky". Keep on progressing with your music Kid, Grits Sandwiches for breakfast was a long time ago. It was good for it's time, but it does not compare to the fusion of musical styles and talents that he displays today, and there's no way he's going back to it. Kid Rock is one of the most overlooked artists in music today. I am a real fan of every different genre of music in some respect or another, and nobody combines them the way Bobby does. If you like southern rock, country, blues, hip hop, or metal, and you appreciate great music including awesome guitar riffs, kicka$$ baselines and one incredible voice, then you should definitely pick up a copy of Cocky, you won't regret it.

    "That white kid can Rock!!!!"...more info
  • Surprising
    I purchased this CD for one song that I really liked and was surprised when I played the other songs due to some of the lyrics. I am what you would call "An Old Hippy" and I've really grown to love the entire CD. I consider Kid Rock to be a real rock and roller and his music appeals to a Headbanger (That's what me kids refer to me as) like me. Thanks...more info
  • It's well worth the money!!:)
    This CD I've wanted for awhile, but around the small town I love in, they never had it. This is one of his best CD's !!! I suggest it to anyone......more info
  • Are you "reviewers" late for hate school?
    I'm 36. I listen to anything if it entertains me. Devil Without a Cause is and was entertaining to me. So is "Cocky" Eminem isn't entertaining to me. Does that make it not music? NO. Kid Rock does what he does. It cracks me up. It's funny. It's ENTERTAINMENT. Some of it rocks too. Somebody said if the songs don't have a meaning or a message it's not music. Hmm, OK, I guess Bach, Brahms, Vivaldi, and my other favorite classical composers didn't know they wern't making music. I guess 50 minute Space riffs from the Grateful Dead arn't music either. ......more info
  • Soccer Mom becomes Kid Rock Fan
    I was only vaguely aware of Kid Rock until I saw the "Picture" video on television - but I love that song so I had to buy the CD. Okay, so the language was a little shocking when I first heard it, but suburban soccer moms are probably not his intended audience! But I have to admit I love the CD and the country/rock sound reminds me of my younger and freer college days. So, I am a brand new Kid Rock Fan - but I will only listen to this CD when the kids are at school!...more info
  • It's Bragging When You CAN'T Back It Up
    This was the biggest musical disappointment of 2001 by far. The first five songs on "Cocky" are quite decent and largely in the same style as "Devil Without a Cause," even if they fall a bit short of the classic-caliber stuff that appeared on that album. From there, Kid alternates between metal and country twang/Bob Seger-like stuff, with some hip hop or screaming metal elements thrown in for good measure. The album ends with a bonus rap track with Snoop Dogg, where Kid and Snoop take turns rapping explicitly about their groupies.

    The main disappointment is the fact that Kid Rock doesn't stick to what he does best, which is the rapping. One or two country-ish songs could be acceptable in the mix, but putting it on the whole second half of the album doesn't cut it. The rapping or metal screaming placed in his country songs seems really extraneous, as well. There are definitely some good moments, but the album just doesn't live up to its predecessor and it gets old to hear Kid Rock boasting throughout the CD when his material doesn't back it up....more info
  • Quite 'cocky'
    Despite the fact that I have never been a really big fan of Kid Rock,I thought this album turned out pretty good. I have to say the album title 'cocky' suits the rest of the album pretty well,because thats exactly what a lot of the lyrics are. The best tracks on the album are "Picture" (even though this track sounds a bit country,and I don't like country,it is still good),and "Never Met A Motherfu**er Quite Like Me". Overall I would have to say I liked this album :-)...more info
  • Great music for the small of brain
    Kid Rock is what's wrong with music today. He has no musical talent whatsoever. NONE!!! What's wrong with YOU PEOPLE? Loser junk...more info
  • picture
    judging from the song picture i'd say kid rock finnally found his place. i love that song....more info
  • Cocky kid Rock
    Before I got Rock N Roll Jesus, the only Kid Rock song was "You never met m.f.." and of course "Picture". I hope you're into Country as this CD seems to be Kid Rock's slide into country. I'd say its 9 country out of 14 songs. thats cool for me cuz Rock N Roll Jesus is basically all heavy rock/country....more info
  • oh yeah
    What is it about this guy that makes him so damn sexy? That's what my bf asks me all of the time. I just like how kid rock serves it straight! We all love to have a moment of bliss when we get to sing about what's really going on in our life. There's just something about his music that makes you want to dance around a pole. But we'll leave that for our imagination. How great is a cd that leaves you with the inspiration to become a striper??? Just Kidding. Love the cd though....more info
  • wrong listing
    listed under southern rock well one song was,i really liked that one but you can keep the rest...more info
  • Picture
    Picture: Caught my attention.
    Kid and Sheryl- Caught my attention....more info
  • His best work!
    Cocky has got to be Kid Rock's best work; rocking guitars, rocking music, very upbeat and full of energy! I listened to this when it first came out and I'm still listening to it today! Awesome!...more info
  • The American Bad ... has done it again...
    ... I like all of his songs on this cd its kind of cool cause it has a mix of what I would refer to as "white boy" rap, hard core rockabilly and rock the words he uses to express things are way funny. I would recommend this CD and dont have any idea why it was in the used cd section but I got it for 6.99...haha. I also have his Devil Without a Cause cd and like that one also but not as much as I like COCKY...Hell I am surprised my cd player doesnt reject it from all the times it has been played....more info
  • Cocky=[junk!]
    It's really a shame I can't give this Zero Stars.
    My name is Kid Rock, I'm from Detroit, I went Platium, I date women with big... and little brains.
    Multiply what I just wrote by about 14 and you get the gist of what this album is all about. Stupid unintelligent lyrics with the same riffs and beats from the last album....more info
  • cool guitar style
    i like this cd most for the kickass guitar work. i also like the whole package but the guitar and bass are awsome. i guess some people don't like him so they won't give it a chance. their loss....more info
  • Gotta Love the Kid
    I have kept an eye on Kid Rock's music for awhile but have not really known what to make of him or his music. Like many of the other reviewers, I was drawn to the interesting collaboration with Sheryl Crow on Picture. But after having the CD for a couple of months now, it still spends a lot of time in the CD player in my car. It begs to be played loud. I like just about all of the cuts (not crazy about the last one with Snoop Dogg) and the music covers a wide range of styles-with a heavy Southern Rock influence. The Kid is definitely "Cocky" but does have the talent to back it up....more info
  • Finally, a decent southern rock album
    This CD is awesome. When I first bought it, I didn't really like it too well, but then I just kept listening to it, and it became a great album in my opinion. Kid Rock sounds more like a modern day Hank Williams Jr. and Lynyrd Skynyrd on this album. His other albums have been hard rock, but now we finally get to hear some southern rock mixed with a little bit of country. I would rate the songs as followed:
    1) Trucker Anthem - a good song with a great beat and one that makes your adrenaline rush through your body. 4/5
    2) Forever - Kid's first single from this album. A great song that is very catchy and will still be good years from now. 5/5
    3) Lay It On Me - one of the only songs on the album, that isn't great. 3/5
    4) Cocky - took me a while to like this song, but now I listen to it all the time. 5/5
    5) What I Learned Out On The Road - the best song on the album in my opinion. Sounds somewhat like Lynyrd Skynyrd. 5/5
    6) I'm Wrong But You Ain't Right - a decent song that has to be listened to a few times before it is liked. 4/5
    7) Lonely Road of Faith - a great song that is dedicated to Joe C from the Trucker Band. 5/5
    8) You Never Met A Motherf***er Quite Like Me - I love this song! It is the second best song on the album. The beat is awesome, and the lyrics are even better! 5/5
    9) Picture - a more soft country type song, but still a great track to listen to. Sheryl Crow adds a good touch to this song. 5/5
    10) I'm A Dog - a good party song with a great beat and funny lyrics. Listen to this song everybody! 5/5
    11) Midnight Train To Memphis - a decent more country like song. Not as good as Picture though. 4/5
    12) Baby Come Home - an awesome song with a Hank Williams Jr. sound mixed with classic Kid Rock lyrics. 5/5
    13) Drunk In The Morning - a good song that reminds me of Hank Williams Jr. completely. Not the greatest song though. 4/5
    14) WCSR - this song is hilarious. I love how Kid Rock added Snoop Dogg to this song to make it more funny. However, parents beware, because this song contains a lot of explicit content. 5/5...more info
  • Kid Rock- Cocky
    I've never really been much on "Rappers", but here's just something about Kid Rock that appeals to me. Maybe it's the simple fact, he tells it the way it is.I just love his work, he and maybe Uncle Cracker are the ONLY 2 Rappers' I'll listen to.
    In my true opinion, "Nothing beats the original"!!Nice work, keep 'em comin'!! Lea Ann...more info
  • this kind of thing rots holes in your head.
    i dont really have much more to say than that kid rock isnt a genius hes a joke, and eMpTVs gentrified muzac that they force feed to the youth of today is rotting holes in their heads. o yea and if you need true genius, look to chicago's wesley willis.

    thank you.
    anti....more info

  • Kid Rock can really rock
    What can I say? I fell in love with the song "Picture" and bought the 'clean' version of Cocky for this song with Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. I am now in love with Kid Rock, RAP (me?) for the first time in my life (I am 54!) and fully intend to buy the Cocky version with the explicit lyrics now. This is different from the rap I have heard before, I like the slightly country sound too. The music is great and the Kid has a wonderful [] voice....more info
  • Great!
    This was a gift for my daughter. But, I have my own copy. It is wonderful,maybe his best.
    I'm a great-grandmother, but I do love Kid Rock.

    grannysue...more info
  • Gotta Love the Kid
    I have kept an eye on Kid Rock's music for awhile but have not really known what to make of him or his music. Like many of the other reviewers, I was drawn to the interesting collaboration with Sheryl Crow on Picture. But after having the CD for a couple of months now, it still spends a lot of time in the CD player in my car. It begs to be played loud. I like just about all of the cuts (not crazy about the last one with Snoop Dogg) and the music covers a wide range of styles-with a heavy Southern Rock influence. The Kid is definitely "Cocky" but does have the talent to back it up....more info
  • Outstanding
    I was talking with two friends whilst on holiday in the USA and they both said how much they rated Cocky by Kid Rock. I bought the album blind and the first time I listened to it I was shocked by the swearing but I mellowed out! It is rarely out of the car tape player and Cocky with the line "big corn-fed Midwestern hos(sic)" has to be regarded as a classic.
    So much music in the UK is bland - overwhelmed with Pop Stars, Idols, Rivals whatever else these jumped up karaoke singers call themselves- Kid Rock gives energy and passion to music. Buy it and give it a try - it might shock you the first time but after a while you'll be a fan....more info
  • Tutoring needed?
    After reading the previous reviews, I'm wondering if any of the listeners/reviewers have considered tutoring. It is always advisable to proofread, and make corrections when needed, before displaying your written work for the public to see. With that said, I never thought that I would be interested in Kid Rock, but the song "Picture" definitely caught my attention. I want to listen to more of his songs. I am, however, going to listen to them without my children if there are "explicit lyrics"....more info
  • Superior now than in retrospect
    Kid Rock's 2001 album, 'Cocky', is definitely superior today than it was in 2001. Although Kid Rock has been releasing albums since 1991, 'Devil Without a Cause' is when the mainstream really noticed him and that went on to be one of the best selling albums of all time. After that, he made a quickie greatest hits release with 2000's 'The History of Rock'. Many fans (me included) got used to the sound produced there and the new country songs found in 'Cocky' came to a shock to us. Although I just recently purchased this album (I couldn't get into the country songs six years ago), I would have to say that it's a pretty good listen and better than I remembered it several years ago.

    Although there are some great old-school style Kid Rock songs on here (such as 'Forever', the self-titled track, and WCSR with Snoop Dogg) , the country-flavored tracks represent a good portion of the album. In fact, there are more country/country-rock songs on here than from any other genre. Some fans will not be able to get over this, but as someone who has more or less outgrown rap-metal they actually come out as refreshing years later. I'm not typically a country fan at all, but songs like 'Lay It On Me', 'What I Learned Out On The Road', and 'Lonely Road of Faith' are very well-done.

    Unfortunately, there are also some stinkers on this album as well, such as the hugely overrated single 'Picture', but the good definitely outweighs the bad. Dust off your copy of this and give it a try; you just might like it now. ...more info
  • Good Follow up
    This album has the chick song " Picture". I have seen hundreds of women singing the lyrics. I saw them live & the female drummer handled Sheryl Crow's part with ease.
    You can see that Kid Rock is trying to mix it up a bit with Rap Rock & A little bit of country. Smart move. ...more info
  • Gotta Love the Kid
    I have kept an eye on Kid Rock's music for awhile but have not really known what to make of him or his music. Like many of the other reviewers, I was drawn to the interesting collaboration with Sheryl Crow on Picture. But after having the CD for a couple of months now, it still spends a lot of time in the CD player in my car. It begs to be played loud. I like just about all of the cuts (not crazy about the last one with Snoop Dogg) and the music covers a wide range of styles-with a heavy Southern Rock influence. The Kid is definitely "Cocky" but does have the talent to back it up....more info
  • original
    um, I don't listen to this type of music, but a friend of mine from LA liked it and was the coolest person ever so I tuned in. Most is far too ,um, shocking for me, but there are two...The Lonely Road of Faith and Picture....are the stuff of true talent and stars...his other stuff on here is real...I think a style all his own....original is rare...rough as it may be...gotta respect the talent....the two songs I like reflect a depth soul and heart and reality usually only classic country like George Jones or Blues like BB KING intro and carry....I think Kid Rock has a talent people miss because of the language and sex, um, etc...I think there is more to him than people know and hoping and praying success and this world doesn't , um, corrupt and overtake him as it has so many other truly gifted artists...Elvis...etc....I will always treasure Picture and Lonely Road of Faith....grateful to have them...thanks...more info
  • review
    the cd came in a timely manner and it was in the shape that i was expecting it to be in, which was good....more info
  • Everything to offer
    Cocky is kids most underrated work. Like most of his albums this has a bit of everything to offer. It pretty much works from start to finish just like most great albums do. The best songs would have to be What I learned out on the road, Lonely road of faith and my personal favourite Midnight train to Memphis. It's just an incredible album that should be given a try....more info
  • Musical Genius
    I read over some reviews and one crossed my eye. One that said the Kid Rock is not a genius. I really laugh at that. Whoever wrote that definitely has no idea what he's talking about. Kid Rock invented a completely new kind of music using rap, rock, blues, country, and smart sound effects. You cannot classify the music he sings without saying that it is Kid Rock's music.

    He plays several instruments, writes beautiful lyrics, and has a song for every mood you're in. So, whether you like him or not, Kid Rock is a genius.

    The songs on 'Cocky' kicked ...! In this CD you get a little deeper into Kid Rock's personal feelings and you also get the sense that he's very happy to be in a relationship with his beautiful wife, Pamela Anderson. He keeps a little of all his albums and advances himself musically. 'Picture' with Sheryl Crow is a beautiful song that I believe is the biggest hit off the CD....more info

  • Well, this is horrible.
    Rap is bad enough, with all of "da playazzz" lisping about how "mah ole ladie wont giv me mo money". It's even worse having to listen to Jed Clampett here do it. A hillbilly rappin' about "fo'ty ounces yo" and all the power he thinks he has? Whose sick idea was this? And millions of kids are rushing right out to hear it? Here's one reason why I often weep over the sordid state of affairs my generation is in. Whatsamattayou? Eminem isn't quite filling your appetite for talentless 115-pound white guys squealing and thinking that they're thugs? Kid Rock (or should I say, Kid Rap) has all of the attitude of the Beastie Boys (Licensed To Ill era), but none of the talent to back it up.

    Which brings up my next point: Buy Beastie Boys' "Licensed To Ill" instead. In fact, buy almost anything instead....more info

  • Poseur
    Kid "Rock" is to rock-and-roll what Twinkies are to gourmet cooking. He's a poseur and a pretender, who tries to mimick the attitude and style of those who went before him -- Bob Seeger, Rolling Stones -- while hoping that no one will notice that he has none of their talent. Why listen to a pale imitation when the music of the true greats is still available? ...more info