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The Very Best of Rod Stewart
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Rod Stewart's career has been subject to so many twists that a single-disc overview is somehow both appealingly broad and inadequate to the task of tracing all those zigzags. From beloved rocker of the first order to disco dilettante to pop crooner, Stewart's career has presented challenges to fans who may have been charmed by the rollickingly randy "Maggie May" and bemused by the alarmingly narcissistic "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" This 16-song retrospective touches all the bases without delving deeply into any era. The selections aren't arranged sequentially and the booklet is much more generous with vintage photos than album credits. This best-of collection is clearly aimed at the casual fan, but no album that presents Rod the Mod gems "Downtown Train," "You Wear It Well," and "Reason to Believe" one after another is a throwaway. --Steven Stolder

Customer Reviews:

  • Best of the Best!
    Rod Stewart goes back to "Every Picture Tells a Story" with "Maggie Mae"

    and just 'sky-rockets' from there ! His music carries *meaning & tells a

    story ! this is a TOP 10 !...more info
  • how many hits cds do we need
    if your a rod fan like I am than why do you need this
    you have all the hits already....more info
  • Excellent Sound Great Selection
    This is a great cross section of Rod's music. The sound is great and the selections are well selected. I bought the limited edition double cd with 34 tracks on it a much better buy than the single cd. From Maggie May to Don't Come Around here this is the collection to buy....more info
  • Raspy Voice
    Rod Stewart's trademark has always been his whiskey-soaked, raspy voice. Whether singing about quitting school for a girl in "Maggie May" or wishing eternal youth for his son in "Forever Young", Mr. Stewart's throaty tones add an all-knowing wisdom to the songs. This is yet another greatest hits package from Mr. Stewart, who has released quite a few, but this one nicely samples his career from his Every Picture Tells A Story days right through his remake of "Ooh La La". The musical journey makes welcome stops at "Young Turks", "Tonight's The Night", "Some Guys Have All The Luck" and "Have I Told You Lately"....more info
  • The best indeed
    Slide back to the 80's with the Best of Rod Stewart...featuring:
    "Maggie May", "Hot Legs", "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?", "Tonight's The Night", "You're In My Heart" and many others!...more info
  • Hey Dudes!
    Hey, didn't you have a girlfriend who liked this guy? Remember driving around, another Sat nite of getting nowhere, hearing this guy, "Maggie May", thinking, "didn't they just play that already?" Remember beer-soaked carpets, butts and roaches lying around, stoned and drunk and bored? Remember the stories about this guy getting hauled into an ER at four in the morning in New York or LA or someplace, what they pumped out of his stomach?
    Is is still around? Does somebody still listen to him? Hey, is this the same guy as Joe Cocker? ...more info
  • Would a 2-CD set been overkill?
    Yes, there are hits compilations from Stewart available, but all the ones I've seen are limited to the '70's, barring the pricey box set. So we now have a collection that covers Stewart's 30+ year career, and it's a single CD.

    With most greatest hits albums, there are one or two songs that seem unjustly omitted. With this one, you're left to wonder, "Is this all they could come up with?" Maybe the title should have been "The Biggest Radio Hits of Rod Stewart". Speaking only for myself, "Infatuation", which was a big hit, is missed. This could have easily become a 2-disc set and still have been honesty called "The Very Best of..."

    As for the album it is, it's a wonderful listen. Every song is good, and there are absolutely no surprises (not that that is necessarily good, but expected for a single CD that doesn't try to be anything more than a best-of). A couple of them have become boring thanks to radio overkill....more info

  • A Great Single Disc Collection Of Rod's Best
    Rod Stewart is a singer whose career has spanned 5 decades. During that time, he has conquered critics, audiences and even throat cancer. Rod is a person who deserves to be this successful. He is a great person, and, more importantly, an amazing singer. "The Very Best Of Rod Stewart" does a great job of capturing many of the highlights of his career, and does a great job.

    You can't go wrong with this solid, 16 - track sampling of Rod's biggest hits. From "Maggie May" to "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" to "Have I Told You Lately" to "Ooh La La", every important classic single from Rod's career is here. My favorite songs include "Some Guys Have All The Luck" and "My Heart Can't Tell You No", two hits that proved Rod did not sell out after 1979.
    Other classics included are "Downtown Train", "You're In My Heart (The Final Acclaim)", "Young Turks", "Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)" and others.

    This is a great cd. Personally, I find it better than the "Storyteller" boxed set, which only went up to 1990. This one goes up to 1998. A great collection of great songs from a great artist. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Every Song Tells A Story.
    When it comes to changing with the times and still coming out on top both commercially and creatively, nobody can beat Rod Stewart. Rod can do wrong, as evidence by a steady run of of hit singles between 1971 and 1998. Of those hits, 16 of his biggest hits are here, and arguably they're all his best songs. It misses out on some good stuff, but it's still great.

    "Voice: The Very Best Of Rod Stewart" captures every highlight of his 30 - plus year career, from the most memorable ("Maggie Mae", "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy"), to the romantic ("Tonight's The Night" (his biggest hit with 8 weeks at number one), "You're In My Heart", "My Heart Can't Tell You No") to the autobiographical and/or reflective numbers ("Some Guys Have All The Luck", "Ooh La La"). "You Wear It Well" and "Hot Legs" show the carefree, laid back guy really is. "Downtown Train" is so down to earth. And anyone who wants a song that could really pump them up during their morning excercise routine may want to consider "Young Turks". It helped me lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks.

    As for the msiing tracks, four top 10 hits ("Passion", "Infatuation", "Love Touch" and "The Motown Song") are missing but are on "Encore: The Best Of Rod Stewart, Volume 2", as are other notable numbers like "Lost In You", "Crazy About Her", "Daisy Jane" and "Broken Arrow".
    Anyone who wants to be a Rod Stewart fan should start here. No doubt about it. It's even better than the 4- disc "Storyteller" set because it includes all the songs he did up to 1998. ...more info
  • Great Collection
    Finally, a career spanning greatest hits disc for Mod Rod. Of course as with just about every "Best Of", some key tracks are missing. However with the limitations of a single disc, this proves to be a very good sampler of his music; ballads, rockers, and a few live cuts from Unplugged and Seated. I reccomend it for the fan or the casual listener. THE VOICE!!!...more info
  • wow
    Great singer, wonderful songs, what else is there to say. Very unique voice and music....more info
  • WHERE IS "Stay with me"-------REALLY ?????
    Someone, please someone......get this record label and ROD to add the song "STAY WITH ME ",.....on this great album. NOW !!! Re-release this with the SONG. Maybe remaster as well. MAN, OH-MAN....what a serious left off-of mess-up. THIS SONG IS WHAT ROD IS KNOWN FOR. Fix it now !!!!...more info
  • the voice of a god..haha.
    hi, im only 21 and i am absolutely in love with this man. my mother, who is probably one of his biggest fans, dragged me to one of his concerts when i was like 7 or so. i fell in love. that voice, that hair, that accent, what girl wouldnt be in love. but yes i grew up listening to him and i must say that he will never get old to me. me and my mom used to call him rod the bod. the first video i ever saw was his remake of this old heart of mine...i thought it was awesome. yes yes this man will always be my true love. his songs are just so sensational.
    i would suggest that if you love or even like him at all then this album is the best one you will own....more info
  • At his Very Best
    I once owned this CD and some how lost or misplaced it. My CD player has not been the same without it. I plan to purchase another of it ASAP...more info
    ROD STEWART-THE VERY BEST OF ROD STEWART: This is probably the most comprenensive single disc collection of the Mod one's defining moments. Covering three decades, VERY BEST contains nothing but, from never bested debut chart conquerer MAGGIE MAY to oft chided disco stab DA YA THINK I'M SEXY to soul duet (with the peerless Ronald Isley) THIS OLD HEART OF MINE to Celtic charmer OOH LA LA (first performed by Rod's old mates Faces, but now with backing from the Corrs). There are also plenty of decent slow dancers, such as TONIGHTS THE NIGHT and YOU'RE IN MY HEART, the better to make the ladies swoon. Always a fine interpretter of outside material, Rod's definitive covers (Tom Wait's DOWNTOWN TRAIN, Van Morrison's HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY) are exquisitely rendered in that unmistakable yet charming rasp. The only quibble is that more prime pieces didn't make the final cut (THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST, STAY WITH ME, PEOPLE GET READY), but that's what sequels were invented for. RATING: FIVE CROAKS ...more info
  • Rod's favorites
    Want some of those old goodies...then this is the CD for you...if you don't have a collection of Rod-this will suffice......more info
  • Rod? no; Ron - yes!
    The only classic here is the song done with Ron Isley - This Old Heart of Mine. Few can compare with Isley's voice and performance...certainly not Rod....more info
  • An excellent compilation of his pop songs.
    This cd is pretty much perfect. The only thing I would have done different would've been to replace Maggie May and You Wear It Well with So Far Away and The Motown Song from The Very Best of Vol. 2. The reason why, is because those two songs are already on a Mercury compilation of Rod's earlier rock albums, called The Best of Rod Stewart. Then I would have put two different songs on Vol. 2 to make up for it. That's my only complaint. Maggie May and You Wear It Well are really good songs, but they don't fit in with the rest of them. Anyway, this is one of the only best of cd's by any artist, that I really liked and already knew every single song. I definitley recommend this compilation. I also recommend listening to Don Henley if you like Rod Stewart....more info
  • I like it, I like!
    Since I had purchased one of Rod Stewart's newest CDs Stardust, which I loved, I found that I did not have a CD of Rod's hits over time. This CD fills that bill. It is great. This is one way to get the best without buying 5 separate CDs. I heartily recommend it. ...more info
  • The Very Best of Rod Stewart
    We are really pleased with the product received, however it was disappointing to find a CD in the parcel rather than the DVD we ordered....more info
  • Very Best?, Hardly, not even good Rod Stewart
    This compilation contains many Stewart "hits", but mostly weaker material, with his Mercury albums (especially the first 4) and his albums with the Faces being where you find the true classic Rod Stewart. If you just want a smattering of hits including the horrible "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy", et al, then buy this. But if you want really quality Stewart in a compilation get "The Mercury Anthology" or even better: "Reason To Believe: The Complete Mercury Years", these have all his truly best work, not necessarily his big hits, which went significantly down hill after 1973 or so. On this compilation, Rod's version of "Ooh La La", a song he originally scorned when released by the Faces with Ron Wood singing, is just awful and smacks of pandering, as the song had just made a comeback due to a t.v. ad featuring the Faces version.
    As I said before, if you want a compilation, get Reason to Believe or Mercury Anthology or if you want more get "the Rod Stewart Album", "Gasoline Alley", "Every Picture Tells A Story" & "Never A Dull Moment", plus "Long Player", "A Nod IS As Good As A Wink", & "Ooh La La" by the Faces and if you still want more classic Stewart get "Truth" & "Beck-ola" by the Jeff Beck Group featuring young Rod on vocals and Ron Wood on bass and has some of his rawest, most bluesy vocals. The above listed albums constitute the TRUE "Very Best of Rod Stewart", if quality, not chart success is you goal....more info