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The Go-Go's - Live in Central Park
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Join rock n rolls favorite girl group in their triumphant return to the stage for their first tour in a decade. Shot in new yorks central park the go-gos play all their greatest hits plus many songs from their bestselling album god bless the go-gos. Studio: Image Entertainment Release Date: 06/29/2004 Run time: 66 minutes Rating: Nr

More than another cozy, rock & roll evening under the Manhattan firmament, this breathless concert performance by the come-and-go Go-Go's is long-awaited evidence of an essential band's reawakened brilliance. Considering that in 2001 the Go-Go's hadn't released a new studio album for 17 years (a dry spell ending with God Bless the Go-Go's, followed by a lengthy tour) or played together very much since 1990, the group's vigorous appearance in Central Park proves all five original members haven't lost a step. The authoritative punk roots and glossy, power-pop dreaminess are still seamlessly married, the full-gallop tempo is still halfway between the Marvelettes and the Ramones, and the band's aggregate personality is still dangerously adorable. Highlights include new songs "Stuck in My Car" and "Unforgiven," and the golden oldies dip substantially into the Go-Go's canon of hits. The DVD's extras are well worth a visit, especially a funny, fly-on-the-wall piece shot in the band's van. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Get this one now
    If you want a good, fun, guitar crunching, drum stomping, bass thumping, harmonious vocalizing concert, get this one right away. This is one of the best concerts I own, and I've got a huge collection....more info
  • God Bless the Go-Go's Indeed
    The Go-Go's STILL have the beat and now we are lucky enough to have a live show captured on DVD. I was fortunate enough to catch the live show in San Francisco and these girls can still rock. A Go-Go's show makes you feel like you've just been to the best party of year. Please don't ever disappear Belinda, Jane, Kathy, Char and Gina, cause I want to keep dancing and singing at your parties!...more info
  • Solid Performance from the Best All Girl Band!
    The Go-Go's - Live in Central Park
    I have collected numerous live DVD performances from different groups, but I must say this video represents the Go Go's very well! Most of these ladies are in their mid forties during this concert and continue to rock the crowd!
    I had the opportunity to see them live in 1982 and again in 1983 at Carowinds Pavillion in Charlotte NC. The first time, a friend of mine worked for Carowinds security and got me back stage before and after the show, then I bought tickets out front in 1983 I have to say that both were great experiences! Charlotte Caffey said backstage in 82',"Come on girls, Let's give them a reason to remember us!" This video gives you the best of both of those worlds! The 1984 show was musically fantastic, but we could see the strain of touring! Little did we know the end was closer than we knew! I am glad they have continued to get back together for events such as the NYC event. I think that age does sober us up a bit and if you saw the VH1 doucumentary about the Go Go's, you would understand!
    The video is well edited and gives each "Go Go" their forum to show off their continued talents! The 30 minute behind the scenes look at the group might be considered shocking to some, but let's face it folks, these girls had to be tough to push into the all male dominated world! These ladies are human, talented, nice to look, still rocking, and they continue to give the crowd they paid for!! ...more info
  • Forget the neighbours !
    Well a dear friend of mine in LA send me this DVD on my request. I just have a new surround system..uptil this DVD I thought about my neighbours..Music not too loud !!
    But with this DVD I let them listen along and enjoy it hopefully as much as I have done ! Unfortunately in 2001 Go Go's cancelled a short tour through Europe. Hope they change their mind
    Never was much into the Go Go's as a teenager but now being in my 30-s I love their songs !! These chicks know how to rock !
    This concert can make the sun come out on a rainy day !
    Your mood will change instantly when you see the positive energy and fun these girls have on stage.
    Belinda, will you marry me?...more info
  • The girls answer for the Beach Boys!
    Never having seen the Go-Go's live, I wanted to see just who was making this fun American-born rock and roll. It is a wonderful performance, but I can't pretend to be an expert on music, so trust the other reviews. One tip - some complaints have appeared about the disappointing sound. My DVD also has that defect on the 5.1 DTS and Dolby 5.1 settings, Belinda's vocals are muddy. Don't fret - use the 2 channel stereo setting, and all is well. If your DVD player has equilization settings - look for EQ on your remote - try a setting such as "live" or "rock". It really rocks, it really sounds great, and the ladies in the band can really play their instruments and write catchy tunes!...more info
  • just about perfect
    even if you're not a go go's fan, the quality of picture, sound and direction of this dvd can be appreciated....for those who like their music, this video is just about perfect...the digital photography is colorful and crisp...the digital sound is engineered and played flawlessly......there is just the right amount of camera movement to appreciate the live concert, yet enough focus on the individual players, especially beautiful belinda...I attented the atlantic city concert a few weeks later, and it doesn't even come close to this one.....the best song, 'automatic', is right in the middle, yet the playlist from beginning to end is just about perfect......more info
  • Still Rockin' After How Many Years?
    I saw the Go-Go's in 1984 after "Talk Show" was released and loved them then - upon seeing this DVD, i enjoy them just as much - the 1984 concert in Maryland was about the most enjoyable concert I have been to and this DVD shows me they're still just as much fun. Belinda sings alot better than she did then, of course, and the other three sing louder than they did then, obviously due to more self confidence in their vocal abilities - the new keyboard touches in some of the songs were nice but I betcha Charlotte is probably nervous on stage behind the keyboards - well, other than "Head Over Heels." The fly on the wall piece is good, especially Gina and her cell phone. ...more info
    My god! After all these years this group just keep getting
    better and better and better, both musically and vocally.
    I had so much fun when i saw them Live at this show, that
    i enjoyed it more when i bought the DVD. These girls are
    simply the best and THANK GOD they're back and i hope they
    stay together and make more music because we need it. I am so
    sick of J-LO, Britney, N'sync and all those pre-recorded, lipsyncing [people]. I have more respect and admiration for artists (like the Go-gos) who write, sing and play their own music. Thank GOD these girls are back on the music scene....more info
  • Great Stuff!
    This was one of the best live concerts I've ever seen. The mix was excellant (old and new songs). The audience really 'got into it' I play it over and over again. Most of you will, too....more info
  • go gos-live in central park
    Once again the Go Gos have proven to the music industry that they have what it takes to stay on top...They are better now than they ever were...I got the chance to see them in person August the 11th of 2001 so i couldnt wait for this concert video to be avalible to the public...If you love rock music at its best you will love this tape...The Go Gos have still got the beat and they will for many many years to come...Thanks...Jeff Johnson...more info
  • The Go-Go's - Live in Central Park
    Excelente review of Go-Go's, they are so beutiful and there is no special effects of lights or esplosions. Simple and perfect fo who likes a female band with songs that invite you to dance....more info
    This is a great concert DVD for fans of the "Go-Go's". The band is in fine form and they look like they're really having fun on stage. The picture and 5.1 DTS sound are really amazing, but the volume for the vocals could have been turned up a bit. The sound seems to fluctuate up and down on some of the songs. The video image from Image Entertainment is quite impressive and it makes this DVD enjoyable to watch.

    The ladies all look great and the music is really tight as they belt out 18 songs one after another. Gina Schock's drumming really stands out in this live performance and its the glue that holds it all together. She sits quietly behind her drum kit chewing gum and her playing seems so effortless. The bonus extras are fun and great to watch. This concert DVD is a must for any "Go-Go's" fan new or old.

    DVD Tracks Include:

    1. Head Over Heels
    2. Skidmarks on My Heart
    3. Stuck in My Car
    4. How Much More
    5. Apology
    6. Vacation
    7. Insincere
    8. Sonic Superslide
    9. Automatic
    10. Automatic Rainy Day
    11. This Town
    12. Unforgiven
    13. Beatnik Beach
    14. Our Lips Are Sealed
    15. La La Land
    16. We Got the Beat
    17. Throw Me a Curve
    18. I Wanna Be Sedated

    ...more info